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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 7, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. >> tucker: that's it for us. see you tomorrow night. >> sean: welcome to hannity tonight. we are at the end of a very busy day in the washington swamp. in the senate, democrats just confirmed a far left democratic activist to the supreme court with the help of of course mitt romney, lisa murkowski, the usual. in the house, covid-19 positive nancy pelosi, we do wish her the best, has been spreading the virus apparently to everyone in sight. look at this picture. that's from yesterday in the white house. yet we have biden's dishonest
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press secretary circling back and reportedly has a brand new well paid for gig at msnbc. most of their hosts lie. that's set to begin in a few weeks. she's still working as press secretary. by the way, nbc news showing their high ethical standards once again. we'll get into that in a minute. first more breaking news on joe biden's big lie. in 2020, biden repeatedly swore to the american people that he never one time ever communicated with his son or brother about their foreign business affairs or dealings. joe biden was lying. not only did biden discuss these deals, he was an active participant. in fact, "new york post" just listed a dozen times that joe biden played a role in zero experience hunter biden's international money making ventures. first is joe's letter of recommendation. we detailed this last night.
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not only did he write a letter of recommendation for hunter's chinese business partner. he also sent a letter to the head of brown university. biden wrote a second letter of recommendation of hunter's other friend's child. this time to georgetown. neither got in. so much for the impact of a biden recommend eight letter. now hunter also acknowledged in 2019 in the new yorker that he and his dad once discussed hunter's job on the board of barifa holds. so who's telling the truth? as vice president joe was also introduced to one of hunter's business partners during their six day trip together through asia on air force two. that's when he met with president xi. meanwhile, in text messages retrieved from zero experienced hunter's lap top from hell, hunter biden complained that he had to fork over half of his earnings to, quote, pops.
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let's not forget about this picture of the pair with hunter's favorite oligarch who said his company 100 grand for a brand new sports car. here's a picture with hunter biden's mexican business partners. in an e-mail hunter complained to one mexican associate he hadn't received anything to value except bringing every single person you have asked me to bring to the bleeping white house and the vice president's house and the inauguration. here are joe and hunter golfing with hunter biden's main business partner who also served on the board of barisma holdings. archer has been convicted of fraud. he will soon be reporting to prison. joe biden also met with hunter's other business partner tony bobalinsky who identified joe biden as the big guy as it appears on hunter's lap top and
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is set to receive a 10% payout in hunter's dealings with a chinese energy company. e-mails from hunter biden's lap top in 2017 also reveal hunter was getting fees made to an office for joe biden, james biden and a chinese executive. hunter is under a federal criminal investigation for international money laundering and tax evasion. the biden syndicate may soon be indicted. a grand jury wants more information about who this big guy is and about the big guy's 10% payout. of course, other monies received. now, if you just imagine for a second if this were president trump and one of his kids. media his tieria would be unlike anything we have ever seen. during the 2020 election, the media mob, they refused to report on any of this material. in fact, they called the lap top russian disinformation. remember this lap top came out two weeks before the election
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and, remember big tech, twitter, face book, they absolutely banned anybody from even sharing the information to decide for themselves. you may remember. >> federal authorities are investigating whether recently published e-mails that purport to detail the business deals of joe biden's son are tied to an on going russian disinformation effort. >> recently published e-mails that purport details of business dealing of joe biden's son are part of an on going russian disinformation campaign. >> hunter biden's lap top that intelligence officials have warned is likely russian disinformation. >> to me, this is classic textbook soviet russian crafted work. >> cnn reported friday u.s. authorities are seeking if those e-mails are connected to an on going russian disinformation campaign. >> sean: now that the election is in the rear view mirror the lap top is being validated by
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the multiple outlets. why did that happen at this time? could it be they knew the grand jury was asking really important serious significant questions and that they would be exposed as the frauds they are? i don't know. call me cynical. don't expect them to correct the record in any way. don't expect an apology. that won't happen. has anyone corrected the record on all the russian collusion lies? have they corrected the slander against donald trump and their family? they know they buried the scandal. they know they wanted to help get joe biden elected. they're not sorry about it and they're not gonna act sorry about it. remember the decent hysteria over the trump phone logs. >> tonight 7 hours and 37 minutes missing logs from january 6th show that gap in the former president's phone records. was there a burner phone? >> seven hours?
