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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 4, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> we know who he is pulling for tonight. >> jayhawks, come on. >> we should do this again? >> you want to tomorrow? >> i may. >> have a good day, everyone. >> bill: good morning, everybody. day 40. russia's invasion of ukraine. putin's army retreating around the capitol city. horrifying evidence of towns that have been mass act erd. good morning. monday. tough story to start with. good morning to you. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." we have a lot to get to and we have new images as well that we've just received. these pictures coming to us from ukraine suburb of bucha. they're difficult to look at. streets are littered with bodies. you can see the remains of women who were raped and set on
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fire. other people shot at point blank range. hands tied behind their backs. mass graves and the remains of women and children wrapped in plastic bags and tossed in a shallow ditch. the bodies in that town alone number in the hundreds. >> dana: the massacre fueling new accusations of war crimes. u.n. saying that russia has killed nearly 3500 civilians. meanwhile ukrainian president zelenskyy asking americans to raise their voices. >> bill: this as new video moments ago. he has gone to the town of bucha northwest of the capital city of kyiv where he has been speaking to the world. the presidential palace and bunker there. we'll get translation on this in a moment. bucha is a town of 37,000. it was one of the first towns to fall in the early days of putin's invasion. that's february 24 and february
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25. so the russian forces have basically occupied this town and when they retreated to the north and went back into belarus and back into southwestern russia what they left behind is apocalyptic. the scenes and images you saw over the weekend are just -- it is hard to imagine it is the year 2022 and we're watching putin destroy this country. last night virtual address pre-recorded grammy awards in l.a. is what zelenskyy told america. >> who stays in total silence? our musicians, they sing to their wounded in hospitals and village who comes hear them. the music will break through anyway. we defend our freedom to live, love and hear the sounds of your music. fill us today to tell our story. tell the truth about war on
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your social networks on tv. support us in any way you can. >> bill: this is from sunday as russia retreats in the north. it's bearing down on the southern port city of odessa. missiles blowing up an oil refinery and warehouses that store fuel. >> dana: general jack keane is standing by but let's begin with alex hogan live from lviv. good morning. >> good morning. ukraine has won the battle of kyiv but the extent of the damage is now visible with this regained territory. we will not show the most brutal of this footage. i want to warn that these images are difficult to see. bodies lining the streets. men and women who have been recovered in some of these northern territories. ukrainian forces are calling this the scene of a horror morey. the mayor of bucha says more
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than 300 civilians have been killed. women's executed in the streets and bodies left next to building in the middle of roads and fields. with nowhere else to put the corpses the town is filling mass graves. zelenskyy saying he wants every mother of russian soldiers to see these images and to see what they have done. asking retoreically how is this possible in what was before this just a peaceful city asking how these women were able to be strangled and raped in front of their children making fun of their bodies even after they died? returning to some of these recovered towns not yet safe and zelenskyy is warning residents of the physical dangers of making the trip home like land wires and land mines and left behind military equipment and tanks in these towns on top of the psychological and emotional damage of coming home and seeing all of this in person. as russian forces retreat
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they'll need time fof they can return to combat and continued reports of troops disobeying orders. the regional administration reporting forces are leaving the sunni region in the northeastern part of ukraine and shifting focus and forces specifically to the eastern part of the country in the donbas. back here on the western side of the country this area has not been without its own attacks. just last night there was a strike about 80 miles from where i'm standing. dana and bill. >> dana: please stay safe. thank you for that report. bill. >> this has already been a dramatic strategic setback for russia and i would say a strategic defeat. the russian military has dramatically underperformed. and we're more united than any time. >> bill: secretary blinken with his perspective on the map behind us. in blue the claimed ukrainian
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counter offenses and there has been arguments that can be made, another argument made for putin's army and how it retreated. up to the north kyiv and here is bucha. it will get attention for years to come based on video we've seen thus far. case in point about the ukrainian advances, really there was a void left by the russian military and putin's army started to retreat to belarus and back into russia and also here to the east and north of the capital city of kyiv as well. so moving in those areas you have ukrainian army now taking these areas that have been just absolutely devastated. what's the strategy? general jack keane will join us and lay it out for us. you can see the blue that's increasing in the north and you see the red increasing in the southeast and the south ear. mariupol has not fallen but it could be a matter of days we've been told for days at a time.
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mariupol could fall at any time. if that's the case you look in the south and you start to see evidence of a clear strategy on behalf of putin's army. take mariupol and then you connect the donbas with crimea which it occupied since 2014 and now you have the land bridge. what's new from overnight on sunday the town of odessa spared. what is putin's strategy? what would he do? odessa is a town he reveres. kathryn the great, 1795. we'll see whether or not putin's army makes a move on that town. >> dana: for more let's bring in general jack keane. if you could give us your take where you think things are this morning after we see the horrible massacre that happened in bucha. >> certainly a significant victory here for ukrainian
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military. dislodging the russian military from their number one objective which was to take kyiv and topple the government. the russians failed miserably at being able to do that. and of course, the massacre in bucha and the other killings of innocent civilians let's call it what it really is. this is a regime that's morally bankrupt to kill innocent people to intimidate and coerce that population. this is not a function of a lack of discipline on the part of these troops. this is direction and commitment by the russian military and their leaders in terms of their doctrine. i think secretary blinken's choice of word is quite unfortunate. we don't have a strategic defeat of russia. yes, i understand kyiv is certainly significant and nato is more united than it has ever
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been and russia is isolated and an international pariah but the fact is putin occupies more territory in the south in ukraine than what he did prior to february 24th. and as bill was pointing out on the map there, what he really wants to do is take control of those energy resources, close to 90% of them are in the east. that's in the donbas region. connect to mariupol and then go all the way to odessa. why? that cuts off ukraine completely from the sea. imports and exports would be denied. that would have a devastating impact an ukraine's economy and also, i think also in terms of social cohesion because of the suffering that would take place inside the country. let's not call it a strategic defeat. listen to what president zelenskyy is telling us.
