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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 6, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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learning from these pentagon files on ufos. we have it, by the way, a documentaryos on ufo screenin and vaccination. we'll be back tomorrow night. so this sworn enemy of lines and possibly smugness and group have the best night the ones you love. they're what many have. >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity". we begin with a fox news alert"h covid confusion, biden's pandemic failures. and tonight we bring. you well, an investigation into the disastrous handling of coverednt by joe biden and his administration. guess what ? they're not ready for omicron 2.0. we'll tell you all about it.t. we also began our investigation on january the 20th. 2020 one when joe biden inherited a country fully on the mend. every single key tool to battle covid-19 was already in place.l
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he had it all anyway. so all that said, why all of s a sudden did he run out of monoclonal antibodies and covid tests around christmas when we know we're going to haveod high incidence and high examples of people contracting the diseaseas ? nono excuse for that . look at biden on the border. border policies have been a disaster. why? becausee he stopped the trump policy to stay in mexico. he stopped building s the wallf and of course, there's no checks for people who get special consideration if you'ree out of the country illegally and by entering the country illegally, there's no covid t jen psaki says, well, that's because you're not going to be here very long really. ak >> and then you get free transportation to the state. your choice no vaccine mandate either. that doesn't happen to illegal immigrants. then of course we have the economy. we have a 40 year high ofig inflationh. th that's because of those economic policies, climate, alarmists, religious cult, allgi of these things under
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joe biden. then ween t have the key issue f energy and of course the energyo independence that donald trump hands it off. well, guess what ?an didn't go very well by giving it alll up. now i want to get to the issue first of ukraine. we have a wrenching update from the war in ukraine tonight . as many have noted, if russianta troops stop fightingrt and started going home, there would be nome war . if ukraine stops fighting, there'd be no ukraine. look atwo the scenes we're going to show you tonight from bukha in theyo and the north of mariupol in the south where they tell us we need to know everything about the bloody war of aggressiony as it relates to vladimir putin that they can catch up anyway. embouchure and many towns around key bodies on the streets and what can only be described as pretty much a on earth b. and look at your screen. civilians visibly are being a torturedre, stabbed, strangled. reports of severed limbs. according to president zelenskyy, there's now evidence
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that women have been, children murdered, homes are pillaged. the videos incontrovertible the evidence is overwhelming of war crimes. hell on earth right before your very eyes, entire apartment complexes of literally now rubble neighborhoods, rubble, mariupol ,basically. 95% of that city is now rubble and one fifty three year old man from bukha told abc news that when the russians arrived they killed all local men below the age of fifty two of his friends were shot right in front of them, another blown up with a grenade. it our bodies lining the streets. that is how on earth and that is exactly what has happened as it relates to all things ukraine. f two of his friends shot rightn in front of them and another blown up with a grenade. there are now mass graves all over northern ukraine filled with the bodies of innocent civilians. nearly three hundred people were just buriedt in one of those mass graves outside of booka russian soldiers,
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meanwhile, reportedly squatted in the homes of local residents eating their food and getting belligerently drunk on their liquor. all told, the horror, the inhumanity this occupation of putin's war has been unimaginable south of kiv in the besieged city off mariupol. we go back there the conditions get worse every day. almost everyry single solitary building in the city has been torched or leveled by russiane' shelling. there's no power. there's nos water. there's no food. there's t no supplies. tens of thousands of civilians are trapped completely cut offim from the world as russia's onslaught continues. somedia's are killed by clusterd bombs. others now die ofie starvation. it's apocalyptic scene with an extreme death toll. everywhere you look, there ishe clear indisputable evidence ofre war crimes. and make no mistake, this blood is on one man's hands, vladimiri putin. ecw these people died all because ofau his territorial ambitions, that of a murdering
