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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 4, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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screech and watch this spectacle. what happens is the mother just left. just walked away and the nanny could barely hold this kid. he was squirming and wiggling and the dad he was totally checked out. wasn't a disciplinarian and it was unacceptable and it drove me crazy. tucker carlson will not drive you crazy. see you tomorrow. ♪♪ >> tucker: evening and welcome to tucker carlson. it's a good day in america, maybe a rare good day. we'll celebrate no matter what. here's a context for why it's good. censorship is terribly the hallmark of neo-liberalism. have you noticed that? leaders seem to spend a lot more time trying to control what we say and think than trying to improve our country. that means anyone who says the
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wrong words even accidentally gets fired, banned, ostracized. if you live here, you're deeply familiar with it but censorship now defines america's public conversation. we spend an awful lot of time complaining about that on the show, probably don't spend enough time asking what is this all about? why are the authorities suddenly so intent on controlling our words? why are they so afraid of free speech. this is a new thing and the answer is pretty simple. it's an act of self-preservation. if voters were allowed to think for themselves, the entire system would teeter and possibly collapse. sound like an overstatement? okay. consider the ideas that the people in power use to justify their power and their rule over you. here's some of their slogans, not one of which you're allowed to disagree with. here they go. america is a racist country. white supremacy is our biggest threat. january 6 was a coup. ukraine is a vitally important ally. gender is a social construct.
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this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated and so on. these phrases are so common now that you may not even think about them anymore. you hear biden or pelosi for the fifth time in a single day you start to go numb but take a break from the numbness, pause and think about it. consider each of these slogans on its merit. are the words actually true? do they correspond to reality? observed reality? no, they don't. none of them do. in fact, they are ridiculous. they are laughable, and that would be very obvious to all of us if we were allowed to think about it but we're not allowed to think about it. effectively all rational scrutiny of the regime's claims have been banned with the help of so-called news organizations. our social media platforms which once promised to give every american a voice now function like the north korean state news agency. they are organs of propaganda. this crept us on it and it caught a lot of people by surprise, particularly conservatives. they were taught from a very
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young age to support big business because big business was a bulwark against government overreach and that makes sense and it was true for quite a while. but very few imagined what it would look like if big business harnessed monopoly power and then joined that power with government power to strip us of our constitutional rights. again, this happened incrementally but now it's here. so these aren't really free market companies. they resemble repressive governments. they are too big. they are too powerful for you to do anything about. you can't resist. so if you want to talk in public in 2022 you have to submit to their censorship. it's depressing. it doesn't seem like there is a solution. that's what america looked like when we woke up this morning. but thankfully, and it's nice to be able to say this on a monday, things are changing and they appear to be changing fast. elon musk, who is the head of tesla and famously a billionaire
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just announced that he bought an almost 10% stake in twitter making him the largest shareholder. why does this matter? because twitter matters whether you want it to or not. but twitter sets the tone for all news coverage, all information. twitter is where our professional class goes to learn which opinions are acceptable and which are forbidden and the effect is obvious to everybody. if our public conversation suddenly seems stilted and one-sided it is because in part twitter itself is so stilted and so one-sided. anyone who dares express a let row docks opinion even if it's true gets banned. we found that out last week the hard way so whatever you think or think you think of elon musk he certainly understands that. "given that twitter serves as the de facto public town square," he wrote recently, failing to adhere to spree speech principles fundamentally
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undermines democracy. that's true. twitter's shares surged nearly 30% of elon musk's purchase so for him it turned out to be a pretty good buy but it's hard to imagine he bought twitter shares for the investment. he's already the world's richest man, he does not need the money. could this be the first move in a hostile takeover of twitter that transforms twitter into a platform for free speech? seems that way. elon musk is not an orthodox conservative but he sees the people in power with devastaing the clarity. a few months ago he described wokeness, the ideology of twitter's business operation as "one of the greatest threats to modern civilization." watch. >> it's prevalent -- arguably one of the biggest threats to civilization. do we want a humorless society that's simply rife with condemnation and hate basically.
