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tv   FOX News Sunday  FOX News  April 3, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the invited administration announces the end of a key covid area border policy despite fears of a looming migrant wave. cracks and influx of people to the border. we are doing a lot of work to plan for quick sport a and humanitarian groups braced for an influx as a democrats prepare for backlash. once the pandemic restriction is no more. plus the midterms are now just months away as the president tries to ease the pain at the
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pump regrets our prices are racing because of prudence action. cracks to reset their agenda with susan who leads the centrist new democrat coalition. cracks much of the purple districts in the country where the majority leader. [screaming] asked texas senator john cornyn about republicans push to extend title 42. then. cracks are you willing to trade any amount of ukrainian territory to achieve a peace deal with russia? >> what we agreed to, we don't trade our territory. cracks branch embarrasses out ukrainian president zelenskyy as the west assesses putin's next move. will speak with pentagon press secretary jon kirby about the latest round of peace talks in efforts to reach those in the crosshairs. plus a lightning rod new law in florida.
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it throws the state, the governor, and disney into the culture wars. we'll ask our panel about the escalade debate. clicks and you're trying to impose a woke ideology on our state, we view that as a significant threat. >> alt right now on fox news sunday. >> hello again from fox news. just months from the midterm election controversial move this week by president biden to lift the covid restriction known as title 42 at our southern border that is turned away thousands of migrants over the past couple of years. and that could add to the political liabilities that vulnerable democrats are facing right now. in a president search at the border concerns about the war in ukraine could lead to next. and then you have the weight on the country from rising inflation. we begin with team fox coverage, bill at the southern border and david traveled with the president wilmington, delaware
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today per david will start with you good morning. >> martha good morning to you. two years into the pandemic, president biden insist democrat policies are working. the economy is on the move despite the fact that his poll numbers are stagnant. >> people are making more money, defining better jobs. white house officials are counting on trent touting the march jobs report shows employers added four to 31000 jobs. a bit below estimates but still bringing unemployment to 3.6% the lowest level since the pandemic hit two years ago. it is a tough political celt with inflation at a 40 year high. >> are doing all the wrong things they own this that takes the fed to squeeze it out and i don't know how long that will take regrets the president also planning to release 1 million barrels of oil a day for six months from the u.s. emergency oil reserve. to chip away at record gas
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prices. lex i think it's going to be very helpful bear fox news polls showing oblique numbers for the president and his party. 59% of those polled disapprove of the president's handling of the economy. 66% disapprove of how he's handling inflation. and republicans hold an advantage in the midterms when the hypothetical matchup 43 -- 41 against democrat. this week moderates and progressives met with the president to talk strategy and fend off a possible red wave in november. i mention progressives it was at the urging of progressives that president biden decided to rollback what you mention, title 42 that is the policy that expels illegal immigrants across the southern border soon as possible citing the code pandemic, martha. david reported from william and trent delaware today but let's turn to bill melugin on the border in eagle pass, texas hi
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bill. >> you might be 75 -- 100 it's hard to get account for quick stunning helicopter video from texas dps paints a picture of the ongoing crisis at our southern border. over 100 migrants crossed illegally into eagle pass texas. some of them using a rope to get across the river as an overwhelmed and outnumbered border patrol tries to respond. their jobs may soon get even more difficult. dhs projects with title 42 rescinded there could be upwards of 18000 illegal crossings every single day. that is more than doubled the current average of 7000 per day. former u.s. border patrol chief rodney scott says it would be total chaos. >> went title 42 drops the processing time increases dramatically for every individual the border patrol arrest for this going to be nor patrol agents actually patrolling for their going to literally doing processing and releasing aliens into the usb. >> new jaw-dropping numbers on how many illegal immigrants have
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slipped past border patrol already, sources tell fox news there been more than 300,000 known got a ways in the last six months. that includes more than 62000 and march alone. that is over 2000 got a ways every single day. and that is a major concern as border patrol frequently arrest criminal migrants trying to sneak into the country. including this convicted murderer and these two convicted child predators. all arrested by border patrol this week after crossing illegally in texas and arizona. even with title 42 still currently in place, illegal crossings are nonstop. here we have witnessed it repeatedly and broad daylight is border patrol del rio sector alone continues to average up to 1500 illegal crossings a day. some arrive with celebration for it others with dejection. sometimes too young to truly understand what is going on.
