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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  April 8, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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you get your usa made immediate freedom matters gear. that as the warriors foundation. great great cause and it's really cool gear to a great dea of the hoodies and everything else. it's america now and forever pride gutfeld is next. >> this is a fox news alerts. i am griff jenkins life, the number of dead following an attack in a train station in eastern ukraine rising to 52. dozens of others are injured pride can keep the missile slamming into the station crowded with thousands of peopl mostly women and children tryin to flee new living russian offensive. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy saying he expects
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fierce global response. >> we are anticipating solid global reaction to this like mass killings. like many other russian war crimes, the missile strike on the nest become one of the charges of the tribunal that will be for sure. all world efforts will be directed to establishment it by minute who did what and who gav orders and which orders were given. >> russia in turn blamed ukrain saying it doesn't use that kind of missiles that have hit the station, that's an assessment western experts we the heavenly dismiss. russian backed separatist assembling tanks and checkpoint on the rate took this at the mary opal as it comes as local officials say no more than 90 percent of the strategic for safety has been destroyed. according to british defense officials, 160,000 people remai trapped in the city which had a prewar population of more than 400,000 pride and humanitarian relief found a company by the red cross has been trying for
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days without success to get int the city. and a senior u.s. defense official says russia wants to recruit 60,000 resurfaced as it sets its sights on eastern ukraine adding the pentagon has seen indications that moscow is looking to launch as fa's as th very term griff jenkins, gutfel starts right now pride. i can already smell the weekend. enough about my back. >> today let's honor the brave board of supervisors of los angeles county. they finally solve their ramp a homeless and addiction problem. of course not. do the cleanup skid row? fat chance for a fred did the reverse arise of murder and gan violence, not on your life righ are they at least protecting. no, they did something more
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amazing. they barked official travel to florida, because the states parental rights bill or what th idiots call you know the law that bans in-depth. third grade and under. it is the law that if you're against it, could exclude what you hide a bag of lollipops under trenchcoat. to la county staffers will becoming. >> talk about inconsolable bird bird the la board claims that harms trans kids, but they have less evidence of that than we have that brian seltzer has abs. you don't want a four -year-old boy making an of himself before he makes his move on britney in
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the sandbox. normally people would find this age inappropriate. but no, says the la board, let' get these while they still have that spot soft spots on their heads freight eight -year-olds, four -year-olds, when -year-olds , what's the difference? may be a couple of baby teeth. that's a problem with toddlers, they can barely talk about radical feminism, let alone gender identity. i not show them more crime footage while rabbit and get them ready. i wish this florida lot didn't have to exist, but it does grea it's like the warning on a dry cleaning bag telling you not to place it over your head, that means someone has already done it. it's also the death of age-appropriate has bred no response will adult let's a child. but would divorce him to talk about it when they should be thinking about naptime and recess. it punishes the la county
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workers. because where would they rather be in the summer? the miles of beautiful beaches. would you rather be here a plac where crime and violence for lurches. or be here, a place to find. who would you prefer to hang ou with? these empty headed celebrities or this. how is that not right you can't spell manati without man. the back fact is la county israel because the anti- people in general and florida is proofread up and pro fund read rather protect them as any crime , the exact their justice against the state, florida at that is minding its own business . and as richard grenell, the first only gave cabinet member,
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there is no ban on travel to th 69 countries that criminalize homosexuality. so sure, buy a timeshare, but whatever you do, stay that out of key west. these groups claim the florida bill is about stifling state exploration of ideas. they are discussing the next faceplate or the future of electric cars. no, it's about in that same person wanted adults initiating that with your five -year-olds. at best it's gross and at worst its predatory. the board also began to travel to texas after that state categorized transgender medical procedures for minors as child abuse. they claimed that man impedes children from discovering who they are and feel secure in their sense of self. again, it's word perversion disguised as likeness. no child should undergo unnecessary medical procedures unless it's her plugs or babies with huge bald heads.
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these idiots think the cure for gender confusion is surgery. you knew that and you may just get rid of and adults and replace them surgically altered heterosexuality. how is that on homophobic. all kids go through phases. when you are i was convinced i was classy. but florida must count itself lucky that the aliens aren't coming, imagine what they're like, miserable cretins who looked terrible in athletic wea bright delivering messages mean to show they care when really they expose themselves at constructive brief. they expose themselves. not surprising.
