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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 7, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> carley: see if that policy comes to fruition. there will be a lot of backlash if that is the case. congresswoman ashley hinson, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. have a good day. >> todd: good to be with you, my friend. core. >> carley: two hours went just like that. >> todd: another two hours of "fox & friends" begins now. >> texas governor greg abbott taking action to address the migrant crisis. >> as the white house plans to end title 42? texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants to washington, d.c. >> president biden makes a joke about the u.s. involvement in the war in ukraine. >> if i have got to go to war i'm going with you guys. >> that was a reflection of his long love for labor unions not an indication in the change of u.s. policy. >> a college u.s. swimmer tied to lia thomas says the ncaa has
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been favoring thomas. >> it's a matter of equity, really. >> showing president biden is a favor for his business partner. >> any recommendation letter the president wrote when he was a private citizen. >> antioxidants education bill. will families are swearing off disney. >> it's an issue about parenting. disney is not the government. >> we definitely are not going to be going to disney. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: why is it so dark there? >> ainsley: batman building, looks like gotham. >> brian: does look like that. they try to see if they can afford to live there they realize they have to go outside to the suburbs to be a able to afford nashville. unless you arrived a star like american idol,.
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>> lawrence: brian kilmeade money. >> brian: i'm not even sure. does anyone here see money anymore? direct deposit. i have no idea if i have anything. right? >> lawrence: that's true. >> ainsley: is your wife a spender? does she spend a lot of it? >> brian: i don't think she is a spender. >> lawrence: don't want to get her in trouble. >> brian: pretty convinced she is watching. why would i in a million years. are you trying to destroy me already? why do you let this happen, lawrence? >> ainsley: she a wonderful wife and wonderful mother and great cook and she shovels snow. so she can spend your money. >> brian: she has her own money, thanks. we should all today go back to the days passbook savings put money in and hand your book over to the teller you don't even know what i'm talking about, lawrence. >> lawrence: that's before i was born. >> brian: typewriter goes off. >> ainsley: don't you matter
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balancing your checkbook? >> lawrence: no i never had to do it. i was taught how to do it. >> brian: i try to ballpark it. seems like i have got enough. let's see how this goes. >> ainsley: greg abbott yesterday he is the governor of texas he had a very strong message for the illegal immigrants that are going to be coming over the border. because title 42 is going to end in about a month on may 2 #rd. and they are expecting 18,000 migrants per day to be taken into custody. they are saying we are overwhelmed. there aren't enough border patrol agents to help us with this. so we are going to put them on buses and take them to d.c. listen to what greg abbott said yesterday. >> unlike any state in the history of our country, we have already begun to build our own border wall securing our state and securing our country. but, with the ending of title 42 expulsion, more must be done to help local officials whose communities are being overwhelmed by hoards of illegal
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immigrants who are being dropped off by the biden administration. texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants who have been dropped off by the biden administration to washington, d.c. we are sending them to the united states capital where the biden administration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people they are allowing to come across or border. >> lawrence: if you have been watching our coverage from the very beginning they have been begging the state of texas and the biden administration to do something about this problem. greg abbott took the initial step giving the texas department of safety which is really entrusted with keeping our streets safe pulling people over that are breaking the law, handling state investigation but the biden administration refuses to secure the border. so the governor of texas create this task force, send dps from all across the state to secure the border. then they put in a special request to the biden administration they decided to end the border wall on day one. can we buy that material?
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even though the united states taxpayers including texans already paid for it, can we use that to secure our border? brian, do you know what they said? they said no. they just prefer for that to sit there and rot. that includes the technology, that includes all that iron that was there to secure our border. so the texas governor has had it. >> brian: they blew this border wide open. with the evaporation on may 23rd of title 42, it's going to hit record numbers. guess who is upset about it? democrat. i'm not sure they are just looking to save their own political career kirsten sin map drafted a proposal james lancasteren from oklahoma saying listen we are going to try to keep title 42 in place in may. there is a problem anyway. keep them in place through may. wife do i have to go on a plane mask because the pandemic is still around why do toddlers 3 and 4 still have to wear masks to school because the pandemic is still around.
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millions of dollars working with mitt rom nil and working on bipartisan deal sickening for more pandemic money if you are at the border saying no more pandemic come one come all to our border? and to see secretary mayorkas do the networks and sit around and not get any tough questions about how he could fail so precipitously at the border letting millions in. 1.7 prior to this. now here is some beto o'rourke on governor abbott's moves. always count on ron stone. governor abbott the most evil governor in america. i kind of like what antioxidants did. i'm sending mine to delaware. >> ainsley: i'm going to dump -- you are going to dump them into florida then we are going to dump them in sanctuary states like delaware which is joe biden's home state. what abbott is saying is you can all sit in washington and open the borders and we are all the ones affected down in texas and arizona. you don't get to see the problems that this is causing for all of us. so he would just going to bring some of them to you so that you
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can understand what we are going through. if you are north coming to texas to deal with this problem, we will bring them to you. peter doocy pressed jen psaki on giving these migrants smart phones. they say it's to track them, to know where they are going to be. and peter asked normal question, what if they dump them? if you don't want the government to know where you are, you might throw these phones in the trash and then they can't track you. listen to this. >> our team in texas is starting to say that you guys are starting to give smart phones to border crossers hoping they will use the phones to check in or to be tracked. which part of that is supposed to deter people from crossing illegally into the states? >> well, i think you of all people since you have asked me a range of questions on this topic over time would recognize that we need to take steps to ensure that we know where individuals are and we can track it and check in with them. the alternative to detention program which somewhat we utilize is three forms of technology to monitor participants enrolled in the
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program. >> any concerns by folks around here that these migrants will take the phones and just toss them? >> do you have a record of people throwing phones away? >> i'm just asking if that's a concern. >> our concern is ensuring that individuals who irregular but i migrant to the united states proceed fly our process of, you know, of course being monitored but also participating in -- in hearings to determine whether or not they will be able to stay. >> lawrence: can we talk about how condescending the press secretary. >> brian: she is getting set for msnbc. she has to get used to that. >> lawrence: she is putting out these talking points. these people don't even return to court. they are going to return with the phones. >> brian: she says they do. >> lawrence: they do not. 95% of them do not return. they continue to give these people notices to appear. screw the country, we are just going to break this law. it's interesting what the democrats are playing right now. sheila jackson lee is upset. she says that the president, they are not solving -- he said the governor is not solving
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problems. that they are just creating and grandstanding with his theory. she represents the 18th congressional district in district. one of the people that she came behind was barbara jordan. a great democrat. the first black woman to represent the great state of texas and the south. reconstruction. this is what barbara jordan, her mentor said in 1995. the people who argued that some illegal aliens contribute to our community because they may work, pay taxes, send their children to our schools. in all respects except one. obey our law. let me be clear that is not enough. so that was in 1995. someone that she looked up to, that shows you how far the democrats have gone left. senator john kennedy has some thoughts about the failure of the biden administration on immigration. watch. >> i have long believed that the biden administration is more concerned about the best
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cordless three in one than they are about securing the border. either one of two things are going on. either the person that president biden has put in charge of the border has the iq of a sloth or the biden administration believes in open borders. >> ainsley: congressman chip roy expressed some concerns. it's not just about people coming in who are escaping their countries where they are persecuted and that's asylum. and, under the law, they're allowed to be here. we would let them in if they could prove that what about these little girls sold into the sex trafficking trade. what about the ranchers who are losing their fences and their livestock and they have to pay to rebuild their land? what about the fentanyl that's pouring in and kids are taking xanax and it is laced with fentanyl. every time we interview a law enforcement officer, they always say this is their biggest concern. fentanyl is the most dangerous
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drug that's out there and all it takes is a little bit. these are concerns about drugs pouring over into our country from mexico. these are real problems. real lives are at stake here. >> lawrence: ainsley you make a great point. you cannot separate the people coming across the border. pay the coyotes part of the cartel, that same system gets the drugs across is the same system that is part of the human trafficking. so if you support one aspect of it, you have got to support it all, brian. >> brian: yeah. i think this is going to. if there is any justice, if people that put the opened up the border in the southern part of this country from new mexico to california to texas and arizona, whoever opened that up, and is not working day and night to close it up should pay for their job. mark kelly is giving lip service to it. kyrsten sinema is writing legislation to at least try to stop it. these republican governors are doing everything they can but they are not the federal government. they are spending zillions of
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dollars 900 buses, having the texas rangers at the border causing a lot of strife and stress in their family. they owned state and national guard all because joe biden has never -- who has never been to the border is determined just to open it wide up and because a pouting vice president says it's too hard of a job and i was built to fail by getting it. i will not follow through with it. it is sickening and i think everybody responsible should pay for their job. when you can put harry reid and senator schumer talking about the need seal the border and the need to build the barrier and now they are pretending like they didn't say it. what i love, too, the hispanic vote is not being won over by opening up the southern border. >> ainsley: don't you love to your point in the beginning of the segment how you said here in new york, these democrats are saying the numbers are going up for covid. so we need our toddlers still in of course thats. yet, on the border. we don't need title 42 anymore because, what, the numbers aren't going up?