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dictator,deri. and tonight the u.s. can do a lot to end this war, can help drive russia out of ukraine once and for all again, in spite of people u lying about me and saying, oh , and is troopslior american on the ground, i am not weng don't needam us troops on the ground. we don't need a no fly zone. but guess what ? we can't get into a shooting war and start world war three with putin's russia. ru but the biden administration, the ukrainian people have showne valor, courage, bravery and a willingness to fight for their own country. and we can play a critical rolef as can nato and western european countries and take a page out of o the reagan doctrine instead of sending in waves of u.s. ground troops. to foreign lands in a long, bloody conventional war while reagan armed our allies armed, for example, the mujahadeen not exactly our allies, but he armed them so they could fight for their own freedom and their own country. and they did and they won and they defeated the former
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soviet union in the eighties. also ronald reagan helped the nicaraguan freedom fighters, the contra rebelshe who are fighting then against the soviet backed sandinistas and they were successful in those efforts. biden can doul. the same exact thing in conjunction with nato countries and western european countries. really two things need to happen. only two, according to my sources, americanam and western european weapons, they are not getting to ukraine fast enough. now i do blame our lethargic federal government. we need to see the urgency because they are fighting this war in real time, not through some bureaucratic red tape and slow leadership. they need a constant flow of stingers, javelins, drones, anti-missile anti-aircraft systems and ammunition in the hands of the ukrainians and they needed without delay. you think aboutyo it's a nine hour flight from washington dc to poland that's it. you can do it very quickly. no to our allies in europe,
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they need to stop funding the war and by fundingng i'm talking about countries like germany, many otherik western countries, they continue to purchase massive amounts m of oil and gas from russia. well, guessth what ? that money is going right into putin's pocket and that helps him fund this war and it's h keeping his economy afloat. and we're talking about vebillions of dollars every day. we get our allies finally the energy that they need. i guess what but we have to be willing to produce it right here in the united states and anywhere we can in the interim and they have to be willing russia off once and for all. how much more carnage doesal europe and the us need to see? we need to get ukraine the weapons u they need. quit buying russian oil q and gas. it's not really more complicateded in that if the free world can somehow manage to do those two things thousands, maybe hundreds off thousands of innocent lives will be saved with more is the award winning actor,
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filmmaker, co-founder of core name is actor sean how are you? thanks for coming in . appreciate it. i want to start this say so. i madede a phone call to you wee there and the story interested me if you were on this set o ninety nine out of 100 times we probably would bebe in full disagreement. right questiondieeme about that. all right. so i make the first phone call to you. i don't know if you remember and i said i'm interested in the work that you're doing and why you were thered i evenes before the war started and this documentary you're doing, you remember we first asked me i do what you say. i said that i don't trust you. is there a reason you didn't trust me? yeah, there's a lot of reasons i don't trust you. but my trust or your trust there's so many people that don't trust their spouse and yet we've got to get on g with life and we've gotet a situation i've never felt this way about where our country is and what i experienced emotionally in ukraine
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where it had not. we all talk about how divisive things are, how divided thingsdi are here. but when you step intop a country of such incredible unity, you realize what we've r all been missing. and ihi don't think that we i've got time to indulge my lack of trust, which becomes a petty p thing as people and babies are being vaporized and that these people are fighting for the very dreams. they're the aspiration of all of us americans. and we talked about that too. we don't really agree that we've got to take their example worry we'll worry about political disagreements. if you ever want to come back another day, you're always in vienna. here's what i want to know. youu were there in november of 2020 one . >> okay, we really we're not about the real lead up to this conflict by that point right. u why were you there originally to do the documentary? owhat was it about ukraine or maybe it was about zelenskyy that interested you? well, i think i was in the
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better part of the population. n most o americans in anyer understanding of ukraineic. what was ukraine? who was ukraine? where was ukraine with the exception of the phone call between president solinsky and president trump, that was a lot of and and the facthe that president solinsky had been a comedic actor who had played a character that then became a president and then became the president, we went initially to make a documentary that would bring home a sense of ukraine and profile of this president, but it wouldn't have been as interesting and then the next thing you do b is you see this buildup ofti vladimir putin on the eastern side of ukraine. right?t? you got first we have fifty thousand troops, then it's one hundred thousand troops and all the military and you're you're chronicling all of this and you develophi a relationship with zelenskyy. yeah. tell ns us as soon as this wasld unfolding, a lot ofin the world didn't think that putin would do it. i did think he would. you know,d. all the experts i talked to thought that he
