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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  April 7, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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widely consumed alcoholic beverages aside from water and tea, beer is also the third most popular drink overall, coffee, maybe? i don't know. maybe a recount. tomorrow on "special report," we speak with state department spokesman ned price, thank you for watching "special report." i'm mike emanuel in washington. "jesse watters primetime" is next. good evening, jesse. >> jesse: good evening, mike. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: growing up, we were taught no matter who you are or where you were born, you could make it in america. for many americans that means having a house, a yard, a couple of kids and some money in the bank for vacations and retirement. but it doesn't come for free. it takes hard work. a lot of it. we call that the american dream. it's the reason some people want to come here. and there's a chance that being american and having an idea, a business, or a special talent
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with a little luck you can make it really big. you can have a better life than your parents. and your children will have a better life than you. but, according to jon stewart, that american dream is dead. >> the literal interpretation of the american dream is that is it doesn't matter where you were born or how you were born or who you are that in this country you can rise up and go beyond that and it turns out to be a fallacy. there has always been a redistribution of power to the white elite. >> jesse: there is are so many things wrong and misguided about that statement that we're going to need time to pick that apart. this isn't just the opinion of jon stewart. this is a belief that is held by most liberal leaders in america today. hillary clinton echoed this very
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idea today at an event with al sharpton who ironically is a very powerful black elite. >> the color of a person's skin still influences who gets ahead in america and who goes how far and who gets left behind and that is absolutely a fact that nobody with all their rhetoric could in any way deny. >> jesse: not only is this sad but it's not an honest assessment of the average american success story. race is not the primary factor in getting ahead in the united states. education, work ethic, class, connections, geography, your family dynamic. all play major roles in shaping who gets ahead. the most important ingredient right here and right here. but the worst part about stuart and clinton's commentary is that it designates certain americans victim and sentences them to a life without free will.
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it dehumanizes them and doesn't square with the reality ever the american experience. and in a sneaky way, makes an excuse for the failings of democrat policies that have hurt americans for decades. here are the facts. these are the most recent numbers from the census showing median household incomes in the united states. indian americans are at the top. averaging 120 grand a year. whites are in the middle of the pack and blacks are at the bottom. is this the picture of racial oppression that hillary and stuart are painting? racial minorities, some even first generation immigrants, like filipinos, japanese, chinese and pakistani americans making thousands and thousands of dollars more that be the average white american. so why are black americans making less than other people of color? well, that's a very serious
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question that our guest coming up will be able to answer as they studied that for years. our question tonight is, if the democrat party is the home of black americans, has the democrat party failed them? and is racism just annual excuse for the democrats' failure. democrats still run out in front of the camera every week to brag about everything they do for the black community. what exactly is it that they're doing? and is it working? democrats put the first black woman on the supreme court. and that's a big milestone that we can all appreciate. but democrats also blocked who would have been the first black woman on the supreme court janice rogers brown when bush tried to elevate her because she was a republican. so their intentions aren't pure. when kamala harris was asked about this newly meanted justice
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jackson today, she said this. >> you know, there is so much 'about what is happening in the world now that it's presenting some of the worst there is so much yet to accomplish and that we can accomplish, including a day like today that is so historic and so important for some reasons. >> jesse: biden could have nominated any liberal justin for the high court who would rule the exact same way jackson would. but this is historic because she is black woman. which is largely symbolic, one way or the other but symbolic. and that's all part of the plan. democrats will promise, they will save your community, protect you, educate you, enrich you but do they? i'm not so sure. but they sure are big on symbolism. what have democrats delivered to
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black americans on issues like school choice? safe streets and wages? they have done a lot of kneeling but where is police reform? the patronage mill is in full swing though and so is the pandering. >> >> remember visiting you al-when you got transferred to brooklyn. the one thing you wanted was friday chicken and we got that delivered. i think that may have been the last fried chicken you ate though. >> if you have a problem figuring out if you are for me or trump then you ain't black. >> what's something you always carry with you? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yeah, yeah. >> really? >> i want you to know okay she is pandering to black people again. [laughter] >> okay. >> is it working? >> jesse: i guess it is working. but for how much longer? the one guy who presided over significant change was called racist by democrats every day. donald trump unleashed the economy resulting in record low
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black poverty rate, record low black unemployment and huge income gains for black americans precovid not to mention authorizing hundreds of millions of dollars to historically black colleges, something the democrats didn't get done. the democrats, you see, they yell louder. and they yell scarier stuff like if you don't vote for us, republicans are going to put you back in chains. >> you can let the big banks once again write their own rules, unchain wall street. >> boo. >> they're going to put you all back in chains. race. >> jesse: is racism holding you back or are democrats? white politicians who talk about fried chicken and hot sauce, then say you are not black if you don't vote for them? that's messed up. and if you get ahead, they want credit. no. you deserve the credit. the american dream is very much alive for everyone.
