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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 8, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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her 23rd great grandchild was born on her 100th birthday. that's very exciting. next week she is going to play a piano concert for all those come in. >> jessica: happy birthday. >> jesse: cambridge analytica sick name ruth. all right see you here on monday. >> greg: ruth is a babe. >> gillian: good evening. i'm gillian turner in washington in for bret baier this evening. breaking tonight 50 people are now dead following a missile strike on a train station in eastern ukraine. some of the victims there were children. the russian defense ministry is denying responsibility for the strike despite this though that attack is now drawing worldwide condemnation of vladimir putin and escalating accusations of atrocities. we are going to talk to state department spokesman ned price coming unjust a moment. first alex hogan starts us off tonight. a warning her report contains images that are both graphic and disturbing. hi, alex. >> hi, gillian.
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military governors in the donbas region this week urged residents to evacuate before it was too late. well, this morning about 4,000 people in one city went to the train station mainly women and children heading to what would become just the latest target. i do want to caution, again, that these images are difficult to see. at least five children among the children killed trying to escape their city. early friday two missiles struck the evacuation corridor on the eastern side of the country. the prosecutor general calling it russian strategy to scare civilians so badly they won't even attempt toe flee. >> it's not only war crime it's crime against humanity. >> ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says 300 others are wounded. russia accusing ukraine for the attack and calling the losses of their own troops a huge tragedy.
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[explosion] >> as the war drags on, the united nations humanitarian chief says he doubts the possibility of a cease-fire. >> this is now becoming the center of gravity of the war. it's also the essential place of civilian evacuation and humanitarian assistance. >> among the latest nations to bolster ukraine's military capabilities is slovakia donating much s 300 air defense system. >> i believe this defense system will help save many innocent lives from the aggression of the putin regime. >> the u.s. is now stationed 10,000 soldiers in poland after deploying 5,000 additional troops in recent months. the two nations held joint military training deepening their relationship and strengthening nato's eastern flanks. as the escalation disrupts eastern european countries, it's also triggering a food crisis. the u.n. food and agriculture
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organization says the monthly price index jumped up 12.6%. that's up from february's all-time high since the index was created. >> russian organizations have largely been quiet since the invasion began. but one board chairman of a russian metal company speaking out condemning some of the action saying there needs to be an independent investigation after the atrocity seen in bucha, there just earlier this week hundreds of bodies were found killed, civilians during this war. gillian? >> gillian: alex hogan in lviv tonight, thank you. president biden is celebrating the confirmation of judge ketanji brown jackson to the u.s. supreme court. she will be the first black woman seated on the bench of the nation's highest court. is he ceremony to mark her confirmation today though new questions arising about the coronavirus outbreak here on capitol hill and among white house staff. white house correspondent peter doocy joins us from 1600
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pennsylvania avenue tonight. hi, peter. >> gillian, good evening. and officials around here are trying to celebrate this historic supreme court nomination but the talk of the town is that more and more people in the president's orbit keep testing positive for this contagious new covid variant. >> it is possible he will test positive for covid at some point. >> as cases in the 79-year-old president's orbit rise. officials warning they may not be able to prevent him from getting infected but no plans to change his schedule. >> he has access to the beth healthcare in the world but his doctors have assessed that these are risks that can be taken. >> the vice president tested negative again today but continues skirting cdc guidelines that require he wear a mask fog close contact with a staffer who tested positive wednesday on the south lawn hugged judge ketanji brown jackson maskless after overseeing the confirmation vote maskless. >> she was socially distanced from people for the vast, vast
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majority of her time overseeing that confirmation yesterday. >> so this is not a case of rules for thee but not for v.p.? >> in fact, the vice president wore a mask inside today when she was both with the president and with her staff. other penal she was outside at the event. she was socially distanced for 99.9% of the event today. >> in ukraine white house sees reason for optimism in new york as diplomats booted russia from a united nations group. >> our focus is on the fact that it was a win for only the second time in history was a country kicked out -- suspended from the u.n. human rights council. >> and even as russia keeps bombarding ukraine, the white house sees sanctions as successful. >> we know it is having the impact that the world intended. >> the u.s. has now given ukraine $1.7 billion in security assistance but officials hesitate to predict whether all those weapons and systems will
