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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 5, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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to succeed bostich place to stream all your fox favorite sign up now and dove into all the great content fox nation has to offer for a limited time . get fifty percent off our annual plan. go to fox nation .com to sign up and claim your offer. >>uc i welcome tot. tucker carlson tonight. it's hard too remember now because history is pretty hazy agoit was just three years that joe biden was considered too decrepit to corrupt twoonsi' of toucht ever to be president.e and that wasn't just the view from the right, by the way. they mostly stayed out of it. that's what faithful democrats were saying in twenty nineteen three separate neo liberal thr news outletsan the guardian, the week and cnn
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all published op ed with the exact same headline whyme joe biden shouldn't run for president. other publications made the same point with equalce vehemence. i really look like joe biden, but he shouldn't run for president, said a columnist for usa today. joe biden is not helping to clear rolling stone as if the goal was to help. t and actually biden'sru family agreed with this. this is true . they did not want himid to be president either. someone biden's closest relatives assured friends that biden was running merelyssr to workk off the grief from his son's death two years before it made a kind sense. he needed to get outh on the road and clear his head and a campaign was the way to do that . he knew he wasn't going to win and for months it seemed all but assured that he wouldn't win. biden's first debate performance in june was widely d written off as a disaster. it o seemed pretty obvious he hd zero chance of of the nomination and then bernie sanders starteds to win primaries for the second presidential cycle in a row. sanders proved too be the only democrat in the field with legitimate grassroots support.
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donors saw this in the panic. the guyat who hates billionaireo what's he going to do to wall street ? so sanders was unacceptable toop the people who fund the democratic party . but there was a problem. what were the options? ke but? a judge and beto o'rourket know bothto turned out to be lighter than air elizabeth . rren double no kamala harris was horrible on every level. absolutely nobody like kamala b harris and for good reason. so it turned out to be joe bidenut by default. o gotf the biden signs we're allot in and of course the media got the message immediately by the time he was inaugurated. what the press corps was telling you about joe biden. anybody who has any connectiont to reality about what is going on around them should have watched that and saids the adults are back in the room. it seemsav as though we have a professional adult once again in the white house who's just simply doing the work really the same. >> i would say the adults are back still. it isav a relief to have adults
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in charge. now we have adults in the whitet houses , okay? the adults are back in the room. there is a sense i think the world over that the adultss have returned. we have an adult in the white house now and it's gloria. these people never original thought among them he's an adult. . l. gloriouss we'll have true biden is certainly an adult. he'll be 80 thisne i fall. en pc but no one in washington thinks the biden presidency isre glorious anymore. they think it's a disaster. polls show that voters strongly agree joe biden is now the most unpopular person in virtually any room he enters, if you doubt it. watch r e this .ta this waske the scene at the whit house today. take a carefulhi look at this . you'veing never seen anything le it on that's the president
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united states in his own house shunned. >> nobody would talk to him. so biden wandered off lookingr vacant as a crowd formed around a former president. barack obama was obviously deeply grateful for got the attention and then got worse. it got much more poignant in that watch biden try to hornv in on the conversation swirling around obama. everyone involvedern in that conversation, including kamala harris, supposedly works for biden, ignorededely. biden completely. biden desperately tried to get obama's attention, puts his hand on obama's shoulder, even calls him barack like their friends. but obama blows him off the biden's not even dare ask yourself if you have ever in your life seen anything sadder than this ?