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>> he is only here because he looks great in swim trunks. it was on instagram. open game. rob smith. >> every weekend is like easter with cat when she rises again o monday morning, we consider it will go. fox news contributor durbin fifth-grade it's like jack in the beanstalk a giant. ended nwa world television champion, tyrus. rob, i'm going to you first because you are from loretta. what are your thoughts on the travel ban? it is because it's relevant to this conversation.
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its complete nonsense. this isn't about and, this is about the gender cult, this is about the gender identity cult telling these kindergartners an first and second graders, they are teaching them all of that stuff and i say, and somebody that was a teenager and became that in this day and age, if there is gender not conforming in any way, bb there are tomboyish girl or they are feminine boys, now they want to tell them they are trans and ge them on what they're calling like life-affirming healthcare and it's really bad for these kids. >> it is kind of strange. it's like talk about the most intrusive solution for somethin that is national naturally take care of itself. by the way, as a practicing
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homosexual, how long before you got good at it. >> on i will give you a list of my partners. liz, liz, liz, do you think thi is a priority that the la count orchard be focusing on when the have crime, homelessness, drug addiction? >> i feel like it's a public fo what they're doing. then you're a weirdo in you're public menace. by the way, i think in florida you learn about education about six or seventh grade. that leading the charge on this is the one who was saying, no you can't eat out at restaurants . she was the one who broke her own rule, eating out at a restaurant without a map. she's the one pushing for defunding the police. i was thinking that were probably going to see her.
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the people that work for them, but not for them pretty. >> if they got an air b&b in ke west, they're going. >> again come out when you brea down the dynamic of the people on these boards, i don't think anyone that they're not coming. you just have to shake your head . by kids for example, where he said is very sensitive, he is not aggressive and i love him t death and i don't care which wa he goes. but he's got to find that out o his own and together we'll find it outright when my daughters when she's with me, she's tombo bertschi cusses like a sailor and when she's with her mom, sh wears her dresses and makeups and behaves like a normal human being. if someone decided to tell me because when they see her with me as a poster that when they see there with her mom she need to work on transitioning to be
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little boy, i'd be like shut th [bleep] up. a lot of my wrestling everybody is gay sometimes. >> very gay. >> some of my friends, they didn't figure out they were until they were in their 30s when they had there awakening o understanding or whatever. at one point you couldn't imagine someone telling them wh they need to be during their journey to become who they are and i think we need to think about that part sometimes the answer is not only as a child, it's not even sometimes as a teenager. i have a friend married with three kids and hubby in then woke up one morning it was like i am gay. at what i've been doing the las 20 years. you need to allow that and not people and experts nothing telling you what to do is tragi and durable pit. >> it's weird, it's a weird thing where would you like to bbn from going? it would be a relief if somebod
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says you can't come to anymore don't how. >> i'm trying to think. >> star wars convention spread. >> , con is actually, it never gets easier to be a grown adult man in a batman costume. it never gets easier brit also, it's not like they are attracted . >> there is not an attractive person at, concrete. >> know because then they would be elsewhere. look, there is no red-blooded man that is going to resist guy in texas and florida are way hotter than guys in california. >> rate, i think texas and florida is really happy that we have enough californians here. >> ed like to be banned from al baby showers. i never know what to say. what do i have to offer in that situation. gig should be banned from all conversations. in heat when people start talking when you're driving
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pretty good guy thought you meant talking about cars. >> or any timely crosses on the tv i die so i can't be around too. i was just diagnosed with that. >> interesting. i would like to bbn from washington, dc. gig i'm with you. gig i don't know if you guys go your invitation to the correspondents dinner britt did you get it? >> had pretty. >> i no immediately bright i'm going to go. you are going to go? i'm going to go. after go as a group. conservative sort of presence felt and then band together britt gadgets want to look really pretty. you're going to hated, your two i'm telling him. >> love that. >> i can pretend to be who. >> not as good-looking, but we can work on that. gig yalta slouch. >> up next abide nominee asked to repeat what she meant by an old mean tweet.
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>> we'll abide nominee pay the price for not being, iowa nice? speaking your mind on twitter could haunt you like a never ending curse right i speak of beth prichard gear, they there you arguing lady. she is bidens nominee to serve on the board of directors of th tennessee valley authority. it's in the middle of confirmation hearings. senator jodi ernst. if she were confirmed, but like me and a sausage factory. i did that britt gives you believe stability is the fundamental aspect of your role on the tennessee valley board. i absolutely do, senator barry
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thank you for answering those questions. i think it appears to be a recent. if you will take a look at the tweet that we also found. you can see that they tweeted out at fox fox news in senator joni ernst. can you explain that tweet? which i just read it to you. >> hideous. what did beth think she was treating about? i get that. jodi wasn't finished. >> this tweet from 2015. in the former administration. this is prior to that. this is not ioan nice, folks.
