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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 7, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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that works on this network. we will be in touch of course, that is all the time we have left this evening. laura ingraham takes it from here, have a great night. ♪ >> laura: good evening, everyone and welcome to "the ingraham angle." last night we should you have sexual and gender activists are swarming our schools very desperate parents have begun to fight back by showing how they're young school-age children are being targeted and even groomed by radical extremists hired by equally radical school boards freight i you think oh, come on, we are exaggerating great last night w played parts of a february workshop put on by teachers and administrators at a burlington,
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vermont middle school. many of you were shocked by wha you saw. since then, the youtube video o that event has been made privat by the school. this next clip is one we didn't air last night per eight and fo some reason, now it's part of what they are hiding. gig i personally identify both as gender, nonconformist and gender non- binary in that i don't feel just female or male, but i feel a mix of that within myself or if you get an assistant principal who identifies this way, students come and talk to me about being transgender all the time. i didn't realize that it would be in entry point to relationships with so many different students. >> an and entry point to relationships with students? and this person who i do not list to just miss gender, claim to be for the visibility
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provided to students. those presumably a guest with the same sexual experiences or questions? why is this the role of busines system principal? and do the students, the parent of these students know this is actually happening? and if they don't approve, welcome that they have every right to speak out and demand changes. on another front involving children, millions of americans cheered when elon musk announce that he built significant stake in twitter, a company which is known for is suppressing conservative users like president trump, while letting horrific regimes like the ccp and iran post live and propaganda. getting trump back on twitter i obviously the right thing for elon musk to do if he could force the board of directors to do this. but naturally, unbridled political expression, especiall by someone who is effective and has a large following has certain liberal elites just a little bit nervous.
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>> if he doesn't like how a corporation operates, he just buys it? how much evidence do we need that he's turning into a super villain? >> how typically lame of the trump obsessed stephen colbert. there is a lot more that musk t do with his role at twitter, an it involves our kids. in the perverted freaks who wan to exploit them. now, right at this moment, twitter is helping them advertise their fetishes and solicit children in sexual degeneracy. they have been rebranded as something called minor attractive persons, it sounds much more harmless than as the former college professor and ma advocate admitted. >> i use the term map in the title and throughout the book for multiple reasons. it's much less paid using a ter that communicates who someone i attracted to doesn't indicate
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anything about the morality of that attraction. >> well that's the whole point. they have their own acronyms, and they often use coded language to advertise their desires. these images and requests are too sickening and too graphic t recount and even show here. i don't want to give them any promotion. but i will say this. kids get drawn in, some gets exploited by the men and women who call themselves mats carrie on twitter, and others are draw into the trade as long as young as 11 and 12. why is twitter allowing this? they suspended users who twitte about hunter biden or early covid therapies, but somehow le these freaks slip through to destroy lives and innocence? perhaps they fall back on the laughable distances of the adults that feel the need to publicly tout their sexual attraction to children. because they say that these feelings are just feelings, they're not criminal.