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and we let illegals in. >> brian: why do they get phones? what about ankle bracelets? why are we giving these guys apple phone why does it make sense. >> lawrence: tracking. >> brian: or they just chuck it still ahead the white house back in clean up mode after president biden said this. >> by the way, if i have got to go to war, i'm going with you guys. >> brian: yeah, that makes sense. how jen psaki is walking back the president's latest missteps. >> ainsley: all eyes on tiger woods as he makes his highly anticipated return to the pga. your masters preview coming up next. ♪ hey now ♪ hey now ♪
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brian here we go a fox news alert. ukraine offensive southern front as ask nate foe for more weapons. >> ainsley: comes as the mayor of mariupol who says his city has been turned into the new auschwitz with officials claiming russian forces are taking ukrainians who witnessed russia's war crimes to filtration camp now. >> lawrence: they keep say they are retreating. that's not true. griff jenkins is on the ground with more what can you tell us. >> griff: good morning, just hours ago the foreign minister to ukraine was in nato meeting in brussels and he made it very clear 43 days into this war exactly what he needs for his country to win. listen. >> very simple has only three
3:19 am
items in it. it's weapons, weapons, and weapons. >> griff: this as we get a grim picture of the situation in mariupol. the mayor writing on his facebook page this saying the world has not seen the scale of the tragedy in mariupol since the nazi concentration camp. the racists turned our whole city into a death camp. the getting more and more confirmation this is no more chechnya or aleppo. he estimates more than 500,000 civilians have been killed. the mayor saying more than 90% ever the infrastructure in mariupol has been destroyed. 40% of it unrecoverable. this as the pentagon assesses all russian troops have left the capital area of kyiv in the chernihiv area. they are expecting to launch new offensives in the eastern donbas
3:20 am
region. and check this out. we are getting new video from last week's battle east of the capital. you are looking at a lone ukrainian tank taking on a convoy of russian forces concealing itself behind a house and just disseminating the russian column. meanwhile, guys, we spoke yesterday to a member of parliament. alex who witnessed the horrors horrorsin bucha firsthand and hs revenge on vladimir putin. >> i don't have anything to say to him like i just want to see him dead. that's what i want. and if i could, i would kill him with my own hands. i'm not joking and i'm not exsagger rating. >> and later, the u.n. is expected to vote to suspend russia from its 47-member human rights council as russia warns other countries those who vote yes for that measure will risk bilateral relations with moscow. >> the head of nato came out and
3:21 am
said we know they are changing tactics but we don't believe vladimir putin has changed his goal of taking over the entire country. do you have any idea what that is based on? >> well, it's based on really the ukrainian intelligence that says that putin's goals were to not only take that eastern donbas region but also the kyiv capital and southern access to the black sea. what looks and appears to to be from many of the military assessments and that of statementsenberg the secretary general of the u.n. nato is moscow has to now refocus and regroup and go for a leaner objective because of the objectives as we heard from john kirby at the pentagon yesterday, all of the main original objectives of the russian forces failed and now they are having to focus and put all of their energy in that donbas eastern region where they have been fighting for 8 years. what is yet to be seen is how
3:22 am
much success they will have in what is expected new offer as the u.s. sends those javelins and more weapons to get in here. the pentagon says that those new javelins could be here in four to six days in ukrainians hands. ukrainians say we can't get them fast enough. however, remember, they are not sending those migs or those s-300s the big weapons that you heard from the foreign minister we need here as soon as possible. brian? >> brian: they promised the s-300s we don't know when they are coming or who is giving them. >> ainsley: 5,000 citizens have died including 210 children in mariupol. he said 50 people were burned to death when they bombed a hospital. destroyed the infrastructure. in russia they are saying some of these photos and videos that we have seen out of bucha those are all fake. >> lawrence: as disinformation. that's why words matter on the world stage right now. so all of us are wondering what
3:23 am
the president meant when he said this to the trades union at their conference. watch the president. >> this fight is far from over. here's the point. this war could continue for a long time but the united states will continue to stand with ukraine and the ukrainian people in the fight for freedom. and i just want you to know that. and, by the way, if i got to go to war, i'm going with you guys. i mean it. >> lawrence: so what did the president mean here he? has made comments like this. the second airborne. he suggested regime change but then they walked that back as well. you know, we went through this for an entire year, talking about tweets and the words of a president and how much they matter and we're in the middle of an international conflict that can spin out of control in a minute and involve us in world war iii. and this is what the president is saying on the world stage. >> ainsley: joking. he is talking to the union
3:24 am
workers northern american building traits union. is he talking to these union workers and in the sentence before this he is talking about ukraine and he says if i have got to go war i'm going with y'all. clean-up is a joke but is it appropriate after he said no boots on the ground and we're talking about our men and women that would have to go overseas to fight. >> brian: here is jen psaki. >> no intention of sending boot troops to the ground or fighting a war between -- with the u.s. forces against russia. that was a reflection of his long love for labor unions and members of labor unions and the building and trades workers who were there and people that he would always love to be in the fox hole with. not an indication of a change in u.s. policy. >> brian: that just shows it's more erratic behavior from the president. the one who started with saying will there be a military response ukraine has invaded depends if it's a slight incursion. big story today in the "the washington post" how they spent
3:25 am
40 minutes trying to walk back the president's ad-lib line in poland. we know still there and should they leave it, they should have probably left it then we have mark milley who going to sit in front of the armed services committee. the same mark milley engineered the afghanistan withdrawal the biggest disaster in american history. the millie told us ukraine would lose this war in 72 hours and lose 15,000 men and now tells us we are going to be in for a long war. why we should settle for a long war when we have the benefit of having ukrainian fighting force fully trained mostly by us destroying russia head to head. all they need is weapons. we had to train an afghanistan army ineffectively didn't work. afghanistan, iraq it took forever to stand up an army and train them even how to put a uniform on. ukrainians can fight like spartans. all they need is weapons. it is time to get them tanks. it's time to get them harpoons. it's time to get them the middle. migs.
3:26 am
let them win. stop playing scared. we have to understand the ukrainians in a patriot acted war are going to lose tens of thousands of civilians like that woman in the purple coat. like these firefighters. we're not going to lose soldiers. they are killing senior citizens and toddlers. >> ainsley: children and women. >> brian: every day this goes on it's not time to sit back. we don't have to fight. give them the weapons that all of us have paid for that the west has determined to do. yesterday we kicked out about 400 diplomats, right? and we have more sanctions. but you know we continue to avoid? any bank that invested oil and energy. so this is how they are making their money, $1.5 billion a day and we will not sanction a single bank the baltic nations european said we are out we are done. germany is going to be harder. for the west we should be doing everything possible and in our mind's eye it should be all those innocent people sitting face down on the side of the
3:27 am
road or little hands sticking out of the dirt. because more of those children are going to die as we sit back and wonder if vladimir putin is going to be upset if we give him a 1981 fighter jet. >> lawrence: administration continues to have announcement after announcement going to do more sanctions. why not do them more now? why the slow walk? >> brian: meant to deter. >> lawrence: are a they said they were meant to deter. >> ainsley: slap all those sanctions give them all the weapons. >> brian: let them win for everybody. >> ainsley: carley has headlines for us this morning. >> carley: western leaders need to ask themselves are they doing everything in their power to make sure ukraine wins this war. got to turn to some headlines starting with a fox weather alert, back to back severe storms killing three people in the southern u.s. monster tornadoes forming in georgia yesterday. where governor brian kemp declared a state of emergency. the national weather service receiving more than 250 reports of severe weather since monday. more severe weather is expected
3:28 am
before storms offshore thursday. black lives matter global network foundation raising eyebrows over their purchase of an l.a. mansion. experts say the transaction raises serious questions as the developer blm purchased it from was reportedly working for black lives matter co-founder patrice cullors who purchased the property for only 3.1 million, just six days prior. cullors is calling any condemnation racist and sexist: expected done firm judge ketanji brown jackson to the supreme court. if confirmed jackson willbe thet on the supreme court and the first justice to have been a public defender. the final vote is expected to start at 1:45 p.m. eastern time
3:29 am
today. and the start of the 2022 masters is delayed as a result of severe weather hitting the south today. gates are now set to open 7:30 a.m. eastern time with first tee time at 8:30. all eyes will be on tiger woods set to make tournament appearance since he nearly lost a leg in a car crash last year. the weather though isn't the only thing making headlines. the aguts that national golf club says their famous peach ice cream sandwich will be unavailable due to supply chain issues. sign of the times, guys. no peach ice cream sandwich. steve. >> lawrence: that will get the president's attention. car darr you were going to go. >> ainsley: not if though don't have the peach ice cream. >> brian: some of the things you can't yell out. get in the hole. you the man. mashed potato or dilly dilly or
3:30 am
riphoranba. >> carley: what happens if you do. >> brian: done, gone. they don't want to hear in the hole. >> ainsley: you can yell out other things like right before tiger swings you can yell. >> brian: you are not supposed to. it's the masters if you go in dent yell out those things. >> ainsley: i don't think you should yell at all at the masters. not just these phrases. >> brian: i just talked about illegal immigration and war and ainsley had no follow-up questions. i throw out three phrases from the masters and she is drilling me. >> ainsley: i have all these notice notes on illegal immigration. you didn't hear anything i said? >> brian: we were not arguing about that arguing about the etiquette of the masters. okay. coming up now, texas governor greg abbott plans to send a surge of migrants directly to the president's front door in washington. up next, hear from a lone star state official on how this will help the overwhelmed border
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3:35 am
united states capital where the biden administration will be able to immediately address needs of the people that they're allowing to come across our border. >> lawrence: here to react detective chris olivier are a. thanks for being on the program. what is the plan? are they going to be processed first and then put on the but the straight to washington, d.c.? >> hey, lawrence, great to be with you. the governor was here yesterday when he made an announcement. that's an example of strong leadership by not only standing up for texans and law enforcement but also take a stand against the federal government extend sending a clear message that the state of texas has zero tolerance. we are no longer going to tolerate the mass release of illegal immigrants. it puts a strain on our resources. so when the governor makes that aannouncement yesterday what is going to happen we will start busing these immigrants already processed and gone through the processing that are now being released into other states and texas. we are now going to turn that
3:36 am
ride to washington, d.c. that is the purpose behind that announcement the strain of resources and border communities. and also for law enforcement, federal partners. they are so overwhelmed now and the processing facilities are at over capacity. that's why you are seeing mass releasing of illegal immigrants into border communities. >> lawrence: it's getting out of control and texas dps shouldn't have to deal with this. daily border encounters back in march of 20,194,000 march of 2022, 7,000. once they end title 42, going to be 18,000 crossings. what are the ranchers saying in those border towns in texas? >> >> you bring up those numbers and that's a good point. we thought last year was a complete fail at our border with the amount of encounters that not only border patrol dealing with you about also our local
3:37 am
officials as well as our dps troopers on a daily basis. buff now six months in, we are at 1 million encounters' along our southern border. over 600,000 got-aways. and also 62,000 known got-aways reported for the month of march. you have been down to the border. and i know you spoke to some of the ranchers. these illegal immigrants. we are not talking about the families. we are not talking about the children. we are talking about those got-aways, those that are avoiding detection. traversing private ranchers. 300,000 known got-aways. keep in mind, too. only reported and based off sensors, based off cameras, based off looking for there is many more that are getting by us that are going undetected. that's dangerous. that's also a national security threat because we don't know who these individuals are where they have been and what their background are. >> lawrence: i only have a few seconds left. other drugs coming across the people. the cartels controlling that.