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he wants victory and he defines that as getting rid of all of the russian troops on his territory. and that is what we should be supporting. if we went to a cease-fire and peace agreement now, russia will own a significant part of territory which they could freeze and keep their troops there and intimidate ukraine for years to come. we need to support zelenskyy in getting that territory back. >> bill: general, what you describe there is a long war essentially. over the weekend the department of defense announced $300 million in additional military weapons to ukraine. that goes on the tab yet again. this whole focus on odessa, why has it happened? why has it not happened to date and what do you believe is happening in putin's mind whether or not he will unleash his army on that town like he has in other places in the country? >> i think they'll get to it. based on what they are struggling with right now in
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mariupol and the donbas region, it is probably a couple weeks away, although some aerial bombardment has already begun. in terms of moving ground forces in there which they tried to do before and failed. they brought the naval infantry up but they weren't about to do that until ground forces had encircled the city. that's some time. listen, they still have huge problems, bill. they brought two organizations to tie in tactical groups out of georgia, committed them to donbas in the last 36 hours. they made initial contact. the ukrainian fought them to a stand still and they became a combat refusals. they did not go any further. and they have now exited outside of ukraine and are back in russia. the russians are still going to have performance problems by the military. not particularly well led or well trained and we know they have significant supply
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problems. the issues that they have had in the north they will continue to have in the south. and this gives advantage to the ukrainians. i applaud the $300 million in terms of what's coming and that switch blades and drones and laser-driven missiles, but you heard the call. everybody has heard the call and what zelenskyy needs. if he is going to drive the russians out and go on the offense to do that, he needs long and mid range air defense, combat vehicles, combat aircraft, yes, migs. he needs the har poons or facsimile of it. he can end the offensive operation to seize odessa just by that fact alone. these advance weapons, yes, he still needs the stingers and javelins but he is requesting
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the advance weapons, bill, because he needs to go on the offense to push the russians out of this territory. >> bill: thank you so much. we'll talk throughout the week. appreciate your analysis to start the week. thank you, sir. >> dana: the military now which is so good. we had blinken saying what he said strategic defeat. wall street editorial board saying no, it's not what it was. this was on my mind as we watched this images come in over the weekend. president biden february 24th talking about how powerful the sanctions would be. watch. >> president biden: the sanctions exceed anything that's ever been done. the sanctions have generated 2/3 of the world joining us. they are profound sanctions. let's have a conversation in another month or so to see if they're working. >> dana: apparently the consensus is they are not working. the e.u. today is talking about additional sanctions but look at what has happened in a month because the sanctions weren't strong enough. >> bill: let's have that
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conversation, all right? where will we be in another month? >> dana: hopefully people hear the call from zelenskyy indeed. lots more to come. here is chief of staff ron klain over the weekend. >> of course the president is confident that his son didn't break the law. i want to just be clear. these are actions by hunter and his brother, private matters that don't involve the president. >> bill: ron klain on abc on sunday. america's mainstream media confirming details of hunter biden's controversial business. white house staff says there is nothing to see here. we'll talk about that with chuck grassley. >> dana: democrats desperate to avoid a red wave this fall so they're turning to hillary clinton for advice. can she help the party dodge a beating? >> bill: the sun setting on a trump era immigration order. other pandemic policies are
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kept intact. is biden putting party before country. senator james lankford is in new york and we'll talk to him about that. >> when they get rid of title 42. it will be an uncontrollable surge on the border. we have lost control of our southern border. we no longer control it. criminals cartels control it. they just found out they can redeem rewards for a second honeymoon. romance is in the air. like these two. he's realizing he's in love. and that his dating app just went up. must be fate. and phil. he forgot a gift, so he's sending the happy couple some money. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop banking. what would you like the power to do? helen knew exercise could help her diabetes. but she didn't know what was right for her. no.
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>> when it comes to title 42 all along we've been following the science. that's what this is about. when the cdc and others conclude that the science doesn't warrant that, as is now happening, then we'll take action. >> bill: secretary blinken arguing and defending the termination of trump era pandemic restrictions at the
6:21 am
southern border. now we're told there is a flood reopened in a significant way. senator james lankford member of the senate homeland security and government affairs committee good morning to you. you believe that you will see an explosion of more refugees. >> not just i believe that, dhs in their own internal numbers once they drop title 42 they will have a million people within six weeks that will cross the border. people piling up south of the border waiting on the title 42 drop. they are trying to figure out how to manage it. focus now is how to keep there from being chaos at the border. they are adding more soft sided facilities to be able to detain more and looking to what they call interior processing where they will pick people up in buses at the border. move them to the interior of the country and release them there. fair focus how to stop chaos than people crossing the border. >> dana: they say they are
6:22 am
following the science. a couple of them are the vaccine mandate that applies to healthcare workers and this one, the public transportation mandate. anybody on public transportation including air travel has to wear a mask for example and international travel have to be vaccinated and proof of negative covid-19 test. that has been what it is. now you have this huge decision with major consequences. >> they're following the science but estimate saying no problem at the border. literally firing members of the military saying if you don't get the shot for covid we'll release you from the military because there is pandemic now. if you get on an airplane you have to wear a mask because of a pandemic. if you want to cross the border illegally it's over there. they don't mandate that they even get a shot. they are offering them a vaccination but not requiring them to be able to take a vaccination. >> bill: two questions on this. the enforcement of this border has -- it has confused a lot of people. why do you think they've allowed it? >> it's just the far left philosophy at this point.
