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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 3, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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systemic a corruption and is the ultimate example exactly as you said, because he keeps doing it for decades see height which is why they went to get him in the white house sue and exactly gotta go great to see you, up next with a special fox news live will see you here next sunday. >> this a "fox news" alert, live in warsaw, quality, the horrors of russia the war is ukraine, crimes new vices evidence and merges of civilian massacres in ukraine claims the bodies nice 410 civilians have been found in the suburbs surrounding the capitol city of kyiv and these are reasons that printed has retaken it from invading forces in russia denies carrying out any such massacre the video from the city clearly shows that civilians scattered in the
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streets and mass graves in ukraine is president has one word to describe it. >> this is genocide, and the elimination of the whole nation and the people, we are the citizens of ukraine and we have more than hundred nationalities and this is about the destruction and extermination of all of these nationalities. >> as ukrainian forces pushback, the enemy from kyiv, moscow is now intensifying his campaign towards east south and on sunday russian missiles striking near the port city of odessa, destroyed an oil refinery. >> this is not a good morning for odessa, we woke up to powerful explosions here and there are probably backs were huge, there still smoke billowing to cover the children were in a panic get the windows were blown in and it was terrifying.
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>> the white house chief of staff said that u.s. remains fully committed to providing a full range of economic and military support for ukraine and the war against russia and she described as far from over, now we go to "fox news" live . [inaudible]. [inaudible].
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>> tonight civilian occurs in areas around ukraine's capitol, i want to welcome a special edition of fox news lie, i'm shannon, how we want warn you that will be images they will see tonight and show that are graphic and we want you to know that fresno this videoo shows te scene in a kyiv summer rent, russian forces are leading and leaving behind that civilians and scattered industries and thrown into the mass graves as they look visiting others in the area and ukrainian officials say they discover the bodies police 410 civilians from those suburbs which now back under ukraine's control and satellite images show one likely mass grave site, russia has united caring out any massacres in that or any other city day 40, have the invasion there no signs the international community is looking to ramp up the pressure on russia the present volodymyr zelensky this
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russia's committing genocide is country and condemned the attack it is highly address. >> i want every mother every russian soldier to see the bodies of dead people here, and when did they do, why were they killed, a man was running his bicycle demonstrate what you do and why did you try to kill peaceful people and ordinary peaceful city went to the ukrainian city due to russia and had it all of this become possible. reporter: let's get to live ukrainian without latest good evening evening or good morning to you. >> yes she had and will officials in the capitol city of kyiv they say the city is now been liberated after more than five weeks russian attacks but it is the carnage left behind by this troops and many here in ukraine, had others around the world are nows saying more gravs etiquette we want to warn you that the images you are about to
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say are extremely african this video appears to show more than 20 different bodies along one straight in the town abuja just outside of the capitol city ice images show the people with their hands tied behind them another's face down and lifeless the mayor said also there is evidence of dozens of pond dozen the bodies buried in mass graves in the russian ministry of defense however said that this is all think of those who have been up close and sing it infa person, they say this is nonfiction, this is real life. >> and in relation to the civilian population, the russian has in fact demonstrated they were deliberately killing and they actually got a green light on the safari from vladimir putin and they actually shooting down ukrainian nations and ukrainian people, therefore i have no other term to qualify that, genocide pretty. >> were also learning russian
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forces are targeting it near the port city of odessa in the russian defense ministry claims that is as missiles from of the aircraft and ships targeted at's black smoke and fire could be seen from afar shortly after the strike entity is is a major blow to the ukrainian forces use the port has his main base for the navy predict. >> i was at home and i'm scared because the balls were shaking and i went w out of there so was an explosion in my home and assaulted take burning is a big explosion like it was an airplane crash and never seen something like that. >> no further up because, in the city of mariupol cut off from the outside world despite the red cross is repeated attempt to try to get aid in and rescue do more than 100,000 people who are cordially trapped those efforts so far have failed. shannon: king tells more about
