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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 7, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: a fox news alert, texas governor greg abbott has plan tos bus migrants from the lone star state to president biden's door step in washington, d.c. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. that announcement as they are defending a program to keep track of illegal immigrants by handing out free cell phones.
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ashley strohmier has the details. ashley. >> ashley: the texas governor saying the first place undocumented migrants dropped at the steps of the u.s. capitol in d.c. >> texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants dropped off by the biden administration to washington, d.c. we are sending them to the united states capitol, where the biden administration can immediately address the needs of the people they are allowing to cross the border. >> ashley: governor abbott mapped out his plan and along with charter buses, they will use flights to transport midprants released from federal custody to d.c. they are stemming flow of illegal crossings. this comes as white house plans to end title 42, opening the door for a larger surge in the midprant crisis at the southern
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border. >> it is difficult to predict what the migration might be. we are at the border surging resources. >> you acknowledge you will see a surge? >> we could and we are prepared to address it. >> ashley: they are giving illegal immigrants cell phones to keep track of them. >> our team in texas is saying you are giving smartphones to border crossers hoping they will use the phones to check in or to be tracked. which part of that is supposed to deter people from closzing illegally into the state? >> i think you of all people, since you have asked a range of questions over time will recognize we need to take steps to ensure we know where individuals are and can check in with them. >> ashley: title 42 is set to end may 23rd. governor abbott said the federal government would pay to secure the border, it would cost
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nothing, it will now be funded by local taxpayers. back to you. >> todd: governor desantis -- illegal immigrants from florida to president biden's home state of delaware. >> if biden is dumping people, which he has dumped people at 2 in the morning, they haven't done it lately, but many months ago, we will reroute them to sanctuary cities like delaware and we're going to do that. >> todd: desantis said he would do this in november when dozens of flights landed in florida without him knowing. >> carley: demanding more military aid to defend his country. the mayor of mariupol says his city has been turned into the new auschwitz. >> todd: push to remove russia from the human rights council. griff jenkins has more. griff. >> griff: good morning, todd and
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carley. carley mentioning ukraine's foreign minister, at meeting in brussels, he made it clear to fellow diplomats what his country needs to win this war. watch. >> my agenda is simple, has three items on it. it is weapons, weapons and weapons. >> griff: this as we are getting a grim picture of mariupol, the mayor writing on his facebook page issue the world has not seen the scale of the tragedy in mariupol since nazi concentration camps. it is a death camp, the area is gaining more and more confirmation this is no longer chechnya, this is new auschwitz, the world should help punish putin's villains. he estimates 5000 have been killed so far, more than 200
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children. the city left in complete ruins. russian forces are preparing for a new offenses in the east. take a look at the map. the pentagon says all russian troops have left to belarus and belgrade, russian troops are expected to launch a new offensive in the eastern donbas region, extending from kharkiv to mariupol, that is where we expect the income fight to be. we spoke yesterday to a member of parliament, who has been traveling all over the country and saw firsthand in bucha and wants revenge on vladamir putin. >> i don't have anything to say to him, i want to see him dead. that is what i want. if i could, i would kill him with my own hands. i am not joking and not exaggerating. >> griff: we're learning a few
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more things from the pentagon. number one, javelins that are part of the new 100 million dollar supplemental military aid will be in ukrainian hand necessary four to six days and learning the u.s. is training ukrainian pilots on those switchblade drones, the comcausy drones, they will be back here in the country putting them to use. we expect the fight to escalate in the donald trump region. >> carley: griff jenkins, thank you, griff. white house -- after president biden made a joke about the u.s. involvement in the war on ukraine. >> todd: lucas donaldson. >> speaking to union workers sounding like he was addressing pipe hitters, not pipe fitters. >> president biden: this war can continue, the united states will stand with ukraine and the ukrainian people and fight for freedom, i want you to know that. by the way, if i got to go to
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war, i'm going with you guys. >> the white house says this was a figure of speech, nothing more. >> press sect. psaki: no intention of sending troops to the ground or fighting a war with the u.s. forces against russia, that was reflection of his long love for labor unions and members of labor unions and the building and trades workers who were there and people he would love to be in the fox hole with, not indication of change in u.s. policy. >> white house slap sanctions on russia yesterday, including putin's two adult daughters from a previous marriage. senator tom cotton wants to see more done. >> why has it taken seven week? why are there new sanctions to announce? we are not doing enough to get ukraine every weapon they need and fast enough and we are imposing limitations on what ukraine can do in its own territory.