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just ask these people. >> i think the american dream is easier than ever before. it's just you got to work at it. >> i think i'm the american dream. >> barack knows the american dream because he has lived it. >> surely we can give everyone in this country a fair chance at that great american dream. >> america creates an atmosphere for people to achieve so the american dream is just the ability to achieve. >> anybody can attain it. >> jesse: so when you see white democrat politicians like hillary or wealthy liberal comedians like jon stuart tell you the american dream is dead and your skin color determines how far you can go in this country, when you know in your heart your own potential is huge and see these success stories all around you, take a second and think why don't they believe you can make it?
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and that answer will tell you everything you need to know about the system they think they run. heather mcdonald's is a manhattan institute fellow and author of the diversity delusion and bob woodson is the founder of the wood son foundation. all right. so, bob, you saw some of that fact sheet that i ran up at the top there about income levels. how would you explain that and do you think the democrat party policies play a role in it? >> well, first of all, thanks for having me on, jesse. the reality is otherwise, it's really demeaning, thomas sowell in his new book charter school and their enemies points out that after slavery blacks $700 million in accumulated wealth. we have 40,000 black businesses. 40,000 churches. 739,000 farms that we had.
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literacy rate was 5% at the end of slavery and in less than 50 years it climbed to 70%. and in the past 50 years, in all of the social indicators, labor force participation rate, home ownership, marriage, black increased and improved throughout that period. and so it was because of their embrace of the american dream and the principles, the foundation of faith, family and self-determination these were the drivers, the principles that were used to resist and push against slavery and discrimination. all of this changed in the 1960s as heather knows it cost rates turn of the century up to 1960 were not what they are today. all of the problems that we are witnessing today, the decline out of wedlock births are a function of the liberal policies
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of the 1960s. what racism and slavery could not achieve for so-called progressive policies of the 1960s did promote the kind of decline that we're trying to face down. >> jesse: and that decline, heather, has some would say benefited politically the democratic party because that is how black americans vote and they voted for that party for a very long time. >> well, the proponents of white privilege theory have a whole lot of explaining to do, jesse. by my count that's seven nonwhite groups ahead of groups in household income. they can't all be faking it as pretend white. america has to stop apologizing for phantom racism. this is not a racist country. here is what explains those success rates. >> we have low rates of illegitimacy. high rates of baton rouge values. the kids in those households doing they are studying and
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paying attention to their teacher, they are working hard. here's what they are not doing, gang banging, getting involved in drugs, dropping out of school. people of color the world over in third world countries are banging at the doors to get into the united states. they do not see this as a racist country and here is who else has to do some splaining. the progressive politicians who demean this country as racist and yet who demand open borders. if this is such a racist country, why are they insistent that we have an endless flow of people from third world countries into this hot bed of racism, talking about phantom racism distracts us from the real problems which mr. woodson talks about, knows so well, bad policies but above all a breakdown of culture. >> jesse: that is very, very true and you mentioned bob in his writings and i have bob's book next to my bed right on the dresser. tell us again what the book is
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called, bob? >> there are two books. red, white, and black. >> jesse: that's it. >> rescuing america from the revisionism and race hustlers and lessons from the least of these. these are books that describe black capacity. you know, jesse, the slave owners saw blacks as property. democrats see them as pawns. >> jesse: all right. >> still being used and they are willing to sacrifice black bodies to promote black votes and that's the real sin that we are witnessing and have to content with. >> jesse: all right. thank you very much. heather, bob, as always. >> thank you. >> jesse: another biden family member just got exposed by cbs news. this is trouble. and "primetime" crosses over to the dark side. >> what are you?
