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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 9, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> you crating fighting the looming battle and on this day 45 of vladimir putin real invasion of ukraine, and their expert civilians continue to dry look for a way out, i do an escape route was viciously attacked yesterday, vanessa strike was killing more than 50 innocent people and wounding over 100, as they waited in impact train station in eastern ukraine in ukraine present volodymyr zelensky demanding top level response to that as russia
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again denies the responsibility and for the horrifying comments is retreating the force as left behind and ukrainian suburbs still working jointed five victims and mark the evidence of possible war crimes and bucha and hello everyone and welcome to a brand-new our fox new news live and i am eric shawn and hello everyone. arthel: and is the grim war documenting atrocities continues, ukraine outgunned forces keep fighting to hold the ground against relentless attacks in the east russia reportedly is now changing his military leadership, meanwhile president volodymyr zelensky urging them to impose more sanctions on moscow. >> the sanctions it must be against all russian banks in the russian oil it must be - and they should be denied and
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ukrainian deserves respect and convince your politicians come the same with ukraine, same with freedom. arthel: and in a surprise visit to ukraine boris johnson met face-to-face with president volodymyr zelensky in kyiv to joe solidarity and to discuss financial aid we have live "fox news" team coverage from ukraine buffers are going to go to alex, she is live and leviev ukraine. reporter: hi arthur l, the ukrainian military pushing for new routes to get some of these weapons out of the most contested areas in annecy russian military assuring his own of refugee the said it is doing today and take a look at this footage over these are russian troops in the city of mariupol the russian forces have largely surrounded in this one area they say that they found 80
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people including 14 children differing to safety after finding of them crying in basements. >> it there seven people still here in the other wing of the hospital these are they have to now be on stretchers. reporter: the regrouping in the east and the one that the russia is gearing up to 60000 reservist in the city offensive. alex: the u.s. sending up patriot missile defense system, because slovakia is billing donating 300 air defense system to ukraine to support the country's military capabilities crime minister said that this however does not mean special garcia missing part of the conflict another world leaders are turning in as well, british prime minister chris johnson is here in ukraine, and meeting present volodymyr zelensky to discuss financial and military aid for johnson saying that in the last month, the world is had new heroes and ukrainian people
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and thank you for the visit and support, as of the leaders condemn russia's latest attack it and just yesterday morning, the railway station, in the eastern side of the country, as thousands of people waited to evacuated and earlier the leaders told people to get out will edge and while the card injured and dozens are killed and this includes children and spray-painted on one of the missiles were of the world, for the children in ukraine's parliament said that 176 get us have died and 31204 children are wounded it is important to remember that when we talk about these people who are appointed, these are not superficial wounds when we see these concept dramatic attacks and these are lifelong injuries dramatic injuries and one like losing their llama and when think that we do want to remind people again is just the devastation that we have seen here on the ground and this is generation of
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children that will have not only the physical ones with the emotional wounds as well sweetie was profound and i just want to remind our viewers the video that we just showed that russian troops, allegedly helping it started ukrainians to secure propaganda, these are the images that vladimir putin shows his people in russia fake television as if they are saving ukrainians when in fact, they are maiming and they are torturing and killing innocent ukrainians. >> i want to be clear about that 33 and to add from all of the footage that we see coming out of bucha is important to remember the russia denies all of this and they pointing the blame on ukrainians even saying that these leftists are to blame from it's important to hear both sides of the perspective especially given the footage we are sing on the ground in the evidence that we have here on the ground and the different the people can live in russia are hearing from the government.
