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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 6, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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let's throw something up there. we don't have time. okay will kat would you think of my back pain? >> i'm glad that you figured out some times i can't move my head bill and adjust decide to do it. >> this is more back pain. tucker is not a pain he is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. we think an american state that's pulled right off the ledge into the deep end lifestyle liberalism think about. you probably think of vermont, vermont is a place that bans fracking despite the fact that it has not a single oil or gas well in the state or maybe massachusetts virtually all human pleasure has been bland for decades if not centuries and anything about california.
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california place for one city is now paying people to be transgender. all of these are famously liberal places are not surprised but utah is not a liberal place. when you think if you till you imagine big happy families, and even bigger salty lake and a couple of very good ski mountains. you think conservatism because utah is conservative, it always has been and still is. utah is the highest rate of church attendance in the countries, it has one of the lowest crime rates. the periphery is only 25% higher than the national average. the last presidential election donald trump took nearly 60% of the vote in utah, so utah is deafly not california. and yet some of its most prominent politicians are subject to change that. if you don't believe watch them talk sometimes they sound like the running for city city council and science monica. talk about a misalignment, a highly conservative state with extremely liberal leaders. how did that happen?
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actually it's not as unusual as you would hope it would be. across the country some of the most liberal republicans represent some of the reddest states why? when is the result of corporate influence and direct party leadership that is true. maybe voters in those states don't feel threatened so the not paying close attention to who they vote for. whatever it is it's very obvious, by contrast the most conservative governor in the country is not from alabama, he's from florida. which to this day is split almost evenly along party lines. he has to earn every vote and he does that by representing his constituents. it tells you a lot. meanwhile bright red utah is now led by a cut rate imitator called spencer cox. it is a former telecom executive who always seems like he's auditioning for the title of america's guilty is white guy. he is beyond belief. watch this virtual town hall of high school students last year in which spencer cox announce his preferred pronouns to young
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girl in the audience. >> well thank you so much debbie for that, that question. my preferred pronouns are he him, and his. so thank you for sharing yours with me. >> tucker: what a creepy guy. he tells a roomful of trigger of children. spencer cox identifies as a male lisa some limited extent, he could've cleared up that mystery just a claim that he is a man has said he full hostage video my preferred pronouns are he-him-is. now you know for certain. because it's never about gender it's always about obedience. spencer cox's obedience and nothing else but not obedient to his voters at the weird thing. what exactly is the market for pronouns in utah? pretty limited you would think.
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most people in utah don't be told yet somehow spencer is our governor. they have really good piece of national view reports the very first document that he signed as governor of utah was summing called the utah compact on racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. and it's everything that you would imagine a more. the document describes racism is more than just an individual character flaw, no, racism instead is a system that you participated in mr. or mrs. racist. it can only be stopped with the bolden antiracism action and policies right now. oh, you know you're in trouble mr. or mrs. utah voter. we will let spencer cox explained. here is spencer cox wearing as little obedience mask during a zoom interview explaining that he supports excluding white students from an academic scholarship program purely because of her skin color because that's antiracism, no
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it's not racism it's antiracism. >> the utah jazz is excluding white children from consideration from their scholarship program. do you think that this is racist? and what will you do to prevent the utah jazz from acting in this racist manner? >> i don't think it's racist i think it's in response to unfortunately some very difficult and racist injustices that have happened in our community for a long time. [laughs] >> tucker: here's this guy sitting alone in his room with his mask on telling us that it's not racist to exclude people from an scholarship based the race. does anyone else in utah believe this? there can't be many of them? most people in utah have more sense than that, racism is when you're hurt them based off their skin color right? right. most people study biology, their
