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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 5, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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over the weekend. someone gave me this 1942 bottle of don julio. it's really pure agave or something like that. i know nothing about t but it didn't give me a hangover, and i drank a lot of it. this is my new thing. it's a little pricey, but my recommendation. tucker's next. ♪♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to tucker carlson tonight. it's hard to remember now because history is pretty hazy but it was just three years ago that joe biden was considered too decrepit, too corrupt, to out of touch ever to become president. that wasn't just the view from the right, by the way, they mostly stayed out of it, that's what faithful democrats were saying in 2019, three separate meal liberal news outlets, guardian, the week and cnn all
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published op ads with the exact same headlines, why joe biden shouldn't run for president. other publications made the same point with equal vehemence. i like joe biden but he shouldn't run for president said a columnist on usa today. biden's family agreed with this. this is true. they didn't want him to become president either. some of biden's closest relatives' assured friends that biden was merely running to work off the grief from his son's death two years ahead. and for months, it seemed all but assured he wouldn't win. biden's first debate performance in june was written off as a disaster. it seemed obvious he had no chance of a nomination and then bernie sanders started to win primaries. for the second presidential cycle in a row, sanders proved to be the only democrat in the field with legitimate grassroots support. donors saw this and panicked.
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the guy who hates billionaires, what's he going to do to wall street? sanders was unacceptable to the people who fund the democratic party, but there was a problem. what were the options? pete buttigieg and beto o'rourke? no. both turned out to be lighter than air. elizabeth warren? double no. kamala harris was horrible on every level. absolutely nobody liked kamala harris and for good reason. so it turned out to be joe biden by default. get out the biden signs. we're all in. and, of course, the media got the message immediately. by the time he was inaugurated, here's what the press corps was telling you about joe biden. >> anybody who has any connection to reality about what is going on around them should have watched that and said the adults are back in the room. >> it seems as though we have a professional adult once again in the white house who is just simply doing the work. >> really, the theme i would say is the adults are back. >> still, it is a relief to have adults in charge. >> now, we have adults in the
quote quote
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white house. >> ok, the adults are back in the room. >> um, there is a sense i think the world over that the adults have returned. >> we have an adult in the white house now. and it's glorious. >> tucker: [chuckling] these people! never original thought among them. he's an adult. it's glorious! well, half true. biden is certainly an adult. he'll be 80 this fall. but no one in washington thinks that the biden presidency is glorious anymore. they think it's a disaster, full show -- polls show voters strongly agree. joe biden is the most unpopular person in virtually every room he enters. if you doubt it, watch this. this was the scene at the white house today. take a careful look at this. you've never seen anything like it.
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that's the president of the united states in his own house shunned. nobody would talk to him. so biden wandered off looking vacant as the crowd formed around a former president, barack obama, who was deeply grateful for the attention. then it got worse it got much more poignant than that. watch biden try to horn in on the conversation swirling around obama. everyone involved in that conversation including kamala harris who supposedly works for biden ignored biden completely. biden tried to get barack's attention and puts his hand on his shoulder and calls him barack like he's a friend. barack blew him off like he wasn't there. ask yourself if you've seen anything sadder in your life than this.
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oh, make it stop! it's awful! now, it's true that barack obama has never liked joe biden for the eight years they worked together, obama mocked him relentlessly as an old white guy. he kept biden in the periphery, that's where he got the ukraine account. even as someone as arrogant as barack obama could pretend if he has to pretend. that's the point of the video we just showed you. obama no longer has to pretend. he can tell the world in the clearest possible terms he has no respect for joe biden. nobody at this point has respect for joe biden. he's invited his most -- even his most faithful supporters in the press corps has forgotten about him. >> war abroad, anxiety at home and inflation at its highest level in 40 years. sky-high inflation is erasing bigger paychecks while hourly earnings are up 5.6% over last year.