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arthel: there's only one side, the truth vladimir putin is killing innocent ukrainians alex live in leviev and thank you. eric: near the border come the conducting joint military drills and fall into their exercises are aimed to reinforce operational tactics, and their words, harmonized polish military units, and our concerns there's a russian attack there and meanwhile more u.s. troops are arriving in poland to bolster nato defenses in case of a potentialand now on the southeast of poland with the very latest on these joint drills hi alexis. reporter: hi come on the ground here in southeastern poland watching nato training exercise and there were explosions heavy artillery and even aycock helicopters appear to be coming down in the crowd coming through the skies and thick black smoke and this was a strong message of
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two vladimir putin because nato does closely watching these exercises at and this comes as the attacks on ukraine. [background sounds]. reporter: hundreds of troops 82nd airborne division on the ground in eastern poland, intensive training polish army. intensive nato training exercises to show the world, troops already in here behind me, the polish troops are talking with the commander after a long day of exercises. the polish forces are showing case missiles which we been talking about everyday for several weeks so there actually imaging technology to lock-in on target and open fired united states native countries and spent thousands of those anti- think weapons to ukraine and they tell "fox news" have
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another training because weapons have been key for the ukrainian military and listen. >> we are proud and as it turns out, the significantly supported the defense of the ukraine troops in the fight against the russian troops in ukraine. reporter: the polish army said that doing everything kata to make sure the military has ready this whether you out there with the training exercises they do this yearly but at this time coming this comes at a time when is so important that the world is watching everything that is happening in ukraine these images out of bucha and the army was also talking about yesterday when we were at the training in the media's calling these nato training in poland quote provocative but the point of that media and on the ground, "fox news" is that everybody can see that includes vladimir
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putin. eric: absolutely showing the unity the west has against vladimir putin push and alexis thank you and will have much more the military implications in this retired lt. col. joining us, and he will preview the potential battle as a coverage of war in ukraine coverage continues later is our. arthel: now erica, just learning more about it stunning scandal the secret service and two men were charged with posing as federal agents, they are due for the second appearance in court on monday, there accused of bribing secret service officers with free apartments, iphones, flatscreen tv and more elaborate and expensive tips all gain access in one of those ages was assigned to the first lady's detail alexandria is live in washington with more of this disturbing details of the story alexandria. reporter: disturbing indeed and
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according to fox news source the same agent of the first lady's detail, the chesterfield and protecting the president to, so many questions it and why would these med identified today and they want to woo the secret service agents when city these two men were arrested at a were weapons and equipment used for fraud and surveillance were seized and prosecutors alleged that the two pretended to work for the department of homeland security and secret service agents and lavishing them with gifts for the ages have been suspended as part of the investigation. >> the president is covering the leader of the secret service, to be on it would point to the secret service enter the fbi. >> and while the white house is now expanded they found the national security institute said that another point of conservative elves for the money from to pay for the gifts. >> was this an effort it by a foreign power to engage in
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either compromising these law enforcement officers or even worse, access with a new get access to their information and travel - >> yesterday the judge in the case said that he needed more information on the travel history the pakistan and iran and therefore they will continue on monday and they want them held until trial and interestingly, this case has been brought to the fbi by a postal inspector and according to court documents, the apartments were allegation assault that involved a postal carrier. arthel: so either the agents new and willingly participated in the dangerous scheme or the secret service was cut off guard. reporter: we will have to wait and see. arthel: thank you. eric: time now for the situation a on the southern border, that's with the concern is growing now, the migrant members that explode and was president biden ends
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title 42 next month, now the trump era policy barred many migrants from entering our country during this pandemic some members of the presidents on party now are pushing back on his decision and now a group of border city officials, but they are calling for a copy is a plan to replace title 42 because here live with the latest on what happened hi lucas. reporter: yes a bipartisan group of senators have introduced legislation and delayed appeal of title 42 for two months and this is texas governor greg abbott said he will ship the eagle of migrants by best appeared to the nation's capitol in earlier republican congressman from texas weighed in. >> it is a bit of a 'political theater' you know, letting up 900 buses going from texas to dc, and that is a long haul the requires a lot of money and resources that i get what is happening though, you want to bring light to the situation and honestly, people are fed up. .eric: a massive release of
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migrants from federal custody taken place in texas, also giving smart phones to track their locations president biden's decision in the trump era pandemic policy order has turned away 1.7 million migrants over the past two years, and as many in congress concerned when the policy ends next month and health order title 42, they stuck to in 1944, world war ii era law they gave the surgeon general is easy to solve the migrants from entering the country during a pandemic and potential violence on the title 42 would likely pass because only eight democrats signal they supported add while the migrants were given smartphones after being detained. >> we have a range of ways of tracking individuals to regulate migrating to the country to it in order to ensure that they permitting their notice to appear obligations and that they are appearing in court with a short appear in court, that is one of them sue and the