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pro-science. we know this because utah state legislature just passed a bill banning men from competing in women's sports because men turns out armed women. spencer cox disagrees he vetoed that bill. fortunately 2-3 members of the house vetoed that. spencer cox started to veto gender transitions for minors. most people in utah say that they don't want. so here you have a perfectly normal state filled with perfectly happy normal people, somehow run by a low iq weekend msm easy member. he's tired of her present and the people of utah. so instead he speaking for his neighbors in the state of california where he lives a lot of the time. less than a year ago this is an amazing example which is june of
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2,021. mitt romney voted against the nomination of jackson to the d.c. circuit board of appeals. he thought that she wasn't qualified. this week mitt romney announced that he is supporting the same person's confirmation to the supreme court. she was unqualified for a lower court but a perfect choice for the supreme court how does that work? there is mitt romney to explain. >> in the prior confirmation i was concerned that she was outside the mainstream and as a result of our meeting of our together interviewing her testimony before congress became convinced that she is within the mainstream. she's also highly qualified in a very capable person. i wish you the very best. [laughs] [laughs] >> tucker: so now she wasn't less than a year ago but now she's very much the mainstream. so here's what it took for mitt romney to finally support her. he learned in the course of
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supreme court confirmation hearings that she gave lenient sentences to child, mitt romney apparently did know that last year. hence the vote against her. now that she knows that she is regarded sentencing guidelines to benefit katie. thus the junior senator from the state of utah. and as of spencer cox this is than a one-time aberration, reporter greg price the last few weeks. quote, voted against repealing tsa mass mandates didn't show up to vote defining joe biden, treason of opposing war in ukraine. [laughs] amazing. so she has betrayed her country in uniform by the way she still serves in the u.s. army. but blm come up blm which american cities for nearly a year or not treasonous not according to mitt romney. >> he did take to the streets
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there on the first or republican to join thousands of people who were protesting towards george floyd's death. they marched to the march of an evangelical christians. he toured the reported that he was participating in those because you want to make sure that people understood that black lives matter. >> we need a voice against racism we need many voices against racism and brutality. when you stand up and say that black lives matter. >> tucker: oh, yeah. [laughs] mitt romney took to the streets. [laughs] one of his graded thing lines uttered on tv. mitt romney took to the streets. to watch blm sheet people and defraud donors to buy $6 million mansions in l.a., but guess who the trader is? that's who mitt romney is telling us. she is a lot worse than tony fauci who funded the
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production of the virus that killed millions of people set treasonous? no, that's not treasonous according to mitt romney watch. >> i do want to point out how much i personally i believe the great majority of people in our country respect you individually and professionally for the week that you do. your scientists not politicians. nevertheless you are being made subject to the political whims of various political individuals and that comes at a high cost which unfortunately i fear will lead some to not want to participate in helping our government. make scientific choices. [laughs] >> tucker: that's we learned back from the streets. [laughs] the concern here is of course democracy and that's the word on the lips of every concerned person on television. what about our democracy? every day you hear that, suggest that quick recap it's a form of government in which elected
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representatives represent people who we elect. they do what we ask. the people rule. so with that in mind, and given her strong emphasis on democracy with a one were mitt romney is coming from? because the majority of republicans will become an office would like tony fauci to leave his job immediately. but not mitt romney, he doesn't care at all. mitt romney is on a long course. it turns out a lot of republicans in red states they betrayed their own voters. given the finger day after day, after day. how long will republican voters put up with this? gonzalez is one of the smartest journalists in the country he joined just to analyze this. figure so much for joining us, i know if you notice this but it seems like the republicans who spend the least amount of time even trying to represent the voters are in the republican states. >> that's right, right. that's true and it's a real problem and it raises a lot of important questions.
