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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 6, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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next year we will be there. >> todd: yea. >> carley: this is great news. i was looking at the menu earlier today and that gravy smothered sandwich looks delicious. thanks for coming on this morning and doing what you are doing and putting a smile on our face. we appreciate it so much. >> todd: and, with that, "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> the battle for ukraine's independence. [explosion] >> is now in day 42. >> president zelenskyy is seeing a stark warning if the world doesn't act. >> war crimes. >> president biden wrote a college recommendation letter for the son of hunter's chinese business partner. the white house insists the president has no knowledge of hunter's overseas endeavors. >> the president said he never spoke to his son about his year seas business dealings. is that still the case? >> yes. >> cameras catch more migrant
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releases as urge the white house not to end title 42. >> if is good to be back in the white house. >> democrats flocking around former barack obama while president biden stands alone. >> vice president biden -- that was a joke. [laughter] >> tiger woods making a major announcement in this in this year's masters. >> as of now i feel like i'm going to play. >> do you feel like you can win the masters? >> i do. ♪ ♪ you make my dream come true ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: what a great song everyone at home sing along. brian, why aren't you singing? >> brian: i know my skill set. i would ruin a good show. ♪ ♪ >> steve: good morning, san diego, it's 3:00 in the morning. 6:00 here on april 6th, 2022. welcome to "fox & friends." >> ainsley: going to be sunny
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there. 76 degrees. the sun is coming out right now it about 57 degrees. they have harbor cruises, trolleys. you can watch the whams and go to the zoo. >> steve: my brother-in-laws live out there. if they were smart they would charge us. want to see us we will come up for 20 bucks. >> brian: as a species, i'm glad they're not aggressive except for the killer whale which they think is not labeled accurately. killer whale is not bad. a mislabeling that they can't shake. notice they try to say or can a now. >> ainsley: as long as they stay in that little pool now when sea world shamu stays in there. >> brian: i'm pretty sure they prefer the ocean. >> ainsley: watch those documentaries it breaks your heart. >> brian: talk about something that's breaking joe biden's heart even though he never discusses in public just one word answers. that is hunter biden, everybody knows about his crack addiction
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and proclivity for liking hookers and that's one thing. people like to get sidetracked on his personal problems. no one is ever interested in his personal problems. that's sad for him and people can identify with that just about every walk of life some addiction. everyone understands it. what people don't understand is why someone whose drug alleged put out to seemingly represent the family in the most high stakes international dealings with the most dicey countries on the planet paper trail reveals and i don't think people contend with include joe biden -- excuse me hunter biden's dealings in ukraine, romania, russia and most of all, china. keep in mind, this is -- the biden people keep saying this is not a joe biden problem. this is a hunter biden problem. and his emails and laptop are authentic and he has his own separate probe. man, every day getting closer and closer to the answer that
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everyone can't deny. >> ainsley: was joe biden involved? did he get money for his son's business dealings in china and moscow with burisma? >> brian: did they trade on his name? >> ainsley: exactly. fox news exclusive this morning. fox digital received emails allegedly from his laptop and they show that president biden wrote a recommendation letter to the some of hunter biden's chinese business partner back in 2017. >> steve: well, now, hold the phone. i remember when joe biden was running for president peter doocy asked him out on the trail have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? and joe biden angrily responded, snapped at peter, no. >> ainsley: peter asked again yesterday, doubling down on. that was. >> steve: we will play that in be just a second. joe says i have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings and yet this is the new news. fox news digital discovered that in 2017, joe biden wrote a college recommendation letter for the son of one of hunter's
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overseas business executives. the recommendation was for the son of the ceo of bhr, a man by the name of jonathan lee. here's the email. it said, gentlemen, please find the attached resume of my son chris lee. he is applying to the following colleges. brown, cornell, and nyu. and then they are also on the laptop is an email from the money guy for hunter biden eric sherwin, the president of rosemont seneca write back to mr. lee upper jonathan asked me to send back a letter recommendation letter that he asked his father. that's the part right there. he asked his father joe biden to write on behalf of your son. the original is .
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>> ainsley: call andrew baits at the white house deputy secretary. he says quote we don't comment on the laptop. peter doocy is at the white house. he asked jen psaki again, listen. >> steve: action. >> a lot of stories about hunter biden surfacing this week. so to ensure the independence of the investigation, would the president support the appointment of a special counsel? >> well, first, the president halls never had a conversation with the department of justice about any investigations into any member of his family. he said that during the campaign and he will continue to abide by that so i point to the department of justice for any additional steps they would take. they would make those decisions independent limit. >> the president has said that he never spoke to his son about his overseas business dealings. is that still the case? >> yes. >> brian: you don't need a special counsel to go into this. we need a special counsel find
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out if donald trump had dealings with russia and go around his attorney general and basically lose his job after the midterms. keep in mind. that letter is going to be revealing. did joe biden in that letter say come to my attention that one of my son's business associates has a son that seems to be very talented and qualified. i would love for him to take a seat away from american kid and put this chinese kid there instead and of course we will use chinese money will pay for that whole tuition so i'm sure that's more favorable for any of these elite institutions that cost over 70,000. in that letter i'm very curious if he says this is a letter recommended by my son or say i have had a chance to meet lay family. they are charming people. this is a very talented young man which, of course, that would mean he flat out lied. now, keep in mind, james gill larr said to tony bobulinski whatever you do don't mention joe being involved. only when you are face to face. i know you know that already. but they are just being paranoid. so you look at this devon archer
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and other business associate on a golf course with joe biden and hunter biden. this is a lot not to talk about as a family. don't talk to my brother about international business and don't talk to hunter about international business when we are golfing and then when he flies down to mexico with -- in air force 2 to meet with hunter biden's business associates. i guess they didn't talk about business again. >> steve: well, it has been proven and there are photographs out there as well. brian, when you mentioned, you know, it would be great to see the letter from brown. brown won't release the letter. >> ainsley: know if he went to school there. >> brian: we will find out. >> steve: but there is photographic evidence despite joe biden saying i don't talk to my son october 2020, burisma executive emails hunter to thank him for introducing me to your dad dinner at cafe milano in
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d.c. joe biden, hunter biden, the moscow mayor's wife. et cetera. 2015, joe hosted a group of hunter's mexican business associates at the vice president's official residence, observation circle in washington, d.c. and there's a picture of hunter and joe and carlos slim, one of the richest guys in the world. so when jen psaki and joe biden say that about his overseas business dealings. , it appears somebody is lying. >> ainsley: it doesn't make sense? who wouldn't talk to their child about business dealings and have pictures together with some of the business partners on the golf course at the restaurant. >> brian: nancy pelosi son also doesn't talk to his mother about business dealings. >> ainsley: this is a trend. >> brian: i will add this. how could -- these other media outlets come right to this joint john harwood the best example.
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there is no proof this is bad for hunter the laptop is authentic. looks like an indictment could be imminent. there is no, no sense that joe biden knew anything about this. you have to suspend disbelief to think that for a second that they are not sitting in all their numerous saying how can i continue to pretend as if the president doesn't know anything about this? how can they do that every day? >> ainsley: here is the question. is hunter getting money in exchange for influence when you see that one of his business partners they are making a lot of money together. and then he says can your dad, who is vice president. write a letter on my son's behalf? >> brian: can i say yes, of course? he is getting money only because his dad is his dad. >> steve: here's the thing. yesterday when the white house issued that statement we don't talk about the laptop, that's kind of a new answer. >> ainsley: that's true. >> steve: then again yesterday it was revealed that the white house chief of staff ron claim d when he left joe biden's staff when he went to drum up money for the vice president's house
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when joe biden was the vice president, ron klain asked hunter in 2012 to help raise $20,000 to maintain the vice president's residence. who did he contact? he contacted that eric guy, the money guy we just quoted who helped facilitate the letter to brown. he was money guy. if got the money to provide 10 different donors of $2,000 each to make sure that the vice president's residence was in good condition. so, in other words, now the chief of staffer at the white house has been linked to the laptop. so no wonder the white house says we don't talk about the laptop. this is pretty easy. >> brian: i don't know why hunter biden would want his dad to be. evidently hunter was a real push to get joe to run for president. knowing that this spotlight wouldn't be on this probe if he wasn't president. so, again, he ends up writing a
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book about it think about the arrogance. he writes a biography and does a book tour where he gets a couple questions, one from jimmy kimmel is the laptop yours? i don't know. so it's so bizarre this guy's thinking. >> steve: remember, brian, after bo biden died, you know, joe was being ask. >> brian: that's different though. >> steve: joe took a time-out and said i'm just not going to run. so, at some point, some push came to shove and joe biden decided you know what? despite everything i know i'm going to run. >> ainsley: bo would want me to. sean penn opens up about meeting ukrainian president zelenskyy when russia's invasion began. >> it's extraordinary courage that's come up. it was in his eyes and it is clear to me that the ukrainians will win this. the question is at what cost? >> steve: exactly. sean penn's thoughts on the resilience of the ukrainian people as he spoke to sean
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hannity last night coming up. >> brian: all right. plus, tiger's back and on the hunt for a green jacket. his miracleless plans to return just in time for the masters. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪ we could walk forever ♪ ( ♪♪ )
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>> steve: a fox news alert. something new. the administration is now expected to hit russia with a brand new slew of sanctions later today in coordination with the g-7 and the european union. >> brian: all right. it comes as the ukrainian president zelenskyy is calling on the united nations, did this yet yesterday to either punish
3:18 am
the kremlin or quote dissolve yourself all together. i hear you. >> ainsley: griff jenkins is live on the ground in lviv with the latest. griff? >> griff: good morning, ainsley, brian and steve. that's right. president zelenskyy had a very clear message for the u.n. security council saying that if they don't act that we can expect more of the same horrors we are seeing coming out of bucha and he lashed out at the world body for not doing more to hold the world accountable. watch. >> the u.n. security council exists and security in the world doesn't for anyone. this definitely means that the united nations is currently unable to carry out functions for which it was created. >> griff: steve, as you mentioned those sanctions are expected today. they include banning new investment in russia. increasing sanctions on financial institutions and new sanctions for russian government officials and their families. and at the pentagon they announced an additional 100 million in security assistance which means more of those javelins are on the way to the battlefield here.