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would most of the experts thatts were speaking out the united states intelligence agency and others felt that he wouldas i'll tell yout to the last minute i think the part of me the pardon me would want to bel in denial of what that wouldwh meanat to ukraine and ultimately to the world. i really is there an upside to this for him. bute what i wasn't really savvy too was that i gather you and but in particular so universally the experts on on putin felt this was going to happen and what didn't happen,re therefore where the preemptive sanctions on enough of a dramatic level before he was so deep in that the humiliation wasn't going to let it stop and that you weren't't going to have the simplicity of negotiations for regions of the east of mariupol to be able to make the bridge from crimea m and now was going to befu
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this full on assault and here we are. okay,ll prior to zelenskyy,w i didn't know a whole lot aboutt solinsky like a lot people until the infamous phone call. i still to this day think there was nothing to that phone call p separate issue. but he had takenho georgia. putin hadhe taken georgia in no way he annexed crimea in twenty fourteen. he has shown a willingness to annex take over land showing territorial ambitions. get there, you're interviewing zolensky at this time. did he see this coming?ve did he believe that this is real? well, because we hadin we had mt initially zoome call him a lot . really interested to see w who he was and and i didn't have the baggage with him. i have a you what is the baggage we never met before. well actually i have as a badge of honor in my house i've gotve the full screen that i
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dominated as an enemy of the state. i remember through say so but here's what happened>> then because of covid once we had gotten a sense that he was veryg much considering giving us some kind of access and spendinge some time with us. we were delayed and we were delayed and so then we went back . we started shooting in november. we went to mariupol to on the front lines and then weal also wereso kid and talking to musicians to get a sense of the culture. but there was the you know, the wagner problem that was going on at the time. and soso the administration was very slow. we couldn't see him. we came back and then this thing really escalated. so then wee wente i think we got there roughly a week before w the invasionee and we met him i met him face to face for the first time the day before the invasion and then spent time with him
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, which we document in the filmin during the invasion on the day ofkn the invasion. and iow don't know that there'se a person on earth who who could know that they were born for such a day that they could rise to it. opa i want to make sure that i saw page when you say invasion was this him taking the two regions,, ,etc. or what theyhe were also rocketsre coming in . this is also when they this is i when they hit the airport fifteen klicks out of right kyiv so it was it was game on and so to in him i saw something that i've never seenn. before in my lifetime that like i said having seen him. yes. prepared for it. yes. hoping against hope it would not happen. but a man who had not yet been challenged with it's happening and the next day i saw something that is a man but it's a man with the adrenalizedt
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. he is the face of something that you see in all ukrainians we saw u and talked to whether they were in uniform out of uniform schoolteacher's evenun children, this extraordinary courage that's come up and it was in his eyes and it is clear to me t that the ukrainians will win this . the question is at what cost did they have in those early hours? i know the trump gave them javelins. i know that they had some defenses. back to thehe h budapest agreement, they wereey at the time the third largest nuclear power in the world and they they made an agreement that they give those weapons to the to russia to be destroyed in exchange for protection from russia, great britain and the us lesson to be learned here. l don't give up your nuclear weapons if you have them because you can't believe people like vladimir putin or even countries that have
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nuclear weapons can c remain intimidated to use them. and we'reha seeing that now with our own country..ns and i fear what that legacy is going to be. we don't want no one wants to see a nuclear i don't want to see one nobody at the same time if only one bully is going to be able to use those weapons as a threat, we got to rethink what we're doing. see, i think the west made r a mistake in this buildupet that putin as he brought in tenu thousand troops and twentynd thousand and we get up to one hundred thousand and it became very clear, transparent and obvious that he was going to go in and all the military equipmentng with it. ht at that point i thought nato countries and western european countries and the us should have anticipatedri what was pretty obvious and then arming the ukrainians a for that moment and i don't thinkn' they were prepared either. am i wrongd? well, look, this could happen tomorrow also we can get at 15 , 16 and they can fly those with three weeks of training. they can fly the migs and the issues. now we know that not from seanf-