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oh , make it stop. it's now it's true that barack obama has never liked joe biden for the eight years they worked together. obama mocked him relentlessly as an old white guy. an he did his best to keep biden off the periphery. ry that's, where he got the ukraine account faithfully. but even someone arrogant as barack obama can pretend if he has to pretend and that's the point of the video we just showed you. obama no longer has to pretend he can tell the world in the clearest possible terms that he no has no respect for joe biden because at this point nobodyy has respect for joe biden. even biden's most faithful supporters in the press corps have turned on him. watch this . the presidentss c biden the outk is pretty grim war abroad, anxiety at home and inflation at its highest level in forty years. sky high inflation is erasingks bigger paychecks while hourly earnings are up five point
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six percent over last year. nearly one in five workers sayst they run out of money before they get their next check h. s. you have historic inflation. you have record gas prices. americans are feeling it. biden's numbers have dropped p by double digits with young voters and they were a big part of his coalition in twenty twenty . >> voter anxiety is about more than rising prices or russia's war in ukraine. violent v crime in american cities remains persistently high and there is a growing problem at the border.ra president biden's approval rating still hasn't b found a bottom and it's been slowlyll trending down all year. >> wait a second correction. looks likeit inflation is real. it's not transitory. or it's actually making us poor crime and disorder in the cities are real too. and guess what ? it looks like a totally pointless war with russia is not as popular as we thought itt was. you're not a traitor for not t wanting it all of a sudden are
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admitting all of this . for months biden's been tellinge us that everyry bad thing you noticed around you is of course vladimir putin's fault and the media have t t backed him up bui suddenly they aren't backing him upng anymore. ready to be shocked again, watch a group of liberal toadies demolish the biden white house's favorite talking. point. here it is.s. and every time we t talk about gas prices, democrats president biden, that is always putin's price hike. they're trying to blame, of course,e. the russian president and the invasion of ukraine forr the jump in prices. but of course, as polling suggests, the vice president is going to take a lot of the blame here. biden has called it a putin americanss but mostt aren't buying it. with the midterms now n just a few months away and inflation at a record high, the president is nowow putting the blame squarely on vladimir putin, ce calling this the putin price hike. but is republicans and the president's critics have been quick. youfo know, gas prices were already rising before russia started this war s. the white house is trying to do to do both blame putin, blame a
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the oil and gas companies. but americans justgr don't agree with what nothing is. your head spinning yet? yeah, okay, just one more.or here'ste sandy cortez who has finally turned on joe biden that was just a year and a half ago that sandy's job was to use all the street cred she earned growing up in the leafy suburbs of westchester and then heading , off to boston university to use all of that urban credibility to convince the young people that actually joe biden was he's old and white, but go ahead and vote for him he's got sandy seal of approval selling. joe biden was her job. of course she did it. she's always been more much more dutiful party apparatchik and revolutionary, but not a anymore. sandy cortez sees changeat coming. if there's i one thing she's god at, it's knowing the prevailing wind. soso she's happy to attack bide. watch this . wewe need to acknowledge that this isn't just about middle of the road
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and increasingly narrow band ofd the independent voters, but this is really about the collapse in support among young people amongrt the democratic base feeling likeng they are not that they worked overtime to get thisen president elected and they aren't necessarily being seen ows the same. > so let everyone know what'c going on here. well, exactly what itks l looks like the democratic party and its media wing havee decided to jettison joe biden. there was never an official order to do this . what you're watching here w, as always, isal the hive mind at work. democrats have the sament reactions because they have the same instincts. biden this week we must get rid of him now to most people that sounds harsh and unforgiving. but in the animal kingdom it's an entirely natural response. it's the first rule of dogrs packs. be for example,hi if a single dog wavers or lags behind the other dogs will killhe him even if they're from the same litter. yes, it's fratricide but it's nothing personal. it's a matter of group s survivl and that's exactlys how the democratic party operates.
