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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  April 3, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> hello i am todd with lara trump, and lisa boothe. welcome to "the big sunday show" here's what we have tonight. lara: migraines clashing with matt under mexican police, many headed for our southern border. the border surge is about to get a lot worse. the new warning from republicans as a biden administration lifts covid border rules.
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lisa: who is to blame for rising crime in chicago. unloved kids said the city's mayor. just as she makes those comments, he says kids are responsible. tyrus: what it is, the chaos breaks out on spring break we discussed how the annual tradition is changing. >> hillary clinton is back and she is weighing in on joe biden's presidency in the upcoming midterms. >> from my perspective president biden is doing a very good job in the handling of ukraine and passing the american rescue package in huge infrastructure package. i'm not quite sure the disconnect between the accomplishment of the administration and this congress and the understanding of what's been deadened and practical have on the american public and some of the polling and ongoing
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handwringing. >> biden's approval has been on a decline while the gasps have been on the incline. here is the latest. when he said the first lady was vice president. listen. >> i'm deeply proud and the work that she's doing is first lady with joining forces initiatives she started with michelle obama when she was vice president and now carries on. the white house changing what biden said in the official transcript so he referred to himself as a former vice president. >> admittedly, was doctor jill biden vice president in the former years? >> that's what i thought, here's the thing i think hillary clinton might be doing a little bit more than hiking in her time in the woods. no one thinks joe biden is doing a good job besides her.
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it is easy to laugh some of these comments but the rest of the world sees what we have in front of us and we have a senile president who is not ready for the job and should be spending time in the villages the prudent invade ukraine under trump? no he waited until joe biden was in office and someone as weak as him, such as ukraine. we just all north korea test the biggest continental today. the first one since 2017. chinese provocation against taiwan the most in 40 years under the biden what is happening under trump what did trump do the major redline of
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the tomahawk missiles he took out soleimani and he asked, we can laugh some of these things off and sometimes we do but it is important we have weakness on the world stage and all of our enemies are taken advantage of it right now in the world is absolutely on fire. >> that was a very solid answer except for one point. my unofficial question. did you refer to as smoking the ganja. tyrus: hey guys you want to smoke some drugs, that's not what it's about with lisa, she
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is forgiven. if she would have really cool stuff that -- law and order, law and order every time i respect that. speaking between the lines we need to listen to what hillary clinton said, she does not know what the disconnect is. this is her way of telling the base i believe in you and the extreme left, i got you, some things are not connecting. it is joe biden i will step in and take your stuff and we will take you to the moon, that's what she's doing. i do not know what hand wrangling is. it pains me too see the president look this way i don't enjoy taking shots as seen what was an intelligent man in his career and his 50 years in public service, you have to respect that but clearly he is at the decline and it's not even about what side of the aisle i am on. he's dangerous for the country because he's aging right before our eyes right at a fast pace. todd: the american people know that that's what he's pulling around 40% most polls. according to hillary polls schmaltz .
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listen. >> i do think it's part of the democratic dna that seems to be in style weather were in and out of power were in power and still humoring going on. what presidency is hillary watching. lara: i think tyrus may be onto something. i was wondering to myself whenever hillary came back on we cannot get away from her, you do not see bill clinton the former president of the united states on all of these media tours, hillary is constantly out there and i'm kinda wondering like a lot of americans why is hillary clinton back out in front. maybe you're onto something with this. perhaps she thinks she can step in and take his spot. she lost her chance when my father-in-law became president. that was supposed to be her time. we really messed that up for her. maybe she thinks she will take it we will not know anything about it. it's really amazing to see her try to play off polls, the polls are so bad because of all the things that lisa explained.