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work. >> do you think the russians are going to lose this war in ukraine? >> we want the ukrainians to win this war. >> within the last hour the president signed some bills that ban the import of russian oil, even in the early days of the invasion of ukraine the u.s. was still importing millions of dollars worth per day and the president hesitated to make this move fearing the impact it could have on oil prices here but tonight a new policy. gillian? >> gillian: still not saying that they believe the ukrainians will win. peter doocy live from the white house tonight. thank you. >> gillian: stocks were mixed today the dow gained 138, the s&p 500 lost 12. the nasdaq dropped 186. and for the week the dow fell one quarter of a percentage point. the s&p 500 lost one and a quarter, the nasdaq plunged almost 4. joining me now is state department spement person ned price. ned, welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me, gillian. >> gillian: of course. one of the biden
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administration's goals has always been, you say, to turn public opinion inside russia against putin so that eventually the russian people can get him out of office. this something president biden alluded to a couple of weeks ago in poland when he said he can't stay. do you guys have evidence or does any u.s. government agency have evidence now that those efforts are working? >> well, public opinion within russia is know tore yufsly difficult to measure. russia is essentially a closed society. vladimir putin has near total control over the organs of information which may explain why it is that his popularity by some ratings and by some metrics is fairly high and that is precisely because vladimir putin has fed his people a steady diet of lies and disinformation and propaganda. and so it's no wonder that this war effort that he has launched against ukraine does have some support amongst the russian people. our goal is to get the truth, to get accurate information into russia and we have done that in
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a couple different ways. just a couple days ago secretary blinken spoke to the russian people over telegram, a social media platform popular in russia. we have appeared on russian tv. we have used every lever at our disposal to try to get accurate information in to counteract this propaganda. >> gillian: so, ned, you just laid out the output on behalf of the administration, what state department and others are trying to do but at the same time we have not seen widespread evidence of any kind of major protest on moscow's streets. putin's approval rating is by some measures is as high as 83%. that's up 20 points since the start of the invasion. the country is now artificially propping up the rubble. so, you -- ruble. what effect is this having? >> you said this yourself it is artificial. it is artificial in terms of the economy but also artificial in terms of the popularity ratings that we're seeing vladimir putin, again, because he is feeding his own people a steady diet of lies.
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we have, however, seen significant signs of dissent. the fact that this is not a war effort that certainly every russian is behind. over the course of several weeks, tens of thousands of brave russians have taken to the streets, peacefully, across dozens of towns and cities across russia, including in vladimir putin's hometown of st. petersburg to voice their opposition to this war. more than 15,000 russians have been thrown in jail, have been detained for doing nothing more than exercising what is their universal right to freedom of assembly. >> gillian: ned, take a quick listen to what secretary blinken said about a crime sanctions and a war crimes trial. >> the wheels of accountability move slowly but they move. and some day, some way, somewhere, those who committed these crimes and those who ordered the crimes will be held accountable. but, it takes time. so, is that next month? next year? in five years?
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>> gillian: so the biden administration at large has been dogged by this criticism from republicans and others since even before the invasion that the u.s. responds here to putin at every step of the way with slow -- we hear the secretary here, ned, saying you know, maybe months, maybe a year, maybe five years. there's not a huge sense of urgency in those remarks. >> well, with all due respect, gillian, we have been one step ahead of vladimir putin, at least one step ahead. at every element of this process. if you look at when how we started to prepare for this possibility, the possibility of russian aggression against ukraine, we started this process months and months ago. it was november of 2021. we are now in april of 2022. when we started talking about this publicly it was an n. august of 2021 when we started providing massive amounts of security assistance to our ukrainian partners. now we have provided more than $2.4 billion worth of security assistance over the course of this administration.