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>> the senate is expected to vote about trade with russia. we will hear from services committee and one other program note, new york mets will take on the nationals on opening day, it will be opening night, the game is moved to 7:05. >> todd: excitement surrounding max scherzer. expecting to confirm ketanji brown jackson today. lisa murkowski, susan collins and mitt romney are expected to vote yet. jackson would be the first black woman to sit on the supreme court and first justice to have been a public defender. >> carley: price gouging new mantra for democrats, blaming everyone, except themselves for inflation and high gas prices. >> they are ripping off the american people. >> todd: brian brenberg will break it down for us, he's here next. ♪
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>> carley: oil executives taking heat from democrats on capitol hill blaming them, not president biden for the energy crisis. >> here to get answers from the big oil companies about why they are ripping off the american
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people. >> why is the price of oil coming down, the price at the pump is still near record high? >> todd: help me look that the chart, america. brian brenberg is a fox news contributor. brian what is the point of yesterday's hearing? >> brian: they never have hearings when gas stations lower price of gas, you notesis that? they never pull guy necessary front and say why are you reducing prices so much, except six months ago when they wanted to blame them for pumping too much oil. this same group of people sat in the same chairs six months ago and said, you all should be ashamed of yourself for producing so much oil. they pring it back and say you are bad for not producing enough oil, this is not economics, it is not policy, it is looking for villains, they don't like the fact their president is in the hot seat. >> carley: that is right. democrats are afraid they are
2:14 am
blaming them for high gas prices. >> they are. >> carley: they will yell at executives to make them feel like they have the moral high ground. take a listen. >> if the administration wanted to get serious about increasing supply to get the price down, i think they would meet with the oil company ceos and focusing on increasing production together with policy. instead, it is a show, pointing fingers and grandstanding to make points. >> carley: that is true, if biden wanted to fix this, sit down with the oil companies to lower gas prices. >> brian: instead of pointing out charts, they wouldn't haul ceos to dc, they would go to texas, new mexico, ohio, pennsylvania and say, how can we help, what are we doing to get in the way?
2:15 am
they don't want to solve the problem. they are villain and blame seekers and willing to do it on our dime, on taxpayer gas buyer's dime. that is the sad thing here. feeders happening, feeder is not free, paying high price for congress to do nothing. >> todd: dc dems don't like to go to texas. wink, wink. janet yellen warning about repercussions about the war in ukraine. >> russia actions including atrocities against innocent ukrainians in bucha are reprehensible and represent front to rules-based global order and will have enormous repercussions in ukraine and beyond. >> todd: brian, do you agree and what are your greatest areas of concern? >> brian: of course i agree, there will be economic repercussions, no question about that.
2:16 am
my question to the secretary, so what are you going to do about it, we know there is disruption happening here, it is hitting food, oil and gas, that is tied together. now link back to the last story, the answer right now is nothing. when i hear janet yellen say that, what i hear her doing is trying to set up the villain on the economy for this year. democrats know they don't have a solution for what is going on and instead of find something way to help, that is energy markets, they try to find the person to blame and they are looking at russia and ukraine and saying that is where we will pin the blame. we don't pay a treasury secretary to tell us how bad things are going to get, we pay her to find solutions. >> carley: how long will gas prices be at this level? is it until the next administration? >> brian: i don't see anything on the horizon that will make it better and we are heading into driving season. why are gas prices so high? people are get nothing their
2:17 am
cars again. this will be a problem through the year. they have to find a way to make it better, they are not doing that, it will get worse in a big way. >> todd: we've given them solutions, they refuse it. white house says president biden and his son were not office mates while hunter was making millions off overseas business deals, e-mails appear to say otherwise. >> carley: some in the media are explaining why they haven't cover third degree for two years. >> not we didn't ask the questions, we didn't blare them as the lead story. >> carley: really? joe concha is next. ♪
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>> todd: more leaked e-mails from hunter biden laptop casting doubt on president biden's claim
2:22 am
he was in the dark about his son's overseas business dealings. >> carley: gop attempting to bury the story. brooke singman has the latest developments. brooke. >> brooke: good morning, the white house is refusing to comment on e-mails i obtained showing president biden did a favor for his son's chinese business partner. listen to this. >> was it common for president biden to do favors for hunter biden's international business partners like writing college recommendation for his kids? >> press sect. psaki: i have no confirmation of what he did when he was a private citizen. >> you are his spokesperson. >> correct. he was not the president at the time of this report. >> brooke: it is suggested hunter biden shared office space with his father. >> there is evidence that the president was office mates with hunter and his brother jim in
2:23 am