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i think spencer cox's case is very illustrative of his relationship between woke capital and progressive ideology. what explains the bizarre behavior of guys like spencer cox, and mitt romney who consistently side with the people who want to sexualize her children, the so-called rumors. like you pointed out, it actually tends to pay pretty well. for example, spencer cox financial disclosures from last year said that zion bank corporation is his basic business biggest corporate donor. they were from the relationship which roy williams come the executive director and equality utah. lgbtq advocacy foundation. he is right that with the help of woke capital, states like utah regardless of the will of the constituents there will eventually come into alignment with lgbtq ideology just as a matter of the amount of money,
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and influence that these corporations have. last year, williams received a $600,000 donation from tech billionaire jeff greene. the richest man from utah on the same day that greene announced his resignation from the lds church. williams calls these type of donations -- because even the secular cannot escape religion right? and spencer cox has warmly welcomed the influence of woke capital in a state. regardless of motive whether it's idealism, or cynicism, it's important to remember that when guys like spencer cox and mitt romney get their way, families lose because these people are siding with those who would prey upon our children whether comes down to critical race theory, or their sexualization. ultimately this grassroots battle for our kids is a war for the future. >> tucker: that is exactly right and i just really quick,
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other any republic can -- where my voters want me to do? it will be here to do something what is it? and is knowledgeable. and then try to do that. there doesn't seem all that hard. >> doesn't seem that hard to us but it does seem to be extremely difficult for most republicans. they don't do anything unless you basically push them in that direction and you hold their feet to the fire. i really can't be stressed enough that republicans are not your friends. at critical moments, at pivotal junctions they will stab you in the back, like spencer cox try to do. but thankfully utah seems like one of these rare examples where there is a large, growing continuance e of republican lawmakers who are proceeding to understand that i need to do when my constituents want me to do in order for me to fulfill my role in office. not a lot of republicans are getting a message and that is why grassroots, the parents rights movement, the moment to protect our children, they need
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to understand that yes, democrats are crazy and kooky and bad in all that. but the reason that you seem to be spinning your wheels all the time is because the g.o.p. is stabbing you in the back. >> it certainly noticeable, think of for that summary i appreciate it. >> tucker: got brand-new information from newly released pentagon documents about ufos, apparently many people who have seen ufos report having been burned or having brain difficulties afterwards. could've been an amazing report that's coming up ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: oh shut up about ufos but we learned about some occult the advance aviation presentation program which was in operation at the pentagon called public scrutiny that studies ufo for very long time and is completely real. the defense intelligence agency just relieved that that 2010 report along with many other things. the government can prove that you'll flow siding has caused radiation burns, paralysis, and
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brain damage. report also says that some people who saw ufos experience quote, perceive time suspension, they also saw ghosts, and other spirits. and all that report list 42 cases of adverse tax for medical files another 300 adverse effects from unpublished cases. she knows what it is because he was run it. were happy to have them on, they you so much for coming on. this was a feature of people's first-hand accounts going back 50 years in the 60s. saw this thing i have these physical effects. use the turns out to be real tell us about these effects. >> tucker it's even more than that. this is in the notion of let's say grandma saw some lights in the backyard. these are military eyewitnesses, some cases their fighter pilots security personnel. that of come up close and personal with the uap argus of a nuclear ufo and in some cases
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they have sustained significant sums for the medical trauma, something that can be looked at and quantified and measured as some sort of biological effects that they didn't suffer these consequences until they came up close and personal to the ufos. by the way let me just say that, you're absolutely right in the intro for many years we've been told all this is silly and whatnot. this topic is really not to be taken seriously. but i was part of the program, i ran the program for better part of eight years on this topic. it is absolutely real and now finally because the pressure public congress and people like you and the media. finally our government is begin to become more transparent about this topic until the truth about this topic in a way that i wasn't have the liberty to have the conversation years ago when we first heard talk to each other. >> i'm getting the idea that
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when they'd talk about things don't want to say call you a conspiracy person. >> tucker: does the pentagon believe these were intentionally inflicted on people or that they were byproducts of the experience? >> you know tucker that is a fantastic question look, the bottom line is of ever seen a microwave oven before, let's say i don't know how to use it and i had to put my hand unfortunately my head too close to a microwave oven when it's been turned on. chances are this to be some kind of negative biological consequence the same holds true if i go to an average airport. i took a 737 today, if i'm in the cockpit or the aircraft, there's no real threat. what if i stand behind the engine when the engine is firing up, chances arm and get burned, lose my hearing, this medical consequences. the question is is a deliberate? is it a part of the technology? or is a product of something else? we think right now and again let me just prefaces preliminarily