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wokeness is divisive, exclusionary, and hateful. it basically gives mean people a reason -- it gives them a shield to be mean and cruel. arm mored in false virtue. >> tucker: when was the last time you heard a crisper and more precise definition than that? wokeness gives mean people a shield to be mean and scroll arm mored in false virtue." end quote. not a lot of c.e.o.'s talk this way. they are not allowed. a c.e.o. that does talk this way may take over one of the most communication platforms in the united states is cause for celebration. real celebration. censors are powerful but it turns out they may not be all-powerful. so what happens next? let's be very clear. this is not a business transaction. it's much bigger than that. elon musk is a massive threat to
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the way things, are so it won't be long before they start calling him a racist. they are studying everything elon musk has said in public to have one of the massive character assassinations. restoring free speech to twitter is the greatest possible threat to the people in charge. they have to control the information. if they don't, they fall. so you're going to be hearing a lot about elon musk in the coming days and all of it will be negative. at some point they will unearth this clip with the babylon beast. some type of fascist talker, we'll let you judge for yourself. >> there are not enough people, i can't say this enough, there aren't enough people, and i think one of the biggest risks civilization is the low by the rate and the rapidly declining birth rate. and yet so many people including smart people think there are too
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many people in the world and think that the population is growing out of control. it's completely the opposite. please look at the numbers. if people don't have more children civilization will crumble. mark my words. >> tucker: okay. so the first tip that what you just heard is forbidden is that it's real. he's not talking about something ephemeral. ease not talking about the academy awards. he's talking about perpetuating the species, something that has inherent meaning and that we ought to be thinking about but by design we aren't. have more children, he said. that's one of the things you're no longer allowed to say in public. musk has already ignored that order with eight kids the problem people with eight kids are hard to control. why? because they are apt to love their own kids more than the corporation they work for or more than the government they live upped so neo-liberal leaders hate the idea of big families in the same way they hate the religion of religions based because both are a challenge to their power. that's one of the main reasons
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they despise viktor orban of hungary because of his policies. we went to see him last summer and here's how he described to us what he's doing in hungary. >> what is going on here is building up a society which is very successful. economically, politically, culturally, even -- family policy. what you see here could be described as a success story but the fundamentals of the success are totally different than created by many other countries, so the liberals cannot accept that inside civilization there is a conservative national alternative that is more successful in everyday life than the liberal wants. >> tucker: a world leader who reads books and talks like it.
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so he's essentially arguing that hungary is hated by the leaders of other countries because the contrast is so stark. hungary is conservative and let's be clear what we mean. it's conservative in pretty much exactly the same way the united states was conservative in 1998. not old fashion repressive conservative, whatever that is, but just sort of normal people conservative. the conservative you remember very well before the lunatics took over. hungary has stayed that course thanks to the man you just saw. as a result, it's turned out to be much more successful, by which we mean much more stable and much happier than most of the liberal countries that surrounds it. that's true and that's why they hate orban so much arc living rebuke to their ideas and yet, this is our second piece of good news, he was reelected yesterday for the fourth time in an electoral landslide. in his speech orbegan described the victory as a win for sensible nationalism which it certainly is, as well as a rebuke to "the left at home, the international left, the brussels
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bureaucrat, the soros impact with all of its money, mainstream media and in the end the president of ukraine." all of those forces and people are bitterly opposed to orban's re-election. you can see y. he says the obvious things out loud. for example, he said in order to protect families you first have to secure your national borders. watch. >> if somebody be getting permission on behalf of the hung garrian state across your border you have to defend your country, say, guys, stop. if you would like to cross or come, there is a legal procedure. we have to do it. but you can't cross, you know, without any kind of limitation and permission, and contribution and control of the hung garrian state. it's dangerous. you have to defends your people against any danger. >> tucker: and you think you have a right to do that. of course. >> it's coming from the god, nature, because this is our country. this is our population.
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this is our history. this is our language. so we have to do that. of course, if you're in trouble, and there is nobody closer to you than the hung garrians we have to be helpful but you can't say simply, okay, it's a nice country, i would like to come here and live here because it's a nicer life. this is not a human right to come here, no way, because it's our land. it's a nation. it's a community, families, history, tradition, language. >> tucker: families, history, tradition, language. find five people who are against those things. people who are against those things are people who hate the idea of countries. who would like to eliminate all distinctions between countries because that would make them more powerful. so you just watched a guy who runs a nation of -- 10 million people in central europe. why is it so threat thank he's running a country that looks
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like america in 1998? what are people so mad about that? because it's a challenge for the monopoly. they are mad at him for the same reason very soon they will be every bit as mad as elon musk. he's challenging their power and that's the only advantage they have. if there is competition in the marketplace they lose because their products are terrible. so you won't be surprised to learn this, our media is set out to slam viktor orban, let's stop orban, the name of the guy who just got elected. hungary's authoritarian leader calls zelenskyy an opponent after winning re-election. they don't even explain it. just prima facie. he's terrible. he criticized somebody you're not allowed to criticize so he's a putin stooge. a couple of questions here. no one in hungary -- almost all hungarian energy comes from
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russia so probably best not to pick a fight with russia which is much bigger than hungary, multiple the size of hungary but in what sense is he a putin stooge? he was one of the first leaders in europe to denounce the russian invasion of ukraine. that wasn't in the cnn piece, and how is it an authoritarian just won a landslide in a nationwide election? why is viktor orban an 0 authoritarian and not just an unusually popular prime minister elected for the fourth time? to answer that question orban's critics have to make stuff up. they are reportedly upset that mr. orban has used his majority in parliament to rewrite election laws, redraw voting districts and permit mail-in ballots without identity verification. so orban, it turns out, you might let people vote by mail and that cannot be allowed in hungary. he's an authoritarian for doing that.