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>> in texas new body cam video shows texas dps troopers finding 76 illegal immigrants being smuggled and a gravel trailer. almost all of them single adult men. the size of the group seen from dps helicopters thermal cameras. the driver, a honduran man in the country illegally. he had a mouth on him and he had a lengthy criminal record. he is now charged with human smuggling. fax that was bill melugin reported from eagle pass, texas for joining us now chair of the democratic coalition, congresswoman, what with the fox news sunday good happy with us this morning. i want to ask about the broader democrat agenda which i know you have been working on paid first, your reaction to these numbers. 18000 dhs says will be crossing went title 42 is lifted. your colleague in the senate, mark kelly said this is the wrong decision.
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it is unacceptable to end title 42 without a plan and coordination place to ensure a secure orderly and humane process at the border. do you agree with him? do you think this is a move that could hurt your party? >> well, i think this was a policy that was put in place to address the public health crisis. and it needs to be driven by the science for the cdc is making the decision on this. i support that decision but it will not go in place until may 23. and we have to make sure we are not using up public health policy to undermine our immigration laws. secretary may all caps it is also working this part has articulated his plan. we need to engage with him on that plan. martha: congress is still pushing for more covid fighter. some places aren't mask restrictions going back into place. so how is this the right time to remove title 42?
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>> i think when we look at funding for covid, the ongoing covid response, we are shifting in terms of how we look at managing covid going forward. we are always going to need to have the resources to sure we have a very available therapeutics, vaccines, that is what those resources are going towards bridge we have to look at how we are going to be resilient going forward and have a strong public health response. that is really what the administration is looking for resources for. that is part of what we need to do as members of congress we need to make sure we have policy in place so we are well prepared. martha: just to be clear before we move on are you entitled lifting 42 is a cdc recommends? >> i think it is to be driven by the science and i support the cdc's decision. specifically chair their democrat coalition which are mentioned in the intro, 98 moderate democrats you had a chance to meet with the president and talk to him about bipartisan measures. we just laid out his approval number on the weak side about
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41% even weaker for the economy. so what did you press him to focus on to try to turn that around? >> i think we had a great meeting with the president. we talked about the work we have a head, a lot of important work that's been done with the american rescue plan, with the infrastructure bill we are seeing that impact on our communities already. but there is more we need to do probity to pass a bipartisan innovation bill to address supply chains and competition for the house and the senate are going into conference on that. we talked about budget reconciliation and the ongoing work there because they've important issues want to address that legislation. we want to work with the president. we have a lot of bipartisan bills that we went to see move. we are legislatures we want to legislate pretty went to continue to work for the american people.
