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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 4, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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no one knows veterans like newdayusa. >> fox news alert. we are seeing new images crimesn the people of ukraine. reports of executions of civilians as president biden now talks about trial against vladimir putin. >> he is a war criminal. we have to continue to provide ukraine with the weapons they td we have to gather all the
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details so we can have a war crimes trial. this guy is brutal. >> you're watching out numbered. i'm harris faulkner with kayleigh mcenany. also joining us tomi lahren brian leonard, good to talk to you both. russia is facing a rapidly increasing national outcry as stories are emerging of alleged atrocities being committed against ukrainian citizens. we want to warn you the images you are about to see our graphic. just outside the capital city of kiev bodies of dead citizens on the cold streets. some like this person here have their hands tied behind their backs, they are bound with the appearance of torture on their body. take a look at this white van riddled with bullet holes. you can see the word children
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written in russian on the hud of the van but we know those bloodthirsty russian terrorists didn't care about that. bodies left to rot and mass grave sites. ukrainian president zelenskyy on the ground a short time ago saying the world must pay attention. >> what they have done to this modern ukrainian town, this is the trait of the russian troops. they have treated people worse than animals. they are military crimes and will be recognized by the world as. >> it's hard to watch. next, the actions that will be told will be taken next, brian? >> i mean it's hard to even recover from watching those images. they do absolutely -- to a guy like me -- look like war crimes bear the question is what to do next. i'm concerned by the secretary of state in the united states
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who is talking about russia during the strategic failure at this point. i don't think we can say that. i think it's dangerous for him to say that. vladimir putin has been pushed back from "outnumbered" one, that's great. he's consolidating power in the east, he's consolidating power in the south beatty's cutting ukraine off from the sea. he can do a lot of damage from that spot. as we look at these images on talk about war crimes let's talk about that but let's not forget there is a war going on in vladimir putin has not been strategically defeated at this point. there's a lot of work to do there. this administration should not take it sigh off that ball. >> it's interesting when you consider the war crime part of all of this, brian, is the fact that zelenskyy and his address has said the whole world can see less now. the evidence is actually there. i don't know where the international criminal court as of all of this, but if the president is starting to talk
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about some kind of a nuernberg type of situation of a trial, i mean is the time for that? do you think we can do both? >> i think the president wants to talk about that because these images are so gruesome. but he has to say focused on their reality on the ground right up there there's going to be a time in the place to deal with the fallout from this. we should document every bit of the spirit right now putin's forces are in ukraine. the president of ukraine is calling for help. is calling for the weaponry that allows them to advance and make gains based on russian retreat right now. we should be doing that appear the fact that we continue to deny them the weapons they are asking for to do the job is a problem. i think by focusing on the war crimes right now we risk forgetting about the job that has to happen in this moment, which is a military job. >> in other words you don't think he can multitask. tomi lahren? >> listen, i agree listening to
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these images is for horrific. i do believe this is also going to be an issue as we talked about before with hearts and mind of the russian people. it's so important these journalists are at documenting the spare the work they are doing is incredible, putting their own lives on the line so people can see what it's happening. i believe the russian people need to have all of the information. they need to see what their leader is doing and they need to put pressure on their leader to stop it of course there are things the united states can do but just on your lash out, harass camille to guest but said we cannot help the world if we are not strong at home. we have to make sure we are strong at home so we can provide that humanitarian aid, the weaponry they need. if the united states is crumbling in the process were not going to be able to help anybody. that's what i say make sure that you you put your mask on first before you help others. we need to pay attention to the
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atrocities in ukraine but we cannot forget about every thing going on here at home. primarily that's what the american people are most concerned with. >> and you're talking but david developed. joe jones also talked about the fa nerf wokeness about the journey of taking better decisions. >> there is an 18-year-old boy to me that wants me to go kill every bad guy but i can't get there is a 20-year-old marine in me that wants to don malik that went to afghanistan on c and 9-year-old fall out of a tree onto an iud and had to pick her up in pieces. that's how you get demons out of kids that cried too much. the two worst things i saw where those instances involving children. to see that on my tv i cannot explain to you how it makes me feel pure this is what i promise you. if, for some reason, russia were to be successful in occupying ukraine i would be the worst thing for russia and the russian people you could imagine. >> it gives me chills listening
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to joey jones. of heard him share that story and it's something i haven't been able to get out of my mind. that's the reality of war, harris, those are the -- there are many examples of the individuals who had their hounds bound were shot in the back of the head. one of the victims was a 14-year-old boy. there are children or the victims of sexual abuse, there are women with their heads shaved, evoking images of era. these are atrocities being committed one after the other. the mayor of speed 37 say this, they run over them with a tank and apparently one of the commanders when he taught people in the back of batterson where here to cleanse you from the dirt paired what does that sound like? it sounds like that we've seen in history across this planet. these are atrocities i'm very glad the president is finally calling putin a war criminal. too little, too late. but where are the f3 hundreds?