6:23 am
they believe in open border and they are facing their own left at this point to try -- >> bill: why? >> a lot of speculation about voting. if that's what it is they are sorely mistaken. more and more latinos are voting more conservative this whe see policies. philosophical. environmental issues at this point. the left is obsessed with getting rid of fossil fuels even if it kills our economy. they're obsessed with it. the same thing on the open border side. even if it kills the economy and they say trump was mean. the constant statement, trump was mean. we won't be mean we'll open up the borders. i can be. there is a lot there. >> bill: cynically could you argue they expelled 1.7 million people under the biden administration using title 42. >> 1.1. >> it's more than a million people. cynically would you argue they
6:24 am
used title 42 to turn people away? >> they did base. there were 2 million people that crossed illegally. 1.1 million. 900,000 they allowed in. to put a perspective in this. there has been 2.3 million people in the 14 months of the biden administration that have illegally crossed the border. more of all the previous four years combined. this is an astronomical increase. if you talk to leadership in central america, they are furious with the biden administration because their best workers are leaving and coming to the united states to make more money and so it is hurting their economy. while this president says we'll go for the root causes of migration, what they are doing with this policy is actually hurting central america's economy even more by taking their best laborers and coming to the united states. it is hurting that whole region even more. >> dana: do you know if kamala
6:25 am
harris has been involved in this decision? she said she would work on root causes. >> president biden was the one when he was vice president by president obama to go down to central america and work on root causes. it was the assignment for the vice president. now president biden comes in he says to kamala harris take care of root causes that he didn't take care of before. no one will say if she has been involved. the administration said it an issue of cdc and surgeon general. we have no influence. there was an announcement they would do it on march 31. now slowed it down to may 23 because we continue to expose the hypocrisy and push back. everyone knows this is temporary. everyone knows it was temporary. they have had a full year to plan for what happens when they bring it down and their plan seems to be we'll move people across the border faster. >> bill: we'll see how it goes. >> we'll continue to work. >> dana: there is more trouble
6:26 am
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>> bill: a man opportunity underway after a mass shooting in downtown sacramento. six dead, 12 injured. violence erupted early sunday morning as people were leaving the bars and nightclubs. claudia cowen is live on that story today. what are we after at the moment? >> good morning. investigators are combing through hundreds of pieces of evidence as they try to identify at least two suspects and determine exactly what led
6:32 am
up to this violent shooting that happened as this area behind me in downtown sacramento was filled with people. saturday night out on the town turning to horror and tragedy after gunfire broke out just around 2:00 a.m. six people killed, 12 others injured. police say they have recovered a stolen handgun and the shooting followed a street brawl. >> we know that a large fight took place just prior to the shootings and we have confirmed that there are multiple shooters. >> grieving family members waited outside the crime scene all day to identify their loved ones whose bodies were not removed from this area until late last night including the family of sergio harris, 38 years old, father of three. his family says he was out with friends to see a show. he is one of the three men shot and killed. three women were also killed. all adulgts. in the wake of this tragedy
6:33 am
president biden is wanting tougher gun laws and asking congress to ban some weapons. how many tragedies does it take before we begin to cure the sickness in this country? there was a large police presence at the time of the shootings as all the bars and restaurants letting out. an officer on almost every corner. it makes the shooting very brazen as the train goes by this morning. i can tell you the city is heartbroken. the manhunt continues for the people responsible. and six families are coping with unimaginable loss today. >> bill: we'll look for answers in sacramento. >> too many young people in this room who do not feel loved. too many. we have to change that around if we're going to change around the trajectory of their lives. >> dana: chicago mayor lori
6:34 am
lightfoot speaking about her city's youth after police reveld 57% of carjackings in chicago are carried out by juveniles. sean duffy joins us now. want to talk to you about this and disney. i want to show you -- we saw the stat, 57% of the carjackings. now, that almost bog wills the mind. do you think it has to do with love? maybe it does. maybe part ofist is that but it can't be the only thing. >> first i was going to say absolutely has to do with love. the problem is that democrats believe in a system where the system can love your child but only families love children. you look at democrats' policies where they said we'll diminish the family. we won't need them to give consent for im-- we should
6:35 am
undermine a family's judeo christian values. their policies that go back to the 1960s have disintegrated families. taken fathers out of the home. fathers are really important in the home. we provide a unique set of safety and discipline towards children. give them courage, give them confidence. and democrats have removed that from the home. there is a component when kids do bad things they should be prosecuted. if you are a repeat offender and 15 you should be waived to adult court. that's appropriate. if you don't have kids raised in loving homes it is a problem. democrats have had this philosophy we had to reimagine law enforcement and gender but also remanaging families. when you think of reimaging something they have created chaos. >> dana: it reminds me what president bush used to say. government can't heal a heart. that's a good point you made. i want to ask you. the disney story continues. shareholders today now weighing in.
6:36 am
you have the shareholder saying this. here is a suggestion for disney ceo. get back to business. that is excellence in storytelling and stop wasting shareholders' money on political crusades that have nothing to do with disney's business. we have the right to have our voices heard on issues but not on the shareholders' dime. the shareholders usually weigh in the second week of a big story. >> they do. i think shareholders are angry about what is happening. they want disney to make money. they make money by selling wholesome family valued videos and movies that parents consume for our children. if you don't do that we'll turn off disney and go somewhere else to find something to fits our values. these are individual investors that might have disney in their individual portfolios. a lot of people. you have a fox 401k where you put money into a retirement account or state retirement. that is driven to big money managers like black rock or
6:37 am
state street and it is those money managers using your money to push these i think radical ideas in companies like disney. they use your money to push liberal ideas that don't fit your valleys and huge shareholders of big corporations like disney. that's where the problem is coming from. when you get that pressure from those kind of dollars it is hard to roll back the policies. when you and i are sitting there if we own the shares ourselves it isn't good for business and the bottom line, change your ways. the big dogs are going in a different direction and support disney. that's the problem with this. >> dana: if he would want to take the words back from the statement he put out. >> thanks, dana. >> they know sports. >> dana: south carolina's women's basketball team beat the gamecocks last night. the huskies had never lost in
6:38 am
11 title game appearances. men's side duke's coach k ending his career with a loss to north carolina. the tar heels beat the blue devils. in a twist of fate coach k's first and last career losses were both against unc. the tar heels face kansas jayhawks tonight for the national title. >> bill: well done. >> dana: game doesn't start until 9:30 p.m. eastern. that feels kind of late. too late for us. >> bill: for anybody. why wait? keep going. >> dana: i'm good. i'm done. >> bill: kansas four-point favorite. the game saturday night was everything they said it would be. >> dana: i can't believe i went to bed in the half. >> bill: i stayed up and eric church. he canceled a concert in san antonio. i thought he would watch the game. he went to the game. >> dana: he took his family the games and said to his fans sorry about canceling the concert. thank you for letting me take
6:39 am
my family to the game. he is offering a free concert. a lot of people were traveling from other places and had hotel reservations and that kind of thing. >> bill: it's where he is going to be, get it? >> dana: yes, i got it. >> bill: white house and president biden is confident that hunter did not break a law or do anything unethical. there is a grand jury moving full steam ahead. grassley has been at the head of all this and joins us in a moment on that. new york city's mayor says kids under the age of 5 must wear a mask in school. how is that for following the science? k the sax player would be getting ready for his solo... but no. he's currently checkin' his investments. you gotta have a plan outside the band, man. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? it was a tragedy. with knockoff batteries,