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unbelievable. jason stanley, a confirmedion genius who apparently teaches at yale university, offered this assessment which is equally hilarious. savor this. if you control the education system the media and courts, you can rule forever enriching your family and friends. really? what's interesting, is that media in hungary are far less controlled by one party than they are in the united states. there is much more diversity of view allowed in hungary than in the united states. much more. just count the publications. their partisan affiliation, and you will see it's much more diverse in hungary. so there is not a lot of self-awareness on display ever on the left, particularly not today on the subject of viktor orban. i see this assessment on twitter, "for the whole country to be couple of days down by propaganda, it's crazy. they literally brainwash people, in the countryside they just repeat the state media stock lies. there are only a handful of
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independent media outlets and they are hard to find." >> tucker: they are always talking about themselves. back in silicon valley they openly admit though suppress any speech the democratic party doesn't want to hear. here, for example, is twitter's new c.e.o., our rule is not to be bound by -- our rule -- [inaudible] >> rules deflecttive of things that we believe need to adhere to the conversation. thinking about free speech, thinking about how -- changed. one of the changes today we see is speech -- most people can speak. our law is politically emphasize of who can be heard. >> tucker: sharpen our country as an adult become widely successful, take over one of the most important institutions in
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american life, nexus through which all of our ideas flow and then you announce without shame that you could care less about our constitution and you seek to strip us of our constitutional rights. you you don't seem embarrassed as we say that. who are we watching? we're watching somebody who has a monopoly. they don't care what you think because they have a monopoly. here's the good news. that monopoly is ending. candace owens, we're happy to have her join us. thanks so much for coming on. so we're watching two monopolies fall tonight, and i, for one, am celebrating. >> yes, we should be celebrating. honestly, it was such great news to wake up to on a monday morning because it's been followed by back-to-back abysmal news, it seems that way at least but the one thing i want to say here is it's more than a threat to free speech we're talking about when we look at twitter and this is why what elon musk is doing is so important. they have censored information that's critical in terms of peel
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being informed about people they are voting about. when you talk about the biden laptop, we're still avoiding the more important parts of the conversation, and they are only now admitting it because it's been years later and the guy they wanted in the white house is there. they labeled this as misinformation. right? we're talking about also a disruption, when they censor speech, a disruption to the free markets, right? they censor any and all evidence about things that pertain to the vaccines recently. they knew it caused heart inflammation but if you said my child had heart inflorida 345igs you were banned. your account was sensored. i particularly used my account to talk about all the women we're talking about, irregular menses and at that time it was hit until finally the f.d.a. decided to acknowledge, yes, this is happening, which means we're not being given control over our own life because they are deciding on the narrative when it pertains to our health, when it pertains to the conversation, even right now, you're seeing that they are forcing us to want world war iii. they have decided that world war iii is now the thing that
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everybody needs to get on-board with so you can't say anything critical of zelenskyy although two years ago all they did talk about was critical things regarding zelenskyy. you had the "washington post" cigarticles that he was part of the global elite. you're not allowed to say that anymore without being accused of being anti-chrysanthemum particular in spite of the fact this was language used by the left two years ago. it's impacting our conversation on national level but also an international level which is why i'm so happy to see that viktor orban won. it's great because he's standing up for values and he's staring though people in the face saying we don't care what you have to say. you're who we're trying to fight. we understand the corruption, when you stop looking at what impacts and helps people on a national level and you instead demand that you have this global monopoly taking shape, so, you know, cued does to the people in hungary and hopefully this is indicative of a major sea change in america as well. >> tucker: i hope that's right.
