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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 5, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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relationship between china and russia and how much of a threat that china poses to taiwan and what would the united states do if they invaded that tiny island off of china. that is a look at today. we'll keep you posted throughout the afternoon. "your world" starts right now. see you tomorrow. >> neil: hurry up and wait. that seems to be the message today from the ukrainian. zelensky addressing the united nations and saying you think it was bad with everything that went down in bucha. i can tell you some even worse calamities that go way beyond just war crimes to genocide. the united nations taking it in. russia says there's no argument there. and we're on top of the fallout. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." the focus right now on ukrainian
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president who says that we have to help more. but not only in terms of the aid that he wants but the military aid that he wants like yesterday. he's really seriously concerned that these delays are far past a joke. far past just compromising his chances at victory. let's get the read right now from jeff paul in lviv, ukraine on what he had to say about the fallout there from his remarks. jeff? >> yeah, neil. it's a surprise to no one that russia believes the horrific images are somehow staged, fake or made up. new evidence that is now surfacing almost solidifies the fact that innocent civilians were not only targeted but were killed at the hands of russian forces. these are new high resolution satellite images. using the dates, the pictures
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were captured, think appeared to show many bodies were lying out in the open for weeks. well before the images of bucha surfaced, countries like poland had already started compiling evidence for a war crimes case. before coming to ukraine, we spoke with the polish ministry of justice. putin and his commanders will be hunted the rest of their lives no matter where they are in the world. >> ukrainians will not be alone. the kids, people who are killed but russians, they seek justice. their families seek justice. the whole world should provide justice to all criminals from russia. >> since welcoming more than two million team who have fled from ukraine and entered poland, the polish gift has spent countless
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hours interviewing and correcting evidence. they say their main goal is to hold the russian government and anybody involved accountable. neil? >> neil: you probably heard the russian foreign minister this is much adieu about nothing and has nothing to do with the slaughter of innocents, the foreign minister was saying that they might have been staged. how are people reacting there to that? >> i don't think they're surprised, neil. this is right out of the putin playbook. u.s. defense officials say lie, lie, lie, deny, deny, deny. it's somewhat offensive for the people here in ukraine. these images coming out of bucha as we spoke about yesterday, this is one small town in one region of ukraine. we really don't know what the rest of this country, the images that we'll see out of the rest of the country, neil. >> neil: jeff paul on all of that in lviv.
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let's go to lieutenant general jerry boykin, former delta force commander. decorated veteran to put it mildly. general, it's interesting to hear the foreign minister. he's saying that all of this was staged, fake. goes on to say that it's taking russia long to do what they want to do in ukraine. they're trying not to target civilians. what did you make of that? >> it's hard to say, neil. i don't know what to say. this is evil in its purist form. all of the propaganda that has been mustered by the russian propaganda machine is -- i don't think that it is actually convincing the russians. i just heard an earlier program here on this network that there was a polster that said 83% of the people support vladimir putin based on a poll. when was the last time you think there was a legitimate poll in
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russia? i think the russian people are much wiser than we're giving them credit for. i think they understand and know more about what the situation is. i think that this is something that cannot be covered up. i'm glad to hear at least the polish saying that they're going to hunt these people down forever. putin and his generals. >> martha: general, obviously president zelensky is running out of patience here with every regressive address in front of an international body. for example, the united nations today. he reminded them that time is wasting and time is not on his side and he needs more help. he needs this military equipment now. that includes the switchblade drones. 100 have been delivered. he wants more. the javelin missiles, the mig 29s, the back and forth with that. how likely is that? a lot of this was cleared and ordered weeks ago. a good deal of it has yet to