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♪ >> jesse: "primetime" has been talking a lot about hunter but james biden, joe's brother, seems just as crooked. in an actual act of journalism, cbs reported this last night. >> cbs news has learned that more than 150 transactions involving either hunter or james biden's global business affairs fairswere flagged as concerningy u.s. banks for further review. some of those concerns included large wire transfers. hunter and james biden were promised retainers for their china work totaling $155,000 a month in 2017.
4:20 pm
after joey left the vice presidency. >> jesse: after he left because that was for work done while he was v.p. is cbs finally coming around? because, if i remember correctly, cbs was the one trying to sweep this whole story under the rug. >> i think it's one of the biggest scandals i have ever seen and you don't cover it. you want to talk about. >> because it can't be verified. >> you want to talk about insignificant things. >> i'm telling you. >> of course it can be verified. excuse me. they found the laptop. leslie. >> it can't be verified. >> what can't be verified? >> the laptop. >> jesse: maybe they are just changing their strategy. according to the bombshell report, american banks were just flagging wires like crazy. 150 flags directly linked to dirty chinese money. >> we have suspicious. like the 16 5gs a month. that's a lot. that is a lot of money for, what? consulting? they were just splitting up the
4:21 pm
cash together, unbelievable, all coming from that energy company. that's on top of the five million they got for more consulting fees. so if joe biden's brother was this involved, why shouldn't would he be asking questions about president biden's role in all of this? right? his son and his brother now. we know while jim and hunter were raking in millions, joe was skipping out on releasing his corporate tax return. leaving out over $1 million worth of income between 2017 and 2019. now, the biden campaign and the media at the time told us don't worry, that was all from joe's speaking fees and book deals. like we're supposed to believe someone would pay that much money from a speech from a guy who can't even string a sentence together? plus, it's not like people were rushing to buy joe's book. his book sales were abysmal.
4:22 pm
where did that money come from? so amazing because no one ever thought to ask joe what do you have to hide? why wasn't biden showing us his return? no one ever asked because big tech, the media and washington set up a little smoke screen and tried to cover it up. they just collude right in our face. and they won't stop president obama called for even more censorship today. he says it's a matter of national security. of course. >> for all the flaws that may exist in our own society, you can get any information you want right now and yet, in our society, you have roughly 40% of the country that appears convinced that the current president was elected fraudulently and that the
4:23 pm
election was rigged. >> jesse: yeah, if only half the country had known that the biden family was, you know, up to overseas, joe would have gotten [inaudible] in 20. to say peter schweizer is the author of red handed. so, peter, we have got jim biden in the crosshairs at cbs news. this thing is moving fast. how would you assess the latest development? >> well, i think the dam is starting to break, jesse. look, this was a story that the major news outlets ignored when we first exposed it no 2018. then in 2020 when the laptop was released, silence. now, you have got news networks like cbs, abc "the washington post" and the "new york times" are all reporting on this. so, i think their hope is jesse, they are going to make hunter biden or even james biden story and not include joe but i don't think that's going to work because everything is so
4:24 pm
intertwined. you cannot separate what james and hunter biden were doing from what joe biden was doing in office. >> jesse: well, they are going to try their best. and we are not going to let that happen over at "primetime" and thanks to peter schweizer and all of his reporting you are not going to let that happen either, thank you so much, peter. next, what are the migrants that are coming here saying about joe biden? well, we spoke to some of them and it's wild. plus, "primetime" takes a trip to the dark side. ♪ responsible for unauthorized purchases on your discover card. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance.
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4:30 pm
the white house is pulling may 23rd so set your watch. but even members of joe's own party now say the move is a huge mistake. >> the borders need to be secured. our borders are not secured. they are porous. i don't think 42 -- section 42 should be removed until we have secure borders, period. >> jesse: but it's not just manchin, it's dozens of democrats, senate and house are against this move. get ready for more drugs and criminals. to flood no our country. smugglers are just dreaming of a scenario like this. they are prepped. they are ready to rock. illegal immigrants already sent back home under title 42, they are just ready to rock and come right back. in just listen to them say it themselves. >> [speaking spanish]
4:31 pm
>> jesse: if we thought the border crisis was bad now just wait until next month. julio, senior writer at town took that video and joins me now at the latest. that was good video by the way. thank you for doing that for us. and they are getting free phones. have they heard they get free phones, too, when they cross over? >> >> exactly. jesse, that man from honduras wasn't the only person who unprompted from us told us that they were waiting for may 23rd.