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18 minutes of erased tapes over watergate looks like a game of patty cake. >> that is the entire window. >> we need to know who he spoke to and what they talked about and why wanted to hide it. >> this astonishing seven hour and 37 minute gap you and i go back to 1970s and watergate. it was only an 18 and a half minute gap. >> sean: they're so excited, they're giddy with excitement. we finally got him. the story was totally bogus. none of that speculation on the fake news networks turned out to be true. but yet again, none of these media hacks ever apologize or correct the record. they just move on to the next group of lies.
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that's why i have been saying since 2007, right here on this program, journalism in america is dead, done, gone and buried. make no mistake, we have a major massive information crisis in this country. look, i'm not saying they can't have opinions. what i'm saying is they need to be honest like we are on this program. am i a member of the press? obviously. i am a talk show host. i tell you what i do for a living. i could produce thousands of hour of radio and tv of me providing straight news, no opinion. we've done investigative reporting. barack obama's radical associations. the trump/russia collusion lie narrative. we spent three years on that. i'm up front. i'm a conservative. i offer my opinion. i tell you the candidates i like and don't like. we do cultural issues. we do sports. this show is like an entire newspaper. we do it all. the difference is, they claim they are objective and fair and
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balanced and that they're journalists. they're not. sad to tell them, but they're just talk show hosts with opinions like me, except they lie and claim to be something they're not. listen to one atlanta reporter at a disinformation conference wednesday. >> do you think the media acted inappropriately when they said hunter biden's lap top was disinformation. >> my problem with hunter biden's lap top is totally irrelevant. it's not whether it's disinformation. i didn't think hunter biden's business relationships have anything to do with who should be president of the united states. i don't find it interesting. that would be my problem with that as a major news story. >> sean: this might be my favorite. make believe journalists full
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time hannity stalker referred to valid criticism of fake news cnn as a vast right wing conspiracy. notice he never will answer the question that this student is rightly asking about how abusively corrupt and bias fake news cnn is. take a listen. >> they talked about russian inclusion. they pushed the jessie smollett racist hoax, they dismiss the hunter biden affair as pure russian disinformation. with main stream corporate journalists becoming little more than apologists and cheerleaders for the regime, is there time to finally declare that the cannon of journalistic ethics is dead or no longer operative? cnn puts in particular seem to imaginically all go in one direction. are we expected to believe this
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is all some sort of random coincidence? >> too bad. time for lunch. >> 30 seconds. >> i think my honest answer to you, and i'll talk in more detail after this, is that you're describing a different channel than the one i watch. i understand that is a popular right wing view of cnn. >> sean: that student was 1,000% right on every issue fake news cnn got wrong. little humpty dumpty sat on a wall and couldn't answer the question. the russian collusion was three years of conspiracy theories and lies and a hoax. what he said about justice kavanaugh was true and he wasn't a rapist. cnn ended up paying high school student nicholas sand man a ton of money after they viciously smeared him on their network. that's not a right wing narrative. that's called facts, something
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you don't know anything about. according to reports current white house press secretary jen psaki circle back will soon be on the peacock network. apparently some nbc staffers and news people say they are worried she has been hired to defend the network's sterling reputation. you think you have a sterling reputation? you're living in mars. this is the same network that employs chuck todd. same network that features russia collusion truthers like rachel maddow and everybody else on. i think jen psaki will probably fit in perfectly there. she is a notorious liar. we have the tape to prove it. take a look. >> you may have noticed gas prices have gone up. i want to talk to you about why. lot of it has to do with vladamir putin. it is widely known that there
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was a broad range of russian disinformation back in 2020. >> why is this administration putting migrants to the border and florida in the middle of the night? >> i'm not sure it's in the middle of the night. as individuals come across the border and they are both assessed for whether they have any symptoms. if they have symptoms, the intention is for them to be quarantined. they're not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time. >> sean: they won't be there for a period of time because they will fly them to the state of their choice. whether psaki is in front of a podium or on the news she will be doing the same thing, lying. the best media personality, the only objective one, not part of the blue check media mob on twitter who should have his own tv show on fox. anyway, joe, i thought susan asking humpty dump ty the
