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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 8, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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away for? >> i'm extra to get johnny out of my life so this is kind of a strategy that's working out really well. all right everybody, don julio go for a walk, stretch, and acupuncture don't forget this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. sorry about the joe biden a administration for over a year china front of the themes are and here's the conclusion we come to. there is in fact a single principal that guides the joe biden a administration here is what it is. you're right as american does not affect in aliens. casino the joe biden himself as of the several times. he's a manager that your constitutional protection extends precisely as far as he says they do.
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now they said the rights come from god and the government's job is to take those rights that is a deal. but the modern democratic party acknowledge god has agree with that. snow politicians can loan you your rights and they can take those rights back at any time debating on your level of obedience. think of it is dog training on a national scale. wolf, is joe biden who gets to decide what drugs you can put drugs in your body. as joe biden he'll tell you rec should be pay your student loans for law school. the landlord's role joe biden's decisions now. so joe biden doesn't tell you how many rights you have and under what condition, that's another way of saying you don't really have any rights at all. if you've no permanent rights as a citizen of minute space they needless to say that state and local governments can have states either because you elected them.
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joe biden will determine what the law is. the president's publicist made that very clear for passing what is an alabama very popular law that bans against ration in the name of gender transition. joe biden doesn't like that law therefore that law is invalid. here's the examination. >> under legislators who work on splitting discriminatory been put on notice by the justice of the primitive health and human services lawn services preventing care health care may violate federal law. [laughs] >> tucker: issue so great, just reading it verbatim. suddenly politicians are not allowed what doctors are to do. but come to last for years. politicians can't tell doctors
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will do this the new rule. chemical castration of minors when its conduct in the name of; trance rights of transgender minute. i'm glad that you do not prefer to disagree with it joe biden permanent justice and don't laugh you may be. his undertaker sure the talking points written for her by some activist group. watch. >> today alabama instead of focusing on critical kitchen table issues at the economy, covid, or adjusting the mental health crisis, republican lawmakers are currently debating legislation that amended many things which target use that threatens to put pediatricians in prison if they provide medically necessary life seizing health care for the kids. every major medical association
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agrees that gender affirming health care for transgender kids is the best practice and potentially life-saving. [laughs] [laughs] >> tucker: it's so unbelievable who rode that you got a wonder? these people do have telling you worry about covid or people died under joe biden economy serve in the spend your life. all this dumb stuff that we don't care about it all. there's medical guidance. sluicing off a child's organs is not ghoulish and dangerous. now call the best practice. the sound science he is a physician might say. in effect some physicians do say it but that does not mean it's true. we know such a this question is asked been studied in the u.k. little bit more freedom,
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researchers of the national health service have reviewed all available evidence on purely blockers and are finding? there is in fact quote, very little evidence that puberty blockers help anyone. was a long term effects powerful drugs on the children we don't know. it's not totally unknown we do know some data and then on them. and people 12-15 over a nine-year period after one year up to be blockers children were far more likely to say they wanted to hurt or kill themselves. kids on peabody blockers also experienced stunted growth and we could bones, they had measurably lower iqs. there's not minor side effects. these are tragedy. if you cared about children he would care very much about these
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results with the white house doesn't care. at all. maybe it's because some about helping transgender kids. in new jersey until company creates gender affirming at materials fro children, little kids. there's one of their videos on, the video begins by asking is a normal to watch? here's their answer. >> yes, it's normal. lots people watch, after all it's right there and it's free. >> find more about right here. >> tucker: find more about right here all things, some limits to rest fifth grade class. that's on youtube.
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we reached out to them to know who these videos are aimed at commodity small children than really answer a question they said the attack us with maximal self-righteousness. it shows repeated attacks on curricula and resources proven to protect children of all ages over the creek creepy ones. you find a lot more cartoons like this. the antenna for young children. submitted image of someone estimating a front appoint a computer monitor. not just think joking, look it up. another cartoon kids learn counts it's really up to you. generally through the ages. many people choose not to have that kind of connection.