3:38 am
recent video got that texas right behind you. cartel pointing a gun at that helicopter. are they empowered right now? >> they are, lawrence. and only going to continue to become even more powerful, especially when title 42. multibillion dollars trade criminal organization profiting off of. it's going to continue to escalate. that's why governor abbott took a stance. operation lone star throughout the southern border. and we'll continue to take a more aggressive stance on cracking down on these organizations and not only to secure or border. but to protect texas texas and the entire country. >> lawrence: unbelievable. texas is the last line of defense. we will be pack there next week reporting right there with you. thank you so much, brother. >> thank you. >> lawrence: dismissing questions about hunter biden's laptop. >> i didn't think the hunter biden's business relationships have anything to do with who
3:39 am
should be president of the united states. so, i didn't find it to be interesting. >> lawrence: it's not interesting enough. jason chaffetz here with reaction with that. that's next on "fox & friends." ♪ you got the look ♪ but have you got the touch ♪ don't get me wrong ♪ i think you're all right ♪
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♪ of travel i've had my share, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ ♪ i've been to: pittsburgh, parkersburg, ♪ ♪ gravelbourg, colorado, ♪ ♪ ellensburg, cedar city, dodge city, what a pity. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ ♪ >> brian: welcome back, the whistleblower who gave hunter biden's laptop to congress fleeing the country retaliation from the white house. his name is jack massey tells 9 daily mail he went to switzerland to do a forensic examination of hunter's laptop in a country that still respects human liberty. intel officials 51 in all signed a 2020 statement the laptop story as, quote, russian disinformation threatening them with subpoenas should they take power i'm sure execute that. fox news contributor former house judiciary member jason
3:44 am
chaffetz joins us now. this guy maxey is interesting. he gets the laptop we know that hunter allegedly dropped his laptop at the repair shop. i get that and the repair shop contacted rudy giuliani, i understand that. but jack maxy gets it. 400 gig bites of material. image and archived details. did he not want to work on it in america. he was going to switzerland to reclaim it. if you thought the stuff we saw of hunter was bad. can you imagine what he deleted? >> yeah. no kidding. those are the things that didn't make it this laptop had been out there for a year and a half. but now it's very curious that literally 18 months later suddenly people are, you know, fleeing to other countries because they are scared of the repercussions. i think that also has to go back with the fact that the biden
3:45 am
family is in trouble here. they are finally going to, i think, be exposed for what is going on. but there are a lot of people lying and a lot of people that have things on the line. >> brian: a lot of people should pursue this everyone keeps saying this looks bad. this is real and it looks bad for hunter. joe has nothing to do with it just his brother and son, right? here is ann appear applebaum. asked about the story and where the media has been and what she is going to do with it. listen to what she said. >> do you think the media acted inappropriately when it dismissed hunter biden's laptop as. >> my problem with hunter biden's laptop is totally irrelevant. it's not whether it's disinformation. i didn't think the hunter biden business relationships have anything to do with who should be president of the united states. so, i didn't -- i don't find it to be interesting. i mean, that would be my problem with that as a major news story. >> brian: i don't know where to start with that what's not
3:46 am
interesting about the big guy relation to the former vice president. what's not interesting about a son trading on his last name with ukraine, romania, russia and this country called china? >> yeah, total lack of intellectual curiosity from somebody who pats herself on the back with a pulitzer prize. never mind that there are millions of dollars flowing into biden's bank account and she has no questions? how do you have no questions when you don't even know what's in it? and this is the problem with the mainstream media's so-called traditional media. we all know if it was donald trump or some other -- if it was ron desantis, it would be smothering this and writing about it for years as they have done. these 51 intel officials, most people don't realize many of these people still have security clearances. so i think it's totally appropriate that these judiciary committee and the intel committee, quite frankly, should
3:47 am
be getting after these people. how did 51 people, including brennen, clapper, hayden, leon panetta, how did they come to this conclusion? they should be answering questions to congress. >> brian: mike pharrell former cia directors put reputation on the line to make sure donald trump wasn't elected jason, thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: meanwhile check in with janice dean for the fox weather forecast. >> janice: i have to confess, brian, i just ran out here so i might be out of breath for this forecast. let's take a look at it here in the northeast cooler temperatures prevail. more rain in the forecast. 46 degrees the temperature right now. we are going to kind of stay average i would say for the next couple of days as we have this front that's going to bring more rain for the forecast. snow across the upper midwest and the great lakes. forecast across the new york city area. we could get two to three inches
3:48 am
of rain north and west of the city maybe higher amounts. snow across the midwest and great lakes. it's still winter in some areas and then let's take a look at the severe threat today. large hail, damaging winds for parts of the mid-atlantic and florida. brian, over to you. >> brian: i couldn't even tell. >> janice: yes, you could. >> janice: i'm so out of shape. >> brian: i think you are in very good shape. treadmill in the weather center and senior director and put your name on it. >> janice: that doesn't make me feel much better. >> brian: okay, sorry. janice, i will check in with you later. >> janice: bye. >> brian: conservative moms making their voices heard in local elections across the country. mom of three who just won a seat on the school board in waukesha, wisconsin will join us live next. trelegy for copd. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪
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>> ainsley: parents across the nation are making their voices heard and newcomers on school boards that includes waukesha, wisconsin where three republican-backed candidates swept the race. that includes our next guest carrie, a mom of three and newly elected school board member who joins us now. good morning to you.
3:53 am
>> good morning. >> ainsley: good morning. so six candidates, three seats available. nonpartisan race but the three conservatives, y'all won. why is that? >> crossroads where parents, grandparents in the community are just tired of our children not getting the academic education that they -- the fundamental education of english language arts, math, science and social studies. >> these are the expectations that we as parents and grandparents believe our children are receiving when they are in school. and when we started to take a look post covid that 55 to 60% of all of our students are not proficient in any subject, that was beyond alarming, worse than that is it wasn't just an isolated event. this is a trend for the school district of waukesha that's been going on for 6 to 10 years. knowing that the incumbents that we are seeing on the board were part of that the whole time.
3:54 am
it's frightening and disappointing. and we just are at a pointed where our children are not college-ready. they are not trained ready they are not right for the world. that hasn't changed. >> ainsley: this wasn't about crt. this was about academics. >> correct and crt despite much of what they will say that that taught. the school district of waukesha and the state of wisconsin is providing professional development training specific to crt. so if the training is happening at the professional level, it classroom. it's there. >> ainsley: you have three daughters, all products of walk saw school. >> i do. >> ainsley: i know your youngest is a junior at one of the local high schools. what issues now that you are on the school board? >> first one is going to be the academic performance. where we are taking a look at the educational curriculum. we need transparency for the parents to understand what taught accountability is we talk
3:55 am
about the big pieces for teachers are accountability to educate their children. not indoctrinate. our students are accountable for their actions and behaviors. that's a different piece that we are hearing from our teachers is that student behavior has become a real problem within the classrooms. and then third, it's fiscal responsibility. we got a budget how we manage our taxpayer dollars is very important. and it needs to be pushed to the teachers and the students inside the classrooms. not above it with an administration and overhead cost. we need to be wise about pushing the funding to the students. it's their expectation that we care -- >> ainsley: when the three of you won, what was your reaction? what does it mean? is this a sign of what is yet to come in november? >> oh, gosh, i can't speculate on. that was i would love to think so. for us as a school district, this would -- a little insane. it was overwhelming, very humbling that the community is really making a loud stance and a clear message.
3:56 am
we need change. the education needs to change. as for november, i sure hope it goes that way. i don't know if i could say one way or another. but for a school district in waukesha, we are definitely moving things forward. >> ainsley: carrie, thank you so much. congratulations on your win. >> thank you. >> ainsley: church's plan to fast from whiteness. one reverend says ritualizing hollidays is a gone mad coming up. ♪ ♪ bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms.
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this isn't just freight. every other month and i'm good to go. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each, with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants to washington, d.c. >> president biden makes a joke about the u.s. involvement in the war in ukraine. >> if i have got to go war, i'm going with you guys. >> that was a reflection of his long love for labor unions. not an indication of a change in u.s. policy. >> a college lia thomas says ncaa been favoring thomas. >> it's unfair and a question of
4:01 am
equity, really. >> president biden is a favor for son's chinese business partner. >> recommendation letter the president wrote when he is a private citizen. >> disney opposed governor antioxidants' swearing off disney. >> it's an issue about parenting. disney is not the government. we are definitely not going to be going to disney. ♪ it's always a good time ♪ >> lawrence: that one person having a good time. one person at daytona beach, florida. >> lawrence: according to the fox news app. >> ainsley: feel that water?
4:02 am
>> ainsley: how could you tell? so far away. >> brian: there is no lifeguard. >> brian: what's that guy doing? is he sitting? >> lawrence: you didn't get all the facts, brian. he is just enjoying himself right now. >> ainsley: what's the weather down there. >> lawrence: 75 degrees according to the fox weather app. >> ainsley: chilly to get in the water? >> lawrence: these people are not. >> brian: you can't go swimming without a lifeguard. [laughter] >> brian: two minutes after the top of the hour. more revelations on hunter biden laptop. this is getting really strange. first off, i think we are at the point now in america where i thought everybody is curious about this. >> lawrence: oh, yeah. >> brian: number one we heard it verified. "the washington post," "new york times" admits "new york post" had it right. and then they start reading what's in there and there are
4:03 am
disturbing pictures that go into illegal drug use and things like that. email exchanges which talk about which is unbelievable. one minute you have him naked with hookers, the next minute he is literally in business bed negotiating deals with chinese energy company executives directly linked to the chinese government who happened to be working on the belt and road program which was created to undermine american influence around the world. >> ainsley: when his dad was vice president. s question is was he buying influence. >> brian: isn't that interesting? >> ainsley: in 2020 the "new york post" reported this right before the election. remember the story was suppressed by twitter and facebook and until after the election. and if you tried to share this article, you were suspended if you were on one of these platforms. they either ignored it or wrote it off as misinformation. well now more is coming to light. more of these publications are starting to focus on this and write stories including the "new york times" and "the washington post."