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they say they were born this way , feeling this way meaning sexually attracted to children. this is absurd on its face. twitter is the initial meet up place for many of them. it's also a platform used to normalize it. it is no more weird they are giving guys having a thing for don't know ladies feet. elon, do the right thing becaus as the congresswoman revealed a the hearing yesterday, the bide administration will not. >> for the record, you favor hh funding being able to surgeries on minors for reassignment. >> i will do everything i can t defend any american including children whether or not they fi the categories you have mentioned or not and if they talk about gender affirming care , i am there to protect the rights of any americans. >> joining us now is lauren beauford. to congresswoman, i want to get to your views on this map freak
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on twitter, but i first want to ask about the exchange for secretary becerra. he believes that this type of surgery for non- adults is protecting children? really? >> laura, this is absolutely disgusting and as you stated on your show, this is not only repulsive, but its it's child-abuse. the secretary, he is a lawyer, politician he's a bureaucrat an even he is making these professions look bad. it is a sad day in america when the secretary of health and human services is using his position of influence to promot gruesome gender reassignment reassignment surgeries on children. now, we know that his record is not very good. it's actually pretty pathetic. protecting children and parenta
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rights, so when he came into ou committee, i asked him about those things. i asked him if our tax dollars we're going to these surgical gender reassignment on children these gruesomely gender reassignment and he had no answer. i asked him if parents who don' agree with his care and don't want to mutilate these children if they are at risk or at dange of having their children meant removed from their home straigh he didn't have an answer for that either. i also asked him if men can get pregnant and he danced around that question, so i have many questions for him that i asked him on that day and we are seeing that they are doing anything in their power to protect these people who want t sexualize and groom our childre and now here on your show tonight we have these minor attractive persons, what is thi world coming to. five years ago if you would hav said this is where all this is leading, we would have been called crazy. here we argument you have
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somebody saying that is too degrading to call it so we're going to call it map, what in the world is happening in america? >> it makes it sound better. >> get it right. really, it's not something comfortable to talk about. it's not comfortable conversation to have because we shouldn't be talking about thes things. laura, this isn't pleasant, but we need to know if our tax dollars are going to remove young girls, we need to know if they're going to remove the genitalia of young boys, these are children. and my message to the biden regime is get out of our lives, get out of our homes. these are our children. >> they call this conspiracy. you know what they're saying in response, they are saying you and others, probably myself, we are spouting conspiracy theory because we are actually quoting these people whether it's on twitter or whether we are
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talking about the inability to define a mother and they are called birthing persons now so it doesn't offend the radical fringe. those are facts. they don't want to actually speak in terms of facts. they want to throw out majorities like oh, it's a conspiracy like the hunter bide laptop was conspiracy. we will get to that next segment . >> that's exec the right, every time they don't like the facts coming out they call it a conspiracy. we have been putting out information all along where we were called names and conspirac theorist, just for not going along with their agenda. they even use the term on their own whenever they aren't fallin in line with their agenda. i totally believe that the secretary needs to be removed from his position. i would like to call on him to be removed for what he is doing to promote this mutilation of children in america. this is absolutely disgusting what's coming out of his department. not only that, but look at
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what's going on on the southern border and removing title 40 to right before the summer months when they know there is going t be as surge. >> it's all part of the plan. it truly is. >> we have to go, congresswoman. everything is being turned upside down. people don't understand, this isn't some kind of weird light coincidence, this is all happening for a reason. this is their policy. congresswoman, we appreciate yo joining us, thank you. today the senate confirmed the judge to this working port with three republicans joining the democrats. so what is significant about th republican support is that judg jackson face justified heat during her confirmation battle over the multiple cases in whic she sought leniency and early releases for child perps. joining us is editor-in-chief o
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the federalist and fox news contributor. molly, given what we've just illustrated in the last two nights, what is happening to ou children in schools, online, twitter, and now we see this cultural toilet swirling down and, what are your comments tonight after the confirmation and this boat? >> it is interesting that so many republicans did not vote for the confirmation of jackson. that is very different from how republicans have been in the past. i think with the democrats have done in recent years have made republicans realize that lookin at a judged judicial philosophy is very important, and not just confirming people because they are afraid of what the media will say. you showed the three republican senators that voted for this confirmation paradigm not
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surprised that all by senator collins. she had a confirmation where it was reasonable to think she would vote for her in this case as well. what's interesting is senator romney voted against this judge for a lower court and then afte learning about her leniency on sentencing and about her philosophy or lack thereof her refusal to answer questions, he changed his position to vote fo her, even though everything tha came out in the confirmation hearing would have reasonably given someone like him because about confirming her to the highest court in the lands. it's really a reminder of what plagued him throughout his earlier playbook where he was labeled of flip-flop or and inconsistent and didn't really make sense in his reasoning. >> molly, e my theory is that that is completely in line with the possible romney run for president as a third-party to try to be as boiler especially if trump runs again. that's what i think he's planning on doing. >> i do too, he's not known for
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having particularly good political instinct or strategy, but it does seem that he got a lot of support from that never trump carcass so i think they are hoping that he would be ver great hope for the coming presidential election. we will see how that goes. >> today's tnn he joined in, sh joined in on the scolding of republicans, watch. >> republicans by and large could not leave that chamber quickly enough. i think it was rude for this is a moment in history, and you ought to show up, whether you agree with the outcome or not. you need to pay this woman the respect that she is due and you need to do that for any supreme court nominee. >> i don't think we heard about respect that is due on cnn when it came to the way they treated
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brett kavanaugh or the time it took to vote on amy coney barrett, it's about the same, not much different and how much time it took which other panelist recalling racist. your reaction, molly? >> the unmitigated gall to say that respectfully voting for someone in then leaving after the vote is bad after what democrats put republican nominees through most notably justice cavanagh where they wer horribly to him. they accused him of being as serial gang on no evidence whatsoever. that was many democrats who engaged in one of the most shameful episodes of confirmation history. everything was respectful in this confirmation hearing. that's good, judge judicial philosophy should be analyzed everyone did did it in a property or inappropriate way and nobody made up lies about her, so that is more than enough . >> thank you. >> if you can't watch us live, make sure to set a series repor
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on your dv are, i know you can do it in that way you don't mis any bissau of "the ingraham angle." up next, my angle explains how misinformation conference ironically involving some of th biggest purveyors of liars only served to who is bought and pai for. stay there.
