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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 6, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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i meant to mention this earlier, for as always we think of her being with us. you make this show possible. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of an entity that in the meantime let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is up next. she will take it from here. i have night. ♪ ♪ >> todd: a massive storm system and two people dead in texas and georgia. dozens of tornadoes reported across that region and leaving residents in shock. >> i am in georgia and there is a clear tornado that came through here. i just don't believe this. >> storms in south carolina capital and state law makers
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forced to take shelter in the state house basement. today more than 45 million people are under an enhanced weather threat as another powerful storm begins to take shape. more than 2 million people in georgia and florida are under a flood watch. you are watching "fox & friends first" first on this wednesday morning i am carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro and we will monitor the news for you with all the breaking details but for us fox news alert. expected to hit russia with a new round of sanctions in coordination with the g7 and european union. >> carley: comes as president zelenskyy calling on the u.s. to either punish the kremlin or "dissolve yourself altogether." griff jenkins in lviv, ukraine with the latest, griff. >> good morning carley and todd, zelenskyy with a sharp warning and we will see the same horrors
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if they do not act in demanding the body hold putin's army accountable, watch. >> the u.n. security council exist and secure in the world doesn't for anyone. this definitely means the united nations is currently unable to carry out functions for which it was created appeared after what the world so in bucha, they must commiserate with the war crimes. >> todd: this has more sanctions are expected day from the u.s. and g7 and e.u. in conjunction own banning all investment in russia. and sanctioning the russian government officials and their families. this comes as the pentagon announces an additional 1 million insecurity and more weapons are on their way to the battlefield here. now, there has been another gruesome discovery in bucha. we have two again warned you these images are graphic and
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disturbing. six charred bodies piled together, one appears to be small enough to be a child. unclear who they were or how they died but visibly upset that minister in bucha has three words for vladimir putin. >> >> go to. >> todd: the state department investigating reports of an attack and the region with chemicals. russian chemicals with a tank and nitro acid peer of the senior defense officials telling fox news, it is unclear if the strike was part of a strategy to weaponize the stored chemicals. the chemical weapons, president biden has previously stated that he would indeed respond. todd and carley come i can tell you as far as the latest fighting, british intelligence accused reports around this time every day said that there is heavy fighting and shelling in
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mariupol that the seaport area. they say as many, they believe and estimate 160,000 civilians right now are trapped. no food, no water, no electricity. humanitarian situation there is getting worse. todd and carley. >> carley: but it's hard to believe the you may humanitarian crisis and mariupol could get worse than it is. the chief of staff mark milley said the war in ukraine will last years, which means unbelievable suffering. on the ground, or people in ukraine mentally prepared for years long war? what would that mean for the country? >> well, the general's comments, carley, were very interesting and certainly a departure some of what we heard from this administration mainly saying that it would have taken u.s. troops to stop this invasion.
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now we are reporting two days inn for the general to say it could be years, but certainly nt something for they want to hear hear however, yesterday, they said that they knew that this conflict that had been going on in the eastern donbas region. we are now told the russian troops will focus their efforts on it. it has been going on for years and they understand the u.s. and allies arm ukrainians and that it could be a long, doug and resistance if indeed forces are able to take more of that area. but that is a big question mark, carley, because we have seen other areas of ukrainian forces and counteroffensive have had success in driving ukrainian forces out. but it will certainly be a high area. whether it last months or years will be anyone's gases. >> carley: the western goal of
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nato to prevent a year-long war and the chairman of joint chief of staff point of fact was pretty stunning. griff, thank you for the reporting and we will check back in with you soon. main welcome americans in afghanistan putting his life on the line in ukraine. >> todd: after quitting his job as a chicago police officer, harrison jozefowicz on the ground getting supplies to the front line. garrison's logistics coordinator for yank for. thank you for being here. week feel compelled to help the people of ukraine but why did you take it to a new level? >> hey, todd, thank you for having me. pretty much i served in afghanistan and military began withdrawal with a complete failure. i don't want to see the same refugee crisis occur here appear that is pretty much what i'm trying to stop. >> carley: you are doing it on
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the ground in ukraine. you quit your job as a chicago police officer. tell us exactly what you are doing and what you have experienced during this war so far. >> yes, so right now, we bring able minded and able-bodied vetted volunteers strong with united states, and then we facilitate their safe travel to areas, organizations, and volunteer groups within ukraine. >> todd: how safe is it for you and the people you're trying to transport? again, you are taking them from relative safety into a war zone. >> yes, we definitely don't actively go with these volunteers. this is 100% optional and it is in itself important. we do assure everything is as safe as it can be.