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>> of course the president is
6:45 am
confident that his son didn't break the law. >> is the president confident his family didn't cross ethical lines? >> george, the president is confident his family did the right thing. i want to be clear. these are actions by hunter and his brother, private matters that don't involve the president and they certainly are something that no one at the white house is involved in. >> white house chief of staff ron klain under the weekend insisting hunter biden didn't do anything illegal or unethical. he is under federal investigation for potential tax and federal violations and possibly more after that. live in d.c. we have the story. >> good morning. the "washington post" editorial board is saying the hunter biden story is an opportunity for a reckoning the less on learned from 2016 set aside questionable material in the heat of a political campaign. lesson learned from 2020 may mean there is a danger of
6:46 am
suppression accurate and relevant stories. one of the key republican senators investigating hunter biden blasted the mainstream media for ignoring the president's son until now. >> just to prove the complicity of the media, the "washington post" says there is no evidence that joe biden is implicated in this. that is strong evidence. email that has been verified that the big guy was joe biden. >> abc news reports the secret service is spending more than $30,000 a month to rent out a malibu mansion to protect hunter biden. the detail selected the property to be as close as possible to the rented mansion of the president's son where he is paying an estimated $20,000 a month according to property listings. the secret service says due to the need to maintain operational security it does not comment on the means, methods, or resources used to conduct its protective operations. still needs to questions if
6:47 am
it's a wise use of taxpayer funds and how hunter biden is affording $20,000 a month in rent. >> dana: joining us for more iowa senator chuck grassley. ranking member of the judiciary committee. great to have you here. one thing from john turley, op-ed he had in the hill newspaper. biden's absolute defense of hunter leaves media and justice department in a muddle saying it is hard to imagine a stronger case for special counsel. any effort to investigate biden's dealings will have repeated references to president biden and how he might have benefited. absent a special counsel unlikely to be a report on these influence-peddling schemes. what would you like to see done here, sir? >> well, if there will be a special counsel i'll leave it up to the attorney general. what i and senator johnson have done at this point is bring out the facts and the bank records
6:48 am
that prove that there was a close relationship between hunter biden, maybe james biden, and business people in china that have close contacts with the communist party and with the military there. and so what's concerning to us, we release all these documents. what's concerning to us is, is there any sort of blackmail opportunity for china against the united states because of those close working relationships? i say it's concerning. we don't have any records that would prove anything along that line but when you have people high up in the chinese government and business community and you know what they want to do is they want ins in the united states for their own political benefit,
6:49 am
then that's concerning. but we can only expose the records that show that $5 million went from people in china to the biden -- hunter biden. >> bill: senator, we were told this is all russian disinformation and now the media has the different tune. you just laid out a compelling story there. how long will it take for you to get an answer? >> well, we just follow the money and the facts where they lead us and we aren't done with this yet. we'll probably be making some more revelations yet this week in the senate speeches but here is the really problem that ought to bother all of us and it's good that the press is willing to admit that they were wrong over the last several years on this issue. but i expect journalists, you folks are journalists. i expect journalists to be the policeman for the political system.
6:50 am
not only rely on grassley and johnson to get out the facts. the media should have been working on these a long period of time. in fact, they were in cahoots with democratic senators trying to say johnson and i were just disseminating russian disinformation when we can trace it right back to the russians, they were the ones that were spreading russian disinformation. >> dana: sir, today senate judiciary committee where you are the ranking chairman will vote on ketanji brown jackson's nomination to be the supreme court justice for president biden. do you have a sense of how long that vote is going to take? you think there will be any additional senators aside from senator collins on the republican side who decide to vote for her? >> i think it will be an even vote in committee today. i think it will be almost an even vote on the senate floor, probably ending thursday night
6:51 am
or friday. and i believe that it is a sad commentary that for the last 20 years it has become such a political thing to make -- decide whether republican or democrat-appointed people on the supreme court and it really started with senator schumer in 2001 or 2002 when he got a bunch of his caucus together and launched tribe and they decided that we could bring judicial philosophy into it rather than are these people qualified or not qualified like it ought to be to get on the supreme court? that's what he has done is poisoned the well and it is very political now. >> dana: people are gathering in your hearing room and they will expect you soon. >> bill: thank you, senator. we'll wait to hear what you have to say in the speeches later in the week regarding hunter biden. in our business we call it a tease, senator. we'll stay in touch with you and your office. >> thank you for having me. >> dana: take care.
6:52 am
>> thousands have been murdered, and people with cut off joints, raped women, killed kids. this is a genocide. >> bill: that from this hour. president zelenskyy in the town of bucha warning the evidence of genocide is mounting amid the discovery of mass graves north of the capital city. how should the west respond? ask the nato ambassador kurt volker today. a top american university student -- forcing their students to get boosted for covid or face expulsion. some are fighting back. you will meet one of them coming up.
6:53 am
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6:58 am
diogo is from portugal, a physics ph.d. candidate at the school faces deportation over his choice and joins me now. nice to have you here today. you've been double vaxxed but refuse to get the booster. how come? >> thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story and that's true. stanford put this enrollment hold on anyone not boosted even if they are fully vaccinated and have natural immunity. in my case i got a mild case of covid in january. for them that comes like nothing, yeah, and so that means that in my case if i cannot enroll my visa gets canceled and i have to go back to portugal along with my wife and my kids who are dependents. >> bill: you are married and have a 1-year-old child. you wrote to "newsweek" magazine. i do not get the booster shot before april -- if i do not i cannot enroll for spring
6:59 am
quarter and my visa is canceled. i want to finish my program but also do not want to be bullied into taking a boostster shot. the consequence of not being injected with the booster is deportation. you are 3/4 of the way through your education. the sticky point. that school has a policy that even if you are off campus and online, it requires you to be fully vaxxed with the booster but yet the staff and teachers and professors do not have to. is that true? >> no, -- yes, that's true. this requirement of the booster is only valid for students. even ph.d. students like myself. and it's not for professors and staff. who are more at risk to contract covid and more serious cases of covid than me and my family. >> bill: why would they have that policy? >> you know, bill, i don't know. to me the only thing that
7:00 am
matters is i came here. it was my dream to come to america to study. such great opportunities. and it is really hard that they are making me -- doing this, making this choice. basically my choice is if i was alone i didn't have a family i would maybe take the booster just to continue my program because it is such an important thing for me to study physics. however, now i have a wife and kid and i know there is a risk to get myocarditis for men in my age range. so to me the risk question was clear. i would not put my family at risk if that would mean even if that would mean that i would have to take the booster to continue my ph.d. >> bill: i understand your position. we'll see what the university does. we will follow your story. appreciate your time. we're out of time for now. but we'll follow it.