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good policy is good politics. we are showing the governance can work and really impacting the lives of the american people. that has a big impact in terms of what people are thinking when they go to the voting booth. martha: shiva large coalition assisted 98 members. similarly a large number are trying to persuade the president the other way. let's aoc congresswoman from new york said if we decide to just sit back and rest for the rest of the year end not change people's lives, i think we are in trouble with regards to the midterm elections but she is pushing for more executive orders from the president to get things done, to please people for that election video been pushing more for it legislation, for that side of the process. so it is longer-lasting. who is awaiting the president's heart and mind on this? >> a while, the president is a legislature think it's important we legislatively want long term
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durable policy. first about the executive actions are in place for a period of time and another president can change those. it's congress' job to put our laws in place and there are many things that congress can do through executive action. i have an important opportunity, we have a lot of time in this congress to legislate were going to do everything we can to past policies that really impact -- positively impact the lives of our american families. missing student the president needs to decide which lane he's going to be many campaigns for candidates? look at americas in this more middle of the road as you said in arlene n. we need to leave behind things like green energy push or canceling a student that sprayed real persuasive with him with things like that? you think he is leaning in your direction? >> i think the president was very clear in the state of the union. i think very clear in the
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budget. our views and the new dem coalition and the present administration are very closely aligned. we went to tackle the issues that families are facing today. that is why it's important we move with legislation address supply chain did not just for the short term but really take a long-term view. because again, long term durable policy is what will put us in a better position not only today, but decades ahead. martha: we will see through his actions where he puts that focus bread congresswoman thank you for being with us this morning. it is a pleasure to meet you, thank you for being here. try to mail republicans that john accord and a texas editor. welcome back to fox news sunday good happy with us this morning for a quick thank you martha. with regard to title 42, senator, on the other side of the fence gop mostly behind keeping in place or are groups that say it's an inhumane
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practice. this is the human rights said about it. this practice of not allowing people to cross because of the pandemic has severely harmed by exposing them to violence, separating families and acute medical and psychological impacts they also say there's simply no epidemiology cult evidence to justify banning asylum-seekers from the country while allowing the other borders to allow in the same time. when you say to that? >> we have had 3 million border encounters during this pandemic you and i are still required with land an airplane or take public transportation to wear masks. because that is of the transportation security administration as ordered. i had heard the congresswoman say we need to follow the science. but frankly, it is contradictory. the messages we are getting from the administration. really, the point is if you will
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limit title 42 this is the last tool that has been available to border patrol to try to maintain some semblance of order on the border. if you eliminate title 42 the border patrol tells me they will lose control and the people who will benefit the most are the drug cartels who will have free -- freeway into the country which to finally drugs it took 100,000 american lives last year alone. martha: is interesting and bring that upset her hegarty of tennessee has suggested title 42 could also apply as a public health measure to keeping it in place. to keep people out because of all of the drugs that are crossing the border that are killing so many americans. do you support that? >> i think he's got a good point. what we need to do is also enforce our immigration laws. the administration considers it a success when they placed migrants who come to the border in a location somewhere in the
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united states. they wait for a year or more there immigration court hearing for asylum. and many of them, this will not surprise you, do not show up. it's a case of catch and release which is a flawed policy that never worked in about work now. we need to enforce our existing immigration laws and do it aggressively. but the biden administration shows interest in doing so. martha: regard to the midterms he spoke about with congresswoman delbene and how they are positioning themselves when you look at how the republican party is positioning itself, the chair rick scott has laid out in agendas some of which has conflicted with what senator mcconnell would like to commit too. you also got mike pence the former vice president laying out an agenda of election reform and being tough on it president of russia. when asked if republicans take take back control congress after the midterms, what would be your agenda? that was asked of minority leader mcconnell and he said
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this quote that is a very good question. i will let you know when we take it back. do you think that's a good answer senator cornyn? >> we know what the problems are right now. we know inflation is undermining the standard of living of americans across the country including the people on fixed income in the lower end of the income scale pride we note violent crime has spiked because of the disrespect the far left has shown the police including this defund the police movement which has killed morale and made it harder for the police to do their job. we know the border is on fire. of course we now have an invasion of ukraine by vladimir putin. i think we've got a lot to pay attention too. to meet those to be the issues that would drive our agenda when we get back in the majority. martha: i want to ask you quick i'm good to speak with john kirby at the pentagon, this potential attack that ukrainian
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forces did inside the russian border on a fuel depot, what is your reaction to that? do you believe that could escalate the war? do you think the united states should be sending weapons to the ukraine forces if they are going to be used inside russia proper? >> i'm forgiven the ukrainians anything they can use it as fast as we can get it there. that is the message we had from president zelenskyy time after time. that is the message we got when i visited poland and germany with the bipartisan group of senators a couple of weeks ago. we cannot dither and worry about some of the niceties here when the ukrainians are fighting for their very lives. if they feel like they need to take out a fuel depot across the russian border, go for it. martha: 55% of americans say they do not want to be in a war with russia. >> russia is in a war with everybody else including ukrainians and the rest of the free world.