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toividuals are irrelevant aan the party. the group is all that matters knows the dnc actually cares about joe biden. whoever has or for that matterat cares about george floyd org grant bloomberg or david hogg or anyoneel they tell you is an irreplaceable hero. all people arere - expendable. what matters is the partyte and the party matters because in numbers there is power and of course on some level joe biden knows this .e he spent his life in the democratic party. he's never worked outside a democratic party . so he understands how this ends. is inevitably after 50 years ite is his turn to be eliminated. ? will he scream for mercy like barria did or will he take it like a man that's the only question biden can't lead. therefore, at some point soon he won't be allowed to leave. it's you that simple and if you doubt it, watch biden talk some time. here's biden the other day telling us that joe biden was in fact once barack obama's vice president. >> o t and i'm deeply proud of
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the work she's doing as first lady with joining forces initiativeiv . c she started with michelle obama when she was vice president and now carries>> on . you know, it feels me even to play that , but it's notwe a unique example. we see examples of that every single day and his fellow democrats see them soe they decided to replace joe biden period. it but how will they do it and who will they replace him with ? that's what we don't know and that's where we're happy to be joined tonight by barcia ut. rcharge she's the deputy editor of newsweek. she's single handedly responsible for making that magazine worth reading once in a while. and so we're happy to have you . thanks for joining us tonight. it'sng true . u i never thought i'd be reading a newsweek piece until you took over . so thank you for that . so so clearly they've decided, you know, the hive has turned on the queen. how does this playy o out? do you you know, tucker , first of all, thank you so much for having me and a big mazel tov. congratulations too you for
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being the number one most watched show among democrats. you know, it's such a privilege to be here with you. we get to talk to both republicans and democrats and that's very related to what we're discussing hereeingn you know, my view is that thehe reason that the liberal media is turningurni on president bidt is because he failedhe at the oh thingim they really needed him o do, which was to sustainti the fiction that the big dividet in america is political when y as you know, becausese you cover this every night on your show, the real divide is about class and on a host of issues from coal to crime to inflation to.s the role the u.s. should be playing in the war in ukraine. you know, working class of middle class americans who arere republicans and democrats, they just are not divided on these issues. they are divided from the elites who claim to represent them. gbut there's that yawning gulf between the liberal mediaee elites, the democratic party and where average americans of both parties are
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at. and i think they thought president biden would help them paper over that gap when what's happened is he's come to embody it. and so there's'reg distancing themselves from him to sort ofo hide from their own failures. tucker , , i mean you it's so simple the formula that youio just suggested isus so obvious. if you had a president who was truly moderate, truly interested in the lives of the people he represented, who cared about people making 70 grand and not just people who run amazon like you could you could win every election and rule forever. why don't they do that ?h i mean a, it's such a great n question. i think youig last night you talked about monopolies and how you know, anybody who resists sort of threatens the monopoly and threatens the power. and i think that the democratsli and the liberal elites in theia media have gotten a lot ofte power from consolidatingy around, you know, the classso that they share and you see itwh even i think, ertucker , on onef area where the presidentme actually is sort of representing where americans f are at, whichin is on ukraine,ow he's really walked a fine line
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,i think, towards supporting the ukrainians the way americans want him to, but not escalating in the way that americans really don't want himim to. and on that , you know, the media beats him up the worst rightit, because he's threatening that elite point of view that is so i t tr. and ii think i mean, what do i know? i'm not in touch with anybody but just watching him on tv, he did not his first instinct was not to escalate. i don't think he wanted to war with russia and it really felt like he was subornedan by the people around him to escalate beyond what most americans want. they want to support ukrainene they don't want a hot war with russia. fair. yeah, exactly. ? exactly. yeah. and i think that , you know,pr he is trying his best to resist pressure from both parties, by the way, by the fromhi the elites in both parties, although of coursee not from this show because you tell it t like it is tucker . >> well, i appreciate yeah. ra no, it'szy certainly the republican party pushing its total crucisomin fauci thans so much for coming on and what you're doing this week. i appreciate it. thank you so much. >> thank you .uc so you know, you hear enough for these censorships stories and you get a little numb toto
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them. this is really an unbelievable what our next guest was fired by a supposedly conservative radio station for joking about kamala harris in a pretty tame way and she's not taking it, which is really refreshing. she's also a left wing radical who supports reparations, is about to get a seat on the federal reserve. good idea or not, we have to tell introducing him optical designer glasses you've never seen. our lenses are thin, really thin and we have hundreds of designs to match your look. it's only ninety five dollars for quality prescription glasses and hip optical .com. do you struggle to fall asleepre and stay asleepfr? tunelessly formula combines five key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol men