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nearly 1 in 5 workers say they've run out of money before they get their next check. >> you have historic inflation. you have record gas prices. americans are feeling it. >> biden's numbers have dropped by double-digits with young voters and they were a big part of his coalition in 2020. >> voter anxiety is about more than rising prices or russia's war in ukraine. >> violent crime in american cities remains persistently high. there's a growing problem at the border. >> president biden's approval rating still hasn't found bottom and it's been slowly trending down all year. >> tucker: wait a second! correction! breaking news! it looks like inflation is real! not transitory. it's actually making us poor. crime and disorder in the cities are real, too, and guess what? it looks like a totally pointless war with russia isn't as popular as we thought it was. you're not a traitor for not wanting it. all of a sudden, they're admitting all of that. for months, biden's been telling
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us every bad thing you notice around you is, of course, vladimir putin's fault and the media have backed him up, but suddenly, they aren't backing him up anymore. ready to be shocked again? watch a group of liberal toady's demolish the biden white house's favorite talking point. here it is. >> every time we talk about gas prices, president biden is saying it's putin's price hike. they're trying to invasion the russian -- trying to blame the russian president and putin for the gas. >> biden has called it a putin price hike but most americans aren't buying it. >> with the midterms now just a few months away and inflation at a record high, the president now putting the blame squarely on vladimir putin calling this a putin price hike. gas prices were already rising before russia started this war. >> the white house is trying to do -- to do both, blame putin, blame the oil and gas companies, but americans just don't agree.
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>> tucker: [chuckling] what? now they sell us -- is your head spinning yet? yeah. ok, just one more. here is sandy cortez who has finally turned on joe biden. now, it was just a year and a half ago that sandy's job was to use all the street cred she earned growing up in the leafy suburbs of westchester and heading over to boston university, use all of that "urban credibility" to convince the "young people" that actually joe biden is ok. actually, he's old and white, but go ahead and vote for him any way he's got sandy's heel of approval. selling joe biden is her job. she did it. but not anymore. sandy cortez sees change coming. if there's one thing she's good at is knowing the prevailing wind. she's happy to attack biden. watch this. >> we need to acknowledge that this isn't just about middle the of the road and increasingly
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narrow band of independent voters. this is really about the collapse and support among young people, among the democratic base feeling they've worked overtime to get this president elected and they haven't -- aren't necessarily being seen. >> tucker: oh, sandy is out so everyone is out. what's going on here? exactly what it looks like. the democratic party and its media wing have decided to jetson joe biden. there was never an official order to do this. what you're watching here as always is the hive mind at work. democrats have the same reactions because they have the same indifferent. biden is -- instincts. biden weak. we must get rid of him. the first rule of dog packs, for example f a single dog waivers or lags behind, the other dogs will kill him, even if they're from the same litter. yes. it's nothing personal, just a matter of group survival. that's exactly how the democratic party operates. individuals are irrelevant to the party. the group is all that matters.
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no one at the dnc actually cares about joe biden or ever has or for that matter cares about george floyd or david hogg or anyone else they tell you is an either replaceable hero. all -- irreplaceable hero. all people are extendible. what matters is the party and the party matters because in numbers there is power on some level, joe biden knows this he spent his life in the democratic party. he never worked outside of the democratic party, so he understands how this ends. inevitably after 50 years, it's his turn to be eliminated. will he scream for mercy or take it like a man? that's the only question. biden can't lead. therefore at some point soon, he won't be allowed to lead. it's that simple. and if you doubt it, watch biden talk sometime. here is biden the other day telling us jill behind was in fact once barack obama's vice president. >> and i'm deeply proud of the work she's doing as first lady with joining forces initiative.
