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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  April 10, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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appen. symptoms include fatigue, appetite loss, stomach pain, and bleeding or bruising. blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you are nursing, pregnant, or plan to be. i'm making my way forward, my way with verzenio. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. ♪ howard: the gruesome images of the russian massacre in the ukrainian town of bucha have pricked the world's conscience and are having an unmistake bl impact on the media coverage. these unthinkable atrocities, now the bombing of a train station where families were trying to evacuate, are prompting journalists do whether the time has come for more decisive action against moscow. >> is there going to come a breaking point, do you think, where it's going to seem like more direct intervention is necessary if this kind of thing
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continues? maybe it's already here. howard: and this regularly comes up at white house briefings with some reporters asking about or advocating for american boots on the ground. >> why shouldn't vladimir putin be viewed by the u.s. as -- [inaudible] >> well, i think our policy is, no, we are not calling for regime change. >> why not? he's a war criminal. >> well, our policy is not to call for regime change meaning military war, tell me more about what you mean. >> sure, a military response led by the united states and the -- [inaudible] president called them outrageous things, you've called them atrocities. howard: now, i totally understand the impulse, and i do think the biden administration and nato could do much more. but there is also the matter of pushing this country into a dangerous war with russia. what president biden said two weeks ago, that putin should not be allowed to remain many power, the press reaction was caution followed by confusion as top
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aides walked it back and the president e we defended his words. now many in the media seem to be saying the same thing. i'm howard kurtz, and this is "mediabuzz." ♪ ♪ howard: joining us now from lviv, ukraine, is fox news correspondent jeff paul. jeff. >> reporter: howard, with russian forces now pushed back from the capital city of kyiv, the focus for russian troops now appears to be in the east. we want to warn you, the video you're about to watch is extremely graphic. this is the aftermath of a russian missile strike in the donetsk region. thousands of people waiting around at that rail station to try to get out of the region before fighting increased there. 50 people were killed according to ukrainian officials, and among the dead 5 children. ukrainian officials say thousands of people, again, have been warned to get out, and that's what they were trying to do. new satellite images appear to
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show a large russian military convoy that reportedly stretches around 8 miles long. officials say it's currently heading true the done boss enroute to the -- donbas enroute to the kherson region are. ukrainian president solid myrrh zelenskyy welcomed a visit from u.k. prime minister boris johnson, the two walked the streets of kyiv as they discussed both military and financial aid in the upcoming part of this war. the other thing to keep in mind right now, howie, is may 9th. that's date that many western intelligence agencies believe that russian forces will try to sort of claim some sort of victory. the date the coincides with the day that russians celebrate as their victory over nazi germany during world war ii. howard? howard: interesting parallel. jeff paul, thanks for your reporting. stay safe. ahead, the impact of elon musk buying twitter's largest stake. with his country's survival hanging in the balance, zelenskyy hold the -- told the
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u.n. it has no reason to exist if it can't stop the war crimes there. >> translator: the united nations can be simply closed. ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to close the u.n.? do you think that the time of international law is gone? if your answer is, no, then you need to act immediately. howard: president biden and nato announced new sanctions on two top russian banks and vladimir putin's daughters and his top aides and their families. >> civilians executed in kohl blood, bodies dumped into mass graves, the sense of brewalty and inhumanity left for all the world to see unapologetically. responsible nations have to come together to hold these perpetrators accountable. howard: joining us now to analyze the coverage, ben domenech, editor of the transom and a fox news contributor, and in new york, liz claman, host of "the claman countdown" at 3
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eastern on fox business network. ben, some of these straight reporters go from hyperventilating over biden's putin must go comments to basically demanding that he either consider or actually send american military forces to ukraine. [laughter] >> well, it's either 1 or 11, howie. there's no in between. look, this is irresponsible, from my perspective. i can understand why they're doing it. it's a knee jerk reaction that i think a lot of americans share. but, look, the most important news that came out of this past week was the announcement that nato is committing, nato nations are committing to sending much heavier weapons that ukraine has been requesting for weeks and months and a commitment on the part of the u.k. foreign minister expressed bringing ukraine up to the nato standard when it comes to weaponry. in other words, we're folk to start moving away from these old soviet systems, we're going to bring in new and heavier equipment. that's manager that's a positive development. but -- something that's a positive development. but if it's viewed through the lens of if we don't start a
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regime change in russia tomorrow, that leads to an irresponsible analysis of the situation and glosses over any of the challenges that would be part of that and, of course, the fact that the country does not support such a move. howard: liz, i think russia has become a terrorist state. this is like covering all the old terrorist attacks. what american, what journalist hasn't looked at if pictures from bucha and killing more than 50 people including children at the train station and said we've got to do somethingsome i understand the impulse. but then as the president spokesperson recognized, military confrontation with russia carries huge risks. >> well, yes, obviously. these are two separate things. and right now you do hear that the prosecutors in ukraine are investigating something, like, 5,600 war crimes. they told sky news that to. these are obvious war crimes. so biden was right about that, okay? so remember when he called putin
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a war criminal, you had his own people at the white house try and walk that a back along with with the thing that was interpreted as a regime change where he said putin cannot continue running this country. i mean, who needs friends, you know, like that? it's ridiculous that the white house walked it back. president biden looks prescient in saying that, but just as he does look correct and and he gets credit for that, here comes from pressure -- the pressure from the press, what about weaponry? why there still sanctions being meted out in when you start to see, for example, a termite infestation, you look around and say, well, i'll squish the two that i see. no, you pour it all in right no- howard: i was going to ask you about that because, you know, sanctioning russia's two biggest banks, why would it take since or seven weeks? why not do it at the beginning? i don't think the press has been particularly critical of that. >> well, maybe not directly at
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the beginning, i get that, but now when we see bodies bound and shot, children as young as 12 years old who have been shot in the head? come on. i mean, you talk about the holocaust, holocaust survivors and historians who said never again, well, it now appears there's some parameters to never again. but even though we're starting to see rhymes with the holocaust, somehow these countries just aren't ready, particularly the european union. number one sanction, howie, that needs to be put into place is banning russian oil and gas imports to the european union, and they're just not ready to do it yet. >> but, howie, i would suggest to you that part of the problem is this irresponsible push for war that we're talking about coming from the media because it allows them to gross over all of the steps that ought to be receiving more attention, steps that are actually feasible. you talk about the pressure that ought to be brought when it comes to delivery of weapons systems to sanctions, etc., to all of these different steps that liz is mentioning.