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president left the white house about an hour ago and the woman from delaware, no plans for him to visit the southern border. eric: thank you lucas. arthel: and we have a tragic news now from the nfl, pittsburgh steelers cornerback duane haskins was killed after a vehicle hit him in south florida this morning, he was reportedly in florida training with some fellow steelers, and he was a star and ohio state and washington medium the 15th overall pick in the 2019, nfl draft and after two seasons over the steelers sign him last year and he was expected to battle with the job left vacant after good whataburger retired in the steelers head coach is saying in a statement instead i am devastated and that a loss for words with the unfortunate passing of duane haskins and he quickly became part of her steelers family up on his arrival in pittsburgh and he was one of our hardest workers both
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on and off the field and in our communities elaine was a great teammate but even more so a tremendous write it to so many that i'm truly heartbroken thoughts and prayers are with his wife, and his entire family during this difficult time and duane haskins, just 24 years old. >> is so sad and unfortunate. eric: neurons present with a provocative statement today to talk to revive the 2015, nuclear deal has stalled and he said the country will keep pursuing nuclear developments present also spoke in a ceremony to mark iran's national day of nuclear technology this happens test they stockpiled rich i really miss going and now enriching they say up to 60 percent purity that happens to be iran's highest level ever closest to weapons grade and i run to insist that is nuclear program
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>> it is clear the russians come are doing the reverse but retreating his tactical as he is going to intensify pressure now in the east and so that is why it is so vital as you so rightly say of vladimir putin that we are friends continue to offer whatever support that we can see when will that is prime minister boris johnson in the last hour on vladimir putin strategy and ukraine's needs and he made that announcement and kyiv today he's was standing right next to president volodymyr zelensky, in a stunning show of support in kyiv itself and that of course is monday after that horrific attack at the train station in
11:21 am
the missiles the hitting that train platform in eastern ukraine at least 52 people were killed and wounded get more than 100 and the station is filled with civilians trying to escape evacuate ahead of the new booming russian offensive, and volodymyr zelensky calls that a war crime and he comes as russia's reportedly reorganizing his military operations in ukraine including a change in senior leadership, the general with russia intervention in syria will now apparently trying to do the same in ukraine even though we just kind of destroyed parts of syria and col. daniel davis deployed to combat zones four times including the largest think battle of desert storm, colonel, you know the tanks and welcome and it seems that russia is shaping up for the battle of donbas and what do you expect and can you explain what we could potentially see.
11:22 am
guest: yes, i believe this is almost certainly going to be the largest battle since 1943 battle which ironically is on similar terrain just north of their not too much farther into russian territory and also ironically some of the circumstances are very similar to what was then and what you have right now is a battle that is going going on on and off since 2014, but since 24th of february when the work only kicked off, there is been a continuing battle in that area with russian forces heaven pushing at kilometer back and ukrainian forces ukraine forces have spent years building defensive networks and his progress has been very slow and very expensive for russia but now as you just mentioned there, russian has moved there take force from the kyiv area down to the northern part of the battlefront in the troops mainly been working in mariupol mostly freed up in the moving in from the south side and if russia his
11:23 am
able to squeeze through those sides and complete the circle, around the ukrainian forces in that area, they could potentially cut off any the capture or destroy up to 40 or 50000 ukrainian forces and that is why this is such an important battle and volodymyr zelensky recognizes that in the sending in reinforcements and everything is shaking up probably within the couple of days, this is going to start and probably will determine how the war goes. eric: in the ukraine to the reinforcements and that what they needed time. davis: you know that is the open question and just looking at this of the artist is military perspective, it is not look good for ukraine because russia as you mentioned there a minute ago is bringing in 60000 additional horses and they still had about 80000 and i'm in percent the combat force from the initial invasion so they putting everything here now and i with his new general, coming in from
11:24 am
syria, dvornikov, their best people and their best troops and they briefly want this in ukraine are looking to different but ukraine is also suffered a great deal of battle losses in this war and just it is hard for me to see how they're going to win this over time. eric: they have an effort at some point will present has been mother sending 800 tank missiles they have the old soviet tanks as well as what teeth 60 force in central europe that are being in the process of being sent, from central european countries and the replace with new tanks, would that be enough that ukrainians have captured about 161, russian tanks so they have a whole bunch of new soviet russian eric take that they could use and as you said, what are we going to see when to tank battalions face each other. davis: we also have to understand that i personally experience with this and say
11:25 am
that you cannot just put a bunch of troops in some tanks i think that they will be effective, you have to train up the cruise and individually on the tanks and then take cruise together as a unit and then to implore them and it would take months for ukraine to be able to employ new forces coming in from outside to be able to affect the fight and that's if they could get there because russia is doing everything with the missiles and airpower on the logistics for them to reinforce that are already coming in. and volodymyr zelensky earlier today said that he recognizes this is still going to have to be entered by negotiations one way or another and they said the same thing yesterday and military assessment honestly, that is probably the best case ukraine can have to keep from using this battle is much as none of us want to hear that, especially live in these horrific tragedies that are going on all or ukraine, but the most important thing right now is just all the fighting this up the killing and make sure this does not expand any further.