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she started with michelle obama when she was vice president and now carries on. >> tucker: you know? it pains me to play that. it's not a unique example. we see examples of that every single day and his fellow democrats see that, too. so they've decided to replace joe biden, period. but how will they do it? who will they replace him with? that's what we don't know. that's why we're happy to be joined tonight by the deputy of "newsweek." she's singlehandedly responsible for making that magazine readable once in a while. happy she's joining us tonight. it's true! never thought i'd read a "newsweek" piece until you took over, so thank you for that. clearly they decided the hive has turned on the queen. how does this play out do you think? >> you know, tucker, first of all, thank you so much for having me and a big mazel tov, congratulations for being the number one most-watched show
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among democrats. it's such a privilege to be here with you. we get to talk to both republicans and democrats and that's very related to what we're discussing here. you know, me view is that the -- my view is that the reason the liberal media is turning on president biden is because he failed at the one thing they really needed him to do which was to sustain the fiction that the big divide in america is political when as what you know because you cover this every night on your show, the real divide is about class and on a host of issues from covid to crime, to inflation, to the role the u.s. should be playing in the war in ukraine, your working-class and middle-class americans who are republicans and democrats aren't divided on these issues. they're divided from the elites who claim to represent them but there's that yawning gulf between the liberal media, elites and the democratic party and where average americans on both parties are at. i think president biden would
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help them paper over that gap. what's happened, though, he came to embody it. they're distancing themselves from him to hide from their own failures, tucker. >> you know, it's so simple the formula that you just suggested. it's so obvious. if you had a president who was truly moderate, truly interested in the lives of the people he represented, who cared about people making $70,000 and not just people who run amazon, like, you could win every election and rule forever. why don't they do that? >> i mean, it's such a great question. last night, you talked about monopolies and how anyone resists monopoly resists power. the liberal elites in the media and democrats have gotten a lot of power by consolidating around the class they share. you see it, tucker, on one area where the president is sort of representing where americans are at which is on ukraine, he's really walked a fine line, i think, towards supporting the
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ukrainians the way americans want him to, but not escalating in the way that americans really don't want him to, and on that, you know, the media beats him up the worst, right? because he's threatening that elite point of view. >> tucker: that is so true! and i think -- i mean, what do i know? i'm not in touch with biden every day, but just watching him on tv, he did not -- his first instincts wasn't to escalate. he didn't want a war with russia. americans want to support ukraine. they don't want a hot war with russia. fair? >> exactly. exactly. he's trying his best to resist pressure from both parties by the way from the elites in both parties but not from this show because you tell it like it is, tucker. >> tucker: i appreciate that. no, it's certainly the republican party pushing him. it's totally crazy. thank you so much for coming on, batya and what you're doing on "newsweek." appreciate it. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> tucker: you hear enough about the censorship stories and get numb to them.
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this is unbelievable. our next guest was fired by supposedly conservative radio station for joking about kamala harris in a pretty tame way. and she's not taking it which is really refreshing it to see. she's joining us in a minute. also, a left wing radicallist's reparations is about to get a seat on the federal reserve. ha-ha. good idea or not? we have details.
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>> tucker: there are millions of censorship stories out there. every once in a while, you see one that's unbelievable. this is one of them. amber ashley i was talk show host on a conservative news station in washington, which is a good station. then she made the mistake of tweeting a joke about the color of kamala harris' pants suit during the state of the union. we're just going to read it to you. it's nothing to be embarrassed of. here's what it said. "kamala harris looks like a ups employee. what can brown do for you? nothing good apparently." that's a joke from the ups slogan. not that far out. a few days later, left wing activist group said it was racist. they called on cumulus which owns the station to fire her. she got fired. she got a great piece of this on
5:21 pm
the spectator today. she joins us right now. thank you for coming on. it feels like in this story we're missing part of it. that is the tweet and then you get fired. on what grounds? >> it's a great point, tucker. i wish there was more to the story, because this is so infuriating! but i have a termination letter that lays out in very specific detail it was in fact this tweet about kamala harris' outfit. what happened here is cumulus thought -- and cumulus is the parent company for wmal, that they could just make this all go away and get these few activist females and appease the mob if they just fired me. the first mistake is the woke mob is never satisfied. they always want more scouts. the second mistake they made is they thought i was just going to roll over and shut up about this. well, that's not who i am. i believe very deeply that we are all obligated to speak out when injustices occur in our
