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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 7, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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try it, just once and you will think me. now jesse, please, please, please and your show with i am waters, when you don't it messes with my whole evening. i'm going to do something for you just tonight. tucker is up next, but remember everything, i am watters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: oh, good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," weeks before the russian military invaded ukraine, a chilling story began to appear in a number of american media outlets. unnamed sources from the biden administration warned that if vladimir putin was preparing what they called a false flag attack, the point of the attack was to be a pretext for war with ukraine. the suggestion was that they
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were staging mass killing and accusing the ukrainians of doing it. so the pentagon warned americans to expect "very pro-graphic propaganda" including corpses and actors that would depict mourners in destroyed locations as well as military equipment in the hands of ukraine or the west." it was a very exciting story, but the media accepted all of it at face value and repeated it unequivocally. one of the very few who dared to ask questions about where the story came from was an associated press reporter called matt lee. and for asking that question, they all but accused him of working for vladimir putin. so that's what happens when you ask uncomfortable questions. the media caught on quickly and stopped asking. but for weeks the administration continue to release more of what is called declassified intelligence about russia's plans. officials said that vladimir putin was going to use chemical weapons and ukraine. biden repeated that story.
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and that's why joe biden told us we needed to send 14 billion in tax dollars to the ukrainian government. everyone in washington except it at face value in the u.s. government sent the money. but biden was not telling the truth and the administration admitted that. according to nbc news, multiple biden administration officials have confirmed that there is "no evidence russia has brought any chemical weapons near ukraine." so that was not true. but it was not the only lie. nbc described as fiction by chemical weapons as one of the string of examples of unverified information that the biden administration was real. so they were just lying to us about what was happening in ukraine, they were lying to us at scale. but amazingly, and this is a telling point, nbc was not bothered by that. in fact, they celebrated it. nbc described the lies that the biden administration had told as a "bold and so far successful strategy." and then nbc sent out one of the
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intel agency puppets it employs to let us, the viewers know that we should be grateful the biden administration is lying to us. watch. >> now we are in the middle of the war and the u.s. has been releasing intelligence and sometimes it's not always based on the most high confidence reporting. for example, the united states made public that they believe that there are indications that russia may be poised to use chemical agents in ukraine. how did that come to pass? officials said one of the reasons of making the public was to deter it. they also talk about russia going to china to ask for military help. there is no indication that that has happen either, but that was a way of warning the chinese not to do it. >> tucker: oh, it's all very clever, so the biden administration used this information to manipulate american public opinion. but nbc wants you to know that that's okay because it was for a good cause. it was virtuous. so how should we feel about this?
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a news organization that celebrates lying to the public? one on one level it is bewildering, reporters exist to tell the truth. that's her entire job. this is like carrying a doctor bag but killing people. it gives you the chills. if new organizations are repeating lies about a war, then what can the rest of us believe? what can we know is true? and honestly, it's hard to know what is true, we can be assured that russian soldiers committed atrocities in ukraine, they are noblest of pictures of that. some must be real, but we can also be dead certain that the war is not, despite what they tell us, a childish tale of good versus evil. this is eastern europe, after all. everything is a lot more complicated than it looks on american tv. according to "the new york times" and recent video for example shows ukrainian soldiers killing captured russian troops. this happened last week. ideas are not even human, one ukrainian soldier says on camera. they boasted about the killings
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calling them "precise work." so that happen, it's awful. does the fact that it is awful justify russia's invasion to ukraine? of course it doesn't. the russian invasion in ukraine was wrong and the results have been a tragedy for everyone around the world. but at the same time since our leaders have insisted on placing this country, the united states in the middle of that faraway war for for reasons they still have not explained, we, american citizens, who supposedly run our government have a right to ask where our money is going and what is being done in our name. but that's the last thing anyone who covered the white house plans to deal. instead, here's what they are doing. watch. >> so given these awful videos and pictures we are seeing of the atrocities that took place right now, is the u.s. policy still one of no regime change in russia? and if so, why should someone like vladimir putin be viewed by the u.s. as something to stay back at? >> i think that our policy is no, we are not calling for