4:32 pm
another woman i spoke to was also from honduras said that she had actually been title 42 with her children but because title 42 does not apply to unaccompanied minors sent them a second time. she said she was waiting for next month for title 42 that she can cross and be reunited with her children. >> jesse: she sends her young children across alone, she goes back, waits for biden and then she is crossing over? it doesn't sound like there is any pressure to turn people away. is there? i -- are there any people being turned away at all after this? >> this remains to be seen this is why people along the border are very, very nervous about ma. the biden administration was warned when they first came into power from trump administration officials by saying if you follow through on your campaign promises when it comes to the border, we are going to see an influx. they went ahead and did it
4:33 pm
anyway and we saw the mask increase in apprehensions and got-aways. that's why, even though the white house and dhs is saying that they are using this month's time period to prepare and kind of build up infrastructure to absorb that influx, there is not a lot of confidence people on the border whether it's law enforcement or local residents that they are going to be actually prepared to have up to 18,000 encounters a day which to put in quick perspective the patience under the bridge in del rio last november is 15,000. we are expected to double the situation along the entire border every day next month. >> jesse: real quick, julio, do they like biden? do they talk about how great he is for letting them in so easily? >> i can tell you speaking with migrants that have come from all different parts of latin america and even different parts across the world yesterday, they to make these types of illegal crossings when trump was in
4:34 pm
office. trump crazy because it was the hard stance that he took towards the border but, again, that's why with the rhetoric and the policies coming from this white house and administration it does have an effect and it does incentivize. >> jesse: all right, julio, thank you so much. great job down there. >> thank you. >> jesse: we told you yesterday that governors in texas and florida are biden some of his own medicine. greg abbott, texas, busing and flying illegal immigrants in his state straight to washington d.c. and ron desantis is dumping them in biden's home state of delaware. press secretary jen psaki was asked about the dropoffs today. watch. >> when they get -- are you guys going to help them find a place to stay and something for them to do? >> i'm not aware of what authority the governor would be doing that i think that's pretty clear that's a publicity stunt. his own office admits that a migrant would need to voluntarily be transported. they can't compel them to
4:35 pm
because, again, enforcement of our country's immigration laws lies with the federal government not a state. >> fly to washington, d.c. >> i don't know. the i know that the governor of texas or any state does not have the legal authority to compel anyone to get on a bus. >> jesse: my next guest knows all about being a press secretary and possibly a future governor. sarah huckabee sanders joins me now with her take. all right sarah huckabee sanders, it's good to have you back here. good to see you. >> good to be with you. good to see you, too. >> jesse: it is kind of sad though that these illegal immigrants are being used as political pawns just to embarrass joe biden into actually doing his job do you agree? >> well, joe biden has done a pretty good job embarrassing himself. he sent a message very clearly on at a one of his administration that the border was open to the world. he has never once taken action to secure our border or to stop
4:36 pm
people from coming in. under president trump, we had a secure border. we were working whether it was through the remain in mexico policy, things like title 42 or the physical wall itself. our border was far more secure. since biden has come in, he has allowed a national security, a health and humanitarian crisis to take place at the border, allowing the drugs and cartel violence to flood in across our southern border, and i'm thankful that governors are stepping up. because that's what it is going to take. because we cannot count on the federal government under biden's leadership to actually do something. they have created this problem. there is no doubt that they are going to only continue to allow it to get worse. and so i'm glad that strong conservative governors are stepping up and taking actual steps to do something about it because we know it's not going to happen at the hands of the biden administration. >> jesse: that is for sure. i know people in your state very concerned about corruption.