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like me. i'm, is just a and of a china i guess my boyfriend and i will never have. so for me oral is definitely. but ultimately it's up to you to decide what you believe counts. >> you make the decision because you're in fifth grade. guess whose decision it isn't, your parents have no role in any of the stuff amazed at arm is pushing videos like this and fling schools with them back with the democratic party. so the key here is not what you agree or disagree with the message, the key is that the parents play no role in decisions. that is the point. cutting parents out, destroying parental authority destroying the family. so in classrooms, all maize isn't really necessary a time
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sometimes the teachers do the jobs themselves we know because the hard work of the twitter account: libs of tick-tock which you ought to follow before it's banned if you want or what may be may be having to your child. this unearth this video about her sex life. watch. >> not only that they just know i'm gender fluid. this is all well and good until about october when i also explained to them that i'm vegan's also which symptoms of children go lois, are you a boy you shorthair. my sister goes no, she is a girl. and a third child suddenly yelled no guys, we've been over this, she is in a boy or girl, she is a witch.
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>> underneath all of this needless to say and you can't say it enough it's narcissism. it's about me and my identity, and my journeys is not about you or the children teaching links will be, let me talk about me somewhere. but if you speak you say don't like this you know what your kids learning from people with face piercings about and oral, paganism, you could be prosecuted by joe biden's justice department. so be clear this has nothing to do with the constitution than science doesn't even really have a lot to do with are they creepy? you a lot of them are super, super creepy actually not. but it's not really about trying to grim little kids overall. it's even worse than that. this is an attempt to get rid of the basic of all parental rights. because if you are apparent only you get to talk to your kids about. why is that? because like religion is
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something the state doesn't improved on. different families have different attitudes about. in the federal government doesn't get to decide with those attitudes are, you do, you are the parent. it is none of joe biden's business, it's on the basis of his creepy little publicists, what you think about human sexuality are what you tell your kids about human sexuality. it's your prerogative not theirs. over centuries this is been very obvious, strangers have talked to strangers about by definition committed a sex crime. severe to show up on a playground and show pictures of third graders are oral on what we would arrest you. but joe biden wants to change this why? because he wants control over your family. in your values, and your beliefs. he wants to determine where your kids learn about the deepest and most important issues there are. so it's not about it's about
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your mind, and that's what they want control of. they made this explicit finance by jeff bezos forging kids to some and called the flat pride flag. >> i pledge my heart. >> i pledge my heart to the rainbow >> of the not so typical gay men. >> one camp. >> full of pride. >> with affirmation and equal rights for all. >> for affirmation and equal rights for all. [cheers and applause] >> tucker: their daring you to complain about this, you'll like this year against gay people, were most american people have no gay people whatsoever most people know gay people in a lot of cases love them. it's not about that it's about whether you have the right to pass on your values which may be different from joe biden's values onto your children you have that right, if you don't have that right or not really
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import of that. this is in a free country at all. affirmation of legal rights or who don't want their children force-fed other people's opinions about sexuality. most people don't have rights. those people get an investigation. >> your husband is a teacher and is been a vocal critic of what's been going on a myspace of florida the soap called don't say law now which he says will kill kids do you agree? >> yeah he is right and i get the political reasons why they're doing this, by the way some of those political reasons there and have a plan on anything else right? don't have a plan on dealing with inflation dealing with gas prices. >> tucker: man these people have brass, that's the guy in charge of our transportation system. try to fly from tampa to denver tomorrow. see how much it costs you.
