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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 4, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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we are out of time. thank you. shannon bream is next. i'm greg gutfeld. and i love you, america. >> welcome to "fox news at night". i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, set to addres the united nations security council and tuesday after evidence of atrocities surface. ukrainian officials think more than 400 bodies have been found. they were subject to torture an
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execution. that is left out in the open. gop lawmakers are blasting hunter biden's service detail for spending thousands of dollars a month and an ocean yo plays in malibu. it looks like the cost of preparing -- [indiscernible] plus kherson -- ketanji brown jackson on track to be confirmed. following early deadlock along party lines in the judiciary committee. senator mike lee sits in on tha committee and he will sit him i but the rest of the night. we begin with the latest on the horrific images and news coming out of ukraine. griff jenkins is live. hello, griff. >> that is, good evening to you
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shana, back in washington. expect them to talk about the horrors of war that occurred near the capital. we need to warn our viewers at these images are graphic and disturbing. president zelenskyy visited, telling reporters, polk, we wan you to show the world what happened here and he called for more weapons from western countries. this time, shana, saying had th active sooner that the massacre might have been avoided. >> you great must get weapons t drop -- to drive the occupiers out of our land as soon as possible. if we would've probably need them all of these claims and tanks and artillery and weapons we could've saved thousands of people. i do not blame you. i only blame the russian military, but you could have helped. >> this is brand-new satellite
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images showed bodies strewn in the streets while russia was occupying the area in mid-march contradicting russian claims that ukrainian forces were responsible for the atrocities after russian troops left. the bodies of 410 civilians hav been retrieved and other areas around the capital of kyiv. cases of torture,, and executions. meanwhile the pentagon says russian troops and mercenaries are moving into eastern ukraine where the battle is intensifying . >> it is very clear to us that they do want to prioritize the done bus, so logically it makes sense that they're going to reinforce what is probably the place are going to reinforce th most. >> and adapt spread of plea to the mariupol, the red cross of the team helping with evacuatio efforts is being held up about 12 miles west of the seaport city and as many as 130,000 are believed to be trapped there, cut off from food, water, and
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electricity. finally they've been meeting with russian officials trying t secure him military and cease-fire, although we don't know what that exactly stands. we hope to get an update on tha when the un needs later today. shannon. >> we will check back with you. thank you very much. >> security adviser says the carnage in ukraine is not an accident, it is part of russia' broader war plan as world leaders say think will increase pressure and by promising more sanctions this week. we have that part of the story tonight. good evening, matt. >> good evening. russia is facing international condemnation at the horrific images and stories emerge of alleged atrocities committed against ukrainian civilians. as griff jenkins touched on, th bodies of 410 civilians were found in the kyiv area, recentl
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taken by russian forces. more than 100 people found buried in mass graves. president biden is now calling for an actual war crimes trial for putin. >> he is a warm -- he is a war criminal. we have to continue to provide you green for the weapons they need and continue the fight and then we have to get all the details. this could be an actual war crimes trial. this guy is brutal. >> but the ukrainian president' wedding ring a more serious accusation that a war crime, calling the murders of innocent ukrainian genocide. so far president biden and his national security adviser don't agree. that's we have seen atrocities. we have seen war crimes. we have not yet seen the level of systematic deprivation of life of the ukrainian people to rise to the level of genocide. >> russian forces have been see retreating from the kyiv area but they're not gone for good.
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revising their for strategy. meanwhile the united states see a 254-foot yacht worth a reported $120 million from a person in putin inner circle an the us is open to kick russia off the united nations council and saying that its -- re: for more trial, the white house says that there is precedent for putin to stand trial but the west will have to decide where the trial would take place. it could be in the internationa courts or the united nations. prosecutors would have the potential he risked their together evidence and putin would have to comply with an arrest warrant. shannon. >> thank you very much. there is new to evidence tonigh that russian hackers are attacking infrastructure here i the us as revenge, they say. gillian turner shows us tonight from the state department. >> russia may seek to use its
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significant cyber capabilities to go after american interests, including interest here in this country. >> one such american interest grabbing international airport in connecticut which has been hacked by russian cyber group line for the kremlin. is the first known attack on an airport since russia invaded ukraine. according to an internal government document shared with fox news, the attack occurred o march 29. they left this message behind. when the supply of weapons to ukraine stops the attacks of information structure on your country will stop your america, no one is afraid of you. the connecticut airport authority told fox news that we cannot speculate on who initiated this attack or why, bradley international airport was targeted. in this case the airport public website was compromised. >> it didn't affect airport operations.