4:04 am
and then yesterday at the university of chicago, they had this disinformation an erosion of democracy conference. one of the journalists on stage her name is ann applebaum she writes for the atlantic. she was asked about the media and disinformation and how they dismissed the hunter biden story. this is what she said. listen. >> i'm a freshman at the university of chicago. my question is for ms. applebaum so in 2020 you wrote those who live outside the fox news bubble do not, of course, need to learn any of the stuff about hunter biden. referring to his laptop. a poll later after that found that if voters knew about the content of the laptop, 16% of joe biden voters would have acted differently. now, of course we know a few weeks ago the "new york times" confirmed that the content is real. do you think the media acted inappropriately when they instantly dismissed hunter biden's laptop as russian disinformation. >> my problem with hunter biden's laptop is i think it's totally irrelevant. i mean it's not whether it's disinformation. i didn't think the hunter biden
4:05 am
business relationships have anything to do with who should be president of the united states. so, i didn't find it -- i don't find it to be interesting. that would be my problem with that as a major news story. >> lawrence: there goes the truth. this is what we have been trying to get to the bottom of. you may not find it interesting. but the american people finds it interesting. as a matter of fact. poll after poll americans would have changed the way they voted based on if they had that information. the media didn't find it interesting because they wanted to protect joe biden. there is revelation after revelation and it is getting closer and closer and closer. but i think there is going to be a reckoning with the media because they did decide to conceal this information. >> brian: i'm going to add to what you just said. it's not a matter if she finds it interesting. it's news worthy. it's news worthy the president's son doing international deals under his dad's name. deals he never would have
4:06 am
gotten. new york magazine 8 stories to remind you of the different relationships hunter biden's deals had with his father. and how the president is not being honest when he said there is nothing about the president's dealings. one of which is new york magazine. in new york magazine hunter biden said what did you basically -- what did your dad say told him burisma board gas company located in the ukraine? you have heard of ukraine, right? something to do with the news today. and he said son, i hope you know what you're doing. he said i do, dad. so does that mean he is discussing a business deal with his son? and the pictures of him dealing with the now soon-to-be jailed devon archer on corruption? four of them played golf but they never talked about business deals along with his brother jim. >> ainsley: the pictures of joe and hunter with oligarch and business associates with devon archer who served with hunter on the board of burisma and archer
4:07 am
is now in federal prison for fraud. why did biden meet with all of them? he said he doesn't talk to his son about business but is he meeting with all these people. there are pictures of them. why was hunter getting paid millions with no experience in finance or fossil fuels. why has joe never talked to hunter about his business dealings? is biden writing college recommendation letters for some of hunter biden's business partners in china? what were they getting in return? >> lawrence: as we are talking about this, one guy who published the 80,000. >> brian: devon archer wide left. >> lawrence: exactly. said in h. no idea about this guy. total lie the press is still not asking questions on. that was 80,000 images and videos released to the press after giuliani turned it over to this guy gave to the fbi as well as the "new york post" this guy now is in switzerland because is he fearful of retaliation this shows you how the walls are closing in and he doesn't feel like the department of justice is going to protect him.
4:08 am
>> ainsley: hunter biden gave daily mail a copy of the hard drive. deleted material including 80,000 images and videos. he is now in switzerland because he fears retaliation from the biden administration. but he says he intends to post all of these pictures and deleted material online in a database in the coming weeks. >> brian: how dare this atlantic writer and editor tell david axelrod who usually has a sense about him and follow up what do you mean it's not interesting in the president's son doing international deals that affect possibly foreign regions relations of the now current president of the united states? but there are seven different examples and here's the title of the column in the "new york post." 12 different examples and the title is father knows worse. joe biden claims he knew nothing about hunter biden's business. here is 12 times he did. and what about this reference? he wrote to his daughter naomi married in the white house by the way. this is hunter to his daughter naomi. i hope you can do what i did and
4:09 am
pay for everything for this family for this entire family for 30 years. it's really hard. but don't worry, unlike pop, i won't ask you to give me half your salary. i don't know, it seems to me that hunter is telling his daughter that dad knows everybody about the dealings and benefiting from them but that atlantic editor has no interest. what a great question from that reporter by the way. >> ainsley: wrote about 10% payment for the big guile for the chinese energy company. is he giving his dad money? we just had these questions. if there is nothing wrong here, then just let the whole story come out and then we can go through all the information. >> brian: how great was that question by that student? right on the money. >> lawrence: we have to find this kid. >> ainsley: hire him. >> lawrence: i'm going to ask my folks i guarantee this kid is working for campus reform or somewhere. people keep asking the question what if this was the trump kid? we don't have to ask that question. when the trump kids who had
4:10 am
business experience. >> brian: executives. >> lawrence: before. they tried to plant stuff and suggest. none of this ever produced any evidence. you have a hard drive full of so much evidence and there was no curiosity during the campaign. they are there is still minimum curiosity and the only reason why they during it now is because now the reputation is on the line. and there may be some sort of indictment. i just think that the president -- this is why people don't trust the press. it impacted presidential race. they can lie about it all they want. each my liberal friends are saying we didn't hear about this. you know why? because the people that you watch every single day refuse to tell you about it. and that's sad. >> ainsley: came out in october 2020. the news was suppressed. they wouldn't allow the story to come out until after the election. that's why people didn't know about it. >> brian: joe rogan back in the news again by just talking very similar things we talk about here. that is some of the curriculum with their kids' school. got a 9-year-old. he came back and talking about
4:11 am
why this 9-year-old is being told that basically she was born a racist because she is white. and has to declare a sexuality because she is 9. really? so joe rogan was just talking about how woke his daughter's school is, which is very similar conversations that you are probably having and that we have daily. listen. >> when the whole george floyd thing happened one of the schools that my kids were going to back in california released this email saying that it's not enough to not be racist. you now must be anti-racist. these kids are not even remotely racist. like they have all sorts of different kinds of friends. i have never heard them discuss it once. it's just i like this person and she is nice to me and we like to play together. and we both like the same things. so to tell a 9-year-old that you have to be anti-racist. well looking for racism. looking to confront it.
4:12 am
i don't know if it's power. it's an ideology that is -- that captures people. and i think the roots of it in their mind is good. that is going to stomp out racism. but it's this naive person who is an educator who, i mean, i don't want to disparage anybody they weren't that good at what they were doing in the first place. they weren't that good at teaching in the first place now here they are saying they are going to tackle something not just tackle something as complex as race in america, but you're going to establish rules that you can't just be not racist. you have to be anti-racist. and you are going to teach this to a 9-year-old? what are you saying? what exactly are you saying? what is your [bleep] end goal? >> lawrence: not only are they doing this to kids. they are doing it to adults as well. they want you to prove that you are not racist. this is what got you black lives
4:13 am
matter the organization. not the movement. the people and black america in the country were calling for equal justice under the law. so you had black lives matter to establish this whole platform all this nonsense that did not relate to what black people really wanted. all these companies decided to give them millions of dollars. what have they get you by virtue signaling. they took that money and bought themselves a mansion. they decided to host parties for their content. >> brian: no one is running the company. >> lawrence: the irs is nowhere to be found. they were there for all the tea party groups. for all the moms. they are banging down on the doors for crt. people that are going to object to what's happening on college campuses as well as in their kids' elementary schools. they want you to virtue signal. they don't want you to be good people. they want you to prove that you are not racist. and that's what got you this nonsense that we're seeing across the country. >> ainsley: we only have our kids for 18 years before they leave the house generally. >> brian: by law they must
4:14 am
leave. >> ainsley: you kicked yours out. now that i'm raising a child, i want her to learn. i'm old school. i want her to go to school and learn all the subjects. i don't want her to be taught all about this. let me teach that at home. if you are a parent and you want to teach that to your child you can. do it at home. i don't want to waste time at school learning about things that we might have different opinions on. i want her to focus on reading and learning how to, you know, add and subtract. >> lawrence: you and brian are missing the point. the point is they are no longer your children. >> ainsley: they know better. he. >> lawrence: the community's children. the teachers children. and can you get some say but they spend 8 hours with them each day they want to control the conversation because you guys don't know what you are talking about. >> brian: texas and ohio are now doing what governor antioxidants are doing have a version of the prohibiting gender talk, sex talk on kindergartners k through
4:15 am
3rd grade. american people are going to decide in ohio, texas and florida if they got it right. don't fall prey to people don't say gay bill. nothing about don't say gay is in this bill. it's just about keeping it to the subjects and the curriculum and not having these kids talk about their sexuality when they should be playing blocks. >> lawrence: even republicans, i find it despicable the maryland governor went out there and commented on this. >> brian: governor hogan. >> lawrence: wants to pander to the left every opportunity he gets. didn't even read the bill and he a attacked ron desantis. it's despicable and everybody is falling for it because they want to appear woke. they want to appear like they are anti-racist. >> brian: that's how you get on that show on sunday. you say to everybody how bad republican are. >> ainsley: eric adams is doing it too. all these campaigns now in florida. you have heard of this. saying come live in new york. don't live in florida. okay. let's hand it over to carley
4:16 am
with headlines. >> carley: start things with a fox news alert. the u.s. military says two american troops were hurt in american iraq attack in eastern syria in morning. one service member was treated for minimal injuries. the other is being treated for a potential traumatic brain injury. the incident is under investigation. we're going to keep you updated as this story develops. new york city's top cop is calling for tougher bail reform laws in her state. listen. >> we need tangible changes with a balanced system that puts victims first. they must first and foremost favor the people it was designed to safeguard and protect. >> carley: her out cry comes as new york city cease 44% surge in major crimes this year with felony assaults up 19%. robberies up 47% from last year. the academy is rescheduling its meeting to discuss the oscar slap. the meeting was originally scheduled for april 18th.
4:17 am
now it will happen on friday. the move comes after actor will smith resigned from the academy last week. academy's president says the board's former threat of expulsion is off the table. but they are still looking at other consequences. and better late than never, major league baseball kicking off its delayed season today with seven games on tap. the defending champion atlanta braves will host the cincinnati reds at 8:00 eastern time. two games, including the famed yankees red sox rivalry have been postponed because of the rain. the other half of the major league -- the league, rather, will begin their season tomorrow. those are your headlines, big day in baseball. >> brian: right. when they're playing baseball again. going to be good. >> carley: all 162 games are going to be played? that's a lot of games. >> brian: lockout is not going to stop any games. >> carley: way too many games. >> brian: carley is already sick of baseball and hasn't started yet. >> carley: i just think it's a lot.
4:18 am
>> lawrence: it a lot. >> brian: the way they have been doing it for 100 years. >> ainsley: they get paid a lot. >> lawrence: the most in all sports. >> ainsley: baseball is? >> lawrence: as russia ramps up invasion three things ukrainians say they need to win this war. we will discuss it coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ if you've been living with heart disease, reducing cholesterol can be hard, even when you're taking a statin and being active. but you can do hard. you lived through the blizzard of '96... 12 unappreciative bosses... (phone rings) 17 fad diets... five kids, three grandkids... one heart attack... and 18 passwords that seem to change daily... and now, with leqvio, you can lower your cholesterol, too. when taken with a statin, leqvio is proven to lower bad cholesterol by over 50%... ...and keep it there with two doses a year.
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4:23 am
listen. >> my agenda is very simple. it has only three items on it. it's weapons, weapons, and weapons. >> griff: there is a reason why he is asking for that because they want to fight this goliath army in russia and win. you're looking now at a video of a tank battle last week east of the capital as a lone ukrainian tank concealing itself behind a house takes on a convoy of russian forces and decimates the column. this as we get a grim picture of the situation in mariupol. the mayor writing on his facebook page the world has not seen of scale of the strategy in mariupol since the nazi concentration camp. the turned our whole city in death camp the area analogy getting more and more confirmation no longer chechnya and aleppo this is the new auschwitz. the world should help punish putin's villains. the mayor estimates more than 5,000 civilians have been killed so far. more than 200 of them children.