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switch today. three six nine three six nine oh . so there are a million censorship stories out there but every once in a whileso you see one that's just like actually pretty unbelievable and this is one of them. is a talk show hostat on a conservative news station in washington called emailio. then she made the mistake of tweeting a joke about the color of kamala harris pantsuit during the state of the uniondub we'ree going to read it to youha because it's like it's not anything to be embarrassed. here's what it said. quote, kamala harris looks like a ups employee. what can brown do for you? nothing good, apparently.g okay, so that's a joke based j on the slogan. it's like not that far out. it's certainlyly not hateful. but a few days later, a left wing activist group pretended that they were deeply upset because it was racist. so they called on cumulous, which owns uml to fire her t and she was fired and unlikef
11:21 pm
most people get fired.n she fought back in a big wayth with a great piece on this in the spectator of one to say she's going to right now. and thanksht n so much for comig out. are we? itit feels like in this story we're missing part of it like that . that's the tweet and then youha get fired on what grounds? yeah,at it's a great point, tucker . i wish that there was more toin the story because this is so infuriating. but i have a termination letter that layssthat out in very specc detail that it was in fact this tweet about kamala harris, his outfit and i think what happened heree is that cumulous thought and cumulous is the parent company for allom, as youet mentioned, that they could just make this all go away. they could get these few activist emails. they could appease the mob if they just fired me. well, their first mistake was that the voc mob is never i satisfied. want more scalps.. and the second mistakeo that they made is they thought that i was just going to roll over and shut up about this . who i am.ed notot i believe very deeply that we s are all obligated to speak out
11:22 pm
when injustices occur in oury society. and so ate i intended as soon ay got fired to very loudly and proudly tell everybodyn about what happened to me because i think we live in a veryse perverse and sick societ. tucker , when a young woman from a working class backgroundkg with parents who didn't go to college can't criticize o the outfit of the most powerful woman in the united statesul and worse than that , the mostct powerful woman in theth united states is actually considered the marginalized victim in this scenariosc. you beat me to it. i was going to point to the most powerful woman in the united states is the marginalized victim and the big soulless creepy company takes her side using i assumet it's h.r. department because that's usually their nkvd. yeah, i'd be happy to share the names of the two people who actually helped me to fire me. so jeff bowdon is the vice president of cumulous operations in washington, dc. kirsten
11:23 pm
fenceless is the vice president of the human resources department ford cumulous and they told me straight up on this phone calll that they t believed that thet kamala harris tweet about her outfit was in fact racist and violated this vague social media policyy that basically says you can't do anything that would bring reputational harm upon the company, whichpl just means that they put that in there so that they can fire people for any reason that they want did. i mean, i guess this is a rhetorical question toas explain how it was racist. you y weren't impressed by herth outfit to get specific ores they just call you names and fire you know, they just called me nameses and fired me and i tried to defend myself but wasn't really offered the opportunity. and i'm told that in subsequentt meetings about this situation they actually admitted that they didn't really r thinkio that the tweet was racist. what really matter tora them was the perception of it being racist by these really bad face dishonest left wing actors.s. you repeat after me because i know you're looking for work. kamala harris looks bold,
11:24 pm
beautiful and sassy tonight . kamala harris.o i can't do it. tucker , but i hope someoneon hires you and soon. i know the already has amberha great. and is.s. thank you .an thanks, tucker . so joe biden is nominated a woman called lisa cook to set on sit on the federal reserve board. the nomination is about tono head to the senate for a vote likely this week. noww this is not a small job. if she wins a seat on the fed board, lisa cook could easily have more effect on your life than, say, kentucky brian the supremeed court. why? ie because the fed is in some is a lotnt more important than the supreme court. they controlled the money mo and at a time of unprecedented inflation which they causedd that could really change your life. but lisa cook is not concerned about inflation. she has not written h a singlere paper about inflation in her entire career. instead, she has spent her career writing about racial' grievances which strictly speaking are not relevant to her job on the fed h and the
11:25 pm
papers aren't even real. b one ofd her papers, for instance, is called the antebellum roots of distinctively black names. think off something more frivolous if you can't oh you can't. and that's why when cook wasot for tenure at michigan state university not known for its super high standards, her departmentta recommendedre against granting her tenure. she was, so bad they wouldn't s even give her tenure at first at michigan state university this show has obtained lisa cook's tenure review packet at michigan state wasw w supported by a subset called carl stack. we're grateful for that . the tenure package shows that cook in an effort to bolster her credentials which worked put it mildly lacking,n lied on her resume about writing an influential peerd reviewed paper in the american economic review. but administrators at michigan state granted her tenure anyway in the nameed of equity and equity is what lisa cook could bring to the fed. in recent years, cook has advocated for race based reparations. isby that not immoral, unconstitutional or anything? by some estimateses, lisa cook's call for reparations could cost more than twelve trillion
11:26 pm
dollarss. the asking where's all that money coming from when we have a debt overhang ofey over 0 trillion? well, iff lisa cook is at the fedd, the fed could simply print more money and she if the senate confirms her or the senate could block her confirmation the when it cos to a voteho and obviously they should. so democratic lawmakers and their obedient little toadies, the media are attacking this show for a quotes scenario which is amazing. it's on twitter. it's totally made up. twitter knows that they've kept it up. we can't respond because we'vetr been banned. we're not whining, but it tells you a lot about the purpose of censorship in our society which explain that it's okay to bring glenn greenwald using tax filing software.