d.c. >> press sect. psaki: not accurate. >> when hunter biden is eshg-mails landlord, please have keys available for joe biden, jill biden and jim biden? >> press sect. psaki: they were not office mates. >> brooke: gop demanding accountability from experts dismissing the laptop story as russian disinformation, "new york times" verified details first published by the "new york post." the republicans are signing a letter that states, the public statement was tlbt and coordinated effort to mislead the american people by invoking national security experience to falsely suggest allegations about hunter biden were not based in fact and senior gop aid says if exofficials don't face up, they will face subpoenas. >> carley: thank you. tom fitton has been
2:24 am
investigating hunter biden for years and here is what he told us this morning. >> there is a significant chance hunter will be indicted. news reports are trying to protect joe biden. i don't think the justice department will target joe biden or prosecute him under current circumstances, but in the least, there is enough to begin impeachment inquiry into joe biden, so the justice department can prosecute him. >> todd: media outlets trying to wake up the hunter biden scandal and others not so much. >> right now, you'll see a right-wing outlet going nuts over hunter biden. it is amplified completely out of the realm of what is real. it is not that we didn't ask the questions, we didn't go crazy blaring them as the lead story. >> carley: joe concha joins us now. joe, is that how you remember it? >> joe: oh, well, there is this thing called google and the
2:25 am
internet machine, cugo back and see the way msnbc cover third degree and they didn't cover it and didn't make it the lead story. they torched this story. they dismissed this story in the most piaway possible. it is the way things went. back in 2020, tradigszal media broadcast participated in sin of omission, most insidious omission, you can't know about something when you don't read about it or see it. when the biden story was covered here are headlines. cnn, dubious hunter biden story. "washington post," truth behind the hunter biden nonscandal. and okay, that is how it was covered at that time, guys. this is pretty much, i think,
2:26 am
anyway, and tom fitton hit it nicely, this is exercise in cya, cover your darier. if indictments are handed down, they want to give the impression they did care about this story and cover it. this is 17 months after they piously dismissed it and the "new york post" report today and it was called russian disinformation. looks like several flavors of stupid, guys. >> todd: this spin is odd, this is not that important, we will make it the top story. that is view shared by many in the mainstream media, including your favorite publication, the atlantic. listen. >> my problem with hunter biden laptop, it is irrelevant. not that it is disinformation, i didn't think the hunter biden business relationship has anything to do with who should be president of the united
2:27 am
states. >> todd: really? how is this not a top story? it involves potential corruption at the highest levels of our government, including being mixed with highest levels of other governments, specifically our enemies. >> joe: as pertains to russia and china, right? you are seinfeld guy, remember the bubble episode? this is the bubble girl episode, that is what the episode looks like, i didn't find the story relevant and i still don't thachlts is all you need to know about, i believe that was ann applebaum, who was speaking there f. this was donald trump jr. or eric trump, you think they wouldn't be calling this the biggest story of our lifetime. of course, it is based on ideology of the son of the president this story is impacting at this point. >> todd: joe concha, nothing finer than be nothing your diner, from the same episode, that is how well i know
2:28 am
seinfeld. joe concha. impressive. >> carley: see you. >> todd: joe joe rogan slamming the woke agenda pushed in his daughter's classroom. >> to tell a nine year old you have to be anti-racist, they are not looking for racism, they are looking to confront it. >> carley: not the only one fed up, dominating school board races in wisconsin, two winners who helped make history are joining next. ♪
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>> carley: fox weather alert, back-to-back severe storms killing three people in the southern u.s. possible tornados forming in georgia yesterday, where governor kemp declared state of emergency. >> todd: 250 reports of severe weather since monday. senior meteorologist janice dean has the report. >> janice: very active last few weeks and in the same areas they have seen tornado damage. today we'll look at temperatures, very cold behind the system for parts of rockies and northern plains great lakes, we have storms this
2:33 am
morning. spinning counter clock wise motion in the upper midwest and the front will sweep offshore of the east coast. we have risk of severe thunderstorms and flash flooding, we have a flash flood watch in effect for parts of the atlanta area. severe storm threat from central florida to the mid-atlantic, could see hail, and isolated tornados, we will get next batch of rain in the northeast and things will start to settle down as we get into the weekend. take a look at the rain forecast coming within the next 24 hours, the new york city in long island, three to five inches of rain in a short period of time could cause flooding. snow across upper midwest and great lakes, they get snow in this area, it is a little bit annoying for some people. here is the forecast today, los angeles 93 today, we'll hit records for this area, heat advisory in effect for this
2:34 am
region, could see the santa ana winds. april in california is incredible. we'll keep you posted on the other things i talked about in the weather forecast,, your best option when i'm not here. >> todd: the future is now. >> carley: the future is now, janice dean, thank you. >> todd: conservative backed candidate on talk in the waukesha school board election sweep being the seat as 29 incumbents throughout wisconsin are defeated. joining me are two winners, waukesha father, first ever black elected official in waukesha, uncle of two students in the school district. thank you for being here. mark, why did you win? >> well, i think the issues we ran on really resonated with parents and residents in the district. we need to improve student achievement in the district. number one issue.