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so i think it is a fantasy to think this can be done in some sort of very nice neat package. as a war has been described as hell. it's ugly, it's a violent and the ukrainians are fighting for the very lives but i would give them everything they need faster than we are right now. space former president trump has called vladimir putin a genius for the prewar strategy clarified that recently. he is also called on him to turn over information that putin might be aware of about hunter biden's business practices in the region. do you think that will help him or will it hurt him if president trump decides to run again? >> i would not trust a vladimir putin any further than i could throw him. i think that is really the answer. because putin is a killer. he is a thug. he has a vision of restoring the russian empire, the fall of
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which she said was the greatest geopolitical tragedy in the last 100 years. so i would not trust a vladimir putin for a minute. >> those are unwise comments is that fair to say? >> well, i just don't think it is a conversation worth having. six all right center cornyn thank you for good to have you this morning too. >> thank you very much. martha: coming up next to bring our sunday group on the board approved the fight over more covid funding and will there be a federal legalization in a federal legalization in america for marijij and it's easier than ever to■ get your projects done right. inside, outside, big or small, angi helps you find the right so for whatever you need done. with angi, you can connect with and see ratings and reviews.
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but they have. by repealing title 42, the biden administration is intent on driving an agenda that can only be described as open borders for the american people aren't having a big ruckus former vice president mike pence perhaps a likely 2024 candidate as well. hammering the decision to end the use of title 42 used by both the trump and the biting administrations that turns away migrants at the u.s. border or a good number of them during this pandemic. it is now time to go to our syndicate fox news contributor ben, susan page of usa today in fox news political analyst juan williams. welcome to all of you. great to have you with us. thank you so much for being here but since let me start with you. it's honestly a tricky one is when the few trump policies the biden ministration left in place. how do you see the political calculus or for the white house? >> i think it's tough for the white house president biden said during the campaign he was going
11:26 pm
to do this it was going to be a matter of following the science, treating this as a public health issue not as a border control issue. but you see even democratic senator mark kelly being concerned about is there is not an effective border control process underway today. and putting it back rule 42 for public health reasons is likely to make that worse and just as they are heading into the tough midterm election season. juan, no doubt the republican side will use this as a cudgel in the midterms and at ted cruz laid it out once again pretty clearly right here, let's watch. >> there is a reason joe biden's bench of the as president zero times. not once, he does not give a damn. there is a reason kamala harris has been to the rio grande valley zero times as vice president, she does not give a damn. >> wad is at a fair criticism there's not been a lot of focus
11:27 pm
in news conferences or interviews or state of the union on this issue from this white house. >> i don't think it's fair and think it's hard not to pay attention this is a very big issue. obviously as you pointed out the republicans are using it as a political cudgel against the administration it's hard to ignore. right now at the border, martha i think there's like 7000 arrests daily and it's likely to double if they lift the covid restrictions more than double i think it would spike at about 18000. that's a lot of people. hard to ignore. right now the administration is looking already trying to put in plan to create more detention facilities. to get help for the border patrol. more transportation to get those immigrants out of there. all of this is going on including, i think this might be the biggest thing they're trying to do is more streamlined the asylum system so it would go from a five year process to more
11:28 pm