4:24 am
this comes as the pentagon assesses russian troops have left the area and relocateds in the donbas region in the east: wants more than just putin held accountable. look. >> i can tell you that russians are also responsible. it's not only putin. it's russian society. it was not putin personally who raped these women, who killed its children. >> griff: what we are watching now is for the u.n. to vote to suspend russia from its human rights council although russia is warning any country that votes yes for that measure faces risking their bilateral relations. lawrence, brian, ainsley? >> brian: hey, griff, how do you judge what they're getting and not getting. the pentagon says we sent them. we don't have any way of knowing if they got there i'm stunned to think that they even have gotten
4:25 am
100 of those hundred kamikaze drones in there yet. we promised them three weeks ago. i mean, do you have any idea how you find out what's being sent and what's being delivered? >> the pentagon says that the new javelins as part of that $100 million additional supplement should be in the ukrainian hands in four to six days. and we learned from the pentagon that ukrainian pilots are being trained in the u.s. on those drones and soon be here in country. brian, the question is exactly what all ukrainians are talking about that member of parliament alex telling us yesterday give us the big weapons to win this war. don't just give us the defensive anti-tank, antiair weapons like the javelins or switchblade drones. give us the big things, the s-300 they are trying to get and of course the mig jets because they really want to take them on. brian, we understand that as the
4:26 am
russian troops pulled out of the capital area and redeploy and refit to go into the eastern donbas there may be a window here that is critical to give ukrainians the sort of fire power they need to stop the russian advance in the second phase as they will try to push all the way from the south where they are having a lot of success just disseminating mariupol move up north to close that eastern frank. that's where this battle is headed in the next few days in the next week are really critical from the people i'm talking to here on the ground. >> lawrence: there has been a lot of talk about the ukrainian refugees wanting to go back home and traveling their way back. have you started to see that happen? >> griff: absolutely. and that's a great point, lawrence. because now you are seeing people coming back to train station here in lviv, which we visited a few days ago, there is
4:27 am
not the tens of thousands fleeing. even though they are more than 4.2 million that have fled from ukraine to poland. but the train that goes from poland, basically to the capital in kyiv. you are seeing a certain number. not thousands but a certain number, hundreds, perhaps, every day going back to their homes because they want to get back while the ukrainian officials are saying don't rush back. we're still trying to clear the area. there could be mines. that area bucha, obviously a lot of clearance still needs to be done before it's safe. people do want to get back. i talked to one woman while i was at that train station, lawrence a few days ago. she was fleeing kharkiv with her cat and she said she hopes to go back but she knows right now it's just too dangerous because of this new eastern offensive that they expect is coming. so that is where most of the refugees now are coming out of is that east region or out of mariupol in the south where they are still just really trying to get people out. >> lawrence: i just hope that
4:28 am
it's being communicated to these people that the war ♪ over. it's not over. russia is still shelling. this is not a peace deal that's been worked out. >> ainsley: look at bucha. >> griff: that's right. >> ainsley: i was speaking to a lady from poland yesterday who is organizing, starting a foundation to help the people of ukraine. and she is going back and forth to her country. she has a trip planned at the end of april. she has one in may with a group of polish women going over there to help. she said it's being reported on the news there some of these ukrainian women who have been raped by the russian soldiers are now checking into hospitals in her country in poland and they are having the babies there they have to deliver. you are not allowed to have an abortion in poland. so she says they have those babies, then she is going to be working to give up -- help those babies go through adoptions if those mothers choose to give up their children. but she said the country right now. awful of the children who they are taking in she said their
4:29 am
goal now is to make sure the kids are safe. and then they will start adopting because there have been so many americans that want these children, these ukrainian babies that their parents have died or if they are not going to be picked back up. she said they are not at that point yet. that will come in the second phase. the third phase. that's at the bottom of the list right now. they just want to make sure that these people in ukraine are getting humanitarian aid. >> brian: big story is to try to win this war. right now the russians are getting 1.2 billion a day from their oil sales. the baltic nations, poland and owner eastern europeans said we are done with their oil and gas. finland is now basically caucusing with nato to be part of that and maybe even sweden next. 400 russian diplomats have been kicked out of various countries in the west. but we have not sanctioned any energy banks. we are continuing to allow some western european countries to buy their oil and gas and not put any type of pressure on them. france has about 50%, they say,
4:30 am
of the country. it's sympathetic towards the russians. so, there is a little bit of a difference there. and by the way, for those people who believe that the russians are right, that they did not commit -- that those are actors and they did not commit these horrible crimes, german intelligence has picked up transmissions of the dialogue between the russian forces, of them communicating how they are shooting people off bicycles and walking down streets because these russian communication devices are basically like 1970s walkie-talkies and easily hacked into. so they can hear everything. you hear about these crimes. i'm not worried about them getting in court. i want everyone to realize we are watching a slow moving holocaust and we are doing this thing. we are watching. and we are painstakingly getting weapons but worried about angrying the homicidal maniac. it makes no sense. >> ainsley: 7:30 here on the east coast. the chicago church causing outrage over a plan to fast for
4:31 am
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4:35 am
>> throughout the season of lent we are continuing our spiritual practice that we are calling fasting from whiteness. we are choosing to place at the very center of the worship of this church the voices of black people, indigness people and other people of color. >> lawrence: the church of oak park hymns written and composed white people. they will focus on music from other cultures. the institute black church and policy studies and he joins us now. reverend, all all for fasting and praying this is like they missed scripture with this move, right? >> other, brother, let me tell you something. look, to racialize the most high holy season is the christian calendar as i said is a case of
4:36 am
at best wokeness gone mad if these misguided white liberals need to do something, they need to challenge the staff and misuse of tens of millions of dollars by the black lives matter organization. if you want to engage in some kind of penitent activity, right? focus on justice, stop playing the race card. it is ridiculous to do that when we should be celebrating as christians, right this season where we honor, celebrate and recognize our lord sacrifice as christians. if you don't want to be christians, that's one thing. but do not racialize our high holy season when if you want to do politics you should be challenging the black lives matter organization and all of those white liberals in the media that cosigned and enabled
4:37 am
that miss appropriation which today still hasn't gotten the autopsy that it deserves. >> lawrence: that's just it, reverend. this is not about biblical teaching. >> that's right. >> lawrence: this is progressive ideology into the church. the church. >> that's right. >> lawrence: this is what they have to say about this in quote in practice the with lent spiritual discipline fasting our intent was to lay aside our usual frame of reference and open ourselves to hearing the gospel message through the voices of black people, indigness people and people of color. reverend, what have you got to say about that? >> that's ridiculous, no, no, no. in fact, the majority of black people don't believe that these white folk adopt something the majority of black christian people are going to be celebrating on good friday and resurrection sunday. jesus christ of the bible. interesting irony that these white folk are talking about something that black people, suburban chicago all across chicago black people at mount
4:38 am
mariah baptist church and the church of god in christ, the majority of black people in america are going to be celebrating, black christians are going to be celebrating the death resurrection lord and savior. gone mad diminishing the significance and moral grandeur of christ's sacrifice for the world. >> lawrence: reverend, that's why we have you on. you tell it like it. >> brother, bless you. >> lawrence: thank you for joining us. >> god bless you all. take care, bye-bye. >> lawrence: reverend never minces words. end of anner are a for house of mouse: don't go anywhere.
4:39 am
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>> carley: we are back with your headlines two women and one pennsylvania transit officer shot in philadelphia. the shooting erupted last night. officers chase the suspect into an apartment complex where a standoff ensued. police exchanged gunfire with the suspect until he was later found dead allegedfully a self-inflicted gunshot wound. all victims are expected to fully recover. listen to this. two men facing charges for posing as federal agents. the fbi says both men spent over two years pretending to be members of a dhs police force that infiltrate federal law enforcement and defends communities. they allegedly gave gifts like iphones, tvs and apartments to secret service agents. they are scheduled to appear in court today after officials raided their apartment yesterday. four secret service staff were placed on leave as part of that investigation. my goodness.
4:44 am
the swimmer who tied with transgender u penn swimmer lia thomas at the ncaa championship is calling out the organization for how it handled the situation. reilly gaines says the ncaa prioritized lia thomas allowing her to take pictures with the fifth place trophy while telling gans she could only pose with the sixth plate trophy. >> i can't speak for everyone but i am almost certain i'm speaking for a large majority of female athletes that this is just not okay and it's not fair and you know we are dealing with something that is completely out of our control when we are racing. biological males. >> carley: this comes as south carolina passes a ban on transgender athletes playing women sports in public schools. those are your headlines. now let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean with our fox weather forecast. hey, janice. >> janice: yeah, we have got rain here in the northeast. just keep that in mind because we are going to get heavy rainfall in and around the new york city area. taking a look at the maps where
4:45 am
you can see where it's cold. 46 but it feels cooler than that with the winds. northern plains and the rockies. >> that's where we have cooler than average temperatures. then we have this area of low pressure that's still bringing snow for the upper midwest and the great lakes. the trailing cold front is bringing the potential for severe storms from the mid-atlantic down towards florida. can you see that shield of rain that's going to come on in to new york city in the next hour or so. there is your future track. we will see that snow is as far as south as the appalachians and very heavy rain for parts of the northeast and new england over the next couple of hours. keep that in mind because it's going to cause some travel issues for sure. speaking of snow, here it is across the upper midwest and parts of the great lakes 6 to 1f michigan. rain forecast 1 to three inches short period of time parts of new jersey up along new york and pennsylvania. there is the severe storm threat. okay? so large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes will be possible. know how to get your watches and warnings. meanwhile it is really hot out
4:46 am
west in california with temperatures soaring towards 10. so a lot of weather happening. fox to get your latest forecast details. ainsley, my friend, over to you. >> ainsley: good deal. thank you so much, janice. more fallout over the woke world of disney as hundreds of protesters rally against the progressive push. >> i think disney overplayed their hand. they didn't realize how fired up and activated parents would be. >> i couldn't think of a more important place for me to be as a parent of four children. they are taking a stand and saying disney, enough is enough. it goes against what disney stood for in the beginning. it stood for family and family values and completely contradicts what our family speaks for. speaking for a very small majority. it's not a political issue. it's an issue about parenting. we are shutting you down. we have had enough. >> we love our families. it's just a matter of are you really going to take a stance for something so outrageously
4:47 am
radical? >> ainsley: meanwhile los angeles county making their stance against florida's parental rights law known voting to ban officials from traveling to the state of florida and also the state of texas. fox news contributor lara trump is here to react. good morning to you lara. >> good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: l.a. county board of supervisors they are not coming to your state to do any business because they don't like what you are doing. i'm sure this is keeping you up at night. >> i got to tell you as a florida resident, we're okay with that. i mean, i'm kind of wondering why the taxpayers in l.a. would be approving officials to come to florida on official business doesn't feel like a good use of taxpayer money. but this just goes to show you that, yet again, you have a group of people, ainsley, who are pushing back against something that either they don't understand or they are really saying we stand up and support sexualizing kids ages kindergarten through 3rd grade in america. and it's kind of mind boggling.