3:19 am
and another gruesome discovery coming out of bucha, we have to warn our viewers these images again are graphic and disturbing. six charred bodies in a pile. one small enough to be a child. unblears what happened or who they were but visibly upset ukraine's interior minister on the ground in bucha had three words for vladimir putin. >> talked to vladimir putin when his forces governmental to hell. >> griff: meanwhile a will sobering assessment from general mark milley chairman of the joint chiefs over how long this war could last. >> i think this is a very contracted. it's years i don't know about decades but at least years for sure. >> griff: finally an uplifting video coming out of the war zone. ukraine's deputy minister tweeting this dog evacuated from bucha being returned to his
3:20 am
owner the ukrainian military facilitating that reunion. a bittersweet moment in a very, very tragic tough time as this war enters the 42nd day. brian, ainsley and steve? >> brian: of course, griff, as you know, the russian ambassador denies all of it. essentially thinks it's all a show. the ukrainians did it to themselves. maybe indicated that they are actors. does anyone in the world buy this? this is a slow rolling holocaust. >> no. they don't buy it, brian. in fact, ukrainians have distrusted russians from the very beginning when they first started by saying they were going to target civilians. we know that wasn't true. then when they said they were going to do escalate around the kyiv region and look at the destruction and massacre they left behind in bucha, and believe it or not, the kremlin pool note, which tracks the kremlin's activities, says just moments ago that the kremlin spokesman, dmitry pet cough put
3:21 am
out a statement talking to reporters saying that the russian authorities quote do not want to kill zelenskyy in that they consider their departure from the kyiv region a gesture of goodwill and look to restart those negotiations i mentioned zelenskyy the most popular person on planet earth now. sean penn the week before the invasion was in ukraine and got meet then, you know, he was the president but he was famous for being an actor in ukraine. what he saw unfold, sean penn during the initial was a guy who was an actor, a theatrical person and then being tested by being at war and leading a nation and it completely changed
3:22 am
him. >> ainsley: sean penn was over there shooting a documentary. in the middle of shooting this documentary, this war breaks out, and he has such a heart for the ukrainian people. sean hannity calls him up and says would you do an interview with me and he says man, i don't trust you. we disagree on everything. almost everything. we have opposing political views. and he. >> steve: only thing in common were the names sean and sean. >> ainsley: and their love for ukrainian people. they want to keep the dreams of the ukrainian people alive. he thought about it for a while and he said can we just talk about ukraine because we just disagree on everything. so he was on set with sean here in the fox headquarters last night. and it was such a moving interview because it gave all of us hope and fascinating to watch these two people on totally different political sides of the aisle come together for this cause. watch a little bit of this interview. >> sean: it was game on and so to -- in him i saw something that i have never seen before in
3:23 am
my lifetime. that, like i said, having seen him, yes, prepared for it, yes, hoping against hope it would not happen, but a man who had not yet been challenged with it's happening. and the next day i saw something that is a man but it's a man with the adrenalinized, the face of something that you see in you a of ukrainians we saw and talked to whether they were in uniform, out of uniform, school teachers, even children. this extraordinary courage that's come up. it was in his eyes and it is clear to me that the ukrainians will win this the question is at what cost? >> ainsley: you can hear his emotion. >> brian: went on to say mayor is going to run against him as
3:24 am
president. enough to he is fighting for him. the whole unified around them. we have to get aid to them it's got to be quicker. what we have already discovered in that area blackened body arms raised in supplication if they contorted with a horrible scream the skull of a mother had a bullet through its left temple. small blackened foot of a child that could be entang gel he gelled in the. and the russians are burning swastikas see into victims bodies. raped girls as young as 10 and sitting on the sidelines and we are having trouble -- we can't get # hundred javelins into this country. brett velicovich wrote me again this morning saying look we are sitting here in kyiv. we cannot walk around. they are not getting the american aid. so the pentagon can say whatever they want. they are not getting it nearly at the pace they need it. for mark milley say yesterday it's going to be a long war, no. you have to do what you can as part of a civilized as a guy who is chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the finest military in the world to make sure it doesn't last a long time.
3:25 am
because the longer they stay even though they lose every battle the more innocent people are going to be murdered in the most horrific way possible every day. you can imagine what this country is going to look like in three years if it's the mark milley game plan of how it's going to play out? that's unacceptable answer. >> ainsley: both seans last night agreed we need to get the middle to them and missiles to them and sean penn says ukrainians will win this war. at the end of the interview sean kept his promise. they just talked about ukraine. they shook hands. >> steve: very good. more later. in the meantime carley is with us now. carley, big storm down south? >> carley: that's right. we will pick it up right there with a fox weather alert. a massive storm system battering the south leaving at least two people dead in texas and georgia. dozens of tornadoes reported across the region carving out a trail of destruction. a tornado warning in south carolina's capital sending state
3:26 am
lawmakers scrambling for shelter in the state house basement. today more than 45 million people are under enhanced severe weather threat as another powerful storm begins taking shape. some students at the university of buffalo are using intimidation tactics to try to cancel a speech by lieutenant colonel allen west. they ripped down fliers and are planning a campus protest this week. colonel west joined "fox & friends" earlier to call out the students hypocrisy of a accusing him of racism because he is a conservative. watch. >> this is part of this whole mindset that your skin color defines everything about your ideology and if you don't agree with the progressive socialist left ideology then you are not seeing this. >> carley: did he not know if the students would or could face repercussions for destroying leaflets he will speak despite their efforts to shut the event down. and tiger woods set to practice again today at augusta national golf club where the masters is
3:27 am
set to t off tomorrow it comes after woods makes a major announcement about his possible participation, watch. >> as of right now, i feel like i am going to play as of right now. >> do you think you can win the masters this week? >> i do. >> carley: woods' incredible come back following his potentially career ending crash in february of last year. he was in attendance for the annual master's championship dinner. the tradition has been running since 1952. how about that? i'm sure brian you have a lot of thought on it and everything else. >> brian: if he is able to play the next four days. if he makes the cut and plays the next four days i think greatest achievement ever if you talk to these medical doctors that say they can't believe is he walking. >> steve: that's the hard part. thank you very much, carley. >> carley: you are very welcome. >> steve: hitting the ball is not as hearted as walking. there are no golf carts at augusta. if he played, it will be the
3:28 am
biggest, most watched television event of the month. >> ainsley: that is what everyone was talking about yesterday. what a machine. this guy is always the comeback kid. i hope he wins it. >> steve: good luck. >> brian: fred couples has been playing with him and says it looks like he turned back the clngeght his swing is unbelievable. he said come watch me play. they played and can't believe how well he is doing ask,. >> steve: good luck, tiger. buses of migrants a"fox news live" a texas town with cameras rolling. you saw it on the channel yesterday. why the biden administration is ordering moral releases as the border surge is just starting to ramp up. >> brian: elon musk influence already making waives on twitter. county billionaire bring back free speech? can he bring back president trump? what about the babylon bee? let's start small. ♪ ♪
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>> brian: yesterday we showed you this. live on "fox & friends." the mass release of migrants, federal custody in brownsville, texas. we also got phones to call in so we could keep track of them. i'm sure they chucked them or they keep them and maybe resell them. this comes as the biden administration directs ice authorities immigration cases ahead of the surge. expected when title 42 ends next
3:33 am
month. joining us now to discuss the impact on these policies on the community bonnie, a mom of six who lives outside of brownsville, texas along with congressional candidate myra flores and church pastor cabrera. pastor, start with you. people say we should open up our arms. have a big heart. these people need a better life is that your view? >> you know what in thank you so much for having me on this morning. let me tell you we don't know what people are getting off that bus. the people coming across this land. we don't even know who they are. we are not vetting them. we i know a lot of border patrol agents personally they are telling me horrific stories that are crossing our border every single day. and my heart does go out to them. of course, we all have compassion but we can't even take care of ourselves. how much more can we take care of people that we don't even know? >> brian: we have a system. it's not okay to break the law and come into a country
3:34 am
illegally. and unless they broke a law here, we don't know what they are doing when they come to the border. it could be ms-13, we know pop plating long island. 1.7 million undocumented migrants have been apprehended over the last year. the numbers are so far dramatically higher this year. let's bring it to you, bonnie. what are you seeing in front of you and what do you fear as title 42 is set to evaporate in one month? >> you know, we're talking about people being dropped off on buses but the thing that we see where i live is we have no border patrol present. so another byproduct of all of this is there is a lot of foot drug traffic. and this is basically left on its own because the agents are otherwise processing or transporting so we see on almost a daily basis guys from across mexico, backpacking drugs
3:35 am
through our community and to our cities. >> brian: walking across your field, right? >> i'm sorry? >> brian: aren't they walking across your rows of crops? >> they come across our fields. they climb the border fence. they are -- i mean, nothing gets in the way. >> brian: unbelievable. my remarks how did you come to this country? >> well, i came here legally. i was blessed that i came here when i was 6 years old thanks to my father. and that's what i want for every child. i want to experience i had when i was 6 years old. that's why it's so important for us to focus on legal immigration and how we can help those good people to come here legally where they don't have to go through such dangerous journey. it is clear that the biden administration does not care about the safety of the american people nor immigrants. gonzales completely quiet about the border crisis. pretending it's not happening.
3:36 am
congressman has resigned abandoning his district in the middle of a border crisis. that's why i'm running for special election on june 1st to send a message to the drank party that we do not support these policies destroying our country and communities. wanting to put the families of south texas first should not be political. we are tired of the corruption. we are tired of the will system and we it is time we put the families of south texas, first. brian palestine that would be interesting to care about the people of texas, arizona, new mexico and california. pastor, catholic charities and other ngos are making this possible. they are getting a whole bunch of government money. and giving these illegal immigrants phones and taking care of them and accommodations. and who knows how much taxpayer dollars are going to these buses and planes. as a man, a religious man, is that okay with you? >> you know what? we can't even take care of our own homeless people here. it kind of upsets me we are
3:37 am
willing to bend over backwards for people of other countries and can't take care of our own people here. our own american citizens. homeless people, veterans that need homes. so, why not take care of our citizens first. i have no problem of taking care of people. but let's take care of our house first. if we can't take care of our house, how can we take care of anybody else. and that's a huge problem. >> brian: it's going to get worse. title 42, despite the fact that democrats jon tester, mark kelly, sinema, mansion and two or three democrat house members are saying huge mistake, don't do it. they are going to do it anyway. because of the pandemic they say it's over. tell that to the 3 and 4-year-olds wearing a mask to school today. you can't have it both ways. thank you so much. real stories about real impact on americans on illegal immigration. thanks to all of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: thanks, guys. up next, can elon musk save twitter after his billion dollars buy-in he is now on the board. steve forbes is here with his
3:38 am
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♪ >> steve: here's what people are wondering, with the world's richest person transform twitter. elon musk is set to join twitter's board of directors after becoming the largest shareholder this week. tesla's ceo promising changes to the platform looking forward to working with the ceo and twitter board in the coming months. here is the editor and chief of forbes media steve forbes. good morning to you. >> good to be with you. >> steve: why did elon musk buy that big hunks of twitter? >> i think he sees an
3:43 am
opportunity. he wants a platform out there that is truly open. no more censorship. he had making noises about starting his own social media platform. why not go to an existing one. the thing about it is, being an entrepreneur and knowing it can take years to make things work he has got the patience and persistence knowing he can't do this overnight but he is going to be there for the long haul. watch out. >> steve: first tweet after he bought that big hunk was do you want an edit button, he said? and then twitter communications team came out and said. >> miraclely. >> steve: now that everybody we have been working on edit function last year no we didn't get the idea from a poll. jack dorsey said himself in 2020 we will never have an edit button. elon musk is changing them. >> know how to asked questions. black boxes because elon musk inevents black boxes not be able to buffalo them. ask what are your algorithms?
