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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  April 10, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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facebook, instagram and unfiltered. "unfiltered" with dan bongino starts i think now. you will see dan bongino without a tie. that's my opinion.
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[♪♪♪] >> no beating around the bush. sometimes the radical left is plain evil. they don't care about you, your kids or the wide open border either. i will show you evidence of this evil. we are live at the border. there isn't anyone that knows more about the crisis than the agents at the border. the kilter of two nypd officers
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talked to college kids and the support is shock. the which dove one of the officers killed is here to set the record straight about this coldblooded killer. there is an attempt to boycott the state of florida against the so-called don't say gay law. there it isn't always obvious where the evil exists. recent actions can no longer be written off as just bad politics. some of the far left are just plain evil. it's just a different fight. i'm not talking about all democrats or liberals. but i'm talking about the radical left. they appear so void of any sense
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of common decency that evil is the only way to describe what they are up to, their actionser. >> their inactions. let's define the word. morally reprehensible. misfortune and wrongdoing. inaction. folks it's easy to ignore evil when it's not affect you personally. but sooner or later inaction is a choice. choosing not to do something is in facts the choice. oddly it's the left who likes to say silence is violence. i'm not calling all democrats evil. but some actions on the far left are indefensible. especially when they target those who can't defend themselves. the left makes choices, too. there is no other way to
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describe some of this stuff that is just plain evil. look hat at this one. eric adams, who despite having zero scientific evidence is trying to keep masks on kids ages 2 to 4. >> i want to comment on today's court ruling regarding the issue of 2 to 4 years old. i think it's imperative due to the rise in cases we have seen, our plans were to take a week to assess the numbers before removing makes from 2 to 4 years old. but we'll comply with any ruling from the judge. dan: how the hell do you defend that? eric adams wants you to mask your 2-year-old while he goes out with no mask and parties with the celebrity crowds. what about the adults month lost their jobs for refusing to get
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the vaccine. what about the first responders who were kicked to the curb when they didn't the follow the approved narrative. i know this is hard to hear. it's not the easiest monologue i ever put together or delivered to you. how is it explained to you without the existence of evil. just last week, the cdc publicly acknowledged the scientific reality of natural immunity. >> we know because of vaccines and because of protection from prior disease, innext the community, that about 95% of people in this country have some level of protection. dan: now we are admitting natural immunity is real? i learned about this? kindergarten. but thousands are still without jobs and their kids are wrapped
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up like mummies at daycare. you still need convincing? here is an example the radical left is hoping you don't notice. last week police recovered five babies from a home in washington, d.c. and as purely evil as having a dead baby sounds. the medical examiner has no plans to perform you a top is because they appear to have been aborted. in accordance with dssments c. law. folks, that's sick. that's evil. let me ask you this. what kinds of person can defend advocating for this stuff. five babies were never given a shots at life because evil far
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leftists said said it's their right to kill them. and those babies' lives aren't deemed important enough for the medical examiner to even find out what happened to them? that's evil. this isn't an isolated incident neglecting the lives of innocent babies. california is work on a bill that would prohibit a mother from actions that includes a period of time after the child has been born. after the child has been born. folks, there is another word for this. it's called evil. if 2 need more proof children being ignored and exploited take a trip down to our attorney border that our president refuses to visit himself. what does the radical left have to say about sex trafficking.
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they pretends it's not happening. what about the nationwide fentanyl problem. people are dying as the alarming rights and the radical left is pretending it doesn't exist. at some point you have to think these people are allowing the evil things to happen on purpose. what's the other explanation. joining me, three people who have been on the front lines of this crisis. rodney scott and former acting chief. without title 42, how bad can the border crisis get? what kinds of numbers are we looking at? >> what we see even with title 42 is a crisis at our southern border that's been going on for 14 months.