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country. how can that person be talking in public and be taken oi? ously what is going on ? and of course it's true the force of our h self-righteousea this that she stayste on television. she's told us repeatedly, by the way,y, that people who won't wear masks on airplanes at all times are bad wear masks at any point. here's a reasoning wearingk a mask, it's not hard breathing through a mask. it's not hard wearing cpac. yb it'sod harder than wearing a mask. so everybody should just wear j their mask. >> oh , that are, you know, the end of the story and of herself the most self-righteous world was just spotted totally his face stark naked in first class flight from miami to new york and as if the picture couldn't get any more perfect than it already is, rudy says america needs journalists.
11:33 pm
she's a journalist now. >> well, if you watch your show last night, you heard candace owens say that the real point of censoring social media accounts is to win elections and that's true . we don't point it out oftenct enough. you can't have a free and fair election without free speech speeches p prerequisite forcr democracy if they're shutting down what you say there'sacac a reason they're doing it and it's not because they're genuinely offended. these peoplee sensitive. they're not snowflakes hardly. they're power hungry. your words are a threat to a their power. here's just one small example of how it works. a this is a tweet from a man called joe walsh walsh is a political extremist who for a brief time was once a memberri of congress from suburban chicago. walsh is known for his willingness to say anything that might help the democraticy party whether or not it'swh true . well, last night he lived upp to his reputation. here's walsh's tweet. cla he claimed that this was a verbatim quote from our show . quotes what if these bodies of tortured dead civilians were stagedns a? what if they're fake? what if ukrainian military killed them and then blamed russia? laiai'm not taking any of this s
11:34 pm
true . i'm just asking questions. why can't we ask these questions and so immediately the usual partisan hyperventilating story read from msnbc. congressman ted tsou from california seized on the quote to shownc oncee again that this show is a tool of vladimir putin. they're working forwo the russians, arrest them tar and i'm adam kinzinger who is easily aroused, posted this on twitter i. >> we have people likerl tucker carlson in essence just asking questions. that's his thing, youut know, about whether or not the cia you know, frame all these atrous videos we're seeing pushing up a good bye sense of the picture. the problem is the quote that got adam kinzinger so aroused. enjoyy reading. ted lieu isn't real. it's completely made up utterly. we didn't say that .he we didn't say anything like that . we didn't even the address the topic on the air in any way. so everything about joe walsh's tweet is a manufactured lie. it's pure disinformation
11:35 pm
as they now here'se t the funny thing twittr let it stand. the tweet iss up now., now we b might have responded to walshve on twitter, but we couldn't do that because we've been locked out of her own twitter account for more than a week. whyr acek? because we suggested that joe biden's most famous admiral rachel levine was bornmo man, which is actually true. but twitter banned us anyway. ? see how that works. you take one side off the field so the other side wins. youun get to lie with impunity. and after a while a lot of people believe your lies because why wouldn't they ? >> your lies are all they hear. that'sr. how it works. now in our case, joe walsh's tweet is hardly the end w of the world. we have a tv show we're using that show to respond to joe walsh right now thanks to fox news, we can see exactlyo, what we think is true and we try to. but that is a rare privilege at this point in the country's history verys few americans can speak honestly in public. they've been silenced by threats or simply banned from talking. sociala result, our media platforms are dominated by unscrupulous leaders like joe walsh. that's not an accidented. it's not a result of
11:36 pm
their sensitivity. they're not snowflakes. they're hard edged partizans r that's a reelection strategy. ife- you control the information ,youu control the outcome. so min keep that in mind as the midterms approach this fall, if you don't restore free speech to social media, it doesn'tho matter who you vote for. and it's not just this shows by the way. it's ahi on the receiving end of lies and slander like this one . the founders of the lincoln project, rick wilson,, just tweeted a fake quote from. glenn greenwald once again, the fake quote was about war crimes in ukraine. quote, see, they tied their own hands behind their backs and shot themselves in the back of the head. putin's brave, strong, morally upright young men were merely trying to liberate them. t ito goes to greenwald said that glenn greenwald, the independent journalist he's an subsect 1%. thanks so much for coming in . did you say that ? no, it was a completelyan fabricated quote as well. and i s guessss the only thing i can say for each of us is
11:37 pm