3:44 am
what gets promoted and banned? why he knows how to ask those questions persistently he has the credibility and authority to do it. >> steve: such a good point when you see tech executives go up on capitol hill. they are talking to senators and congressman, they have no idea what an algorithm is. elon musk knows what algorithms are. all right. if we are going to have this as a free and open forum what are the algorithms? he will look at it and go why are you excluding all these people with his point of view? >> what are you specific criteria? >> steve: yeah. >> other question he will ask is who on the outside politically tries to influence content and who gets to go on the twitter sphere? >> steve: if you are working at twitter, jack dorsey has famously said in the past, he is the ceo of twitter, he said that for the most part his company is a lot of people to the super progressive left. if you work at twitter today, are you going to burrow yourself
3:45 am
in there and dry to resist or go along with elon musk, let's move the car more into the middle of the road than way over here? >> it's more of what you said at the beginning. they are not going to change easily. musk knows that he knows how to persist. he knows how to ask the questions. he knows how to put pressure on. there are going to be big tech technological changes too. edit button just the beginning. he knows there is a long haul. starting a company. facing a time of real crisis. it can take years. so the idea of we will resist him and he will go away in 30 days. huh-uh. he knows how to fight. >> steve: there are some people on the political right who are saying now that he is there and going to make changes, donald trump should be reseated on twitter. >> we will see how he handles that. but he knows he can't do it overnight. he knows by persistently asking the right questions, why did you do this? why did you do that?
3:46 am
suddenly when you have to answer questions, very hard to be quite as arbitrary as you were before. >> steve: all right. nobody knows big media better than you, steve forves thank you for joining us. >> you bet. >> steve: a quarter before the top of the hour. carley has got some news and a fox news alert. >> that's right. we will start right here with that fox news alert. a deadly chopper crash involving two black hawk helicopters one week ago at georgia airfield was reportedly no accident. a source telling the army times that the matter is under criminal investigation. investigators looking into why captain james ballou who was killed in the crash was the only medevac on duty and how he managed to start at least one chopper without alerting any others on that -- at fort stuart. newly released video shows the moment jussie smollett was booked into cook county jail last month after being sentenced for staging a hate crime hoax against himself and then lying to police. the security footage is from just minutes after the embattled
3:47 am
actor was ordered to serve 150 days in lockup for the january 2019 incident, but smollett was released six days later pending his appeal. congresswoman alexandria owe does so he cortez wants biden to cancel student loan debt. she called on president biden to do more than just extend loan moratoriums tweeting the extension quote doesn't have the effects people think it does. we should cancel them. alexandria ocasio-cortez the extension causes panic and disorder. those are your headlines. check in with senior meteorologist janice dean with our fox weather forecast. >> good morning, carley. a rough day across the south. take a look at the current temperatures. cold enough for snow across portions of the northern plains, the great lakes, and the upper midwest and 44 here in new york. a lot of storms headed the way of the southeast again today. and we're getting some heavy rain across the i-95 corridor right now not helping the situation on the drive. in snow in the forecast for our friends across the upper midwest anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of
3:48 am
snow. severe storms we have seen over the last couple of days. the last couple of weeks in the same regions, risk for spartz of alabama, into georgia, tennessee river valley, ohio river valley, there is our future track. so those storms start to bubble up this afternoon into the overnight and then we have got heavy rain in the forecast for the northeast. it will clear out our next storm system moves in on thursday and friday. so, there it is. get used to it. we have got a lot of wet weather for the forecast in the northeast couple of inches of heavy rain in a short period of time. new york city area through thursday. flash flooding is going to be a risk. there is your forecast highs. i do want to make mexico across california warm enough to set records where we have heat advisories in place along the coast. gusty winds as well going to lead to high fire danger and the first 90-degree tracker so temperatures well over 90 degrees for a lot of these big cities across california. we will keep you up to date. fox steve doocy want the latest
3:49 am
watches and warnings in your neighborhood. >> steve: i got them. right here. >> janice: good. >> steve: thank you very much. j.d. coming up next, angry parents taking on the woke world of disney. their message to the magic kingdom after their company spoke out against florida parental rights law. that's coming up next on "fox & friends." ♪ new poligrip power hold and seal. clinically proven to give strongest hold, plus seals out 5x more food particles. fear no food. new poligrip power hold and seal. fear no food. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist.
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3:53 am
♪ >> ainsley: disney facing backlash from parents nationwide after taking a stand against florida's parental rights and education law. our next guest is slamming the company for standing in the way of protecting our children. now is he taking action. is he organizing a rally outside the disney headquarters in burbank california later today. founder of holding the line sean feucht joins us this morning. good morning, sean. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> ainsley: great to see you and have you on again. former worship leader of bethel church. we love and listen to your music. married high school sweetheart and founded hold the line. tell us what that is before we get into what you are doing today. >> yeah. so this is annual activist movement that is to encouraged people across america to rise up
3:54 am
and stand for biblical values and really hold the line on all things that we're called. in this case specifically it's our children. >> ainsley: what are you doing today? tell us about the rally. >> so, you know, disney has entertained our kids for decades. we have loved it. i have taken my kids to disney world. it's been amazing. we love the movies. they crossed a line in the sand when they began to enable those who want to fight to sexualize our kids. so we started a petition at fight -- parents fight parents fight we have 20,000 signatures on that petition. we thought we got to put feet to that petition. we are going to gather today in burbank at the disney headquarters 6:00 p.m. tonight. we are going to have a rally. we will let our voice be heard. we will let parents. we have former disney employees, current disney employees. we have people in the industry. we are going to take a stand. >> ainsley: are those current disney employees worried about
3:55 am
repercussions they could lose their jobs? >> you know, i think a lot of them -- there has been a lot of internal open letters that have been sent to this ceo of disney that employees have signed. and all of those things have been censored on the company. and i think they are ready to show the world hey, listen, we are not down with this either. most of the employees -- i know loot of them. they are christians. they love america. and they just want to create safe content for children. and they see that their corporation is being hijacked by a bunch of woke, you know, crazy people that are trying to indoctrinate kids with this crazy sexualization. >> ainsley: sean, disney is a big company. are your voices being heard? is disney listening to you? >> you know, i feel like they are going to feel this in their earnings report. and they are also going -- they are going to feel this as people cancel their subscription as they raise their voice. it always starts small. it starts with something small. but i feel like that there is a snowball that's happening.
3:56 am
this is the year of the parents in america 2022 is the year of the patience. this is another opportunity for us to rise up and to hold the line. >> ainsley: will you continue to take your children to disney? >> you know, me and my wife were talking about that last night, you know, preparing for this segment. and we have to draw a line in the sand. i don't think we're going to do it right now. not until we see them significantly change their ways. i mean, i can't get up here and host this thing in one sense and then not show it with my own family. >> ainsley: sean, thank you so much. god bless you. >> thank you. thanks for having me on. >> ainsley: you are welcome. coming up, former president obama returns to the white house offering advice to democrats ahead of the midterms and steals the thunder from the current president. ♪ (jackie) i've made progress with my mental health. so when i started having unintentional body movements called tardive dyskinesia... i ignored them. but when the twitching and jerking in my face and hands
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>> in wisconsin, school board elections in nearly every district and conservatives came out on top. >> kids in mask two years of learning loss it's time for this to stop and time for us to take back control. >> special counsel john durham releasing new evidence that seems to show that clinton lawyer michael saysman lied after claiming did he not work for the dnc. >> what hillary clinton was doing in the russia hoax was they were trying to dupe everybody. >> fox news cameras catch more migrant releases with democrats urging the white house not to end title 42.
4:01 am
>> it is good to be back in the white house. >> democrats floblegging around former president barack obama while president biden stands alone. >> vice president biden -- that was a joke. [laughter] >> tiger woods making a major announcement regarding his participation in this year's masters. >> as of right now i feel like i am going to play. >> do you think you can win the masters? >> i do. ♪ i got my friends prototype brian want to talk a back on that pier cocoa beach very long. the mayor is ben malik. welcome everyone to the second hour of "fox & friends." that's our logo and we will use it for the entire three hours. maybe even for the rest of the week as we continue to cover all the breaking news not only in our nation but around the world. >> ainsley: we might keep that logo for farther than a week
4:02 am
maybe two months. >> brian: we will see. >> ainsley: i like it. >> steve: they use that logo on "saturday night live" last week. i think it's iconic. >> ainsley: they had a curvey couch, too. >> steve: they did. i wonder if they got it from the same couch place we did. >> ainsley: that was cute. steve: we had ours built. thank you very much. joining us hour two of "fox & friends." you know what's interesting about the first story and that is barack obama lives two miles from the white house but he has not been. >> brian: why? steve: a beautiful house. >> brian: there is no other one? >> steve: he has not traveled those two miles from his house to the white house until yesterday. >> ainsley: five years. it's been five years. and he was there and he got all the attention. not joe biden. >> brian: chooses to live there say his kids are in school. there is no other president that lives in and around washington after they are done. they want to turn the page and move on. get the sense that his hands are still very much on the party. they are gone,.
4:03 am
>> ainsley: in college now? >> steve: they are. jacqui heinrich is going to join us from the white house where the former president has not visited in five years. it was kind of a homecoming yesterday, wasn't it? >> it was a homecoming. good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. a little fun fact off the top i was researching the story this morning, also learned that obama apparently never invited joe biden up to the residence when he lived here at the white house. interesting enough. but, yes, it was the first time the former president ha returned to the white house since he had been in office. he was celebrating the anniversary of his namesake healthcare law and also getting behind his former vice president's efforts to expand it strategists hopes that this meeting would serve a dual purpose bowl centers biden's standing after polls midterms on the horizon. obama remains very popular he reminded the crowd of his relationship with joe biden. >> vice president biden, vice president --
4:04 am
[laughter] that was a joke. that was all set up. >> biden unveiled a measure referred to as the family glitch in the affordable care act. leaves the family of those access to affordable provided health plans. the biden white house hopes that focusing on healthcare can buoy biden politically. obama reminded once took a shellacking when the affordable care act first passed but later became popular. top accomplishment as president. republicans have repeatedly tried and failed to repeal it. >> mr. president, what do you say to democrats worried about midterms? >> carley: biden and obama had lunch together. jen psaki said they had an expansive conversation and can only imagine what they talked about steve, ainsley and brian.
4:05 am
>> brian: the thing that struck us is that it seemed like everyone was ignoring the president. it was all about barack obama. >> joe biden couldn't get any attention at all. >> ainsley: that video harris is standing next to barack obama and biden is behind her. and he started out with that joke introducing her as the president and joe biden as the vice president. that's a joke. >> a few headlines that suggested not everyone in the biden white house appreciated that joke but they certainly played it off as though everyone was in on it. >> steve: we search to come up with that nugget that joe biden never went upstairs during the obama years. obviously with joe biden at record lows in the polls they invited the former president barack obama two mile trips in hopes that some of his good ratings rub off on joe. >> ainsley: did it work? >> they absolutely did. also, think about this. if biden loses the house in the
4:06 am
midterms, his legislative agenda which has been really on the rocks and hasn't gotten far having the majority in the it comes to a screeching halt. they are pulling out all the stops to try to bolster his popularity. we are only going to find out in the midterms. >> steve: in the midterms the biden white house is bracing for as you said in your report a shellacking in the midterms. brian look at the democratic losses under obama in the senate 55 seats. after the election 46 when he was done. 256 seats in the democratic column he ends up with 194. in governor's races he had 28. he left with 16. he does not have -- he won but he had almost no coat tails. >> ainsley: i'm wondering if that's really going to help him. you are right, the focus was more on barack obama yesterday. the images of joe biden turning around, he is standing by himself and everyone is around barack obama.