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>> laura: bought and paid for is the focus of tonight's angle. every now and then a young person will pose the question that exposes the intellectual laziness and arrogance of an adult is to posting on old connections. that was occasioned recently at the university of chicago which hosted an event called disinformation and the erosion of democracy. watch how a college freshman gets panelist writer in appelbaum to reveal her willingness to cover up for the bidens. >> in 2020 you wrote those who live outside the fox news bubbl do not need to learn any of the stuff about hunter biden referring to his laptop. opal later after that found tha if voters knew about the conten of the laptop 16 percent of joe biden voters would have acted
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differently. you think the media acted inappropriately when they instantly dismissed the laptop as part. >> my problem with the laptop i totally irrelevant freight is not whether disinformation, i didn't think the hunter biden business relationships had anything to do with who should be president of the united states. i don't find it to be interesting. >> of course she doesn't think it's relevant. she's just another self-appointed elite with far more worried about trips to europe than threats to the united states. not to be outdone by a fellow never trump r, a former conservative says that even if big tech in the media colluded to center the hunter biden story , it was no big deal. >> if only that media had told us about the laptop at the time which kid yesterday were suggesting which i don't buy th theory, that trump would have won.
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but for the censoring of the ne york post commode trump would have one. i think it's preposterous counter attack. >> and to think that he once wrote a book called liberal fascism. and wonder what he thinks of that book today. goldberg fields to mention the pull showing 16 percent of bide voters would not have voted for him had they known about the true hunter biden story. the only good thing that came out of this conference where th young journalist who had the courage to call out the media's glaring hypocrisy the folks onstage are all friends with high flyers and big tech and on wall street in to make billions in china. they don't want our government to do anything to upset their cash flows. they are bought and paid for. >> now china posed a leadership position for the world and many different areas. >> china, the whole region is a very very exciting place.
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>> they create ways to show. >> now, it's no wonder that the defense industry and the journalist who nursed at the blaze and save their hawkish nose for russia or make it the middle east freight they want t advocate for the u.s. decouplin from china even as they acknowledge the ongoing threat that china poses. to get there is just no country that presents a broader threat to our ideas, our innovation, and our economic security than china. >> he is right, so why aren't they laying out a strategy to counter this? where is the biden administration's profits for tate asia? don't hold your breath.