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arrive. >> yeah, i tell you, i think the president has the authority and the capability to expedite the delivery of these things. i think there's -- look, we got to help the ukrainians to offset their lack of personnel, their manpower. they're outnumbered. they're outgunned for that matter. we can equalize this fight. they have the tenacity to fight and win. they want to fight and win. as i have said before, the equalizer on the battlefield is two things. it is a purpose which the ukrainians have and unit cohesion. they're unified as one people. you have neither in the russian ranks. the ukrainians can win. we must expedite all of these things that we're sending them now, please we need to add to that missiles that can be used against ships. we need to expedite the air
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defense systems, we need to expedite t-72 tanks. they need some tanks so that when they do counter attack, they have tanks and armored personnel carriers. we need to -- i'll finish on this, neil. we need to give them the migs. jen psaki or nobody in the state department is able to determine if the ukrainian need the migs 29s. give them the migs. if they say they need them, we ought to accept that and get those migs to them as quickly as possible. >> martha: >> neil: i think you and i have chatted about this before. it does feed a pay -- paranoia that maybe we're deliberately stalling on this. this idea that as jack keane has been saying that the biden
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administration is more anxious about vladimir putin losing than going ahead and seeing the ukrainians winning. do you buy that? >> i do. i haven't heard jack say that. but i totally agree with that. i think it's because they believe that once vladimir putin is backed into a corner, he has no way out, that he will use a nuclear or chemical or biological weapon. i'm telling you right now that as far as i'm concerned, we need to stop being afraid of that. those nuclear weapons are only effective as a deterrent, as long as they have them. once they use them, that's it. the game is over. the game is over for vladimir putin personally, but also over for the russian military and the ukraine. there's three countries across that border that have nuclear programs of their own. that is not -- i don't think
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that he is crazy enough to use a nuclear weapon. >> neil: what difference would it matter if he won or not in ukraine per se? if he's been pushed to the brink, punished to the brink, what would be the distinction pushing him to the edge like this very suggs defeat in ukraine? >> yeah, you ever see the pictures of that yacht that he owns? i think that this man is rationale enough to realize that he can go one of two ways here. he can either lose his crown and probably his life in the process of that or he can get on that yacht and sail around the world and enjoy his life. >> neil: thanks, general. this came up on some pretty back and forth testimony on capitol
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hill featuring the top military leaders responding to what got to be a heated exchange. jennifer, how did it go? >> that's right, neil. there were some fireworks today on capitol hill. i just want to respond to something that you did cussed with general boykin in terms of the weapons going to ukraine. we've been reporting that both yesterday and today there were large shipments of u.s. weapons that did flow in to ukraine. part of the $800 million that was signed off a few weeks ago by president biden, they included javelins, drones and as well as stinger missiles and other i tens. the t-72 tank, the u.s. wouldn't have them in their inventory. it would be in poland or other nato members. the u.s. has said and the pentagon -- i've spoken to
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pentagon officials that they're not standing in the way if the poles want to deliver the migs or if another country wants to deliver t-72 tanks, they have said they're not standing in the way of that. so i think some of that debate sort of has become somewhat circular. the u.s. military, the u.s. government, the biden administration is not stopping anyone from giving migs or tanks -- >> neil: so to be clear, because this has come up and jack keane and others saying there's a strategy to go slow on getting this stuff. it is not as best as you can tell when it comes to commitments for arms the case. so when we hear president zelensky complaining about issues like this, he might not have a daily count but he's speaking in general, right? >> i think president zelensky, let's look at the position he's in right now. he needs more and more and more. of course he would be --
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everybody is sympathetic to that who i speak to who is in the procurement part of this equation. but there isn't a sense that i have from those that are in the delivery part of this that there are any hold-ups. in fact, what has been described to me is that it has taken sometimes days and weeks to get what normally takes months and years to deliver. so the things have been moving really as quickly as the procurers here in the defense department and those doing the deliveries have ever seen in the history of this department. >> martha: so again, i know you want to go over quickly what happened in the house today, but this notion that the administration fears more of putin, you know, defeat than it does a zelensky win might be misguided? >> i think it is. i think there was some discussion and debate in the beginning when they talked about no fly zones. you know, the u.s. does not want