4:07 am
>> brian: tucker had video of barack obama walking ahead and joe biden actually put his hand on him to like get his attention and barack obama didn't even recognize him. steve: so that was some of the festivities yesterday where they were talking about the midterms. in the meantime, here is a real midterm. did you realize there was a school board race in waukesha, wisconsin? probably not. what's interesting is the republican party put about $70,000, i believe, in to the local school board and one of the things they were pushing was parental involvement and let's make sure that no cr. >> it is in the schools. the democratic party, for the most part, keep in mind. these are not partisan jobs. but the republicans focused in on three candidates. and they put $70,000 behind them. there they are right there. they all won and the people on the losing side were like
4:08 am
listen, we were not essentially beholden to the republicans and their money. and we weren't pushing what they were pushing. >> carley: that's right, carry kiss lou ski. markel moore the fourth person in the race was falling behind several hundred votes. these people won by a lot. these are the people really wanted to be on the school board. the incumbent were criticizing these candidates they were saying they are just using the republican money and republican talking points. the national talking points talking against crt and they said no, we are following back. we falling behind academically. >> brian: other thing too, not bringing up gender in schools k through third. in ohio and texas had are moving to do what florida is doing. marquel moore wrote this on facebook we look forward to serving you as your next school board member. name and brand is catchy, thank you very much.
4:09 am
rebecca kleefisch, who is a republican wisconsin gubernatorial candidate talked about why the g.o.p. made this investment. >> steve: with ainsley. >> take back control and our moment to do it. democrat have done this for years, ainsley. it's only now that republicans are getting involved, taking back control at the local level that we are crying about it you know what? call the wambulance, because they have been trying to take back our school boards, town councils and county boards for decades. we have noticed the incursion they have made. there was no better realization during covid to help parents wake up than seeing our kids in masks. seeing two years of learning loss. and now an epidemic of anxiety and depression among our kids. it's time for this to stop. and it's time for us to take back control so we are doing it. >> ainsley: she has two daughters of her own. she was lieutenant governor of wisconsin and now she is running for governor. she actually endorsed 115 of these school board members or
4:10 am
other people running for various office was yesterday. >> steve: that's right. meanwhile the cover of the "new york post" a addition to the new baseball season, the headline is clinton kabul exposed. john durham lifts the lid on hillary's joint venture to frame trump. >> we have late on monday, john durham, the special prosecutor, special counsel filed a 48-page motion and what it says is that hillary clinton lawyer sit down with general counsel. mr. sussmann, hillary's lawyer said i have got all this information to ties donald trump to the russians. so, anyway, the night before mre general counsel at the fbi a fellow by the name of jim baker. he said this; jim, it's michael sussmann i have something time
4:11 am
sensitive i need to discuss. do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? i'm coming on my own, not on behalf of a client or company. want to help the bureau. thanks. the key is, i'm coming on my own, not on behalf of, you know, anybody else. that john durham says is a lie he was working with hillary trying to push this russia stuff that is a fake. >> ainsley: i'm not working for d.c. on behalf of the clinton campaign this conveyed the same lie in writing. now we have it in writing. it was a text message that he sent to the fbi's phone. >> brian: let's close the circle because jen psaki never does. >> steve: she is circling back. >> brian: never tries. so, let's take a look at this. michael sussmann says i'm not representing him. we know he is with the perkins coie law firm and representing dnc. hillary clinton revealed that to the dnc.
4:12 am
i have this information about trump link. alpha bank. i'm concerned about american citizen. what's the big deal about that? the big deal is you are not just an american citizen. you are working for the clinton camp. what would be better than the fbi opening up an investigation about a trump link to russia probably nothing, baker look at this information, wait a second at the same time jake sullivan representing hillary clinton has this there is word about a link between alpha bank and trump organization. retweeted by hillary clinton. so, wait a second, you inform the fbi pretending as if you are not a source. then the sorry combings out in the hillary clinton camp that has a story. the fbi can honestly say it they are investigating this because it was put in their lap and retweeted by hillary clinton it's pretty fascinating. guess who else contacted christopher steele? michael sussmann, every other channel, every other outlet saying michael sus sman a minor player, this is nothing. just think about it for a second. they are setting up a perfect storm of scandal.
4:13 am
they are coming up with fake scandal, they are giving it to the fbi who is turning around giving it to the press, the press is putting it in print, hillary clinton seeing it redoing it and going this is a big scandal no it isn't. this is one guy starting this whole thing. and meanwhile the trump people are going what is going on here? you think once he wins it's going to go away. everything just hit turbo is speed and i think you know where it's going from here. >> steve: well, in addition to what john durham says is that lie that he was working for, hillary clinton and the dnc, he also filed a motion to admit a campaign tweet from october 31st of 2016. does not specify which campaign tweet. but, brian, it could be the tweet that you were referring to that hillary clinton put out a statement by jake sullivan who is joe biden's national security adviser and what was he pushing? it the story that the russia
4:14 am
collusion was real. you know what? john durham could be on to something. the big question is how far will the department of justice let him go? >> ainsley: his report also claims that sussmann exploited his access to sensitive data to get trump dirt. >> brian: what happened from there? our attorney general was forced to step aside as special counsel was launched and for the next two years. forget about donald trump. our country was put through this russia turmoil that sidetracked us from major issues. a to z from our own economy to our own international relations and what might have been able to be done with russia in the meantime because everything went on ice because of this. >> steve: america deserves an explanation what happened and it sounds like it could be getting closer. >> ainsley: it's been years. we are ready to get this information. >> steve: absolutely. >> ainsley: hand it over to carley for headlines. >> carley: certainly do. got an update on an important story we have been following out of california. sacramento police arresting a new suspect in connection with last weekend's deadly shooting
4:15 am
in sacramento. smiley martin is a multiple time felon released on parole in february years early related to aggravated assault charges. he was released despite prosecutors pleading against it saying martin, quote has little regard for human life and the law. listen to this. a chicago church says it is, quote: fasting from whiteness this lent. the first united church of oak park saying it will ban all hymns written or composed by caucasian artists. ininstead the church's lead reverend who is white will use african-american, south african and native american music and traditions. southern fast food chain bojangles geles serving up $1 billion in gas gift cards to customers. the company's ceo and chief brand officer joined "fox & friends first" earlier. >> it's simple. bojangles caress. >> we want to make sure our families that frequent bojangles
4:16 am
can fill their tummy and their tanks. >> carley: love that the $10 gift cards are still available with a 12 pete's or 20 piecemeal while supplies last. the atlanta braves celebrating their victory in the 2021 world series by offering a different type of concession to fans. the world championship burger is made of a half pound of wagu beef and topped with gold leaf foie gras and world championship ring $151 or a limited edition world series championship ring for $25,000 the burger debuted in the park on tuesday. how about that? i met with the head chef this surprised me because they make fancy food there. caviar topped things and all that foie gras.
4:17 am
>> food beat and the sports. >> carley: i love it. >> steve: bojangles i'm hungry now. >> carley: exactly. let's do something about that. >> ainsley: so nice giving away gas cards. >> steve: ing can we can use. >> ainsley: coming up next, inflation is eating away at the profits of hardworking americans. >> >> just keep going up and up and up. >> need about $600 off that calf just to pay for her way. >> steve: todd piro went out as you can see right there and talked to one of those ranchers why they say they feel targeted by the president and that's coming up next. >> brian: county doj investigate hunter fairly business father in office question mark? the white house still thinks so dot dot dot. we'll discuss it with chris christie, period.
4:18 am
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even your tears' own moisturizer. and no preservatives. these ingredients are true to your eyes' biology. see? bio.true.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ voltaren. the joy of movement.
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4:22 am
♪ >> steve: 40-year high inflation eating away at the wallets of every person watching this show. >> ainsley: "fox & friends" co-host todd piro just returned. he went to billings, montana where a cattle rank is feeling the squeeze as the beef prices are going up along with the cost of, of course, everything else. todd joins us now. hey, todd. ains. >> todd: you think these guys are making money on this, they are not. we went to montana. take a look. ♪ >> cattle be largest culture in
4:23 am
the united states critically important to the economic well-being of communities all across america. >> we are here about strengthening competition, which will bring down costs. >> joe biden gave about $1 billion to the meat industry on the whole. what's that doing for you? >> nothing at the moment. keep going up and up and up and it's not coming out on the other end. >> you need about $600 off that calf just to pay for her way. >> it's 300 bucks a pound basically $200 a pound either buy the hay or sell the cows. see if we can go another year. >> you cannot get a more american scene than this next to inflation, how worried are you that this scene is going to go away. >> well, there is no question that this scene will go away if you look at the past several
4:24 am
years where the american rancher is not receiving the cost of production from the marketplace itself. they simply will not survive. >> todd: the cost of fuel hitting you too. >> last year i contracted for $2 a gallon. people say it's going to get better. you say it's going to get a lot worse? >> i don't see it going down any. >> todd: one of the costs that's skyrocketing right now is labor. walk me through what a worker cost just last year and what it costs this year? >> pretty much you could get somebody hired for 12, 13 bucks, you know, part time labor. and now it's, you know, 25. it's just tough finding somebody who wants to work, period. you want to go back to this bailout money that they can sit at home and get a check in the mailbox. >> when you come out to a ranch like this and you walk around each part of the ranch, and you see how each part is a cost that goes up when inflation is rising like it is now, you really get to see a sense of how the local rancher is squeezed. why doesn't d.c. understand that? >> i don't know.
4:25 am
we have lost over half a million cattle producers from our industry just in the past few decades and that hasn't phased them. the only reason they are interested in this today is because consumers went to the grocery stores here a couple years ago and found the beef shelves elm tinchts she was saying do you realize it's over $5 for a pound of hamburg early meat? $5? >> todd: when you hear the president say a few weeks ago i don't know beef was this high? how confident can you be that he understands the scope of the problem. >> that's frustrating and belief in washington that's what is good for the packers is good for the producer because obviously they believe that there would be a trickle down theory in effect? it's never happened. the problem lies in the manufacturing sector of this multisegmented supply chain it lies with the meat packers. it lies with foreign meat packers controlling 85% of the market. >> todd: the mom out there creating grocery list and trying to buy feed for her family. when she looks at you aened assess why is it so expensive?
4:26 am
what do you tell her. >> because the packer is making too much money. we are not getting it the producer is being exploited in the united states as well as the u.s. consumer. >> steve: the next to last guy is kind of saying what the administration has been saying where these big producers, these big beef packers are gouging people. odded to the way it works four meat packers two of which are brazilian owned. they are charging exorbitant prices that we all pay for our meat. but then those profits aren't getting to these guys that we interviewed. they are getting squeezed. so the four major meat packers are the ones making all the money. nevertheless, yes, joe biden may be right in that regard. but that ignores the fact that, look, these guys are paying a lot mores it for gas, they can't find labor those are all problems caused by the administration. >> steve: indeed. todd, thank you very much. >> ainsley: thank for going out there. >> steve: beautiful country. >> ainsley: just gorgeous.