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what he also your plan liens on time? best guy in charge of our transportation. the dairy is on the view call you a criminal because you may not have fully digested his very specific use part of their values. if a plan for inflation or gas prices. it was accuse you of doing exactly what they're doing. he understands the seed money for the state of ohio. thanks so much. for coming on. the art during you to disagree with any of this because we do you hate gay people, i know things about gay people in any way out of the it's even about i think it's about controlling most intimate decisions in your family. >> yeah who controls from it and who benefits from it. when things are often on-site here is that one of the biggest donors to the democratic party is a big pharma company. who benefits when parents are allowed to make decisions regarding their kids when it comes to chemical castration? who benefits when doctors are pressured to give these two
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manual kids. of course the pharmaceutical industry that gets a lot of money to the democrats. republic and section need to take a page from trump's playbook here number when when after the influent companies for making influence extensive when you say these pharmaceutical companies that you don't get a free ride to experiment our children. it's insane that even needs to be said but of course it doesn't crazy times we live in. >> such a good point and big pharma and the joe biden demonstration three months ago were saying you've no choice but to take big pharma's product, or not telling us you have no right to have any say with your kids take them. so politicians can't control anything to draw another allotted to take the drug what is a standard? >> it's whatever's on the best interest of democrat values whether those values are not. whatever's in the best interest of the profits of these companies that donate the democrats. only find so preposterous about this moment is on the one hand
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the democrats are actually advocating to teach about sexuality and crazy gender theory semirural children and on the other hand they get offended if we throw around terms like to push back against it. if you don't recall the groomer don't try to sexualize 6-7-year-old children it's really that simple at that of the day like you said this about parental rights will cover country to want to live in her family's control what values their children grow up and i would joe biden in the pharmaceutical companies get to do that it's pretty clear what a thing 90% of americans will come a country like to live in. >> tucker: where are the debts? some teachers pushing values on your third grader which don't rest the teacher. as of the government pushing someone else's values on your kid about where's the pushback? >> only crazy things we know tucker is that this was hidden from parents and i agree with you there to be a ton of pushback on the father of three
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young kids i would get in range of fun of this was happening, you hear all these crazy things about five euro kids going to school as boys come over than they going to the magical closet and they come out as her gender affirming identity of course has nothing to do with the crazy lunatics was pushing this on them which led to believe that it's all coming from five real children some of the things were lynn tucker is that this is being forced by some of these really radical teachers and they're hiding it from the parents that some of the most horrible part. >> tucker: running for senate in a state of ohio primaries next month good luck thank you. >> thinks tucker. >> tucker: were initially a tape we don't want to show you because it's so shocking we had a check twice that it's real. the question in the rose garden today joe biden try to answer that question watch carefully how we did. >> america is a nation that can be defined in a single word.
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excuse me, the foothills of the malaysians. ciao something thousand miles another for a fact. [laughs] >> tucker: hopefully not for long, and not capable of running the country. note the reaction at least justice was dignified enough to look deeply embarrassed as a president just skipped groove at his head and went off about the himalayan's. we notice as vice president only of course we can find american one word 17,000 miles with the yetis. well [laughs] in the final days he's working there be a good idea to speak to college students about disinformation [laughs] one student noticed the way to second pal, your americans achieve disseminators of this
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information. raising exchange will get to that woman come back. ♪ ♪
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magic zine hosted a conference. >> tucker: disinformation the erosion of democracy so they invited all favorite purveyors of disinformation and exponents of censorship, barack obama, and of course brian seltzer. there is no iq bar apparently. when speaker sting count on expected hours of just millie getting is that there still a couple of kids there were in chicago who are waking up to say wait a second we talk about? disinformation? here's one exchange. >> you've all spoken extensively about fox news being a purveyor disinformation, but cnn is right up there with them, they push the russian collusion hopes to push the jussie smollett, they called him a in the also cultural rep two's premises. and they dismiss that hunter biden laptop affair as pure russian disinformation. all the mistakes of the mainstream media is seen in a