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penn. we know16 that from the california national guardha who had a thirty year exercise training mutual with, with ukraine. and we're there with thend ukrainian aviators just shortlyc before they were pulled outau because of the politics and thel policies related to this , you know, impending invasion now invasion. so i think we we really have to rethink this because this is t these are at this point truly humanity in mechanisms. i want>> to get to what you seet but i want too go back to this questionongo. poland offered what was twenty eight or twenty nine makes. yeah, every report says joe biden vetoed that to get politics. i think he made the wrong call.t i think. he should havee he should have known everybodyro says he vetoed it and maga hathe all right. whoever vetoed itet i saidoe a t of people itt some people say that something that was meant to be covertth got leaked
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and became overt and that that compromised these nato partners. i that what matters to me is and what's true is for a squadron which is two squadrons is probably what it would take from everyone. that's an expert i talked to to end this thing. andth that's that's that'sin abt threeut hundred million dollars one billionaire could pay for those planes if the nato countries bla let them overfly and deliver them. all right. i look at and i've had arguments with a lot of my friends here i do nothe believere i think if we learnry from recent history that politicians, republicans and democrats, they're all gung . they start these the wars, they don't fight them to win them. they they start the war gung. then they politicize the war. then we lose our national l treasure. an ourd sons and daughters and others come home with debilitating injuries, in lost limbs, legs, arms, you know, deformities that you can't even imagine. i've c met many of them in the course of my life and theni
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they say never mind. and like the disasterer in afghanistan, they pull out so. i'm not for one boott. on the ground. ronald reagan had a doctorate and the doctor was in the casee of the former soviet union invading afghanistan in the 80s. he supplied stinger missiles tot the mujahideen, by the way, not perfect partners by any means and they were able to defeat the former soviet union. he helped the nicaraguan freedom fighters, the contra rebels against the sandinistas and daniel ortega. i support that doctrine. i support the trump doctrine that if you're going to fight a war, you push buttons using military weaponry and technology and you bomb the living. i call it adam schiff. you probably out added but i would arguehe of the reality and now getting my chance topoe hang on to baghdadiea and soleimani and the al-qaidan: in yemen. those are two doctrines i believe in . if b we were to apply those doctrines here, i believe ukraine would win.
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what's your doxxed was what we have to know is that the ukrainians are fighting to win and they're fighting to win forr the very thing that we're able to do right now to be free to dream. and that is what we say we w represent as americans. so we have a great hav example f fighting to win. there's t another part of it because we've talked about the military part of it. the civilian part of it also is that we know u.s. conflict zone journalists. yes, tragically some die. but i have some colleagues. i'm going to finish my point, m most ofy them over and over . we caner watch a it on tv. why? because you can be smart and you can know wherean w the strategic zones are when weather whether it's, you know,e a traditional war or or not and people can move so can aid. and so one of the things we're not seeing we're not seeing by any scale un organizations operating they can we're also told a lot of they took s
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security for aidec and suppliesn resource to civilians and the military and for civilians in many cases up armored are important. so one off the thingss i want ta say just about what it is being there is that of course theree are risks in the conflict zones ,but it is not what we picture so often about a bunch of here s we come to save the day foreigners. you take one car and one truck s of supplies to that border. give that truck and those supplies to ukrainians who aren't going to leave if g you ask them to and are goingoi to be at risk with or without our help. so we a might as well give them the help they'll bringhe the supplies to wherey they've got to go. what how is that any different i than i'm saying supplied the drones'm sup, supply the javelins, supply the stingers because i'm not talking by doctor got us into a lot of i don't know that the the anti-missile systems they need the defense systems,