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the average person in america goes to the grocery store and their bill is astronomically more expensive that it was a year ago. they go to fill up their car with gas and their minds are blown with how much money they have to spend it is unsustainable to people. we have a world stage and open border that's only going to get worse. people see a weak leader in all of these things happening under joe biden. that hillary, is the reason for the bad polling but i guess we should let you step in and call it a day. todd: i disagree with the pin i think joe biden is due to good job when you ignore afghanistan, inflation, aside for that, how is the play? >> if you close your eyes and bury your head in the sand, he's doing great. a standup job. americans the same was happening in the fact that we have no
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control and were talking about ukraine being a sovereign nation, we are not a sovereign nation. what are we doing our southern border unfettered illegal immigration and people committed to the united states cartel, drug dealers, the list goes on, what about our border. americans -- we have a president who does not care about them. p go out and get a 67000, drake and margarita, they don't care. >> in the words of scooby doo to your question what you talking about. >> we often ask what you talking about when joe biden speaks. here he is at the montage of new york. >> these chemical weapons were used in ukraine with that trigger military response from nato? >> it would trigger a response in kind. >> are stepping up. you will see when you are there.
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>> this man cannot remain in power. todd: we had a little fun with this block but would a president make statements like that on the world stage those statements of ramifications. there is going to come a point in time where the white house press office is not would be able to clean up something joe biden said erroneously. at that point time our nation and potentially our entire world could be in a world of trouble. the white house needs to figure this out in needs to figure it out sooner rather than later or we will all be in serious trouble. in the meantime a fox news alert, zelenskyy advisor has a timetable for the end of the war in ukraine. is that realistic? a live report from the ground and lviv straight ahead.
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>> explosions rocked the ukrainian port city of odessa. an area where the countries navies headquartered. the missiles coming as ukraine claims russian forces are withdrawing from keep in ukrainian forces have recaptured the capital city. nato secretary-general has an explanation why. >> what you see is not a withdrawal that russia is repositioning its troops and they are taking some of the back to reinforce them to resupply them but we should not be too optimistic because the attacks will continue. >> the pentagon is characterizing it differently. listen. >> ukrainians are pushing back and recapturing ground that they
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had originally lost to the russians in the early days and weeks of the war, that includes around kyiv as russian forces move away from kyiv they are moving in. they are attacking them while they are moving away. they are definitely climb back territory that they had earlier lost. >> jeff paul is live on the ground and lviv. what is the latest. >> with russian forces pulling back and kyiv were soldiers and civilians are returning to the region and as they do the number of horrific images from left over by russian forces is only intensifying, we should warn you the images you are about to watch are extremely graphic, this is one streak in one town a small town outside of the capital city. it is apparently showing about 20 bodies were more laying lifeless these are civilians not people in uniform, some captured men with their hands tied behind their and others face down or in the middle-of-the-road on their
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backs the mayor says they discovered dozens of dozens of bodies piled up inside a mass grave. the russian ministry of defense say it is fake. however, ukraine officials say will happen in the town of widespread war crime. >> don't scream or i will shoot and then they turned away and then they shot off his left leg completely and they shot him all over and below the temple it was a shot to the head. >> were learning russian forces have targeted another oil processing plant and more fuel depots you the port city of odessa. the russian defense ministry said it fired missiles from aircraft and shifts at that target. black smoke and fire could be seen shortly after the strike in a major blow to ukrainian forces to use the sport as a name base