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to find itself and nato in a shooting war with russia. so there were very clear lines to keep that from happening. in terms of -- i've heard less talk about any concern about nuclear weapons or this going nuclear than -- and there's an attempt to expedite shipments of military equipment to ukraine. the problem is russia still has a lot of hardware and a lot of ability to resupply in belarus and elsewhere. that's what you'll see in the coming weeks. let's go to capitol hill today. there were fireworks as you mentioned. they erupted as defense secretary lloyd austin and general milley faced questions from the house armed services committee about the pentagon's $773 billion budget request. that's when congressman matt gaetz accused the u.s. military of failures. >> we're behind in hypersonics. last year -- >> what do you mean we're behind
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in hypersonics? >> who is ahead in hypersonics? >> how do you make that assessment? >> today the air force said they tested a hypersonic cruise missile in air part. the air breathing weapon concept was launched from a carrier aircraft, flew 300 nautical miles and reached mock 5 at 65,000 feel according to darpa. it was the second test of a hypersonic weapon by the u.s. since last september. the announcement comes a day before the u.s., u.k. and australia prepared to announce cooperation in developing hypersonic weapons together and an expansion of the security pact that president biden unveiled last year with australia and the british in an effort to stay ahead of china's
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military. >> neil: hold on to that thought. peter doocy is getting into this and other related issues at the white house. >> it is more and more difficult for president putin to fund this war every day. that has an impact. we're providing a historic amount of mim teary and security assistance, in is what they have been using to fight this war and push back the russians. >> you said that anything you have done has prevented a war crime from happening. >> i'd say that everything we're doing to date is to support the ukrainians in this war and in this effort. that is something that the president is proud of, we're proud 0 including rallying and leading the global community and standing up against russia. >> martha: a lot of stories about hunter biden surfacing this week. to ensure the independence of the investigation, would the president support the appointment of a special counsel? >> the president has never had a
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conversation with the department of justice about an investigation to any member of his family. he said that in the campaign and will abide by that. i point to the department of justice for those questions. >> is there any concern that they're not going to be necessarily seen as being able to make those decisions independently, if the white house chief of staff is could you saying then't is confident his son did not break the law? >> that's something that the president has said and we would echo. in the same answer to that question, peter, during an interview this week on abc, ron klain also said the justice department is independent and they will make their hope decision. >> the president has said that he never spoke to his son about his overseas business dealings is. that still the case? >> yes. go ahead. >> so tomorrow you're going to announce the white house will announce new sanctions on russia in some form. we view those sanctions -- >> neil: all right. we're continuing to monitor this. if anything new comes out of jen psaki and her remarks on the
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president, standing firm on the idea of the cruelty of vladimir putin when it comes to some of these transgressions and what amount to war crimes. he's not gone up to the level prethis peter doocy exchange saying this was genocide. meantime, focusing on getting rid of title 42. this measure that allows those captured at the border to be sent back to mexico or points further south. that is in great debate and causing great debate on capitol hill. chad per grams . hey you two, go outside and play. create a season full of playfulness. your happiest spring starts at lowe's.
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>> neil: look at the surge at the border now and that is with title 42. what to you think? >> it's one of the last remaining tools -- title 42 has been used 1.72 million times. we're talking double the number of people now. >> neil: the arizona attorney general are now suing the biden
1:22 pm
administration over lifting the title 42. it's gotten to be a pretty hot political potato. doesn't chad pergram know? he joins us on capitol hill. chad? >> the gop is criticizing the administration hover ending title 42. we told it has nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with the pandemic. >> it's a healthcare related law. when the science and evidence says that we no longer need the use because of health care conditions, title 42 must come down. using title 42 for immigration purposes is a misapplication of the law. >> republicans say it's ironic that the administration wants to keep other covid measures but not something related to the border. this is coming as the senate struggles to pass a bill. republicans will link the bill