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$1.7 billion worth of security assistance over this month alone. what the secretary was saying is that when it comes to accountability, accountability will come to those who perpetrated these war crimes and to those who ordered them. now, it is a fact that the wheels of accountability can move slowly. but here's what i can tell you. we are already inbe gauged in an effort to document, preserve, analyze and to share evidence of war crimes with our partners around the world including with the ukrainian prosecutor general who is leading an effort to establish a criminal case against those responsible. there is already a team of american experts in the region. these are american prosecutors and other experts who are helping with that effort. so, we are deeply engaged in this and we will remain at it until that accountability arrives. >> gillian: ned price from the state department, thanks so much. >> thanks, gillian. >> gillian: 6126 ukrainian have been killed, slaughtered by putin's military. let's hope it does not take five years to see accountability and
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justice. thanks so much, ned. >> thank you, gillian. >> gillian: up next we will talk with fox news at night anchor shannon bream about her new book also about what's up next for judge concerning jackson after her confirmation to the supreme court. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 2 in detroit jurors there acquit two of four men accused of plotting to kidnap michigan governor gretchen whitmer. brandon and daniel harris were found not guilty. jurors said they couldn't agree on charges against the other two men adam fox and barry croft jr. fox 11 in los angeles as one of the suspects involved in the shooting of lady gaga's dog walker and stealing her two french bulldogs has been released from jail due to a clerical error. law enforcement officials say the sudden release was inadvertent. this is a live look at orlando from fox 35, the big story there tonight the first private
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civilian crew launches into space. a former astronaut serving as commander on axios mission. the three civilians paid to join are on board. the crews are expected to dock at the international space station early tomorrow morning. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." stick with us because we'll be right back. ♪ i'm a rocket man ♪ rocket man ♪ d move toward relief after the first dose with injections every two months. stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths, have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition,
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> gillian: one of the suspects arrested in connection with last weekend's mass shooting in sacramento has been released early from prison because of voter approved changes in punishment for felony convictions. miley allen martin was freed in february after serving less than 10 year sentence for assaulting his girlfriend. he was arrested tuesday on weapons possession charges after arresting 1 people including himself including others. martin's brother has also been arrested. boston marathon bomber dzhokar tsarnaev is again trying to avoid execution. his lawyers are asking a federal appeals court to consider four constitutional claims not taken up on his death sentence appeal went to the supreme court last
3:19 pm
night. [coughing] excuse me we get something in our throat when we are doing the evening news. tsarnaev's attorney says that the trial court forced their trial to stand trial in boston, violated his constitutional rights and allowed the admission of what they call a forced confession. let's bring in fox news chief legal correspondent and anchor of fox news at night shannon bream. she has a brand new book out. just in time for mother's day. it's called "the mothers and daughters of the bible speak." she joins us tonight. hi, shannon. >> shannon: hey, gillian, we have all had that moment. trying to think about your throat being dry. the drier it gets. it's like -- >> gillian: of course it couldn't happen in a commercial break either. >> shannon: it never does. >> gillian: i want to ask you a question about judge ketanji brown jackson before we move onto the book. she is in awkward or historically unique position where she has got a few months now before she is actually going to start her job.
3:20 pm
so what does she do? what does she spend the next couple of months focusing on? >> you know, there is so much work in getting together a group to get you ready to tackle all of those cases that are waiting for you. so, yeah. officially until justice breyer retires and there is an opening which won't be until later this year, she is in that limbo. at that point she will be sworn in justice ketanji brown jackson putting together the clerks and getting together your team. the good thing for her she is a federal judge at very elevated level. she probably has any number of clerks excited to come along on this process. she will jump in june and big cases on the fall docket. it's not going to be her first rodeo. shannon on "mothers and daughters of the bible speak," one thing that strikes me about the book that i love, among many, is really all the stories you share i think at their core are stories about how relationships between women are transformational and can impact
3:21 pm
the trajectory of world events just as much as those between men. >> shannon: yeah, absolutely. we see that all throughout the old and new testament. there are women who are survivors, women who are brave and courageous and rise to the occasion when they are confronted with very frightening life decisions and difficulties that are sometimes massive in scale. and i'm encouraged by that i love to look to their strength and draw off of that i think it's very easy for us to look around the world right now and feel like gosh, there is so much evil. there is so much that is intended to harm and divide, and, i think we can rise above that and find a lot of courage from these women and be inspired by their willingness to step into difficult decisions and make courageous brave decisions in the middle of that i got a lot of strength from that and i hope the readers will, too. >> gillian: shannon, you are of course loved and trusted by your millions of viewers for anybody who doesn't know inside here fox news you are also deeply admired for your championing spirit. you have been a guide and light for so many women who have come
3:22 pm
through the bureau here and all across fox news so thank you on behalf of all of us. >> shannon: thank you, gillian. and happy mother's day official first mother's day to you. >> gillian: thank you. thanks so much, shannon. have a great show tonight. >> shannon: have a great show. >> gillian: up next journalists at nbc news reportedly unhappy about jen psaki's expected transition from the white house over to msnbc. first, beyond our borders tonight, israeli forces say they have killed a palestinian man who opened fire in a crowded tel aviv bar yesterday. a third person has now died as a result of that attack. it was the fourth deadly assault on israel by palestinians in just three weeks. and three shanghai officials have been fired for the response to the coronavirus. an official governments in the claims they failed to fulfill their duty to prevent the virus from spreading. this is 26 million shanghai residents have suffered some of the harshest lockdowns and restrictions in the world. this is a live look at paris.