5:24 pm
speaking that is probably just a consequence of the advanced technology. >> tucker: final question i've asked you this before in the face of the mounting evidence it doesn't really seem possible to suggest these are aircraft for foreign militaries at this point is it? >> look we've been looking at this for a long time if anyone seems to suggest that china or russia back in 1950s had the abilities to travel at hypersonic speed due 90-degree turns in mid air feeling a thousand miles an hour. looking at the greatest intelligence failure at this country ever had. excepting that of 9/11 by the way, by the order of magnitude. i think it's fair to say at this point but this is probably not sort of adversarial technology. >> tucker: right is not human. let's marinate with that and see what that means, not that i can get my head around but appreciated. thank you so much. >> thank you always a pleasure
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tucker thank you. >> tucker: a lot of people are worried about money because inflation is making them poor, too bad you're not the president's son for tens of thousand dollars apiece. you can also make millions from oligarchs in ukraine and china, so this is corruption most americans have accepted it as part of the way our government works. it wasn't the way our government worked until fairly recently, why did it change? we spoke with one of the smartest people observing american society now our podcast host darrell cooper about this and many other things for brand-new episode of tucker carlson. ♪ ♪ >> i have this theory that human individuals and societies essentially run on stories anything about what a martyr is for example, it's a murder victim with a story built around it. it's how we take something that
5:26 pm
by itself is just a horrible thing and turn it into something beautiful. some and they can be inspiring that's what a martyr is. >> tucker: we imbued with meaning. >> as we do with all of it. >> tucker: here is your tweet from this morning, march 4th, offers ukraine a billion dollars. march 14th biting grades ukraine portfolio. top full force stomach -- archer gets the deal. may 14th hunter gets burisma deal. [laughs] [laughs] >> you would think i put in a chronology together. there was a follow-up tweet and outcome of the point of it. >> tucker: they know it's corrupt and they just don't care. they allow themselves keep the
5:27 pm
job of neo-nazis without batting an eye. all that matters is that you attacked the right people. >> yup, that is right and those really kind of my point just the brazenness of it. i'm sorry but all the people out there who don't think it's a big deal that's a right to choose what your political priorities are. nobody even bothers making an argument that what he was doing over there was not corruption creating in us father's name, and influence over what was happening in ukraine. everybody knows it, but nobody cares. we just have sort of accepted, it's not even part of it to degree we just accepted that if this is how politicians are. >> tucker: darrell cooper was effectively a historian, does long form podcast on historical events you may not know as much about as you think you do. the interesting guy, the conversation is it for free on tuckercarlson so college women swimmer name
5:28 pm
riley gains tied remarkably tied the leah thomas who is a man said that the ncaa is in favoring thomas and that's unfair. we'll talk about that next. ♪ ♪
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>> they forced her to force against a biological mail seeing that on your screen now. >> tucker: she tied despite the obvious disadvantage. she said the ncaa is badly handled every aspect of this competition and been trying for months to get color swimmer on
5:34 pm
the show it's what would they think is happening none of accepted except for ally were grateful for that. thank you so much for coming on. i'll just let you talk tell us what you think of your experience at this event? >> high tucker thank you so much for having me and forgive me this opportunity to speak for myself and so many other women athletes out there who aren't as fortunate as me enough to have been told that there not a lot of talk about it so thank you so much for that. like you said me and leah just recently tied at the ncaa championships and honestly i think the ncaa handled everything externally poorly, starting from one we finish and i went behind the podium to collect my fifth place trophy, plainly told me that leah would hold the fifth place trophy and then i could post with the six place trophy for photos and
5:35 pm
would be mailed the fifth place trophy in the mail. >> tucker: not only are they allowing biological mail to compete in the women's competition they are promoting that mail over biological females who are competing, that's when i'm reading from what you said. >> right, why can a question that i asked him if there's a reason why giving the other trophy and is explained to me that were giving in chronological order i question him again you know what is that mean? we tied one to chronological about? [laughs] he blatantly said they were just give the trophy to leah, we expect and remark your swim but leah gets a hold the trophy. >> tucker: and other questions don't ask questions? >> i wish he was shocked because all the other swimmers who were standing by listening to this are also shocked and standing right next to leah and she heard it all so is kind of just really baffling that this could happen and i know the ncaa wasn't prepared for situation like
5:36 pm
this. which just tells me that one of her face with it they protected such a small minority in turn their back on what the organization and title ix really stands for. >> tucker: they just illuminated what it stands for. it seems to a nonswimmer who knows that swimming requires a lot of torture, something harder than swim practice. as you know, this seems like cheating to allow someone with a biological advantage to compete. >> exactly, i think that there is a definite difference between your, and your gender identity and i think that it's just been totally misconstrued and lost in the past couple of years or so. it's finally gone to the point where it's being shown and is completely violating women and women's rights especially in sports. >> tucker: you set a minute ago that you're speaking tonight on behalf of a lot of other female swimmers who've been told not to say words just to be
5:37 pm