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particular seem to magically all go in one direction are expected to believe that this is all just some sort of random coincidence which are someone else behind it? >> i think you're describing a different channel for the one that i watch. but understand that that is a popular right-wing narrative about cnn. [laughs] >> tucker: it's a popular right-wing narrative. never to sin when uses the term narrative. just for the record. >> menu saw its first month university of chicago joins us. mr. phillips inc. for joining us. what possessed you to confront these purveyors of disinformation? >> high tucker thank you so much it's an honor. we have always been is to search for truth ask questions to sift through the lies and find out what's really going on, myself into my colleagues colleagues of the chicago thinkers university of chicago premier publication, we three went to this conference we see but we come in ton of
5:26 pm
people a ton legacy media employees whose entire careers have been spreading disinformation. those of the people were telling us about how to avoid disinformation so i hear brian seltzer and he talks for 30 minutes about how fox news is used for that information and reads the people want to say wait a second, run it back because actually cnn from what i've seen at least is probably ten times the purveyor of this information they claim fox news to be. he dimly have a good answer for that. >> tucker: some of the examples they could throw at him are subjective agree to take on them. but some of the merger's objective like cnn did dismiss hunter biden's laptop was russian disinformation ground from saying that. you think would better if you would've said yeah you know i got that wrong i'm sorry about that. women of work? >> tage truth i didn't exactly expect him to hand over the keys and say you know what more
5:27 pm
corrupt go ahead chris to make seen the truth. [laughs] i did kind of expect him retractable stories and we apologize. we was try to keep a clean record but there is no apology there was no remorse whatsoever. i know what news network you're tired about this on in reality he said these things on cnn it's all documented. >> it's are to have credibility if you ever make a steak everybody. avril makes mistakes, we certainly had we admit it. both the reaction from the students to your question? will >> there's a lot of social pressure to conform to the leftists narrative to conform to a radical at college campuses. so just working for the chicago thinker really is kind of inviting you to be canceled in a sense. a lot people i have to say really liked my question they thought it was fair, they thought it was honest and that is pure journalism i respect
5:28 pm
everyone and told me that some people weren't satisfied with it but regardless i think i did a good thing asking what gives to cnn. >> tucker: just touch reality once a game reassures the not like demented. chris from university of chicago accredits your generation thank you for coming on. >> think so much they can check at the chicago right now we publish a lot of stuff on campus craziness would no one else is doing it like we are so it is up on twitter and sram as well. for more. spilling out of this morning is good. chris phillips thank you. so the chronicle discussion may be the prettiest city in north america san francisco was a great place people really want to live there, no people are leaving why is that because there's people dedicating on the sidewalks. open drug use, a group of mothers such as launch a campaign to speak out against the drug crisis everyone is ignoring coming up with us next.
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>> tucker: it's always been liberal now it's falling apart it's falling apart because san francisco's politicians have destroyed it. story about drugs to a separate cisco distribute millions of needles every year to drug addicts who opened up drug treatment facility. one group of mothers and savior cisco was hoping we can say that pitiful city local news report on their efforts. >> mothers have a message and i want everyone to read it so it's written a big billboard looming over union square. it says famous the world over for a brave beauty and now dirt cheap fat and all. they want what they call the open-air drug market shut down. the problem they say is that fentanyl is to affordable and too available. one small business owner says that he supports the mothers homes this sparks some necessary change. >> i can imagine how the
5:35 pm
billboard board will be a problem in this case. the fat and all dealers is the problem. fentanyl is a problem. the billboard is a message. >> tucker: exactly, the cofounder of mothers against drug deaths she joins us tonight. thank you so much for doing this, it feels like this doesn't work what will? >> thank you so much for having me tucker, i can imagine it would work aside this, but definitely looking to take this campaign internationally if this doesn't work. we were very, very frustrated when mayor declared a state of emergency and three months later she ended the state of emergency and we didn't see any change in the state of the tenderloin or the open-air drug market. and then after declaring an end of the state of emergency she went to europe to promote
5:36 pm
tourism in the city. and that's a microbrew mothers begin drug deaths decided that we needed to do something because we don't believe that the city is safe right now for tourists to come to. family should not be coming to a city with his open-air drug markets, this drug dealing on the streets and drug use openly on the street people are half naked with needlestick and other arms. pipes, and foil tainted with that no in our hands and we are just fat flabbergasted on the heels of a state of emergency that mayor would go out and promote the city as a destination. >> tucker: the name of your group think it's a very important point which is this is not compassionate, people are dying more than a hundred thousand last year. mothers against drug deaths tell us what you called it that?
