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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 4, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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not. those who abuse it, and those who tried to impose their ownac conformity and uniformity here are those who patch its foundational principles versus the rest of us, red-blooded americans that embrace and adore this nation.le that is what the next election is about. see you next time on "life, liberty, & levin." ♪ ♪ >> todd: international outrage mounting over the absolutely horrific images emerging from ukraine showing hundreds of innocent civilians executed in the streets outsides there outside of kyiv. and the kremlin, others including the members of congress at home saying it is concrete proof of putin's war crimes. who are watching "fox & friends first" and i am todd piro. , targeting an oil refinery and other critical infrastructure in the city of odessa as hollywood
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with an emotional address at the grammys. >> todd: we will have more on that in a moment but right live in lviv with breaking details. good morning 40 days of fighting, the brutality of this war is being laid bare and we need to warn the viewers, the images we will show you are deeply disturbing. take a look, this is the aftermath of the russian withdrawal. do you see here in the streets of the town of a suburb of kyiv, bodies of civilians and not ukrainian troops but civilians, men, women, children and the elderly left in the streets, some with their hands tied behind their backs, reports of women also being, human rights watched adoption go mike documenting these atrocities and the president is condemning this in the strongest way possible.
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>> it this is genocide elimination of a whole nation, a people. we are the citizens of ukraine with more than 100 nationalities. this is about the destruction and extermination of all of these nations. >> this is mass graves and 45 feet long, the death toll is likely in the hundreds but meanwhile, there is outrage from western leaders growing, former secretary of state clinton had this to say. >> we've got to continue to keep the pressure on putin and the russian troops. we cannot in any way because our efforts to support the ukrainians. >> the outrage is bipartisan conference chair said that putin
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must not be allowed to get away with this. >> make no mistake he is a war criminal and there will be accountability on the global stage. >> as for the latest in air strikes, as you mentioned yesterday, odessa hit for the first time, that is significant, because it is on the black sea but on the western edge, on the far eastern side, odesa may tell us about russia's plans. then overnight, just hours ago in error grade science coming off in lviv in a region not hite air till i get hit with a missile and no schedules reported at this hour although some structure, apparently was hit. we will bring more as we get it, todd and ashley. >> todd: with horrific scenes like that top of mind, or the aid workers able to get in? have they been able to get in over the last couple of days?
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when you see that you enter yourself if they will be booby trapped bodies with aid workers coming in to try to help people, those lights will be at risk and they may not show up. the people of areas like mariupol may be in more dire circumstances by not getting the aid for another week or month. because that is a great point. as we help and talking about the last couple of days, aid getting in and evacuees getting out, just very, very difficult. but as far as workers if you are getting into bucha and other hit so hard, by russian troops, we are aware people on the ground and a handful of politicians like the mayor of kyiv was on the ground with his brother in bucha. of course, they are trying to clean up the bodies, the dogs shot in the streets but even zelenskyy warning particularly
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the residents of the suburbs to wait, caution before they try to come back because of the dangers. and they have been booby trapped with mines. a very fluid situation right now as they tried to fully accept how extensive the damage is peer that is why we don't have exact body counts, unfortunately, as mentioned human rights groups like human rights watch trying to document accounts because this very well could end up before the international criminal court. >> todd: i don't see how it could not, it is unconscionable griff jenkins this morning, thank you. multiple suspects after a mass shooting leaves six people dead and 12 injured. two shooters open fire on a large crowd sunday morning just blocks from california state capitol building. president biden remarking on the shooting using them moment to call for more gun control.
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we must do more and act. we continue to call on congress to act and ghost guns and require background checks for all gun sales, high-capacity magazines. the president calling on congress to pass a budget act to enhance safety. speed to a live look at the white house where president biden is saying he is confident his son did not break the law during the peer east business dealings discovered on his laptop. >> todd: alexandria hoffman life with more. >> the editorial board calling for story and opportunity for a reckoning. in an article published yesterday he was asked why a confirmation of a story that surfaced in the fall 2020 only emerging now. and published a block buster exclusive on the content of a laptop abandon a delaware and mainstream organizations balked everybody with the same narrative spirit watching the
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"the new york times," but the biden name was used for profit and foreign trading by hunter biden while his dad served as president. but the president felt it was all legal. >> of course the president is confident that his son did not break the law. but most importantly, as i said, that is a matter by the legal process and no one at the white house is involved in peer the justice department continuing investigation into hunter biden oversee lobbying and tax affairs. greenwald offers up this about "the washington post" editorial. "as welcome as it is the post editorial is rationalizing but they think a story is only confirmed once "the new york times" say so. the evidence of the archives of authenticity was overwhelmed at the first art. many stake our careers on a purely editorial board suggests social media companies have a reckoning of their own.