7:01 am
he is at stanford in california. >> dana: fox news alert top of the hour. topping the news the first round of voting set to begin to confirm the supreme court nomination of judge ketanji brown jackson. the judiciary vote aims to move her nomination forward but they could deadlock meaning democrats would have to spend moving her nomination to the full senate. three republican states are suing the biden administration over the move to end title 42. the pandemic health order that calls for the rapid expulsion for migrants at the border. they expect migrant crossings to double or triple after it's lifted with as many as 18,000 a day. new york city says school children under 5 still need to wear a mask. parents are appealing is judge's decision to allow the mask mandate to remain. we'll have more on those stories throughout the hour. first back to our top story, russia facing new accusations of war crimes as ukraine reveals fresh evidence of brutal atrocities and we have
7:02 am
to warn you this video is graphic. independent watchdogs finding mass graves and dead civilians lining the streets after russian troops withdrew from a suburb near the capital city of kyiv. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. you will remember the name of the town, bucha. the horrific images sparking global outrage. ukraine forces making similar finds in other nearby towns as russian troops retreat back into belarus or russia itself. zelenskyy visiting that town about two hours ago calling what he found a clear sign of putin's genocide. >> you see what the russian troops have done to our people. this is because of the russian people. it is a military crime and the whole world will know and the fact that you are here today to see what has happened. thousands have been murdered
7:03 am
and tortured people with cut-off joints and raped women. killed kids. this is more than -- this is a genocide. >> bill: ambassador kurt volker has reaction. mark meredith reports from the white house but alex hogan begins in lviv, western ukraine. alex. >> hi, bill. ukrainian troops are regaining territory and only finding sights that are very difficult to see. international condemnation for deliberate killings of civilians. i do want to caution that some of these footage -- some of these images are difficult to see. there are men and women bound in the streets, bodies of what appears to be torture. the mayor of bucha says at least 300 civilians have been killed. residents say these were not fighters but their neighbors hiding just like the rest of
7:04 am
them. one person explaining that his friend was a peaceful man, a gardener crushed to death by a russian tank. we look at some of these horrifying sights. >> i am sure that there are many such scenes in many cities. the aggressor will pay for anything. a great price for the lives of thousands of ukrainians. we will not forgive what has been done to our cities and residents. >> that's the concern for ukrainian officials who say that other cities under attack might be suffering the same kinds of atrocities. odessa this weekend russia attacked an oil depot. the latest oil depot across the country to be hit this weekend. looking at kharkiv in the northeastern side of the country, russian forces did not
7:05 am
conduct any offensive operations in the last 24 hours as troops continue to movies. russia, however, did send in more manpower to support troops who are in the recently captured town outside of kharkiv. as far as some of these disturbing images of people and the bodies that have been found outside of the capital of kyiv, russia responding to all of this saying that it was not, in fact, them shifting the blame to ukraine saying ukrainians are trying to blame them and use this as a false flag in their direction. >> bill: alex, thank you. leading our coverage today in lviv, thanks. >> dana: mark meredith is live at the white house with more. they have to be busy thinking about this today. >> good afternoon to you. we'll still waiting to see what president biden may have to say about this. we have heard from the president in the past calling russian president vladimir putin a war criminal and we'll see if the images alex was
7:06 am
talking about generates further criticism. we heard earlier today from the head of the u.n. human rights commission. there have to be independent and effective investigations to insure troourgt, justice and reparations and remedy for victims and their families and hearing from macron. my compassion is for the victims. russian authorities will have to be held responsible for this crime. this is video of the president leaving delaware. they pledged an additional $500 million to ukraine's government. the biden administration is also warning that this war looks like it is going to go on for a long time here even though there has been watching and waiting to see if peace talks would progress. there is skepticism by top u.s. officials that russia truly plans to give up any time soon. >> we send weapons into ukraine
7:07 am
almost every single day and the ukrainian military and volunteers are fighting this war have shown their bravery, tenacity backed up by the generosity of the u.s. and our allies. >> the u.s. say it continues to send weapons but lawmakers don't have details about what is getting into the country. critics say the president could have moved faster to get the weapons to ukraine. we'll see what the president will say. he is due to the white house shortly. >> bill: kurt volker is here. thank you for coming back. appreciate your time. just at the outset what is your reaction to the headlines from this weekend? >> well, these kinds of images and atrocities is what we knew would happen. this is the way the russians conduct warfare. they level the flatten everything. it underscores the urgency of continued and more advanced u.s. and other nato country
7:08 am
assistance to ukraine. it is clear that russia cannot win the war. they can't occupy ukraine. they are pulling back from the major cities and have to reconsolidate in the east. ukraine will survive and win. we need to do everything we can to shorten the war by giving ukraine the arms, e.u. cutting off oil and gas, helping to break the blockade of the black sea. these are all things we should try to be doing now so that ukraine can shorten this war and survive in the best shape possible. >> dana: a month ago president biden said let's see where we are in a month and see how things look after the sanctions. they look pretty bleak. >> it's awful. the sanctions should have been applied before the war waiting to deter until waiting for afterwards. we've done an awful lot. no question we've given a lot but we've been slow and to be even more assertive now including with types of weapons. now they're in a different phase.
7:09 am
ukrainians are no longer defending and hunkered down. they need to advance now and take territory back. so they need tanks and artillery and armored personnel care yes, sir and it should be on all of us in nairt owe to do everything we can. >> dana: a huge amount of propaganda from both sides but the russians saying they weren't there. that's not -- those atrocities -- they didn't commit them. does nato have a capability of pushing back on that? >> it seems like we shouldn't have to waste our time pushing back on that. the only reason that people are being killed in ukraine is because russian forces are there killing people. and the ukrainians are defending themselves. this is so obvious. so cynical of russia to think they could say this and that anyone would believe them. when nato countries and ukrainians are doing is methodically going through and collecting evidence. they are war crimes. crimes against humanity and possibly genocide and need to be brought through an
7:10 am
international tribunal to hold vladimir putin and every person in the chain of command accountable personally for war crimes. >> bill: mr. ambassador, can you give us your explanation as to why you believe odessa has been largely spared? >> well, because russians wanted the try to get there by land and they were trying to advance through these coastal towns. >> bill: you can still hit them with missiles and rockets. they chose not to. >> they don't want to get the ships too close. the ukrainians can attack the ships. they have fired missiles at odessa over the weekend and have the capacity to do more. it will be interesting to see what the russians do. they can't advance on the ground toward odessa or kyiv or even another city that appears to be liberated or close to it again. so these russian bombs, these russian missile attacks or
7:11 am
attacks from aircraft have no strategic purpose anymore. they are not -- they are simply destroying people and buildings and it will be interesting to see if the russians continue with that or do try to consolidate somehow in the east. >> bill: thank you, sir. >> dana: we appreciate your being on with us today. >> thank you very much. >> bill: enjoy your time in london and we'll talk soon. interesting his answer on odessa. what is in putin's mind? the gem of the black sea? i think there is something to that. >> dana: the famous dissident from russia who won the big chess championship years ago writes a lot about russia. here is what he said in the "wall street journal" today. biden told the truth. putin has to go. offering any carrot to war criminals would set the stage to the appeasement.