5:22 pm
society and so i intended as soon as i got fired to very loudy and proudly tell everybody about what happened to me, because i think we live in a very per verse and sick society -- perverse and sick society, tucker, when a young woman with a working-class background with parents that didn't go to college can't criticize the outfit of the most powerful woman in the united states and worse than that, the most powerful woman in the united states is actually considered the marginalized victim in this scenario. >> tucker: you beat me to it! i was going to point that out. the most powerful woman in the united states is the marginalized victim, and the big, solace creepy woke company takes her side using i assume the hr department because that's usually their nkabt. >> i'd be happy to share the names of the people who fired me. christian is the vice president of the human resources
5:23 pm
department for cumulus. they told me straight up on this phone call they believed that the kamala harris tweet about her outfit was in fact racist and violated this vague social media policy that basically says you can't do anything that would bring reputationnal harm upon the company which just means they put that in there so they can fire people for any reason that they want. >> tucker: i guess this is a rhetorical question but did they explain how it was racist? that you won't impressed by her outfit? did they get specific or just call you names and fired you? >> no, they just called me names and fired me. i tried to defend myself but wasn't really offered the opportunity. i'm told in subsequent meetings about this situation they actually admitted that they didn't really think that the tweet was racist. what really mattered to them was the perception of it being racist by these really bad faced dishonest left-wing actors. >> tucker: can you repeat after me because i know you're now looking for work. kamala harris looks bold,
5:24 pm
beautiful and sassy tonight. >> kamala harris -- i can't do it, tucker. i can't do it! >> tucker: i hope someone hires you and soon. i know the spectator already has. amber, great clips mohwak warrior to see you tonight, thank you. -- -- amber, great to see you tonight, and thank you. now, this is not a small job. if she wins the seat on the fed board, lisa cook have more affect on your life than jackson who is on the supreme court. why? because the fed is in some ways a lot more important than the supreme court controlling the money supply. in a time of unprecedented inflation which they caused, that could really change your life. but lisa cook is not concerned about inflation. she's not written a single paper about inflation in her entire career. instead, she's spent her career writing about racial grievances which strictly speaking aren't relevant to her job on the fed. the papers aren't even real. one of her papers be for
5:25 pm
instance, is called the antebellum roots of distinctively black names. think of something more frivolous if you can. oh, you can't? that's why when cook was up for tenure in michigan state university not known for super high standards, her department recommended against granting for tenure. she was so bad, they wouldn't even give her tenure at first at michigan state university. this show has obtained lisa cook's tenure review packet at michigan state. the tenure packet shows cook in an effort to bolster her credentials which were mildly lacking lied on her resume about writing an influential peer-reviewed paper in the economic review. they granted her tenure any way in the name of equity. equity is what lisa cook could bring to the fed in recent years, cook advocated for race-based reparations because that's not immoral or unconstitutional or anything. by some estimates, lisa cook's call for reparations could cost more than $12 trillion. where is all of money coming
5:26 pm
from when we have a debt overhang of over $30 trillion. if lisa cook is at the if heed the ted fedd could simply print more money and she might if the senate confirms her or the senate could block her confirmation when it comes to a vote and obviously they should. so democratic lawmakers and their obedient little toadies in the media are attacking this show for a quote -- this is unreal -- which is amazing. it's on twitter. it's totally made up. twitter knows that. they've kept it up. we can't respond because we've been banned from twitter. we're not whining, but it tells you a lot about the purpose of censorship in our society. we'll explain that and talk to glenn greenwald after the break.
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one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints so put a little spring in your step and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. >> tucker: every time you see anna navarro on tv you think, what?
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this is a serious country. how can that person be talking in public and be taken seriously? what is going on? and, of course, it's through the force of had her self-righteousness she stays on television. she's told us repeatedly, by the way, people who won't wear masks on airplanes at all times are bad. wear masks at any point. here's her reasoning. >> wearing a mask is not hard. breathing through a mask is not hard. wearing spanx is harder than wearing a damn mask, so everybody should just wear their damn mask. >> tucker: oh gosh. "wearing a mask is not hard!" you know the end of this story. anna navarro herself, the most self-righteous moron in the world was just spotted totally maskless, face stark naked in first-class flying from miami to new york! and as if the picture couldn't get more perfect than it actually is, her hoodie says "america needs journalisted."