4:37 pm
we're concerned about corruption here. and there's a lot of corruption in washington as you observed while you were there working very hard. so, aoc actually called out nancy pelosi today because, you know nancy makes a mint trading stocks -- excuse me, her husband does and she basically said this is really corrupt whether it is or it just looks like it. listen. >> there is a very, very direct connection between us holding ourselves to a higher standard, holding and having that include our families and, you know, there are many different proposals here, but, you know, whether it's spouses, whether it's children. whether it's senior staff members who are also in the room when it comes to -- when it comes to writing down the actual to be age to assure that it's not happening here and that they don't have to worry about if they are competing with their member of congress' stock
4:38 pm
portfolio in order to be heard. >> jesse: that was a direct shot at the speaker of the house. your reaction? >> look you, i'm always pretty suspect of anything coming from aoc, but one thing that i might say i slightly agree is that members of congress should never be enriching themselves when they are there to serve the public. and so i certainly hope that we can hold people accountable. i don't know that i would count on her to be the person to lead that charge. >> jesse: y. i wouldn't put her in charge of anything but at least she said the right thing there. >> agreed. >> jesse: sarah huckabee sanders thanks so much for joining us. >> you bet, thanks, jesse. >> jesse: nancy pelosi caught covid. a lot of people think she gave it to the president of the united states. right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> jesse: big news today house speaker nancy pelosi tested positive for covid. i would hope she is doing okay. on tuesday, pelosi was seen up close and personal with joe biden, even giving him a smooch
4:44 pm
on the cheek. but don't worry, everybody, jen psaki says it's not close contact. >> how concerned are you that biden was not in close contact with speaker pelosi when there is video of the speaker kissing him? >> well, peter, the way that it is defined is by the center for disease control, the cdc and their definition of it is 15 minutes of contact within a set period of time and within 6 feet. it did not meet that bar. >> jesse: i don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. it sure looks like close contact. so far joe biden has tested negative and we hope that continues. well, the tony fauci legacy tour has officially kicked off and he has quite a mess to clean up. the american people know he was wrong about lockdowns, which totally wrecked our economy and hurt our children. he didn't stop the spread, everybody got it and he lied to us about the everything
4:45 pm
he can to repair his public image and that means somebody else needs needs to take the blame. this week fauci was asked if she could have been fewer covid deaths at the start of the pandemic government quote smarter. here is his response. there were certain things that were done likely would have. for example, if we were trying to lock down to use that word, it's a very charged word to some people, let's do the 15, 30 day he would get up and say liberty virginia, liberty michigan, which was just completely contrary and antithetical to what we were trying to do. if we had really locked down we probably wouldn't have lost a lot of people early on. >> jesse: would really locked down? is he being serious? we really did lock down. and hopkins study found it didn't prevent any deaths. look at china. they have more lockdowns than
4:46 pm
anybody and cases over there are exploding. so he is lying. this has nothing to do with trump. fauci is twisting the story just to cover his own you know what. and, for the record, trump did listen to fauci and that's the problem. and he knows it. here's a little trip down memory lane. >> the first and only time that dr. berks and i went in and formally made a recommendation to the president to actually have a, quote: shut down, the president listened to the recommendation, and went to the mitigation. and that's the reason why we argued strongly with the president that he not withdraw those guidelines after 15 days but then extend them and he did listen. and he got it right away. it was a pretty clear picture. >> i'm pleased with is that the president has gone out there and is saying things now that i think important. have to do with wearing masks,
4:47 pm
crowded -- staying away from crowded places. so i think that they have been helpful. >> jesse: clay travis is the host of the clay travis and buck sexton show. oh,man, he just says anything to anybody no matter where he is just to make himself look good, doesn't he? >> jesse, he is the most destructive bureaucrat in the history of the united states. >> jesse: true. >> if you were watching, you were saying hey, what's the importance of the midterms? we have got to win back the house and we have to win back the senate. so this guy can be put under oath. probably will retire, jesse. i think that's probably what he will do is run for the exit as soon as he starts to get legitimately questioned on all of this. he should have been asked so we did lockdowns. do you want us to lock down like china? do you want people to hammer and nail american citizens in to their homes like they did in china? and refuse people to leave? i also would like to know hey,
4:48 pm
by the way, dr. fauci, why have more people died if donald trump did such a bad job with covid, why have more people died since joe biden became president and we had the covid shot, the covid vaccine, whatever you want to call it widely distributed all over this country? i despise watching this guy. the fact that he has been in power effectively for two years is the biggest public policy facial of your life, jesse, of my life. fauci has to go. i cannot wait until he finally gets questioned. i think, if anything, this guy should face charges for what he did in trying to cover up his involvement in the gain of function research that helped to create the covid virus in my opinion out of wuhan. >> jesse: and right when the republicans take the house and start slapping subpoenas on dr. fauci, that is when he retires and that is when he does the big book deal. everyone knows it. and we're just waiting for it to happen. clay travis, thank you so much for coming on "primetime."