7:12 am
the west fell asleep when the cold war ended. ukrainians are sacrificing everything to shake president biden, the white house, and the world awake. >> bill: a famous chess player. what ambassador volker said ukraine will survive. we can conclude that now and ukraine will win. the question becomes what do they win and how much land do they concede and does it happen in a month or a year or two years? they talk about war crimes now north of kyiv. during the war of yugoslavia 27 years ago and they weren't there until the war was over. putin faces no danger legally from the international community if he ever does anyway until this war has been concluded. >> dana: depends how you define defeat and victory. zelenskyy has a lot to say about that part. despite the war in ukraine the u.s. street still working with
7:13 am
russia on iran nuclear deal. according to tehran negotiators are closing in on a final agreement. will the world except it? >> why the president's decision and the trump era immigration policy has border agents bracing for what will be chaos. >> when they end title 42, you will -- god help us, it will be an uncontrollable surge on the border. but no. he's currently checkin' his investments. you gotta have a plan outside the band, man. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? you never know what opportunities you just can't stop. life will send your way. but if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis,
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>> dana: iran says negotiators are close to strikeing a renewed nuclear deal. russians' involvement is causing a shadow over the talks. here is marc thiessen former speech writer for george w. bush and co-host of what the hell is going on podcast which i love. marc, this is incredible the white house has continued to move forward with russia there at the table. >> it is. we all woke up this morning to the images of the atrocities that took place in bucha, ukraine. people with their hand tied behind their backs shot in the back of the head. women raped and bodies set on fire. some women raped in front of their children. mass graves with hundreds of bodies piled into them.
7:20 am
president zelenskyy called it genocide and we're sitting at the negotiating table with the regime that did this. not only sitting with them at the negotiating table but depending on them to cut the deal with the iranians. we expect russia to buy iran's enriched uranium and letting the russians build a civilian nuclear reactor. the deal will not only benefit iran it will give russia billions of dollars they can use to pay for the bullets they put in the backs of the heads of ukrainian civilians. >> dana: it is mad. >> bill: you don't know what putin is negotiating behind closed doors over ukraine. you don't know what he is telling the u.s. and nato what he will and will not accept in the war, marc. >> no doubt. look, just had kurt volker on the podcast and on your show. one of the things he said was that the end of this war should
7:21 am
end, he should be able to sit in a cafe in donetsk talking to the yu cranes what it was like to be under the occupation. the russians are losing this war. we shouldn't be pushing the ukrainians into any kind of partition of their country or territorial concessions to the russian. every russian troop needs to leave ukraine and we need to arm them with a strategy for victory. we're not arming them for victory now. enough weapons to defend territory. they need to give them the weapons they need to push out the russians that they took from the ukrainians and make sure every russian troop is driven out of the country and putin gets nothing for his genocide and war crimes and for his unlawful aggression against the ukrainian people. not an inch of territory. >> dana: back at home people talking about china as well. congressman tim ryan wants to run for higher office. campaign ad out there talking about american workers and the chinese. take a look at this ad.
7:22 am
>> china is winning and we're losing. workers are losing. us versus them. capitalism versus communism. i'm not backing down, are you? >> congresswoman tweeted this. this may have not been tim ryan's attention shifting blame away from american corporations anti-worker policies and putting a target on the back of asian-americans. stop asian hate in both actions and words. he said he won't do that. >> what a joke. first of all time ryan is 100% correct. two, is it russia phobia to point out the horrific things russia is doing to the ukrainian people? right now the china regime has blood on its hands. while putin commits genocide against ukrainian they're committing genocide against the uyghurs. people in concentrations camps. crushing freedom in hong kong.
7:23 am
sending planes to harass taiwan and threatening to invade taiwan. the chinese communist regime is a threat to freedom around the world. by the way in addition they are stealing american jobs and stealing american intellectual property. the biggest mistake we made in the 1990s and 2000s was the idea we could bring china into the community of civilized nations by trading with them. instead we enriched the chinese communist party and built up its military and turned american corporations into lobbyists for the communist chinese regime because they have an interest in keeping the trade going. we need to decouple our economy from china. should not be depending on them for any strategic materials whatsoever and tim ryan is 100% correct this is a new cold war between the united states and the cause of freedom and china the russia.
7:24 am
the last bastions of totalitarianism in the world. >> bill: airport in connecticut says it was the victim of a russia cyberattack and the extent of the damage there. national border patrol council president brandon judd on the end of a trump era border policy meant to stem the flow of illegals. what it means for national security and what republicans are doing to fight back. >> their attempt to rescind title 42 will lead to drastic consequences on our southern border and right now it's essentially on fire. this will be like growing gasoline on a fire.
7:25 am
hi, i'm william devane. did you know there's only been two times in american history - two - when the national debt was larger than gross domestic product? world war ii - and right now. that's a deep hole. and i don't know how we'll climb out of it. that's why i buy gold from rosland capital. rosland capital is a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital to receive your free rosland guide to gold, gold & precious metals ira, and silver brochure. with rosland, there are no gimmicks, no hassles... and they have fast, reliable shipping. ask yourself. are you safe? make gold your new standard. call rosland capital today at 800-630-8900, 800-630-8900.
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7:30 am
morning by the attorneys general of arizona, louisiana, and missouri to stop the biden administration from lifting title 42 saying it's the only safety valve preventing chaos and catastrophe at the southern border. bill melugin is live in la joya, texas. help us understand what the lifting of title 42 would do to that area. >> dana, good morning to you. agents we talked to say it will be chaos. some of them say it's already that way. to give you an idea several high-level sources telling me that just last month in march there were more than 62,000 known gotaways here at our border. do the math. 2,000 people sneaking past our agents every day. here is why that's such a concern if we can pull up the graphic right here. just last week here in the rio grande valley sector over a five-day stretch agents arrested a mexican man convicted of child rape. a man con viktd of rape in
7:31 am
indiana. salvadoran man wanted for homicide. mexican man convicted of attempted murder. two ms-13 gang members and another gang member. one single border patrol sector over five days last week. late yesterday if we can pull up this mug shot agents in the tucson, arizona sector arrested this convicted sex offender, a previously deported mexican national who snuck across in a group of 12 migrants. his previous conviction was for aggravated sexual battery out of kansas. the illegal crossings continue if you can pull up this video out of the del rio sector where we were over the weekend. we shot it as we were packing up to drive to the rio grande valley. what you look at is a group of dozens illegal immigrants walking across the rio grande and entering in eagle pass. dhs source tells us on saturday alone they saw more than 1600 illegal crossings including more than 200 in a 45-minute span in eagle pass. we're told del rio sector's
7:32 am
numbers up 179% over the same time last year. now with word that title 42 will be dropping next month oklahoma senator james lankford says the administration is not ready for what's coming. take a listen. >> everyone knows it was temporary from the beginning but they have had a full year to be able to plan for what happens when they bring it down and their plan seems to be we'll move people across the border faster. >> dana, those high level cbp forces tell me since october 1 there have been more than 300,000 gotaways at our border nationwide. just to put that in perspective it's equivalent population the size of the city of cincinnati sneaking past our agents in just the last six months and everybody tells us it will only get worse when title 42 drops and there is less agents out on patrol. we'll send it back to you. >> dana: we'll understand that about cincinnati. it's bill hemmer's hometown.