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>> it's a scenario that the biden mac instead ministration has been warning about for weeks . >> were working with the industry knowing that that security is that something that the federal government can do o its own to the president has very publicly encourage the private sector to ensure that its cyber defenses are up-to-date. killed that is known to be engaged in cyber warfare agains ukrainian hackers but at the beginning of not march they've really ticked out anonymous, hacker group with 8 million twitter followers. national security sources tell us that cyber hackers targeting airlines and airplanes even has long been of concern take us officials are also learning before that ukrainian and russian cyber hackers are wagin against one another in cyber space will soon escalate. in washington, jillian turner, fox news. >> this growing scrutiny over-b -- hunter biden. as we've been reporting the mainstream media is finally addressing the story after a
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year of dismissing it. here is mike emanuel. >> republican investigators say the president biden's son and brother were cutting multimillion dollar deals with business officials connected to china's military. the top republican on the senat judiciary committee says that i potentially a major national security issue. >> what's concerning to us is, is there any sort of blackmail opportunity for china against the united states because of those close working relationships. >> on sunday the white house chief of staff was confronted b hunter biden. >> he's confident that is funde break the law for most importantly, that's a matter that's going to be decided by the justice department, by the legal process and something tha nobody in the white house is involved in. >> the editorial board says the hunter biden story is an opportunity for a reckoning, writing, quote, for now what's
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more compelling than the assorted accusations about the biden's behavior is this question, why is confirmation o a story that first surfaced in the fall of 2020 emerge eat onl now. the top republican on host judiciary says that is a good question. >> why all of a sudden is there focus on now what we all knew back then was the truth and the laptop was real. the only thing fake back then was the news. >> fox news has confirmed that hunter biden is paying about 20,000 per month to rent this malibu, california, home, and the secret service is spending more than $30,000 a month to rent a neighboring property to protect him. a secret service spokesman said due to the need to maintain operational security, the agenc does not comment on the means, methods, or resources used to conduct its protective operations. shannon. >> mike emanuel, thank you so much. >> the senate has voted 53-47 t
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take the supreme court nomination of judge ketanji brown jackson out of committee and to the full senate floor. that means the debate on her confirmation can begin tuesday with the final vote on thursday or friday. let's discuss the latest developments with the upcoming development -- to pack the supreme court and destroy american liberty. mike lee, that is quite a title. >> it is. it's quite a book. it's going to be big. >> in the meantime this is playing out in real-time, what happens with the supreme court. junction jackson, the committee voted today, something that senator leahy who one timed jerrod this committee, said something that you should think about when you get ready to vote . >> the history books will be taking notes. people read this history for generations to come. annually question we have is whether we will rise to meet
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this moment in history. >> it feels like they could be interpreted to mean if you vote against or you were on the wron side of history. how did you take that comment? >> i think that is what he suggested. anytime you are trying to say i you disagree with me you were i the wrong side of history, you better be ready to back that up. there were a number of us who have concerns with this nominate , concerns based on judicial philosophy and her lac of willingness to tell us what hurt traditional philosophy has been for me ask about, very often we are told look at the record so we look at her record. [ record signals things that ar in some instances troubling and on the other hand on some occasions missing from the record. missing from the record we were able to receive. so we voted no. >> an opinion piece they say th republicans seem hell-bent on running on this culture war issues and pay the price for
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opposing the confirmation of ketanji brown jackson will be u to the voters. voted against her is more of a cultural or% of the things you have going on but it's not actually about her qualifications. >> that's interesting because i didn't feel the same thing when clarence thomas was being nominated, one of the most decent human beings ever to serve in the federal judiciary. one of the most decent people i know who was attacked by the left, attacked by some of those same democratic senators who were making those same comments today. they didn't call his nomination historic. is only historic when it is someone they like and with whom they agree. they say that when they're looking at the nomination of giannis rogers brown or miguel estrada to the same court. they just do it when it's someone that matches their ideology. >> they said and we talked abou this, i talked about this last week about about the washington post saying you behave badly during this whole thing and they're not the only ones claiming that.