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for their navy further up the coast. mariupol continues to be a city under siege. a small number of people have managed to escape the city but more than 100,000 others remain cut off from the outside world. lara: devastating images. there were reports from ukrainian intelligence that i read about earlier claiming to russian soldiers died in 20 in intensive care after ukrainian civilians had given them poison pastries. we've seen and heard about reports of the ukrainian civilians taking up arms and doing things like that and anything they can to fight back. is there anymore you could tell us about civilians and everyday citizens fighting back against the russians after you heard this report? >> you bring up a really interesting report, the ukrainian ministry of defense said they are resisting occupiers by all available means. i guess that includes poisonous
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pies as you mentioned. two were killed and more than a couple dozen others were hospitalized as a result of that. in line with what were seen throughout the region i think in lviv we heard about everyday civilians and others taking up arms going out to the front whatever they could do to save their country. tyrus: tyrus, how are you? how are you holding up? >> we are doing great, thank you. todd: when we hear the reports those of us sitting back and comfortable studios. the frustration we hear the reports from nato in our mainstream media and the pentagon were being told two different stories. how do you cipher through that when you given your reports? >> you have to talk to the people on the ground of the people out there when you talk
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to ukrainians and ask them what you need right now they say more of everything, will take anything that we can get right now because they do feel there is a sense of feeling alone, there getting resources from nato and western countries but i think for them they will take anything right now. the one thing that we hear over and over again is protect this guy for us. lisa: lisa boothe. joe biden called putin a war criminal, he said he cannot remain in power, we are relying on russia to negotiate on the united states with iran on a nuclear deal. why are we reliant on a work criminal to negotiate on our behalf with the terrorist regime. >> all we could speak about is what is happening in ukraine. i think for the people who are here. anything that is happening on the outside world is windowdressing, they're not
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talking about coping and they're not talking about iran. >> does that send mixed messages before criticizing putin on the world stage and simultaneously, i would assume if you're ukraine that would be pretty confusing and frustrating. >> absolutely. they do want anything to do with putin, i don't think they like when countries are taking an oil or running their businesses there, whatever company they are, it's extremely frustrating, they want putin and russia cut off on the outside world the matter what. todd: we've been hearing for weeks that the end of the war is near, it's still going on, do the latest reports feel any different to the people on the ground or is this the same thing as we've been hearing for weeks? >> i don't think they trust anything. until there is something in writing and until the president if they ever do beat from
2:21 pm
ukraine and russia. i don't think anyone will believe anything whether it's the troop withdrawal or the peace agreement of lower-level negotiators. i don't think they will believe anything until they see actual russians leaving the country and occupying their territory. lara: thank you so much, stay safe and thank you for the great reporting that you are doing. kids are committing crime in chicago, the city's mayor says to prevent it all they need is love. an ironic twist to her comments, you won't want to miss that next. (customer) [reading] save yourself?! money with farmers? (burke) that's not wrong. when you switch your home and auto policies to farmers, you could save yourself an average of seven hundred and thirty dollars. (customer) that's something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers.
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lisa: welcome back to "the big sunday show", and cities like chicago and carjackings. police say more than half of the suspected carjackers are juveniles. lori lightfoot is giving these kids the benefit of the doubt by saying kids do this because they feel unloved. listen to what she had to say. the stupid young people who do not feel loved, too many good we have to change that around and forget a change around the trajectory of their lives. one of her appointees was attacked and beaten in the car that was stolen. they were posting the three kids attacked him and stole his car i don't disagree entirely about the unloved part you could look at a lot of studies in the fatherless homes lead to an
2:27 pm
increase probability of gang activity, why is there more of a focus on family units and strengthening the family is a great question, this is something that we continue to see, this is not surprising to hear from a democrat that the covenant is a victim and there's a dissolution of the nuclear family, we have black lives matter in their statement of who they were talking about how they wanted to dissolve the nuclear family and kids should be raised by a community. that does not work out because not only are these kids unloved, they are totally undisciplined, they are undisciplined by their parents and there is no repercussion if they break the law especially as juveniles the punishments are very lenient. you see it playing out before our very eyes in chicago they