7:33 am
>> bill: national border patrol council president brandon judd. ron klain on sunday explained it this way about title 42, cdc. watch. >> title 42 isn't an immigration law put a public health law to exclude people who pose a public health risk. the centers for disease control decide how to apply it. sometime in late may the pandemic will be a place where we can no longer exclude people on the public health rationale. >> bill: 1.7 million expelled under title 42. take that away and how many do you have, sir? >> bill, it will be as trom on call. we don't have the resources to deal with what we're seeing now let alone when title 42 goes away. how ticked off we are as agents. we can't do the job and we continue control the flow coming in. at 3,000 people we can barely do the job. 5,000 people it's a crisis, just last week we had days
7:34 am
where we hit 8,000 people and it's expected to go up to 18,000. we are pulling people off the border for stretches of 200 miles, 200 miles completely and totally unat rolled at any given point in time. we can't do the job based upon what this administration is doing with its policies. >> bill: sir, why do you think this administration has allowed virtually an open border? >> i believe that they are trying to change the demographics of the electorate and what i believe they're doing. they know -- they want to stay in power and the only way to stay in power is to continue to get elected. they can't get elected on their policies because the policies are bad. >> bill: cynically could you argue that title 42 the way it was in place since the administration chose not to get control of this border that you could use that order from the cdc to turn people back. and that was your measure of control in the southwest. do you understand that?
7:35 am
>> yeah. and there are several things this administration can do. if they want to get rid of title 42 that's fine you have a court order telling you you have to -- they are only enrolling nine people today into the migrant protection protocols. if we go back to policies that work we don't have to pass the burden onto the taxpayer. we don't need more resources or technology. we need policy. that is something this administration could give us and they refuse to do it. >> bill: one last point here the number of ukrainians i'm told seeking asylum grows by the day. you make the point the cartels won't touch the ukrainians. why not? >> this is how sophisticated this organized crime is. they understand that the politics of it, if they were to force ukrainians to cross the border illegally and pay them the fees, you would have a bunch of public outcry around the world. not just in the united states but around the world.
7:36 am
these cartels understand the politics, the ebbs and flows and will not touch the ukrainians. they have them go through the ports of entry, a legal process. >> bill: brandon judd, thank you, nice to see you again. thank you for coming in today. >> dana: breaking moments ago president biden returning to the white house from delaware where he was there for the weekend. the first time we've heard him talk about the atrocities from the weekend in ukraine. listen here. >> president biden: one comment to make before i start the day. you may remember i got criticized for calling putin a war criminal. well, the truth of the matter, you saw what happened in bucha. he is a war criminal. we have to gather the information, we have to continue to provide ukraine with the weapons they need to continue the fight. and we have to gather all the details so this can be an actual have a war crime trial. this guy is brutal and what is happening in bucha is outrageous and everyone sees it.
7:37 am
it is a war crime. >> are you going to put more sanctions on russia? >> president biden: i'm seeking more sanctions, yes. >> you called him a war criminal. >> president biden: he should be held accountable. the war crimes yes, i'll continue to add sanctions. >> dana: the first comments you heard from president biden after the weekend. i understand the u.s. will possibly ask the united nations general assembly to expel russia from the u.n. human rights council, which seems logical. >> bill: keep in mind as long as the war goes on you'll hear a lot of talk about the comparison of the war in yugoslavia in the 1990s. it took years to get justice. expect the same for putin. this was from odessa.
7:38 am
fuel depots were hit in the town. is this an escalation. two big apple officials facing backlash. the chief medical officer called minority women mothers and white women as birthing people. adams lifts the restriction for others but makes kids under 5 have to wear masks. what is going on? oh, like how i customized this scarf? wow, first time? check out this backpack i made for marco. oh yeah? well, check out this tux. oh, nice. that'll go perfect with these. dude... those are so fire. [whines]
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>> dana: well, new york city's chief medical officer is facing backlash for referring to white women at birthing people while calling black and latino women mothers tweeting the urgency of this moment is clear. mortality rates of birthing peoples are too high and babies born to black and puerto rican mothers in this city are three times more likely to die in their first year of life than babies born to non-hispanic white birthing people. carroll markowitz. the department said the tweet was an oversight but how did you take it? >> well, i'm sure it was an oversight. unfortunately what they mean is
7:44 am
all of us are birthing people and none of us are mothers. i think what we've learned in the last two years is how many of our health officials are terrible at their jobs. where is the science in any of this? more than that, who does birthing people appeal to other than the absolute fringe left? how many people are having babies and not feeling comfortable with the title of mother that we need to change that word for everyone? >> dana: indeed. there is a tweet she had before. an article back in march of 2021 a year ago saying that offering preferential care based on raigt or ethnicity may elicit legal systems. our health, judicial and other health systems preference people who are white we believe our approach is corrective and mandated about covid treatment. not the first time this has happened. i want to get your take because you are the mom that i look to on all of these things for children when it comes to covid. new york city mayor eric adams
7:45 am
says that children under the ages of 5 need to be masked. i know you are probably going crazy about it but you also moved to florida. >> i did. people say to me i shouldn't care because i don't live in new york city. well, as we learned during the campaign neither does the mayor. only one of us has small children and knows how ridiculous to mask them. no other country masks toddlers. it has never worked at all and we're causing harm to these kids. i will never stop fighting for new york city's children and sanity for all kids everywhere. it is crazy it is april of 2022 and you and i are still having the conversation whether we should be masking toddlers, absurd. >> dana: i don't wear my mask appropriately and i know what i'm doing. these kids don't have that. how do you think this will turn out, though? there is a legal battle. do you think the parents can
7:46 am
win? >> i don't know. i hope they win the legal battle. they'll win the battle of public opinion because eric adams will be remembered for this and remembered that he opposed science every step of the way and forced these kids into masks that will cause them long-running harm. >> dana: how are your kids doing in florida? >> amazing. they haven't seen their masks in months. >> dana: thanks so much. love your writing in the "new york post." >> bill: making us jealous. president zelenskyy pleading for more support from the west in a powerful speech at last night's grammy's. jimmy failla to tell us if cancel culture has been canceled. ♪♪♪ what could the father of the bride possibly be doing on his phone? checking in with his merrill advisor to see if he's on track to do this again... and again.