11:26 am
eric: lt. col. daniel davis, thank you for your service to our country in your analysis might be a looming and donbas and carpeting marketing back and echoing world war ii, thank you arthel: president biden is taking opposition back here at home, from his own party over the ending title 42, and lawmakers are morning move will mean another migrant surgeon could even more strained and already overwhelmed border and the mayor in texas joins us next, on what he'd officials and other border cities are facing. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. when tired, achy feet make your whole body want to stop, it's dr. scholl's time.
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arthel: president biden's move to scrap a trump era policy, getting pushback from members of his own party, a bipartisan group of senators including five democrats, have introduced a bill to extend title 42, by 60
11:31 am
days in the cdc announced last week that they help order gives the biden administration authority to quickly expel migrants at the border, due to the covid-19 pandemic would end next month and lawmakers say that ending the policy would cause yet another surge of migrants, the border agents are already overwhelmed and joining us now is, the mayor real grant city taxes and so mayor, think if and thank you for joining us and i want to make it clear because unfortunately with the congress, things are always convoluted so what is your understanding of this bipartisan request and when the biden administration have to ended the covid-19 public declaration first and then wait 60 days before rescinding title 42, is that how you understand it. guest: will first of all thank you for allowing me to be on your program and thank you for to be back on the program but title 42 has been really
11:32 am
effective and aside from looking at the numbers of expulsions had i still come back to this one thing, rhetoric and reality on the us-mexico border is also often miss construed in case point the cdc numbers over the fiscal year of 21, roughly 7 million apprehensions that the us-mexico border, 1.2 million were expanded and expelled under title 42 however those numbers are really not talked about because they go against both parties political agendas, on one side to come up the right who wants to talk about open borders and continuing the migrants but the reality is 70 percent have been expelled in on the left side, they want to be talked about as far as having immigration and be considered deported and achieved in title 42 does work and has been highly effective however, it is not the permanent solution to a broken
11:33 am
immigration system. arthel: right and i want thank you for breaking that down mayor. yes i can do this. [laughter] okay sweetie let's listen to to press secretary, who addressing criticism of president of biden plan to lift title 42 and let it expire. >> the cdc has been working with our student make sure that the visuals are waiting processing and it would be monitored under the alternative program and the president whom of the internet homeland security also put together this plan to continue addressing irregular migration that involves personnel and improving the processing and implementing mitigation measures and working with other countries to manage the migration. arthel: so of course managing migration has alluded multiple presidents but it does the current a bipartisan support that title 40 to keep it in
11:34 am
place elyse were now in a give you indication or hope that finally what you said the immigration reform might be in the work. villarreal: absolutely in effect at like this bipartisanship because the reality is to in order to address this immigration in this border security and must be a bipartisan solution and going back to the comprehensive immigration reform but absolutely, how do supported and in fact i would even supported to the head of this year but hit with this in mind, that this is not the permanent solution and we need to address it which of course a comprehensive it was talked about and solution suet but it would help our communities because honestly we do not have the resources to continue to address some of their needs and for example if you look at this over the course of the last week we have had groups of 102-0500 people at a
11:35 am
time and yes, at the end of title 42 i can see there's going to be a large influx of those wanting to come through our ports of entry as well as into our communities which we do not have on this the resources but again to be fair to both sides, arthel: let me ask you mayor joel villarreal let me get a question because i do when they ask you and i love talking to you because you just prefaced your next comment which to be fair, do both sides and anyone ask you, what you think is the proper balance it to invite the migrants to this country and get them processed legally and weed out the bad actors with bad intentions and no desire to forge a better life in the u.s. and she the countries of origin race culture factions should be assessed in when getting the gold to get to a market. villarreal: that is the point because border security and immigration management is not