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here is whoopi goldberg on the view come in case you can watch it today. >> just say i don't trust the black woman to do the job because i note that you all didn't have these same issues with amy coney barrett bid you to ask those questions. i know what this is. we all know what it is. >> just as there were speaking and we caught this interaction. we want to play this for you too . >> fortunate as a mother of seven, i used to distractions. i sometimes even outbursts. >> they can continue to take th justices do. >> she had a lot like a champ just like she did during her ow confirmation proceedings, perceiving proceedings that wer fraught with unfair attacks. at the end of the day, their ow history is made and we remember the fact that it was joe biden
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who promised to filibuster the nomination of giannis rogers brown to be on the dc circuit. we know the fact that they are not sanctified here. they are not able to ignore their own record. will look at is someone's judicial record, how they would approach the law. how they would interpret that. we don't care what other characteristics they might have. we are worried about the judicial philosophy of that is what we are focused on here. >> a lot of talk you about ukraine before you go because i know that you are both of the very specific effort to try to help. >> we are britain the letter. we won't president biden to encourage the ukrainian government to set up an office in poland to facilitate the adoption of children that have fled recovering and are being adopted by people especially in the united states. we haven't gotten a response to our letter yet but we didn't expect the that. people who slice have been
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disrupted, our thoughts and prayers go out to those people, especially those children who desperately need to be with their families and some of thos families are, of course, anxiously awaiting word on monday will get to see their child. >> jonathan hunt has been there has been reporting on this. he said there are brave workers who are protecting them and moving them to where they need to go. the american families are brady here with everything sort of at a standstill and are desperate to get those children to safety as well and they know that ther are people around the world trying to help these children. so keep us updated on your efforts to see if we can streamline that. >> thank you. >> first up into a's crime roundup, sacramento police have made the first arrest and that mass shooting this weekend that left six dead and a dozen wounded. 26-year-old dion remarked and faces assault, firearm possession charges, no murder charges. multiple shooters open fired killing victims 18 from 21-57 and leaving more than 100 shell casings.
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video up multiple muggings in new york city, including the 76 wrote-year-old woman in the bronx who robbers through to th ground and broke her hip and stature person took off. another woman attacked in manhattan and beaten is the man tried to steal her purse and a third woman who was pregnant violent dip thrown to the groun in queens as a thief robbed her. also in new york, shooting caught on camera and a man fire a gun execution stop at the hea of the man he was walking back to the 26th round pick them later died of this injuries and please are asking anyone with information about this to call them. and a man grabbed by the here and punched in the new york cit subway as the suspect use it that slurs. the picken lost hair and suffered cuts to the head. crimes are up 70% in new york city compared to this time last year. all right, so did you -- breaking out of northern sea of the new ncaa men's basketball
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champion. the kansas jayhawks outlasting the north carolina tar heels 72- 69. a great game that went right down to the wire. this is the fourth national championship for kansas. only five schools as ever won more and one is unc with six. you're going to take effect liv on the ground in ukraine.
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at xfinity, we live and work in the same neighborhood as you. we're always working to keep you connected to what you love. and now, we're working to bring you the next generation of wifi. it's ultra-fast. faster than a gig. supersonic wifi. only from xfinity. it can power hundreds of devices with three times the bandwidth. so your growing wifi needs will be met. supersonic wifi only from us... xfinity. news continues to break in ukraine following the discovery of mass civilian casualties and amid accusations of and torture
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and execution. reporting live from lviv. you are part of the president zelinsky had been on the ground yesterday. what is he saying about what he saw? >> he is saying that it was horrific and as you mentioned i was a human rights watch report that detailed these cases of, torture, and executions that occurred as well as other areas around kyiv. and just get our viewers little context in the city where the bodies were strewn in the streets, some with their hands tied behind their backs, these were some areas were men, women children, elderly, were not fighting the russians and now that is why there is such a global outrage. bucha is a town of well-to-do ukrainians that worked, many of them, and the capital. it's about 30 minutes outside northwest of the city, but they have nice homes.
9:25 pm
they grope nice cars, and this was a quiet neighborhood that was absolutely destroyed by the russian forces. that is why president zelenskyy will take to the un security council today his own personal account of being on the ground to make sure that the world knows exactly what transpired. he will speak directly to the mothers of russian soldiers so that they know that their kids will be held accountable if the were part of these atrocities that were carried out. and he also speaks to the un an we expect him to say that he does not blame anyone other tha the russian troops for what happened but yet the western countries like the us and nato allies could do more to give hi the weapons he needs. is the fight continues, we're going into the 41st day of fighting. >> this is gone much differentl than we think putin has expecte it to so what are you hearing, what are the thoughts about the next phase of this war.