4:27 am
>> brian: doesn't help jon tester, a democrat. he should be doing the fighting. as the u.s. is set to level new sanctions on russia i know. will it be enough to bring an end to putin's war? should i pretend to answer that we will ask chris christie that and so much more. pains, or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles. (fisher investments) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor (other money manager) different how? aren't we all just looking for the hottest stocks? (fisher investments) nope. we use diversified strategies to position our client's portfolios for their long-term goals. (other money manager) but you still sell investments
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♪ >> brian: a fox news alert now. russia's war in ukraine enters 42nd day. heavy fighting circles mariupol and ukraine calls to remove russia from the u.n. security council and they should. griff jenkins is on the ground in lviv, ukraine with the latest. griff? >> brian, good morning, we begin with another gruesome discovery out of bucha. we have to warn our viewers images are disturbing and graphic. bodies piled up one appears to be a child. unclear how they were killed. interior minister on the ground in bucha had just three words for vladimir putin. >> talk to vladimir putin with his forces see this? >> go to hell. >> griff: this as president zelenskyy issued a stark warning to the u.n. security council lashing out over their inaction on holding putin accountable, watch. >> the u.n. security council exists and security in the world
4:32 am
doesn't for anyone. this definitely means that the united nations is currently unable to carry out functions for which it was created. griff this as more sanctions are expected today from the u.s. in coordination with the g-7 and eu. it includes banning all new investment in russia. inceaseing sanctions on financial institutions and sanctions for russian government officials and their families. and it comes as the pentagon announces an additional 100 million in security assistance, which means more javelins are headed to the battlefield. meanwhile, a sobering assessment from general mark milley, chairman of the joint chiefs over how long this war could last. >> i do think this is a very protracted conflict. it's measured at least in years, i don't know about decades but at least years for sure. >> griff: breaking this hour, brian, the international red cross saying that a convoy of more than 500 people were age to escape mariupol where british
4:33 am
intelligence this morning says they're experiencing heavy fighting and russian shelling. >> brian? >> brian: all right. thanks, griff. i have a million questions but i will get to you later. i want to bring in chris christie now, form everywhere new jersey governor all over this story. governor is, that okay the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says this is going to last years? how many more children has got to be assassinated or pedestrians walking on the street? how many more nazi signals have to be burned into bodies before we say this war is over? we don't have this type of time. >> no. look. brian. this is why the biden administration blew this right from the beginning. they should have armed the ukrainians and continued to do what the trump administration was doing in arming the ukrainians and ramped it up even more. we knew the russians were coming. they have been saying that for more than a year. yet, they didn't arm the ukrainians and now trying to rush through it too late. as a result, we are seeing thousands and thousands of people killed in ukraine, it's a disgrace. >> brian: as they uncover more and more of these cities, as
4:34 am
they retreat to try to secure the south and the east, they are going to see more horror. including the murders of a mayor and her family, 50-year-old woman. was killed and buried with her entire family. right in front of what was the governor's residence. i mean or the mayor's residence. this is a moving ongoing holocaust in 2022. i thought we swore this would never happen again. >> well, we did. and that's why we have to do even more than we are doing now to let the ukrainians be able to defend themselves, to be able repel the russian invasion. we have to be giving them those migs. >> brian: not there yet. >> aircraft that they want. we interest to do that, brian. if we don't, the russians are going to continue to do this. >> brian: they have got to stop taking natural gas immediately. we will discuss that. but i want you to hear this exchange and we will expand from here. the hunter biden laptop is real. we knew that. most clear thinking people did.
4:35 am
and it keeps lingering more and more, closer and closer to the president of the united states. listen to this exchange. >> is there any concern that they're not going to be necessarily seen as being able to make the decisions independently if the white house chief of staff is out saying that the president is confident his son did not break the law? >> that's something the president has said and certainly we would echo. in the same answer to that question, peter, during an interview this week on abc, ron klain also said the justice department is independent and they will make their own decisions. >> the president has said that he never spoke to his son about his overseas business dealings. is that still the case? >> yes. >> brian: right. do you see what happened today in the "new york post" today -- excuse me, fox news exclusive, it's in the post as well. it looks like joe biden has been asked by the chinese business partner of hunter biden to write a letter of recommendation to get that chinese business man's son into nyu, cornell, or
4:36 am
another distinguished. >> steve: brown. >> brian: or brown university. so does it still seem separate to you? >> no, look. this is very simple, brian. you know, the justice department cannot be able to do this in an independent way when the president and his people are saying some of the things they are saying. >> she should be absolutely silent on this issue instead they are saying the things they said publicly that you just talked about. it calls into question people's feeling about whether or not the attorney general appointed by the president of the united states can truly be independent in this regard. and, by the way. we know what the democrats would be saying if this were going on in a republican administration. and so what we need is to get to the bottom of it and let's face it, the media has been complicit in this. the mainstream media, i talked about this on sunday, "the washington post" and the "new york times" and others turn their heads to this controversy during the campaign. because they didn't want this to
4:37 am
interfere with their narrative that joe biden deserved to be elected president. and, you know, now all of a sudden they are saying well the "new york post" was right. you know, when they messed around with this, brian, you know what happened. the "new york times" got a pulitzer prize and the "new york post" that was right, they actually got banned from twitter. this is where we are right now. and we need to get to the bottom of it and get to the truth. i think, you know, that's the only way that the biden administration survives this. >> brian: i just know the reporters know that they were told to stay off that story. and i saw that in their face when you confronted them on sunday. the "new york times" and "the washington post" should be ashamed of themselves. and someone should go out and talk about that. i know you are also getting ready to possibly run for president yourself. i know you are trying to help other people get elected and have a big midterm. barack obama was asked yesterday in his first visit back to the white house in years, what the democrats should run on in the midterms. listen to this. >> mr. president, what do you say to democrats worried about the midterms?
4:38 am
>> brian: tell your story. you got a great story to tell. do they? >> i want them to follow barack obama's advice and we will get the same results we got in the midterms in 2010 and 2014 when he was president. romped by the republican party. here is the story they have to tell. $5 a gallon gasoline. run away inflation at the supermarket. critical race theory in the classroom. crime on the streets that is rampant in american cities. a porous border that people are pouring over now, pour even more if they continue to change policy and revoke title 42 and an awful withdrawal from afghanistan and slowness in terms of defending the ukrainians. tell that story and the republicans are going to retake the house, the senate and we're going to have more than 30 governorships. and, their biggest target in this entire race is governor brian kemp down in georgia and let me tell you right now, he is going to be reelected the
4:39 am
governor of georgia. >> first he has to win his primary up significantly in purdue and georgia and of course talking about the democratic -- the bet ago lot on stacey abrams in georgia. if stacey abrams loses it will be devastating. thanks a lot. >> yep. >> brian: up next on this show a texas con disable arming deputies with ar-15 rifles after the murder of one of his own. he joins us live on his approach in combating crime in his community next. ♪
4:40 am
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4:43 am
>> steve: talk a little bit about crime crisis. a texas constable is arming his force with ar-15 rifles. constable mark herman says harris county, texas has become the county of little or no consequence for violent crime against citizens and law enforcement blaming the policies
4:44 am
of some judges there in texas for emboldening criminals. harris county texas constable mark herman joins us now from the houston area. constable, good morning to you. >> will hi, good morning. >> steve: this is a big step, why did you decide this is important that your deputies are armed with ar-15s? >> it's a safety issue. not only for our community but for our deputies to know the law enforcement tool that we felt we needed to roll out and, again, as you mentioned, it's because of a lot of the failed policies that here in harris county, i mean, just in three years, harris county has went to almost the top murder rate in the united states because of these failed policies. and we know it is basically these policies have emboldened these criminals to where they're, you know, i think there was like 150 citizens that were
4:45 am
killed by individuals out on bond. and now they are attacking law enforcement. we had two deputies killed just last week. one with the sheriff's office and one with the constable's office. and it's very important for us to be able to adequately protect our communities. >> steve: sure. you know, you are down in texas. it's one thing i'm sitting here in new york city. and we have been talking for a while about how the woke -- the policies bail reform here in new york state have made it pretty much a revolving door. it's almost impossible to get arrested and then put in jail unless you kill somebody here in new york but down there in texas you are saying the same thing is happening as well. because there is little or no consequence for people doing things wrong because of some judges in your neck of the woods, right? >> absolutely. and i will just tell you, you know, if it wasn't for governor greg abbott and lieutenant governor dan patrick, law enforcement here in texas would
4:46 am
be in big trouble, especially in the bigger counties. it's -- the criminals down here are emboldened, they are getting out of jail before our deputies are even finishing their paperwork. most of the time when they get out there is little or no bond whatsoever. they just release them back out. >> steve: i'm sure one of the reasons that you are taking this measure to arm your people with ar-15s is because it was not that long ago your people were attacked by a bad guy with an ar-15 and your guys were outgunned. >> yeah. certainly deputy atkins was unfortunately killed back in october of last year. he was with two other deputies who were also shot in the same ambush. one of which is still in the hospital today on dialysis. is he paralyzed. he will never walk again. you know, the criminals have these rifles, so will we. >> steve: constable, exit question. what else the reaction from local folks there in the houston area about you doing this?
4:47 am
>> look at my social media platforms. they love it they say it's about time. i have had other law enforcement leaders from houston call me and say, mark, i'm going to start doing the exact same thing and putting more weapons out on the street to better protect our communities and, look, let's face it, at the end of the day, that's what it has come down to, criminals, the only thing criminals understand is strength against strength. and law enforcement is more powerful. >> steve: there you go. joining us from texas constable mark herman. thank you very much. good luck. >> thank you. >> steve: you bet. it's a dozen minutes before the top of the hour. janice is inside because it's raining outside. >> janice: very grateful and so is my hair because it is raining cats and dogs out there in new york city. look at this. heavy rainfall along the i-95 corridor this is going to clear out in the next couple of hours but then we have got this next storm system is going to move. in we got 6 to 12 inches of snow
4:48 am
that's falling across portions of the upper midwest and the great lakes. heavy rainfall through thursday, that's this storm system and the next one. we could get 3 to 5 inches of heavy rain around the new york city area and that's going to cause flash flooding. down south that's where we will see the next round of severe storms, hail, damaging winds, tornadoes again this afternoon into the overnight hours. know how to get those watches and warnings. there are going to be watches and warnings especially this afternoon and in the overnight. not to mention hail, damaging winds, tornadoes, heavy rainfall in these areas as well. fox download your app. and you will get the very latest in the watches and warnings as they come in live. back to you, steve. >> steve: thanks, j.d. >> janice: you got it. >> steve: coming up. this sunday is palm sunday. joel osteen is going to join us live with his easter message. plus, it was a small donation with a lot of heart. one touching gift one boy gave to his local fire department to say thank you for their service. what was it?