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they testified that the ukraine conflict will be unfolding four years. meanwhile, as we blow through untold billions in eastern europe, china is working overtime to marginalize and ultimately eclipse the united states militarily and economically. now, when word got out that nancy pelosi was considering an official visit to taiwan, china recently worn her off. >> if house speaker pelosi visits taiwan, it will seriousl violate the one china principle and seriously impact the political foundation of the u.s china relations. china is firmly opposed to this. >> now, china would never dare take that threatening of a posture under trump. we know they would not. but with biden, they feel like they have all the leverage and basically they do. in years ago with hunter biden,
7:25 pm
they saw an easy target. who better than a ne'er-do-well son than a sitting vice president. >> that came unburied leap. leap. leap. he's the one with the computer. to them everywhere. >> it was an easy set up to get some ccp connected company to put him on the payroll and hope that some of that money would ultimately trickle down to a
7:26 pm
principal, a.k.a. the big guy, joe biden. now, could this explain at leas partially why biden has still not unveiled as sensible china strategy? why he's not held china accountable at all for its destruction of the evidence at the wuhan lab? >> had to explain that they hav significant circumstantial evidence that covid 19 originated in the lab. has the white house seen any circumstantial evidence that it did not originate? >> i think first i would cautio you against this disproving and negative there which is never the responsible approach in our view when it comes to getting t the bottom of the root causes o a pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people in the united states. >> we are learning more every day about what was on that laptop and according to whistleblower jack max b who gained access of the hard drive there's a lot more where that came from.
7:27 pm
here is what he told daily mail .com. >> ultimately we found 450 gigabytes of what hunter though was raised material amongst those things were 80,000 images and videos. since then we've found thousand and thousands of pdfs we didn't know about freight we believe that we have been able to scrap all the attachments. we keep finding more and more things. so that became quite horrifying. >> horrifying. let's see here, it's only us ar most dangerous adversary giving money to the son of the man who was helping run our china polic at the time. we know biden is capable of condemning for an assault against human liberty when he wants to. >> we are going to keep raising economic costs and ratchet up the pain for prudent and furthe
7:28 pm
increase the economic isolation. >> but the resident xi human rights in china, barely a peep. >> i had a very straightforward conversation with xi and i made it clear to him, he made no threats, but i made it clear to him to make sure he understood the consequences of him helping russia. >> while, i bet that really scared him. the plain truth is without financial backing, rush out within three able to wage a war in ukraine. it something is holding biden back from forcefully warning china not to fund russia's brutal rampage. the u.s. attorney and delaware is investigating hunter's laptop . maybe she will shed some light on this.
7:29 pm
in what promises explicit or implicit did he have to make to feel they deal and did some of that cash end up benefiting his father in some way. contrary to what ms. applebaum contended, these questions are very relevant. with the exception of the washington post which urged immediate reckoning over there 2020 bearing of the hunter bide laptop story most of the press cared. no one on the left is willing t isolate china, even as the ccp is the invisible hand. the recent they don't take it seriously is because they think of him as someone who is on their payroll. of hunter biden were being paid off by lead safe boot businesses , everyone at the university of chicago form woul care and care a lot. at the fact is, they just don't believe they getting paid off b
7:30 pm
the ccp is that big of a deal. think of it this way, january 6 is a threat to democracy worthy of a two year long investigation , but china's vision to dominate the globe, they are chocking human rights abuses and financial payouts to the task isn't freight and that is the angle. generally now is kentucky congressman ranking member of the house oversight and reform committee. congressman, you invited hunter biden to testify at an oversigh hearing. will we ever see that happen? >> s. >> i hope so. >> my theory is the walls are caving in on hunter biden. doesn't want to do anything to hurt joe biden, but i fear that at some point after the midterm elections, before january when republicans hopefully take the majority. for bill do something like announce an investigation or
7:31 pm
have an indictment. the evidence is overwhelming freight i think every rational american now thinks that hunter biden is national security threat freight what we've learned in the last few days is that this just wasn't hunter biden, this included james biden . as the big guy and doesn't go all the way to the top. whether we are talking ukraine or ukraine energy company. he happened to be the son of a sitting vice president or china. both situations stink to high heaven and anyone with any sens knows it's. these so-called intellectuals, they have a shocking and aggressive lack of curiosity. >> they seem have the same lack of curiosity that the democrats
7:32 pm