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question. he nailed it. >> an 18-year-old just threw cnn's chief media -- something that is an expert on for all the wrong reasons. let's go through these students points. christopher phillip. in his question one by one. he says traditional media. that's like cnn, abc, cbs, nbc. he said they pushed the russia collusion hoax. that's correct. he said they pushed the jessie smollett hoax. that is correct. he said they smeared judge kavanaugh. they dismissed the hunter biden lap top affair as russian disinformation. bingo. all the mistakes of the main stream media, cnn he said in
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particular, go in one direction. i believe i have heard that somewhere before. stelter answers that right wing narrative about cnn. he does this with a straight face. he perceives not to address any of the points the student made. we know now that this is a classic example of the right wing media machine. this has always been the play book. stories damaging the democrats or media. blame the right wing media. blame russian disinformation. we wonder why more americans see journalists as activists. once that trust is broken, it is very hard to put humpty dumpty back together. >> sean: hard to see whether his stepbography gets to stay with new management coming in. >> i have to agree. that comment from anne applebaum is also typical of the media landscape you just described,
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sean. anne applebaum was a distinguished historian of russia, much more. in recent years she went bananas about the election results she couldn't accept. her husband and his power was put out of power. she didn't like brexit. on and on through donald trump. now we have her saying on this panel about disinformation. you can't make it up. she wouldn't have covered the hunter biden lap top story because it's just not that interesting to me. not that interesting? the son of the soon to be then president of the united states, who then would be president of the united states, was earning $50,000 a month in a discipline he does not have, in an area he knows nothing about, in a country he barely knows. that's not interesting to her. it's not interesting to anne
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applebaum. as we know from the lap top from hell, you just mentioned hunter biden said the big man, his father, takes a percentage of all his money. is that not interesting to people? there are consequences for this. as you know, sean, we have millions of people making up stuff about russian collusion. we have dozens and dozens of operatives pretending the hunter biden lap top story was russia disinformation. then the american people become rightly suspicious of all of the institutions in this country. ukraine, russia, all of these things. the democrats have made serious foreign policy issues, almost unmentionable in washington because they are all domestic issues. we have been fighting their domestic wars over. >> sean: great analysis. thank you both. here with more reaction former hawaii congress woman and
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democratic presidential hopeful. i don't think you are a democrat any more. i'm calling you an independent. all right. so here we have two weeks before the election, this lap top shows up. it's immediately dismissed by everybody, russia disinformation. nobody looked into it. even 51 former intelligence officers, ah, it's russian disinformation. turns out it is true. media lied the whole time. and i just outlined 12 separate instances where we catch joe biden lying saying repeatedly during the campaign, i have never talked to my son, not one time about his foreign business dealings, yet we have pictures with joe biden, hunter biden and some of his foreign business partners. i can only imagine what the media reaction would be if it were trump. what do you think this means for the bidens, especially now that a grand jury is asking who the
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big guy is and we know it to be joe biden? >> well, sean, the biden family corruption issue is a very serious problem. i think if you point to all of these examples, it points to an even deeper more serious problem that poses a threat to our democracy. that problem lies in the fact ta you have the main stream media, you have social media, you have google which is much more powerful than social media, and you have the security. you saw 51 senior level intelligence officials all working as the arm and mouth piece for the washington elite, the power elite. this is not a real functioning democracy. we see dictator ships that also have elections but they have almost total control over their media and it makes it virtually impossible for any opposition candidate to challenge and win. so when we look at what we're facing here, it's not so different. they decide, okay, biden's the guy we want to win. here's the information that we
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want voters to see. we're gonna shove away and hide any information we don't want them to see. then we, as voters, have to make a decision about who we're going to vote or or not over what is essentially propaganda. this is power hraoet. that is what poses as a threat to our democracy that we all need to be very clear eyed that we're dealing with here. >> sean: so we have zero experience hunter getting all this money, all these deals with china. $100,000 shopping free. $30 million deal as chronicled by peter schweitzer. we know he got 3.5 million from a russian oligarch, former first lady of moscow. money for a sports bar. then we have barisma paying hunter, no experience in oil, gas or ukraine, is getting paid millions, his company.