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>> you know what else isn't, iowa nice? 90 percent of everything on twitter. who hasn't said something mean on twitter anyway? >> about that. ten years ago, did you tweet he man, i hope you danish sleep in a house fire? >> sorry that i friended you, s brunch? you get the next day, you rotat dude, i hope and animal falls i your head a new paul in quicksand. >> all right, so brunch? and then the day after that, yo rotate men, i definitely wasn't kidding about you dying in a house fire and getting it by an inbuilt word dying in quicksand. >> bottomless mimosa spirit. >> you know, liz, it looked kin of peptic, but i was enjoying it
8:22 pm
. because everybody wants to be able to live somebody who wrote them years ago. >> that's right. with the moment that was. mean what is the shelf life, it can date that when i think. she caught her flat-footed. it was a state of the union address, so jodi ernst went around and get that addressed. but, with her qualified apology was a non- apology in your opinion if you think i felt tha way, in order mean, so clearly she doesn't care. this is the undo utility i don' even know why we have that. what i was thinking about who i this person going over there. she going to be some far left person that will put the grit o solar or whatever in you can ad more letter. i don't know who this person is but what a moment.
8:23 pm
it's because you're right, ther is so much bullying on twitter. they are all about diversity, but not diversity of opinion or thoughts. they wanted to bully constantly. >> you know, you can tell she liked it. >> i'm sorry, man. he's a better person than me. deep hurt on their twitter, whe she would've brought that up i would've take my foot out, what was your twitter twitter again and i would've been like gf ty nsaids it to her. come on, man. went are we doing right you called me hideous spread. >> i would have called it. to get now, i'm a grown man. i would have done it long before . all the stuff i get but extending it next year. the fact that that took up our taxpayer time because you
8:24 pm
weren't ioan nice. i said will all be california leap you then. >> i love everything about this moment heard this was one word, one like seven years ago. she waited seven years. you taxpayer dollars, if she ha to work underling in the bag they rehearse that bird can get this is the most incredible thing i've ever seen britannica do not love the spirit to get love the part, not ioan nice. >> as she wasn't nice either, correct? >> okay kim look, i would love to be like it is petty, but two months ago my ex- best friend unfollowed me on instagram and unfollowed him back and then i went to the kat account and tha i also unfollowed his dog fred. >> it's like you can't help it sometimes. but, a little two excited.
8:25 pm
also she got nervous, she said she wasn't talking about her appearance right and meant you as a person, she wasn't expecting that richie wasn't expecting that. i wonder if she remembered her not. >> if you tweet a lot, when you're like me doing a little bit of tickling while you're tweeting. that's what i said about you when i'm drunk. this happened to me. it was pre- tweet, i was trying to get a big star for the show, and the person wouldn't get bac to me and then they finally lik a couple of days later said he wants to talk to you. i said oh, this is great. >> were you drunk tweeted? gate wasn't a tweet he says he enjoys the show, but he told me why he wouldn't do that show it was because i had insulted his wife. i totally did not remember it with them when he told me about it, i remembered that i did it
8:26 pm
on a radio show. i said his wife was a terrible actress. >> it wasn't will smith was at? >> is, but then i was like i felt that we. >> is. i apologized. he said except your apology, still not doing your shewbread. >> he i probably wasn't okay with that. >> he was being. >> he was sitting right next to her. i've got a shot out now. >> up next, the narrative on january 6. taken a lot of hits.
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eastern ukraine rising to 52, dozens of others are injured. [foreign language] the missile slamming into the station credit with thousands o people mostly women and childre trying to flee a new living russian offensive. >> zelenskyy calling it evil without limits and says he exploiters expect severe is global response rate freshly leaving the ukraine saying it doesn't use the kind of missile that. the senior u.s. defense officia says he wants to recruit 60,000 reservists as it sets as ice on eastern ukraine. and griff jenkins, now back to gutfeld. >> they smeared them as insurgents. but truth is the best detergent. so remember that seven hour phone gap.