quiet and be eliminated. what do they think if you could speak for them? >> right, i know just talking to tons, and tons of ncaa swimmers that their athletic directors their media people and their coaches or other outside influence have told them don't say anything, just avoid the situation, say face a little bit i'm just fortunate enough to drive such an amazing support system at the university of kentucky, whether that be from the athletic director all the way down my head coach. just begin for them which is totally wrong. i know i can't speak for everyone but i'm almost certain that i'm speaking for large majority of female athletes and this is just not okay. and it's not fair. were dealing with something that's completely out of our control when racing, biological males whether they have
5:38 pm
different lung capacity, their height obviously. testosterone levels whether testosterone blockers are not. it doesn't suppress going through puberty is a male. especially the one in question swam for years as a male on new pen. it's completely unfair and it's a matter equity really. >> tucker: yep, what were seeing to say that and it is in your brief are doing it and we appreciate it. thank you very much. >> thank you, thank you so much. >> tucker: it's unbelievable, looks like jackson is gonna be confirmed as court. she approves of her record. why not. they found that in 2010 a man called leah was accusing of ripping his 3-year-old niece and she let him out of jail and five months. he was committing another
5:39 pm
sexual assault but this is a pattern of jackson. senator josh hawley said that jackson is also being getting minimum sentences in kiddie sick cases. >> seems to be a case we are fascinated of images and what were essentially your peers and then he went on to say it that the defendant was merely trying to satisfy his curiosity, judge he was 18, these kids are eight. i don't see what are peers. >> senator i don't have the record of that entire piece in front of me. what i recall with respect to that case is that unlike the many other child offenders that i've seen as a judge and that i was aware of my work on the sentencing commission. this particular defendant had just graduated from high school, some of the materials that he was looking at were older
5:40 pm
teenagers. >> tucker: she can confirm that the victim's eight because she is not a biologist. she is a former federal prosecutor think so much for coming on. clearly this person is about to go to the supreme court but we shall still should know what she is about you watch the whole thing how do you assess her record? >> i should also say i'm also a woman i do know what that is. oh respect to the judge this is a really serious issue, someone like her is about to go to supreme court and she doesn't seem to understand what it is. child is not baby in the bathtub, it's not teenagers having, these images are collected by those who are interested in children and the images are being made by people who are engaging in illegal sexual activity commonly known as and sexual assault, with
5:41 pm
children as young as infants. i've unfortunately had to see probably hundreds of thousands of these kinds of images, they're absolutely horrifying and what she has done in front of the senate, with the judge have said in the defendant is effectively these aren't that serious, these cases. i look back i think to myself about somehow when they went to the snail mail, and we have computers these people shouldn't be held responsible because everyone has a computer. what a means however tucker is that there are millions, and millions of the images of the sexual abuse of children being traffic across the world every single day, children are being abused for those images and i think because people like judge ketanji brown jackson has not stood in front of a victim, she has never spoken to one of the survivors of child
5:42 pm
sexual abuse whose images are constantly shared by offenders who are being gratified, watching their child sexual abuse. because she has not done that she never took the time to do that, she doesn't understand the offense, or the offenders to my opinion to deserve a sentence because they ought to be in jail to the taken out in a pine box. >> tucker: joining us tonight something so much. the judge that mitt romney is now four. chicago one of the great american cities in the world is in the decline. the mayor of that city protects yourself a pet special police squad as people across the city are murdered. but she is a challenge, a man running a again, raymond lopez. he can fix that city were honored to have him on later. ♪ ♪
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large out-of-state corporations have set time is running out. their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless.
5:47 pm
no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: how bad is common
5:48 pm
california? train robberies in broad daylight, now in response to this red legislation allowing criminals to become police office. okay, that's a story for us tonight. >> new proposed bill by california democratic state senator nancy would remove the rule that a person must be a u.s. citizen in order to become a police officer here in california. a source familiar with the bill tells fox news that it would allow legal immigrants who were not citizens to become police officers. illegal immigrants are barred from becoming officers under federal law. the state of california requires these peace officers to meet standards include being at least 18 years of old and going through a thorough background check. it was previously voted on and shot down back in march, but now the bill is being reintroduced and recent part that existing law with certain exceptions prohibit that a person's as the states to be appointed as a member of the california highway patrol this bill would remove that prohibition i would make
5:49 pm
conforming changes. this all comes on the heels of the button administration announcement to lift title 42, beginning next month. tucker. >> tucker: [laughs] amazing come every night thank you so much. so crime unlike so many other things that we talk about and debate particularly in washington is absolutely real, people died because of the are murdered and in the city of chicago is transforming. crime is up 35% of that city of several years it's been going up for years why? one of the main reasons is the city's mayor she has refused to enforce the law. it is so bad that we sent her a document or to chicago for a piece called chicago in crisis this is what we found. >> hundreds of hours of exclusive hours of the surveillance cameras to video shows a city and total collapse. lori lightfoot watch the riots from afar protected by the police department.