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once they lift title 42 you will see a surge of people in border patrol facilities and houses that are already overwhelmed. as bad as the crisis has been. title 42 in many ways has masked the crisis. you will see a surge come the 23rd of may. and this administration has no plan in place to address the crisis. all they want to do is process more of these individuals into the country which is the wrong strategy. that will further incentivize folks to 0 cross the border to enter the u.s. illegally. dan: this isn't just a border problem, this is a nationwide problem that starts at the border, isn't it? >> thanks for having me.
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i would say dps and the border patrol are american heroes. every sheriff in america is a border sheriff. with the fentanyl spikes, the administrator had to issue an knowledge because of the mass poisonings happening across america. overdoses and poisonings in one location at the same time. and families are devastated. it's coming from here over our shoulders in our own backyard as the chinese international criminals work the cartels making millions of dollars. dan: it's also, this is disgusting, but the sex trafficking down there, how bad is that problem from your experience at the border? >> it's a serious problem.
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and it gets worse. the only way agents can identify sex trafficking victims is interviewing them. they simply don't have time. when they are arresting 8,000 people a day and washington, d.c. is screaming at them to pro tess them as quickly as possible and release them into the u.s., those interviews are not taking place. we have no idea how many people are being trafficked. we got a briefing that they are starting to see wrist with bands and markings that they belong to a specific cartel. when title 42 goes away, just yu will see millions. dan: coming up on "unfiltered." from the sunshine state to the
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>> first of all, i like rivalries with other states, especially with the don't say gay. he was wrong. period. it was political posturing. he's aware that in this school system at that age they don't do sex education, so why would the bill pass? what was the purpose of that. dan: new york city mayor eric adams is starting a war with governor desantis on a bill that keeps sex education out of the classroom through third grade. it's ironic his citizens are moving down here by us but not many of our citizens in florida are moving up by him. >> when people say it's a rivalry, it's like the rivalry the harlem globetrotters have
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with the washington generals. it's a one-way street. people have been fleeing new york in record numbers. part of it is because we are a free state, a law and order state, and part of it is because we do believe in parents rights and we believe our identification system should be used to educate kids, not indoctrinate them. we have had record numbers of families moving in from new york and around the country. dan: you heard stay away from the culture wars, and tax cuts. the left ran roughshod over us. you decided to take these fights on head-on defending mothers and kids. it worked out well for you. your approval ratings in florida are sky high.
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l.a. county bang official travel to florida over what they deem a controversial bill that does nothing more than keep sex training out of classrooms. >> they said they were going to put gender ideology in 2nd grade. they are trying to teach kids to be quote gender fluid. what we did was absolutely appropriate. parents in florida want to send their kids to school without having to worry about some of these things injected into the curriculum. we have full curriculum transparency in the state of florida. every parent has the right to know what curriculum is being taught in he subject and you have the right to know about the library books. and you have the right to have your voice heard.
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that's empowering parents to have a seat at the table. it's the right thing to do. kids will do much better in education if parents have a part in this. but the schools believe the government should have primacy and we reject that. dan: it seems so obvious now. empowering parents was the way to go. but we are a battle ground state in florida. elections are tight here. but you have deep red states that stayed away from these fights. your leadership in florida, is that a template to take these fights head-on? >> when i signed the bill last year protecting women's athletics. that's stwangds the majority of
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people in my state. and standing with our girls and athletes. it's true that corporate media and institutions like the ncaa and big corporations, they may object to that, but they are not representative of the broad swath of the public. some governors are scared of the media and big corporations. and that's not the way we do business in florida. we stand up to big corporations. disney came after florida for the parents rights in education. i said as long as i'm governor we'll support parents rights. cut out the clutter, cut out the media, just focus on common sense and what the broad swath of your constituency was. floridians want to make sure our girls have opportunities in athletics. dan: thanks for your time.
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we appreciate it. a convicted cop killer becomes one university's special guest. the widow of and you of the murdered officers is here. >> everyone deserves a second chance. people change. >> if he served in prison and faced the consequences.