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what was called the dampening of the threat of "the new york post" 2020 reporting, ashley and try to. >> ashley: alexandria half live in washington, and the southern border with white house chief of staff to play clean up the biden administration. in addressing influx of the claims anticipated by officials, watch. >> you put in place a new rule that will take up place next month to process asylum claims more clearly. those deserve protection, persecution, and those who don't are probably sent back to where they came from. speed to g.o.p. senator bill haggerty had this to say. >> we will see a human title wave across this border. we will see humanitarian crisis beyond anything you see on the planet right now. >> ashley: the border encounters in the coming month could soar to 18,000 per day.
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>> todd: senate judiciary committee set to vote with precourt nominee kentanji brown jackson with confirmation vote as early as thursday. republican members of the senate have been outspoken with their concerns surrounding president biden's nominee. listen. >> she is a pretty extreme person in terms of judging. nice person personally, but she's out there when it comes to judging. >> and to support is a lockdown appointment. this is a serious issue to interpret the law and how it will be applied. >> if she is confirmed, she will be the most liberal justice of all nine, the most liberal justice to ever serve on the u.s. supreme court. >> ashley: joining us now, keisha russell first liberty institute. keisha, this vote to split 11-11, what would that look like and is that used a lot in these types of situations? >> will, what will happen is the
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nominee will advance to the full vote in the senate and it won't matter ultimately showing a full vote in the senate. as we know all the democrats will vote for her and she's got the extra republican vote from susan collins. by all accounts, that won't matter ultimately. >> todd: keisha you looked at the reversal rate over time and decisions reversed on appeal. what did you find? >> we found her reversal rate was somewhere about 11%. and we found that in her time as district court judge, she was reversed by d.c. court of appeals and what is really astonishing about that is the majority of the judges in the district court of appeals are democrats and so the democrats with her opinions went too far where ultimately abuse of discretion. >> you said we can't expect critical race theorist to send
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in the constitution because the constitution is not worth defending. some explain to us how this can be damaging not only damaging but it can be concerning for someone sitting in the highest court. >> well, ultimately the judge needs to lead in the founding documents and needs to understand the original meanings of the document will keep fundamental rights alive. if you have someone on the supreme court that doesn't trust those documents and ultimately does not think they are worth defending, they will not adhere to the text of the documents appear they will come up with their own interpretation and vote in a way that is in line with ideological views and not in line with the constitution. >> todd: in all the areas that are most concerning to you, which ones stand out? >> well, i think certainly the reversal rate is a problem here and i think her unwillingness, that is to define you judicial
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philosophy is a problem here just recently in her post and question here, she said she took no position on whether people were individuals possess natural rights appear that his rights that are foundational and we believe the government shouldn't be allowed to infringe upon which is free speech, freedom of religion, things like that. those beliefs and philosophies are problematic for someone who is supposed to be defending the constitution, which does foley say that we have those kinds of rights and that is the reason why, you know, we defend the constitution the way we do. >> ashley: do you think jackson's confirmation to the supreme court is going to have really an effect if any at all when it comes down to it in the long run? or do you think it will pretty much stay the same? >> well, it doesn't change the balance of the court. and with conservatives to take the majority, but by all accounts, people have put her in