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the significance of the area in the city of odessa and why it may now be a target. reporter: essentially cut off ukraine from the coast, from the water bringing in imports and also as we mentioned, a main base for the ukrainian navy and so that is a huge huge area and also if they do the russian forces do end up focusing on odessa like they 12 it would further connect all of the land a court order been talking about an all of the into monday over there are some sections of russian supporters in the country. shannon: i know early on, with a long time about the fact that was sort of the transit point amazing that people heading from the east and the westward and is it still sort of an upper people who are playing are people singer and what is the latest on that. reporter: anything people coming back and forth and even people who are fleeing from cities and
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from kyiv and mariupol the coming west to hear and they are sort of regrouping maybe with family members are finding a place to stay with a continuing to many poland and then we have seen the opposite, people left her coming back from poland back and any be delivering resources and delivering rated to the people who it most right now. shannon: so is life normal right as you could say normal under the but there in leviev is a still relatively unscathed from attacks or anything awry. reporter: last week about a week ago, we had a strike about a mile - 1 mile and a half outside of the city center here in leviev in the certainly woke up a o lot of people we continue to through the be to have those air raid sirens going on but people defiantly want to live their life has normal as possible i think that is part of it, to show that they are free and unafraid and meanwhile, in
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eastern part of the country, they are sympathetic to the fighting that is going on they have to do t what they can to either help or continue living it is ukrainians do. shannon: live in leviev and thank you jeff for making sure that we get the news straight from the frontlines and think you so much and we are going to speak to you later the severn also talk to another member of ukraine's parliament she was an there today and we will discuss the images that she saw in we will ask her if they line up with these horrible videos were saying as well. >> russian troops troops repositioning is there awaiting vladimir putin's next moves that in a critical area and mariupol and some of our commander for more on the military operations introduce strategy and also he officer of the u.s. naval academy is great to have you back with a. guest: thank you shannon and is
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going to be on this evening. shannon: and ima want to play something president volodymyr zelensky said about the situation and some of the areas in here it is straight from him. >> hundreds of people killed, civilians tortured and shot on the street in the area mind and in the bodies of the dead were booby-trapped. >> what is that due to change the calculus of anything for the western involvement here for what he called the former charges of warar crimes and this is devastating. >> will shannon i think when you really going to see is the west take a very careful look at first, they're going to verify that the information is in fact accurate and then today based upon of what we have seen from numerous organizations of people on the ground reporting, in effect verifies that the russians are in fact executing innocent civilians which is a war crime and that they are killing ruthlessly as they begin
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to withdraw and part of that is part of the operation and what it demonstrates is that we can prove without a doubt, that the russians are in fact the ones committing the war crime said those that have doubts about infect our underlying u.s. and international supported to what president volodymyr zelensky is trying to do and keep his nation and get his nation free again. shannon: they talk about this latest situation the carnage going on there and said that this is the group legacy of vladimir putin invasion that the world will have to consider as part of the calculation and is is more intended conflict continues goes on to say that if vladimir putin cases from this work of the will be more invasions and were crimes and more traffic is scenes like those in the future and so hello you watch we see this clearly not playing but no rules in the estimation and knowing that if he has not stopping here, he will only if he wins against some way from this encouragement
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which is now full on war, does he tend to go further into ukraine or beyond the borders. guest: poet you really are saying is that the strategic applications w of what president vladimir putin doing with respect to refrain have worldwide ramifications and is not going to be just within ukraine, because if we do not push vladimir putin back to the borders of ukraine, so thatai we can make ukrainians, whole again and trust me, china is watching what is going on and they are adjusting their war plan for taiwan on a daily if not hourly basis based upon what we are seeing in the fact that ukraine beefed up u their nuclear weapos other territorial integrity was going to be respected it, now this is occurring from russia and iran is looking at it is saying, why would we ever want to negotiate our ability to have nuclear weapons to ensure our
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survival in the middle east and then stabilize it with an arms race there as of what is happening in ukraine, has ramifications beyond just whatha is happening within those borders with russia's invasion. and it has worldwide ramifications and then of s coue was what you were sing as many in europe, who do not see this implication of that you're finding it them to be especially with nato, they are finding reasons to justify what we can't do that because in my escalated we cannot do that because it might provoke, while the reality of it is we cannot afford to that of the slaughter more the strategic impact of doing nothing when itmp comes to allowing vladimir putin to exercise what he is doing in your. we must start to calculate the cost not to act instead of what the threat is if we do act. shannon: so how the balance, i referred you on this but how do we figure that out knowing that