like a six-year process. you've got to get more judges, administrative people in place. but i think the problem is the biden administration is relying on these kinds of administrative fixes and workarounds. maybe even thinking about some executive actions because congress refuses to act they have not acted in 30 years in terms of immigration reform. not under bush, not under obama, not under trump they will not fix the immigration system. they seem to think it's a great political issue. better political issue in one that is not required them to deal with what could be blowback from some people on the right who say why are you dealing with dreamers question required dead with people who are here, came in illegally? these are tough issues require leadership from both parties. martha: bennett what you think? i would say jeh johnson, barack obama's former secretary of homeland security back in 2019 said that 1000 a day is a good
11:29 pm
day. and that 4000 a day is a crisis. now we are at 7000 were about to head toward 18. we are not doing this because of health reasons were doing this because of political concerns. the left wing of the democratic party has been demanding this shift for the first year end a half of a joe biden's tenure. the only reason they've been pushing back against it from the administration to this point is because of the various outbreaks that we have had. the variance that have happens. ultimately what we are going to see here is a flood they really have no plans ready in order to stop. and when one talks about congress i agree. think congress could have done something on this under barack obama. i think they could've done something on this action under president trump. i think he was willing to move on dreamers and other low hanging fruit that's actually pretty popular among republican voters for the problem is the
11:30 pm
democrats chose under both president obama and president trump to insist on an entire package. something that deals with every aspect of immigration is a postexilic with the able to find some kind of bipartisan agreement the ultimate end of this is a border in chaos. >> susan, one of the issues here is people are looking at this idea of lifting the border restriction as if everything is over. but then congress is asking for 10 billion more dollars in covid spending to cover a myriad of things related to covid. we look back at the numbers this morning, $100 billion roughly that was already allocated in the first several trillion bill that is not even been spent yet. how can they go back for 10 billion more when they've got 100 billion that is still in the hopper? >> there is a sense the covid pandemic is getting better but not over yet. everyone is braced for the possibility of another variant to become virulent. again we are hopeful we can go
11:31 pm
back on tv sets and not wear masks when we go out on the streets. i think we are not quite certain where this covid crisis goes from here. whether we are on our way out of the pandemic or it might emerge i think that is one of the reasons the administration and some in congress are trying to make sure there is money to continue to deal with it. >> record amount of money that and put into will see where it goes. juan, and a potential change for what most of us grew up with knowing the war on drugs, now we see congress passing by just a slim margin a federal law that would make marijuana legal at the federal level. is this a good thing for america? >> well, i think americans think it is. i think 69% of americans tell gallup that yes the marijuana
11:32 pm
should be legalized. right now in terms of federal law, marijuana is on par with heroin. obviously people don't think anyone should legalize heroin, it is a killer. but i think what you have got to understand here, martha, 37 states have already legalized medical use of marijuana. think their 15 states were recreational use is legal. so the federal government's kind behind the curve playing catch up with what the local and state laws are with regard to marijuana. and the difficulty is that even as you have passing in the house once it gets to the senate there are people who will say hey, remember when we were kids? that's a stronger marijuana or this could lead to other drugs. there's all sorts of reasons people and political power could say i had hesitation. even people on the right are saying it is time for change with archaic laws. martha: will see it interesting to the president will do if it
11:33 pm
manages to get to his desperate looking little tenuous in the senate. thank you. >> not going to happen. martha: will be right back, thanks a panel click next the latest from ukraine. president zelenskyy warns there are minds that a been left behind in the ground by russians near kyiv. he is concerned about people making their way back, not advising that. also questions mounting whether ukraine attack helicopters bombed a russian fuel depot inside of russia as a peace talks, tenuous as they are, remain underway. pentagon press secretary john kirby on u.s. strategy, next.