2:28 pm
don't even have a chance from the very beginning. fatherless homes, parents that really aren't on top of them and there's no discipline in the home and no discipline outside of the home. as a. and makes me really sad to see that these kids never had a chance great if you come into crime i don't care who you are you need to pay for that, that cannot just go unaddressed. unfortunately whether juvenile or full-blown adults, people are you basically able to do anything that they want these days and the law does not apply it seems. >> you look at some of these numbers for carjackings alone in chicago, this year versus last year, 433 everyone can see on the screen, 2021 was 425, what are these numbers continuing to increase? what do you think is behind all of this? >> two things we can go back to the original question the reason why they don't focus on the family there is no money in. there is no money, here's a
2:29 pm
perfect example the programs have been democrats to help young families the first thing they do is divide them the mother could only get housing as long as it's just her and her kids. if the father tries to live there she will get kicked out. then he has delivered another place invidious to pay rent there and take care of his family and he cannot be present unless he sneaking and. that is dissolving the family and putting everybody the penitentiary chances to make more money and then you flood the street to fatten on everything else and then there is a quick way to get money and then you deleted the education system, you ran off law enforcement, the perfect example of what happened is your very own, now that she was affected depending on how she cares about the people who work around her, she is affected because one of her associates was attacked and carjacked and i wonder fees they get in the hospital right now if i could hugged one of them, this would've been so different. this is what the woke do they give you answers that you can never really prove works, it's not about hugs were love it is
2:30 pm
about respect and dignity to the parents and the communities in empowering the only people that they see winning in their neighborhood's drug dealers who have golden cars and the guy who's trying to do right cannot keep his job. the pandemic, there's so many things but it's about being honest and bring back law enforcement, education and supporting the family and encouraging families to stay together give dad a chance to get new housing with their families they can have two checks in a small house. she needs to change her name to lori heavy foot because she steps in. lisa: there's so much frustration with 70 americans. a lot of these politicians are insulated and there is a chicago times article, what it said dozens of chicago cops guard the mayor in family and below the
2:31 pm
radar security unit created in 2020. basically she has something like 65 officers, five sergeants in the lieutenant protecting her and a separate personal bodyguard detail. if you lori lightfoot maybe don't have to worry about crime. todd: you do not. you have an army in front of you. she has more people protecting her than some small countries do. when you think about the movement to defend the police over the last couple of years i don't know maybe if one or two or 30 of those individuals we are protecting lori lightfoot on the streets helping people maybe there wouldn't be as many carjackings or as many homicides. that's why that story is outrageous because it highlights the rules for the end not for me since the beginning of the pandemic but really it's been going on in democratic circles for years if not decades.
2:32 pm
nevertheless in a city like chicago they both them and over and over and it perpetuates the cycle with no end in sight be to great points all around. as the migrants make their way to the southern border. provided administration ended the cover boarded restriction in the update at the crisis at the border. that is next. stay with us. ♪ (vo) with 5g ultra wideband in many more cities, you get up to 10 times the speed at no extra cost. verizon is going ultra, so your business can get more. mission control, we are go for launch. you get up to 10 times the speed at no exum, she's eating the rocket. ♪♪ lunchables! built to be eaten.
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♪ ♪. lara: welcome back to "the big sunday show" hundreds of migrants clashing with police in mexico as many make their way to the southern border. the influx is just a take of how
2:37 pm
bad it will get better border now that the biden administration lifted covid restrictions called title 42 republicans predict a disaster of epic proportion when that is lifted at the end of may. >> the president sent an invitation to come to america may 23 the border will collapse in a tidal wave coming across as border. this is would be a disaster. >> mexican cartels are ramping up there will be another flood of illegal drugs coming across the board and they will not be able to protect at all. lara: a dirty bat at the border cbp resources telling fox news the number of got a ways search to 62000 last month alone and 300,000 since october. this is something that has been bad it is obviously hard to believe it'll get worse but take a listen to what the trump border patrol police had to say