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many of the provocations may be aimed is starting world war iii. guest: you know shannon, how was it right now, when you look at it throughout the world, whether it's with russia or china, they're using all the instruments and instrument of power at military and economic it and i said and it is a controversial statement, we are in world war iii right now and it's just in the slow burn phase because what we are watching with russia and whether doing in ukraine, what we are sing with china and expanding into the south china sea, notarizing the islands in violation of international law, they are in fact, expanding out threatening regional stability in europe ann on the continent and in the south china sea with our allies there. we do not actually, the consequences of not acting, will in fact invite a much more violent and much more ruthless and much more far reaching conflict when he did nip it in the bud and
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yes, it could be costly and yes, it could be tragic in many ways but the consequences of doing nothing, and in talking like 19 has done but not really acting, will have far-reaching consequences and the fact is that if we do nothing with the slaughter that is going on, we're going to see a repeat of what we saw in the form of republic of yugoslavia in the 1990s and the time to act is now and get them the weapons i needed, more lethal, winter standoff distance and give the ukrainians a chance to push back to the borders. shannon: we have seen that they have the bravery to do that and commander think you s for your time and your service to our country as well and it's good to see you tonight. guest: thank you. shannon: more european nations doors to theheir flood of refugees, five weeks into this work in the united nations has more than 4 million ukrainians have fled their
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homeland is more than half of them are in poland resources are starting to run low here's the story. reporter: good evening, 2 million ukrainian refugees are here in poland and thousands are coming in by the day and is horrific images and comes as people here in poland are opening their hearts and opening their homes to the ukrainian refugees and tingling here, we can see that this family of six from ukraine sing with a local family has southeastern poland that homeowner business owner said he gave the family a place to live, food and clothing offer free ukrainian refugees tell us in trouble with just a few bags not sure they would even say grateful for the support of the polish people, who stepped up in time of crisis. >> we were veryfr much afraid fr our lives and the lives of our kids and when we were in our
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summerhouse and also we heard shells and missiles and none of us slept during the night. >> the trip was horrible pretty all of the time we were afraid and missiles while we were standing in line. reporter: border crossings are busy volunteers are preparing for new waves of refugees have finally been able to make the right out of the war zones, ukrainians who worked in the right to say more, 27 - after three years they can also get social welfare excessive housing, medical treatment said cool but out of many more refugees can poland take. >> well, not too many i think because weee have already receid around 2 million, and we as a cityio in the region, that point and generally not the place
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where they will stay permanently. reporter: even the largest city i course of the mayorid saying that they had their capacity with refugees and they cannot handle anymore and they say that they also can't handle anymore refugees because the supply chain and the schools are all overwhelmed with shannon. shannon: thank you alexis, and president biden monitoring latest of elements on the war in ukraine is more u.s. security assistance arrives i that country and here's the latest on that. reporter: the president and his national security team are closely following developments in that russians may be retreating it from the capitol city of kyiv another northern suburbs of kyiv with news that ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky and russian president vladimir putin, maybe inching closer to a face-to-face meeting at and if not clear how or even if president biden would get involved in such a negotiation it in the political future of
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ukraine is up for ukraine's to decide with the military future on this attack, has to be pushed back, and is why we are doing so much to back the president volodymyr zelensky and his military in the minute god is sending an additional $300 million in security assistance to ukraine, says the president took office last year, $2.3 billion has gone to the war torn country is on the items on the list, laserguided rocket systems, other types of artillery and soviet made tanks. >> the ship's are arriving even as we speak including in the last 24 hours, and a lot of that is lethal systems and javelin anti- armor, missiles anti- air missiles and that's arriving even as you and i speak. >> i'm an eightht the present wl head back to the white house for the domestic issues and an employment rate and inflation, any potential confirmation vote, judge ketanji brown jackson to be the next justice on the u.s. supreme court, shannon.