4:49 am
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♪ >> ainsley: american churches are partnering with central european parishes to help the millions of ukrainians that are desperate now for help. our next guest is supporting those efforts, reminding us of the power of faith this lynn ton season lakewood church pastor and author of "rule your day" joel osteen joins us now. good morning to you. >> hey, ainsley great to see you. >> ainsley: thanks for coming on this morning and giving us an easter message. before we get to that, let's talk about ukraine because i know lakewood is really involved with helping those refugees. >> we really are my dad started churches in ukraine and that whole area over 40 years ago and so we have some great inroads there to partner with the people to take in refugees to support them financially and just to support them with, of course with prayer but also humanitarian aid as well. so we have got a lot of things happening there. >> ainsley: i know your dad built a church in poland in 1996
4:54 am
and you started project cure. what is that? >> yeah, it's an organization that helps the refugees and just helps the people there. i mean, originally it was to help the pastors and just, you know, support them and the christian efforts but now it's a great avenue where we can get right to the people and so they're taking in hundreds of refugees and just being able to buy them, you know, washers and dryers and food and just, you know, simple things that we all can take for granted but he these little things make a big difference over there. >> ainsley: when you see the images, it really reminds us of how blessed we are to be in america. what goes through your mind? what message of hope can you give us? >> you know, god still has us in the palm of his hand and i think, ainsley, we are blessed to be a blessing so sometimes it feels overwhelming but if you can just be a blessing in your life, maybe it's not overseas but be a blessing to a co-worker. give them a smile. just say a kind word, do something, i believe that we are made to give. that the closest thing to the
4:55 am
heart of god is helping somebody else and i think that's where true fulfillment comes from. >> ainsley: you know, joel, months ago we were talking about who we wanted to have on for ainsley's bible study for easter message we definitely wanted to have you on and then this happens in ukraine. so when you and i sat down for ainsley's bible study we talked first about ukraine and how to get through all of this and we also talked about an easter message. this sunday is palm sunday. what is your easter message? >> my easter message ainsley is so sometimes things in our life cannot look good. almost look dead, our relationship, a health, a career. but god knows how to resurrect dead things. think about how on friday it didn't look good for jesus, you know, they put him in the tomb but he didn't stay there. so maybe some people feel like it's friday in their life but my message is that sunday is coming. that god has new beginnings. he knows how to turn things around. i don't believe you would be alive unless god had something great in front of you.
4:56 am
part of that starts with having faith and believing that god i do believe in the palm of your hand. just give god something to work with and it's amazing what he can do. >> ainsley: i love that i don't know if you have ever heard of that today is friday but sunday is coming. it's so powerful and i know you preach about that. talk about how you ended up being thrust on to i want to say the stage or at the pulpit to run lakewood church. i know you had your sunday sermon and your father passed away tragically a few days later. >> yeah. you know, ainsley, i never dreamed i would be doing this i worked behind the scenes doing the television production. but, like you said, the first time i ever spoke from the pulpit was six days before my father died. never dreaming i would be doing this i was just doing it to make my father proud. he would ask me for all those years. but he passed that next friday, six days later. and i felt like i was supposed to step up and pastor the church. i took that step of faith. never dreaming that it would
4:57 am
grow. you don't know you have. i didn't know i could get up in front of people. i didn't know i could speak. i was more quiet and reserve. all this came out. the church began to grow and that's why i can tell you with confidence that you don't know what god's -- you don't know what he has in your future. i'm here in the former compact center now where we have church. i had season tickets to watch the rockets play basketball. i never knew it would be a church and i would be minister. just be faithful and keep doing your best each day. >> ainsley: i love that story. look what god did with that. you were nervous about taking over your dad's church and now where you grew up watching basketball games that is your church now. i have been there. there are so many people in the seats and it is such a powerful experience if anyone is in the houston area, you have to go. i want to show a clip from ainsley's bible study when we talked about your mom. because you talk about this a lot in the church, how things didn't look good when she was diagnosed with cancer. but she is alive and well today
4:58 am
and always on that front row in your church. watch this, joel. >> my mom, medically speaking they gave her no chance back in 1981, terminal cancer of the liver, and all we could do is what i'm asking you to do god, there is no way medically speaking but god, we know you have the final say, that you made our bodies, that you can bring healing and you know, it didn't happen overnight but little by little my mother got better and better. she is 88 years old now. that was 48 years ago. so healthy and strong. god can resurrect things that look dead. >> ainsley: joel, a lot of people are hurt everything right now, gas prices, inflation, people can't pay their bills. what's your message? >> my message is to stay in faith, that god knows what you are going through. he sees every tear. he sees every heartache. he sees every unfair thing that happens. keep doing the right thing. even when it's hard because god sees it and he is going to give you the strength to get through. he is going to open doors you can't open. is he going to take you where you can't go on your own.
4:59 am
when you believe all things are possible and not only that ainsley, when you believe, you have strength from the inside. in other words, you know, if you get bitter and discouraged it's taking your strength, it's taking your joy. i think that's what you have to say. you know, god i'm going to get up today and be grateful. i believe you are protecting he and take it one day at a time. >> ainsley: joel, as we are all getting ready for church on sundays we watch you on tv. my daughter loves you. i love you incorporate children in your church and victoria always giving a message as well. thank you for what you are doing changing the lives some people are going to get to heaven because of you and you following the will of god. will of god's will for your life. so thank you. >> thank you, ainsley. great being with you. >> ainsley: great always to have you on, joel. you can watch the brand new episode of ainsley's bible study with joel right now on and easter sign up for fox nation and receive 50% off any annual plan. the last hour of "fox & friends"
5:00 am
starts right >> former president obama returns to the white house offering advice to democrats ahead of the midterm. and steals the thunder from the current presidency. >> vice president biden. that was a joke. >> steve: fox news cameras rolling as buses arrive in a texas town as the border surge is starting to ramp up. >> we have no border patrol presence, nothing gets in the way. >> how can we take care of anybody else? >> new york is doing billboards telling people to come to new york from florida. they will force a mask on your face and muzzle you in public, which they did for over a year and a half. >> e-mails reveal president biden wrote a college recommendation letter for the son of hunter's business partner. >> making a major announcement regarding his participation in this year's masters.
5:01 am
>> do you think you can win the masters? >> i do. ♪ ♪ >> steve: live from augusta, georgia, right now, 63 and cloudy there. 76. tomorrow things will turn out different. it is april 6, 2022. tomorrow in augusta, 10:30 in the morning, tiger woods will go out and play another round and see whether or not he feels good enough to play in the masters this weekend. it is a remarkable return to his sport that looked like a little while ago, he would never play again. >> ainsley: he's unbelievable. it is great. we are pulling for you, tiger. i hope he wins, great story. >> steve: i hope he plays. >> ainsley: he'll play. >> brian: if he makes the cut. >> ainsley: he'll make the cut.
5:02 am
didn't you hear the, friend, freddy couples, what did he say? >> brian: i will not give out personal information, i want to keep the friendship, he's hitting as good as he's hit for years prior to the accident. he was erratic since back surgery and had trouble walking and then the problem with the car dui, or prescription medication, and comes back again. >> steve: arrested. >> brian: he wrecked his leg and they thought he was going to lose the leg. we saw him with his son the golf course and looked good and he's walking the course. >> ainsley: and he has to walk issue not allowed to use a golf cart. >> steve: after his wreck, sounds like me broke every bone in his body, you see him swinging the golf club on monday, unbelievable. tee time 10:36 in augusta. we're talking to clay travis from outkick coming up this hour
5:03 am
here on fox. >> ainsley: you love the sandwiches there. >> steve: i do, pimento cheese, a buck and a quarter, can't beat it. former president barack obama returned to the white house for the first time in five years even though he just lives four miles away. >> ainsley: commemorating the fourth anniverary of the obamacare act. >> brian: he looks old there. president obama stole the show, would you quibble with that? >> jackie: probably not fight with that one, good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. "washington post" described it as stump speech, pep talk and roast mixed into one and that was accurate. obama was the headliner and there were unflattering clips that show today with obama gathering attention and biden wandering out with no one to talk to, obama tried to seem like he was
5:04 am
playing. >> vice president biden. vice president? [laughter] >> that was a joke. [cheering] >> that was all set up. >> jackie: not everyone in biden world thought that was funny, despite living within miles from one another, obama and biden have barely seen each other since taking office. biden campaigned on being obama's vp. obama pushed for hillary clinton to succeed him. biden claims he told obama not to endorse him in the 2022 primary, there has been contesting of that. they are described by friends, by former white house staff, there is a distance between the tw >> president biden: i've been in the oval office hundreds of times as vice president every morning for the initial meeting,
5:05 am
but i had never been up in the residence. >> you had never been in the residence of the white house? >> president biden: only upstairs in the yellow room, the oval upstairs. >> jackie: that clip from 2020 showing they were not as close. the reason for obama's visit is celebrate obamacare. biden has been bogged down by pandemic, inflation and war in ukraine, poland has shown it and little time left before the midterm and all this dampened democrat hopes of keeping both chambers. >> steve: i'm puzzled, though, after you painted accurately a couple of presidents who were not very good friends, before barack obama came to the white house the other day, i heard one of the press people from the white house say they are actual
5:06 am
friends, it doesn't look like they are good friends, sounds like they are pushing they are good friends, like joe biden to help at the poll. >> jackie: who knows the strategy here, maybe they are friends, some in the white house think it wouldn't be help to feel have image of obama lingering in the background, the american people would nots like that. we don't know. they certainly do not tout their relationship or biden does not tout his relationship with obama anymore that he's been president, he campaigned on it, but kept his distance, trying to do things his own way as and the we have to take their word for it or from the white house there is a relationship there, according to them. >> steve: thanks so much. >> ainsley: those images. >> brian: think about this, former vice president, bill clinton and al gore and dick cheney and george bush 43 were barely on speaking terms because of scooter libby not getting a
5:07 am
pardon. bush 41 took over from biden, there was respect between them and vice president pencrashin e -- pence, and donald trump don't talk. >> steve: tough keeping a relationship that long. and vice president is transactional, barack obama picked joe biden as his vice president because barack obama, the states legislator from illinois, had no foreign policy credentials and so they picked the guy who had a lot of them, joe biden. so that is how they wound up arm and arm at the white house yesterday because joe biden was going to help barack obama with a blank spot in his biography. >> ainsley: the images, i know they brought him there to help with approval ratings and show they are friends, but look at the images, the crowd is loving barack obama and he's, is that joe biden that has his hand on
5:08 am