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terms of writing her opinion and judicial philosophy. so what you will hope is that she doesn't poll some of those other liberal justices even further to the left. hopefully it has no effect on the balance come of course the 6-3 but you don't certainly want her to influence the other judges i caused them to be more or less less than they are now. >> ashley: we appreciate you on this monday being here. >> absolutely my pleasure. >> ashley: now political pundits and celebrities left taking center stage during the 64th annual grammy awards. >> todd: but no actual slapped my don't leave. packing the gm grand, jackie, there were no actual slapped spirit >> not that i know of, there were no slabs this morning. todd and ashley, the grammy awards happening last night week after the oscars and presenters, they wasted no time poking fun at the slap around the world. chris love who won and oscar
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last week after will smith's chris rock had this to say, listen. >> i present the award and i trust you people stay 500 feet away from me. >> and the comedian took extra protective measures sporting a helmet in case there were rogue assaults. but tonight a somber moment when you cranium president zelenskyy shared his prerecorded message. >> wear body armor and their wounded, even to those who come here them but it will break through anyway. we defend our freedom. >> the ukrainian president's words and support receiving a standing ovation. zelenskyy also john legend's performance with singer amp whole wit. and opening up with jokes about inflation and covert vaccine. >> look at this room. people doing shots on last year people were doing shots with
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pfizer and modernity. and single-handedly bringing back the 70s. and bruno mars and anderson. >> and so-called canceled entertainers recognized. the comedian took, the album of the year and kanye west to announce two awards. performance last night was cancer due to concerning online behavior but the night's biggest winner john took home for cogrammies with album of the year. best new artist olivia rodrigo, our anti-duo, sonic and chris stapleton, ashley and todd i'm sure you washed, right? >> todd: i watched it three times already. >> ashley: thanks jackie, i just wondered if this is what hollywood wanted, spilling over to the grammies and become actual news because of this 5-10-second moment. they are getting what they want
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talking about it. >> todd: what, do they want this? >> ashley: we are still talking about it but another thing, they are throwing gasoline on the fire, especially when you look at things on twitter, let a of people saying if you want to heat things up at the grammies, compare it to the oscars bring in pete davidson and kanye west. how is that helping anything? that is just making things worst and getting exactly what they want and still talking about it. >> todd: obviously conflict sells, obviously, if you promote conflict, people will watch. look at the success of mma fighting. i want to focus on something a little bit different. i'm old. did you know a bunch of those acts? i don't know who john batiste is and i didn't know bruno mars had a second man. i thought he was just bruno mars. but again, i tell all the nations and i feel like the older and older you get the
1:17 am
fewer names you recognize that are actually in the grammies. i'm pretty sure five years from now, i will get up, drink my warm milk and say "who are any of these people ashley strohmier?" >> ashley: i'm not old though. i have other things i want to pay attention to. so you don't have to worry about it. >> todd: i know about sports, something about women's basketball because i come from connecticut but unfortunately connecticut did not win. south carolina did, the champs, 64-49, gamecock nation, a lot of people happy celebrating after the game and but skipping the national anthem before their final four game on friday. the coach explaining and the teams anthem protest last year not showing up with awareness to racial injustice in our country. there you have it. in taking on kansas for the
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men's final at the superdome in new orleans. some great games over the weekend. you are not happy with that? >> ashley: i am not a kansas fan. i came from columbia, missouri and obviously before they left. >> todd: this is blue bloods, baby, kansas, north carolina? even the media starting to see right through president biden's inflation. >> everything the president said is true and also largely when inflation is where it's at. >> todd: the white helsing the complete opposite. we have a live report coming up. >> ashley: so much more for you on this very busy monday morning, joe concha, and all here live. don't miss a minute.