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shannon: thank you very much. and right now russia's dismissing any piece talks between president volodymyr zelensky and vladimir putin so what will it take to get them to that table and would volodymyr zelensky be willing to give up even an inch to vladimir putin to hand the war. great-great-grandfather baptiste caretto. ancestry threads all of the little facts together into a narrative so you get to feel like you're walking the same path they did. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get
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shannon: in wake of the >> in the wake of the horrific towns around to limit ukraine and russia were both calling for meetings of un security council this weekend, russia said they want to cancel to address what he calls publications of ukraine radicals and broke up york times is reporting the russians requesting meeting monday the ukraine it was a separate meeting of course, tuesday to discuss russia's continued aggression. >> process chief negotiators are barking at the prospect face-to-face talks and ukraine's volodymyr zelensky and vladimir putin meaning that the two sides remain far apart on issues and so were the piece talks sandra now and what if any do the parties have joining me now is policy advisor to four republican presidential
10:24 pm
campaigns, and also a candidate from california see control and good to see you tonight. guest: thank you shannon. shannon: okay so let's start with this, wall street journal has a piece that the world will know in a very famous, so when he speaks a lot of people listen and here's what he has to say, he said that allowing this vladimir putin given even an inch after bombing thehe civilin should be unimaginable and conceding urgent areas to be seen ukraine inventor and stage of our cease-fire, when only give mr. vladimir putin time to consolidate and reapply some there will always be a next time and is a a pressure do you think from the west for volodymyr zelensky to do that in order to wrap things up. guest: i think there is, the challenge will be this, whatever agreement is reached the situation, president volodymyr zelensky is already indicating that he needs to go to the people of ukraine and of a referendum, any constitutional changes will need to go to the
10:25 pm
former referendum is unlikely to be the public opinion ukraine, now let's just preface it by saying volodymyr zelensky is tremendously popular anything that he advocates for will likely or could get past to the referendum, but it is unlikely that you will see for example, the people of ukraine it on anything but to push russia back and continue to regain and recapture sovereign territory ukrainians leaving the country and unlikely the flip side the russia and vladimir putin would exceed to any ground or landing going away to ukraine that would decrease the amount of sovereign land from russia afterec the invasion of beget in february of 2022, so think about side is kind of trying to take positions of thee fundamentally, i think i'mas doing headed that is why n evp from the situation is highly unlikely. shannon: and whether think the vladimir putin said provocative and accuse ukraine having attention to join nato and he
10:26 pm
said that was provocative in nature and excess for them to completely take that off of the table and they both even consider pursuing nato membership anymore and they're asked president volodymyr zelensky about that in here is their exchange. >> shorter nato, and short of article five protection, you are saying that a group of nations provided security guarantees, has president biden offered in the u.s. is one of those ccountries that. >> is hard for us to talk about nato because they don't want to admit it i think it is a mistake because if they join nato we would make that much stronger we another week state. shannon: now is that off of the table right now that i did nato membership for ukraine. >> yeah i think were the most part, the signals that we have seen from ukraine and from the volodymyr zelensky government suggests that they are willing to cease neutrality and say listen we won't join nato if the
10:27 pm
proper security is guaranteed and so that i didn't think that is the crux of the question really per russia and for vladimir putin ily think that is probably fundamentally one thing that he absolutely cannot walk away from this is something that ukraine has to agree to has to be neutral and that is something that i think that volodymyr zelensky at least not publicly enforceable he was certainly behind the scenes, negotiators have suggested that is willing to say listen, the scenario we believe there can be some compromise and again this would have to go to ukrainian people but as volodymyr zelensky me so hard in the push, it is easy to see potentially how something like this could be acceptable to ukraine. shannon: thank you always retirement it is so good to see you. guest: thank you. shannon: up next going to go live to ukraine it and here he is talking reports, horrific a war crime, carnage new call for> vladimir putin to be tried for
10:28 pm
crimes against humanity and we are going with u a member of ukraine's parliament who just came back and saw the horrors firsthand it and she will join us next.
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poland, the course ukrainian troops pushback russian invaders in the outskirts of the capitol city of kyiv about his of civilians spread across the street in a mass grave, more than 400 and victims and many tortured murdered before russian troops reports of pulling back in european leaders in the russians are guilty of war crimes and they want an investigation in moscow denies any such massacre over the weekend ukraine's military liberated three more tales north of kyiv is a quickly invaders further away, the report evidence of an enemy on the run, destroyed and abandoned military vehicle, russia is a focusing his attacks on the eastern and southern flanks on sunday missile strikes near the port city of odessa destroyed an oil refinery, i've been, now back to "fox news" live. shannon: if you're just joining us here, others in our top
10:32 pm
stories of the war in ukraine, horrifying scenes and towns surrounding you ukraine's capitol, russian forces are living behind the bodies of dead civilians at scattered in the streets in mass graves, russia has denied it this massacre and is going for meetings with u.s. security council or what he calls, propagation of ukrainian articles and ukrainians reported they also calling for the u.s. security council toco discuss russia's continued aggression russian missile strikes near the southern ports vanessa how distorted oil refinery and other critical infrastructure and ukrainian officials the fires of the refinery, and the facility will no longer be able to function and seven people dead and 34 others were hurt effort russian missile strikes and residential area northeastern city of hockey and according to for the city who said that the attack at about ten house and the bus depot and official say russia tax and other citiesed in
10:33 pm