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this is over in the u.k., this is the most barbaric example of russia taking full advantage of the west timidity to stand up and that is exactly what this is. there are 20 billionaires in russia, half of which are not sanctioned. one of which was the one that gave hunter biden $3.5 million. call him a war criminal, but thoughts muffle that up with some actions bid is a lot we can do. >> as you know, emily, over the weekend we learned the citizens who had fled "outnumbered" what were being told don't go near it. don't just try to come back to the city, not even the outskirts. putin did something here that we have not seen. i don't even want to say that dogs name from 1945. i don't like to compare decade to decade, but it is right out of this place. that is you weaken the will of the people by showing them what you will do to them as individuals. those who do not have weapons,
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show the world what you're willing to do to get what you want. that is what putin has done. there is mines all over the place commits dangerous, but the psychological damage that it does to see her former friends and neighbors bound and tortured. the women raped, that is out of a world war ii playbook. >> that's right baird we are saying a whole new level of bloodthirsty violence that, up until now, -- that was beheaded. all of the anecdotes he provided, that was pro-ukrainian lawmaker by the way. this is apparently a message from the russian professional forces for this ukrainian lawmaker. it is coming from putin. it's coming from the top. this is a whole new chapter of absolute rage incarnate. we are watching it unfold here.
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i think it bakes really important questions. as we watch this unfold that we watch this extermination unfold we are not helpless. it raises important questions about what this administration will do with the kremlin as "the wall street journal" wrote this morning as the u.s. really going to work with the kremlin to implement another nuclear deal with iran? how is russia still a member of the human rights council? this is exposed united nation is worse than useless. we've brought up ongoing conversation with the icc and icj. we talked about the lack of enforcement there. we are not a member of the icc. >> it raises that point which is talk is cheap. as a whole host of action we can do starting with refusing to work with putin unless -- --
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the ruble has rebounded at somewhat. it hasn't come completely back, but it didn't have to. their economy is damaged, but you know brian, you said it too appeared it could take months. were simply not doing what we could. but we made a promise, kayleigh, we said we never would let this happen again. >> sanctions are great. they are leaky. it's oil and gas in america. >> coming up the u.s. is breaking for a massive run at the southern border. when trump arrow restrictions are lifted next month. wait until you hear who the white house is blaming for the crisis this time. you know they are not doing the
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>> the attorneys general of arizona, louisiana command missouri are now suing the biden administration with a move to end title 42, the pandemic era productions implemented under the trump administration to restrict the number of migrants. now this has multiple sources confirm to fox news, there have been over 300,000 known cutaways at the border in the last six months alone, including more than 62,000 justin march. that means 2,000 people slip past border agents every day but that's a major concern as
9:17 am
criminals frequently try to sneak into the country as well. if you're looking for the white house to take any responsibility for the mess you'll have to look somewhere else. here's chief of staff ron klain. >> we need to do more work at the border. the president set a migration plan to congress in his first day in office. we've asked consistently for more resources. >> tommy i want to go back to this data for a second pair is at the rate rate of thousand known cutaways just in six months including more than 62,000 in march alone. 2,000 people slipping past our border control every day. without title 42 that is expected to triple. >> the other is going to be a run on our border that i've told me they are bracing for an overwhelming situation. they are already overwhelmed. what happens when you have a run on our border like this. people are going to get through, they're not going to be turned away. then they're going to phone home in a gonna say listen, i skated
9:18 am