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regime change, that is not been our policy and continues not to be our policy. >> then why not if it's the work to stand-down? >> our policy is not to call for regime change. we are not calling for regime change. >> tucker: that was an nbc reporter in case you could not hear him speak, the obedience mask, here it was. why should putin be allowed to stay in power? it's hard to believe that anyone could pack that much ignorance into a single question, but let's compact it for a moment. where does this reporter imagine that joe biden gets the power to decide which world leaders be "allowed to govern their own country?" is it a constitution of power that he possesses? if not where does it come from? and what does this reporter think that joe biden can do about it exactly? you may not like vladimir putin. most people don't like vladimir putin. but vladimir putin has the largest nuclear stockpile in the world. so let's say for the sake of argument that vladimir putin does not feel like resigning
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today. what next? well, the genius from nbc news did not suggest what next. over at cbs, meanwhile, they are a lot more specific about what next. watch the "cbs news" "reporter" demand to united states go to war with russia immediately. >> why should into the image is an atrocity atrocities from bucha compel a worldwide unified coalition kinetic response? >> you mean a military war? tell me more about what you mean? >> sure, a military response led by the united states. >> as in bringing military troops on the ground from the united states and nato? >> the president has described outrageous things. you call them atrocities. you say that perhaps we should brace ourselves for the worse, why not? >> i think what the president's objective is and his responsibility is to make decisions in the interest of the united states and the national treaty of the united states and the american people. and that is not to go to war
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with russia. >> tucker: ever notice that it is the very same people who are so personally afraid of a flu virus that they are still wearing their little masks in public. of those same people are the ones who are encouraging other people's kids to go die on a battlefield. so the question was, why shouldn't these pictures we are seeing on television justify old war with russia? that's what the reporter asked. and for once the president's publicist seemed lost for words. a military advance, she asked? sure said the reporter. and without the bombing begins and some huge number of americans die. sure, let's start world war iii. this is demented. it so completely reckless and crazy. and so utterly nihilistic that you would think it is one overheated kid in the white house briefing room failing to get his emotions under control after watching too many particularly upsetting news segments from ukraine. and they are upsetting.
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but it's not just one emotionally incontinent reporter in the briefing room, it's everyone in washington. all of a sudden they are all like this. they are already to push western civilization off the cliff after watching too much cable news. here's yet another wacko in the press corps suggesting that putin is in league with unseen white supremacist forces in the united states. so we have here, ladies and gentlemen, a fifth column in our midst. >> over the years, public reporting has shown that white supremacists and other domestic humanists have developed an affinity for russia. is there any concern that as the russian economy continues to degrade that russia might try and inspire domestic extremists, and domestic terrorists? acts of violence on american soil? >> tucker: how is it that there are people like that they go into the news business?
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stupid, awkward, the less people you would have dinner with. the people that make you rethink your career choice is a middle age, trust us. but what he is saying here is that it could that putin controls his own secret white supremacist forces here in the united states, and there will be a searching for a word "insurrection" at putin's command. is there a nexus between januarn ukraine? it's self discrediting. it is literally lunacy. and these are white house reporters. and it's not just reporters covering the white house, here is an msnbc anchor telling you that if we don't declare war on russia immediately and risk of nuclear annihilation, then something called dr. mark -- democracy will and forever. >> we are past the point of sanctions and strongly worded condemnations and the seizing of oligarchs make a ghats. at the world order and democracy as a rival hang in the balance. this is not the kind of moment that the united nations and nato
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and the u.n. and the g20 and the council of europe and the g7 were made for, what is the point of these alliances if not to stop this? the world cannot sit by as vladimir putin continues this reign of terror. >> tucker: okay, the mixture of total self-assurance, utter ignorance and self-righteousness is dangerous, ukraine is not even in nato, tough guy. it does not matter, the world can't stand by says all the best oc, they say what should we do other than be horrified? aaron mate asks alan bell sheet for verification and says, how do you propose they act? what are you calling for her, and he was at least honest enough to say it's "direct military involvement oh, what