1:23 pm
with title 42. >> i think there will have to be an amendment on title 42 in order to move the bill. there's other amendments that we want to offer. we'll need to enter into some kind of an agreement to process these amendments in order to go forward with the bill. >> chuck schumer rejects that approach. >> the bottom line is this is a bipartisan agreement that does a whole lot of important good for the american people. vaccines, testing, therapeutics. it should not be held hostage for an extraneous issue. >> it's hard for the senate to move the bill as they move ketanji brown jackson to the supreme court. patrick leahy says this could go into the weekend to resolve. >> neil: louisiana one of three states now taking this as a
1:24 pm
legal challenge to the white house. louisiana republican senator bill cassidy with us right now. senator, a quick counter you hear from the democrats in the administration on title 42, if it was doing the magic, we wouldn't be seeing the surge that we're seeing now. what do you say? >> you use every tool you have -- i find it ironic the administration wants $10 billion to address the covid epidemic, which as a doctor i support, but then telling us there's no reason to worry about covid among those coming here illegally that have a lower immunization rates than we do. still going to require kids have masks on the playground but not across the border? they want it both ways. if we're going to address covid, let's do it. >> neil: if it goes away in may
1:25 pm
23 or around there, what to you envision happening? >> i envision more people coming here, crossing the border, more than they have and a lot more fentanyl. the amount of illegal fentanyl being caught at the border has risen about 1,000%. what the human traffickers do is create a diversion putting folks over here and run the drugs around over there. so we can expect the surge of people, a surge of fentanyl and more opioid deaths to go with these two surges. >> neil: we're coming up high season for this sort of thing. the interesting threat is what is happening on mexico's southern border in particular with guatemala where you've had migrants storming through gates, trying to get here. do you think that it's co incidents tall or does ending
1:26 pm
of title 42? >> the biden administration is consistently lowering barriers for people to come here illegally relative to the previous administration. it's clear there's an expectation that it's going to be easier to get across. this is one more example of it being easier. if folks want to get here and they know they have to come here through -- not through legal mechanisms but illegal mechanisms, they'll look for any ray of hope that this is our moment. i don't think the biden administration has ever gotten that psychology down. we need to control our border. for many reasons, among them those that title 42 is used for, they continue to relax these kind of ways that we control our border and wet get more people. it's logical to me that's what will happen. >> neil: we'll watch it closely. senator bill cassidy, thank you for that. well, what you're about to see might be a preview of coming attractions, especially around
1:27 pm
may when all of the title 42 stuff ends. bill melugin in brownville, texas watching buses of migrants arriving in brownville, texas this morning. this could play out by a lot more buses in the very near future. bill? >> neil, good afternoon to you. certainly could. so far today we have seen four bus loads of migrants dropped off and released from federal custody at this parking garage right behind us in brownsville. take a look. we shot this about an hour or so ago. this is a group of single adult men being released from federal custody, all dropped off here. notice there's no families, there's no children here. it's all single adult men in this group right here. they walk behind a black tarp that is set up to obstruct public view that the city has set up here. they go into an office and processed. what we're being told from border patrol sources is their detention facilities are way hover capacity. they're having to do these mass
1:28 pm
releases all over the place. they then go to an ngo and we'll show you what happens next. if we can pull up this second piece of video. once they go to the ngo, a representative walks those migrants across the street, single file line and walk them down to a nearby bus terminal where they get on buses or get taken to the airport and free to travel wherever they want. what i'm being told, these are all parole releases, meaning they don't get an immigration charge. they're released and asked to turn themselves in to ice in a city of choosing. this is what they get. instead of ankle monitors, i'm being told the government is giving them these phones, which they will use to try to track the migrants and establish a line of communication between them and ice. now these are not regular phones. they're not taken selfies and posting on instagram. it's meant to communicate with the government. sources say there's nothing stopping the migrants from discarding the phones and disappearing in to the country if they want to.