barack obama's should sxer he's not turning around. >> steve: and look at kamala harris. >> ainsley: and barack obama to left of it is screen and joe biden standing there by himself, i don't have anyone to talk to and he signals to that girl, come up here and be my friend. >> steve: when barack obama was leaving east room, peter doocy captured barack obama, one of the other reporters asking barack obama what is your message for the democrats regarding the midterm and he said the democrats have a good message, they just need to tell it. chris christie talked to brian 40 minutes ago and said chris christie hopes the democrats tell their story. you know what, despite what barack obama says, democratic story is not a good one. watch this. >> i want them to follow barack obama's advice, we'll give same results we got in midterm in 2010 and 2014 when he was
5:09 am
president, romps by the republican party. here is the story they tell. $5 a gallon gasoline, super market, critical race theory, crime on the streets, poor border policy and if they revoke title 42 and slowness in terms of defending ukrainians. tell that story and republicans will retake the house, the senate and we'll have more than 30 governorships. >> brian: yeah, and he talked about this unfolding thing with hunter biden, it will not help and the probe will make a lot of people wonder what they will be talking about on their shows besides january 6. he has 36% rating according to the quinnipiac poll. usually a president gets a push when there is a conflict
5:10 am
overseas, especially one the american people support our presence in or support of, he's gone the other direction because it is not perceived and i continuing is accurate, that we are leading in this humanitarian catastrophe, this modern day holocaust and we can't decide if we should support push-in of migs from nato base or give tanks and harpoons to allow them to take out ships from the coast. >> ainsley: people are worried about gas prices and inflation. they are worried about what is happening in ukraine. we saw what happened in afghanistan, they are worried about the crime and worried about the open borders. yesterday on our show, we were interviewing bill, down in brownsville, texas, and buses started pulling up and migrants are getting off the buses, men and women. bill said no children were on the buses and in the ngo's here is video, he totaled four buses full of migrants and the ngo's
5:11 am
take the individuals to the bus station and put them on buses and they are released wherever they want to go in our country. >> steve: the way they set it up and our cameras have been outside that bus depot a number of times and what dhs has done as we follow the people in, they put up tarps so that you can't see them inside, that is a parking structure, where they are doing the stuff. they come out, go across the street and have athlick charities and other ngo's and organizations and those people then give each of these migrants, give them a welcome bag and apparently a government-issued telephone. the whole issue now and this is what the dhs is going to say, well, you know what, we're letting them into the interior of the united states, we are tracking them with cell phones, they have the gps thing in them. bill said no way to stop them
5:12 am
from tossing them, they know that essentially the phone that uncle sam gave them is tracking them. if you are in the country and don't want uncle sam to track you, you throw it in the garbage. >> brian: on monday agents apprehend migrants, on tuesday, roma, 36 unaccompanied migrant children. other rio grand saw 527, overall 1.7 million have come across illegally and have no interest in stopping, they don't build a fence or bolster the border patrol or talk about border patrol unless there is a fake horse patrol ipsdent they want to investigate and make sure someone is held accountable. title 42 is puts in place during the pandemic to make sure people turn around, single males during the pandemic. sorry, you are not vaccinated, we are in a global pandemic,
5:13 am
turn around. that was not strictly enforced, but it was there and gave 175,000 people a reason to stay in mexico because you couldn't come across, now title 42 evaporates next month and democrats are beginning to say this is not good. >> ainsley: these are the democrats who are opposed or very concerned about title 42 being evaporated. you can see six senators, that are democrats, three in the house are democrats and they are worried because their states are affected. >> brian: some of these are mark kelly, where has he been? should be leading like kyrsten sinema. john tester says i'm supposed to be moderate, i am upset about it. joe manchin seems to always do the right thing and henry cuewell, lar has some out strong
5:14 am
on the border. >> steve: they are politicians, they will do what is plate cally smart. >> brian: they say they are for the people. >> steve: they are still politicians. the people who matter are lives who are impacted. the fact you need to know when they stop with title 42 thing, they are suggesting that 18,000 people stream across the border everyday. where are those people going to go? 18,000, that is bigger than selina, kansas was when i was a little boy, i believe. like one selinea coming in everyday. it adds up. ainsley talked to folks living in the communities impacted by this mass migration and here is what they had to say about what is going on. >> know what people are getting off that bus, people are coming across this land and we don't know who they are.
5:15 am
we can't take care of homeless people here, it upsets me we are willing to bend over backward for people from other countries and can't take care of our own american citizens. >> we see on almost daily basis, guys backpacking drugs through our community into our cities. >> it is clear the biden administration does not care about the safety of the american people nor immigrants. >> brian: border area, the theory was 2008, if you want hispanic votes, do not be strong on the border. that is 100% wrong, donald trump figured that out. cuellar and gonzalez, same thing, citizens say you are ruining our lives by allow thanksgiving to happen. >> steve: yesterday on this program, we ran video from the day before of mayor adams in new york and he was unveiling new digital billboards that are
5:16 am
going to be run down in florida trying to get people who are live nothing florida to move to new york, where there has been a gigantic exodus over the last couple years. he was talking about down in florida, they have parental rights bill or the don't say gay bill, you can see on the poster. he is thinking because here in new york city he said, you can say anything you want, people will move from florida to new york city, where it is drizzling and raining. >> ainsley: didn't take ron desantis long to respond, listen. >> new york is telling people come to new york from florida, they are wasting taxpayer money doing that, i don't know why they would do it. they say you can say whatever you want, they are the ones that will force a mask on your face and muzzle you in public, which they did for a year and a half and didn't have the constitutional right to do and they just fired somebody who was criticizing the mayor for
5:17 am
masking the toddlers, they still make toddlers wear masks in new york. that is just so fundamentally wrong, but that is what they are doing. if you speak up for the kids, they fire you from your job. no wonder why they are having problems. >> ainsley: i love the guy behind him cracking up laughing, that is ridiculous. violent crime is on the rise in new york and showing no sign of letting up machlt jority of voters said their family would be better off if they fled new york city. respondents, agreed with that statement. that is up 12% more say they should be leaving new york compared to a year ago when they were asked same question. >> brian: they didn't need to advertise, let people live their lives through the pandemic and zero taxes and better weather and the freedom that was exhibited, not many people say,
5:18 am
i got to send my kid to school to learn about gender identity in first, second and kindergarten, they think that is a positive to get peep toll move out of florida. >> steve: so many new yorkers have moved, i know so many peep whole have moved to florida, listen, if i could do this job from florida, we would. they have this great big studio here with really nice air conditioning and a couch and so we're here. >> ainsley: what state lines up with your views, what do you want your children to learn and how do you want them to grow up. >> steve: i like the tax idea. >> ainsley: i do, too. >> brian: 18 after the hour, a woman who pays her taxes. >> i certainly do, i can't confirm on air. a few more days. start with fox weather alert, a massive storm system battering the south, leaving at least one killed in texas and one killed in georgia. dozens of tornados reported across the region carving a
5:19 am
trail of destruction, a tornado warning in south carolina's capital sent state lawmakers scrambling for shelter in the state house basement. today more than 45 million people are under enhanced severe weather threat as another powerful storm begins taking shape. police go on a wild fox chase on capitol hill. authorities capture this fox after it bit a congressman and five others, unclear if the bites caused serious injury. the most bizarre day in congress. and big congratulations to greg gutfeld and the gutfeld team on one year of late-night laughs. >> greg: our first year anniversary, our birthday, this show turned one. yes, it outlasted kamala's staff. >> carley: the hit show dominating ratings for passing late night shows on three big networks. brian and ainsley getting in on the laughs, as well.
5:20 am
>> greg: written two children's books and knows how to deal with tonight's panel, co-host of "fox and friends first," ainsley earhardt. as a birthing person -- >> ainsley: i did birth a baby. >> greg: congratulations, by the way, billions have done it, though, i don't see anything -- >> ainsley: it wasn't hard, mine was ace c-section. >> greg: enough about >> ainsley: she was on last night, we got co-host of "fox and friends first," brian kilmeade. so brian, must feel good to come on a hit show. >> brian: it's been about six hours. >> ainsley: congratulations to greg, hilarious person, most unique sense of humor issue great guy in person, as well. >> steve: brilliant to put him on that show.
5:21 am
congratulations. >> ainsley: when you are on a show, my gosh, my turn, what is he going to say. >> brian: thank you, carley. what is douglas murray going to say? he's coming up next on "fox and friends first." we believe our military heroes deserve a company who will fight for them just as they do for us. from buying to refinancing, the loan professionals at newday usa have given enlisted veterans a different kind of financial experience. with more ways to help more veterans, no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newday usa.
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>> ainsley: a fox news alert, russia's war in ukraine enters 42nd day, heavy fighting encircles mariupol and ukraine calls to remove russia from the un security council. alex hogan joins us live. >> ukrainian president zelenskyy says he is using his speech to speak for residents who no longer have a voice. he addressed leaders urging russia be removed from the un
5:26 am
security council. >> the un security council exists and security in the world doesn't for anyone, this means the united nations is unable to carry out functions for which it was created. >> world condemnation as more footage comes out. we have blurred some images, it is quite graphic of charred bodies of civilians set on fire, one was small enough it appears it might have been a child. the images leaving interior ministry partially at loss of words. >> putin and his forces -- >> go to hell. >> the u.s. is expected to slap russia with another round of sanctions today like the eu did yesterday. in france, sweden, germany, spain and portugal, kicking out russian diplomats. six million are internally displaced and four million fled
5:27 am
the country as the war stretches to week six. general mark milley warning it will not end any time soon. >> i do think this is protracted conflict measured in years, i don't know about decades issue but years for sure. >> ukraine says in mariupol, the eastern city contested for weeks, rubbing likely putting pressure on ukrainian forces trying to get them to surrender. people remain trapped. the city of kyiv is under increased humanitarian pressure where food is running out. ainsley. >> ainsley: so hard to watch the images, thank you for reporting on it, be careful. new op ed, next guest argues west must kreen putin like the war criminals they are.
5:28 am
douglas murray is here to explain. good morning. tell us about your op ed and what you mean by that. >> what is clear, russia forces withdrawn faster than they expected to and haven't been able to cover up their crimes. we have seen footage like we have from bucha outside kyiv and other towns and elsewhere, where they just left bodies out on the streets, we've seen people shot in the head, people bound and shot and this testimony of russian soldiers, drunken russian soldiers kicking down the doors of houses and finding women and rapeing and murdering them. ukraine mp released unshowable piece of footage of woman tortured and murdered by forces and had a swastika scowered on her back. this is presumably part of putin's lie, he told his
5:29 am
soldiers they are going to a country run by nazis. people commit war crimes under diluted ideas that vladamir putin pumped out. he is responsible for this. his forces are responsible for this. these are sorts of crimes we hoped we would not see in the 21st century happening in ukraine. >> ainsley: when you hear general milley saying this could be years long war, i'm not the expert, he is. can we sustain this? can they sustain this? will the ukrainians win? >> i might not be the only person who says what general milley says with a pinch of salt after afghanistan. that is one problem, we in america have become suspicious of our militarys leaders and that is a shame there are many great people in the u.s. army who know what they are talking about. it could go any way, depends if vladamir putin can sustain a prolonged war.