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would that look like, how many people at msnbc would see that? zero. how many people in america would die? potentially many thousands. but it's not just velshi talking this way, it's all over cable news, all of our cable news and certainly all over msnbc. john spencer calling for american troops to start shooting russians right away. >> i know what i am saying, i served for 25 years. i served to protect the innocent. we are the leaders of the free world. so i don't speak for her, but i'm ready to commit on like i was before this day to put people in direct contact with russia, to stop russia. call it peacekeeping, call it what you will, we have to do more than provide weapons and by week, i mean the united states. yes, we are going to do it as a coalition with a lot of other people, but we are the example. so put boots on the ground, send
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weapons directly add to russia. >> tucker: so the misconceptions here are really deep, so here's a guy who after 25 years, telling a straight that he served in the u.s. army to "protect the innocent," but no you didn't. you served in the u.s. army to protect the united states. that's your job, period. and anybody who told you differently was lying to you. he is telling us that his wife is currently usurping, and he speaking for. here's a guy itching to send his own wife into battle against nuclear arms russia. let's hope his wife never sees that tape. let's hope that he is never on tv again. this is serious, and could conduct. you think about a moment like this, we can get some clear thinkers. to some calmer heads as we try to chart a path forward through very complicated time. but apparently we can't have that. instead we have 88 news anchors calling for regime change, kill putin! okay, what then? and then washington we have
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emotionally unbalanced buffoons like adam kinzinger working out his personal problems in public by yelling about "war with russia." adam kinzinger has been saying that for weeks as hillary vaughn went up to the capital and tracked down adam kinzinger to find out exactly what he is talking about spiritual we shoot down russian planes were not? she asked, and we are glad she did, because here is what adam kinzinger said. >> i have called for a no fly zone, that was a month ago. >> are you comfortable with the u.s. a striking down russian planes in the air above ukraine? >> oh coming out. seriously if there is a no-fly zone implemented coming put out an edict for humanitarian purposes. >> tucker: these people are children that don't care about the consequences. oh coming out, shoot down russian planes. not like that could escalate into our mckennitt in about 8 minutes or anything. these people are insane. they are totally reckless. it's our future they are gaming with. and they should be ashamed of themselves. but they are not ashamed at all. in fact, they are doubling down
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on aggression and their moral certainty. and they are deeply influencing the policy of the u.s. governments, and therefore this country's future. the most reckless among all of us fully in charge. on wednesday in response to their relentless prodding, joe biden once again suggested the united states might be in a hot war with nuclear arms russia. >> and here's the point, this war could continue for a long time. by the united states will continue to stand with ukraine, the ukrainian people, and the fight for freedom. and i just want you to know that. and by the way, if i've got to go to war, i'm going with you guys. [cheers and applause] i mean it! >> tucker: this might go on for a long time, not surprising. they are getting a lot out of it in washington, the ukrainian people are getting nothing other than exile, death, and destruction of their country paired but in washington, many are benefiting. as joe biden said, if i have to go to work, we'll go with you
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guys. you won't be, mr. president, because it will be 80 this fall. he will not lead troops into battle alongside the white house press corps, you will just cause others to do that. joe kent seen this story before, a retired green beret, running for congress in the state of washington. thanks so much for coming on. it's almost unfair to hold media lunacy as if it matters, but it's all over the sudden it seems to matter. and it seems like intemperance, reckless, nihilist in washington are pushing the administration towards what could be a true disaster. >> yeah, absolutely, tucker paired to the rhetoric coming from the media, coming from the national security state, and many of our elected officials is completely irresponsible for all the reasons that you outlined. what i want to call people's attention to is that hey, we are the iraq-war generation. we have seen this movie before recently. many of us like myself went and fought, i lost my late wife in these conflicts. we know how we were lied to you. we can lay it out chapter and verse, the lies that the media