1:29 pm
now, former u.s. border patrol chief rodney scott says the issue with these mass releases is there's really no way of knowing what their criminal records are outside of the u.s. take a listen. >> we to have access occasionally to some international criminal databases. that is rare. for the most part, they're only able to run the record checks against u.s. criminal databases. so unless they have been in the u.s. and committed a crime, we won't have any idea what they did in another country. >> neil, so far today, safe to say we've seen several hundred people to be released at this parking garage here, this isn't just a one-time situation. border patrol sources telling me every day now for weeks they've been doing this exact same thing. releasing mass releasing hundreds of people at this location every day. this is just here in brownsville. one snapshot along the border. same thing in del rio sock or the in smaller towns. you mentioned it off the top. once title 42 drops, border
1:30 pm
patrol sources say the numbers you see here, expect to explode. back to you. >> neil: bill melugin, thanks very much. meantime here the california congressman who wants to go after oil industry profits because they've been making a lot of money. if that is your goal to go after companies that make a lot of money, where do you drawn the line? after this. your windshield fixed?et safelite makes it easy. >> tech vo: you can schedule in just a few clicks. and we'll come to you with a replacement you can trust. >> man: looks great. >> tech: that's service on your time. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪simply irresistible♪ ♪ ♪ ♪simply irresistible♪ applebee's irresist-a-bowls are back. now starting at $8.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. throughout history now starting at $8.99. i've observed markets shaped by the intentional
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>> neil: this one probably doesn't warrant a fox alert right now. gas prices are soaring. you know that. oil prices, too. what you might not know is democrats are targeting the oil industry to fix it by, well, taxing some of their profits. i raise that issue with ro khanna that says we're way past that time. take a look. >> why is it that americans out of patriotism you pay $6 for gas and the oil companies are making these record profits?
1:35 pm
they're not increasing production because wall street doesn't want -- >> neil: you think in this environment -- let's assume the oil guys are greedy sobs. would it be in their interest to keep drilling like crazy and take advantage of that and keep pushing and keep pushing it? the number of leases in all that they have now is down markedly from what it was last year at this time. so if it were in their interest to just leave it alone in a high environment where you say they're making record profits, they would want to keep it going, right? >> neil, actually they don't. wall street is telling them that they want to pocket the profits that they don't want then to increase in more production. they haven't been increasing production the last couple years and still not increasing the production. so they're profiting up the high prices -- >> neil: production is at a record level. why had a catch-up here with a slow economy that department
1:36 pm
address that. there wasn't crying for the oil guys when they weren't making money. you're picking and choosing your myments. you're saying they're making a lot of money right now. if we had a fossil fuel friendly environmented in washington and not at the expense of solar, wind, you would be in on all of that, aren't you? why target this industry? >> i am for a moon shot on renewable energy. that's the long-term place -- >> neil: explore them all. you're just telling me that they should increase production, that we could look at more fossil fuel activity and by the same token saying, you know, it isn't the future. so what is it? >> there's the short term, which is that we want to increase production because we have to do everything we can to bring gas prices down. long-term the american people understand the volatility, they understand that this is not sustainable and if you want to defeat russia, iran and saudi
1:37 pm
arabia, we need -- >> neil: does the president bear any responsibility for this? this is traded on the global market. so supply and demand, just like when a company like an amazon or apple comes out with great earnings, they can fall in the after markets based on how future conditions look. oil trades the same way. so are we assigning evil motives to something as simple as supply and demand and in this case president that wanted to limit that supply when he took office. i'm not saying he's to blame for all of this, congressman. but he has to own up to be blaming for some of it. >> he didn't limit the supplies of production. i think the people that have actually had the biggest impact on the oil industry are companies like black rock and
1:38 pm
people on wall street saying that's not the future. we want to shift our investment. we don't want to invest in the same oil companies. that's why they were in the position they're in. instead of looking at the facts on what wall street had done -- >> neil: so now you've gone -- you're a good man, i'm not taking anything away from you. first you start out this conversation by saying the oil guys are evil and all that. they have to pay -- >> not evil. >> neil: maybe just not liking. so just saying that now you're extending it to wall street. the fact of the matter is, no less than a dozen times over 40 years that this was a cabal and the oil giants were in cahoots to rig up prices. not once as you know, not once has that ever been proven. yet it's the same old tired tripe. they throw it out there in the middle of a spike in prices.