in washington have. in reality the democrats know the problem, and they are starting to realize that he is national security threat. one thing that's come up recently with respect to hunter biden and the reason that they want him to come before congres is that bank records are now in the hands of congressional investigators and it appears that hunter in james biden have had 150 stars filed against him that's an acronym for suspiciou activity reports. i was a director of the eighth largest kentucky domicile bank for about a decade. among all the banks that could be a year. these two have had 150, that is suspicious for an activity. to try to track terrorist activity. you don't just nonchalantly fil
7:33 pm
the stars begin someone, these guys have a suspicious record o financial transactions and multiple countries. these are countries that could compromise the president of the united states. why won't they join. they join the republicans in defending ukraine against russia , but they don't want to do anything against china undiminished relation of the origination of covid 19. >> laura: all of it smells to me. and it has for a long time. whose controlling, washington, that is the question. right now it seems like china i controlling, washington,. congressman, great work here. one of the greatest security breaches, two men at pakistani and an iranian were allegedly able to procure weapons for and access to government agents the full report in moments, plus we
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♪ >> laura: now to a truly stunning story out of washington , dc where two men we're arrested after they allegedly posed as dhs officers in then manipulated numerous secret service members includin one of the first lady security detail. kevin gorg has the latebreaking details for us tonight. >> a pretty incredible story. when you read this one, it sort of reads like something you can't possibly imagine. our talking about a pair of individuals that by the way one of them actually had a visa to pakistan and to iran, they both posed as dhs officers and it gets even worse than that. apparently during this scam the were trying to run, they more o
7:40 pm
less convinced at least four members of the u.s. secret service that yet, they were par of the gang. here is where it gets bad, one of the persons that this secret service roster actually had at least at one point been a membe of the first lady security detail and it gets even worse i you can imagine were talking about giving these secret service officials everything from televisions to tactical gear, drones, i mean they had money, they had visas, they had masks in their position. you just have to wonder how the world this happens. in addition to having visas to pakistan and iran, these two gentlemen face up to three year behind bars and fines of up to $250,000 apiece i should point out that they are both americans , but we do know that they have traveled to suspiciou countries and in one case allegedly said that they had ties to the pakistan intelligence by agency. we will keep an eye on this story, but it is a shocker to b sure.
7:41 pm
>> thank you barry joining me now is former fbi assistant director. chris, how serious is this breach? where could it lead? >> i have been in this business of law enforcement and intelligence for over 40 years now and ibu this is one of the most serious security breaches in the history of the secret service. simply because as with just pointed out, one secret service agent was on the jill biden detail and another was on the white house security detail. so these are for circuit secret service personnel who were thoroughly compromised by what it first glance might seem like scammers, but when you look at the funding of this operation the length of time come with th equipment involved, and the tactics and the tradecraft here it looks to me a lot like a state-sponsored operation, personal possibly iran. >> as kevin gorg just mentioned the pakistani intel agency the ap reporting that he had told
7:42 pm
witnesses that he wasn't affiliated with inter- services intelligence agency in pakistan so chris, what do you know of this intel group? >> the isi is the main intelligent service for pakistan . they have affiliated themselves and supported terrorist organizations that taliban and when bin laden was killed he wa killed in pakistan right under the noses of the isi there possibly under their protection. this affiliation with isi may b a red herring however, if you'l get the names here and when other names is clearly iranian. it would be tradecraft for them for two misdirection and say hey , we are isi agents here. that would be just like the irradiance to do that. >> chris, we found what appears to be an account online where h spoke in depth about federal
7:43 pm
firearms used by law enforcemen agents. now we haven't been able to confirm this yet, but it does i seem like these men we're polished professionals? they were weekend warriors? what was your thought? >> that is the confusing part o this. it seems immature is. you give somebody a phone and you intercept them. that is the sophistication of the knowledge of their weapons for they had potholes, they funded five apartments to the tune of over $200,000. it just seems to me like this i an operation that's just a random scam. they've got nothing out of this.
7:44 pm
they were doing all the giving and none of the taking. i kind of rolled out this scam operation early on. >> over the years, i met so man incredible secret service agents , amazing professionals, the individual secret service agents in this case were beyond reckless, so i assume they are facing some type of at least disciplinary action if not more. >> absolutely are. firing is probably the least of their worries right now. i would say also, lure that i think there will be much more serious charges coming down on the two with the suppose it to skimmers. >> chris, thank you. former federal election officials described the $400 million that mark zuckerberg spent to help financ local elections as a carefully
7:45 pm
orchestrated attempt to influence the 2020 votes, but republicans have found a more organic way to do the same this year. we are going to explain how in moments.