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visit to kyiv. russian president vladimir putin. dan: you see it time and time again. the left the so-called party of tolerance, the one thringt won't toll rate is conservatives. where did all this craziness start? leftist college campuses where radical activists shout down conservative speakers. >> because you guys are here shouting down people.
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[bleep] [bleep] dan: that's what happens if conservatives are allowed to speak. the university of virginia is demanding the university cancel bay of campeche pence. who is allowed to have a voice heard? cop killers. officers were gunned dune murdered in a cowardly attack in 1971. not only was one of the killer. he went to another school to ask the question, what do they think about a cop killer speaking to students. >> everyone deserves a second chance. i don't think because he went to prison he should automatically.
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>> everyone can speak. >> because it's virtual we should be able to listen to his voice and what he has to say. if it were the other way around they would allow the cop to come to campus. >> i don't any we should villainize this person. >> if he served in prison and faced his consequences, i think it's good for him to speak. >> we have to listen to him, he did it for a reason. >> what are your opinions on the police? >> i think they are very necessary and important. but i believe they abuse their power. >> in general it needs to be handled with a different approach. a part getting there -- >> i don't agree with the defunds the police. '. dan: joining me is the wife a
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fallen nypd hero. what are your thoughts on the university giving a voice to your husband's killer? >> according to the suny task force, they are freedom of speech. everybody in this country has freedom much speech, including myself to speak south about him not speaking there. the problem is they did not present him for who he was. they presented him as a political prisoner, by he is not, and was not. he is an assassin and murderer of two new york city police officers. my husband joseph and his
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partner. when you walk up to two officers and shoot them in the back, you are not a political prisoner. you are a murderer and assassin. dan: what could this man possibly offer these students in what's being framed as an intellectual conversation? i believe in free speech. i had zero interest in this man's perspective. >> what this man is speaking about is he's still a member of the black liberation army. and he has shown no remorse. and he is still spewing his rhetoric about white supremacy, how he has been wronged. he has not accepted the fact of what he did and why he was in prison, and he has shown no remorse.
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he showed no remorse when he was incarcerated. and the parole board did not look at this and did not see it. we also need some [inaudible] with the parole board. dan: i'm so deeply sorry you have to have this wound constantly open. this is horrible. i appreciate you spending some time with us. coming up on "unfiltered." the fda approvals a fourth covid shot while ignoring advice from their own expert. is it about signs or not? do you find yourself buried in paper? this is the end. the end of paper. the epson rapid receipt smart organizer easily scans all your documents. paper goes in and stress goes away. it's the only solution on the
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>> the country seemingly on the back side of the pandemic more evidence the economy is running at full throttle. >> there are a lot of strong
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sniens this economy particularly coming out of the pandemic. a lot of good economic indicators. >> the trends show remarkable progress across our economy. >> the economy isn't bad, it's that people are mad because they are a bit late and cost more. dan: even the "new york times" says the economy is booming. joining me now is larry kudlow, host of "kudlow" on fox business. i'm concerned. inflation is a devastating tricrisis. -- a devastating crisis. we don't have the kinds of tools we had because we can't stop spending money. your thoughts on how we fix this out of control * crisis.
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>> inflation is public enemy number one. the politics the jive with the economics. the way to have a strong economy over time is to have price stability. low inflation. it's not to pump up with big deficit spending and borrowing and money creation by the fed which is what mapped in the last 14 to 15 months. instead you need steady money, you need to have the government pull back, lower tax rates, lower regulations. in the u.s. one of the big stories has been the decimation of the fossil fuel industry. we are still producing 1.5 million barrels less per day than 2018 and 2019. these are difficult stories.