4:49 pm
>> appreciate it, jesse. congrats on the show. >> jesse: thank you. we're learning today that jill biden's secret service detail was infiltrated by foreign operatives. for the latest, we turn to kevin corke. what happened, kevin? >> jesse, very interesting tore steer. frankly incredible. one of two fake homeland security agents who actually fooled secret service agents into accepting lavish gifts and penthouse apartments actually post bosd of his ties to pakistan agency. it the two were actually arrested wednesday night and they were charged, jesse, with false impersonation of a federal officer. that's not the half of it the fbi alleges that the pair spent years posing at homeland security agent. they found the pair had a binder with a list of every resident in
4:50 pm
the building along with guns, gas masks, tactical gear, hard drives, servers, a drone, even training manuals for the dhs and naval criminal investigative service. prosecutors also say that alli's passport shows two, that's right, two pakistani and one iranian visa. and here's the kicker, at least four secret service employees accepted numerous gifts from those men including rent free apartment, iphones, surveillance systems, a drone, a flat screen tv and a generator. and, as you pointed out, one of the people who was given gifts previously worked on the first lady's security detail. now, in case you are wondering the two men face up to three years in jail if convicted as well as major fines. as for the secret service employees, they have been placed on administrative leave. jesse? >> jesse: massive security failure, unbelievable. thank you so much. so "primetime" investigates who is still watching cnn.
4:51 pm
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♪ ♪ >> vampires and elves are real. once a year they made up in new jersey, of course, at a convention called dark side of the con. ♪ ♪ >> what are you? >> i am known as frannie goss, i am also a vampire. >> i am actually a wiccan. i am a demon. >> my name is a drill, the elf. >> i did not know you had elves working here. >> what are you? >> that's a stupid question. >> do you identify as?
4:57 pm
>> are you a vampire? >> some days. >> do you cast a spell on people? >> i put a spell on you! >> do you have feeding rituals? >> jesse is feeding frenzy. >> here we go. >> would you say you are a part of the dark side? >> absolutely. >> what attracted you to the dark side? >> well, you can't have light without dark. you know? >> you experience the full power of the dark side! >> do you think that the biden administration as a part of the dark side? >> yes. yes, i do. >> biden is definitely the devil. >> [laughs] >> the biden administration, that's the president, right? >> i'm running as a proud democrat for the senate. >> i like joe biden. >> do you think that vladimir putin might be walking somewhere around here?
4:58 pm
>> it's always a good possibility. possible. >> [laughs] >> do you think that joe biden is fighting vladimir putin hard enough? >> not really. >> on, man! ♪ ♪ >> defunding the police, do you think it was a good idea? >> i think it depends on the city. >> do you support the defund the police movement? what about the crimes brie all over the country? >> i think that that's a larger question of economics. >> the economy, stupid. >> do you know anything that is going on at the border? >> i have no idea. >> down at the border? like virginia and west virginia? >> what are we talking about? >> where do you get your news from? >> reliable sources online? >> brian seltzer? >> really.
4:59 pm
>> mostly "the new york times" and "los angeles times." >> what about hillary? >> i have no idea. >> if you could say one thing to jesse watters right now, anything in the world, what would it be? >> well, justin. >> jesse. i am so sorry. i'm terribly sorry that i have not heard of you before, but i am a little bit oblivious because i live under a rock under the tree in a forest. >> litter old tree hugger for short. >> shut up. >> >> abracadabra! >> jesse: [laughs] very good. so the window, i went to talk to you guys about the benefits of acupuncture. don't laugh at me. i read the book by my friend tony robbins and he said acupuncture is very helpful. so i tried it a few times, and it really relaxes me and it fixed my elbow pain and it gave me -- they are laughing at me in
5:00 pm
the studio, but i am serious, try it, just once and you will think me. now jesse, please, please, please and your show with i am waters, when you don't it messes with my whole evening. i'm going to do something for you just tonight. tucker is up next, but remember everything, i am watters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: oh, good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," weeks before the russian military invaded ukraine, a chilling story began to appear in a number of american media outlets. unnamed sources from the biden administration warned that if vladimir putin was preparing what they called a false flag attack, the point of the attack was to be a pretext for war with ukraine. the suggestion was that they


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