there now it's your time to come as well. not just going to see people from the norm northern tribal countries are going to see the people to want to come and live in the united states of america, and i don't blame them. the great country, the greatest in the face of the earth. eager to see the world people rushing our borders. now title 42 is a great thing to have in place, the protection of our inflation. we need to go back -- and haley knows this as well -- of the zero-tolerance policy that the trump administration had in place. it was crickets. quiet. the border control agents were actually able to focus on those criminals coming over. you mention the 300,000 likely more got a ways. those are familiar with that term means that those two didn't past border control, these are people who have slip through undetected. we don't know the numbers. they are coming with drugs, they're coming there criminals. the fontanelle which is killing americans in staggering numbers, they are bringing that across
9:19 am
two and it is only going to get worse. >> brian, just to make sure i have on claims point straight straight here. this administration stopped, canceled our entire agreement with -- at any overfilled facilities throughout the immigration chain, flies have run throughout the country in the middle of the night, and so much more pay them blames congress for not taking their joke of a bill for granted amnesty to basically everyone for the crisis at the border. yet refuses to we are -- >> don't ask me to interpret ron klain because i can't do that. but the fact of the biden administration obviously wants to dodge their failure. it's their failure be a dave at a year to figure out what to do with covert protection and protocol goes away. they have done nothing about that. i don't even think we can predict when these numbers are going to look like.
9:20 am
we can track a lot of those. 300,000 known got a ways are the known got a ways. anybody on the border will tell you that number drastically understates what is really going on. can you imagine being one of these border patrol agents facing the end of may and the wave of people who are going to come over and these agents are going to -- it's going to coming to be sent right back into the country this is a whole country issue. it's not a border ratio. it's a whole country issue. i'm afraid the country is going to feel it like never before when we get to the end of may and beyond that this year. >> kayleigh come i want to read to you a certain concept that arises out of the complaint that these republican attorneys have filed. it's not quite a legal argument but it's a conceptual point they make. they say this suit challenges and imminent self-inflicted calamity.
9:21 am
the abrupt elimination of the only safety valve preventing this administration's disastrous border policies from devolving into a unmitigated catastrophe. >> they are exactly right. i don't know they'll have much luck prevailing just like president trump had great latitude with title 42 in place. coming back up to blaming congress. so you're blaming congress beer last time i checked -- blame congress ahead of midterm stage congress is literally up for -- let me ask the question. are these coveted mandates for illegal immigrants going to expire before the mask mandate on air plans? are they going to expire before dr. fauci talks about these days? apparently the border restriction title 42 expiring on may 23rd. considering public health conditions and increased availability of fighting covert
9:22 am
the cdc director has determined that suspending the right to introducing migrants is no longer necessary so why are we still wearing masks on airplanes? keep it up, mansion calls this frightening peers is democrat he said hey, don't do this without a plan in place. your own party criticizing you? you can blame it back on them. >> that's right it's an american impacted issue. no matter what party you are it affects every american here. everyone is experiencing the drain on our resources. mexico decided to wipe away its -- you know all of these things have an impact. and i cannot remember if it was brian or tommy, but one of you mention the fact that our
9:23 am
relationship with mexico is different. he mentioned it in your introduction. we don't have the kind of understanding -- albeit through tariffs that the former president but on that country, we don't have the understanding about the payments are going to be like if they don't help to stem the tide. so all of these things have an impact. i want to go back to something -- a human element that brian was touching on. my goodness when you say your prayers at night include them. can you imagine the danger that is down there? the god always write about. the number is likely higher. but it isn't just about the number commits about the types of people and what they are willing to do to keep our border occupied while they become god always. this is a concerted effort to go behind her back.