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>> todd: as crime sores in the city of chicago mayor lori lightfoot with the team of a brutal beating. the chicago film office sharing details of the attack saying i see you. i will be okay. and three attacked in front of his home and fled the scene before returning moments later to continue the assault. he was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition
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with a broken arm and head injury. no one is in custody at the time, but the investigation is ongoing. and demand new york city mayor adams on mask the toddlers. they confronted the mayor over controversial comments after entered a broadway show and defensive masking kids ages 2-4 after initially promising to lift the mandate after a judge ruled it legitimate. but he overturned that decision with a mandate to remain in place, ashley. >> ashley: taking a big slice out of new yorkers wallets. the constant price and increasing gas with inflation with the latest victim in a -- and now surpassing a metrocard therapy read here to react his owner nyc, louis, i know i talk to you at the end of last week. for anyone catching up, you and your father were stabbed a total
1:25 am
of ten times, protecting a woman outside of your business in queens. you are out of the hospital. real quickly, how is your dad doing? >> a few complications and he still in the hospital. so hopefully a couple days. >> ashley: good to hear. let's look at this, the flowers up 11.6% and meets up 46%, which is it, and t9% so not only dealing with crimes, basically was all that last week and not only are you dealing with inflation. but we just came out of the worst part of this pandemic, but how are you dealing and how are you doing with your business having to deal with all of these things? it's got to be adding up. >> you have so much cost involved, and basically everything, just so much adding
1:26 am
up, so what you have to do you have to increase your prices and try to offset that cost, which at the moment will be weekly with the price of goods have been steadily increasing every week. so you kind of don't know where you should print yourself to make the ends meet. >> ashley: louis are you buying rest of your product per day or per week however you buy it because you are not sure if people will pay the prices after you have increased them? >> so what we try to do is we try to personally in my shop, when we do and flowers come up we keep the prices as low as possible as long as we could. and we were staying further back. so we try to be more competitive
1:27 am
in the market. >> ashley: what is the response then? you have to increase the prices and what is the response from your customers? >> people are very understanding, but people are tired of paying higher prices for things that are normal six months, eight months ago, now, people are way over $3 especially for wheat. but those budget prices are any nice option. speed to a local pizza place that i go to they put something up saying we ran out of dell and are closing early. but you mentioned also the rising fuel cost. not only is that going to affect the price has but i don't think you realize when you start looking at it the prices of getting goods to you but also, have you seen your prices go up? and do you use gas to keep your business open? >> correct, so natural gas, and
1:28 am
increase exponentially as much as they want to. so all the natural gas has shut down here they are constantly running 24 hours, seven days a week. even now we have massive temperatures and we -- just stagnant at the moment. in the refrigerators, et cetera. >> ashley: when you talk about con ed, give people an idea at home what the con ed prices were. i know a lot of people in the city, can you tell them the difference in the past couple of months when i was at few months ago the cost to keep open? >> i will give you a flat pole, say $2,000 a month ago and no close to $4,000 now. >> ashley: it is insane. i don't think people realize how expensive it is especially if you have con ed. okay, louis, thank you. >> plus gas. >> ashley: have everything else to pay for on top of that.
1:29 am
louis, thank you and i'm glad you are out of the hospital feeling better. i'm praying for your dad. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> ashley: grassroots focused on american energy production with gas prices there prices as a midterm issue. listen. >> a grand home plan to increase oil production in america. >> that is hilarious. the two we are talking to the man behind that add about all the white house flip-flop. >> todd: $4,000, and a much closer look at america's departure for energy independence. a texas oil field, you did not want to miss this report.
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♪ ♪ >> ashley: president biden claiming economic success even as americans struggle to pay for
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everyday items, including gas and food. >> todd: and now even some members of the media say allege successes aren't much to celebrate. brooke live with more, hey, bro. >> good morning, president claimed economic success think the march jobs report say the recovery plan is working. if 40 jobs were added in 50,000 short of the forecast but the white house claiming victory as unemployment fell to 3.6%. >> we have fewer people requiring assistant then we hit did in a time since 1970. so we saw the jobs crisis. we got america back to work. >> ashley: but the country is still down 1.6 million jobs from just before the pandemic. americans cannot avoid the sting of inflation. the fact inflation rates hitting staggering 7.9% and national average gas prices $4.18 a
1:36 am