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>> carley: you mentioned afghanistan is one of the reasons why you are currently in ukraine. a lot of people link these two conflicts and say that putin so weakness in the u.s. and west and how we withdrew from afghanistan. do you agree with that linkage? and also, how do you feel the u.s. response to this war so far? >> i personally believe that the u.s. response is something that has to be taken with a grain of salt. the last thing anyone wants to see is a full out world war iii type of situation that nobody wants to see. so with that being said, i think we have to approach the current war in ukraine with a surgical life precision and how we expectedly support ukraine. >> todd: can you put into
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words the horror that you have seen? >> just come it makes you want to break down and cry, but you need to keep helping people that are still alive. we are getting reports of people skin and bones up in bucha and anywhere around kyiv, really. it is sad to see what is happening in mariupol. they are completely surrounded with 20 kilometers of russian troops and tanks completely surrounding mariupol right now. >> carley: you are getting requests every hour from the front line from the ukrainian military. what sort of request, what sort of things are they asking for? >> they are asking for a life-saving combat medical supplies. so, 50% is getting volunteers into ukraine and the other 50% is getting request from the
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front lines and then supplying them with medical supplies. so anything from turn to kids, combat, israeli bandages, devices to ensure that airways are open and anything and everything they are asking for and we are just trying our best. >> todd: thank you for taking time out of an important mission. we appreciated. >> carley: thank you for what you're doing. >> todd: fox news with emails with president biden to carry out a favorite for the son of hunter biden's chinese business partners. >> carley: if you can believe it, the white house is doubling down saying the president never spoke to hunter about his overseas business dealings. brooke singman joins us now with the details, brooke, good morning. >> good morning, guys, president biden rode a college recommendation letter for the son of hunter's chinese business partner back in 2017. the messages are from a laptop that belong to hunter biden. ceo of the chinese, gentlemen,
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please find the attached resume of my son applying to colleges for this year." cc hunter, let's see how we can be helpful here. a month later another biden associate writes "hunter asked me to send a copy of the recommendation letter that he asked his father to write on behalf of christopher from brown university." the original is sent to paxton for brown and should be there by tuesday at the latest. meanwhile senators chuck grassley and ron johnson revealing new financial documents detailing business links between the biden family and actors. they show how chinese energy company ties to the ccp with millions owned by hunter biden and his uncle james biden. and hunter joining burisma of sports for $50,000 a month and received $55 million from the
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sanctioned wife of the former mayor of moscow. but the white house said the president has no knowledge of hunter's overseas endeavors. >> hunter has said he never spoke to his son about overseas business dealings. is that still the case? >> yes. >> hunter biden has been under investigation and since the investigation was prompted in part by suspicious activity reports regarding foreign activities carley and todd to. >> todd: those foreign activities will get you every time. inc. you very much. hunter biden yesterday, the move was blocked by democrats and republicans say they want any records tied to his business dealings preserved. >> carley: congressmen james comer the over house site committee, congressman good morning to you. i want to get your overall reaction to brooke's reporting and more links between hunter biden and his business associates and the president are
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revealed, the white house is still saying he had no knowledge of anything. >> yeah, that is hard to believe. we have known for months hunter biden had all sorts of legal issues. we know that ethics mean nothing to hunter biden, transparency means nothing to hunter biden. we know that he's under investigation for tax evasion. but there are so many more things coming to light. we know the hard drive was, in fact, real. the other emails trickling out now. we asked republicans on the oversight committee are requesting preservation of a host of documents that we believe will potentially tie biden administration officials to hunter biden's dealings. now, joe biden i'm sure is going to plead ignorance in all of this, but the world is closing in on president biden with respect to former business dealings with his son, hunter. >> todd: you took the words right out of my question to you come are the walls caving in? i will pivot to you, congressman
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these documents that you want preserved, do you have any sense what they show besides general request for everything? >> yeah, i mean he's got to have permits from some of these foreign nationals that he's been getting paid for. there are favors not just with the letter that you mention for the son of one of the business associates. just lots of little things that we are dealing with from countries from russia, ukraine, china, everything hunter biden has been paid by foreign nationals pertains to energy. and it is ironic the first thing joe biden does when he becomes president is totally disrupt american energy industry, puts us at a competitive disadvantage to the country's hunter biden has been getting paid by. now, we see one of the oligarchs hunter biden got paid some sort of consulting before was one of the oligarchs that happen to be