3:23 pm
one of the big stories there tonight, emmanuel macron says he has no fear of losing france's presidential election despite rival marine la ponte narrowing the gap in opinion polls just days before sunday's vote. sunday's balloting top two of a dozen contenders. voters will then decide between the finalists later this month. that's just a couple of the stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back ♪ april in paris ♪ so, i can see up close with just my eyes? uh-huh. with one drop in each eye, once daily. in focus? yep. [laughs] like, really?
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3:29 pm
properly labeled as ads as tiktok and instagram require. two men charged with impersonating federal agents returned to court today here in washington, d.c. we are learning new details tonight about their alleged crimes. correspondent david spunt has the latest from the justice department. >> new pictures released in a court filing revealed just how well armed and well financed the two accused impersonators were. 40-year-old and 35-year-old alli, both american citizens were back before a judge late today with prosecutors offering fresh details of their elaborate operation. authorities say they posed as homeland security agents. befriending actual secret service agents and showering them with gifts. according to court documents, one of the men tried to gift a gun to a secret service agent who protected first lady jill biden. a source tells fox that agent may have also been in close contact with president biden though not officially part of his detail.
3:30 pm
four secret service employees were suspended but not arrested. fox is told that number may grow an officer with the service presenting the vice president's residence among the suspended. >> this is embarrassing. this is definitely going to shake up public confidence in this agency. >> fbi nabbed both suspects wednesday in a raid at luxury apartment building in washington. fbi agents found firearms, ammunition, body armor, handcuffs, dhs patches, brass knuckles, a drone, authorities say ali pretended to be secret service when he took his car in for maintenance. officials say he claimed to have a connection to the pakistani intelligence service. fbi agents recovered a national i.d. card from pakistan. he also has pakistani and iranian visas. authorities also believe ali is a citizen of pakistan. a judge ordered both to be held in custody over the weekend. they will appear before that
3:31 pm
judge on monday. but the big question tonight who is funding these two men. gillian? >> gillian: quite a story you got there, david. thanks so much. >> you bet. >> gillian: the controversy over. fierce teaching sexual matters to young children are exaggerated. several other states though could very soon follow in florida's footsteps. mark meredith has an inside look tonight. [cheers and applause] >> as conservatives cheer for florida's new parental rights law. >> out of the blue. >> secretary of education warns it may violate students' civil rights. >> if in the future there are complaints made to the office for civil rights, we will take those complaints very seriously. >> law which goes into effect in july forbids florida's kindergarten to 3rd grade teachers from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom. >> we will make sure that parents can send their kids to
3:32 pm
school to get an education not an indoctrination. >> but the biden administration says this is a political stunt, not a problem impacting florida's classrooms. >> i have been in education for two decades. teachers are not teaching young children information the way it's being exaggerated. >> but more states appear ready to follow florida's lead. lawmakers in louisiana, texas, and ohio are all considering enacting similar laws. >> nowhere in the bill does it mention that you cannot say the word gay. what it says is you have to teach age appropriate education, period. >> on thursday, alabama's legislature approved a measure prohibiting teachers from fifth grade discussing both gender identity and sexual orientation. lawmakers will also require students only use school bathrooms which match the gender on their birth certificate. gay rights groups slammed the legislation in a statement how many rights campaign says,
3:33 pm
quote: these are attempts to exploit divisive political issues for political gain. today alabama's governor signed into law both the parental rights bill and a new measure making it a crime for medical professionals to prescribe medicine helping people under the age of 19 with gender transitioning. lawsuits against this measure are expected. gillian? >> gillian: mark meredith in washington tonight. thank you. a white house press secretary jen psaki is said to be headed over to msnbc for a new anchor job as soon as she leaves the white house. fox news media analyst and host of media buzz howie kurtz tells us why this news is not sitting well with some staff over at 30 rock. >> believe it or not, i missed you all a lot. >> jen psaki has been taking flack since word leaked that she will be joining msnbc and hosting an online show but not for a few weeks. and that awkward overlap for the press secretary has stirred concern among nbc journalists. >> how is it ethical to have these conversations with media outlets while you continue to
3:34 pm