1:39 pm
you know it's not true. you just know it's not true. >> neil, i've never accused them of antitrust cabal. i don't know what the facts are. we tried this before in 1980, a wind fall tax. guess what happened? the prices came down and production went up. so this idea that if oil companies are making an excess profit while a person is paying $100 to fill up their tank, the oil companies -- >> neil: you're defining what is an excess profit. would you extend that to apple charging too much for an oil or philip morris for cupcakes or candies for easter candy. you see where this goes? as soon as you start defining what you consider to be excessive, that is a slippery slope, congressman. >> if the price of the iphone had gone up 20, 30%, i'd say the same thing about apple in my
1:40 pm
district. they ought to be taxed on making those margins or lower the price. what is happening is gas is $3 -- >> neil: you're trying to control prices. didn't richard nixon try that? that didn't work out well. >> i'm not trying to control prices. >> neil: by going after their profits, you're trying to control prices. >> i'm saying tonight try to charge an excess price when flairry americans are suffering. it's war profiteering. it's like "all my sons." our americans were dieing in world war ii and went after americans that were making excess profits. you have putin committing war crimes in ukraine. americans are doing the patriotic thing. they're saying, okay, we understand gas prices have gone up. oil companies making record profits. people say that's not fair. >> neil: so every sector in the s&p 500 coming off a year of record profits. is this like a rotating machine gun? are you going after others that are enjoying a run up in
1:41 pm
profits, too? whatever your views are in the oil industry, would you expend that to other sectors that have been doing quite well in this market environment and is it their patriotic responsibility to pay up because they are? >> i can't think of any other industry that is doing it. certainly food and agriculture is not doing it. food isn't doing it. the apple iphone that you cited aren't doing it. most people in my district, what are they complaining about? they're complaining about the price of gas. >> so the healthcare industry, the hospitality industry, all of those industries that enjoyed robust turn around from the days of the pandemic, you're saying right now what is different about the oil guys can their profits are bigger and obligations are bigger, they have more to lose and they're not helping americans more when in fact on a percentage basis, their profits in terms of their activity is in line with all other businesses, right? >> neil, what i'm saying, they're the ones fleecing the
1:42 pm
working class. >> you said they're deliberately doing it. you have no proof of that, congressman. >> the proof is people paying $6 at the gas pump. >> neil: all right. i'm sorry that appeared rude. the fact of the matter is, i'm not apologist for the oil industry or any industry. when washington lectures others on how much money they can make and they don't have a great record of handling our money and what we make, that could be a slippery slope. so if your a fan of the oil industry and ro khanna is a fine human being, i think that what he says is wrong. we'll have more after this.
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>> neil: it is not just republicans complaining about the administration shelving title 42 in may. john tester of montana is urging the biden administration to keep title 42 in place. not just border states. if you're in montana, you're nowhere near the border but he's saying to erase that now is a little bit risky. we'll explore that now with kayla white from "the washington examiner."
1:47 pm
what resonates in an election year is this issue, no matter what state you're from. so this is not very popular among potential voters, voters themselves that think it's a mistake, right? >> exactly. which is why it's also not popular among vulnerable democrats that are facing a tough re-election year as it is, especially coming off the past year where you've seen record waves of immigration. it's not a good strategy for the biden administration and the democrats know it. >> first, the administration pushing this and hanging it on the cdc. going back to what it was meant for, a health issue. had nothing to do with keeping people on one side of the border versus the other. others are looking at this and saying does it have anything to do that this was president trump expanding this definition and it working under his administration? >> absolutely. it is important to keep in mind that the cdc was the agency to
1:48 pm
first recommend this public health order for the coronavirus. but since its worked so well, the biden administration really ought to think about extending it, keeping it in place not necessarily for covid but to prevent waves of migration from flooding border cities that just cannot handle them. certainly, you know, we know that this administration is not really a fan of securing the border. they have tried to repeal the remain in mexico policy multiple times until a federal judge ordered them to stop. so you know, it's hard to know what to expect from this administration when it comes to border security. >> neil: switching gears. we're talking about this administration, harkening back on the prior administration, which the president -- i'm talking about barack obama visiting the white house for the first time since leaving it in 2017 to take alook at the affordable care act and all the good its done, et cetera. the present president, biden,
1:49 pm