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left out by joe biden's original sanctions. so more and more questions arise about hunter biden. and now, we are seeing from the emails from then vice president chief of staff that these administration did communicate often with hunter biden. if chief of staff will send the vice president sons an email soliciting at least $2,000, that shows they are pretty comfortable. that they have a close relationship, and i think we will find out more and more problems that joe biden is going to have explaining his relationship with hunter and some of the shady business dealings. >> carley: congressman you brought up the energy element of this because one of the things hunter biden trying to work with energy company to have them produce liquefied natural gas in louisiana. as president biden is trying to shrink fossil fuel usage and fossil fuels, there is no end to the tentacles in the story line
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when it comes to hunter biden saga. senator chuck grassley house judiciary committee said this is consider black male and hunter biden working with chinese with links to the chinese communist party and what that might mean for the current administration. do you share those concerns? >> i share those concerns. we have been talking about the paris relationships hunter biden has had for months now. another issue is relationship he had with the chinese company with cobalt mine in congo. that just gives china a further competitive advantage over the united states and the electric vehicle battery market, something joe biden is trying to transfer americans into electric vehicles. we will be more dependent on china. so many of joe biden's policies that have been so damaging to the average american in so many ways to be tied back to shady business dealings from his son.
1:17 am
and his brother. so joe biden has a lot of questions to answer and we saw somewhat jen psaki, they will not answer those questions, but i will tell you the world is caving in on hunter biden. he's not just under investigation by republicans in congress and the u.s. attorney. he is going to have plenty of explaining to do to the department of justice. i think it is a matter of time before hunter biden gets and i did. >> todd: congressman james comer, reading those questions as i write them. also joining us this morning, congressman, thank you. john durham potentially damning evidence against hillary clinton while you're accused of lying to the fbi. during filing a motion to admit 2016 text message from michael sussman to fbi general counsel james baker. in that message, planning a meeting between the trump organization and russia just two months before the 2016 election. in that text, sussman writes
1:18 am
"i'm coming on my own, not with company." that is the key part right there wanting to help the bureau. michael sussman was working for the dnc and clinton campaign at that time. special counsel calling the text "a light in writing." >> carley: take a look at this, former president barack obama, president biden stands alone and obama back at the white house for an event for the first time since leaving office to commemorate the 12 anniversary of the affordable care act. at one point during his remarks, obama joked as if he never left. >> vice president biden, vice president... [laughter] that was a joke. >> carley: obama referring to president joe biden as vice president after his remarks. a serious message about the midterms telling democrats worried about the election "we have a story to tell. just tell it."
1:19 am
15 states to soothe the biden administration to "protect women's sports." the warning comes before president biden unveiled changes to the title nine regulations which may create protections for transgender students in sports. a letter to the education department attorney general for montana, alabama, and more begging "we are prepared to take legal action to uphold title ix, any protect athletic opportunities for women and girls." >> todd: speaking of sports, a major announcement regarding his participation in this year's measures. >> right now, i feel like i am going to play. >> do you think you can win? >> i do. >> todd: that would be insane if he won. head of making a final decision, a victory in this year's masters but first of all it would be unconscionable but it would tied the record jack nicklaus and
1:20 am
moving his leg in a car accident 14 months ago. carley if he can pull this off the greatest sport story of all. >> carley: everybody will be rooting for him, right? >> todd: smiles unbelievable. >> carley: big sports news. >> todd: a free-speech event at the university of buffalo tomorrow. some tearing down flyers and planning to protest. we check in with the colonel before he takes off. >> carley: sounding the alarm free-speech, elon musk with bad news for a company that the hunter biden story and elon musk responded. we will tell you what he said coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: check this out. elon bucks responding to bloomberg opinion piece by "the washington post" claiming his new role as top stakeholder at twitter could be "bad news for free speech." bloomberg senior columnist and nbc political analyst tim o'brien writes in part "i suspect something more serious than elon musk to invest in twitter even if he reveled in buffoonery, maybe he wants to bring twitter to heal."