9:26 pm
>> well, the uk ministry of defense as well as the pentagon say that the russian troops are redeploying and intensifying fight in eastern ukraine and that donbas area. that is where we are seeing heavy shelling, heavy fighting in that area and then down ther in the south of the map, you ca see mariupol. that's the southern seaport cit where that absolute ground zero has been happening with more than 130,000 civilians still trapped, unable to get out. it's been cut off from food and water and electricity and we believe a friend christopher to evacuate civilians is being hel up about 12 miles west of mariupol. people cannot get out but they desperately need to. that will be a part of the meeting today calling for a cease-fire to get people out of there. shannon. >> thank you. we know you will have extended coverage. thank you griff, we will check back with you on that.
9:27 pm
>> let's discuss the latest coming out of ukraine and what putin next loop might be. let's talk about it with the four minutes -- along with the defense military colonel daniel davis. welcome back to the show, both of you. >> thank you. >> good to be with you. so i want to talk about what we are seeing and hearing and the allegations are arm of the vide is showing. russia says it is all fake. he said that there were not bodies in civilian casualties. here's what president zelenskyy said about what he is now calling this. >> is this genocide? >> indeed this is genocide. the elimination of the whole nation and the people you're good of the citizens of ukraine and we have more than 100 nationalities. this is about destruction and
9:28 pm
extermination of all these nationalities. >> i want to play for president biden had to say about that sam conversation today. >> we have to gather all the details so we can have a war crime trial. this guy is brutal. and what's happening in bucha i outrageous and everyone has see it. i think it is a war crime. >> so, colonel, they does the site -- they disagree on whether this i genocide. what difference does that make as far as taking this or to a different plays? >> what's necessary is all the facts have to be ascertained. really you can't do that until there is some kind of a cease-fire until the wars over because there's so many different things that could be happening. you just can't know until you get that availability to find out. ground troops, from independent observers, the fact is that there is tremendous amount of
9:29 pm
destruction and devastation and loss of life. united states is doing everything that can to help ukraine defend itself and dc's ball at the end it's a hard thing to do. he has to navigate doing the right thing to make sure his number one priority, which is protecting america is his guiding principle and that we don't let our heartstrings get to week that we potentially cross the line which would get us into war with russia. we cannot get into a war with russia no matter how bad things get in ukraine. >> i'm sure in some ways to damage the psyche and absolutel shocked the conscience of the ukrainian people, it is difficult to stomach the detail and the images on the photos. the editorial board has is out today that the consequences of war crimes that the russian officers should be named starte with the general's staff should name individuals in the specifi crimes that occurred under the
9:30 pm
areas of their command. their names are sure to become known to the russian forces and perhaps it will concentrate about the dirty war about what they've been is to prosecute an the troubled that putin has put them in. >> let me detail a little bit here, the steps that could be taken. as the wall street journal piec suggests, they meet and shaming the powerful tool to have at ou disposal here, it is not just a pipe dream that we would be abl to one day prosecute some of these individuals. i worked on a civil for case of africa where there was liberia, ivory coast, rwanda, and the long arm of justice was able to ultimately find some of these folks and bring them to the international corner of justice -- court of justice in the hague. we ought to wish soon russian generals as well as vladimir
9:31 pm
putin and the russian ministers who were responsible for developing the strategies behin some of these brutal campaigns. >> also the wall street journal from yesterday, this is written by jerry casper. at a certain age who will know who that is, but he says that biden mac actually told the truth in this have my when he said it may have been planned are not planned but that is the bottom line. is a taiwan and china are watching closely. alliance with the dictator is less attractive. it can lead from behind while democracy continues to lose ground. colonel. >> i can certainly understand i in motion. and his desire to see putin punished because he seemed the same images that you are talkin about right here but the realit is that it is not a simple thin to do because to take the actio that is talking about has the almost high probability of escalating the war and making i
9:32 pm
not just these horrific images in ukraine but may be expanding it into nato countries come int poland and slovakia or got for bed nuclear war breaks out in american cities. we cannot simply take that risk. i understand his notion. i feel the same way, but we hav to be very firm about what our priorities are here. >> just a few seconds if you ca give us a few final words? >> i want to push back a little bit on this because what we are seeing right now is the russian army on the defensive, so these arguments that we cannot be mor forceful, we cannot provide mor lethal defensive weapons to the ukrainians, i think is not reflecting the reality, the russian military does not want to confront 30 nations right no after performing so poorly against ukrainians. >> thank you both for your time. i'm hoping you will come back again soon. this story is not going away.