12:37 am
and the federal reserve tries to take away the punch bowl in quelling inflation. i fear it will not end well. history shows there is no such thing as a soft landing from my inflation. >> i was reading an article on this the other day. due to the pandemic, companies ordering at the last minute, they are going now to just in case. they are stocking up on supplies which means productivity will go down and prices will go up even if they did get a hold on inflation. if biden doesn't get a hold on this and stop the spending and do what you said, forget about a soft landing, this will be a crash. >> the cavalry is coming. there will be a change in policy. i believe the republicans will
12:38 am
have a terrific election the mid terms both the house and the senate. i know these folks, and they know what to do. we'll go back to pro-growth policies on taxes and regulation. but biden has dug a big hole. you run the inflation rate up from less than 2% to 8%, and i don't think inflation has peaked yet. that's not an easy thing toe fix under any -- to fix under any circumstances. people talking about a soft landing could be right in theory, but that also is a triumph of hope over expectations or experience. that's what troubles me. what high taxes do is necessity discourage production, they discourage productivity. and they keep the supply of goods and services down.
12:39 am
you have too much demand chasing too little supply. these guys wants easy money to promote inflationary demand, it's absolutely totally up sidedown wrong. it's been a while since i have seen such a goofy policy and some good democratic economists. larry summers and jason fuhrman, i give them credit, they are ringing the bell against it. bide where needs to replace miss entire economic team. dan: thank you, larry kudlow. thanks for joining us, i appreciate the promotion. the fda authorized a fourth vaccine shot overruling advice from its own experts in the process. this as the -- the w.h.o. the.
12:40 am
why is the cdc leaving it up to the w.h.o. to investigate issues with this vaccine while the appear here they seem to be ignoring advice in our own country from our own experts? >> thank you for having me. it's a complicated situation. there was a beating in days ago, than is some good news. there is a wind change in fda. they are acknowledging the shortcomings and the efficacy of these vaccines, the fact that the fourth dose is a stop a gap authorized for 15 and above. and people are tired of vaccinations in terms of being fed up.
12:41 am
but they never talked about safety. the point i brought up in my presentation was that these are gerks ne therapy products. the fda has a whole section within its laboratory where they research gene therapy including on covid. and they have an advisory committee for gene therapy products. they are not consulting at least publicly their internal people. we want to see those experts in public debate and asked by the committee some probing questions. good news on one hand. oam chron is real -- tomorrow chron's vaccine efficacy is limited. and boosters are limited. we can't just keep boosting people. and we are waiting for safety
12:42 am
issues. there were studies that haven't come out. those need to come out. and so good news and bad news and we need to plug away on safety. the more we vaccinate whether it's a new dose or variants, the safety issues will be there. the fda needs to gram with those and do it publicly with the right people in the room. >> they should have done it in advance and maybe there wouldn't be as much scepticism. thank you for your input. we really appreciate. the mid terms are coming. so joy reid just compared republicans to al qaeda.
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." it's time for hot takes. joining me is "fox and friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth. thanks for joining me.
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the media is panicked. you know it. 2022 they are flipping out. they resorted to the name calling routine. here is a tweet from our friend joy reid. the long term goal of seizing power and forcing their lib culture. even the dnc sounding the alarnl harm. >> it's the republican party we see today. it's built on fraud, fear and fascism and they don't deserve to be in power. dan: fraud, fear and fascism. you fought for our country and saw them up close and personal. off course it is. they now it's lunacy. if you are in an argument on a personal level and you resort to
12:48 am
name calling, you are losing. you are not going to help your argument by doing that. look what they did for four years underdon. anything he did. now they have got to keep ratcheting up. now it's al qaeda and it's fascist? i will label people i don't agree with progressives or socialists or marxists. i am look at what they are doing or saying. it's the hitler test. you accuse someone of being like hitler, you have lost the argument. that won't fly with voters who look at the lunacy the left is pushing. saying you are right in the republicans are like al qaeda? joy reid is note helping her cause. dan: the first person to mention nazis loses the argument.