9:24 am
they are doing their crimes is there crossing and moving. this is the same president that is also advocated for removing immunity of those agents. you are absolutely right. coming up a major admission from "the washington post." a reckoning is in store for the media over the coverage of the hunter biden scandal or lack thereof. but what about the political left and social media platform that gave that story cover? will they be held accountable? that is next. when it comes to pain medicine, less is more. aleve gives long-lasting freedom from pain, with fewer pills than tylenol. instead of taking pills every 4-6 hours, aleve works up to 12-hours so you can focus on what matters. aleve. less pills. more relief do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now
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9:29 am
the lesson learned from 2016 was evidently to erin bleeding on the side of a political campaign. lessons learned from 2020 suppressing accurate and relevant stories. reminds me of this moment in the flashback 2016. remember when "the new york times" essentially apologized to its readers. they said this in a letter to their readers. as we reflect on the momentous results pulling re-dedicating our job to fundamental mission. that is to report america honestly without fear or favor. you can rely in "the new york times" the same independence or coverage of the new president. except it didn't happen. >> i was wondering why they feel like they needed to rededicate themselves?
9:30 am
you think you can look how long it took them to actually fix the fact that they were wrong or knew that they were wrong and lied. i'm still not sure which one they were copping to in terms of the hunter biden story and the laptop. i mean it is confusing. i think the american people get it right here. they've decided they don't trust the mainstream media a big chunk of the time. i'm not happy about that. i've spent my whole life as a journalist. i do understand it. when i look at some of the behavior. how can we trust you? the big picture to me is the fact that was our president compromised and does anybody care about that at the white house? okay, let's see that. let's seek coverage of that.
9:31 am
every day. >> remember "the new york times" -- after they made that to their readers. harrison's point, tommy, who is the big guy? remember biden in the 2015 dinner people were doing deals with hunter biden. there was another meeting were allegedly burisma said hey we met with joe biden in an email to hunter biden. 12 days later hunter biden registered -- a lot of questions journalist should be asking in a lot of lack of transparency. it's so easy for democrats in these biden officials and even
9:32 am
then the mainstream media decides under investigation. like that's supposed to placate. but beyond just the mainstream media let's talk about social media. let's talk about the collusion between big tech, the democratic party, and the mainstream media to silence or censor any narrative they don't like or that brought compromises their political beliefs or their political agenda. that is what happened here. now they are giving us whoops i'm sorry. why is it that the left and the companies controlled by the left are always able to issue a little corrections or apologies without fear of being canceled? meanwhile conservatives have had their information censored and canceled and ended for things that were actually true. where is the accountability for the democratic party, the biden administration, the big tech command the mainstream media. a lot of people need to be answering our questions. >> really we laid out these questions for president biden
9:33 am
which is that 2015 dinner. a trio of causes and attendance with the former vice president. russian millionaire and the mayor's wife. a lot of questions, emily. is the president confident -- wanted to be really clear. these are actions by hunter they don't apply the president and they are certainly. >> just boggles the mind. does the administration still stand behind a president biden's comments that my son is not made money in terms of this thing you're talking about, china.
9:34 am
a little word salad but it basically saying to my son has made no money in regards to china. but i sent a probe has already uncovered that his son made at least $11 million that was wired from a chinese official account controlled by hunter. on top of that we know that hunter reportedly still has a 10% stake partnership with the chinese bank that was arranged on a trip with his father, who was then the vice president. we know there was a run of indictment or exposure to this investigation is all of a sudden the media is starting to circle around. people are leaking about it. the question is begged that if there is indeed an indictment, wouldn't his father be named in the papers? necessarily isn't that a typical federal bus prosecutorial probe were associates or name when you have someone that is being investigated for money laundering, tax evasion, and in proper lobbying. this will not be a solo subject.
9:35 am
biden has a lot to our answer for. even if the president isn't named. is there any line we need to be careful of here? that's a criticism. they did all the things that you mentioned. >> the question remains about a conflict of interest. >> and i care about who is the big guy. up next to a growing number of kids are committing crimes in chabot. the mayor says all they need is love and there's an ironic twist or comments. he won't want to miss it, that is next. veteran homeowners, need a financial boost? the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call.