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if you want to know who your underdog is, ask yourself who is google and apple and the state department not supporting? that's the underdog. right there. candace owens, appreciate your point. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: more on viktor orban's victory later in the hour and we also found out how much the secret service has to pay to protect hunter biden while he paints his highly expensive paintings in malibu. plus a huge wave of illegal immigrants expected at the border any day. many will be flown out on secret flights to your state without your permission. that's next. this is... ♪♪ this is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us?
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>> tucker: a lot of americans are worried about the economy. they feel like there is a downturn on the way. biden is not worried. he's rich. living in malibu doing his painting and he's safe, because you're paying to protect him. we look into that for you tonight. hi, matt. >> fox news has confirmed biden is being paid about $20,000 per month to rent a home here in malibu. it's described as an enchanting resort-style house with panoramic views of the pacific ocean and the secret service is spending more than $30,000 a
5:26 pm
month to rent a nearby property to protect biden. the rental house is the cost of doing business for the agency since hunter bide? >> and other members of the president's family are entitled to around the clock security the secret service reportedly spent $3,000 per month to rent a studio apartment for ivanka and jared. >> a spokesman says it does not comment on the means, methods and resources used to conduct its protective operations. tucker. >> tucker: matt from los angeles, thanks so much. firearms don't apply to you, only trump voters. will the secret service protect you? hide your crime, yes, i think they would. next month the biden administration announced they will end something called title 42, allowing migrants to be turned away because they weren't vaccinated and it was the
5:27 pm
pandemic of the unvaccinated. so "the new york post" is report something charter flights carrying illegal aliens from texas are beginning to arrive again in westchester, new york, which is a long way away without the consent of the people of westchester. who cares what they think? here are pictures from the "new york post." a government contractor explains what exactly the administration is doing. watch. >> this is even about -- [bleeped] >> yes. [ bleep ] [bleeped] >> you know what i mean? >> and why. >> you know why. >> why? >> what's the big secret? everybody knows it's happening. >> you know why?
5:28 pm
>> tucker: never fully suppressed, kevin has a new column out about this. she joins us now. thanks so much for coming on. what's going on here? >> thanks, tucker. look, last october, when i came on your show to talk about another series of stories we did showing these secret migrant flights flying into white plains, we photographed the migrants getting off the planes, we photographed them them being taken away in charter boxes. they were dropped off on the new jersey turnpike to be picked up by whoever and others were dropped off at orphanages. these were supposedly unaccompanied minors. they looked quite old to us. maybe they were 17 or 18 but certainly people in their 20's in that group. mostly men. and no flights happened for a little while and then about late february, we noticed that some flights were coming through again. in fact, last night, sunday
5:29 pm
night, just after i filed that column, i got notice that there was a flight from el paso via oklahoma city that was going to land in white plains at about 11:30. so our photographer was there, filmed them, but unlike last october when we had a really good vantage point from the western side of the airport into these planes arriving, discharging their passengers getting on charter buses, authorities have become sneakier. they obviously want to hide from prying eyes what they are doing, so the plane landed and taxied over to the other side of the airport, the eastern side of the airport where it was not visible from the road, and the charter buses also were not visible. so we didn't actually see the migrants but it's a pretty good guess because that's the same plane, world atlantic airways chartered plane, chartered by the department of human -- health and human services, that
5:30 pm
was ferrying migrants at the rate of pretty much one plane per night. 150 per night from the southern border to white plains last year, from the summer into the fall, and it's the same registration number. same m.o. >> tucker: unbelievable. you're not allowed to transform someone's country without the consent of the governed. that's democracy but they are. appreciate your reporting as always. thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so, if it's fashionable, it pays. that's kind of the basic rule of modern american life. it's now possible to get financial incentives if you are identified as transgender or nonbind their. one city announced you'll get guaranteed free money if you do. that's next.
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>> tucker: there was a time in cable news, not long ago, when we would spends every night
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debating tax rates, abortion, gun control, no matter how you felt about those issues, there were two sides and you could sort of understand what the other side was saying. that's not where we are now. we're in that stage where nothing makes sense. all is darkness and the policies are just designed to hurt people. another sign of this, palm springs, california, says it will pay you to be something called nonbinary. here's that story. hi, jayson. >> hi, tucker. the country's wokest guaranteed income scheme is coming from palm springs run by lisa middleton. the state's first transgender mayor the plan is effectively meant to prevent homelessness by giving 20 residents somewhere between $600 and $900 per month for nearly two years and they can spend the money however they want. no strings attached. the only rule at this point is that the recipients have to be transgender or genderless.