have a job standing behind that podium? >> well, there are a range of stringent ethical and legal requirements that are imposed on everybody in this administration. >> cnn reported that msnbc staffers complained to news division president noah 70 pen heim that this tarnishes their brand a bit ironic since cnn tried to hire psaki as well. oppenheim argued that nbc news had nothing to do for the hire cable news programming but with top nbc talent offensive appearing on or hosting shows on nbc that distinction may be lost on viewers. msnbc contributors include many obama administration veterans like symone sanders, kamala harris' top spokeswoman was recently hired. psaki who spoke for barack obama's state department before joining cnn and then joining president biden is part of a long spinning revolving door for white house press secretaries. robert gibbs to msnbc. sean spicer to news max. the late tony snow from fox news
3:35 pm
to george w. bush to cnn and dana perino to fox along with ai fleischer and trump years sarah huckabee sanders and kayleigh mcenany. jen psaki who hasn't confirmed or denied the msnbc move generally won the respect of the white house press corps but the sharp criticism she still has to deal from the podium with her future cable colleagues raises the question of whether she should have resigned more quickly. gillian? >> gillian: howie kurtz in washington tonight. thank you. up next, we are going to check in with bret baier. he is in augusta, georgia tonight and he is getting the inside scoop from jim gray of fox sports about tiger woods and the masters. that's next. ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪
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♪ >> gillian: will smith has been banned from attending the oscars or any other motion academy event for next 10 years this follows assault of chris rock on stable at this year's ceremony. calling smith's as harmful. he respects the decision but did preelm tialy resign from the academy last week perhaps anticipating just this. tiger woods is the story meanwhile at this year's masters. five time champion competing in the second round five months after horrific car accident left
3:41 pm
him with serious injuries. currently one over par. seven shots in the league. my partner bret barr is in augusta along with jim gray fox sports. >> bret: welcome i'm with legendary sportscaster jim gray good to be here as always. >> good to be with you, bret. >> bret: little windy and different course. >> a littling soy. beginning of the week had three and a half inches of rain in the augusta area. it was really wet. the balls were sticking. greens were soft. all of this wind and the gust it has firmed up considerably. scores are going up. and it is hard, very hard these conditions to play golf in. >> bret: there is one story out here, really just one, right? >> tiger woods. tiger woods, tiger woods. look, he had this accident 410 days ago. could have lost his life when you see that i live in california. i know that area. it was testifies stating. sayshis leg could have been amputated. he hasn't played golf and shoots one under par in the first round. tells you one thing he is so
3:42 pm
much better than anybody else. that's not a knock on anybody else in the field or any of the other golfers truly great. is he playing on one and a half legs. he is hitting the ball in the pinsz. scrambling all over the place under these conditions. having trouble with the adulation and walking out here one under par. greatest golfer ever and story totally we haven't seen anything like this. i mean, look at what he has been able to do in his recuperation. >> bret: i was just coming over here to meet you and i followed tiger for a few holes on three. just 35, 3 deep people occasionally walking through smiling. it's not a tiger you usually see. >> no. you don't see that and i noticed that yesterday, too, bret. you know, he talked about being thankful in his press conference on tuesday here. and he is showing that he had some smiles. and you can't help but notice everybody here is for him. everybody is watching him. everywhere he goes that's where everybody is. and he did smile. he did acknowledge. and you can see that there is a
3:43 pm
joy, a lot of the time with tiger it's just been a serious myopic focus and sometimes even -- because he has touched perfection when you touch perfection you want to do it all the time so he wants to do it all the time. yesterday and today we have seen some smiles. i mow he wants to compete and he wants to win and he wouldn't be here if he didn't think he could win. he seems to be taking it in differently this time. >> there is a bunch of other guys who want to win the masters and want to make the cut. everybody is within -- a bunch of people within 10 shots of the lead. >> anybody could win this these guys are terrific. going to start hearing tiger if he gets past the cut. if he is contention, these roars are going for tiger. he may not be where he was all those years ago. they are going it hear it they are going to feel it there is intimidation factor. you don't want to mix boxing and golf but when mike tyson walked into the ring, he kind of won before he started so tiger woods has that effect on his competitors. they will start hearing it it's just great for golf. it's great for augusta national.