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♪ [caring melody] [children giggling] [female narrator] we may be thousands of miles apart, but we can still connect and when we do, we connect millions of children around the world with what they need to grow up healthy, educated and safe. together we can make the world a better place, two small worlds at a time. join us today at childfund dot org. martha: out to russia's warn ukraine renew reports today that the ukrainians are gaining back some territory around kyiv tenuous peace talks continue
11:36 pm
today. and just a moment will smooth the pentagon press secretary john kirby. but first let's turn to alex hogan in lviv. alex, what can you tell's but the gains the ukraine military is making? >> hi martha. the ukrainian troops are taking back territory around kyiv the capitol and about two hours away in the is not been without the devastating amount loss of life. the mayor which is a small town outside of the kyiv said hundred civilians have been killed. while russian troops are retreating from the northern part of the country come ukrainian president zelenskyy says they will not be able to leave without a fight. especially as they focus their attacks and move it toward the eastern part of the country and the southern part of the country. they are in the south along with odesa was the site of an attack just taking place this morning. russian strikes and blowing up
11:37 pm
an oil depot black billowing smoke went up into the sky firefighters they are trying to tackle those flames. but mariupol in the eastern side of the country is another site that has been content newly attacked with thousands of people remain. they do not have access to drinking water for they do not have access to food. for weeks they have been without heat. so six oh alex warned residents towns are considering liberated now should not return home yet. why is he warning them that? >> they think we are saying on the country from ukrainian president zelenskyy is there are landmines, there are tripwires and the bodies of people are still laying in the streets for some these russian forces have left is devastating to see the loss of life. the reports of rape, pets being shot and there are negotiations on the table ukraine and russia have been seeking but there is a
11:38 pm
lot of speculation whether or not these talks will bring any real concrete change in the future. martha. martha: alex hogan reporting from lviv. joining us out from pentagon press secretary john kirby. good to see this morning sir. as alex just reported there are talks going on. but president zelenskyy has said the victory is the only acceptable outcome for ukraine. and that they will not trade any of their territory in this war and in these discussions. you were asked this week how you wanted to see this end. how the united states wants to see this end. just want to remind what you said there, watch this. >> we wanted to end and we want ukraine sovereignty all of their sovereignty their borders as it was before the end of february to be respected. next you say the borders before the end of february to be
11:39 pm
respected. at that point russia had already occupied it and donbas and crimea do they consider those to be russian territories when you talk about this february lines or ukraine's? >> nodded all. we never observed any russian occupation or ownership over their illegal occupation and presence and crimea. we are talking about all of ukraine for they have a right to their own sovereignty into territorial integrity. we supports president zelenskyy and his pursuit of that end. >> speaking of territorial integrity, i think there's been a lot of focus and rightly so on this helicopter attack that took out a fuel depot inside of russia. so bret baier interviewed president zelenskyy and asked him specifically about the origins of this attack and here's what he said.
11:40 pm
>> did you order the attack into russian soil? the ukrainian helicopter attack on a russian military depot across from kharkiv. >> i am sorry i do not discuss any of my orders as commander-in-chief and leader of the state. there are things which i only share with the military our forces of ukraine and when they talk with me but you need to understand that on that territory that you mentioned you have to know they were placing their shooting systems and firing those missiles themselves. thirty-six oh admiral kirby at the last part of that sounds like ukraine ordered that attack. did they? >> i will not get ahead of president zelenskyy he is the commander-in-chief of his forces. i will let him speak to the operations they conduct. that is the appropriate thing pretty want to preserve as much of their operational security as
11:41 pm
we can. i think that's really for him and his generals to talk too. what we have seen though, martha, is across the country and your reported just laid some of this out for your audience, ukrainians are pushing back. they are recapturing ground they had originally lost to the russians in the early days and weeks of the warping that includes around kyiv as russian forces move away from a kyiv ukrainians are moving in. they are attacking them while they are moving away. so they are definitely calling that territory they had earlier lost. martha: just in regard to this attack intact inside russia would be a change in the way this has been played out so far. would it be possible? there is that video right you can see that attack helicopters, would it be possible for ukrainians helicopters to disguise themselves to look like their russian helicopters question if there's talk of a false flag. but that be something they could pull off potentially? >> again i will not get into
11:42 pm
ukrainian tactics here but i think you can understand why. but the ukrainians have been very nimbly, very effectively defending their airspace. and defending their troops on the ground. they are doing it with a multitude of systems and weapons and most of which, a lot of which are coming from the united states and other countries that are contributing to their ability to defend themselves. again i don't think it be wise for me too get into specific tactics they might be using on the field of battle. specifics spoke with general petraeus this week here's what he had to say but at this happen they will move on from this topic i would ask more question, watch this. >> how can russia be outraged if there is an attack just inside its territory? on a fuel depot in russia has been actively attacking fuel depots throughout ukraine since the very beginning of the invasion. so the idea that there should be outrage if indeed these two mi 24 attack helicopters turn out to be ukrainian is just ludicrous.