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the, the anti aircraft systems and i would give them the migs. yeah. so we're in agreement. wewe we absolutely and fight the war to wino it. that means to defeat russia or i let them fight it to win it because they will. that's what i'm saying. let the ukrainiansit fight themselves. we agree. all right. now ufi i want toth talk about because you've been there a lot and then you also went to poland for a period of time. and i think most of my audience agrees if the ukraine people keep showing the valor, the courage and the willingness to fight, give them the weaponsl ,let them win. yeah. let's talk about what you've seen with your own eyes. we've been showing pictures almost every night. i have p to give a viewer alert. what we're about to show you is horrific and evil and on a mass scale you've seen the mass graves. we've seen what happened to mariupolol. we'vee seen what happened just outside of kyiv just in the last two days. you know, hospitals
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neighborhoods wiped out apartment buildings wiped out.ou and i want to know what you've seen. you tell us how bad it is with your eyes, what you've . en well,, so as we talked about,ke i was there originally in november . i went back and was there whatever it is, the 30 or seven or whatever it is days ago when this invasion started for a couple of days, then i wentac back last week. itk was last week, two weeks ago my time screw it up with this kind of travel. but to live it you know, i'm i when i met with prisoners, when i my colleaguess and i making the documentary, when we went to meet with him, it was midday and you know, we knew k that there were rockets that were targeting areas just outside of that there were air raid sirens and that ultimately
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when we when we came out ofut where we met with him, there bos a blackout in the city because of concerns aboututut rockets. we were encouraged not to use our automobile to drive back because the lights would draw rocket fire . we walked and because of the experience of what of about ts fight was and seeing it in the faces of leadership and not the only thing we talked about, the only thing we felt was the deepest sense of heartbreak. first for the ukrainians who were going to fight, be maimed, be injured. the war of attrition. but very quickly i thought this one this one my children are going to feel if this thingt is not one , they're going to feel it in tangible ways
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in their life. our our childrenays in america this is you and i can argue allu day and i look at you and i think you believe in thisie country in your way. i believe in mine and i think it's at risk because a great dream of it, the aspiration of it with all its diversity because ukrainians put all their unity, they got a lot of diverse thought over there toto i think we're really ato. risk r we let the greatest, most historic in our lifetime fight for democracy against a a gigantic superpower. i mean military intimidation amazingly well and what they've had outmanned . ou outgunned. yeah. sotg that's what i felt from my time there going back to the trip, which i was going principally with the documentary team but principallyocum driven by the we with corps because we have two hundred staff in and out of ukraine, poland, romania
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and which i will make a call for help. we need we've got incredible both refugee ukrainians workingi with us in that two hundred we've got ukrainian citizens of poland and romania and othersf but half of them half half of our staff there are now hired s up. just t since this time ukrainias what so that trip was targeted on how to get supplies into and by the way, just for your audience, there's been there's been a little shift here in the humanitarian world, which isn that up to level for this body armor that is approved for humanitarian organizations and i will say countries that poland has been the mostie impressive country of all to me in this they've been the bravest and they've also absorbede the most population.
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here's what i want to say about zelinski. i've been very critical over the years of ukrainian governmentnt corruption because it stinks to high heaven to me a separate issue for a separate day and i watch this comedian get elected on a on any corruption platform this all w starts unfolding and i'll tell you what impresses me about him. you've meted my habit iset that there are many leaders in the world in similar situations as he's been in offered asylum. i believe it is even offeredff asylum here. i've been told by my sources and they get in a private jet, they pack it full of cash. other currencies, gold and silver, high heeled shoes and shoes. they get their out. right. and he didn't do that . he put on his body armor and he went around the world begging for help from the world, not boots on the ground. he's asking for munitions and humanitarian assistance. now that to me that impresses
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me because most of the many of- the leaders would not have done that . i'll give you the last thought l on him and how what you think they need the most. i'll let you sum it up. i talked to the mayor of kyiv who's klitschko who former world heavyweight champion. nowch i read about this is this was in november. this was somebody who very wellm could have run against one in the next election and perhaps beaten him. l we talked to a lot of people t and that seemed to be the consensus that this would be competitive. he didn't have a lot of praise for the president tonight as we're sitting here that same very powerful figure klitschko has enlisted in president zolensky, that commander in chief's military. he's inan is in the fight. so take everything up. and i mean this is leadership.