4:48 am
obviously we are okay with folks from l.a. not bringing their liberal ideology here to florida and i'm sure that tax citizens can agree with that we have access to any information you want. you can research things at you know the click of a button on a computer or a phone. and the fact that so many people who are speaking out against this parental rights bill in florida clearly have not taken the time to actually learn what is in this bill and what it means is shocking and is actually a very sad commentary, i think, on where we stand not just in america but maybe around the world that we are just able -- people are just taking information directly given to them by the mainstream media. there is no critical thought. there is no research, and they just take it hook, line and sinker and believe it. it's okay. why i'm not losing any sleep because the officials in l.a. are not going to visit us out here too bad. >> ainsley: hopefully disney will be listening to these parents who are concerned about
4:49 am
what their kids are being taught. thank you so much, lara for coming on. >> thank you, ainsley. >> ainsley: still ahead dangerous malware can watch you through your camera. ugh your phone next. spot it congressman dan crenshaw joins us as texas plans to send the border surge directly to the president's front door. ♪ between his color-coordinated sticky note collection and the cutest boxed lunch we have ever seen. ...but you can find him right now on upwork. when the world is your workforce finding the perfect project manager, designer, developer, or whomever you may need... tends to fall right into place. find top-rated talent who can start today on upwork. - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write.
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4:53 am
>> so listen to this, dangerous new spyware app could let strangers record you on your own phone. >> ainsley: how do you spot it and what can you do to protect yourself? >> kurt the cyber guy is here to break it down for us. is this bad for us? >> what a great question, brian, no, it is delightful for us. no, this is awful. ainsley, great to see you, lawrence, miss you being on the west coast back at super bowl time. this is called a process manager. this app is finding its way to android devices now, right now we are discovering on troyed
4:54 am
troyed -- android devices, it looks like the settings control on your phone, instead a dangerous app ready to attack. it seems out permission for access to things like the microphone, the camera, etcetera, the natural inclination is to let it do it because it looks legit, don't do it. what is at risk is recordings from the camera, listening to the microphone and fully taking over your phone. we have not seen something like this as pervasive as this for a long, long time. it has a marking for similar state-sponsored spyware from the kremlin, since it hides itself after infiltrating your phone, you will want to look to see if it is running hidden in the background of your phone. they suspect it is russian, there is no tie back to them at this point and it is tough to prove it by the way it is designed. >> ainsley: looks like the ark
4:55 am
-- app is like the settings app, you think you are clicking on settings. how do we know if it is legit or not? >> that is the problem. i would suspect you need to look at everything right now with a suspect of whether it is legit or looks like it or not. how do you protect your phone now? if you have android drivewayed, tap settings, scroll apps and go to permission and don't just look for process manager, it is called and another called ros-hand app, a gaming app they install. look and revoke permission to things that seem strange, that don't belong. strangely enough, a lot of apps we may have downed over the years pile up and next thing you know, pages of icons is like, what is this, i don't remember this, we have given them
4:56 am
permission we shouldn't be doing, i will show you how to do that and remove the stuff, how to delete stuff from your phone safely and how to protect against any future attacks at poured out it is sweat, blood and tears bringing the smarts. >> lawrence: most of us have iphones, some androids, they get androids because they can download whatever they want on the phone. iphone doesn't allow you to do that, this is one of the risky things, right? >> yeah, that is the yen-yang. the freedom invites what is called side loading, what you are talking about, that is bringing a lot of trouble. >> brian: thanks so much. >> ainsley: great to see you. dan crenshaw is coming up. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete hiv treatment
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5:00 am
>> lawrence: texas governor greg abbott taking action to secure the border. >> texas is providing charter buses to send illegal immigrants to washington, d.c. >> battle for ukraine's independence, grim news out of mariupol. >> mariupol mayor write thanksgiving is a new auschwitz, president biden makes a joke about the u.s. involvement on the war in ukraine. >> if i got to go to war, i'm going with you guys.
5:01 am
>> reflection of long love for labor unions, not indication of change in u.s. policy. >> los angeles county voting to ban officials from traveling to florida and texas over parental rights laws. one l.a. county supervisor said we are not going to spend money going to your state. >> parents are swearing off disney. >> disney is not the government. we are not going to disney. ♪ >> austin, texas. ♪ it is a really cool city, south by southwest is always fun. san antonio is not too far away. houston is not too far away. i'm sure they are. ♪ >> are you looking for a new job? >> brian: no. you can't go to austin and say,
5:02 am
i want to work for tesla. >> lawrence: interesting fact, texans don't claim austin, it is liberal and liberals are move thering and it is a mess. they want to defund the place. >> ainsley: it is the capital, though. >> lawrence: it is the capital. >> brian: they are big pro-homeless. >> lawrence: crime is out of control. >> ainsley: they went to austin for like-minded companies. >> lawrence: tech companies are there, san francisco people, that is why they look the same. >> lawrence: would you classify dallas, dallas is liberal, right? >> lawrence: liberal, but suburbs are liberal, dallas didn't defund the police, crime rate has gone down in dallas. >> brian: that is where dan crenshaw calls home. just kidding. is this true what we're saying about austin?
5:03 am
>> yeah, part of the family, but there is always somebody in your family, you know -- [laughter] >> ainsley: a crazy uncle. >> it happens, we still love them, we're texans. >> brian: what is happening at the border is a total mess and title 42 has to evapiate on may 23rd because the pandemic is over, same pandemic that has kids in masks at four years old and me, everybody in america on wearing masks and flights and trains. the pandemic is not over there, it is over when it comes to the porder -- border and illegal immigrants. >> that is a good question, is the pandemic over? i'm wearing a mask on an airplane and it doesn't matter on an airplane. rescind that and say the
5:04 am
pandemic is over and no argument for title 42. there is another argument and that is fentanyl. another public health crisis, great republicans are circulating a bill that will be introduced soon and tell the administration to do just that. the consequences of title 42 being repealed are immense, this was a tool given to the executive that allows them to enforce the border in greater ways than normal and that is basically what it is. without it, they are expecting 18,000 crossings per day, right now about 7000 per day. texas bears the brunt of this. last week we had almost 30,000 crossings and spent $5 million over the last five years, that is not fair to techans, we're sick of it. migrants get dropped off in our communities and that community gets hurts. their assets are overwhelmed and it is not fair. governor abbott is going to take
5:05 am
charter buses and send them to d.c. i like the sound of that, he said he would send them to the u.s. capitol and send them to kamala harris's house, kamala harris has forgotten she's the border czar, maybe if you put bus loads of illegal immigrants in her yard, there is yard art, but she will pay attention to the board are. >> lawrence: if you look at border areas that were once democrat, they are starting to flip, even the democrats in texas are over this issue. what is the end goal for national democratic party allowing this to happen. >> two things, cynically think they think down the road these people will vote for them. i don't think that is true, that
5:06 am
doesn't worry me, i don't think they will vote for them in large numbers, at least. the way democrats think, they have pathological compassion, they see anybody in need, we have to help them. yeah, but helping them has other consequences and brings in 10 more and 10 more and no limit to this, do you care about other moral questions like sovereignty of your country, protection of your borders, protection of your peep snel do you care about that? where is compassion for that? they see one thing and emotionally drive toward it and end with open border policy. >> ainsley: white house is forced to have more clean up and another job for jen psaki yesterday because the president was speaking to a group of workers and union workers and he had already said we're not putting boots on the ground in ukraine, but made a joke that fell flat. jen psaki was forced to clean it up. watch these, we'll put them together and get your reaction
5:07 am
on the other side. >> president biden: this fight is far from over. here is the point. this war can continue for a long time, but united states will continue to stand with ukraine, ukrainian people and fight for freedom. i want you to know that. by the way, if i got to go to war, i'm going with you guys. >> press sect. psaki: no intention of sending boots to the ground or fighting war with the u.s. forces against russia. that was a reflection of his long love for labor unions and members of labor unions and the building and trades workers who are there and people he would love to be in the foxhole with, not indication of change in u.s. policy. >> ainsley: dan, a year and a half ago, everything donald trump said they skrut niez d /* -- scrutinized every word he said. other media outlets don't report
5:08 am
on all the things the white house has to clean up. >> this is what happens when you elect grandpa joe, they have to clean things up. everything for trump was taken as if he meant it, no way he was joking or it was off-the-cuff statement, it was serious. you can tell, be a human being, you can tell when someone is joking or not. i take the same stance here. it was a joke. it was a weird joke. if you make it with , make it with troops, union workers are not going to wor. biden, this old personality that doesn't seem like he can lead us in times of trouble. i think that is fundamentally what is worrying us all. >> brian: dan, why are we content to say this war will
5:09 am
last a long time. we start walking through towns and seeing people buried in shallow graves, toddlers with their hands sticking out of the dirt, the carnage they are moving behind, a slow-moving holocaust. okay, this could last a long time. really? mark milley said ukraine would fall in 72 hours and they would lose 15,000 men and said ukraine can't last 36 hours and milley has been wrong. you know that short war, it is going to be a long war. how many civilians have to die before we give them weapons to allow them to win this war? >> you know i agree with that, what would surprise you, there are a lot of democrats who agree, too. a lot of us -- >> brian: rally them. >> many believe the administration is not doing enough, we are looking for ways to get relationships to the
5:10 am
ukrainians. some are private contractors that can buy weapons from koreans, javelin equivalents, stinger equivalents. our supply and stash is being depleted. this administration could be doing more. they have not sent anti-ship missiles, imagine the boost if they were able to take out a russian ship. >> ainsley: why -- prieks why have we not been able to do that? >> they make excuses like it is escalatory. they talked about polish migs, we are not sure if that would beesque latory and mig 29s are not that great. they are better than nothing. they said, they are not using all migs they have right now, that is because you can't. you have to increase denominator of migs, cuonly fly so many at a time there is maintenance issues
5:11 am
and you have to keep your inventory alive. you need more to fly more flights. they say it is escalatory, that is nonsense. escalate to what? putin committing mass genocide against civilians in ukraine? is that what you are worried about? you are giving the ukrainians weapons, just give them more. >> lawrence: congressman, they pretend to know more than the ukrainian peep when he will they predicted it would be over in 72 hours issue not like they have an ounce of credibility. you used to wear the uniform, do you have confidence in the commander-in-chief. iran is beating their chest and russia still hacking us and still taunting us, do you have confidence in the president of the united states right now? >> no, no, i don't. that is why i didn't vote for
5:12 am