3:44 pm
and, look, if he could pull this off, this will be the ultimate comeback story and the greatest at least in the single individual sport that i think we will have ever seen. >> bret: we will make this an annual thing. >> bret, we do. thanks for having me. appreciate it. >> bret: yell. gillian, from augusta national, we will send it back to you. i will see you monday. >> gillian: thanks, bret. and, jim, he is now 8 points off the lead. pink floyd releases first new music in almost three decades to raise money for the people of u.k. the track is going to feature vocals have ukrainian singer called boom box. proceeds have the song are going to go to the ukrainian humanitarian relief fund. up next, we have got the panel. they will react to the latest missile strike in ukraine plus our interview with state department spokesperson ned price. we have also got winners and losers. ♪ ♪
3:45 pm
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3:50 pm
post" columnist marc thiessen. peggy noon none is a "wall street journal" opinion columnist and former speech writer for president ronald reagan. and jeff mason white house correspondent for reuters. mark, i will go to you first. overnight, we learned 50 more people died in that attack on a train station in eastern ukraine. so far sex weeks in now lost their lives. yet secretary blinken tells nbc news and that was doubled on down by ned price a moment ago that it could take five years to hold vladimir putin to account for all of. this they are very proud of themselves for getting russia kicked off the u.n. human rights council. do you know what putin's response to that is? he fired a missile at a train station killing dozens of innocent men, women and children. and just to show you their brutality "the washington post" is reporting tonight that when their reporters arrived on the scene they found a large missile fragment at the scene of the attack and written on the side
3:51 pm
of the missile in russian and was painted the words for the children. that's what the russians are doing. these people are monday stores. these are horrific war crimes unlike any that we have seen. and the idea that -- secretary blinken says we are going to have accountability in a year, five years, something like that. the path to accountability is through victory and this is what we have not yet heard the president of the united states say that we have a strategy for victory. that we want ukraine sending ukraine defend itself. we don't talk about defending russia. every single russian we are not arming them on a scale to drive russian troops out of all those areas so they can no longer send missiles at innocent ukrainians with the words written for the children. >> gillian: they can win. they should win, and they will win all variations of things we would like to hear coming from the administration. peggy, question about the human rights council. this is being trumpeted in the international community even by nato as a huge accomplishment.
3:52 pm
it was probably a fairly heavy lift for the allies to coordinate that response quickly but does it amount to anything in terms of actually helping ukraine? >> well, i suppose it is largely symbolic and governor tall and in a way having to do with a certain formality of things. i think the headlines of the paths few weeks have simply made it clear that what we are witnessing is the deliberate of ukraine. i think vladimir putin is trying to taser them. in go on for a very long time. i think putin will not leave pay more in terms of price. for what he has done.
3:53 pm
but this is going to be, i think, very tough for a long time. >> maybe as long as five years or longer. jeff, former ambassador to ukraine bill taylor was on our air earlier today. he said, look, ukraine is really fighting this war on behalf of all of us, on behalf of the u.s., on behalf of nato, on behalf of the western world. i hadn't heard anyone put it quite that way before. and had resonated. because the ukrainian military is, in a sense, putting their lives on the line and fighting russia, one of the united states foremost enemies on other behalf. >> well, they are certainly fighting for democracy. and that is in many ways fighting on behalf of the western world. and the united states. and europe and other freedom-loving countries. and i think the united states is supporting ukraine at least in part for that reason. standing up to an assault on
3:54 pm
democracy and brutal, just brutal assault on people's lives. and so to that extent, i think you would probably find people in washington agreeing with that assessment. >> gillian: peggy, i want to come back to you president biden announced the u.s. will take on an additional 200,000 refugees from ukraine. ap foreign word has spread rapidly on social media a loose volunteer coalition largely from solove vic churches guiding hundreds of refugees from the tijuana airport to temporary shelters where they wait two to four days for u.s. officials to admit them on humanitarian parole. this is curious because this comes from a.p. at the same time we are hearing from grounds on ukraine that refugees, potential people fleeings the country are trying to three the country coming up to them and asking them how to apply is there a website is there a phone number? do they have to try to make their way to the embassy?