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we talk about leadership. we talk to leaders. no one on the planet's been l tested in leadership is a humana being. you're really l emotional about this . yeah, well, i got to tell you something. as a conservative, forget our political differences. i don't want to seeen one more dead kid in the street, one more innocent woman or man dead. i don't want to see any more images in my lifetime of mass gravess like we're seeing there or in chicago forre that matter, anywhere i don't want to see it and we can fix f all of these problems if we have the will and desire to. i believe we're the greatestt country on earth and i think ukrainians will win western europe and america needs to supply them with the weaponry to win. and if they do, they'll behe defeating, in my view, evil in our time. and that's following the reagan doctrine. and frankly, the trump y doctrine, even though youou dont care about doctrines, you know,k the hannity doctrine isne we'll give it to you quick if you invade a sovereign country ,you forfeit your right to
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lead a country and you forfeit your right to live, meaning vladimir putin has forfeitedin his right to liveg. well, i think that what would be most interesting about that conversation is to ask those generalsco, those military commanders in russia who also have been sanctioned whose children won't become the united states for their education. they're goingden england for their education. there are a lot of other places i , i am i i'm not i don't i don't want to invest in the conversation. not that i don't have it privately about my feelings w about what would direct actionht should happen too a leader who does that . but i if there is a god there will be vengeance beyond allge possible comprehensionan. vengeance iss mine say is the lord quoted in a very famous book. good luck with your work. i hope that this thing,i this war end soon and i hope
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they are victorious and i hope putin gets put right back into the grave that he deserves to bee in for doing this and i hope it stops i here and that by theo way, we got i never they don't do it happen. you are my twins. that's that's that's a bad answer on the other side, you're invitedin to come back ad you'll never talk politics with me on the show. i don't know because i think we're in a different time. we allyo i d will. 't we all got to talk to you trust me now more than you did. i'm not going to you know, i'm not going to weigh in onth the putin thing. ai i know you said i don't trust you. that's what you said to me. trust me that i keep my word. you absolutely kept your word and i want you to trust me. you know what happens is that there's a lot of physical therapy necessary for you get it all done in a day. all right.on i wish our prayers are with the innocent victims of
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this conflict. you are dying and i wish you luck and the heroes who are fighting for but i will come back next time. the battle over hugo chavezz or something fun that's an interesting conversation. all right. all right. seriously, thank you for beingus with us. thank we appreciate it. thanks. all right. when we come back , we'll continue to follow important his work in ukraine. itit was more reaction. former speaker of the house foxs news contributor newt gingrich is with us. mr. speaker, thank you for being with us. you and i go back a long way. i had the honor of emceeinghe the night you became speaker and the reagan doctrine means something to us and the trump doctrine means somethingns to us and it's something you and i share in common and i think they're both applicable here . your thoughts on the conversation andhe more ? well, i have to say i think that may have been one of the most impactful and amazing interviews of your entire career. when i came in was getting made
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up of donald trump is going to be very latif's second seantc penn. what i mean that is and you two had an intelligent, serious, ukrainian focused conversation that i think is as goodr as anything you're ever going to do. it's just truly a remarkable half hour of history making television. mr.d speaker, you're a friend. you're very i do feel strongly the west is not doing the two key things. that are needed. the ukrainians are showing us they can win.y they only want the weaponry and yet and western europe is i still will not wean itself off of oil. they're setting up a task force. mr. speaker, we don't need a task force. we need oil and gas supplies delivered any way possible to cut off putin's money. well, look, i think if the biden administration were
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in any way in touch i with reality, they would open up american oil and gas. they would actively createiv more liquefied natural gas ports. they would make itas easy forth the europeaney to get off of dependance on russia. there are a lot of things you could do. one of the things which the congress could do is pass a law which says that nothing in the iranian negotiationslo should allow the russians to avoid sanctions. you s have right now is such total hypocrisy in the biden white house where they say strong things about putin. you know, he's a war criminal, he's a murderer. he ought to be tried for war crimes. but at the same time the number one person negotiating with iran is a russian and their goal is to get us to agree to to give up all of
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the sanctions as it relates too iran. and if the u.s. congress would step up and say no, we're seri ,it's about sanctioning russia. we're not going to n give them a loophole that would be a very powerful signal. and lastly, somethinger you sain and sean penn agreed with whered are the jets, where are the tanks, where were they anti ship missiles? i mean, why are we allowing ukrainians to die? bureaucrats and politicians just keep talking? i think as an american is a humiliating experience and anh embarrassment to us asum a country. mr speaker, i i'll be very t honest. two things have surprised me in this conflict i. no.. one , the will of the ukrainian people and the ability to fight an insurgency war outmanned, outgunned. i thought like many others, i think that putin would rollan in and roll out and basically
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be unopposed. that was t not the case. and to have a shortage of the weaponry that they need iswe unconscionable to me because they'll win. convinced now that the web of the insurgency gets to c.stern european nations and washington dc. i believe putin losesve and thar would be good for the world. and but the moment is now i'd like to see that ramp up very r quicklyam. i'd also like to see the west stop ever taking anythingr putin and making him rich and russia rich again . well, first of all, you may remember at one point we talked about that 40 mile long column and i said at the time think of it as targets, not necessarily, the threat. th and that's because youth could sense that the ukrainians earlyt on were just faster, smarter, better organized than the russians and they were beginning to cause real damage.