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then joe leverages a billion dollar of our money, says you're not getting it, you have six hours barring that prosecutor investigating my son or i'm headed home. son of a b they fired the guy. now, that looks like the real quid pro quo with joe to me. it looks like the biden family combined with all that money from all these countries. i have a pretty good inclination that they know all about hunter biden, his crack addiction, women of the night, i'll clean it up best i can. i feel like the president is likely compromised. am i wrong? >> this is a serious issue. it has to be investigated. this kind of corruption shouldn't exist within our government and unfortunately it does and has for a long time. as we approach the 2022 elections later this year, as we approach the 2024 election, what i really want to redirect
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people's focus and attention on is this fact that you have the washington elite that is essentially controlling what we see and here. the reason why this is important for us to know is because we as voters have to be able to sift through that propaganda in order to find and recognize the real truth and information and make that best informed decision so that we can get rid of these politicians who are part of this establishment and continuing to propulgate this nonsense and insanity posing this real threat to the existence of our actual democratic republic. >> sean: all right. thank you for being with us. when we come back -- later in the show, we have an update on our friend, colleague benjamin hall who was injured in ukraine, in terms of his condition. he was seriously injured. we'll tell you about it. lawrence jones spoke with dc residents about greg abbott's plans to bus illegal immigrants from texas to dc. he will join us next. plus tom holman reacts to
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biden's latest border blunders as we continue. this is... ♪♪ this is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us? ♪♪
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>> sean: governor abbott of texas, and florida are vowing to send the illegal immigrants that biden is dumping in their respective states and send them to washington, d.c. and delaware. we sent lauren shoen to our nation's capitol to get reaction. >> did you hear about the governor greg abbott saying he's so frustrated with illegal migrants coming across the border that he's gonna scoop them up and drop them here in washington, d.c. you heard about that? >> i heard a little bit of rumbling. >> do you think it's a good idea? >> no. i think it's crazy.
6:28 pm
>> you don't think it's smart? >> no. let's be realistic and take care of each other. enough with this fighting. >> there's enough people here. spread them out. >> spread them across the country. >> that doesn't solve the problem. a porous border is the property. >> do you think it's a good idea or bad idea? >> i don't know. >> good idea or bad idea? biden administration. >> never heard of it. >> never heard of the state of texas. >> no. >> host of cross country lawrence jones. i never heard of it. i love the answers. everybody wants, no, leave them in texas. don't bring them here. we don't want them here. i'd say check mate to both governor abbott and governor desantis. i think it's a great idea. let joe handle it. joe is facilitating, aiding and abetting and law breaking.
6:29 pm
let him take care of the illegal immigrants he's allowing to come in. >> let's test the compassion of all the liberals in washington, d.c. you know, sean, i have been covering this from the very beginning with you. we started doing this four years ago, going to the border covering what's happening in my home state of texas. texas reached a breaking point. it's not just republicans. it is democrats on those city councils that have split from democrats to republicans based on this issue. the biden administration has aided and abetted the entire time. now they're getting rid of title 42 which is going to cause another surge, about 18,000 migrants that are expected to come across the border illegally. if they're so compassionate, drop them in washington, d.c. let's see what they do with them. reality of it is, they speak out of both sides of their mouth. they are not compassionate. you saw people today. they didn't want to answer the question. they said let's sprinkle them out.