wants to expand subsidies for more families to take advantage of it and tighten loop holes for people to get more coverage. the presence of barack obama with the president, i'm just wondering if it hurt him that a loot hoff democrats watching would say, well, that's what we remember and like. that was the message that we remember and like. >> that certainly might have been a consequence. >> i don't think that was the intention i think they brought in obama for a specific reason, which was to create excitement about this administration again. biden has been suffering bad approval ratings and democratings need something to get excited about. so they bring in their star power and talk about the major legislative achievement that they've had over the past few years. >> neil: but if you're joe biden and you don't get high oratory skills, that kind of matters to
1:50 pm
a lot of people, in a politician. barack obama has that. could it be, all right, you're not him. this is reinforcing it. you're not him. >> certainly. vice president kamala harris is not better on that front. maybe this is a sign we'll see more of obama as democrats ram up for the mid-terms. >> you think it's a kickoff to that? >> it's not the coincidence that this is his first white house appearance since 2017. >> neil: thanks, kayla. from "the washington examiner." we had a bit of a sell off today and growing concerns about what happens to this war, what happens too interest rates, which is expected to soar now. we've had more and more fed governors say too a man and woman, we have to speed this up and have more hikes than we thought. more after this. this is awesome for any type of plant,
1:51 pm
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>> you had to look at what he absolutely should have to turn the tide or increase the tide that ukrainians have started turning, what would it be? >> well, you know, thanks to having me back again, as we see russia retreating out of the north and reconstituting to add to the north and south, we need to concentrate there. i'm worried about odesa and the complete close out of the ports of ukraine if russia takes odesa. several things come to mind. we've been working for sometime and yet to have delivered cruise missiles, i think we need to get the coastal defense cruise missiles in there. slow to get them the sans they need to prevent air attacks, i would put emphasis on that.
1:56 pm
frankly, a lot of consumables, ammunition, medical supplys and thing i they need to keep the army in the field would be important. >> neil: you might have heard the notion the russia foreign minister disavowing the russians are targeting civilians and bucha and i am paraphrasing here, sir, if we were targeting sieve yale knows and didn't care, this war went drag on as long as we are, it. >> lavrov is liar-in-chief, i was once had a turkir ambassador sitting next to me and he said, you know how can you tell when lavrov is lying, i fell for it, he said, when his lips are moving. lavrov is in charge of spreading
1:57 pm
disinformation of russia and i believe russia needs to be held accountable from the top down. from putin to the generals that were involved in the north, these people need to be held accountable for war crimes. >> neil: this just coming in from jennifer griffin, trying to get a handle on this myself. there are reports the state department is investigating an attack in ukraine involving chemicals. we don't know much more from this, sorry to hit you broadside, that is one thing we've been anxious about, vladamir putin doing. if it is true that he has advanced to this, then what? >> well, this would be a big change and this is new news to me, but remember what the president and all of the others in the emergency meeting at nato
1:58 pm
said just days ago, that if they use any weapons of mass destruction, wmd, nukes or bio, that would require a more forceful response. those were the words used, not only by our president, by the secretary gen and others at nato. i think it is meant to signal there would be a new phase to this war by the west. >> neil: i want to clarify here and this is again, per jennifer griffin's reporting that it was targeting a toxic nitrogen diock -- dioxide gas, similar to chlor lean, if you know what you
1:59 pm
are hitting with release fumes it is chemical attack. is it? >> this is not new news we knew about this attack this morning. this is going to be a tough one. the russians can say they weren't aiming at that and their weapon hit it. >> neil: do you think they were? >> if the russians aimed at that in order to release gas to affect the civilians around it, that is a big problem. >> neil: this may be a chemical storage facility, we're told, but in your view, targeting such a facility, knows about it and what would happen if you hit it, constitutes a chemical attack? >> well, that is for the lawyers to decide, neil. i'm not a lawyer. >> neil: understood. >> i think the russians are looking for culpable reliability here and that is something people will have to sort out
2:00 pm
other than me. >> neil: general breedlove, a lot of this is sketchy in the eye of the beholder, i'm not a lawyer nor a military man, it does raise issues here as to how far the russians would go if they knew what they were targeting, something president zelenskyy will be pouncing on when he gets news and shares that news. >> hello, i'm jeanine pirro, with jesse watters and dana perino and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 and this is "the five." jain jain it is obama to the rescue, the naegsz's 44 pth president getting a rock-star welcome as he returned to the white house to tout obamacare. it was a welcomed sight for the flailing democrats, who were in need of distraction of avalanche of bad news that is the b


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