him. he does not present himself as strong leader or thoughtful decision-maker and that is a problem. i think his cabinet was ready to allow that polish mig deal to go through, that is understanding that i have, i could be wrong. he said, no, that would beesque beesque -- escalatory. his judgment is off. here is another thing, they won't stop telling russians what they won't do. don't say what you will not do in a fight, that is a bad idea. that means the other person knows how to beat you, they know what you refuse to do. if biden keeps doing that, that is a problem. >> ainsley: dan, l.a. county board of supervisors are mad at texas and florida for taking a stand against woke policies being taught to kids and citing new parental rights bill in florida. they told board of supervisors,
5:13 am
we will not conduct county business in state of florida or texas. no more travel. how do you feel about this? will you miss them? >> texans, we're talking about this right now. we're going to get together and have a struggle session in a safe space and talk about our feelings and how much it hurts our feelings that the l.a. county supervisors won't come to texas anymore because it hurts and makes us sad. we will really miss them. this is not sarkasm at all, i promise you. >> brian: it is amazing texas, florida and now ohio just want people keep going down this track through november, if this is the hill you are going to die on, we
5:14 am
need to transition small children, that is their policy like 90% of america does not want this. do polling on the florida bill, democrats and republicans support it once they read the bill. they are attacking texas because governor abbott ordered child protective services to investigate instances of children being transitioned. this is unhealthy for children. little kids say things, act certain ways all the time, it is not the adult's job to affirm new identity of the day and take physical action to make them that. that is crazy and extremely unhealth and he if democrats keep going down this path and putting men and women in sports, they will lose the country. they have if the election was today, we would crush them. another theory on the l.a. county supervisors, maybe they are trying to keep californians
5:15 am
from leaving. this summer california ran out of u-hauls because of the nonsense, another theory. >> lawrence: they want to be in the free state of texas, but bring their policy with them. >> brian: people going to private groups and private contractors to get weapons to ukrainians because u.s. government won't, that is unbelievable. >> lawrence: despicable. >> ainsley: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> ainsley: hand over to carley, she has headlines for us. >> carley: fox weather alert, storms killing three people in the southern u.s. in monster tornados forming in georgia, where the governor declared state of emergency. the south isn't out of the woods with more severe weather expected today before dissipating tonight. an amusement park expert says a potential loophole in florida
5:16 am
law could have contributed to the death of a 14 year old who died after falling from a tower drop ride in orlando. florida rule states restrictions on height and weight only need to be display federal recommended by the ride's manufacturer, the orlando free fall where sampleson was killed does not require maximum weight to be displayed. maximum watt was 286 pounds and sampson weighed over 300. black lives matter raising eyebrows over their purchase of a l.a. mansion, they bought the property for $5.8 million, dr. developer bought it for $3.1 million days earlier. the developer was working for
5:17 am
patrice colors, and she calls any criticism racist and sexist. and overwhelmed by amount of programming and platforms available to them, nielsen reveals 46% of users say streaming overload makes it hard to keep track of their favorites. any yellowstone fans out there? >> you are john dutton, aren't you? >> yes. >> ainsley: even with user exhaust, 90% of people say they will keep or increase amount of services they use. keep us up to date on the programming. that show is so great. >> ainsley: when you are watching something, really, carley, tell me where to find it. i don't know, search and it will come up netflix. watch fox news and you are not stressed anymore. >> how about fox nation?
5:18 am
>> fox news and fox nation. >> trying to get everyone in trouble. >> i am trying to be inclusive. >> are you feeling feisty? >> i refuse to answer that. >> did you watch yellowstone? >> i watched it once and found it boring. >> can we pick up the pace a little? >> add to the list. >> lawrence: still ahead, one suspect in the sacramento shooting that killed six was out on parole despite the county da's wishes, could the tragedy be prevent? ed we'll discuss that next. e? ed we'll discuss that next. d? ed we'll discuss that next. we'll discuss that next. we'll discuss that next. we'll discuss that next. we'll discuss that next. ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪
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>> lawrence: welcome back, learning more about the sacramento shooting that left six dead and 12 wounded. police reveal it was a gun fight involving five shooters from rival gangs. one suspect, smiley martin was released from prison just weeks ago, the sacramento county da office warned martin had no respect for others or the law and would continue committing crimes if released. district attorney who is running for the state's attorney general office joins us now. thank you for joining the program. you guys warned in your office this could happen, who let them out? >> well, the department of corrections released him. he served less than five years of a 10-year sentence. there is a reason why we write letters and been doing it for six years now. there is a number of individuals getting released we are
5:24 am
concerned about, that is why we write letters when we feel they are dangerous. >> lawrence: i know you can't get into specifics, but this continues to happen in the state of california. sacramento is also experiencing some of this aggravated assaults are up 12.3%, robberies up 29.6%, murders up 40%, how do we end this? >> we end it by making sure law enforcement is funded so we can investigate, prosecute and end it by adopting good public policy not designed to be pre-criminal, but are about accountability and victims rights. >> lawrence: you are running for attorney general right now. any shot in winning this? what is it looking like on the ground? can you secure justice for the people of california if elected? >> i have been in the business 31 yearss, i'm pretty darn
5:25 am
relentless and confident i will not get out of the primary, i will win this in the end. i'm a career prosecutor issue the real deal, we need to stop the chaos in california and get back to balance and accountability. >> lawrence: your colleagues and other district attorneys, george gascon and san francisco, why do they have so much support? every time recalls come up, it seems like they are able to bypass them. >> well, we'll see in june because in june san francisco da is up for recall and quite possible la da will be up in november. extraordinary amounts of money are put in the campaign. californians are fed up with what we're seeing. >> lawrence: yeah, soros-backed da's and ann marie is not. thank you for coming on the program. coming up, their mission was successful issue meet three wisconsin moms who just beats
5:26 am
out liberal incumbents to win seats on the local school board. you don't want to miss it. ♪ out here, you're more than just a landowner. you're a gardener. a landscaper. a hunter. because you didn't settle for ordinary. same goes for your equipment. versatile, powerful, durable kubota equipment. more goes into it. so you get more out of it.
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>> ainsley: back with headlines, oil executives fighting house democrats in a hearing on capitol hill over acquisition big oil is gouging americans with high fuel prices. one industry leader is calling the hearings a ridiculous show trial. company leaders are pointing to president biden policy saying market forces and supply chain shortages are behind higher practices. carnival cruise line posts best booking week after cdc dropped covid cruise ship warning. the company is seeing increase from prefs seven-day booking record. 22 of carnivals 23 ships are back in guest operations across all year round u.s. home forest, the company plans to have larger sailing capacity than 2019. woke yale students are planning to protest against upcoming
5:31 am
appearance featuring senator ted cruz, cruz welcomes peaceful protest, but just three weeks ago, debate at yale law school had to be shut down after 120 students shouted profanity and threatened violence against a conservative speaker. those are your headlines, ainsley, over to you. >> ainsley: three wisconsin mothers banned together to expose what was happen nothing their children's school district and decided they could do a better job. this week, moms on a mission ousted two liberal incumbents to secure their seat at the take. the newest members of the wisconsin school board, nina, shelly and chris, thank you all three ladies for joining us. >> thank you. >> nice to be here. >> ainsley: congratulations, six people running, to incumbents, three seats open and you are the new faces of the school board. i wish you all the best.
5:32 am
shelly, 14 years in the district, you have two children in middle school, you said you used to be in a bubble and trusted blindly and then you woke up, what woke you up? >> really engaging and taking more time, obviously during covid we were all home and had time to pay attention to what our children were learning. coming out of the pandemic, i chose to start attending school board meetings and recognized problems not being addressed. i wanted to be a hand that can help. >> ainsley: nina, you started attending meetings and reading the documents and fighting through mask mandate and decided to take a stand and you say moms can change this country. tell me what sparked your interest getting involved and why you decided to run. >> again, just like the same scenario as shelly is, two years
5:33 am
ago with the pandemic, i think it was for a lot of people to take pause and for myself i did that, reflected and i used to have blind trust in many institutions in regard to medical government and including educational systems. chris and i actually started talking and we organically started attending school board meetings and committee meetings, we dedicated a lot of hours and started doing research and engaging more with the school district. >> chris, you have been in the district for 16 years and have three daughters and you said the pandemic allowed you to take stock in your children's education. you said there were weaknesses in the schools, what weaknesses did you see and how will you change them? >> well, as we did more research, looking deeper into our schools and how they are run, we realized the proficiency in learning has been declining and not because of covid, it has
5:34 am
been declining since 2016 in the school and we dug deeper into it and wanted to know why, we think our kids need to get back to subjects and learning and focus on learning and less on divisive ideology and curriculum and agendas, we want to do our best to get that out of our schools. >> shelly, you are three midwestern moms, you want your kids to have a better life than probably you did. you have a big task in front of you, do you think we will see this translate throughout the country in november? we saw it in virginia and now seeing it in wisconsin. >> yeah, i think probably my call to action for everybody watching, if you want to get involved and understand what is go og in your schools, attend school board meetings, go to committee meetings, pay attention and ask questions. i've had a strong relationship
5:35 am
with my kids teachers and principal, there is more going on than those one-on-one relationships. be an advocate, we have ark mazing teachers and we want to put processes in place and help them. if you are open to running for school board, excellent, otherwise get engaged and start attending meetings and understand the working of your district. >> ainsley: what was your response when you find out you won? did you get together, did you call each other? >> we were actually together. >> >> ainsley: you were? >> yeah. it was surreal and still a little surreal, we were just literally moms that again, like chris said, take stock in our kids and if any moms who have any angst or concern, you can do it, just like us, we had no idea we would be in this position two years ago and here we are. anybody can do it, you just have to have determination.
5:36 am
>> ainsley: we've heard that from so many moms and inner pas across the country. many didn't even know who was on the school board before the pandemic and woke policies were seeping into the classroom. so proud. thank you for coming on. congratulations, moms on a mission. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you're welcome. still ahead, judge ketanji brown jackson set to be confirmed to the supreme court later today. republican tim scott is under fire for saying he would vote against her confirmation, he will join us live to respond to the backlash. i look back with great satisfaction on my 32 years of active duty. i understand the veteran mentality. these are people who have served, they'e been in leadership positions, they're willing to put their life on the line if necessary and they come to us and they say, "i need some financial help at this point in time." they're not looking for a hand out, they're looking for a little hand up. my team at newday usa is going to do everything
5:37 am
we possibly can to make sure that veteran gets that loan.