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speak of the head of the chicago city film office was rushed to the intensive care unit after being beaten up by what he said
9:40 am
to her three kids into his car last week. this puts a new face on a growing problem in chicago. new police data revealed juvenile suspects arkham pleading for more than half of all carjackings in chicago. remember that's a category of crime that is ticked up by 77%. the city's democratic mayor, lori lightfoot, says it's because the young people are unloved. >> there's too many young people in this world who do not feel loved. too many. we have to change that around if we are going to change around the trajectory of their lives. >> emily, former attorney, you've been in the prison system. what is your take on what she says? >> i'm still an attorney and my take is that that is a joke. here's why chicago's carjacking is at its highest level in more than two decades. the task force has unmasked
9:41 am
multiple agencies has determined -- and this is what the problem is, that the people that have been arrested for vehicle hijacking is only about 11% of the carjackings. of those prosecutors approve the prosecution is fewer than half of those cases. considering that at least half the suspects or juveniles they are being let out of the system and they're going free. they are being let down easy because they are juveniles. it's not that they are unloved. there are no consequences, no deterrent consequences. they have the data, they even have the day of the week that is the most vulnerable. everything is in place. they need to be equipped to handle their business so that these thrill seekers are deterred from engaging in these violent carjackings that we report on every single day that have zero accountability for them. >> and your experience -- i
9:42 am
don't want to call it a gateway crime because it can turn violent depending on the situation. but is it one of those crimes that leads to more recidivism of different categories of crime? >> most of the surrounding targets are actually not necessarily carjacking itself, but possession of stolen property or whatever they are there are ancillary crimes that are often charged. i think that generally the recidivism is in all of these categories. they are just running wild on the streets. everything that we are seeing includes robbery, includes assaults. most of them do result in violence, especially if they try to resist. >> i know this is a local issue. the federal government via president biden has said that money not love, money can cure this. >> president bob trump devoted
9:43 am
prosecuted crimes. president biden did -- quickly come here's where she's right and here's where she is wrong. at the root of a lot of our society is the fact that there are kids who do not have loving adults in their lives. she is right about that. but that didn't just start happening. why is crime just now picking up over the past two or three years? it's because of judges who gave people minimum sentences and have re-committed crimes yes, being -- >> i watch that entire interview. and, tom a, one of the things chicago's mayor says was that murder is coming down. all of these other categories of crime are not coming down. they are looking to wear -- were some things are getting better -- but when it comes to juveniles it is rampant. >> right, i love what kaylee said about the unloving situation we have. that is nothing new.
9:44 am
but you also have a democrat party and a lot of these democrat figureheads that are actively rooting against the american families and all those things and keeping them at the forefront. let's not forget that. i say for and can have parents like peach there kids right from wrong we need enough police officers in the streets that are well-equipped and they need to have the tools and resources to support these kids bear they need love but they also need consequences and the need tough love which is in short supply. >> on the heels of that i asked the question i asked earlier all the things that are out there who wants to be -- governments job is not to love the youth in the community, it is to serve the community by enforcing the law. this is a dodge by mayor lightfoot. she doesn't want to do the hard work of taking care of the community. tough love starts with enforcing the laws around the books. >> will move on to him
9:45 am
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9:49 am
life in the white house on his administration's efforts to tackle the supply chain crisis. plus national security advisor jake sullivan will be joining jen psaki live at the white house briefing room as president biden says speed dominic putin should be brought to trial for war crimes. we are live at our southern border as it is reported 2,000 migrants slipped past border agents under this administration each day. kayleigh mcenany, charles payne, marsha blackburn and more coming up life as america reports top of the hour. hillary clinton pinning the problem within our own party on republicans as she attempts to downplay concerns of an upcoming democratic let bloodbath in the midterm. watch. >> i'm well aware that midterms are always difficult for the party in power. we have a great story to tell and we need to get out there and do a better job of telling it. i would add that republican
9:50 am
party politics you have an even greater disconnect. unfortunately most of that party has not gone to the extreme and are saying and doing things that have no basis in reality. >> really, brian? are we the ones not living in reality? >> this is stocked in epic case of projection. imagine how extreme it is to say we want kids to be in school. we want them to learn reading, writing, arithmetic. we want to defend the southern border. would like to see prices come down. would like to see american energy develop. is it very extreme positions -- the only thing you can do when you're hillary clinton's punch but is try to say the other side is doing what your site is been doing. it seems to be so obvious to everyone -- if that's the best democrats have this year to try and tell their story, they are an even bigger problem than everybody thought when it comes to the midterms. >> and, tomi, bring it home.