gallon. one reporter said biden so-called success is not much to get excited about. listen. >> everything the president said is true. it is also largely irrelevant when inflation is where it has. there is one number they cannot change right now and that is the gas station. that number is high. speed to another ongoing working shortage is hurting biden jobs pledge pointing to the focus on green energy work saying "jobs potential from building a clean energy and on shoring or bringing home overseas manufacturing has not panned out or been overstated. and the president's reports more than a political state then governing but this afternoon set to progress with the administration with trucking action plan and the supply issue is hampering the economy ashley and todd. >> todd: they haven't gone away in here to stay for a
1:37 am
while, president biden cannot blame pollutants price hikes anymore. >> we all felt long before ukraine popped up on the radar scope and invaded ukraine. we were paying higher gas prices, inflation got kicked off in real fashion last year and the administration said it was going to be transitory and a year later we are finding out it ain't. for messaging and it ain't going to work. >> energy american alliance with prices at the pump with targeting the administration flip-flops on oil and gas production in a brand-new add, watch. >> does the grand home slam with oil production in america. [laughter] >> that is hilarious. >> we have to increase supply so we can make sure that people are
1:38 am
protected at the pump. speed went the president of the american energy alliance and he joins me now, thomas, thank you for being here. obviously your ad out the white house talking out of both sides of its mouth. how naive do they think the american people really are? >> well, if you look at every single thing the administration has done since the day joe biden was sworn into office, it points to higher gas prices, why? we compiled over 70 actions of this administration has done to make it difficult if not impossible to produce oil and gas at home or to transport around the pipeline and yet now that they are worried about polling and worried the midterms will come up, they are making all this noise, these platitudes, gestures about being concerned about the prices but still not doing a darn thing about it. >> todd: biden, of course, will tell releasing of oil from petroleum reserves. but is that anything other than
1:39 am
a political move as well? >> we call it strategic political reserve, but the amount of oil he's talking about releasing is a grand total of nine days of our consumption, nine. so talking about doing this over six months. and none of these things that they are talking about are going to help us when we go and feel l our tanks at the pump. it will continue to get worse unless they actually do things instead of talking about them. >> todd: let's remember the season is upon us very, very soon, nine days will not get us through a summer. what could this administration do right now, today to solve this problem? >> well, will we say do first no harm. reverse those 70 actions and restore the ability to make and build pipelines. get a releasing program going back on federal lands. the administration's budget that they just sent out calls for no
1:40 am
more leasing on offshore's while talking about reducing gas prices appear they send to congress saying we need to lease offshore. these actions total have a crippling effect on the gas and oil industry's desire produce at home. we have lands and waters more than any other nation in the world, including russia. >> todd: very interesting to see if the people get fooled this upcoming midterm. my guess is they will not be fooled and they will see right through it. that is why the democrats are in trouble, thomas pyle we appreciate your time this one, thank you, sir, actually. speed to former presidential candidate hillary clinton says the democrats base problem going into the midterm is -- >> i don't see what the disconnect is the accomplishment of the administration and congress and the understanding of what is out there. there is a lot of good
1:41 am
accomplishments to be putting up on the board. in the democrats in office and i'll need to be doing a better job of making the case. speak to quentin's comments after the party faces a tough nr with inflation, crime, energy as at the southern border. but attacked by fellow red state governor over the parental rights bill and one big problem with tobin's argument. >> i didn't see the details of the legislation. the whole thing seems like crazy fight. speed when you have got to read it, ashley strohmier and the waf the controversy the biden administration with new rules to move the goalpost further for latino athletes. talking to the swimmers to see how he feels about this. when we come back.
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♪ ♪ speed to the governor larry hogan slamming florida governor ron desantis' parental rights in education bill before he even read it. >> welcome i didn't actually see the details of the legislation, but the whole thing seems like
1:47 am
just a crazy fight. i think the bill was kind of absurd. not something that would have happened in our state. >> ashley: what is absurd is not reading the bill. governor hogan calling on auntie santos with disney over the bill acting to repeal the law that bans elementary schools in the state from teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity. the law applies to students in kindergarten through third grade. the biden administration is expected to release new rules making discrimination based on gender identity illegal. when athlete who competed and leah thomas said the policies are getting out of control. >> the majority of female athletes or females in general are not okay with this and not okay with the trajectory of how this is going and how it will end up in a couple of years. >> todd: now with her
1:48 am
reaction, collegiate swimmer alexa. thank you so much for being here. will these new rules by the biden administration be the final nail in the coffin that ultimately destroys sports for women and girls? >> you know as a former division ii athlete commit is very demoralizing and insulting to see what is happening to title ix, the regulation imposed proposed by the biden administration in determining based on to include gender, identity. this is absolutely appalling because title ix did in the first place it opened up doors and opportunities for women to be trailblazers and shattered glass ceilings in many different avenues. so we are seeing the biden administration clearly more concerned with pushing political agenda then standing up and defending women. >> ashley: be just heard the sound bite saying the majority of female athletes, they really don't agree with this spirit from your perspective, from the people that you know, the female