5:37 pm
>> absolutely we call it against drug deaths because so many people are dying on the street, but to a day and san francisco retinol overdoses the open-air drug market also increases crime. just in the last eight days, the first eight days of april there have been eight shootings, for which had resulted in death. it has created more criminal activity and turf wars but it's also causing children -- people and severances go to die. basically from the fentanyl overdoses. i spoke of my son on sunday who is that no addict himself on the streets san francisco and he tell me they seem more, and more people unknown faces coming into the city to biphenyl and then to take that out into the suburbs with them and he's been seeing more, and more high school
5:38 pm
students, high school age students also coming into the city and purchasing's fat and offer leave use and for us, will read about the fat and all that's back to the suburbs and being into other kinds of drugs and sold to the children, the high students there were also worried about getting addicted to fenton know and then coming back into the city and increasing the homeless issue. >> tucker: you got right up in their faces with this i hope that you will stay there until they relent and stop with these deaths. i appreciate what you're doing. >> thank you very much. >> tucker: they told you that there was a plot by right-wingers to kidnap the governor of michigan gretchen, but it turns out they were lying, a stunning verdict handed out today in a case which is collapsed amazing story coming up next. ♪ ♪ during world war two, most of
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and created thousands of good jobs. but now, out of state corporations are coming to california. their online sports betting initiative would break the promise between us. it's bad for tribes and all californians. join us. protect the promise. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: joe biden blame
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donald trump for an alleged plot to kidnap the governor of michigan. he praised the fbi for saving her from 13 domestic terrorist, white supremacist watch. >> they were joined by officials from the department of justice and the fbi to announce state and federal charges against 13 members of two militia groups for preparing to kidnap and possibly kill me. if you break the law or conspired to commit heinous acts of violence against anyone we will find you we will hold you accountable and we will bring you to justice. >> tucker: totally mesmerized by the sign they would interpreter behind her didn't hear a thing except she made the point that everyone agrees with if you try to hurt someone you should be punished. so okay. story is not exactly what it claimed to be. we learned that there are more
5:45 pm
fbi agents and informants involved in this plot than actual kidnappers. his political partisan for whatever reason to great credit the rest the media totally ignored it. >> who was so angry about their covert restrictions in michigan that they were plotting to kidnap and possibly kill her over it. those men were ultimately arrested by the fbi just hours after the fbi exposed a dangerous terrorist plot to kidnap her. >> a mistake terrorist plot to kidnap and possibly execute michigan governor gretchen what they called treason to spark a second civil war. [laughs] [laughs] >> tucker: a second civil war. it was all allied today. the jury we still have those including two men on all charges
5:46 pm
can reach a verdict the other two plot leaders. they can apologize? probably not. most of the news hour, the last reporter in the state of michigan joins us charlie we make of this? >> what it's over? look, these guys were yakking off on stage like we all do went overboard, the fbi gets wind of it at stores these guys down the path i said this thing stunk. there's a difference between mouthing off and then the feds walking you off to the cage. he wants us wake up home. google this come delete fbi agent was fired after he beat his wife as he wintered down at a swingers party what is this? it's ridiculous. >> it is ridiculous never
5:47 pm
complement buzzfeed but they did the reporting period the majority of the conspirators they were awesome in this. the majority of conspirators working for the fbi what? how is that allowed? >> there has to be some overt action when you're conspiring to kidnap and be overt action was they were all out in front of her vacation home with the driver was fbi and the guy that had the dynamite was fbi. look, look. i'm glad it's not just me and it's not just you it's a jury of our fellow citizens. not guilty and of course ot is not guilty either. it standby it, move on to have about a dozen hero campaign commercials that's really what this is all about. the system worked again. >> tucker: she's running campaign spots saying that she survived the plot? you display them before i got on didn't think those things are ready? [laughs]
5:48 pm
[laughs] is the lamest race in the country and look everybody stick together you know what the lead guy on this he's gonna be retried he was living in the basement of the vacuum repair shop that's my cousin right? he doesn't have a boat to take you over lake michigan but was cousin the lock you in a bar told you on trial in that sense you do five years and a dog kennel. seriously. spew 100 with that is i'm with you man. >> that was the plan dude, that was the plan. >> tucker: so great, thank you for reporting news. amy is a neurologist she said tenured professor at the university of pennsylvania tenure means the point of ten years of the professor can see what they think they're dead to say she thinks and now she's moving toward being fired because she is a bigot