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told, the lies that the ministry control. everybody can regurgitate those right now, and we are seeing it all being paired right now in this ukraine war. in this effort to get us into a conflict with russia. so i think that we need our lawmakers to actually respect the american people enough to come back to their districts, congress, like the constitution says, and to tell everyone what is going to happen if we are going to continue to sanction putin and continue to call him a war criminal like we did with qaddafi and with saddam, if we are going to send $14 billion of our own money over to ukraine so that they can fight russia, what is going to happen? what are the possible scenarios if we continue to push the russian economy into the arms of the chinese communist party, what is going to happen to our economy? none of these discussions are being had. instead we are watching the ward to the iraq war parts you otherwise it might be world war iii as a of load don't act avoidance to write an insurgency. >> tucker: there is less than it was in 2002, 2003. i was embarrassed to admit that i am on the wrong side of the
5:18 pm
debate. about two there was a lot of strong and sensible voices on both sides. i don't see any voices on the other side. people are afraid to be called pro putin, zero interest in putin or russia, could care less, only caring about the united states, why don't we do what you just said, a very clear explanation of what this will cost and how it benefits us, why will we do this? like what the hell are they even talking about? >> i think right now there is a lot of very cold and calculating people in our political apparatus right now, that they know that war in this desire for us to be on the right side is a narrative that is very compelling and powerful for americans. it allows them to distract from all their other failings. the country is in a bad way right now. it was in a bad way before everything that happened in ukraine. and the easiest thing to do is to saber rattle and elect this expansion continued towards war as opposed to addressing the real problems we are having right now with our economy, our southern border, all of the above. it is much easier for them to rattle less towards war for
5:19 pm
their own political gain. these people cannot be trusted. we need to be demanding of our elected officials, our congressmen and congresswomen going back to the districts and explaining to the american people what is happening right now. i was really frustrated to see that only a handful of republicans today and if you democrats actually stood up and voted against further sanctions against russia, just because of the ramifications of further isolating russia and exacerbating this conflict. >> tucker: and hurting our economy, but this is one of those cases where right-wing media is the same as liberal media, or kevin mccarthy the same as nancy pelosi. that should make normal people very, very nervous. >> we have seen this movie before. everyone can tell exactly what happen with the iraq war, and recently the covid narrative, january 6, the election, hunter's laptop, the list of lies go on and on. we have every right as a matter of fact, i would say that every american has a responsibility right now to question what is coming from the media and to question what is coming from our elected officials before we get pushed into world war iii.
5:20 pm
our children's future and our grandchildren's future is on the line in every way, shape, and form right now. >> jesse: exactly. they have been calling their opponents prudent students, and now republicans are calling their opponents putin stooges. joe kent, great to see you tonight. thank you. >> thank you very much, tucker. >> tucker: we have footage tonight and i'm going to warn you that there was a medical emergency at the white house, nancy pelosi appeared to be super spreading a chinese flu virus, one made in a lab in central china. apparently her three or maybe six doses of the vaccine did not work. we will get to the bottom of the medical mystery. a new report says that several american blanks going at banks flagged 100 financial transactions involving hunter biden, what does that mean exactly? we will tell you after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: well, like virtually everyone in washington, nancy pelosi has taken innumerable shots of the corona vax, because she is a good person unlike you, and yet, this is a bewildering fact for those of us who believe in science, nancy pelosi says she has tested positive for corona anyway, how does that work? the spokesman explains that the vaccine is working very
5:26 pm
effectively, "the speaker is fully vax and boosted and is thankful for the robust protection the vaccine has provided" except for the fact that she is impacted. and that's why they fear of a super-spreader event, we are said to bring this to you, but we have to, because it is a new show, on tuesday nancy pelosi was in the white house kissing barack obama's hand, watch. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: did you see that? she rubbed it against her face or licked it. so here you have pelosi and joe biden, combined with 1621 hugging each other. also on tuesday, watch. [applause]
5:27 pm
with the medical emergency report, dr. marc siegel joins us, thank you so much for coming on, i have not seen any peer-reviewed study is on whether sniffing is a path to transition, hair sniffing for the coronavirus, but i'm wondering if the behavior you just on the video we played seem safe to you? >> not totally, and i think it will give, tucker, a new meaning to though word of viral kiss or a viral hug, if that case has virus in it, you can spread it that way. but on a serious note, she is 82 years old, speaker pelosi, she only has thyroid disease by report, but she is and a high-risk group. so far she is not sick, but you know, look, she could get any drugs she wants. she could get the latest pill, the latest antibody, it would not hurt her that over $200,000 from drug company money has been given to her campaign over the last decade, but i'm sure that