2:35 am
we also talked about parental rights and transparency in school, so they know what is going on and thirdly, most important, our budget, we need to look at our budget and how is it supporting student achievement, those are issues that resonated with our residents. >> todd: why did you run? >> great question. so i ran for school board to make it clear to the people of waukesha that i align with their values and their values that america is a place for possibilities for all students. we proved that in our victory. >> todd: for those on the left who try to divide us by race, what message does your victory send? >> my victory sends a message, basically reclaiming our reputation of our school district by raising high potential for all kids, ensuring
2:36 am
our kids are on grade level, making sure we get back to basics of teaching academics and not any rhetoric or ideology that may not align with the values of the people of waukesha. >> todd: mark, you eluded to it, what actions are you taking day one to help students of waukesha? >> i'm here to learn the role, everything is about student achievement. my goal is to view our budget through the lens and ask the question, will what we're deciding to do improve student achievement? >> todd: there was a lot of money put into the race by the republican party, do you expect that pattern to repeat itself, not just throughout remainder of wisconsin for future school board election, throughout all 50 states coming up this year? >> i believe that people, care about kids and want to get involved and people like me, who are newcomers needed support
2:37 am
from people all over. there will be more people that will be involved in school board races now. parents are waking up. this is the year of the parents and the year for our kids. >> todd: question for both of you, obviously school board elections extremely local, most local you can get. did you have a lot of democrats coming up to you saying i am voting for you? >> i don't know about a lot, i will tell you this, more than one door that i knocked on where the person came out and we talked and initially they were saying we're thinking of voting for some from east side or i had someone say, i'm going to vote for your opponents. 15 minutes laters, i had them convinced to vote for us, we focused on issues and what we wanted to do and they agreed, i like what you are saying and what you are going to run on and i was satisfied with those experiences. >> so i also had the same
2:38 am
experience out door knocking, there were a lot of people who may not have agreed with me in terms of my beliefs, but after we had the conversation and moment of civility, i was able to convince them why they should vote for me. my campaign focused on the issues issue not any identity, not characteristics, solely issues of ensuring all kids deserve high expectations and we have high expectations, they will meet them. >> todd: lesson, knocking on doors works, your platform really works. we appreciate your time. best of luck in your new roles. carley, over to you. >> carley: listen to this, joe rogan taking a dig at his daughter's former school in california, the podcast host says officials there pushed anti-racist agenda on his nine year old after the 2020 death of george floyd. >> it is not enough to not be racist, you now must be
2:39 am
antiracist. and this -- my kid is nine at the time. >> yeah, what does that mean? >> these kids are not even remotely rracist, to tell a nin year old you have to be antiracist, they are looking for racism and looking to confront it. >> carley: joe rogan went on to say if schools want to teach kids racism is stupid, i am with you, what is end goal when teaching them to be antiracist? listen to this, one chicago church spending lent fasting from whiteness. the pastor is raising awareness for chicago's murder crisis. >> todd: he will join us live with a reality check next.