7:47 am
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7:52 am
gentlemen, the president of the united states of america. [applause] >> bill: 12 years ago that scene former president obama signing the aca, also known as obamacare. he will make his first public return to the white house tomorrow to mark the moment. first time since he left office in 2017. hhs saying more than 14 million americans signed up for healthcare this year. >> dana: you are the first person i thought of when you heard the news. >> bill: why are obama and biden not in the same room at the same time? why? >> dana: now you will want to know what they say. we'll see if we can find out. the staff will be glad to see him. mayor eric adams touting the success of the anti-gun unit saying more than 300 people
7:53 am
have been arrested many with a prior criminal history. >> just a few weeks out they removed over 20 something guns off the street. but here is the interesting number. 70% of those carrying guns had prior violent offenses. >> dana: he says the neighborhood safety teams are just one part of his plan to curb the spread of gun violence across the city which is up 17% compared to the same time last year. >> bill: that's it? president zelenskyy last night emotional pre-recorded message at the grammys. with us now jimmy failla host of fox across america on fox news radio. he said what is more opposite than music? the silence of ruined cities and killed people. >> yes. it was a heavy speech. he was supposed to appear at the oscars the week before but decided to go with the grammys
7:54 am
because he saw enough violence without hanging out at the oscars. i hope people watch that piece and get perspective. the gravity of what they are going through in ukraine is something i feel like we almost take for granted over here in the sense that we're not living with any of the realities they face and in that moment the fact that they used it as more than just an accessory to the show. they put up oh number to help. it was a powerful performance by john legend. a good moment for the grammys. >> dana: put yourself in his shoes, right? some people might dismiss him as a comedian. he has 77% approval rating across the world. the leader at this moment but risen to the occasion and he has gone -- he went out today and went to bucha and saw it for himself. what do you think about that in terms of his leadership? it must be innate. >> it is inspiring stuff. the guy is out there 39 days into a war and he looks great.
7:55 am
i did two days of comedy in pennsylvania and look like i was in the ring with george foreman. and foreman isn't in fighting shape but neither am i. he is inspiring in that regard and on some level for the american people he speaks english better than our president some days. zelenskyy has become the transformative figure that is going to live with us far beyond this horrific atrocity we're witnessing in ukraine right now. >> bill: i thought the awards show last night was well done and trevor noah kept all the politics out of it. they went from performance to performance. a new model. >> everybody dismiss is us when people say to entertainers stay in your lane we aren't trying to marginalize their view. they can help the country more by giving us a common culture that brings us together. if you want to help the country don't divide us further by
7:56 am
taking one political side. the music is what people rally around and music is what zelenskyy is referring to. there is value in that. >> dana: morgan wall-in they tried to cancel him but the fans love him. louise ck got a grammy. he has had a comeback. what does it tell you where we are in comedy? >> what i think we're getting to is maybe for the first time since the cancel thing became a thing, maybe we have sentencing guidelines. up until now somebody run afoul of polite society could only be punished by career death. if you did something wrong to the mob you are gone and not coming back. maybe it's a sign that louise served some time and came back and people focused on the art. the one thing everybody calling him out for getting grammy is failing to incorporate we have had horrible people win grammys
7:57 am
after committing afronts to decency. chris brown assaulted rihanna and won a grammy. if chris brown's image is redeemable for assault, louie ck is -- >> dana: this is the ceo of the recording academy harvey mason. we won't restrict the people who will submit their people and we won't look at people's criminal record or anything other than the legality within our rules is this recording for this work eligible based on date and other criteria. if it is they can submit for consideration. we won't be in the business of restricting people from submitting their work for our voters to decide on. that seems very principled and they stuck to it. >> people want to separate the art from the artist. there are so many instances where again people who weren't exactly the most upstanding members of our community have
7:58 am
created great art. just reality. the only person i want to keep away from from our gram reese is andrew ko*em. >> bill: you aren't done my friend. inflation bites, right? a slice of pizza in new york city costs more than a subway ride. the average price for a single plain piece of pie is $3.14. the cost to ride the subway is $2.75. first time a slice tops a swipe at the turnstile. there is a joint in my neighborhood where it has been 99 cents for five years. it is still 99 cents. they are killing it. these guys are doing gangbusters. >> dana: my sister thinks it's fine dining in manhattan and she loves it. >> i think the price of pizza is justified having the higher cost. it arrives on time more often than the subway does. if the subway has the pieces places' punctuality record.
7:59 am
>> bill: jimmie, listen to fox across america live weekdays noon to 3:00 on the fox news app or fox across hang on one second. you aren't done. dana will read sports. >> dana: golf fans are waiting to see if tiger woods could make a comeback at this week's masters. the idea was unthinkable 13 months ago when he had a car accident. the five time winner saying i'll head up to augusta today. it will be a game time decision whether or not i compete. >> dana: wouldn't it be a tee time decision? i think he will play and i think he will do well. do you? >> a lot of people want him to play. in this instance we're betting with our heart. a lot of guys living in cars now who bet with their cars when it comes to sports. i'm on the fence. i will vote present. i don't know.
8:00 am
>> bill: i really, really want him to play. i think he understands more than anything how many more at-bats he has in life and he won't miss this opportunity. >> no question. >> dana: we're now all on record. we'll listen to you on the radio. thank you for spending your morning with us. "the faulkner focus" is up next. here she is. >> harris: our america and nato allies willing to break the ultimate promise they made? when world war ii ended we said we would never let it happen again. the russian army of terrorists has pulled back from ukraine's capital revealing what they did to the citizens on the outskirts. ukrainian president zelenskyy says putin and his military are committing genocide trying to kill all ukrainians. we want to warn you now that the images that you are about to see are graphic and while we have even pulled back on some of them. they depict the most heinous chapter of the war we've seen


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