5:33 pm
ha-ha. she's a journalist now. if you watched our show last night, you heard candace owens say the real point to censor media accounts is to affect the election. free peach is a prerequisite for democracy. if they're shutting down what you're saying, there's a reason they're doing it and it's not because they're genuinely offend. these people aren't offended. they're not snowflakes. they're power hungry. your words are a threat to their power. this is a small example of how it works. this is a tweet from joe walsh a political extremist who was once a member of congress from suburban chicago. he's willing to say anything that might help the democratic party whether or not it's true. last night he lived up to his reputation. he claimed this is a verbatim quote from our show. what if the bodies of tortured dead civilians are staged? what if they're fake? what if ukrainian military killed them and blamed russia? not saying any of this is true,
5:34 pm
just asking questions. why can't we ask questions? end quote. the usual media hyperventilatetors seized on the quote to show once again this show is a tool for vladimir putin. they're working for the russians. arrest them. adam kinzinger who is easily arouse the posted this on twitter. >> we have people like tucker carlson just asking questions. that's his thing. you know, about whether or not the cia did, you know, frame all of these atrocities we're seeing in ukraine. >> tucker: love this. switch up it with a little biceps in the picture. the problem is the quote that got adam kinzinger so erroused and joe reid and ted lou is not real. it's completely made up. utterly we didn't say that we didn't say anything like that. we didn't even address the topic on the air in any way. so everything about joe walsh's tweet is a manufactured lie. it's pure disinformation as they now say. here is the funny thing, twitter
5:35 pm
let it stand. the tweet is up now. now, we might have responded to walsh on twitter, but we couldn't do that because we've been locked out of our own twitter account for more than a week. why? because we suggested joe biden's most famous admiral rachel lavine was born a man which is actually true but twitter banned us any way see how that works? take one side off the field so the other side wins. you get to lie with impunity and after a while, a lot of people believe your lies because why wouldn't they? your lies are all they hear. that's how it works. in our case, joe walsh's tweet is hard leight end of the world. we have a tv show we're using that show to respond to joe walsh right now. thanks to fox news, we can say exactly what we think is true and we try to, but that's a rare privilege at this point in the country's history. very few americans could speak honestly in public. they've been silenced by threats or simply banned from talking. and as a result, our social media platforms are dominated by unscrupulous liars like walsh. that's not an accident.
5:36 pm
they're hard-edged partisans. that's a re-election strategy. if you control the information, you control the outcome. keep that in mind as the mid-terms approach this fall. if you don't restore free speech to social media, doesn't matter who you vote for. it's not just this show, by the way, that's on the receiving end of lies and slander like this. one of the founders of the lincoln project, rick wilson, just tweeted a fake quote from a glenn greenwald. once again, the fake quote was about war crimes in ukraine. "see? they tied their own hands behind their back and shot themselves in the back of the head. putin's brave, strong, morally upright men were liberally trying to -- were merely trying to liberate them." greenwald joins us now. thank you for coming on. did you say that? >> no, it was a completely fabricated quote as well. the only thing i can say for each of us is we have the best possible enemies. in your case, joe walsh is the
5:37 pm
former dead-beat father who didn't pay his child support ordered by the court. he used to be a hard-core republican. liberals hated him. then he suddenly became this extremist democrat who makes up quotes in order to accuse people of being russian agents in my case, rick wilson also used to be a republican now gets rich off liberals inside of a group, the lincoln project that got caught hiding a child predator and built liberals out of $65,000 claiming he was making a trump film that never came. we have good fabricators. it's amazing twitter claiming to have to censor all the time to stop disinformation allows these quotes to go viral and so many dumb people in our media and political elite circles believe these quotes. that was the purpose of it. >> tucker: it's just -- it's just -- i actually don't know what your position on the war in ukraine is, but it's interesting, i think a lot of people feel really bad for the ukrainians, speaking for myself, don't think the united states should get into a hot war with russia. i think that's a fair majority of opinion.