1:26 am
reading "the washington post" is always good for a laugh. the "miami herald" is marked for calling the babylon beast fake news and an article attacking florida's governor. accuses ron of hypocrisy for paging for fund-raising help. online users were quick that he does not pretend to be a news site, conservative writer and "this is simply embarrassing. "miami herald" and a satire of sight, not fake news. they are reporting to be news at all which makes your reporting, your report, rather fake news on its own. see the difference. the ceo of babylon beach will join us next hour to react. >> todd: carley, this really is a pattern that we are seeing when people throw their hands up in the air and fight against something, oftentimes they haven't read it, at least on the left. that is a perfect example right there have not being informed
1:27 am
before you go crazy and lose your proverbial you know what, do you agree? >> carley: yes, absolutely. there is a big difference between fake news and satire. that would be like calling "saturday night live" a nightly news show or a comedian pay news anchor. there was such a difference there. the "miami herald" reporting like this tweet, and pointed out so accurate in saying that the actual reporting is fake news, not what the babylon bee is trying to do which is joke. >> todd: carley, how does this get past various levels that exist at a newspaper? this isn't just one guy writing something and hitting a button and have a go to the paper. this has to go through presumably many layers of editors to make a determination. the two i'm looking very forward to talk to seth dillon next hour. he is ceo of babylon bee we will talk to him about that and
1:28 am
elon musk becoming the largest shareholder of twitter. the babylon bee has been censored by 20 ohmic twitter so looking forward to getting the reaction on both sides. >> todd: conservative speakers on college campuses escalating at the university of buffalo. former congressman and gubernatorial candidate, allen west scheduled to speak on campus this week but some students on campus have been ripping down posters advertising the event and replacing them with calls to protest. he joins me now. good to see you, colonel. these children ripping down these posters always say everything is racist. but is it an attempt to silent ohmic silence you come i.e. from a black man? >> it is good to be with you, todd. yes, the hypocrisy is laughable but when you think about it it goes back to what joe biden said during 2020 election cycle. if you don't vote for me, you are black. so this is part of the mind-set
1:29 am
that it defines everything about your ideology. if you don't agree with progressive socialist ideology you are not seen as black. and also i want to bring to attention the whole mob tore down the statue of frederick douglass in rochester, new york, as well as deface the monument to the 54 massachusetts, the first black man to wear the uniform of the united states of america in an organized unit up in boston, massachusetts. so we are talking about the real fascist, real racist this is what we see on the college campus. >> todd: they are obviously misguided and idiots. a bigger picture, your speech is about american exceptionalism. >> correct. >> todd: why do students want to hold onto this notion that america is not exceptional? why do they believe that so much to their core? >> that is part of the cultural marxism to create division and divide amongst us to break down the united states of america and
1:30 am
tried to remake it as barack obama said, we are close to fundamentally transforming america. todd, i want you to think about something. 60 years ago i was born in black's only hospital in atlanta, georgia. you look at what this country has enabled me to do. that is why we are an exceptional contrary and i want to talk about buffalo. >> todd: what will happen ripping down these posters? >> i think without a doubt something should convict them in their heart but i don't know what could happen to them other than the fact i will be there and speak. >> todd: bigger picture, what do you make of a white, liberal child usually from the northeast but not always, telling you that they know more about racism and the struggle of black people than you? >> well, it is condescending, offensive and i was born in a black only hospital and as a kid i went to see my grandfather in georgia to plan out the route
1:31 am
and going to black only restrooms. look where we are today. look at what i have achieved and many others have achieved in the united states of america. >> todd: alan west, he's been in the military and will not let kids in birkenstocks prevent him from making a speak there speech. lieutenant colonel, thank you very much. >> thank you, todd, god bless. >> todd: an announcement from greg abbott today is fox news cameras catch even more mass migrant releases with democrats urging the white house not to end title 42. we will report on that next.