that we have the best possible enemies in your case, joe walsh, is this former deadbeatea father who didn't pay his child child support ordered by a court. he used to be a hard coreat republicans. liberals hated himedim. and he suddenly became this , you know, extremist democrat who makes up quotess d in ordero accuse people of being russian agent. and in my case, rick wilson alsose used to be a republican now gets rich off liberals inside of a group,co of lincoln project that got caught hiding a child predator and built c the liberals out oflag sixty five thousand dollars claiming he was making a trump filmne that never came. so we have good fabricators. it's just amazing that twitteris claiming to have to censor all the time to stopow this information allowss these quotes to go viral and so many o dumb people in our media and political elite circles believe these quotes. that was the purpose of it p. it's i just it's just i actually don't know what your position on the war in ukraine is, but it's interesting. i think a lot of people feelys reallyel bad for the ukraine. speak for myself. i don't think the united states should get into a hot war with russia. i thinki it's a fair that's the majority opinion that opinion in now qualifies n
11:38 pm
as treason. this war is beings used by domestic political actors to settle domestic political scoresor or am i imagining this ? no, i think it's exactly right.9 you/1 know, i think that there after 9/11 when most people came to realize that we kind of went too far. butm fa in that case our country was attacked. i remember beingngw in new york on 9/11 was incredibly traumatizing. it's where i lived and i worked. this is not a war that involves the united states beinges attacked and yet the level of b dissent that is allowed is lesss than even after 9/11. and anyone who steps even a little bit out of lineho questions why we should beng risking a nuclear war with russia or a direct war with russia over ukrainian borders is instantlyve accused of being a traitor and a russian agent.ed and that's reallying what those quotes were about. so it's not really about helping the ukrainians. i mean, if youou see some atrocity or pictures of it or dead people always very upsetting and immediately leverage that to attack people, you have a politicalal h grudger against, you're notea really
11:39 pm
exercising like a campaign on behalf of human rights, are you? imagining this is the key point? is any decent person that looks at any war , not just the war in ukraine is horrified wars the most horrific thing humanity can unleash on itself. the issue, though, is that sitting online all day and denouncing vladimir putin and calling everybody a russian agent isn't doing anything for the ukrainians. the only thing that could help the ukrainians is a diplomatic solution to the war. rai ironically, if you advocated that there should be a diplomatic solution to the war, the only thing that can help ukrainians youge get called a russian agent and i think they're exploitedntt in ukraine to get vengeance on their political adversaries . i feelh a sense of purposep and strength to do everything but help the ukrainians in this episode reveals that very vividly. man, isthker: that true? that is the truest thing and sot nicely articulated as always, glennic. well, thank you very much. sorry about that . good to be with you, tucker . t thanks. ci good to see you. so politicians in washington
11:40 pm
for the last few years frettingt about russia and as they have in doing that , they have clouded what's actually been going on and that has been china buying up thousands of acres of americann farmland. talk about a threat to our coret national interestai sales on tht just ahead. i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas and 2016 presidential candidate. like many of you, i've struggled to get a good night's sleep for most of my adult life. i wasted at least two hours a day in my life tossing and turning, trying to shut my mind down until about two years ago. that's when i saw an ad on tv for relaxium sleep. i decided to order it and it literally changed my life. developed by renowned neurologist and sleep expert dr. eric celebrity relaxium sleep is clinically proven to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. relaxium exclusive triple
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11:45 pm
feguard pharmacy, use the free tool, learn at the online pharmacy you're using is safe so the country continues to change without our permission, consent or even knowledge. the administration has begun releasing large amounts lle of single adult migrants from federal custody where they're going exactly. fox's bill melungeon has watched this happens in brownsville, texas for us . hey bill . tucker . so we were tipped off that the federal government would be several hundred illegal immigrants at this parking garage behind us today. and sure, d u e e enough, that's exactly what they did. we'll pull up the videoe and show you right now. we saw five busloads unloading these mostly single adult malehi illegal immigrants. you can see no children, noal family units, all single adults. this was one of the groups they get dropped off, walked behind a black tarp. the city set up obviously to t obstruct public viewo. e
11:46 pm