today. >> and junius l member of ukraine's parliament and she was in p bucha and we want to hear about what she saw welcome back, we don't have to the words to say so i will just open this up to you to tell us what h you see is happening. >> it thank you so much for having me and so i was yesterday in bucha and i can tell you, there's no way to tell you what i've seen and explain in words, i will describe and so, it was bringing children forward until there were no children left. and they were killed and when we got there, the destruction there and i cannot hope to realize why
10:34 pm
it happened so these people whose dead bodies were along the roads and left there and they were hiding the basements and i could not understand why, was the reason for the massacre pretty just because they existed and so we saw woman's body think they were continuously raped and then they try to burn the bodies alongside the roads and we have seen the children who are short with multiple wounds and we have seen it so many terrible deaths and so many witnesses who were telling what happened. it was not personal, it was rations or killing people for no
10:35 pm
particular reason the printed and there is a word for this in this morning's genocide because nobody ever deserves to be killd nobody ever deserves anything like this printed in the pain the deaths and the destruction of and bring into the country is unthinkable any sysop right now in every single world leader to said there are two sides of the story or think if they can negotiate or maybe we will continue to buy russian oil and i want them to come and see and what happened there i don't them to see the people who died just because the russians decided that they shouldn't be there. shannon: we want to remind people, this is very difficult to watch, is graphic it may have seen in now with your own eyes,
10:36 pm
you said genocide new president volodymyr zelensky use that word today as well the word evil, comes to mind what is your message to the russian people, many of you them as separate from vladimir putin what is ordered and what he is allowing the uniforms of the russian military. >> i don't know if therepa separately, some people are saying are good and russians and bad russians and i can tell you that strong, there were no good ukrainians or bad ukrainians in bucha, they were all killed by russian soldiers with no regard to what they were doing it for how they were exiting, there was no words for women who were raped and killed. so all russian people will be held responsible and particular people advocating ukrainians,
10:37 pm
andd went there yesterday to tae the darkness to be able to witness and at some point to be able to witness that we will also find everything russian soldier responsible for that. and we will do that and we will have our justice. shannon: are you confident you will get that, that the world will bring about that justice for everyone responsible. >> it concerns me regarding vladimir putin's trial he will we will try to do other things but we also remember that the way israelas is doing and that e the this iss what we need to do and the trials that israel had after the secondec world war and
10:38 pm
then want to get everything a person, because this cannot be forgiven and this cannot be forgotten and i also i do not care about the world right now, it's watching it was happening in ukraine and giving the condemnation and giving it the thoughts etc. we need actions and we need the support right now imagine what is happening right now in mariupol and i would absolutely sure there more horrors there, more death and destruction and you cannot protection these my people do note, deserve in every single minute, this is happening now it is happening right now and people are sitting in the basements and eating pigeons and helping there somewhere there's some good have a common rescue them we cannot do that because we do not have enough weaponry
10:39 pm
right now we do need it. shannon: a shocks of the conscious and it's evil it's gut wrenching we can only hope this message gets out of members of the international community will step up and reinforce and bring the things you needed and thank you for continuing to be able to share be willing to share the horrors with as we thank you very much will seeou you again soon. >> thank you. shannon: back here at home, place in sacramento are now lookingec for multiple suspectsn the city source mass shooting in his history, what we know so far about the gunfight that six dad and a dozen wounded.
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shannon: shannon: ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky and prerecorded video message of
10:43 pm
tonight's grammy awards asking for continued support for the country and volodymyr zelensky think that the visions were of the body armor's and they sing to the wonder that in the hospitals and evenmi to those wo cannot hear themin the music breakthrough anyway and he went on to say that killed the sounds with your music and filling today to tell our story tell the truth about the work under social networks on tv support us in any way that you can but not silence and people come to our citiesde and president biden acknowledging the victims in today's sacramento mass shooting which left six dead and 12 internet sing in a statement tonight that america once again lawrence for another community devastated by gun violence and calling on to pass more gun-control measures senior correspondent, is in sacramento with the latest on this tragedy. reporter: this hospitality corridor in downtown sacramento remains a large and active crime scene is ade police try to identify suspects and piece
10:44 pm
together exactly what led up to the violent shooting that happened in around 2:00 a.m. sunday morning as is all of the bars and restaurants here letting out for the night, a square blocks remain crime taped off and yellow markers over some of the victims were had after enjoying a night out on the town of they say will be milliman fired killing three minute 33 women and injuring 12 other sacrament of police chief said detectives recovered a stolen handgun at this shooting kind of altercation to cover the large white took place just prior to the shootings predict. >> we have confirmed that there are multiple shooters and investigators are currently interviewing numerous witnesses we have located hundred this a pieces of evidence at the scene. >> is still unknown how many tutors were involved are if anyone was specifically targeted none of the victims have been identified by police but buried family members coming here all day with any information about their love the ones and to
10:45 pm
identify victims whose bodies are still here. >> i just want to s know something, i i just want them to tell her family something so we can do what we have to do to try to move n on a little bit. reporter: among those who have not answered the phone today, 38 years old and father of three, his family said that he was here saturday night and for the worse i was a heavy police presence here at the time and an officer must on every corner that didn't matter the mayor saidos somethig is that he can do to prevent all rent and finals but he said more visa be done to get the guns off the streets officials are asking for the public's help to solve this case and asking for if anybody has cell phone video or any other information so that the investigators can make arrests and solve this latest mouse shooting that is taken california's capitol city, to its core. shannon: thank you so much i will be right back with a look
10:46 pm
of the domestic of problems.