2:38 pm
what will happen when title 42 is lifted. >> the system is beyond broke and it'll get worse there are people waiting in the field to pick them up in surrender. the cartels are using that to their advantage and huge gaps in the border wherever they are they have to go the rest of the border is open so that now is going to a neighborhood near you courtesy of the biden administration of this open border policy and other criminals and pedophiles statistically when the numbers are the site any crime you can think of is intermixed and there. lara: terrifying stuff. tyrus is hard to believe that it's going to get worse this is been a joke since joe biden came into office an hour looking at the people benefiting me in the drug cartel and criminals will benefit the most. tyrus: i wonder if this'll be the one talking point that drugs have never been cheaper under
2:39 pm
this administration. drugs on the street are cheaper. it goes back to showing this is on believably malfunctioning this administration is. american citizens are dealing with covid restrictions were still fighting whether we have to wear a mask on airplane or kids wearing a mask in school for an illegal alien trying enter this country don't wear it, you are good you are fine we will lift restrictions even title 42 was not in effect still struggling cynthia administration changed. now the bolts are off the door was wide open emergency in the millions coming in the dinner bell is been wrong if they are turned away the first thing they say president biden lied to us. the entire narrative that this administration has welcomed you. they are going to ramp things up the brave men and women down in our border trying to do their
2:40 pm
job. i worry for their safety and sanity and i don't know how much longer they can hold up because they are dealing with clashes every day it's a massive migration and no one is doing anything about them. lara: you heard a reference drug cartels, that now has been a big problem. we know that in 2022 we had around 4200 already and said to be getting of this year, look at 202,111,201 pounds of fat no. listen to what senator john cornyn of texas had to say about this problem in the deaths from the drugs alone. >> it's contradictory the messages from the administration. the point is if you eliminate title 42 this is the last tool available to maintain on the
2:41 pm
border and if you eliminate title 42 the border patrol tells me they will lose control and the people who will benefit the most are the drug cartels who will have a freeway into the country to funnel the drugs, took 100,000 american lives last year alone. lara: 100,000 american lives taken by drugs alone last year. we know how deadly fat and all is. i think about to the counter during her screens during covid do you think maybe instead of covid deaths we put up the number of americans that are dying every day because of the drugs coming over the southern border. with that perhaps make a difference when people want to care about our southern border a little more say somebody at 1600 pennsylvania avenue? >> the biden administration does not care this is been done with intention i believe that joe
2:42 pm
biden does not love america or at least not america envisioned by our founding fathers and trying in the constitution. thanks about today's they're not patriotic and they do believe in a flag while the constitution if you want to dismantle a country and change the fabric of then entering fabric of the nation what better way to not protect your borders to allow millions of people coming into the united states that do not share our values and believe in the rule of law or the country as envisioned by the founding fathers and tried in the constitution. i believe this is being done on purpose. they know what they are doing and one of the biggest lies republicans have told over the years somehow you have to be in support of illegal immigration to win over hispanics. what we've seen under president trump and the gop recently you do not have to do that hispanics have flocked to the gop even as a been tough on the border.
2:43 pm
lara: your exactly right. todd do you think were to see your borders, here is a year after she was named borders are now will see her go to the rio grande valley where the issue is? todd: there is a greater chance of her i should say as greater chance of her going to the border as me starting in the nba playoffs. this is exactly what the democrats want the progressive left wants this you heard senator hagerty referred to as the border is going to collapse. that's what the progressive left wants they want open borders and they want the boaters that are beholding to the democratic party because they ultimately left at them, as part of a cycle in front of her eyes. >> scary stuff still ahead spring break gone wild what happened near one college to every. needs to see coming up.
2:44 pm
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spring break getting wild in california with a multi casualty incident after dell topia a popular event near santa barbara turned into chaos as thousands of people packed the streets.