12:49 am
we are talk about lunacy. a california bill is pushing to make a 32 workweek mandatory. you and i are college graduates but you don't have to be a college graduate to figure out we have an inflation crisis. let's work less to create fewer products in the biggest state of the union. what could possibly go wrong, pete? >> you don't need to be a junior high graduate to know that. we want to recruit more people to come to our state who work less so we can get less things done, tax them more, sanctuary cities with rampant crime. our police officers don't have to be here legally. all this gender stuffr stuff stuff is coming our way. if california did not have weather, they would have
12:50 am
nothing. you can go there to work and get a basic universal income if you check the right box. they are a caricature of themselves in that particular state. dan: biggest thing, they could be doing so much more if they wouldn't vote for crazy people. pete, you are looking very tactical. you are decked out. what's going on? give us the scoop. >> this is one of the best assignments i have ever had. we are mere for the best ranger competition at forward bening. it's called america's top ranger. so i actually had a chance to do some shooting in. fox is going to pay me to go shoot i will do it. get behind the .50 cal, we are in the middle of taping.
12:51 am
these are olympic level athletes. to be an army ranger in the first place to go through ranger school you have to be the best of the best. the ranger competition, you are the best of the best of the best. these guys still going. they have been going since:00 a.m. 33 events and almost know sleep. it makes you proud of your country and these men and women can fight for us. >> you are note just in the majors. you are in the major league all startr star game with these guys. the best job in the world. thanks, pete, have fun out there. >> thanks, dan. dan: coming up on "unfiltered." the left is losing its collective minds after elon musk
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dan: after elon mosque joins twitter board freak out about their need to create alternative media platform here's a tweet giving elon musk a board hopping to dream up new alternatives to twitter and pork where have i heard that before so with leftist elites, clearly in control of corporate boards of companies like black rock and disney, could elon musk newfound influence signal a shift in the nation's culture war? here to helps answer this question is the federalist cofounder shawn david, shawn i koct think of anyone better to talk about this you know the left figured out a long time ago if thengd buy up influence on these boards there there by andl
12:57 am
and going woke. is this tied kind of changing now with this elon mosque? >> i hope so although i'm less try yum try triumphant we're ban whim of oligarchs that are on our side because we have a bigger problem than twitter and google and broadcasts in newspapers we have jeff bezos running "the washington post," and i hope elon musk succeeds but he has his work cut out for him. >> shawn that tweet is candidly hilarious we have to find a way to build out if e.g. lon takes over twitter we have to wake these people. we literally did that. i was part of parler part of rumble now and they keengt leave us alone there. it's all they talk about they were obsessed with paroller and
12:58 am
day we broke apart from them. this is not we can't leave them it is like they can't leave us. >> i love their idea of an alternative platform is no voice. on twitter we have a muted voice because we're shadow banned so much but oh that's not enough for us and you to have one person ability to speak we need you to have zero. these people are laughable totalitarians when they can't control everything. >> black rock largest investment firm and they're pressuring a lot of corporate boards to fall in line with this esg woke stuff. you know your quick thought on that and influence on our culture. >> i think it is bad and terrible. people on the left throw around the f word fascism. they threw is around with trump well if you look up the definition of that word it is when you have big company and
12:59 am
huge control over the country acting as de facto government agent that's what we're seeing whether it's through black rock whether it is through facebook or google. it is a huge, huge threat to this country, and our founders didn't create the constitution with a big loophole that said it is okay when corporations do it to you it is a huge problem that needs to be addressed. dan: i agree when they deputize we get to a first amendment right. shawn davis and federalist thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. dan: before we go catch dan bongino show on fox nation here's a clip from this week's show. >> historic business it will be the first supreme court justice who can't come up with a definition for a woman. who doesn't believe that there's individual rights this really -- is probably first time we've had a justice who doesn't believe that rights are individualized and come from a creator. dan: that was a great interview if you got that by the way a lot happened there. you can stream the dan bongino
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show on fox nation weekdays, from 12 to 3p eastern and follow unfiltered on facebook instagram at unfiltered on fox that does it for us tonight on unfiltered wool see you back here next saturday night at 9 p.m. don't forget to set your dvr if you can't make it live. ♪ ♪


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