9:51 am
>> yeah, listen, i have another take on this. i think hillary clinton relishes the fact that the democrat party is doing well. i think she wants us to turn to her as some saving grace. i believe she loved us she think she is plotting and planning are come back. joe biden is handed out or up your little does she know that she's probably even less likable than joe and kamala harris. i think she is loving this moment. it's her time to trying to be back on tv. i think she's loving it is much as the rest of us. >> i agree with what you're saying. because politically tommy -- it makes sense for other things that she's doing. then she criticizes him for not doing enough. she's already causing some rifts in the party, that gives her one thing that she cannot get enough of them that is relevance and attention. so yeah, i think tommy hit the nail on the head.
9:52 am
>> i agree, hillary could be mounting a come back. i think she's a narcissist addicted to power and attention and she did not rule out a run in 2024. someone more likable than hillary clinton as hard as that is stephen say. but what do you look at what she said she says just tell them we are trying our hardest, really? you think what people go to the gas pump in its nearly $100 to fill up an suv they are trying their hardest? it's nonsensical. is like comedy our satire when you want. >> but again that's a reality. she says the g.o.p. isn't living in one. do you think this is going to work? how far do you think we have to watch with baited breath or simply popcorn as this dumpster fire keeps going on? >> the midterms are the battle of reality. because the read on reality. who think they understand the
9:53 am
situation that americans face. i think it's going to be nearly impossible for democrats to make that case given where they've lined up on all the issues that matter the people. so if hillary clinton wants to make the reality play i think she's going to find that her party runs into a brick wall of reality and people are living every day all across this country -- not on twitter, but in real places where they are facing real problems. >> that's right, tomi, one final word. >> is imperative hillary clinton is your p.r. lady i think it'll go very well in november. i think the red wings coming in is going to be sizable. >> all right, guys, more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪ ♪ we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay
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9:58 am
chris rock. the comedian posted a picture on instagram with her son and the caption "out of office reply for the next month, thanks." now, kayleigh, it comes to mind your bit of an snark when it comes to amy schumer. >> poor amy, i feel so bad for her. the trauma she is incurring, not at all. i guarantee you go on poor amy's twitter feed, you don't see tweets about the crimes rising and the atrocity on the southern border, but her and her son are traumatized by a slap, give me a break. you are not traumatized over a slap, don't need to say the trauma. >> and also not looking inward. they gave him a standing ovation, emily, like a few minutes after the slap because he won an award and they are fans in hollywood of their own. >> i think i'm a little confused. i don't think i have the rules right. i thought she was not allowed to be traumatized because she's
9:59 am
privileged, checks the boxes for like 18 privileges, she cannot have trauma through someone else, isn't that cultural appropriation, isn't that trauma appropriation, isn't she too insulated, so i have is he row time, 0 tolerance for the stuff out of her twitter feed. >> and keeps us from talking about what's important here. the excuse of love for violence. there is so much. >> how about the fact we started the show with real trauma. >> amen. >> let's have a little perspective here, go back to work, let's make the world a better place instead of creating fake reasons for trauma and trigger. there are plenty of real reasons out there. >> apparently, tomi, not so triggered or traumatized she would not speak out and the fact they gave him the standing ovation. made will the victim, not chris. >> it's popular now to cry out, like the me too movement, it's
10:00 am
what anybody else is doing, relevance, attention, some limelight, that is what they do with. this is elitism to me. the average american cannot take a month off to sit in bed with their child because they were so traumatized. give me a break. >> they just clap. anyway. "america reports" now. >> sandra: thank you, harris. moments from now, set to here from president biden on the supply chain and how his administration plans to fix it. >> john: along with economic issues, sky high inflation and gas prices. kayleigh and phil flynn coming up ahead. >> sandra: fox news alert to kick off "america reports" and a brand-new week, as horrific new images of russia's atrocities ag


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