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♪ ♪ >> carley: welcome back. governor greg abbott visiting south texas where he is set to make "a major announcement." the biden administration biden administration to end title 42 trump era. >> todd: and other migrant
1:37 am
surge, washington with more. >> good morning carley and todd, governor abbott in dimmick speaking 4:00 p.m. to end the trump era measure. capitol hill wants to stop the 10 billion to look over the bill from moving forward unless congress gets to vote in reinstating title 42, which is used to prevent migrants from entering the united states. >> the amendment on title 42 in order to move the bill, they will need to enter into some kind of an agreement to process amendments in order to go forward with the bill. >> todd: film allusion with mass single in texas and the center for disease control friday will be ending title 42 may 23rd. and it dates back to 1944 public health services law that gave surgeon general authority to stop migrants from entering the country during the pandemic. it has been in place nearly two years. a vote on title 42 in the senate
1:38 am
will likely pass because five democrats supported. jon tester says, "i'm strongly opposed to the administration to let title 42 expire next month, which will only add to the strain on the broken immigration system." secretary mayorkas with a confidential plan to increase security needed when title 42 expires. u.s. border patrol agents say they encountered 802 migrants and six large groups that recently crossed the border from south texico into mexico. a center for the fight of covid relief, carley and todd. >> carley: live from washington, thank you so much. and with that let's bring in dr. kevin roberts, president of the heritage foundation. good morning to you, sir. there is a crisis at the southern border already. what is it going to look like when expires in may? >> carley, it will be far worse. and i had the privilege of
1:39 am
leaving the largest policy groups in the world and i mean this not to be hyperbole but all the migrants we come across into the this administration will pale in comparison what happen starting next month when title 14 expires so i applied governor abbott in texas to do everything he can in his limited ability as a governor rather than someone leading the federal government in addressing this. this is the problem, carley when you visit the borders as i have done many times and you talk to mayors and county officials but most of all regular americans who realize this search is upending the american way of life. this is not democrat or republican problem, or at least it shouldn't be but the democrats turn into a problem, it is important to understand as a people this is changing our american way of life. >> todd: you and the folks at american heritage to combat the crisis. when you see the images and hear about the numbers, do you think that is a fight you can win?
1:40 am
>> it is a great question, todd but idealistic as we launch the border immigration to say, we look forward not only addressing this crisis this year but getting to the ultimate aspirational goal, which a vast majority of americans want. that is an immigration system that is transparent, fair, and allows illegal migrants to come here. all of us are in this country because our ancestors came here. it is a real travesty that we have a system that is chaotic ran by bureaucrats, and frankly, i will admit this is the case, but it is run by biden/harris that wants illegal immigration to up and make the american way of life. we have to get to a fair, transparent immigration system that honors the rule of law. we have to think we will get there as soon as 2025 once a governing majority and friendlier administration. >> carley: from the border to
1:41 am
inflation yesterday, bernie sanders addressed the crisis. i'm glad you are sitting down because this may come as a shock to you, he blamed corporations and corporate greed. take a listen to this. >> during this pandemic and during the war in ukraine, all the sensibility, let this be a moment in which large corporations continue to enjoy profits. i think the american people or based on the polling i have seen have had enough. >> carley: yeah, you hear president biden echoed this type of sentiment too appear that high gas prices are because of greedy oil companies, not his policies trying to trade fossil fuel usage. are americans buying this? >> know they aren't. americans have had enough of his elites like bernie sanders and joe biden trying to talk about inflation as if it is started by anything other than failed policies by the administration. but let me say this, people and elites in d.c. talk about
1:42 am
inflation as if it is abstract. i can tell you working up in a working-class family in the '70s come '80s last time we had inflation like this propagated by failed leftist policies we feel inflation in a different way. it is not an abstract number, oh, man the cost of milk was a little bit higher. it is that we can't buy the milk. we can't turn on the air conditioner. we can't turn on the heater. this administration is changing the decisions that americans make. obviously, that will have political consequences, but i like to see policy through the lens of lands of real people and people are suffering and people like joe biden are nonchalant about what we are seeing. >> todd: friendly nikki haley former u.n. investor calling the u.n. in ukraine on action, listen. >> how can you say you are organization committed to peace and allow such a brutal dictator that is killing innocent civilians and allow that to happen? you will not acknowledge china
1:43 am
or call out russia. what is the point of the u.n.? >> todd: dr. roberts, why has the u.n. been more or less useless so far in response to the ukrainian vision? >> the u.n. has been useless for its entire history. back in 2022 we have a contest who is more so god bless nikki haley for moral clarity. but this is where the rubber meets the road. kind of going back to policy through the eyes of average americans, we don't understand how russia can be on the human rights commission to begin with. this whole thing is absurd. and the new show, we would think we are on a comedy routine, but it is important for people to take hope from comments like ambassador haley that we are going to turn this country around. we have to weather several months but the real good news, todd is you appreciate is that americans have had enough.