1:49 am
athletes as well as the parents, i would put the parents on this as well, do they share the same sentiment that riley does and that you do? is it that they are too afraid to say anything, or are they on board with what the biden/white house, not only that the ncaa are doing? >> you know, riley is the latest as what we saw the ncaa women's championships with lia thomas, a man swimming. women cut her -- people are saying enough is enough and standing up to it. we have been seeing a lot with statehouses and lawmakers to banff it women from competing in sports. aunt if left unchecked, it might be the death of women sports. it is very insulting because i know the hard work and sacrifice these ladies have put into honed their craft and get to that level of competition. i come of myself typing in the freezing pool every morning and
1:50 am
missing hanging out with family and friends to shave off the last time. but if i had to do it all over again i'm not sure it would be worth it. the competition was fair, but the competition isn't there anymore. the dorm at that society walks over with a radical aggressive agenda. >> todd: alexa, where are the groups that are not speaking out in support of women and girls? >> what we see time and time again is what happens on a college campus becomes mainstream in society. we have covered local bias on college campuses. when students hear these left talking points, they will internalize it. it will become a reality when they graduate. what we see is people who have conservatives or's scared to speak out. we are seeing more and more people stand up and say this is wrong. the university of arizona, the
1:51 am
alumni asking them to reconsider allowing men and women sports and we need more direct action. enough is enough to demand fairness and integrity and women sports. >> ashley: alexa, what is it going to take? i personally think it will take more than women's groups. it will take more than parents of these women to step in and do something. i also think men are going to have to step up and do something about this as well. what do you think? >> call it what it is, a pass on women. we need to stand up and say this is wrong and take direct action and talk about it and share the stories of these women being victimized from their own sports and categories. like i said, riley is the latest example of the victims that came out of ncaa women's championship and a national champion because lia thomas was allowed to compete. the championship eat because
1:52 am
biological man to do to a biological advantage. it is not fair to have these women try to make up for that advantage no amount of training will make up for biological differences. that is different things but that has to come first and also secondary to delusional reality. we know and statistically are taller with a larger wingspan and lung capacity. this is important when we talk about physical activities such as sports. >> todd: it is so frightening to see what the playing field is for women five, ten years. this has happened very, very quickly for those participating in a collegiate level day in and day out. it seems it is scary what the next years will bring. alexa thank you for your time. we thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> todd: and a former running for senate this november said the issue of fairness and women sports and parents rights could
1:53 am
be the key to turning colorado red. former olympian eli tilling fox digital "the left is looking more and more absurd when they come out and say lia thomas has no advantage. you can't deny a biological male as an advantage, especially in that echoes what we heard alexa say. and ashley, parents are the key. the key in virginia. we saw how parents change general election. there was really no way that glenn youngkin should have won in a state that was increasingly blue by the year, yet he did. why? a coalition of parents regardless, democrats, independents, republicans voted for him because they were scared of what doing to their kids. will this be the next crt? >> ashley: honestly, there is a multitude of issues. they are in college, but their parents still have a big hand in what they do at this level.
1:54 am
and i don't think it is really going to matter if you have kids in sports or not. you will see this and think, i don't want this for my child or my young girl? i know how hard it is to compete against other really good female athletes. it is not easy. and to alexa's point commission lost out family and friends trying to be the best that she could. not only this but the ncaa has to step in. i'm not sure where the white house is coming from with change of this because women have worked way too hard for way too long to have this happen, but i really do my think you are right. i think there will be a red wave especially, we saw it in virginia. that is what happens when people get mad. >> todd: with that former president barack obama to return to the white house tomorrow for the first time since he left. this comes days after
1:55 am
president biden said first lady -- >> ashley: to break down for a visit into hour of "fox & friends first" and joe concha, you don't want to miss it. ♪ ♪ do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep?
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>> international outrage mounting over the absolutely horrific images emergeing from ukraine showing civilians executed in the streets outside kyiv. and president zelenskyy accuses russia of genocide, people here say it is proof of putin war crimes. i'm todd piro. >> ashley: i'm ashley strohmier in for carley shimkus. zelenskyy turns to holly for with an


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