i'm told this is happening because border patrol stations are dealing with overcrowded. they gotot to clear out some space and i'm told these are parole releases. 't what does that mean? grg it means they do not get an immigration charge insteadms they are asked to just please turn themselves in to ice in a c city of their choosing within 30 days or so. and if we can pull up the second piece of video here once the feds drop them off, an ngo just lines them upm single-file and walks them across the street right near a bus terminal here where they get on busses and they are free to travel wherever they want to elsewhere acrosska the united states, talk to somee people, go into nebraska and louisiana today. and if we can pull these photosn right here, my sources are telling me the government is now giving these migrants these phones instead of ankle in some case and the phones are used to apparently l track the migrants in establish a line of communication between them and ice. but those sources tell me there's really nothing stopping the migrants from just discardingdi the phones or i throwing them away if they don't want to be tracked or or check in withnt. the governmenthe. ay
11:47 pm
and one final thing the former u.s. border patrol chief says massthey do these releases, there's really no way for the u.s. government to know what their criminal record is outside the united states. here's why h. >> we do have access occasionally to some internationalat criminal databases, but that's rare for the most part. we're only there only able toal run the records checks against us criminal databases. so unless they've been in theth us and committed a crime, we're not going to have anye idea what they did in another countryy in soccer we saw five busses here today. my border patrol sourcesr telling me this isn't just a one time thing. this happens every single spotel for the last couple ofea weeks, several hundred released everyth single day. and again, this is one tinyth snapshot of one piece of the border these mass releases happening all over the border, including up in del rioio. and it's going to get a wholese lot worse, i'm told when, titlen forty two drops next month. un sendbe it back to you.. another unbelievable story is and thank you for. that .nk thankss..
11:48 pm
by administration punishing them with free smartphones. imagine a country that punished youou once you violated its immigration law by giving you a free smartphone and then freet education, free health care and free airline flights kind attempting to go there, wouldn't it? so the three things that matter to any country long term are food, water and energy. if p you've a problem with thos, you have a realhe problem. the price of wheat in this country is now higher than it's been in more than a decade. joe bidenpenl g is openly saying we're going to get food shortages. so as we've been running out of food, china has been buying up america's farm and china now owns more than two billionta dollars worth ofte farmlandr in the united states. dan newhouse is a member of congress representing washington statetas. he has noticed this and like most people and he's trying to stop it, he joins. congressman, thanks so much for coming on . this seems likesman a threat tor national security if there ever was one , what can be done to stop it? well, first of all, thank thank you for having me, tucker . and thank for for shedding somei
11:49 pm
light on something that i think is very, very important for our country to discuss. people don't know about it and aren't talkingat about it. so this is really important and i appreciate that and what what can be done when s there's several things that can be and we've done some things actually in this congress that just passed in the latest appropriation bill to to tell the usda to come back to us with a report telling us about foreign ownership of c agricultural lands in this country by adverse certainlyur china is one of those. china is a threat to our country, unfortunately. and you've been talking aboute a lot of different things tonight . the biden administration is hurtingad the u.s. by their policies and they're actually helpingng china.on and i'veg got legislation that i think will go a long ways to stopping china from starting a agricultural monopoly in the united states of america. i want to precludeen the communist chinese government from purchasing agricultural assetst in the
11:50 pm
united states of america. but i mean, it just seems crazy that we can buy lockheed denuke can they buy the great lakes? can they buy the permian basin ? why would you ever give upou your base, your basic staples to an adversary just like youry said? what does the country need? nd energy. they need food and theyy water. china understands china. you know, i've had the opportunity to take someir trips to other parts of the world and i've seen firsthand that some of the things that china is doing to other countries in central america and south america i've heard of things are doing t in europe and in africa. we don't want them to get a foothold in our country. and i think, you know, 10 , 20 years from now if we don't act, people are going to look back and say why didn't you i guys do something at the time to act is now and be preamp soai that we can prevent china from gaining a foothold in our important domestic food production. and that's what my legislation will doonon.