5:30 am
the russian people are pretty good with dealing with what comes their way. i believe what has happened are war crimes, the person responsible is vladamir putin. it is the kremlin that started this and now of course the west and countries like america have a choice, should we make russia pay even more? now of course there is moral problem with this, which is the war zone that is happening in this ukraine, do we keep arming ukraine to make the russian defeat more crush something we could do. it depends whether or not the ukrainians are willing to go along with that. whatever happens, russia under putin cannot be treated like a normal country after this. zelenskyy claiming russia could be thrown off the ushg n security council is a neat idea, the security council has been a flawed organization from the get go. start to talk about reorganization of the security
5:31 am
council and you open up all sorts of problems, why should china be on it, for instance. i'm not sure that is the way. more and more sanctions definitely. sanctions of putin's family is happening more. giving more ammunition to make sure the russian military defeat is as humiliaing as possible should be our goal. >> ainsley: the interior minister said putin should go to hell. >> he is right. >> ainsley: still ahead, he's back, tiger woods returning to golf just in time for the masters. clay travis will join us live on tiger's hunt for the sixth green jacket coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> ainsley: we are back with headlines starting with this new video showing moments after jussie smollett was booked into cook county jail after being sentenced. security footage is from minutes after the actor was ordered to serve 150 days behind bars, but was released six days later pending appeal. threatening to sue the biden administration for women's sports, unveiling changes to
5:36 am
title 9 creating protection for transgender student athletes. in a letter, agramercy park's from alabama, montana and more say changes risk athletic opportunities for women and girls. move over cracker jack, cracker jill is new snack of america's pasttime. look. ♪ buy me some peanuts and cracker jill. no one can stop you if you have the william. >> carley: her take on the classic "take me out to the ball game" snack. debuting the new packageing and changing name to promote the accomplishment of women in sports. those are headlines, so 2022. >> steve: thank you. listen to this, tiger woods, who was in a terrible wreck about a year ago issue set to tee offats
5:37 am
the masters tomorrow making his highly anticipated return to golf 14 months after he was hospitalized in a crash, not rocking his confidence. >> you said countless times throughout your career, you don't enter a golf tournament unless you think you can win. do you think you can win the masters? >> i do. >> steve: travis clay, he says he can win, he will tee off today and have a practice to see how he feels. can he win? >> i'm not going to put anything past tiger woods, steve. good morning to everybody out there. this is why the masters is so exciting. we were talking off air, you will kick back and watch some thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. i don't think tiger woods will be able to make the cut. i hope that i am wrong. i hope he puts everybody's doubts into his driver and uses it as motivation, but when you
5:38 am
consider how serious his injuries were in the car accident outside of los angeles, it is just hard to believe he will be able to walk eight or nine miles all over this course on thursday, friday and make the cut. if you believe that he is going to make the cut, though and maybe you want to get your bets in in new york. 45-1 at fox bet that tiger woods is going to win the masters and all of us remember that iconic walk up to 18 when tiger woods won in 2019. it is one of the great masters moments of all time and it is going to be a ton of people getting ready for the start of spring, i know you guys in new york and certainly people in the northeast and in the midwest who are ready for the cold weather to be gone, you look down at the blooming azaleas in augusta and it represents a new birth and
5:39 am
season, it always does, fabulous weekend and i can't wait for it to start for tiger woods at 10:30 eastern. >> steve: at the world golf hall of fame, tiger's daughter introduced him and we got to see the highlights. this guy has come from behind before, but this particular time, after that terrible car being, where it seemed like he broke every bone in his body, just to see him swinging as well as he was the other day, it is like al michaels said, do you believe in miracle? most of america would love to see him back on the golf course this weekend. >> there is no doubt. one of the unique things about tiger woods is we have grownup with him, right? no matter how old you are right now watching us talk about tiger woods issue the kid came on the scene when he was 15 or 16 years old, now in his mid-40s.
5:40 am
we've seen him become a father, his kids are almost grown now, as you mentioned when he got inducted into the golf hall of fame. there is nostalgic factor when he tees off, you are remember whatting is going on right now and experiencing it, it is taking you back to the past through generational moments have you seen tiger woods play before. come tomorrow, 10:30 a.m. eastern, i will be rooting for tiger to make a good run on thursday and friday and make a cut heading into the weekend. have a good long weekend enjoy watching yourself. >> steve: i will have my wife make pimento cheese sandwiches and watching. clay, thank you for joining us live, have a great weekend. >> thank you, as well. >> steve: thank you very much. it is only wednesday, we're talking about the big golf tournament. still ahead, exclusive e-mails
5:41 am
show president biden did a favor for the son of hunter's chinese business partner issue the white house claims the president never spoke to his son about his overseas business dealings. mirandadevine has a thing or two to say about that and she's coming up next. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. ozempic® helped me get back in my type 2 diabetes zone. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't share needles or pens, or reuse needles. don't take ozempic® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it.
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dogs get triple protection in just one simparica trio! this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures. use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. protect him with all your heart. simparica trio. >> independent of the investigation would the president support appointment of a special council? >> press sect. psaki: the president has never had a conversation with the doj about any investigation into a member of his family. i point you to the doj for additional steps they would take. >> the president said he never spoke to his son about overseas business dealings, still the case? >> press sect. psaki: yep. >> brian: game on, the white house insisting president biden was not involved in the dealings, never talked about it. e-mails reveal former vp did a
5:46 am
favor for the son of hunter's chinese business partner. hunter asked me to send you a copy of this recommendation letter you asked your father to write on behind of christopher li, for brown university and did the same for nyuand cornell. mirandarksa, will jen psaki have to amend that statement? >> miranda: she should have amended that statement before she said it, it is wrong. the letter for li's child was unsuccessful worthless, it didn't get him into proun university. it is par for the course for joe biden and jim biden, who was helping another children of a chinese partner get into some elite new york schools.
5:47 am
this was grazing the path for more montow come into the biden family and business partner coffers. >> brian: if "washington post" or "new york times," all they have to do is reach out to tony bobulinski or ask ron johnson about the investigation when they lost majority and would have the answer to the question, what did joe biden know about his brother and his son's business dealing, were they trading and did he financially benefit? does it astound you they are not asking the question? >> miranda: it does. the white house is trying to wall off joe biden from the stink from his son and his brother's influence pedalling scheme. he was the object they were selling. he was participating by meeting multiple business partners all over the world. jonathan li, he gave the brown
5:48 am
university letter to, was the same business partner he went and shook the hand of when he took hunter to beijing on air force 2 just before that business deal came to fruition. >> brian: when you see devin archer on the golf course and see this letter of recommendation, should warrant a follow-up question. why do you think we've gotten to this point in a story that is two year old and told us it was russian disinformation, before you book him, why doe think we're at this point? >> miranda: i think the delaware grand jury is holding up its investigation and there are multiple of hunter's business associates and former girlfriends who are now been appearing before it, more witnesses to come. i think there is a concern among democrat circles this is more serious than they thought it was. hunter biden is being investigated for potential tax
5:49 am
evasion and money laundering and violating foreign lobbying laws, these are criminal offenses and if proven, they will lead to the president. >> brian: right. only countries involving ukraine, russia and china, besides that, i don't see a problem. the book has all the e-mails in there and more. mirandais part of a special, "who is hunter biden" live on fox nation. if you sign up for fox nation, get 50% off any annual plan. we are moving on hunter biden's story on every platform. thanks. still ahead, the small donation with big impact. a fifth grader giving $11 to his fire department with a heart-felt thank you note. he will join us live with the chief after the break. i like to check in with dana perino to find out what she is working on her show. >> dana: thank you, i look forward to that, super
5:50 am
interesting with miranda devine, you are amazing person to introduce me. pushing russians back, committing atrocities is not an exception, but a rule. ambassador nikki haley is here on set for that. democrats try to pin the tail on ceos today for high gas prices, some democrats admit this is not the problem. and president obama visit the white house reminding democrats of how things used to be as questions about hunter biden pile up. and martha maccallum joins us, we'll see you at 9:00.
5:51 am
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>> we are back with quick headlines, new survey finds teens are stressing over the economy and spending big. investment banking company piper sandler believe the economy is getting worse, young companies are rating nike and lululemon as favorite companies. and meghan markle trying to -- arc type as name of new spotify podcast, critics say she has no right to trademark a name that
5:55 am
appeared 470 million years ago. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean with the fox weather forecast. >> janice: good morning, take a look at temperatures, colder than average across the northeast and upper midwest and rockies, we have warm air ahead of the next storm system that will start to crap up later this actual for the southeast and parts of florida toward the mid-atlantic over the northeast. get a quick break this afternoon and watch the next storm system move through. a little bit of break issue not a grade ride in this morning, tomorrow morning will not be great. the rain forecast, three to five inches over the next 48 to 60 hours. looking ahead at southeast, watch what happens in the afternoon, daytime heating and storms crop up and we could see severe weather, hail and damaging winds and tornados. we've had several rounds this
5:56 am
week and over the last couple weeks and today no exception. severe storm threat will continue for the florida panhandle toward the ohio river valley. bulls eye for alabama, georgia and tennessee. we see big storms firing up and daytime highs 54 in new york city, 88 in los angeles, where they will set records this week for california with the heat rising over 90. getting toward 100, warming up, sending it over to our crew, steve, ainsley and brian. >> brian: put a life jacket on my tulip bulbs. young boy's small donation to new hampshire fire department is having huge impact. >> steve: the fifth grader donated $11 to the salem fire department saying thank you for your service, thank you for protecting our town and putting
5:57 am
out all the fires and saving our lives. look at that note. >> ainsley: so cute, jackson gilclyst with his mom and the chief of the salem fire department. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> ainsley: dana, how did this all unfold? >> it is funny because he came to us one day, it was like a morning and said he wanted to ride to the fire department because he had a letter for them. he did it on his own. it was out of his own heart. it is funny, he didn't realize what an impact it would have. he said, i just wanted to write a letter and thank them. we dropped it off at the fire department and he left it in the mailbox with his own money from his piggy bank and here we are. >> steve: why did you put the money from your piggy bank in the hand of the guy who is standing to your right?
5:58 am
why did you want the fire department to have $11 of your dollars? >> because they do a lot for us and i didn't think it would go on live tv. >> steve: but you are. an investment. >> brian: chief, you get a lot of donations, but this was different, in what way? >> we do, we receive a lot of donations, this was special, it was from a youngster. once we connected with dana and jackson, it was a special donation and just to know that it came from jackson, who is a fifth grader in this day and age, he wanted to thank the firefighters for what we do, we're just here doing our job and providing service to the community. it was special to us and we wanted to make it special for jackson and recognize him for his donation. >> ainsley: where did you learn the importance of firefighters
5:59 am
and first responders? >> school. >> steve: yeah? what did they say? what did they say about it? >> like it is dangerous and stop, drop and roll. >> steve: that is right. that is what you do. jackson, when you grow up, you are 11 and have your whole life in front of you. would you like to be a fireman? >> i mean, i haven't really thought of it, but maybe. >> steve: the guy standing to your right, in about 10 years is looking for people who love the fire department. >> he's on our list, we will watch and try to recruit him. >> ainsley: dana, you are doing a great job raising your son, obviously a great child. we will continue to watch this story and maybe this will go big, i will get my daughter to donate $11 out of her piggy bank, you are making quite a
6:00 am
difference, jackson. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. joining us from salem, new hampshire, jackson, dana and the chief. thank you for joining us live. >> brian: great heart-warming story to end with. to pick up more hart-warming stories listen to the radio show and watch on fox nation. >> ainsley: have a great day >> bill: the fighting in ukraine could last for years as we say good morning midweek i'm bill hemmer live in new york. >> dana: it is wednesday and i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." these images are hard to watch. the biden administration is prepared to put more sanctions on russia. >>


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