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5:41 am
vote against her confirmation. tim scott will explain why. senator, i want your comments on why you are not voting for the judge and want you to react to joy reid, she said not surprised by anything that tim scott says, he left lindsey graham dog walk him after pretending to work and we will go along with lindsey graham's barking dog racism against judge jackson because he's tim scott. senator? >> good morning to all y'all. what is offensive about what joy is saying is that a black man cannot think for himself, i have to follow someone else. that is most ridiculous thing i've heard, it reinforcing liberal approach to minorities who will not fall in line and do what they tell us to do. there are millions of americans who happen to be black and want
5:42 am
to think for themselves and will think for themselves, power of the liberal elite wants to attack us like liberal dogs, they do not want anyone standing up opposed to what we are doing, leading our country in the wrong direction. it is vile and offensive, stop allowing the liberal media to push stories by their host that want one thing, progressive liberal policies that make it harder for african americans, not easier. that is why president biden's numbers in black and hispanic community are going down, down, down, we can see with our own eyes what policies and principles of the left are doing to us, not for us, cuhelp bring people like wesley hunt and john james behind me, bring the calvary by going to i need your support to defend
5:43 am
against thisack of common sense. >> lawrence: i hate to step on you, you are right, offered amendment to democrat to get police reform done, they decided not to go through that. why are you not voting for the judge for supreme court? >> it's a very simple answer. i did not vote for her for a lower court because i believe her judicial philosophy is inconsistent with the best instance of our judiciary. can you imagine me coming back and changing my mind on the most important seat in the judiciary, the supreme court of the united states? it is not biden's supreme court, it is america's supreme court. the number of her cases that have been overturned only reinforces the fact that this requires a deeper look and the deeper i look, the more i realize her judicial philosophy is an thet cal to mine. it is a simple answer.
5:44 am
>> ainsley: senator, you and lindsey graham have said they will not vote for her, they are voting no. this is democrat for a democrat on supreme court. how progressive is she compared to where the court is now? should we be concerned? >> i think if you are concerned about activist judges, you should be concerned. if you are concerned about someone who uses their position to reinforce a progressive agenda, we should be concerned. those are the issues that most concern me about this appointment. she is a nice person. she is well educated. her judicial philosophy, not her, who she is, her ideology is what we should focus on. she represents herself incredibly well. she was reasonable in our conversation together. at the end of the day, i'm not looking for someone to have a coca-cola with, i'm looking for someone who will rule in favor of america's future and i don't
5:45 am
see that in this judge. >> brian: senator, you saw cory booker get emotional, do you have similar emotion? i know you are not going to vote for her, do you think this is groundbreaking for you and the african american community? >> well, there is no doubt the fact of the matter is she would be the first african american female on the court. it does speak volumes to america's progress and evolution we're seeing in the country and we should all celebrate that, stop and pause for a minute and ask ourselves, when then senator biden had a chance to make sure that the court continued to have minority representation, what did he do? he said to clarence thomas, no way, no how, not on my watch. he did everything in his power
5:46 am
to make sure that the court he now is concerned about diversity would have been completely white. that hypocrisy has to be brought to the surface so that we understand when they're talking about the future or just talking about politics. they are talking politics. they are talking elite progressives, not talking about the literal future of america and diversifying of our court. they are talking about embedding in concrete a progressive view of what america should be versus the view of consering the core principles that undergerting american prosperity and human flourishing the world over because of the united states of america. >> senator, such a good point, your colleague, mitt romney, you started off by saying, you could not vote for her for the supreme court if you didn't vote for her at lower court. he didn't vote at lower court, but he is now, why did he decide
5:47 am
to do that? have you talked to him? >> lawrence, i have not spoken to mitt romney about his decision, i can't imagine why he made reversal he has, way i look, this is simple question, if i thought she was not qualified at lower level, it is really hard for me to come to the decision. i think history plays a role in so many people's decisions and i understand that. i cannot allow that to be my decision for the highest court and the most important democracy in all of the world, it is just too important. >> lawrence: consistent view. >> ainsley: senator, how about the gamecocks, the women's basketball team. >> shout out to the lady gamecocks, dawn staley has done a fabulous job, looking forward to see her go for another 10 in a row, that is my hope for the lady gamecocks.
5:48 am
>> brian: catch up to you. >> ainsley: that is what we say in -- >> thank you for correcting that. >> ainsley: pastor got off the plane and saw that on a billboard and said this town really needs me. >> my gosh. >> ainsley: instead of gamecocks, you can say something else. check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. hi. >> janice: temperatures are cool, we have rain on the way. if you are traveling, keep it in mind, your flight might be delayed. showers and thunderstorms from mid-atlantic, behind that, cold enough for snow. some areas could get 6-12 inches downwind of great lakes and several inches in and around new york city area, that is coming this afternoon, if you are traveling moem, keep that in mind, flash flooding is a risk. 93 in los angeles. we will set records for southern california, all up and down the
5:49 am
west coast in the next couple of days. heat advisories are in effect. for the latest forecast details. lawrence and brian and ainsley, over to you. >> ainsley: thanks. >> brian: 12 before the top of the hour, let's talk golf. all eyes on augusta, tiger on the hunt for a green jacket. he's playing, what does the man who wrote woods' biography think about his masters chances? we'll talk about that. first, check in with bill hemmer. >> ainsley: bill, you are a big golfer, you are not going? >> i enjoy playing, good is a stretch. going to be fun, tiger tracking all day today and tomorrow and hopefully the weekend. immigration is about to get worse, can it be reversed? texas governor greg abbott is here live and so is tom cotton machltria b on the oil hearings and helping you the consumer from this. is nuclear deal dead for now
5:50 am
with iran? israel ambassador in the studio and i mentioned tracking tiger, we will see you at the top of the hour. psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff,... ...swollen, painful. emerge tremfyant®. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms in adults with active psoriatic arthritis. some patients even felt less fatigued. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today.
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you look great by the way. right? unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. only xfinity will upgrade your tech after 3 years for a more reliable connection. get that and more with xfi complete. upgrade today. >> back with some quick read lines. uber is adding planes, trains, hotels, buses and cars
5:54 am
available to rent over its app. the additions will roll out over the u.k. pilot program before launching elsewhere. the regional manager saying the company wants to be a one stop shop for all travel needs. how about that? my goodness. thousands of apple air pods returned through wal-mart are being stockpiled due to possible security issues. new reports indicating that some used air pods could be linked to previous owner icloud accounts after factory resets. concerns are being raised over potential data breaches of user's information. >> the start of the 2022 masters delayed until 11:00 a.m. as severe weather hits the south. nothing to keep all eyes from tiger woods getting back to the golf course after his car crash.
5:55 am
what are his chances of not only making the cut but walking away with the sixth green jacket? jeff, you interviewed 250 people in 400 separate interviews to find out about this guy. with everything that you've done, seeing the crash that happened, does his comeback surprise you? >> it is hard not to be surprised, brian. this is something that when the accident happened, i think everybody thought, you know, he certainly would never play golf again. he may never walk again. so this isn't just him going down to some local country club. he is playing in the premier tournament at the tour at augusta. it's a new development. honestly he looks healthier and fit than he has looked in a long time. frankly looks healthier and more fit than a lot of guys
5:56 am
playing this weekend. >> can you talk about how the perception of tiger changed throughout his career? when he first came on how good he was, the older guys resented. the new generation worships tiger. the older generations -- can you talk about his popularity among those players? >> yeah, it has really evolved. when he joined the tour, remember, he really was a kid. he left college after two years, joined the tour and at his first interview before his first tournament, he was asked what his expectations were and he said he was expecting to win. he was laughed at, literally laughed at by some of the senior tour members thinking being this kid will need some years on the tour before he is in a position to actually win. he won right away and i think, you know, he was pretty introverted when he joined the tour.
5:57 am
as he became so successful so soon, he didn't have a lot of friends on the tour, didn't talk much. he was revered and feared but not necessarily liked. that has all changed in the last few years. he is one of the elder statesmen on the tour now. a lot of these younger pros at the top of the game right now they grew up watching, idolizing and emulating him. >> a lot of sports, different events. privilege covering so many major events. something about tiger. somebody who gets ratings just by walking hole to hole, showing him walk and the crowds and their reaction almost like tyson entering the ring when he was younger and the big goal even as a kid when he had jack nicklaus's poster in his room was to break his record of 18 majors. he has 15. jack nicklaus great to hear tigers will give it a go at the masters. this is an incredible fete.
5:58 am
only reinforces the drive and work ethic tiger has already possessed. he is in a different place if his life tiger wouldn't tee it up if he could compete and win. that backs up your hypothesis he thinks he can win. i have a theory. something about having a family and being such a reportedly by everybody so into his family, his son and daughter, it seems to have given him a new respect and perspective on himself and the game. your thoughts. >> well, if you look at the last big comeback for him, which was the last time he won the masters. to me the best moment of that entire tournament was when he walked off the final hole and his son, charlie, met him. to me it took me back to when tiger won his first masters and his dad was there to meet him. and tiger is now the father and is raising a young son. i think one thing he has shown, he is a very involved parent.
5:59 am
he has a son who is a good golfer and athlete. a great bond. i think that's part of the reason that america sees him in a little bit of a different light than before. we've watched him grow up and evolve. >> lastly, to being great at something brings pressure. he says you don't know what it's like at one point having to win every tournament you enter. that's the goal. second place was never close to good enough. >> yes, second sucks and third is worse. that's what he says and that's why he enters every tournament with a goal of winning. he doesn't go in for any other reason. >> he seems to be somewhat enjoying himself. jeff, for you it's time for a paper back version with a thing about the comeback from the accident. put you number one on "the new york times" list. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> as i was mentioning there was a rain delay but they play at 11:00 and the world will be watching. >> add another chapter and sell the book again and relaunch it.
6:00 am
>> it is all about book sales. >> all about tiger. >> brian knows how to sell books. >> it's all about tiger. we wish him the best. do you think he win? >> any more questions for tim scott or are you done? >> he asked him three or four questions. >> bill: fox news alert now. state of texas trying to turn the tables on the administration and the president over the border as we say good morning. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. how are you doing, pinky? >> dana: this is pink and also -- >> bill: we do a little rehearsal before the show and i called you pinky a moment ago. i wanted to double down. >> dana: you want to see it but you can't. we have a lot to come. governor greg abbott taking the fight to the federal government over the release of migrants to his state. moving forward


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