11:36 am
mutual exquisite, they can coexist about we needed the personnel often times we might not often have times of the personnel may need to invest instead of investing $25 million, for myla border wall, what can we do with that 25 million to actually having a personnel that can address whether this is having officers in the asylum and listening to this as opposed to being adjudicated and taking years to process so you have a lot of solutions the question is why do we do this instead of investing in certain projects that might not really bring anything to fruition when it comes to truly addressing this form and be simpler for says because look this going back to cover his of election reform and we need to look at this weather it's a lottery system or it is a mailing based system or visas and you have a lot of great individuals that can come in to our country to work and contribute to our economy and to
11:37 am
our taxes and contribute to this great country which by the way, i know i've said this before, people lower skilled even the american dream and this idea that these individuals can rise above the circumstances in life and do something with her life here in america braided printed, we can do them both and benefit the country but also the consideration given elements of these individuals and they go th these perilous journey to get yr vote the same time there has to be a balance and i agree with you, what is that balance but importantly, right now you have two extremes of parties but the majority of americans are somewhere in the middle, we are somewhere in the middle and some of this common sense solutions instead of the extremes instead of the loudest and unfortunately we don't get anything done. arthel: i have to go and fourthly but may i ask you, when we be back again and yes or no if you would not mind for me, have you been contacted to lead a committee on this, that is a
11:38 am
great idea. villarreal: no i have not and thank you very much but nonetheless, and one last thing, we live in a great great municipality and region is a great place to live in the work and to force the american dream and we are much more than immigration central. arthel: if enough of course we will see you again is an important topic it and mayor joel villarreal, of rio red city, we appreciate your time and your thoughts and your compassion and clear thinking and we will have you on again on this in. and 40 complicated topic and thank you mayor joel villarreal and god bless. eric: school curriculum is blocking more controversy in new jersey and second graders there in public school we are learning i just reading and writing but also gender identity this fall
11:39 am
under the new state education guidelines, part of the state that could be the case for kids they say even younger and live in new jersey, with reaction to these new lesson plans. guest: yes parents are concerned because their kids as young as first grade, will be learning about gender identity and gender stereotypes and now it's important to point out that they tell us it is not about the conversation itself, they just think that is something the parents should be talking about with her kids instead of the schools i do want to show you fox news just got new video randolph public school superintendent, calling the parents who do not like this curriculum, crazy and listen. >> him she's a certified teacher in the state of new jersey and there still crazy. [inaudible]. and these will be people that they keep repeating this.
11:40 am
guest: so take a look at the new education guidelines it reads in part that being a boy or a girl, does not have to mean that you have those parts come about for most people, this is how their bodies are kind the teachers are also directed to inform the students they can pick whatever gender they want regardless of the private parts and the whatever they pick, is perfectly normal we spoke with concern parents. >> i just have to do what i feel is right in my heart is apparent, not always easy to speak out but i do feel that if we don't speak out, then who will. >> it seems that whether it is appropriate it all in school setting is discussion but at that age, that is definitely not appropriate for some of the content. reporter: 's most paracel fox news that they can't up their children out of these exercises go but their kids are there be a stigma associated with that but for the child in the family and fox news is waiting for governor phil murphy to respondent for a comment and we will send it back to you.
11:41 am
eric: thank you so much. arthel: will eric, were paying more for everything inflation and now this new morning, a recession could be just around the corner, wall street journal associate editor joins us next break it down when this means for you. i'm amber, i've lost 128 pounds with golo, taking release. i have literally tried everything. i was on the verge of getting gastric bypass surgery, and i saw the golo commercial, and it was the last thing i tried 'cause it worked. (vo) for me, one of the best things about life is that we keep moving forward. we discover exciting new technologies.