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>> carley: the u.s. now targeting vladamir putin's daughters with sanctions as new evidence of atrocities in ukraine surface. >> todd: cheryl casone will break it down. >> cheryl: good morning, maria putina and -- putin's two adult daughters will cut them off from u.s. financial systems and freeze any assets they hold in
2:44 am
the united states, the president tweeted, made clear russia would pay immediate price to wipe out 15 years of economic gains in russia. we should add u.k. and eu preparing new sanctions in wake of atrocities we have seen from bucha. >> carley: switching to the u.s., gas prices high everywhere, really high in california. >> cheryl: insane and jaw-drop suggest how california gas prices are described. more remote area by the coast, drivers are paying their 8.79 for regular, $8.19 for unleaded plus. this compares to national average of $4.15. the average in california, $5.80, to be clear. in bay area, los angeles, santa barbara, big sur, prices are much higher. >> todd: i get it is tougher to get it in the areas, why is -- >> carley: get a hotel room
2:45 am
until gas prices go down. >> cheryl: don't stop in big surfor gas is the moral of the story. >> todd: wisconsin is a harbinger what could happen this coming election season. >> cheryl: wisconsin is going red, the area saw $50 million in damages during the black lives matters riots in 2020. business owners said the area looked like a war zone. a republican will be the income county executive defeating the democrat, what is itching in this, this is first time we're seeing elections turning. we saw something similar happen in new york city because of crime, in particular, but looting we saw, so that disdain that voters have for what has happened to their cities like kenosha seems to be a trend.
2:46 am
>> todd: it is happening, democrats better wake up. >> carley: it is happening, cheryl, see you tomorrow. suburban chicago, fasting from whiteness. here to react new beginnings church pastor and project ceo pastor cory brooks. pastor brooks, great to see you. we're talked about first united church of oakpark, here is what they had to say about how they are celebrating lent. >> we will not use music written or composed by white people for lent, it is our prayer in our spiritual discipline we may grow as people with people of all ages, races and origins and a sign said they are fasting from whiteness for lent. what is your reaction to this? >> it is unfortunate, it seems like this is nothing but moral
2:47 am
preening. the worst time of moral preening, tries to make you believe it means something when all the time it means nothing. it is worst moral preening, it is trying to help or say they are helping black people, but it is more preening because it is trying to make them seem more morally virtuous. that is something we don't need especially during lent season, we should keep the main thing the main thing, jesus christ and the cross. >> carley: right and as christian, you are supposed to love everybody and create unity, god loves all of us individually, equally, no fasting from one race or another race. what would god say about celebrating lent in this way? >> well, i think it has been
2:48 am
said in the word, that is the problem, we have gotten away from biblical principles and tried to make ourselves more ark tractive to the world, wokeness entered into the church, antiracist has entered into the church, that is unfortunate, the cross that we preach and talk about during this season is one thing that should be unifying us and bringing us together, should never be a time we are using it to divide us as people and believers. >> pastor brooks, i had to do a double take, i'm used to seeing you bundled up in a coat on a rooftop in chicago. you have been check in with steve doocy throughout this experience, you spent 121 days on a roof. for those who missed what you are doing, tell us about why you are doing it and what that experience has been like for you. >> well, i'm spending time on the rooftop living in a nent
2:49 am
tent to build a community economic center to help with violence and carjackings we're experiencing, we raised $10 million, our goal $35 million. i had to take time away to be by my mom's side as she perhaps takes the last journey of life. as soon as this is complete, my task with her, i will go back to the roof and continue my journey we are trying to complete. >> carley: so sorry to hear that, i know you are a great son and will keep after you decide it is right for your family, you will spend more time on the roof. you raised $10 million, if people want to help out, where can they go? >> to project, we have a long way to go and fok has been tremendous helping us do that,
2:50 am
>> carley: we have it on the bottom of the screen right now, pastor brooks, god bless you and your mom, we will check in very soon. >> thank you so much. bye-bye. >> carley: did you hear this? biden administration is handing out free cell phones to migrants pouring over the southern border and another controversial proposal has americans outraged. toxicology >> todd: telling you about that next, first check in with lawrence jones. >> lawrence: we will cover that and senator tim scott will discuss today's supreme court vote and respond to the backlash he's facing for voting no and congressman dan crenshaw will discuss title 42 and george pataki will join us here on the couch to describe what he saw in
2:51 am
ukraine. lara trump and jason jason chaffetz will also be here. we will speak to four moms who just won in the badger state. don't go anywhere. a lot coming up. ♪ ♪ introducing the all-electric chevy silverado rst. the only ev truck that combines: 4-wheel steer a multi-flex midgate and up to a 400-mile range on a full charge and the only way to reserve it is at find your future. find new roads.