5:49 pm
et cetera, et cetera et cetera periods we sent to speak with them sig judge for yourself to bring up some thing today is partly conversation. ♪ ♪ >> i am opposed to affirmative action and i can explain why. >> the reason why i've become more opposed to affirmative action is because i think it has poisoned the entire academic enterprise is like this poison that you drop into a well and it just spreads everywhere he goes to all the pipes there's no place. all the capillaries. all the little end points of where the water goes that's an analogy and will mean by that? i think if you were to look at the orthodoxy of the symptom
5:50 pm
narrative is a priorities macadamia today. which is diversity above everything else and safe spaces and psychological comfort for minority students and disadvantaged minorities especially are underachieved minorities. that is the most important thing that anyone who says anything about groups or about race about different populations that would in any way upset someone who is a minority probably in many cases here because of affirmative action. that person needs to be punished. >> tucker: amy that interview is now streaming tuckercarlson
5:51 pm
we cover poultry disasters as our job on the show cause a clucking disaster expert on that discussion right there after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: last story on friday, i didn't write the script. this is a segment that will pique your interest, clucking disaster that unfolded, a chicken parked outside the latest kfc laid an egg. he is the local news report on it. >> chicken is not uncommon the city, but chicken hanging around kfc is obviously something. obviously staring in the face of certain death near the local fried chicken franchise. >> tucker: anything can happen. they posted a photograph on the facebook page and asked people to caption the picture.
5:57 pm
we have a poultry expert on the show. [laughs] hear a song is a chicken enthusiast and a regular on the program it's great to see you. you brought a chicken and what do you make of it? it's a bold move for a chicken to head outside kfc. >> yeah, my first thought was i wasn't sure that kfc was serving breakfast when i heard that she laid an egg outside. my second thought was does this bird have a death wish? why would you go to kfc? >> tucker: it's like peering into the mouth of a volcano. it takes a lot of chutzpah especially for a chicken. you brought one of your semi domesticated fowl with you. when are you feeding your chicken? >> i'm giving her bread to keep her from acting up. but i thought trish was a good one to bring because i got her
5:58 pm
on the side of the road. she can kind of relate to the other chicken. >> tucker: are there other chickens? not the agricultural powerhouse there once was, are there chickens on the side of the road in parts of america as there once was? >> she was on the side of a highway and i was going by six to 5 miles per hour. i saw her and you better believe i slammed on the brakes. i'm going to get this bird. i had her for three years now. >> tucker: way! she's your rescue chicken? >> she is. if she is my rescue. and she's a great addition. >> tucker: how many chickens do you have now. >> 22. >> tucker: that's amazing. by the way, i love and i'm taking pictures, i love how much you love animals, but what do your neighbors and friends say and your loved ones to your 22 chickens?
5:59 pm
>> so, about nine of them i roosters. so my dad personally gets a little bit annoyed with the roosters because they're constantly going off errico my neighbors, i don't really have any. there is no complaints there. >> tucker: are your roosters drains only to grow in the morning or sometimes at other times of the day? >> they do it whenever it's light out. so the second the sun comes up in the sun goes down, if a car pulls up at midnight, they'll start growing. >> tucker: have you thought about reducing your stock of roosters and going more ahead heavy? >> i like to keep the mail situation high. so, now. i like to keep roosters around. i like them. i was going to say something else, but i don't want to be inappropriate. >> tucker: you can always be inappropriate on the show. thank you for joining us yet again. >> thank you for having me.
6:00 pm
>> tucker: anytime, thank you. we are out of time unfortunately. we will be back. i love that segment. at 8:00 p.m., monday, the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. we will see you monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: hi, welcomed of "hannity," we have a busy news friday night for you. expectations for joe biden are already extremely low, but through 14 months in office, he somehow managed to even do worse than we predicted. everything now is in crisis. it was all preventable, everything, our schools, cities, borders, over safety, security, our economy, war in europe, america's abandoning afghanistan. it's day 2:30 seven and 250 days since joe biden said he would not


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