9:33 pm
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new york city is extending its mask mandate for children. inset city of keeping the restrictions in place for toddlers and preschoolers for another week and many are outraged. molly has that story tonight. good evening, molly. >> good evening, shannon. the masking of toddlers in the uk classrooms is not over yet. 's. continued to challenge the city in court and vent their frustrations. the mask mandate for kids 2-4 was slated to end the day but the new mayor learning the toddler age group is still not yet eligible for the covid-19 vaccine issue to further delay amidst ongoing legal wrangling for the group. scored a brief legal victory prior to the announcement of friday when a judge tossed the
9:39 pm
mandate out, writing that the toddler mask mandate their boun by this court to be arbitrary, capricious, and unreasonable bu the city then went to a higher court and another judge decided to temporarily allow the mandat to remain in place. and said in a group of fire the parents confront that the mayor about the reversal. >> i think at this point -- >> purse that i think it is ridiculous and the kids are tired of wearing them. nobody ever wears them quickly anyways, so i think it is time to move on. with masks being gone and may b the parents, they want their th kids to wear, they wear it. kids just want to have fun and it is important for them to see the smiles of their peers. >> new york city and that the mandate for older students last month. community level covid frist's rate of rated low and their
9:40 pm
tracking the sub. and watching an uptick in cases. the mayor is adamant that all new yorkers should aim to prevent the spread. >> i would continue to say. that you should keep your mask on your children with the sligh diptych that we are proceeding, we are telling everyone to take special precautions. for not the masks stay on in implicate and day care settings but they face off in court continues. >> thank you very much. with the midterm suggest months away and president biden's pull sinking, we will talk it out with fox news contributor richard fowler. welcome back, gentlemen. good to see you. >> shannon, it's good to see you , shannon. we have a couple of top democrats telling us why their policies and the president are not being more well-received.
9:41 pm
>> it is actually young people who have really been served serve. not quite sure. the disconnect is -- between the competence of the administration and this congres and the understanding of what has been done and the impact it will have on the american publi and some of the polling and the ongoing handwringing. it is the messaging apparently. i don't think it is just the messaging. i think of the polling reflects coming american people realize that we have serious economic problems and inflation is running from 7 are closer to 8% that means everyone in the country is on a 7% pay cut. this is not just a communicatio problem and the extent that the biden and ministration is affecting inflation, they're taking measures which are only making it worse and inflation i already high, the last thing yo want to do is start pumping hundreds of billions of dollars of extra money into the economy. the last thing you want to do i make things more expensive by making it harder to generate oi and gas.
9:42 pm
the last thing you want to do i to blame companies and say -- or blame putin and ukraine for raising the prices of things here in the united states. so i think the american people realize this. they are seeing inflation is on of the most important about the most important problem facing the country and they are not seeing and ministration that's really prepared to do something about it. >> the polling has not been positive for this president. the approval average of all the recent polls have approval of 41 % and disapproval at 63.8%. when it came to the question in our recent fox poll about is th biden administration responsibl for the gas prices, 68% yes and 31% said no. hundred democrats work with those numbers but the midterms really got that far away at thi point. >> i think there's no question that there people out there in this country that are hurting because of inflation and the rising price of gas and the
9:43 pm
rising price of groceries. i think that is a top concern for the white house as well as congressional democrats. with that being said pretty loo at what is coming up in this upcoming election, it is about how can you turn off your base and the election here and many of the swing districts that we won and 2018. so for that to be reality, i think it's going to require a couple of things. i think that joe biden has to have come from a heads up message of what he's done to improve the lives of americans, whether it be putting more mone into our healthcare system updating the ventilation system in all of our school buildings or the fight that currently is happening at capitol hill. he needs to go out there and show the american people that h is a fighter both on the world stage as well as locally and
9:44 pm
that is what is currently missing from the white house. >> he is upside down in pulling on home so -- on almost every single issues i the numbers of only gotten wors since he's been in office. the first midterm election for any president is really tough for them. we are just a few months out of that we'll just wait and see to. i want to talk about the vice president office today. this at another person to leave. the deputy chief of staff the latest aid to depart the office. at least 12 out of 20 officials and the vice president office whose appointments were announced at the beginning of the biden and ministration remain understaffed the questio that the race as many of last year's departures were among criticism over her treatment of staff. you know that there's a lot of turnover in dc. is this that or something more for expect this is very unusual the kind of staff turnover, especially for something as prominent as the vice president 's office. i blame california. the reason i blame california i because she is from my state. she's never had to run a tough election. she's never had to outperform i her job to get reelected. she's had a pretty easy here in california but she kept washington where things have
9:45 pm
been much tougher. this a lot more scrutiny on her and she said very demanding responsibilities and she is, frankly, not doing a very good job of it. she is clearly disagree with a lot of her aides were leaving and i think in frustration. i've seen a lot of vice presidential aides of both parties to state that the vice president for 3-4 years at a time. so i think this is a sign yet again of am afraid vice president harris not doing a good job. and people are taking note, including hers staff. >> quick final word to you, richard. >> a look at the states when yo look over ministration to the weather this one of the previou one, i think the scene a changing culture. under donald trump we had turnover and all the cabinet positions it is first duke make years in office at the say that we are seeing minor turnover in the vice president office, i would say -- we have 4.5 resignations is you an even more and i think the using the same thing impact the white house. but it also happened under trump .