6:30 pm
let them stay in texas because they don't want them here. >> sean: unbelievable reporting. i know you'll have more on your show this weekend. lj, great report. thanks for being with us. lawrence jones across america every saturday night on the fox news channel. remember, biden is also lifting what's known as title 42 border protection. he's setting the stage for yet another migrant mass influx of illegal immigrants. now, title 42, that measure allows border authorities to rapidly expel illegal immigrants from the u.s. border and was exercised at the onset of the pandemic. but, of course, the biden administration, they are making an already awful border situation even worse. remember, it was joe biden that ended the stay in mexico policy. he brought back catch and release and turned it into catch and process and distribute all over the country. illegal immigrants under joe biden are getting preferential
6:31 pm
treatment, no covid test. jen psaki said they weren't going to be there very long. novak seen mandate. you get free transportation to the state of their choice. then get dropped off 2, 3, 4 a.m. in the morning in the late of night, dark of night so nobody sees, or early morning flights if you listen to jen psaki's lies. secretary mayorkis says it's hard to tell what impact lifting title 42 will have. no, it's not hard. it will make matters worse. >> this will become an even bigger crisis. >> it's difficult to predict what that migration will be. we are planning for different scenarios. we are at the border surging resources. what distinguishes us from the past is the fact that we will not implement policies of cruelty, that disregard our
6:32 pm
asylum laws. we are rebuilding a system that was entirely dismantled. >> sean: reaction of tom holman. tom, i throefrb idea. i think it's actually perfect. why do i suspect somehow i guess joe biden, he's going to try to force states like texas and florida to keep illegal immigrants that he dumps in their state? once they get there, those states become responsible for food, water, shelter, housing, health care, education, all of it. >> if i can respond to what the secretary just said because it irritates me so much. i'm angry at his words. talk about cruelty under trump administration. let me remind him the trump administration had illegal immigration down to a 40 year low. illegal immigration is up 40%. how much women didn't get raped when it was down that much?
6:33 pm
president trump secured the border and saved lives. secure borders save lives. this administration is saying the trump administration is cruel? let me tell you what the biden administration has done. first year of biden's presidency, more migrants have died on u.s. soil crossing the border under president biden than ever, any year that i can remember. two, 100,000fentanyl deaths because the boarder is wide open. cartels are making billions of dollars. covid coming across the border. we got known suspected terrorists coming across the border. this is the first administration who came into office and unsecured the border. i looked back six presidents. president biden came in and unsecured the borders. look at all the deaths he's caused. last month because of the crisis
6:34 pm
on the border, catching 8,000 a day. what happens? they're so overwhelmed, 67,000 crossed the border and got away. they weren't fingerprinted, photographed, no biography information, no vetting was done. 60,000 people entered this country got away. who the hell are they? that should scare every american. after 9/11 we put processes in place to get a plane ticket, a visa, to try to protect this country from known suspected terrorists. if they don't think these 60,000 people came from a country that supports terrorism, they're ignorant. i'm angry at what the secretary just said. >> sean: obama set to call biden phones. every illegal immigrant getting a free cell phone. what a great country. what a great president joe is. anyway, tom, good to see you. thank you for that report. nancy pelosi tested positive for
6:35 pm
covid today two days after joining joe biden at the white house. yep, up close, kissing him right on the cheek. we'll show you jen psaki's very bizarre response. we'll check in with dr. oz and get his medical opinion. tonight we have an update on our colleague, our friend benjamin hall. he was gravely wounded in ukraine. we can tell you tonight the extent of those injuries as we continue.
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♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ get fast relief of your worst allergy symptoms, including nasal congestion, with powerful claritin d, so you can breathe better. feel the clarity and make today the most wonderful time of the year. claritin d. >> sean: all right. pelosi tested positive for covid-19. we wish her the best. this is just days after kissing biden on the cheek at the white house at an event. the event was with biden and barack obama. goes up to biden, kisses him on
6:40 pm
the cheek. literally right next to him. according to the biden white house that does not meet the criteria for being in close contact. kissing isn't close contact? take a look. >> how can you say president biden was not in close contact with pelosi when there's video of the speaker kissing him. >> peter, the way that it is defined is by the center for disease control the cdc. their definition of it is 15 minutes of close contact within a set period of time within six feet. it did not meet that bar. >> sean: so the question is could pelosi have transmitted to the virus to other. is this a superspreader event? pennsylvania senate candidate i'm supporting him dr. oz is with us. all right, dr. oz. you see her kissing him.