12:37 am
but i in addition to that , what you have and i think wehi need a complete total overhaul of our intelligence system they were totally wrong about afghanistan. they were totally wrongngaf abok ukraine. you may remember that general milley, who is the worstin chairman of the joint chiefs in american history, said putin will be in kyiv in three days. it wasn't true , but i think putin thought it would bee true . i think the russians thin came down sloppily, assuming arrogantly that the ukrainiansg would collapse and zolensky is going to become a figure ofia churchillian proportions. zolensky turned out ton be a great national leader of the kind we need in theat united states and do not have and i think as a result he is going to change the hinge of c history back towards democracy, back towards freedom and back towards the need toe be honest
12:38 am
about the cost of security, which is about strength. it's not about diplomacy. ac it's not about pious propaganda. it's not about strong speeches. it's about investing in effective military forces and effective intelligence sources a, both of which are sadly missing right now in thehe united states. mr speaker, we always love having you. thank you for being with usks as always. straight ahead tonight , breaking news. the hunter biden scandal deepening and guess what ? it's arriving right at the door 16 hundred pennsylvania avenue and joe biden and we'll explainl information from miranda devine, brett tolman join us next g with details straightl ahead. thank you for being with my garden brings us together. i garden my parents. i'm more they grow.e weto do you struggle to falles
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tonight . more big breaking developments surrounding zero experience >>nter biden as we are now the current white house chief of staff ron klain apparently reached out to hunter biden back in september 2012 for help and raising 20 grand for the vice president's residence foundation tellingpr keep this low, low key apparently concerned about bad and that's not all because according to miranda devine, a witness who testified before the hunter biden granddi jury we asked to identify who's the big guy in hunter's deal with the chinese energy company. now remember, according to hunter biden's former business partner tony bob wolinski, the big guy that would be joe biden reached out to the white house for commentnt. y jen psaki is yet to circle back . what a shock here for reaction,u new york post columnist fox news contributor miranda devine, formernd us attorney brett tolman. miranda, you know more about this than anybody. a laptop from a best selling book that you wrote.
12:44 am
so we know that the big guy is joe . we know hunter whined in emails about having to payay his father's bills. we know because we havere pictures that when joe biden told the nations that he had never had any knowledge of hal hunter's foreign business dealings. that's not true because we got o pictures of joe hunter and some of his former business partners now with this grandnd jury askig that question about joe biden. does that mean that he's implicated? well, he certainly is involved.l i think t all the evidence point to that and it's really unusual that you have ron klain, the president's chief of staffes ,coming out on sunday and saying that , you know, the president has fullha confidence that his son has done nothing wrong and anyway, it has absolutely nothing to do with joe biden and what ron s klain really should have said if he wanted too to stop the story for now was to say
12:45 am
that , well, look, there's an ongoing investigation in delaware and we will just its course.take he didn't say d that , which is peculiar. and then he had today jen psaki was asked by peter doocy if the president still stood by his claim ask that he knew nothing about hunter biden's overseas business dealings and she said yes, we had another white house spokesman, a few days ago answer another questions when she was asked p does the president still stand by his statement in that last debate against donald trumpp that his son hunter never received any money from china? and the answer was yes. but i mean, as ron gresley and ron johnson sorry, chuck grassley and ron johnson have been showing us every day for the past few daysbe in the senate, they're putting up the receipts and money that isre being shown by the treasuryho department, by banks lodging these suspicious activity reports. you can trt see the money trail
12:46 am
millions of dollars going into the bank accounts of joe biden and his business partners. so it's just not feasible to continue to hold this line at as i look at this and take my take. what's your take on miranda more specifically? is this evidence that could get somebody arrested in your viewew ? , look, i mean, i'm not going to say that . all we know is that the delaware grand jury is looking into joe biden for alleged taxll evasion money laundering and violation of foreign lobbying rules. these are all criminalin offensv if proven and there's a loten o evidence and the fact that we have the grand jury askingy witnesses and showing themen exhibits and then asking them to identify who is the big guy that tells you that they're pulling on those strings p? as i know, having spent so many months exploring the laptop under biden's abandoned laptop,