3:55 pm
where is the u.s. government in all of this? they dropped this announcement and two weeks later we hear nothing. >> that is a little strange i think. all i can say about the refugee situation with any i guess news absorber's authority is the that refugee situation is going to continue. it's not going to abruptly stop. more people will be trying to leave and i think if you know anything about that reality, refugees feel pretty desperate. they will often take just about any way out. i think europe has kind of covered itself in some glory so far in terms of those that they have taken in and taken care of. i think especially poland. but this will continue as story.
3:56 pm
>> gillian: marc, the "new york times" was reporting 2,000 ukrainians have shown up at the u.s. southern border looking for some kind of entry in lieu of this process that's supposed to be in place just over the last two weeks since biden made this announcement. marc marc they are obviously processing these ukrainian refugees with the same efficiency that they processed the afghan withdrawal. this should be a process for this. we should be bringing them from europe. we know where they are, they are coming out of poland, they are coming into romania and countries on the border. they shouldn't have to come to the southern border and cross over with illegal migrants. at the same time, it just shows what a terrible job we are doing on the southern border today. we, last year, we had 1 million border encounters. i'm sorry, 2 million border encounters on the southern border which is a record. it the worst border crisis we have had in history. a lot of those people were not from mexico. they were not from central america. they were all over the world. some from the middle east.
3:57 pm
some from other parts of the world. >> it's not surprising that we are starting to see ukrainians show up as well when you create a magnet, people come to it. >> gillian: only imagine the effort to get there we have a couple minutes left for inwers and losers. jeff, come to you first. >> all right. i will start with my winner for the week is president zelenskyy who just continues to rally the world in support of ukraine and speaking to parliaments and congressional bodies around the world. not always getting what he wants but certainly continuing to lead. loser of the week is actually a little bit of a pushback into last week. madison cawthorn, not super popular with republicans right now after suggesting that fellow republican lawmakers invited him to an orgy. >> gillian: not super popular, peggy? >> i think the triumph pant
3:58 pm
person of the week ketanji brown jackson a young woman of significant accomplishment now on the supreme court i think it is very good when stories remind us that that country is healthiest that offers the most citizens, the most pathways to achievement and satisfaction and it happiness she will no doubt adjudicate from the left liberal side but elections have consequences and that system has served us -- this system has served us pretty well for pretty long. >> gillian: peggy we have to leave it there. marc, we owe you one. >> all right. >> gillian: panel, thanks so much. >> take care. >> gillian: well, it is friday. time for for "notable quotables." >> the house is shaking, people you know get shot in front of you. we saw bodies of men on the streets. >> what's happening in bucha
3:59 pm
outrageous. >> here in america, anything is possible. >> these are actions by hunter and his brother, the private matters, they don't involve the president. >> barack, let me remind you it's a hot mic. >> it's good to be back in the white house. >> there is video of the speaker kissing him. >> the cdc and their definition of it is 15 minutes of contact within a set period of time. >> the person that president biden has put in charge of the border has the iq of a sloth. >> there is a lot that democrats can talk about in this upcoming midterms. >> georgia, north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire, ohio, missouri, nevada, arizona, there's where the majority lies and i'm optimistic we're going to get there. >> you just didn't have notes for that. >> the game is over and kansas completes the biggest championship comeback. >> i'm very lucky to have this opportunity to be able to have this type of reception.
4:00 pm
>> gillian: well this weekend on "fox news sunday" dana perino is in the anchor chair. she has an exclusive one-on-one with senator mitch mcconnell. thanks for watching "special report" tonight. i'm gillian turner in washington. "jesse watters primetime" is next. ♪ >> jesse: thank you very much, gillian i appreciate it throughout our lives we are always trying to define ourselves. figure out who we really are. but in the back of our minds, a parts of us just wanted to be cool. we had an image of someone, the marvel man, steve mcqueen, maybe or how about the fonz? the way they move, the way they look and talked. people around them reacted to that. we strive to emulate what we think is cool. even if it's subconscious. buying the sharpest shirts or driving the nicest