5:28 pm
she could get it anyway. now in terms of the vaccine, i think you are right about this, she has had double vaccine and the booster, i don't know if she got the second booster the way that the president did on camera, but one thing is for sure, she got it anyway. and it would be a great teaching moment that you are not going to see is that she came out and said, you know, maybe the vaccine decreases severity, but i got it anyway, maybe you still can get covid despite the vaccine. about time to admit that. and also when she recovers from covid, how about if she got out there on the microphone and said, you know, now i have covid, i can go to public places. i have a ring of immunity from covid, natural immunity, i am even more protected than from the vaccine. you are not gonna see that either. you know why? because it is dogma. because it is never about public health. it's never about flexibility. and here, tucker, is the biggest example of all. you have 2-year-old still in new york city under mayor adams who are forced to wear masks,
5:29 pm
you have called them masks of obedience in the past, let me tell you, a 2-year-old cannot wear a mask at all effectively. but then you go to the white house, a place with poor ventilation and you have 70-year-olds and 80-year-olds huddling together, congressmen, presidents, former presidents, a viral kiss, and they are high-risk groups not a mask insight. so who is going to take this administration seriously? who if they can't have any consistent public policy? not me, not you, and not the american public, tucker. >> tucker: i wish she would use it as a teaching moment for bravery, and me too, i don't care anymore new. i'm going to eat a dozen oysters, fly to african airlines and take barack obama's hand to my face. i think that would be inspiring, but she will never do that. it's good to see you. thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: we can finally admit that hunter biden's laptop is not russian disinformation
5:30 pm
and saying that does not make you a fan of putin, the new line from the atlantic and cnn is that it does not matter anyway. nothing to see here, but there is still some serious journalist looking into the bidens overseas peddling of operations, catherine herridge is one of them, she has just reported that american banks like more than 150 financial transitions involving hunter or james biden, the president's brother, some of those were large wired transfers. watch. >> cbs news has learned that more than 150 transactions involving hunter or james biden's global business affairs were flagged concerning by u.s. banks for further review. some of those concerns included large wired transfers. this week the released bank records indicating james biden's company the line-haul group was paid by a chinese limb and chinese financing consultant
5:31 pm
firm. it shows a federal investigator also sought hunter and james bidens business records from a major u.s. bank dating back to 2014 as part of a separate probe by the u.s. attorney in delaware. into possible violations of tax and foreign lobbying laws. >> tucker: hmm? we know that there is or at least was a department investigation into the biden family of four and business operations. they have not publicly commented on the status, merrick garland has refused to appoint a special counsel. needless to say it's not for lack of evidence print in october 2020, we spoke to one of hunter biden's business associates. bob linsky told us that joe biden was directly involved in the overseas business deals. he met with joe biden to talk about those deals. bob linsky also told us that joe biden knew the arrangement was wrong. >> i'm thinking about the biden family, how are they doing this,
5:32 pm
and i know that he decided not to run in 2016, but what about the future, aren't they taking political risk, and i remember looking at jim biden and saying, how are you guys getting away with this? are you concerned. and he looked at me and laughed a little bit and said, plausible deniability. >> tucker: plausible deniability works for a while, got them into the election and nobody in the press corps covered the story. but now more than a year later, that is finally changing, the question is why? clearly the long knives are out for joe biden who is in the democratic party. why are they doing this? what is the plan? biden is taking out who is replacing him, what does that mean? some of us were excited to see the governor of new york deposed and then he was replaced by somebody even worse. remember that it's possible too. so after elon musk bought twitter, or almost 10% of it, the show made a prediction.
5:33 pm
it will not be long before the usual suspects start accusing elon musk of racism! [laughs] he is in their way, he might be our right nomadic white supremacist. didn't take long, those have already started. we will show you straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> at the age of 53, 47, and this nomination is concerned. [applause] >> here in washington, the senate voted to confirm content g brown jackson to the supreme court securing her as a person ever a black female justice on the high court, barack obama calling her confirmation a proud moment in our history. however in a statement after the vote, the rnc's committee chair vowed that republicans would hold democrats accountable this november "supporting biden's radical pick.