8:32 pm
>> tonight, seven hours 37 minutes missing. >> the gap of more than seven hours straight missing seven hours and 37 minutes fred. >> seven hours, 18 around watergate look like a game of pattycake. that is so clever appeared later , the report reported the six gauges of switchboard logs are complete. the white house hamline and cel phone links. will the debunking of this scandal gets as much wordpress as the initial scandal got when the press thought it was real? of course not. where is the fun in that, you idiot freight a shipping call you idiot, we haven't even met although i do feel there is a connection that can't be denied.
8:33 pm
also on wednesday, a federal judge cleared a january 6 the defendant of all charges. deciding that matthew martens had reason to believe that police had led him into the capital because the cops didn't stop him. a could be good news for other participants, both face the sam charges as martin did and many are using the same defense. i didn't know the area was restricted because no one restricted me from that. they found main naked in the ap enclosure at the bronx sioux, and i got off too. and more ways than one. i don't know what that means. >> i'm not solving that riddle. >> this is a thing that that media wanted to build up and inflate so they can keep going back to it. they even wanted an anniversary like two years ago, january 6, grim day in america, that's my
8:34 pm
tom brokaw. >> that's pretty good. >> thank you. >> what i wanted to think about. are you done? >> no now. >> sorry. >> i know it's friday. but, this is got me shook. >> what do you think? >> a little beast geology. tomato, tomato, rightfax. >> i guess we just don't believ in sources anymore? i have three sources that confirm now it's just i saw thi thing on twitter today and it looks like the president hit hi records for seven hours. back to you, tom. >> that's were at help her journalism is dead. they didn't fact check it, they didn't wait great i would just like to refer them to this grea movie. review guy should check it out
8:35 pm
pride there are two reporters that thought something that their editor made them prove it when they had to do a lot of work. finally, after months, they got the real story. that was what journalism used t go. >> today, airsoft are facts or your so it's my truth. a lot of the times, they see it other. because there on the same worktime stories or twitter fee and they go on, i wish i had that job. that is a really good job to hefted be so lazy to journalism to get to the bottom of it. what kills me about the story t is that he was using land lines and rotary phones, that's like her grandparents. i think people care more about $6 gasoline right now. by the way, did they get all upset when hillary was taking a
8:36 pm
hammer to their cell phones. >> it was just wedding talk great everybody knows that. >> grandparents and grandkids freight she was going to separate grandkids rate you notate every six was not a good look. >> you know what, it wasn't great wasn't insurrection. that story is falling apart right when these things turn ou to be false, they stopped covering it. >> i think there has to be some middle ground. yes, it was bad. someone was walking around. i feel like somewhere in there would be a good. there are these things that the don't know if they're true or not, they get really upset abou it before they know if it's true . i also do that. but not publicly.
8:37 pm
>> they say it out loud, so it affects other people into fille coca mother upset, i need to be upset to or that means i don't care. >> their outreach sourcing. i came up with at fred's. >> brilliant, i think that's my next book. outsourcing by greg gutfeld. the five-time, new york bestseller. what do you think about the story sparked good-looking drin of water and they like it somewhere. what what they are doing is somebody will come up with the story that it's like you reported before and then it get reported on the off cable news and what networks and they say so it falls apart they never go back to a. they just keep on moving. so we see it over and over agai in the trump arab. nobody should be surprised by it . >> that's why they can keep doing it because they don't clean up their own messes.
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it felt so real. did you have to go into the metaphors. i don't care. >> buffalo wild wings, here i come. >> oh, yeah.
8:44 pm
>> i guess that explains why no one says this is a good idea fo date night. in lesser german. unless you're german. >> i don't even know what that means for us. >> you are a gamer. >> i play sports games on my xbox, i don't want to climb inside and be at basketball player. of like my life roethke do you think this is going to take off? >> not with my generation are m friends. noah, if we want a burrito we just make a burrito. like pretend stuff, i kind of gave up pretend stuff when i wa i monogamous have been, i think i kind of moved on. i think it's a waste of time an i think it takes away from people doing what they need to do to better themselves. i am a master virtual burrito roller at home, but i can't mak
8:45 pm
one in the real world because you actually have to do things, so it's weird, i get it. it's the metaphors, but it's an escape from its the experience stuff i talk about. that's not fun to me. i don't want to play a game and say virtual thanksgiving. i don't want to do that. >> making a baby. like you know how you can do it. i'm not leaning that way, i meaning the practice. the actual baby taking care of baby in the meta- verse as opposed to taking care of a bab in real life. >> it's out of the stuff about having a baby and none of the good stuff. >> i headed in the reverse fred. >> i could practice being gay. >> i prefer practicing that in the real world, by the way.