5:37 pm
it's not something that you can prove. so instead of primarily using this to focus on ending poverty they are using it for gender elective -- they hope to see a $35 million budget set up by california democrats to fund various pilot programs around the state. but big picture, this is a move by mayors -- they believe redistribution of wealth solves poverty, like jack dorsey, he said, another pretty dangerous idea. here's what one council member pointed out, that is this is pretty much a huge scam. >> the bureaucracies that we've set up to fund poverty programs and to staff them, are probably much more expensive than giving the people the money who need it. >> now, she goes on to point out that this is really just about
5:38 pm
getting the data necessarying to prove that this whole scheme works. but much like the people it's supposed to help in palm springs, guaranteed income presents as a good idea. all the data seems to point out it doesn't quite get us to the point of defeating poverty in a way that's efficient with the use of funding. it's just too expensive. >> tucker: it just reflects concerns. we had a hundred thousand people die -- from passing out money, how about their families. not fashionable. it's great to see you, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: this is all moving pretty fast. in fact, so fast it makes you think there is a brick wall ahead because it's too crazy to continue. the joe biden justice department, for example, just threatened to sue any state that blocks "gender affirming care for children." gender affirming care is a euphemism for chemical castration, radical plastic
5:39 pm
surgery, treatment for gender dysphoria. here's a doctor trying to identify it. watch. >> provides not only mental health support but also medical intervention, to provide relief during puberty. why puberty? if -- puberty means that it will become harder, sometimes impossible, to look like and be seen as the gender you know yourself to be. so the question is, do you conform the identity to the physical appearance, or do you conform the physical appearance to the identity? the humane answer is to form the physical appearance to the identity. >> tucker: so do the science people have a single long term study showing the longitudinal effects of chemical castration hormone treatment on children? no, not one. they are just making it all up. stephen miller is one of the few people who is fighting back in
5:40 pm
an organized way against the biden administration's efforts to make this mandatory. he's a senior white house adviser. he joins us. thanks so much for joining us. people are sitting back and watching this happen. you're not. what are you going to do about it? >> so we have a lawsuit in federal court right now, and here's the core of the issue. last week, the department of justice issued a threat to all 50 states saying that doctors are in violation of federal law if they don't provide gender affirming care, which, as you mentioned, means you have to medically drug boys as if they were girls and girls as if they were boys. now this might have caught some people by surprise but then it caught my group by surprise because the foundation for this was laid earlier last year, with the health and human services department declaring that the sex discrimination prohibition in obama care will forevermore be read as preventing discrimination based on gender
5:41 pm
identity. so we're suing in federal court to say very clearly doctors have the absolute right to treat patients as the sex they actually are. you cannot force a doctor to give a male boy estrogen. you can't force a doctor to give a female girl testosterone. you can't be enforced to engage in genital mutilation. these are basic things, tucker. >> tucker: may i ask you, you've been around a while, you worked on the hill, in the senate and everything, it was just the other day they were telling us that medical decisions were between a citizen and his or her doctor. it was your body, your choice, and politicians should not be telling doctors what kind of medical care to provide. weren't they just telling us that but now politicians are telling doctors what medical care to provide? >> it's a great point. here's another wrinkle. for two years we were lectured, you can't give people high
5:42 pm
-- i i've medical tin. tucker, the use of testosterone to change someone's gender is off label. doctors are being forced to use these drugs in an off-label, unauthorized fashion to castrate boys and girls. future generations will look on us today with astonishment and horror. >> tucker: this is too silly to continue. this is not going to work long term. appreciate it so much. >> thank you. >> so viktor orban reelected for the fourth time in a landslide in hungary last night. our next guest says this is not just a win for orban and his party but for families around the world, a new kind of governing idea that serves people. that's straight ahead. music
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victory in hungary raises the question, can there be one small country in the world guided by christian values, just roughly christian precepts? and that actively cares about supporting families? while leaders say there can't be any country on earth like that it's just too threatening but the voters of hungary said we're happy to be that country. we talked to orban last summer, he said hungary, because of those positions, has become a capital for conservatives around the world. watch. >> i've noticed in the last few nights in budapest, i've run into americans, who want -- do you see budapest as kind of the capital of this kind of thing? >> the capital of that kind of thing or one of the capitals because the other european countries are also very competitive at producing very nice ideas and organizing that
5:49 pm