5:39 pm
jackson who is expected to take her seat this summer when stephen breyer retires was confirmed as he saw 53-47 mostly along party lines, but three republican senators susan collins, mitt romney, and lisa murkowski broke ranks with her party and threw their support behind justice jackson. i am kevin corke in washington, now back to more "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ ♪ >> tucker: pro-life activist making a horrifying discovery in washington, d.c., saying they intercepted more than 100 aborted children were being transported in biohazard containers. here's a local news report on that. >> lauren handy and i went to washington surgery center to engage in antiabortion advocacy. upon arrival we saw a truck labeled curtis bay medical waste services, parked outside. we approach the driver who was about to load two large boxes with biohazard symbols onto his truck. we asked him if he knew what was
5:40 pm
in the boxes and after he said no, we told him. dead babies. the driver was visibly taken. >> telling there was 1,101st trimester is aborted fetus sees they buried with the health of a catholic priest, the reminding five were kept in handy, the activist said that they coordinated with attorneys to tell the department about the location of the fetuses. >> tucker: that story is so awful that no one who supports the practice is once to talk about the details, so they tried to suppress the entire thing. the police department is refusing to investigate whether any laws were broken by the people who committed these abortions and then disposed of the body is. lila rose, the president of the pro-life movement action, joining us tonight, thank you for coming on. this is the kind of thing where you are not supposed to talk about the details because once you do it sort of dars people into reality, wait, that's
5:41 pm
allowed. >> yeah, it is devastating, the five children's whose remains are in possession of the d.c. police and the d.c. medical examiner's office nearly all of them appear to be viable, one boy appears to be almost full term, this impact baby boy that was dumped in a medical waste bucket. one little girl estimated by experts who looked at the documentation of this little baby girl's body looked to be about 28-30 weeks old, old enough to survive outside the womb, that little girl, her neck had been cut, her brain suctioned out and she had been thrown into a medical waste bucket as well. one little girl, another little girl, 28 weeks as well was dismembered, possibly while alive, and torn into pieces. it is devastating. and that's why these activists and live action and others are calling on d.c. police to investigate, because these children could've been born outside the womb could have
5:42 pm
survived outside the womb, there may be fed federal laws that were violated, laws that prohibit partial-birth abortion, leaving a lie of infant to die, and investigating the abortion clinic in particular that does these horrific late-term abortions. and we found the abortionist admitting on undercover camera that he would leave an infant to die and his facility if the child was born alive. so this is happening in full sight of the authorities. and yet no action has been taken. >> tucker: certainly moral laws were violated, and you sense of how the ghouls who commit these crimes and support them have seized the moral high ground in the national conversation? >> i mean, it is an incredible dishonesty of media. working to protect abortionists here. the killers have human beings, children who deserve love and to be held instead of being thrown away like medical waste, and the media is covering for them, authorities are covering for them. they operated illegally for 33
5:43 pm
years, three decades before authorities finally did their job and now he is behind bars. this abortionist in washington, d.c., who killed the five children and thousands of other should be behind bars as well. and so we are urging on the d.c. mayor to do her job as well as authorities. listen, tucker, this is the "american horror story." it is the "american horror story" that no one wants to talk about, but it is our children, our most vulnerable, and they deserve love and protection. >> tucker: i can't believe the ones who support this are the ones for war, they love to kill. it's amazing, lila rose, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> you, tucker. >> tucker: the january 6 subpoena of people for attending the trump rally on july 6th even though they were nowhere near the capital, so apparently it is now illegal to go to a political rally if authorities don't like the candidate. that's constitutional. than the knives are already out for elon musk as predicted, guess what they are saying about them now? we think you know.