6:41 pm
cdc has been wrong. fda has been wrong. you've been less wrong. is it possible that she transmitted this to the president? >> it's definitely possible. this speaks to the hypocrisy. the rule 15 minutes. less than six feet. the sick feet number is completely made up. other countries use three feet. it's ash arbitrary. it's hard to figure out why we stuck with it. fauci was sending notes to other members of the government saying you have to change this six feet number. then we have this issue of a superspreader. do you remember in the white house when trump was still in office would have a few infections? it would be on the front page of every paper. you would be diagramming every single person where they sat. now you have a superspreader event. another good example. never talk about it. here's the reality.
6:42 pm
half the states in the country are seeing increased numbers of this new omicron variant which about 75% of the cases. but they're not that severe. because high immunity levels for being vaccinated or having had the illness in the past. most speaker like pelosi is asymptomatic. they just recently said they don't have enough antibodies. if i'm 82 like she is and i don't care whether i'm boostered, not, previous infection or not, we have monoclonal antibody science but they failed to produce enough for every american to have it readily available. why are they so reluctant to the one therapeutic we know works? >> i pledge if i join the senate, this is my pledge, that i will address it adds number one priority because it's easy to do. the government said it is only
6:43 pm
about vaccine. they just allowed a fourth vaccine but there was no doctor panel to approve it. the government just did it on their own. there are side effects from some of these vaccines. some people don't need a fourth shot. maybe don't want to get a fourth shot. that's the on game plan. we should have more. monoclonal antibody. we witnessed it saving people's live. the pills, the anti-viral pills, you can't find them. they are slowly trickling out. one was in existence years before the pandemic started. we had an anti-viral pill that saved lives before the pandemic started. now we don't have it. >> sean: donald trump got covid before the election in 2020. here it is. in the third year of the pandemic. here we have ron desantis. anybody who wanted it could get monoclonal antibodies until joe biden started rationing it. why would we ration the one
6:44 pm
therapeutic that works? especially if given early. am i wrong on that point? >> 100% right. it's just gross incompetence. back stop it, give them confidence as they make the product, you'll be there for them. guess what? they make the product. president trump did that. operation warped speed. china gave us the pandemic. we gave the world a treatment. the biden administration, although he promised us this, we still don't have treatment. you don't have an operation warped speed for treatment. my whole campaign is about empowering people. give them information. let them take care of themselves. we're not giving people the tools. we're not funding doctors or patients. we're abandoned them. there's a thought that vaccines will solve everything. stop rationing them out like they're some rare commodity when
6:45 pm
we could easily produce enough for every american that needed it, wanted it. all right, dr. oz. watch his campaign closely. thank you for being with us. all right. coming up, another day. another bizarre blunder for kamala harris. she is a walking disaster and liability for democrats. we'll show you the tape. also tonight our colleague benjamin hall is speaking out for the first time after being severely wounded in ukraine. we'll tell you the extent of those injuries when we continue.