kind of community of conservative and christian democrats, seekers, as we do. >> tucker: even though he's a legal philosopher, she spent a lot of time in hungary. thanks for coming on. what do you think orban's fourth victory means for the world? >> oh, it is a massive win. it's not just a win for hungary but it's definitely also a win for europe. and that's funny because you can tell that everywhere around europe, left has gone completely insane over this massive landslide victory that orban has had. and honestly, it really also shows the super anti-democratic nature of our leftist elitists because they don't really want democracy. they only want democracy when it serves them. when the outcome serves their leftist global agenda. and that's exactly why we've seen that the media, mainstream media, the e.u. bureaucrats and other lowest wing politicians
5:50 pm
have been -- have done everything they could in order to prevent orban from being reelected. as you know they have called him a racist over the years for not wanting mass migration to hungary. they have called him a bigot for not wanting children to be harmed by lgbt propaganda and for not dumping on the train of hate russia, and this all, of course, stems from the fact that they hate about him that he stands for the hungarian people. he doesn't cater to the globalists. he doesn't cater to the bureaucrats. he indicators to a hungary that's strong, that is proud, that's christian and that celebrates its national identity, that protects its borders and also supports its families and it turns out that if you do that as a leader, if you stand for your own people first, that those people will, in fact, vote for you. >> tucker: it's just interesting
5:51 pm
that the new two big national elections in which roughly speaking nationalists won, our country in 2016 and yesterday in hungary, international left in both cases somehow blames russia, which wasn't involved in either one so far as i know, that's kind of the go-to excuse, isn't it? >> oh, absolutely. their favorite excuse now, and there are many more, of course. like i said, these people aren't actually, in fact, democratic. and they won't stop now. now that orban has won. they use all sorts of arguments to say the elections were rigged, fraudulent, or all sorts of things so they definitely won't stop. orban has won but they will just ramp up the hate thing because they are terrified that this sets an example for the rest of the western world. and the example, of course, is that, yes, in fact, we can reject globalism. and we can embrace, a country can embrace national values, can embrace traditional values, so this shows that we can turn away
5:52 pm
from that and the thing is that it's not just about hungary, this is a choice that we in the west all right now have to make. we either follow in the steps of the globalists and submit to their agenda or we go forward and we embrace our future and stand for it like the hungarian people have done. >> tucker: that's right. clearly, this is the future. i mean, globalists have destroyed their own future with their response to the russian invasion of ukraine. joe biden is destroying globalism because everything is irony. great to see you tonight, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: as you just heard correctly, in the name of democracy, nonprofits around the world have tried to short circuit actual democracy in hungary. they are literally complaining about an election result, in the name of democracy. we went there to find out how hungary resisted all of this, ngo's, people like soros, et cetera, on fox nation, extended
5:53 pm
preview and free membership at you may have noticed something called 5-g is coming to the united states. we were told that it might interfere with airplanes. we just had the most interesting conversation of the year with jonathan pellson. he said 5-g is not actually about your cell phone at all and it's controlled by china. this is one of those conversations that we got increasingly wide eyed. you should watch the whole thing but here's part of it. >> 5-g despite the advertisements is not just a faster 4-g the real pay-off of 5-g is that factories are going to use it to totally interconnect themselves. this thing called the internet of things. their traffic systems. license plate readers. facial recognition systems. the way farms operate. there are devices now and sensors, wire lessens source on
5:54 pm
tractors, put sensors in the soil to test moisture levels, all of this will be connected d.4-g network can't handle that. if they can handle a thousand calls in one sector, 5-g can handle a hundred thousand, so even though commercials talk about it being a lot faster than 4-g -- >> tucker: what you just described is a means of toll social control. >> you see what china would be so interested in being a dominant supplier of it. there is a line between a license plate reader being used to find some kidnapped child and a plate meter being used to find an opposition leader going to a rally against the sitting elected officials, or ruling officials. china is interested certainly in the second part a lot more than in the first. >> tucker: so you've heard the term 5-g. if you're like most people you don't know exactly what it is or what it will mean for your
5:55 pm
country. that was jonathan pellson who spent a lifetime in telecom explaining it better than anybody that we've seen. great interview on fox news. kamala harris tweeted a health violation. talking to kids. we'll show you the pictures. ... ...
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>> tucker: before we go tonight, here is a photograph of empress kamala harris talking to her serfs see you tonight. >> sean: welcome to hannity. joe biden is cognitively struggling and is ethically contractmized. he's a mess. his crack-addicted son facing a federal investigation that directly implicates the president of the united states himself, his v.p. kamala harris doesn't seem to fully comprehend, well, any serious issue. the entire administration is controlled by a religious climate alarmist cult. now with record-setting inflation of 40-year high, highest prices we've ever paid


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