5:38 pm
that opinion now qualifies as treason. this war is being used by domestic political actors to settle domestic political scores. or am i imagining this? >> no i think that's exactly right. you know, i think there was a time after 9/11 when most people came to realize we kind of went too farm far, but in that case, our country was attacked. i remember being in new york on 9/11. it was incredibly traumatizing. it's where i lived and worked. this isn't a war with the united states being attacked. the level of sense being allowed is less than after 9/11. anyone who steps out of line, even a little bit, questions why we should be risking a nuclear war with russia or direct war with russia over ukrainian wars is instantly being accused of being a traitor. that's what those are about. >> tucker: it's not really about helping the ukrainians. if you see some atrocity or pictures of it or dead people -- always very upsetting -- and immediately leverage that to attack people you have a political grudge against, you're not really exercising like a
5:39 pm
campaign on behalf of human rights, are you? >> i think this is the key point is any decent person that looks at any war, not just the war in ukraine -- >> tucker: that's right. >> -- is horrified. more war is the most horrific thing humanity could unleash on itself. sitting online every day and denouncing vladimir putin and calling everyone a russian agent is not doing anything for the ukrainians. only a diplomatic solution to the war could help them. if you suggest that, you get called a russian agent. they're exploiting ukraine to get vengeance on their political adversaries and feel a sense of purpose and strength to do everything but help the ukrainians this episode reveals that very vividly. >> tucker: man, is that true? that's the truest thing and so nicely articulated. as always, glenn greenwald, thank you very much. >> good to be with you, tucker. thanks. >> tucker: good to see you. politicians in washington spent the last two years fretting
5:40 pm
about russia. as they have been doing that, they have clouded what's actually been going on and that's been china buying up thousands of acres of american farmland. talk about a threat to our core national interests. there's details on that trend just ahead.
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>> tucker: so the country continues to change without our permission, consent or even knowledge. biden administration has begun releasing large amounts of single adult migrants from federal custody. where are they going, exactly? fox's will is in brownsville, texas, for us tonight and has watched this happen. hey, bill. >> hey, tucker. we were tipped off the federal government would be mass releasing several hundred illegal immigrants that the parking garage behind us today and sure enough, that's exactly what they did we'll pull up the video and show you right now. we saw five bus lodes unloading these mostly single, adult male illegal immigrants. you can see no children or family units. all single adults. this was one of the groups. they get dropped off and walk behind a black tarp the city set up obviously to obstruct public view. i'm told this is happening
5:46 pm
because border patrol stations are dealing with overcrowding. they have to clear out space. i'm told these are parole releases. what's that mean? that means they don't get an immigration charge. instead, they're asked to just please turn themselves into ice in a city of their choosing within 30 days or so. once the feds drop 'em off, an ngo lines 'em up single file and walks them across the street right near a bus terminal here where they get on buses and are free to travel wherever they want to elsewhere across the united states. i talked to some people going to nebraska and louisiana today. if we can pull up these photos right here, my sources are telling me the government is now giving these migrants these phones instead of ankle monitors in some cases. the phones are used to apparently track the migrants and establish a line of communication between them and ice, but those sources tell me there's really nothing stopping the migrants from just discarding the phones or throwing them away if they don't want to be tracked or check in with the government. one final thing, the former u.s.
5:47 pm
border patrol chief says when they do the mass releases, there's really no way for the u.s. government to know what their criminal record is outside of the united states. here's why. >> we do have access occasionally to some international criminal databases but that's rare. for the most part, they're only able to run the records checks against u.s. criminal databases. so unless they've been in the u.s. and committed a crime, we're not going to have any idea what they did in another country. >> reporter: tucker, we saw five buses here today. my border patrol sources telling me this isn't just a one-time thing. this happens every single day at this spot for the last couple of weeks. several hundred released every single day. this is one tiny snap shot of one piece of the border. these mass releases happening all over the border including up in del rio and it's going to get a whole lot worse, i'm told, when title 42 drops next month. send it back to you. >> tucker: another unbelievable story! thank you for that, bill. >> reporter: thanks. >> tucker: biden
5:48 pm
administration punishing them with free smart phones. imagine a country that punished you once you violated its immigration law by giving you a free smart phone and then free education, free health care and free airline flights! kind of tempting to go there, wouldn't it? so the three things that matter to any country long-term are food, water and energy. if you have a problem with those, you have a real problem. the price of wheat in this country is now higher than it's been in more than a decade. joe biden is openly saying we're going to get food shortages. so as we've been running out of food, china has been buying up america's farmland. china now owns more than $2 billion worth of farmland in the united states. a new member of congress representing washington state has noticed this unlike most people and is trying to stop it. tonight, thank you so much for coming on, congressman this sounds like a threat to user national security if -- threat to our national security if there ever was one. >> thank you for shedding light on something that i think is