12:47 am
when you stop pulling thosese strings at the end of them is joe biden. after all, this is an influence peddling scheme around the world and the product w that biden and joe biden. yeah, let me go u.s. attorney bret, let me ask you i mean, you're watching this unfold. , if i was the bidens, i'd be really uncomfortable and i think questions ethical questions about any dealings with china, russia, ukraine, kazakhstan impact joe biden. your take on this is not complex crime that this evidence is starting to amount to. this is a scheme and a conspiracy among family members to leverage joe biden's political positions to bring in money and then divvy out of o the proceeds. grand juries, federal grand juries across this countryy arei indicting individuals and conspiracies of money laundering and racketeering with far less evidence thany l what is what is starting to
12:48 am
unfold from this laptop, from bob alinsky and from others james biden, joe biden, jill biden, hunter. they all should have searchhu warrants that have been executed, domestic search warrants. the warrants should already have beenex issued to understand the connections with china this is one in which a prosecutor walks into the grand jury with the utmost confidence with this kind of evidence not a role. thank you both. when we come back , breaking news on durham. you're going to want to hear my job. i sent my boss to try to help the crushable behind what spoke to the angel of timberland's this . these days the important things are good people just here to try to help highwater streaming now on fascination for a limited time to get 50 percent of our annual plans and a copy of shonda rhimes new book the mothers and daughters of the bible
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fifty nine dollars. that's not a typo in the plan. that's right for you at preston. well .com a huge developmentug in the doore prosecution ofse clinton lawyer michael sussman as the special counselin reveals in a brand new filing c r that sussman himself lied when he told the fbi general counsel jim baker that he wasas not
12:53 am
working on behalf of any client or company. and of course, sussman wasco working on behalf of the clinton campaign. now according to durham, sussman sent baker a text message with the lie meaning it is all in writing here w with reaction formerit whitek house chief of staff mark meadows along with just the news .comow founder editorn in chief john solomon. john, start with you with the news part, thenh we'll get tond market analysis. yeah, listen, first off, you find out today there is written evidence that michael sussman lie. he texted the fbi and told themi i wasn't working for a client when he in fact was working for hillary clinton and dumped his third. but here's the big news. he called what the clinton campaign, the law firm,mp the research fusion gps did l a conspiracyaw fauci for the first time. he called it a joint venture to get all this informationhi flooded into government agencies, try to get donald trump investigate itld on false allegations. it's the first time derivs used the big c wordal and you take mark meadows as we analyze this because everything that we
12:54 am
said on this program reported for almost three years on this program has been vindicated by the inspector generalpl and t seems to now be being vindicated even further by john durham. i just wish w this report woulds get done well. i think all americans want the report to get done, but wee want him to be thorough. and one of the things that you mentioned, you and john y solomn both have covered this for almost three years. there's a couple of other nuggets that we need to look at the date of this particular text message came at a very critical time when there was a all kinds of other things with the steele dossier, parts of it coming outss. but here's the other thing in there. it says that it is time sensitive. why wouldld this information be time sensitive b if it didn't have a political narrative or if it wasn'tna attached to a perhaps another foia request? i mean, where we're actually going in and looking at informationoi and looking ata where we actually go with this
12:55 am
particular investigation, a real problem. what else where do you see this headed, john solomon? because you've been tip of the spear along with marc and so many otherss, you have us and we couldn't have done it without people like mark meadows in congress, jim jordane nunez. i'm putting together a timeline. it'll be on just the this morning. it's going
12:56 am
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organization go to the website. i meant to mention this earlier, for as always we think of her being with us. you make this show possible. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of an entity that in the meantime let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is up next. she will take it from here. i have night. ♪ ♪ >> todd: a massive storm system and two people dead in texas and georgia. dozens of tornadoes reported across that region and leaving residents in shock. >> i am in georgia and there is a clear tornado that came through here. i just don't believe this. >> storms in south carolina capital and state law


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