2:49 pm
almost two weeks ago miami beach declared a state of emergency vilified people hospitalized. his spring break getting crazier than he used to be. todd allgood to your cool and hip, is that back in the day when you were out with alpha mega with the journalism college was it crazier now are crazier than? todd: i feel like i'm in on an island is way crazier now when i was going to spring break we took shots we did not get shot, we did not have multi casualty incidents. i wrap my head around this what is the cause, why are the kids these days now crazy. it is a social media could this be will smith's fault or as the last likes to say could this be especially santa barbara, donald trump's fault these are questions i need answered. tyrus: laura this is your fault
2:50 pm
by marriage, i think todd proved by calling them kids that i vastly overlay the cool stuff so i have to retract that previous statement, whatever you call people kids it is over. how much do you think the internet it is to his point back in the day you did thanks to not get caught if somebody brought out a camera everybody would bow their heads and start a prayer when everybody brings out a camera you say how many likes can you get if you jump off the roof how much you think social media has influenced the amount of dangerous activity opposed to back in the day. lara: i think it is definitely part of it everybody wants to get the next viral video on instagram or tiktok or whatever it is. you have to one up each other if the last guy jumped off the second floor and you have to jump off the third floor it gets crazier and crazier. i had to say a bunch of college kids a lot of these people have done things that they're doing
2:51 pm
like packing onto the outdoor decks thousands of people are course that's not going to happen but if you think of the study how we make playgrounds to say for our kids. the idea we used to have the metal slides burning yourself going down. that taught us a lesson how to take risks and what was riskier behavior our kids have been so coddled that they don't know if you put 500 people onto an outdoor deck it may collapse and these are not great ideas i think social media played into it but maybe we need to start giving participation trophies, let them fall down and hurt themselves and maybe they won't do crazy stuff. tyrus: we used to call them life lessons. that is so true i heard rumors in school you had no recess
2:52 pm
because you don't play. do you think a lot of this has to do with the fact, especially in california with the defunding of the police and do what you want they cannot spit in the face of authority do you think it has a lot to do with the craziness or sign of the times. lisa: i think kids are idiots that were shooting shots not bullets on spring break i covered spring break for hannity last year end it was eye-opening one guy claimed the police pull his neck with that enough i do to be reliable source to other girls hiding under a dinner table because they heard bullets. another lady was in a bathing suit top. maybe if there is kids it would've been good. it was quite the experience but i don't remember spring break ian like this where people were shooting people doing those sorts of things. i don't know it seems a little
2:53 pm
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2:57 pm
watching this and it was the game to watch it was so close the whole time as an antistate alumni myself just by default i have to dislike both teams but i was reading for duke because the legendary coach last game he is done coaching after the season. kudos to you and as an acc fan myself i am hoping they pull up the win against kansas, we will see what happens. tyrus: that was a game i enjoyed every minute sorry had to get put down by his nemesis but is
2:58 pm
the best way to go today when i got there finally to new york in my house had a big box outside my door i got my book my new memoir just tyrus hit store shelves april 26. good read in the best blurb ever, just for that alone is worth the checkout. >> congratulations, the senate judiciary will vote on ketanji brown jackson nomination of the supreme court. senator ted cruz's warning the decision put americans on the cusp of losing their fundamental rights. >> the big landmark cases are 5 - 4 we are one vote away on issue after issue after issue from losing their fundamental rights. the rest of that interview will be on life liberty and the bed
2:59 pm
at 8:00 p.m. she is lucky she's not getting the kavanaugh treatment and basically accused of being rights. >> there is no transition out of gang rights. tiger woods is headed to augustine national to continuous preparation and practice with the masters beginning on thursday he said playing will be a game time decision. do not expect a repeat of 2019 i do not think that is physiologically possible but if he is able to play and walk the course which he has said is the toughest part for him walking anywhere but specifically walking 18 holes at agusta each day obviously 72 in the total if he does make the cut, that would be an amazing story in itself, i think were rooting for don't expect 2019 but it would be awesome if he does play. >> fingers crossed one more and
3:00 pm
him. >> i am with you tyrus. if anybody can pull off a cup come back it is tiger woods. todd: we were watching two hours this week, hopefully we could do it again soon. that does it for us we will see you next weekend the "fox report with jon scott" starts now. jon: evident emergence of civilians around ukraine capital as russians were on the country interstate 40. i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". jon: ukraine said the bodies of 410 dead civilians have been moved from suburbs surrounding


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