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shannon: "fox news" is on the former president obama will return the white house tuesday november remarks on
10:50 pm
strengthening the affordable care act is the first return the white house this is days as president, president biden vice president harris other members of the cabinet are expected to join the 44th president and president biden's approval rating has been flipping months, nl before he came under fire for a series of things about ukraine and isn't too late for the democratic to save the presidents likability in the party mentally me now, washington examiner editor-in-chief, as we to have you with us. guest: hi shannon. shannon: okay so several challenges, this over this, let start with ron playing the white house chief of staff talking by the hunter bided issue which mainstream media has a different take on it in recent weeks. guest: presence commented that his family did the right income of any get out what is to be fair, these are actions by hunter and his brother, and private matters do not involve the present they certainly no one at the white house is
10:51 pm
involved in. shannon: if you enter to see distancing himself from the sun or did they know or suspect that maybe you saw double coming. guest: yes a real possibility in a kind of his amusing and ironic that the president claims to be confident that his brother it is said and nothing wrong and at the same time, so that he has nothing to do with it and knows how he could express that confidence inn particularly as his son you know, obviously had a very - life and yes, i think that one of the things that we are seeing right now is all those left-wing media like the washington post which pretended 18 months ago perhaps that alicia hold up top story was somehow russian disinformation and now suddenly quickly filling the fact that they are ignoring of the story read and reporting
10:52 pm
out and i think it is very importantug to know suggested se help because new york times and washington post and some others, have now conceded the story that the laptop is hunter biden's but somehow that the laptop has been verified, is verified if humans ago by other news outlets other than the new york post now is obviously something happening ie idea there might be indictments coming, it's probably a good one and i think that some of the media which ignored this story now not going to be ignored anymore and there doing some backfilling because perhaps there is indictment coming in yes. shannon: one of the story not going to be able to ignores was probably about to happen the border although so far been ignoring already what is happening, we have producer center reporting covering best buy count the repeal the measure that a lot of the government to turn the way people became illegally because of the pandemic it for the health crisis and that is going away
10:53 pm
now. mariupol, the acting vhs secretary is morning about that and here's what he said. >> for some reason vhs biden administration may be really smart decision to announce this, six and seven weeks in advance so 6 absolutely, the smugglers d cartels and gives them a head start so they can push them across the border knowing that they will no longer be removed it expedited manner. shannon: so worst-case scenario develops that the more, will that - have to acknowledge anymore you know, realistic away. guest: it i guess they will have to reported if there is a search, we had record numbers of illegal immigration stopped at the border, 2 million last year, and removal of title 42, as a reason for returning people will of course, means are more illegal immigrants arriving part of the reason it why they can
10:54 pm
get ended i o think one of the things that one has to remember about this is that it's inevitable that she is found this, that it used to be that asylum officers decided to return people but they could not give a solomon not going to be able to deny us on the innocent people away now and all of these people were not given us on them about straight into the backlog that they already exist and there is no way that this kind of reduce the number of people coming in, is almost certain infected is certain to increase the numbers and yes, i will go up and the biden administration in confidence in dealing with the illegal is a having a real patient policy will be exposed as never before. shannon:t can you give us a quk comment on the economic issue now facing at this and
10:55 pm
ministration infection at a four-year high gas prices all time high, your commented that. guest: inflation is very much to do with the spending agenda of joe biden a seems to me, and willing to do almost anything to reducet that and he could eventually taken his foot off the 300 domestic gas producers. venezuela, it is released releasing a million barrels a day for the next six months from the strategic oil and oil petroleum reserve. and it will make any difference. shannon: okay thank you very much for your time and we will be right back.
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