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and they have fast, reliable shipping. ask yourself. are you safe? make gold your new standard. call rosland capital today at 800-630-8900, 800-630-8900. that's 800-630-8900. eric: he come to mr. warning a recession may be on the horizon, the federal reserve is tight it is also policy and getting a handle on runaway inflation those economy say the central bank is a step to light and bursting the prices and they say that there could be a song on the way, joining us now with wall street journal and fox news contributor, we know the states back to the 70s the high interest rates and do you expect that we will be sliding into a recession over the next few months. guest: i think what you're
11:46 am
seeing the banks, eric is the fact that it is probably never too early to start to worry about something like that if the fed gets things wrong and if inflation continues to rise after raising interest rates and the economy because it makes borrowing costs higher for a mortgage or buying a car people stop buying houses they stop buying cars you could easily go into a recession but for the moment it, the consensus view is that the very strong economy that we have right now, remember 5.7 percent growth last year and the expectation somewhere around 1.8 percent or something like that in the first quarter of this year and possibly 2.8 percent for the full year and maybe a little bit less and that is a pretty strong economy and it is not a recession by any stretch of the imagination but it depends on if the feds get things wrong and have to raise the interest rates too fast. eric: the unemployment has been
11:47 am
way down in the job numbers and despite that, why then do we have these issues and these concerns were sing that the prices go to the store. john: yes that is right, and on the unemployment numbers let's think about that for a second, the most recent read on new applications for unemployment that's kind of a proxy for layoffs, get laid off new apply for the unemployment benefits and the lowest numbers and 54 years, not since 1968, have you had unemployment applications at low and back then the job market income of the labor force was one half of the size and they have - on half of the size that it is now and it shows you a really tight labor market and something on the order of 1.8, openings for every unemployed worker and that is a great time to go out and look for work so
11:48 am
that is driving up labor costs because employers have to pay more to keep employees and that is contributing to inflation so i the concern about the inflation, the feds raised the interest rate and whatever that start to happen, people worry about the calculation getting made incorrectly maybe overstepping so maybe too far babies too high in the economy too much and you have a war in ukraine, and that is crimping the global supplies of energy and the energy prices around the world because people are trying not to buy oil from russia which started the war and invaded ukraine and you have the spread of covid-19, and once again around the world. the rising numbers northeastern part of the united states and substantially rising numbers and china having to shut down teasing out, these are big production centers, that was again contributed to crime to
11:49 am
supply, you have robust demand in the united states, short supply drives up prices and that increases the inflation the cause of the fed to brace the race even further. eric: i guess the short answer, were not getting out of this anytime soon at least for now, the war is raging and covid-19 is spiking and that's a good bet and another point that i don't want to make but you're right and let's stick with it in john is so good to see you as always. john: and my pleasure. eric: i will be back with mornings right after this. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. cranky-pated: a bad mood related to a sluggish gut. chase. miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. free your gut, and your mood will follow.
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11:54 am
composure, they also apologized for how they handled the situation saying that we hold on a second, we fell short and were unprepared for the unprecedented and already he had resigned from the capias ready calling his actions, after march 27 also any suitable and based on the roles, no longer a voting member since he resigned entertainment analyst, weighing in. >> also smith can still get nominated for his work and when it also nobody's not allowed to attend an oscar ceremony or any other academy events, the next ten years as part of the disciplinary action taken against him. arthel: okay christina live in los angeles, thank you and we will be right back. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar.
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♪ ♪. eric: the best of the best are going head-to-head in georgia today. lead arrangers competing at fort benning and a three-day competition to earn the coveted title of best ranger. fort benning try to keep up with them as they're going through their paces, hey charles. >> hey eric, we are down to 26 rangers right now. we are over here at the grenade of assault course. but we have been seen from the rangers out here we've actually just our last group run past. they have been running up to this point right here and taking
11:59 am
this comic-con a public? they've got a blueberry, this is a mock grenade, erica. can a public? we are going to twist. this is not working out well. [laughter] can i fake it? [background noises] okay poppet, and throw it. and that is going to blow up, >>. and then our ranger they've got five other targets they have to hit while they are over here. the going to do hi crawl over too this target they've got a bunker here they're going to throw a blueberry grenade at you can see them over on the ground and there got to be more targets. certainly a tough situation
12:00 pm
folks. you can see it's hard for me too do it i can't imagine how these guys will keep up i'll send it back to you guys. eric: while, just get some rest at charles. [laughter] arthel: that is white we respect our military so much. imagine doing that. you train for that in our life-threatening situation. charles did alright in his report we are back in one hour at 4:00 p.m. eastern. please join us then. ♪ >> hello editor report i am paul gigot. with russian troops fully withdrawn from the capitol region of kyiv the scope of vladimir putin's barbarity came into sharp focus this week with scenes of murder and mass graves from bucha and other ukrainian towns. the biden administration or western allies moving to impose new sanctions against the kremlin in retaliation to what they are calling war crimes for ukraine now embracing for a renewed russian offensive


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