5:50 pm
looters and writers ransacked the city. because more than a hundred million dollars in damages. dilute the vast majority of them walk with no charges come of the handful of looters that did face prosecution was for granted pretrial release. >> tucker: it's pretty depressing but the upside was while we were there we met someone who actually cares, democrat is elected official in the city is an older man called raymond lopez. we talked him to great lengths along other things that prosecutors in the city are just not prosecuting watch. >> very demoralizing for our residents to be told call 911 when you see crime happening only to see that same criminal be arrested and released within 24 hours. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: we have rarely met an elected official and a big
5:51 pm
liberal city, the democrats once again as brave as alderman raymond lopez, we were thrilled we read that he is now running for mayor against lori lightfoot and were honored to have him with us today. thank you so much for coming on, were not particular partisan i don't know what you think on a lot of issues but i know that you care about the people of the city of chicago and are thrilled to know that you're running for mayor, would you do if you win? >> thank you tucker, i believe in the greatness that is chicago but clearly this is not the chicago that i grew up in. i do not grow up in a city that cottle's criminals and enables bad behavior and turns a blind eye to the side of victims in our city that is lori lightfoot. as mayor, i would provide a different direction, sense of leadership and purpose to the city of chicago that hasn't seen in a while. you have to support for responders gift to support our police trying to maintain law
5:52 pm
and order, we have to rebuild and grow an economy by expanding opportunities and allowing businesses to flourish and not just operate on a handout driven society needs to provide the basic services to make sure that people regardless of the neighborhood that they live and have the services that the taxpayers provide. it's pretty simple when you think about it some people like the current mayor of a problem executing that plan. i will not. >> tucker: it is pretty simple actually just try not to wreck the lives of your people. [laughs] [laughs] do no harm, exactly. but lori lightfoot did get elected and chicago is not some backwaters when were biggest places come a lot of smart people. some not quite sure how she got elected but do you think that you can beat her? >> i know that i can beat lori lightfoot. we've done polls that show that the general population of voters in the city of chicago have made a decision on whether or not she deserves a second term and
5:53 pm
overwhelmingly that answer is no. people in chicago want to feel safe the number one issue in the city of chicago as your series pointed out is that crime is out of control. like the wild west in the midwest in the city. they want to mayor that's in a take charge and to take ownership and i vowed to do that. i will make everyone's personal safety whether they live here work here or come here to visit for vacation. my number one priority mayor lightfoot has never done that. lucky if she even recognizes that alone takes accountability for it. i will take accountable for the violence. i've stood up to gang bangers throw my two terms, i've not back down even when they damage my home, come at me at my house, or even made death threats against me. don't scare me the way that they scare her and i will stand for my people. >> tucker: has she called you races yet? >> not yet but she hasn't actually responded, i'm sure she's trying to find out how to
5:54 pm
attack me because she can't use the lgbtq card against me because she is a and i'm. you can't use the minority card because she's african american i'm latino, the only thing that she has left is to talk about issues and we know that her policies have done more harm than good for the city of chicago and i welcome that debate. >> tucker: all of us who love chicago from afar are rooting for you. raymond lopez tonight thank you. >> thank you tucker. >> tucker: if you want to learn more about why this actually matters you can take a close look at it here in season one of tucker carlson a real originals. more news after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: we are out of time, sadly. we do have a brand-new "tucker carlson today" with daryl cooper, we had not even heard of a few months ago, turned out to be one of the most interesting historians. it's a blueprint for the future.
6:00 pm
that is worth watching. it is on fox nation right now and we will be back tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. have the best night with the ones you love. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to "hannity." after my informative and civil interview with sean penn last night, apparently that hard-hitting news show on abc, "the view," joyless behar and the other ladies of "the view" took time to attack me and lie about this show. well, take a look. >> put on sean. but why would he trust one of the biggest liars on television? the guy lies every day. >> sean: joyless, stop talking about yourself that way. anyway, we have the full tape coming up the


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