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>> sean: all right. another day, another rambling word from vice president harris who said this when asked about judge jackson's confirmation to the supreme court. take a look. >> you know there's so much about what's happening in the
6:50 pm
world now that it's some of the worst of this moment and human behavior. then we have a moment like this. >> sean: passage of time, passage of time. anyway, of course that was just one of harris' many baffling moments. she also has the weird habit, i can't figure it out, giggling at all inappropriate moments like these. >> do you plan to visit the border? >> not today. more parents are seeing the value of education -- [ laughter ] we're not paying them nearly enough. >> you are considered the most liberal united states senator. >> somebody said that and it was
6:51 pm
mike pence on the debate stage. hard hats are actually unisex. >> i ask for the yeas and nays. >> is there a second? >> sean: one heart beat away from the presidency. doesn't give me confidence. here was reaction. monica crowly along with former florida attorney general pam bondi. pam, first crack at this. i'm having a hard time ever thinking of her as president. >> yeah, i have not, sean. it won't happen. donald trump will be president again. had donald trump been president, putin would have never invaded ukraine. he was brilliant because he knows that's who we've got as our vice president. look who we have as our president. he can't even remember what to
6:52 pm
say. kamala harris is laughing inappropriate. our world is going to shambles because these two are in office and no one fears them, no one respects them. i'm at a loss of words at the inappropriate laughter with world leaders at all times. >> sean: i look at this, monica. we've got joe biden who is clearly in cognitive decline and it's getting worse every day. nancy pelosi has her own cognitive issues that seem to be getting worse every day. i'm surious they wish her well. i don't wish covid on anybody. i bet she gets monoclonal antibody treatment. i wonder if she'll tell us. then we got the weird giggler in the middle here as vice president. and i find it extremely disturbing. she's on a show. she's asked, do you support regime change in vladamir putin and we get words that make zero sense and never answers the
6:53 pm
question. what's going on here? >> well, you know, sean, every single time i watch one of her videos or hear her live, i lose a bunch of brain cells. i mean, after so many years in public life, it is astonishing that she is still so bad at this. she can't even form a sentence, never mind a coherent thought. it's a direct result, sean, it's not just kamala harris. it's every democrat. they spent years and years being protected by the propaganda media. never be being asked difficult question. when they get to a position like the vice presidentsy, they've never really had to deal with tough situations. that's why you get this kind of garbage, this kind of nonsense coming from the vice president of the united states. never mind the president. we are in a soft constitutional crisis here because this is the president of the united states
6:54 pm
or vice president is equipped for these jobs. they are both in meltdown, but for very different reasons. we are certainly in a crisis here. this is why we are seeing countless things happening, not just home but abroad. >> sean: last word, last 30 seconds, pam. >> sean, the world feared donald trump. they respected don'ted a trump. that's why we have the most peaceful times in our world when he was president. now look what's happening. >> sean: never thought it could get this bad this fast. that's absolutely for sure. good to see you both. monica, thank you. pam bondi, thank you. when we come back we have an update on our friend, our colleague, benjamin paul, who was severely injured in ukraine. tonight he reveals those injury. we'll share that with you next.
6:55 pm
♪ we could walk forever ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ during world war two, most of
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the world turned a blind eye to the holocaust and hitler's atrocities. christians were slow to act and did not speak up until it was too late and 6 million jews were murdered. right now, thousands of ukrainian jewish families are fleeing the russian army for the freedom of israel. imagine fleeing with a baby in one hand and a toddler holding the other with all of your earthly possessions in a sack over your shoulder, leaving your husband behind to defend your country.
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these courageous families need our help. the time for action is now. we do not know when the borders will be closed. silence in the face of evil is evil. god will not hold us guiltless. take action today. donate at or call 1-855-694-9654. god bless you and
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>> before we go tonight, we hav an update on my friend and colleague benjamin hall as you know who was critically injured in ukraine during an attack tha
6:59 pm
killed two of our other colleagues very earlier this however, been tweeted out for the first time it's been over three weeks since the attack in ukraine and i wanted to start sharing it all, but first i nee to pay tribute to my colleagues here and sasha who didn't make it that they. the end i traveled the world together his joy was infectious p or, rest in peace. then he continued to sum it up great i myself have lost half a leg on one side, a foot on the other side, one hand is being put together per one i is no longer working. my hearing is pretty blown, but all and all i feel pretty lucky to be here come and it's the people who got me here who are amazing. first to pure and sasha's families are thoughts and prayers are with all of them as they suffer. you think of all the injuries, all the lives lost in the cause of freedom, and then as a frien and a colleague the amazing wor in ukraine and all of us here a
7:00 pm
fox i know i speak for everyone that works on this network. we will be in touch of course, that is all the time we have left this evening. laura ingraham takes it from here, have a great night. ♪ >> laura: good evening, everyone and welcome to "the ingraham angle." last night we should you have sexual and gender activists are swarming our schools very desperate parents have begun to fight back by showing how they're young school-age children are being targeted and even groomed by radical extremists hired by equally radical school boards freight i you think oh, come on, we are exaggerating great last night w played parts of a february workshop put on by teachers and administrators