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>> a shocking development of
7:50 pm
pennsylvania should have democrats seriously sweating. so far this year republicans have converted four democrats for every republican who has switched to the democratic party . that's on track to be the highest conversion rate in at least a decade and well above 2016 when republicans took the white house, the house, and the senate. it is music to the ears to anyone who emerges from the hotly contested republican primary for senate. there is news as that race is concerned to. contender david mccormick now leads with 26 percent to 16 percent, there are others in the race. mccormick share has grown from 13 percent to 20 to percent since january while his support has dropped from 31 percent to 16 percent. now, anything can happen, but w thought we would bring in david mccormick the pennsylvania senate candidate to find out what's on his mind and, it's good to see you tonight freight what do you attribute to this
7:51 pm
sudden shift in registration to. >> thank you for having me, laura. i think joe biden has some explaining to do. he under president trump's leadership, we had a terrific economic recovery, we had energ independence, we had secure borders and in one year, all of those things have gone in the absolute wrong direction. we have a forty-year height and inflation, we are now in energy importer and gas prices are going through the roof in our border is completely out of control pretend the voters he had great emma kratz he its, republicans he had, and everywhere i go across pennsylvania, people are worried , they are angry, and they are engaged. that so you see that big turnover in voter registration. >> your main competitor in this primary as a mentioned earlier, dave is oz, and he has taken shots at you and it's always sunny in philadelphia came pan add. watch.
7:52 pm
>> i'm chad. >> and chad. >> dave mccormick is our hero. >> hey, bro,. >> twinning. >> pennsylvania. >> isn't that where philadelphi is? >> what a dump. >> pennsylvanians are fools. >> it looks like my 13 -year-ol son made that add. i've got to say, i hadn't seen it until right then. that is i'm sorry, i'm sorry dr whoever makes those at ads for you. >> i don't even know what it means exactly, but i think it's a sign of desperation as losing that's what losing looks like. i think the problem that he has is that he's a hollywood libera and he's got to explain to pennsylvania primary voters how a guy that's pro-gun control pr illegal immigration who is pro-
7:53 pm
transgender transition for kids and an anti- fracking as a good fit for republican voters and that's the challenge he has. we've got five weeks to go in the primary. i mcewing way across pennsylvania and its resonating. you call him a hollywood libera and he calls you a pro china hedge fund or pretending to be temper, that's what he says about you. china, are you for trump's tariffs are you going to get in the senate and be one of the establishment crowd guys coming he says oh we have to lift the tariffs on china are you going to stay with terms are. >> you and i have discussed thi in the past, i think we need a very strong set of policies against china. i have laid those policies outcome and that's why mike pompeo and ted cruz, and a number of other strong conservatives have endorsed me. i would be as strong voice on
7:54 pm
china because i'm someone who served in the military for a decade someone who has gone toe to toe with or someone who has done global business and like president trump i will bring those expenses to the table. i think china poses an exponential risk where we need strong leadership read. >> so you will use the leverage of as presidents. >> and you will support them. >> absolutely. i think that president trump really reset the and headed us in the right direction, but we need to do more, coupled with key industries and so forth. >> david, it's good to see you and i'm glad you survived that horrific ad that was targeting you. an update on our colleague benjamin hall next. to stay there.
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>> laura: i know so many of you been praying for our colleague ben hall who was intact outside of kyiv.
8:00 pm
in tweeted this moments ago he said i lost half a leg on one side and a foot on the other, one hand is being put together, one eye is no longer working an mighty ring is pretty blown, bu i feel lucky to be here in the people he got me here are amazing. then, we are lucky to have you come appraise for your continue recovery and your family. gutfeld is next. >> this is a fox news alerts. we are live, the u.s. humanitarian chief expressing doubts of a possible cease-fire following talks between russian and ukrainian negotiators. this comes as the un voted to suspend russia from the human rights council. that vote was in response to global outrage over by russian troops invade our commodified things are still being retreate from the rubble and survivors have horrific tales to tell. >> this is my friend's grave, h was killed soldiers walked


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