11:51 pm
will bless you for doing this .a if you encounter any resistance from your colleagues really on either side of the aisle,ac i hope you'll comere back and becausewho they are,, i think it's that important. what the good thing i canrt i report my amendment in the appropriations committee last summer passednmi w with a unanit vote. so this is this has bipartisan support and i'm very encouraged by that. we are too. thank you , congressman dan newhouse of washington state. we appreciate it.ppat thank you , sir. it, sha joe biden we mochan but he's tough. he once fought off a bad dudep. called corn pops.d tonight we learned of a newu character from joe biden's hard bitten past. you might have known hornpipe her name was big momma. after the break, in an all new episode of tucker carlson originals, george soros, the billionaire currency trader who has spent decades waging a kind of war one unlikely country is fighting back .
11:52 pm
that country is hungry. watch as tucker goes one on one with prime minister viktor orban and exposes the truth behind the left's globalist ideals. so your success is a challenge to their worldview. tucker carlson originals hungary versus soros streaming now exclusively on fox nation lineup today. hey, fellows, we've got to talk. it's about your food. it has spray on leaf and powdered meat. it's time for fresh fruit that belongs in the fridge t next . now who's hungry? fresh fatove n tony here from u repair .com. let's talk credit. doing to improvech your credit? do i need to improve my credit? do you like saving money if you had a score of six 30, a three hundred thousand dollar home would cost about this much would cost about this much after a 30 year that same loan would instead look like this if your score was just 30 points higher at 660, that's over sixty thousand dollars just because of
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stream all your favorite sign up now and dove into all the great content nation has to offer for a limited time. get fifty percent off our annual go to fox nation .com now to sign up and claim your offer . >> joe biden has been in publicl life for more than 50 years but every day we learn more about his amazing back story. the other day, forng example, he told us that he once was a commercial trucker. he hit a commercial trucking license, according to bidenal strikethe big trucker is seventy three . you remember that he drove to the mean streets of shiloh, ohio with a guy who ran steel. that's when he met a character called big momma. clearly one of corn pops associates watch and old woman truck driver avenue. i met that day she said this big momma no room. i swear to god trustafarian swear a god. i'veve got a united states senator driving my truck.
11:58 pm
we're all trapped in this weird fantasy that he's living. so who was this big momma? did t joe biden ride in the truk with it was corn up there. we're going to find out what you know when we do well, black lives matter. you remember them. they raised millions, millions from guilty white liberals and corporate america. they promised to use that money tom fight racial injustice. so what have they done with it? well, according t to a new repot fromom new york magazine which amazingly reported on thanking york magazine for once the leadership black lives matter secretly used six million dollars in donationsns to buy a sixty five hundred square foot house. we'll call it a mansion in southern california. it's got seven bedrooms and a parking for 20 cars. and when confronted they tried to hide the fact they did this and then said it was a safe space because they were being persecuted. but we so that's where all the money went to a six million dollar mansion. oh , there it is right on the screen. that'sreen the safe does anyone feel taken by this
11:59 pm
? what they supposed to help baltimore, baltimore hasn't gotten any in fact, caring about baltimore is a sign that you're a racist . weba do care about baltimore actually because a lot of americans live there . d they're suffering they're a long way from blm hq in l.a. we know this well. we're almost out of time tonight . we want to wan give you a quick preview of tomorrow's show and a topic that we think is really important. no one else seems to care and that is what are these flying around in the sky where they from your photos ? you don't have to be u crazy to believe this is true because it isis true . and what it suggests is there's a lot we don't know about the world. we're not god, it turns out. well, g apparently the pentagon of this forre close to 80 years and now there reports in pentagon files of witnesses to ufo suffering radiation burns and brainti damage, scaryon and also really interesting. so tomorrow show we will dig a lot deeper intoso what we are
12:00 am
learning from these pentagon files on ufos. we have it, by the way, a documentaryos on ufo screenin and vaccination. we'll be back tomorrow night. so this sworn enemy of lines and possibly smugness and group have the best night the ones you love. they're what many have. >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity". we begin with a fox news alert"h covid confusion, biden's pandemic failures. and tonight we bring. you well, an investigation into the disastrous handling of coverednt by joe biden and his administration. guess what ? they're not ready for omicron 2.0. we'll tell you all about it.t. we also began our investigation on january the 20th. 2020 one when joe biden inherited a country fully on the mend. every single key tool to battle covid-19 was already in place