8:46 pm
this is what i think great i disagree. i think people like you are people like everybody here. they're not going to get anything out at the metaphors. i think there are people not living people i've. it it's like you live in the now , you don't have time. every time, heat she opens her mouth, watching msnbc. sometimes i'm watching msnbc an i'm like how did we get there bright i'm like christmas morning you're in walgreens. watching msnbc or in the meta- verse. you know what they need, eat know what they should do, they should have hunter biden rollin oligarchs overseas for virtual
8:47 pm
money. i think that i'm interested in any new possible distraction. i don't like to eat recreationally. >> you don't like to eat period fred. >> i like to eat because that's how i not die, but i don't do i recreationally. that's not the last thing. >> i would be remiss if i didn' defend walgreens a lot of singl debts i didn't have times spent a lot of christmas at walgreens fit. >> we made a whole christmas dinner out of it. >> thank you, walgreens fred. >> and other closing early, to get there has to be. >> i do want to thank them for taking over the team and standing up for america. >> you bailed out a lot of last-minute gifts. get the good whitman sampler. >> cvs doesn't do that.
8:48 pm
randy never minded in the icu. >> as the digital tip jar. sorry, has a it gone too far? >> i'm not going to learn. >> as power, we believe in opening doors. ♪simply irresistible♪ ♪ ♪ ♪simply irresistible♪ applebee's irresist-a-bowls are back. now starting at $8.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ♪ we could walk forever ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪
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♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪
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>> we are short on time so here is a story in five words. out of control, can't you see this ubiquitous tablets everywhere you go a cash register and you are prompted from anything from 18-30 percent . do you feel pressure because th person is standing right there? >> absolutely. if i called to order food and i actually go pick it up which i never do. when i do, i want to save money in than they hand you the bag and there's a tablet you wanted tip 20 percent are 30 percent, and it's like what exactly. >> eerily just got the stuff from the chef that's it. i still do it because you don't want them to talk mean about yo when they walk away. >> my only tip when i want to.
8:53 pm
i always tip when i want to com back to something great if i go to a restaurant site over two because i'm going to come back and they'll remember me and i'l get a better seat and better service. if i have to go shopping in a starbright we've we got that little place here. you stand in line and you come up and you pay, it's like tip. her wet? i love going custom in writing big zero. because of not taping you for what's right how much of my getting. and struggle with your guilt because it's part of your stick. >> i feel connected with not feeling like a horrible person. i do not want to do this anymor i'm tired of dipping for my espresso. i'm tired of chipping for peopl not doing anything. >> issued in tip for them doing what they're getting paid to do. it's the extra step you tip for. sitting where is my tip, that's
8:54 pm
not typical. i tipped tip very well at restaurants. so we will leave their stereotypes alone part. >> when did we get to 30 percent ? when did we get to 30 percent a the counter. its inflation tipping. so what's next, a 7-eleven? >> i have seen that. >> they up today. you know what it should be, it being a world-class celebrity, have to always over tip because i don't want to end up at page six. break only tip to blob loblaw. but, i tip, people in janitoria services on the street because nobody tips them. the guys in the blue jumpsuit that our and midtown with the garbage that walk around, that is there first job. they just got out of jail.
8:55 pm
you tip them,. >> i tip them to. my mother had a tip jar in the kitchen. you don't tip the barista. >> you tip the catholic priest outside the confessional. >> is that how that works? >> i've been wrong all those years fred. >> tell evangelism. >> what people can do are watching is tip the delta society my nonprofit foundation for delta brightly best donations and we will help all across america. gate named after frederick douglass. >> i'm proud of you. >> lots of stuff rubs off. >> why, why, why. i don't know why. >> i'm sorry. >> there's not a shower long enough for this. >> are we done?
8:56 pm
>> i am. >> how is this show on the air? don't go away, we will be right back. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin.
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we are all the time. shannon bream is next. i'm greg gutfeld and i love you america. welcome to fox news that night. i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, the depth tol from the missile attack at a train station in eastern ukrain pricing to 52, more than 300 injured. heavy fighting continues on the eastern front. the pentagon possessing that russia is claiming to close up -- call up 65,000 reservists. and queson


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