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>> texas is providing border buss to send these illegal immigrants dropped off by the biden administration to washington, d.c. we are sending them to the united states capital where the biden administration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they're allowing to come across our border. >> todd: you heard that right texas governor greg abbott planning ting my grants to the capitol doorstep. >> carley: texas officials say they have 900 buses ready to
2:56 am
roll to washington, d.c. what do you make of this move? >> i can tell you carley and todd, iowans have common sense people. texas are common sense people this administration continues to put american people last. it's unfortunate we have to give them this wake-up call. you would think more than a year of border drama would have done it for them. border czar hasn't done this to see it in person. i applaud abbott for taking this action and bringing it to president biden's doorstep. this is a crisis that has ended up on every doorstep in every community in america. >> todd: congresswoman your colleagues don't seem too concerned about what's happening at the border and some democrats like jen psaki say it's okay to give these individuals free cell phones. here she is justifying it to our own peter doesy. >> saying that you guys are starting to give smart phones to border crossers hoping they will use the phones to check in or to be tracked. >> well, i think you of all
2:57 am
people since have you asked me range of topics over time would recognize we need take steps to ensure so we know where individuals are and we can track and check in with them. >> congresswoman hinson if you want to know where these individuals are i have a thought, why not en40s border laws in the first place. >> right. we need to give cbp and ice agents the tools to do their jobs not be handing out cell phones to illegal immigrants. what a slap in the face in terms of incentivizing illegal immigration. we hear reports they will take medical personnel from va system. designed to give healthcare benefits to our system already back logged and send them to the southern border? what world are we living in where this is reality? i have no idea. the biden administration clearly is not listening to the american people. they are not listening to people in border communities. they are not listening to iowans who are saying hey we have had enough with these dangerous drugs coming into our community. these dangerous part-time coming into our community. we want people to come to this country the right way. we need to be incentivizing
2:58 am
legal immigration. enforce policies actually working at the border as a solution. keep title 42. let's build the wall. let's enforce remain in mexico policy. these are all things the biden administration continues to turn a blind eye to as real solutions at the southern border. >> carley: yeah, congresswoman what is the conversation like on capitol hill right now. do you think that title 42 will actually be repealed? i know that republicans are trying to attach it to this $10 billion covid relief. if so, are you hearing anything substantive on how the biden administration is going to handle this issue? texas congressman mccaul was on our air yesterday saying that border agents are thinking that there is going to be 500,000 illegal immigrants coming to the u.s. over a five-week period. >> right. so we know what's going to happen as soon as title 42 is repealed. that's exactly why we have been putting pressure on the democrats in congress to actually pass legislation that would enforce title 42 and make it permanent.
2:59 am
i was at the border a year ago and cbp agents were saying this is a policy we need to be permanent. we need to bring it to the floor. democrats continue to vote it down. we will continue that pressure campaign over the next several weeks. i can tell you americans have had enough, iowans have had enough. we are ready to see action at the southern border. we will keep holding them accountable to these bad policies, giving cell phones to illegal immigrants and diverts away from my veterans. this is a drives completely by this biden administration's doing. >> todd: as for removing the v.a. personnel how much of a slap in the face is that to those who literally volunteered to die for our country? >> absolutely. you think about the backlog that already exists. veterans call into our office we need help to our benefits, we need access that care. they have gone and fought and served our country gone and fought for freedom. you have this reward for people coming here illegally it is a
3:00 am
slap in the face. >> carley: see if that policy comes to fruition. there will be a lot of backlash if that is the case. congresswoman ashley hinson, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. have a good day. >> todd: good to be with you, my friend. core. >> carley: two hours went just like that. >> todd: another two hours of "fox & friends" begins now. >> texas governor greg abbott taking action to address the migrant crisis. >> as the white house plans to end title 42? texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants to washington, d.c. >> president biden makes a joke about the u.s. involvement in the war in ukraine. >> if i have got to go to war i'm going with you guys. >> that was a reflection of his long love for labor unions not an indication in the change of u.s. policy. >> a college u.s. swimmer tied to lia thomas


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