5:44 pm
we have the tape next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so elon musk, the world's richest man sat online several months ago, you know, twitter is really important to the national conversation, the center of the political conversation. it's where political views form, so it must be free. shut down twitter, make it a one party propaganda device and you kill democracy. so now elon musk, the guy who said that is the biggest shareholder at twitter. and that has caused panic. he won't be able to censor its political opponents anymore, but in the broader world of propaganda. as reuters reported, news of elon musk as some twitter employees panic over the suit future of the social media firm ability to moderate contact. -- content to censor things they don't like. so once elon musk, an obvious call by the way bought these shares, and looked to reform
5:50 pm
twitter, the media would have to destroy them and begin by calling him, can you guess? a racist. elon musk is a massive threat to the way things are. so by definition it will not be long before they are calling him a racist, you can mark your calendar. here we are quoting ourselves, getting pompous in our old age, but we could not resist, because it was pretty good call within like ours msnbc rushed into the brief to confirm the worst suspicions, watch. >> he is building and test law a document emily racist company that perhaps reminds him, gives him nostalgic memories of apartheid south africa where he grew up. he is more than that an embodiment of what i would say is twitter is the biggest strategic problem which is a hostile, cruel dangerous online environments especially for women, especially for people of color, women of color in particular. ask anybody if you don't, if
5:51 pm
that's not your experience, ask that someone else. but elon musk and bodies bodying, that bro harassment. and it has been looked at clearly. let's control, the moment when twitter's greatest need is for greater control of naziism, and ruining women's lives were having opinions on twitter, controlling that, he wants the opposite and they have welcomed him to their board. >> tucker: [laughs] two of the single most privileged people in america posing as oppressed persons of color and telling you that your free speech coming your stupid constitution must be destroyed so that they can be safe when they are already safe, because they are already in charge of everything. these are the people who will destroy your life for disagreeing with them. they are very worried about bullying all of a sudden. elon musk must be a racist. that is not hard to predict, by the way. so on january 6th, 2021, a man
5:52 pm
from a new mexico called matthew martin walked into the u.s. capitol, the police waved him inside, come on and with hand gestures. at joe biden's desk form and decided to prosecute them by being waved in by federal employees. how does that work exactly? a federal judge had that question and acquitted him. the judge noted that "people were screaming by and the officers made no attempts to stop the people." you would think that a finding like that rooted in common sense would show some reflection from the dinner six committee where people were ushered in by federal employees into a federal building. first of all, assuring them in? maybe we are on the wrong path. but of course, we are not saying that. now subpoenaing everyone who formed the political rally on january 64 trump. hansen, senior political adviser at the dash calling it out. professor, thank you for coming on, what do you say about this? >> thank you, almost immediately
5:53 pm
that was turned to conspiracy or a coup, the american people don't like people desecrated, and they went along for a while, but then they started asking questions. officer sitton nick did not die violently of natural causes, and the autopsy was suppressed for a while, actually babel who was shot was not armed intruder, she was a petite military veteran that was legally shot for the high misdemeanor of going through a broken window. and when that happens in america, the suspect that is killed, the officer that did that, we get all of that information, but we did not get any information about the officer and then we just oppose it to 120 days or a variety of 200 -- dollars of damage and we see the asymmetry, they were militarizing of the capital with 20,000 -- the next week with soldiers, and we thought, okay, maybe we are just paranoid let's get some information, we have a january 6th insurrection, so
5:54 pm
kevin mccarthy will appoint his and then all of a sudden, they said no, we cannot go and the only people who can serve are these never-trump people. and we thought there is 14,000 hours of video, let's settle in and get the video, no, we're not going to let that. so if they were so worried and coup de grace, tucker was this matthew rosenberg, "the new york times" marquis reporter have been telling us for months that this was a coup and conspiracy on the anniversary coming he said this is a right-wing did now i'll -- denial. they are in denial. and then it was a festive occasion. nobody was in danger at all. all of the guys and reporters are psycho dramatic. there was nothing there and they are were fbi informants everywhere. and we are thinking, wow, what is going on? so now i think we had a buffoon he riot that was useful and never waste a crisis moment for the left. >> tucker: i think you are exactly right, the lying is overwhelming, and the truth
5:55 pm
telling all the what's more inspiring paired we really appreciate it. thank you. >> you. >> tucker: we have still more news, the news avalanche continues after the break. ♪ ♪ during world war two, most of
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turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. >> tucker: that's it for us. see you tomorrow night. >> sean: welcome to hannity tonight. we are at the end of a very busy day in the washington swamp. in the senate, democrats just confirmed a far left democratic activist to the supreme court with the help of of course mitt romney, lisa murkowski, the usual. in the house, covid-19 positive nancy pelosi, we do wish her the best, has been spreading the virus apparently to everyone in sight. look at this picture. that's from yesterday in the white house. yet we have biden's dishonest


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