5:49 pm
very, very important for our country to discuss. a lot of people don't know about it and aren't talking about it, so this is really important. i appreciate that. what can be done? well, there's several things that can be done. we've done some things actually in this congress that just passed in the latest appropriations bill to tell the usda to come back to us with a report telling us about foreign ownership of agricultural lands in this country by adversaries. certainly china is one of those. china is a threat to our country. unfortunately, and you've been talking about a lot of different things tonight, the biden administration is hurting the u.s. by their policies, and they're actually helping china, and i've got legislation that i think will go a long ways to stopping china from starting an agricultural monopoly in the united states of america. i want to preclude the communist chinese government from
5:50 pm
purchasing agricultural assets in the united states of america. >> tucker: can they buy lockheed and the great lakes and the permion basin? why would you ever give up your basic staples to an adversary? >> just like you said, what does the country need? energy. they need food. they need water. china understands this. china -- i -- i've had the opportunity to take some trips to other parts of the world and i've seen firsthand that some of the things china is doing in other countries in central america and south america. i've heard of things they're doing in europe and in africa. we don't want them to get a foothold in our country. and i think 10 or 20 years from now f we don't act, -- if we don't act, people will look back and say why didn't you guys do something? the time to act is now and be preemptive so we can prevent china from gaining a foothold on our important domestic food production. that's what my legislation will do. >> tucker: gosh. well, bless you for doing this. if you encounter any resistance
5:51 pm
from your colleagues really on either side of the aisle, i hope you'll come back and explain who they are, because i think it's that important. >> well, the good thing i can report, my amendment in the appropriations committee last summer passed with a unanimous vote, so this is -- this has bipartisan support. and i'm very encouraged by that. >> tucker: we are, too. thank you. congressman daniel newhouse of washington state, we appreciate it, sir. >> thank you, sir. >> tucker: joe biden we mock him but he's tough. he once fought off a bad dude called corn pop. tonight, we learned of a new character from joe biden's hard-bitten past. you might have known corn pop. her name was big mamma. details after the break.
5:52 pm
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>> tucker: joe biden has been in public life more than 50 years. every day we learn more about his amazing back story. he said that he was once a commercial trucker. according to biden during the big trucker's strike of 73, he drove through the streets of shiloh, ohio. that's where he met big mama. >> the only truck driver i knew i met that day. she said this is big mama, no room. swear to god, true story. swear to god. i've got a united states senator driving my truck.
5:58 pm
>> tucker: we're all trapped in this weird fantasy. who was this big mamma? was corn pop there? we're working to find out and let you know when we do. black lives matter. you remember them. they raise millions from guilty white americans and corporate america. they promised to fight injustice. what have they done from it? well, they used $6 million in donations to buy a 5,000 square foot mansion. they tried to hide it and said with us a safe space because they were being persecuted. unbelievable. so that is where all the money went. to a $6 million mansion -- there it is on the screen. that's the safe space. does anyone feel taken by this?
5:59 pm
weren't they supposed to help baltimore? baltimore hasn't gotten any better. caring about baltimore is the sign that you're a racist. we care about baltimore. a lot of americans live there and they're suffering. they're a long way from blmhq in l.a., we notice. we're almost out of time tonight. we want to give you a quick preview of tomorrow's show and a topic that we think is important. no one else seems to care. what are all of these things flying around in the sky? where are they from? ufos. you don't have to be crazy to believe it is true because it is true. what it suggests is there's a lot we don't know about the world. we're not god it turns out. apparently the pentagon has been aware of this close to 80 years. now there's reports in pentagon files of witnesses to ufos suffering radiation burns and brain damage. scary. also really interesting. so tomorrow's show we'll dig deeper to what we're learning from the pentagon files on ufos.
6:00 pm
we have a documentary on fox nation. we'll be back tomorrow night. a show that is a sworn enemy of group think. see you tomorrow. >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity." we begin with a fox news converse. pandemic confusion and biden failures. we bring you a hannity investigation into the disastrous handling of covid by joe biden and his administration. guess what? they're not ready for omicron 2.0. we'll tell you about it. we began our investigation in 2021 when joe biden inherited a country fully on the mend. every key tool to battle covid-19 was already in place.


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