1:44 am
we will turn the corner and take our country back. >> carley: absolutely. russia and china being permanent members of the u.n. security council does make them absolutely useless. and in the senate, the heritage foundation, dr. kevin roberts, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. all right, turning to this after sean penn speaking with sean hannity about his trip to ukraine where he was filming a documentary on russians invasion. listen here. >> i never felt this way about where our country is and what i experienced emotionally in ukraine. where we all talk about how divided things are here but when you step into the country, such incredible unity, we realize what we have all been missing. >> carley: calling for unity of across the political spectrum right here at home saying
1:45 am
ukrainians are fighting for dreams and aspirations for all of us americans. democrats are blaming big business for skyrocketing costs but by his fast food chain doing more to help americans than big government is? the ceo bojangles talks about gas card giveaway. >> todd: in the meantime one california city with four fine years just to prove basic income. not fun anymore. it is based solely on gender identity. up next. ♪ ♪ do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: a new video showing the moments after josie's mullet booked into cook county jail with a hate crime and then lying about it to the police, the video shot minutes after jussie smollett in ct. 250 days in jail for the 2019 incident and then six days later after all years argued he would finish his sentence before the appeal process is completed. facing charges for last weekend's deadly shooting and sacramento appearing in court. facing charges in the sole and illegal possession of a firearm. he is one of possibly multiple shooters with a downtown area
1:51 am
killing six people and injuring 12 others. yesterday his brother and one other suspect also arrested, smiling martin a multiple felony and released years because of an assault charge and believing that he is "have little regard for life and the law. he was apprehended from hospital bed after suffering serious injuries in the shooting, carley. >> carley: approved the first universal basic income pilot program but the only people getting that money must belong to the transgender nonbinary community. carl demaio, a former san diego council member here to react. carl, good morning to you. up to $900 a month given to people based solely on gender identity. what is your reaction to that? >> first, let's say very clearly this is not about whether we value transgender individuals.
1:52 am
think americans are fundamentally fair appear they want people to be happy, live and let live but this is a program to give taxpayer money simply because someone is trans. what will we do next give money to left-handed? what kind of identity can you think of next? the programs, that is what this is, is basically giving free money from government to people. usually they are targeted on needs based criteria whether poverty level or some other income definition. but this has nothing to do with need or income. this has everything to do with woke identity politics. the programs are failures and contribute to inflation. they do not address social economic issues we are trying to address by welfare programs. but this clearly is at the
1:53 am
expense of taxpayers and it needs to stop. it's very expensive and very offensive appearance be to your point is well taken. i think a lot of people would agree with you when you say where does this and when income for the transgender and nonbinary community today, what will it be tomorrow? the mayor of palm springs is transgender and feels like this program doesn't even go far enough. listen to this. >> my serious concern is the ability of guaranteed income programs to scale up to the magnitude of the issues that are before us. i have been wrong many times. i could be wrong again on this one. >> todd: and supporters of this program say the transgender community is one of the marginalized populations and find high levels of housing and security, jobless. i'm sure you for those arguments before.
1:54 am
what is your response to that? >> it is one of the most marginalized population in the united states. crime is skyrocketing at the cost-of-living is the highest any of the united states here and yet, here we have a mayor that says i want to pick winners and losers on the basis of your sexual orientation status. next, we will deal with skin color. why don't you say you will do an ideology test while you're at it? it is unfair, fundamentally unfair and economically it does not have a positive impact but what it does is create inflationary environments. it cost taxpayer money without a return on investment. how about we focus on making the streets safe and palm springs has an uptick in violent crime and property crime. why don't we actually cut the regulations and mandates? so that people can get jobs? >> carley: you took the words
1:55 am
right out of my mouth. giveaway is a short term to increase inflation. if you want to help transgender community give them jobs. so happy to have you, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. speak to the media gushing over barack obama who stole the white house yesterday. some point during the lovefest the president shared midterm advice of struggling democrats. >> todd: here to respond to that, joe concha all coming up in the jam packed o'clock hour.
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>> straight to a fox news alert, the biden administration expected to hit ukrainian with a new round of sanctions today in coordination with the g$7 and european union. >> todd: ukrainian president zelenskyy is calling to do more to punish the kremlin or dissolve yourself all together.


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