9:46 pm
richard and john, great to see you both. come back soon. >> thanks, guys. the biden administration is set to roll back to immigration -- that could lead to a flood of immigrants at the already overwhelmed southern border. what do they plan to do about it . that is next. this is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us? ♪♪
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in the real news roundup, reports tonight said new york governor will likely clear plan to ban natural gas and that the field the new construction with would mark the first statewide ban and if it makes budget woul mirror a similar ban in new yor city. speaking backlash after posting a series of tweets called white mothers berthing people while preferring to black and hispani people as mothers. one tweet read being babies bor to black and puerto rican mothers in this city are three times more likely to die in their first year life then 80s for them to non-hispanic berthing people. telling the new york post that the tweet was an oversight and apologized for inadvertently gendered black and puerto rican berthing people.
9:52 pm
a local website of washington d makes the case to introduce walls and coyotes into the nation's capital to curb the deer population. one conservationist telling tha they are incredibly shy of people and over be a real thril for people to be able to see. i'm going to take a pass on that . the national park has conducted deer hunt since 2013. there's two news on buying tonight about the -- along the southern border. there's a new flood of illegal migrants that will rush to the border. we have details tonight from texas. >> free for public but states taking aim at the biden administration's decision to rescind title 42 at the border next month. >> maybe one of those boneheade decisions of this administratio they done a lot of things. arizona, louisiana, and missouri , announcing today that they are suing to stop that move . lawsuit reading in part this
9:53 pm
suit challenges and imminent man-made and self-inflicted calamity, the abrupt eliminatio of the only safety bill preventing disability to ration 's disastrous border policy from devolving into an unmitigated catastrophe. with title 42 still a fact for now, we put this more illegal crossings and texas. in saturday alone a source told fox news that border patrol encountered more than 1600 migrants including 200 and just the 45 minutes span. the dell rio sector is now seen in over 20,000 illegal crossing in the last six months. that is up 179% over the same time last year. and multiple high-level sources told fox news in the last six months, there been more than 300,000 known got a ways up the border and 50 over 62,000 in march alone. that's roughly 2,000 people getting past border agents ever single day. >> 200 miles are completely uncontrolled at any given point
9:54 pm
in time. we can't do the job based upon what this administration is doing with this policy. >> and justifies the stretch last week, border patrol in the rio grande valley sector report their rest of the mexican men convicted of child, a mexican man accused of in indiana and a honduran men convicted of murde and the salvadoran man wanted for homicide and a mexican man wanted for attempted murder and the gang member and because the child cruelty. and house minority leader kevin mccarthy's notes he's going to be making a trip down here to the southern border sometime later this month. he said he's doing it to highlight what he describes as the district the policies of th biden ministration. reporting from texas, fox news. >> we want to bring you some good news before we say good night. an 11-year-old oral and organ being called a hero for saving her mom present life. she found her mom on the ground having a seizure. that young girl accused her mom
9:55 pm
present phone to call 911 after she first who -- her them to unlock the phone. pivots with the save the mom an first responders honoring the daughter given her a lifesaving award. her month that it's not surprising. this is a kind of young woman that she is that she's done thi kind of thing to help others before. >> that's it for us. shop 15% sb54 and basket by the on brands kids lovei' youid your one stop shop for easter. let me buy you i'm mark and i live in vero for my wife and i have three children with themuc and i like to we eat healthy, we exercise. as i used to be. introduced premature so i sit down, i'll try them.e. i noticed that i felt
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