11:43 pm
martha: you agree within their questioner. >> i think general raises a really important point we all keep need to remembering russia is the aggressor. they are attacking inside ukraine very, very brutally. it is not just there hitting oil and weapons depots and airfields. they are hitting residential areas for they are killing civilians for their hitting schools and hospitals. they have shown no effort to be discriminant in the kinds of attacks they are launching their airstrikes. so do the ukrainians have the right to defend themselves? of course they do. and again were focus on helping them do that just more effectively than they are right now. martha: indeed read this arthritic million-dollar package that includes switch blades that have been discussed over the past several weeks which i'm sure they're going to be very happy to have in hand. is the united states committed to continuing to send military firepower, equipment, all of this to ukraine a, for as long as it takes? b, age they do start striking
11:44 pm
within russia? what's president biden has been very, very clear on this martha perdue will continue to help ukraine defend itself through security assistance such as these articles we are talking about. as long as we can and as fast as we can but i would add that of that $800 million that the president just recently signed in the middle of march, note shipments are arriving even as we speak including the last 24 hours. and a lot of that is lethal systems, javelin anti- armor, missiles, stinger anti- air missiles, that stuff is arriving even as you and i speak. martha: i would continue even if ukraine extends its attacks or expands into russian territory? >> out tioga with the president said as long as we can come as fast as we can. they need these articles to defend themselves are we to continue to provide them. martha: has been a lot of discussion whether not president biden doesn't want to provoke president putin bread whether or not that is been as president
11:45 pm
zelenskyy a little bit about that here's what he said. >> i don't know president biden is a fearing president putin. i believe that he doesn't. i want to believe that he doesn't. because he is the leader of a big nation hurt a great nation. >> i ask this because we just cancel a test after north korea did a test of their own back on march 2 it was postponed. he said this is not canceled or planning on carrying out has just been moved to the right of it. now it has been canceled. what does that say? >> look there are more tests that are scheduled for later in the year. they are still scheduled to be later in the year. we are confident in our capabilities in terms of ballistic missile capabilities they are still ready they are still sound spread this test is
11:46 pm
just one of many that will be conducted and have been conducted in recent years we are confident of the capability pray look president biden has been nothing but direct with president putin. there is no fear here. president biden sees president putin for exactly what he is in the kind of leader he isn't kind of unprovoked to help it defend itself for us they're doing an awful lot to bolster the eastern flank of nato. we just added additional aircraft and forces in just the last seven days. we are trying help ukraine defend itself are going to make sure nato can defend itself or be also be mindful, russia is a nuclear power. so as to make these decisions it would be irresponsible for us not to think about making sure we do not escalate this conflict any bigger than it arty is. martha: is that why the test was canceled but not just postpone question requesting because a prudent decision at the time to take a knee on that. and to not launch it where we
11:47 pm
were in space and time in the early goings on here with the respect to this invasion it was the right thing to do. now, the cancellation is not just a factor what's going on in ukraine it's a factor of other modalities as you get these test after a while when they are postponed for a given period of time at some point just becomes a logical thing to cancel that want to move onto the next one. and so that is what we are focused on. martha: thank you admiral kirby always good to see you sir. >> thank you. martha: thank you very much for coming up next back with the panel federal investigation into hundred biden's business dealings is expanding, next
11:48 pm
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what kind of americans let him previous present is a time to
11:51 pm
introduce game with vladimir putin and brag about its connections to vladimir putin. there's my one and trevor cox white house medication director kate bedingfield this week responded former president donald trump publicly encouraging putin to release any damaging information that he might have about the president's son, hunter biden burbach out the panel. good to have all of you with us. juan, this federal investigation is now being reported very widely across the media. the charges appear to have been expanding during the course the audit tax violations were they include money laundering, foreign agent violations and cnn reports firearms violations may be part of this as well. this is what senator grassley who has been on this beach for quite some time had to say about it, watch. >> there is a financial connection involving millions of dollars between hunter biden, james biden and companies led by
11:52 pm
chinese leadership. that leadership in turn has a close connection to the communist party. >> hunter biden and james biden served as the perfect vehicle by which the communist chinese and government could gain and roads here in the united states. >> so one, given the potential political implications of this for the presidents, what do you make of the expansion we are seeing in this case? >> i think there is now a mounting using his family name to make money for himself. i don't think it is unfair to say this is a man with serious or drug problems of drug problem for that family. there's no evidence it was tied to the president, that the
11:53 pm
president knew about it or the president profited in any way. i don't thing there is any doubt it is embarrassing politically to the president. especially so if there is an indictment of hunter biden. i will say this is a washington parade the families politically connected prominent people often use those ties for business. we saw that with trump's family. we have seen it before. but, to me, the idea that the president trump former president trump asking president putin for more information, indicates this is a politically potent for any opponent of president biden. even in a week in which a congressman talking about orgies and cocaine use. it is incredible that hunter biden's story continues to be in the headlines. martha: is in their essay? though about the president given
11:54 pm
tony e-mails, the 10% for the big guy pretty said that was a reference to president biden for he has turned all of that over to the fbi. and now i guess this is getting coverage from cbs, from the "washington post" in the "new york times". how do you see the story changing and the impact potentially on the president? i do think the impact on the president is quite perilous. it's a long tradition of relatives giving presidents problems are presidents that is always name of the story. once we have findings, conclusions of the investigation going on by the u.s. attorney in delaware i think we will know more just how serious this could be. but democrats were very critical of president trump and his family for appearances and actual conflicts of interest. i think it is imperative these same standards be applied to president biden and his family. martha: even built mart weighing in on the sprint bill let's get a look at this the trump
11:55 pm
comparisons on the other side. >> it looks like the left wing buried the story because it was not part of their narrative and that's what people don't trust the media. martha: bend your thoughts by. >> s just the tip of it. the media did not just buried this, joe biden tried to bury this. he said onstage in that second debate that this is russian misinformation this is disinformation parade this is not true. but what we have learned is that it was true we knew enough i think at the time to know that it was true or at least no it needed to receive greater attention. and look, there has been a long tradition of families exploiting their connections to powerful political figures to make money. but in this case the really disturbing aspect is how much of this was foreign money. particularly rated to the chinese communist party and two figures to around the world who frankly are not operating in
11:56 pm
america's interest. i don't think the story is going away anytime soon for what we need from the white house is clarity the president owes it to the american people to make clear he had no connection to this but he needs to apologize to us for calling it russian disinformation when he knew that was not the case. martha: is and you think that will happen questioner. >> do i think the president before stands are questions about this? yes, i do. and i think he will need to answer questions but i don't think that is the case right now i think they are waiting to see what the grand jury and the federal prosecutors do but yes this is not a question the president will be able to avoid forever. martha: okay. let's see, kansas or north carolina? ben, one you go first one. >> i say kansas is pretty good but i was surprised north carolina was able to do as good as they did last night. >> kansas all the way i am native cans and they're going to take it. scott had been pickwick north
11:57 pm
carolina. martha: i met hope kansas goes all the weight thanks guys good to coc next week. cap next a final word do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol.
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