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that, when you talk about something assistanceful -- fanciful meaning a regime war, trying to remove putin from power, that actually glosses over those steps that can be taken. howard: yeah. i think, ben, that the media have been pretty patient with the bind white house on the slow pace of weapons -- biden white house on the slow pace of end weapons delivery. why now? why wait so long? why block the polish migs and so forth. why do you think -- there's a view that the press here in washington kind of allied with the foreign policy establishment that was very quick to go to war in iraq and afghanistan. is it just too easy for journalists to say we've got to get rid of this guy, putin, we've got to send troops? because, after all, they're not the ones who -- >> of course. [laughter] it always is. don't just sit there, do something, but it doesn't actually go through the process involve or think about the long-term consequences. and, of course, you know, i think that that allows, again, the biden administration to
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escape some of these questions that ought to have been raised earlier particularly when it comes not logistical challenges of delivering the weapons systems that ukraine needs. look, the ukrainians have proven that they're willing to fight for themselves. delivering those systems and giving them to them now and enabling them to fight for themselves is critical at this juncture as russia seeks to regroup and and move to the south. howard: liz, to me, the most striking image maybe of the whole world was volodymyr zelenskyy's stricken face -- there it is -- when he went to see the carnage in bouche shah. i -- bucha. i guess the press has to mention putin claims ukraine was somehow responsible for these deaths, but more blatant lies just adds to the sickening nature of these deliberately targeted attacks against civilians, and i just thought that picture said it all. liz:
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liz: >> proving again to be a leader, true leader, urn pressure. and it has been quite striking. but when you see those images of what the russians have cone -- and, by the way, these are international media, independent people on the ground who have been eyeballing this and confirming it. this isn't just ukraine. of course, you know the russians are saying fake news, fake news -- howard: yeah. >> but i would argue as far as the weapons delivery is concerned, the ukrainians just used an anti-aircraft missile system given to them by the allies that shot down a russian plane. this is one of the most sophisticated, it's called an su-35. it's got multiple wings, super ma mover bl, down it went. so this weaponry is getting there. starting march 14th -- march 4th you had about 12 for day wide-bodied yeses, allies of the united states, delivering to the border: it is getting there, but
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the question becomes how long do you wait before you can really start to see how many people are getting slaughtered. howard: about time the slow pace of the negotiations in every one of these countries doesn't match the fact that there's such an urgent immediate for the ukrainians to defend themselves. what about the coverage of zelenskyy trying to shame the u.n. into doing the right thing and getting the consolation prize at least of russiaing with kicked off the -- being kicked off the human rights committee in the press applauds that, i think. >> the press is obviously picking sides, but of course they're doing it in response to the -- howard: what's the other side? >> yeah, exactly. [laughter] i do think there is something important that we should see here many terms of the developing storyline of what comes after ukraine. effectively the argument about whether they're going to be in nato or not is being remove from the desk right now because of the level of support that they're receiving. and zelenskyy was with, has made a point time and again of sayiing look, it's not going to stop with us.
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we understand the nature of putin's desire, we understand what he to views, and it's not -- ukraine will not be the end, and i think that's a message that broadly the international community and the west in particular believes and and has bought into. howard: we also have for the first time the kremlin spokesman acknowledging heavy cablety -- casualties on the russian side, the russians turning on each other, turning each other in. i think that it's become even with complete iron grip control of the media, it's become impossible for the russians to hide in any longer because many of its own soldiers are not coming back or are coming back in body bags. an update before we go to break on fox news correspondent benjamin hall. he posted this picture which. of i've lost half a leg on one side and a foot on the other, one hand is being put together, one eye no longer working, and my hearing is pretty blown. but all in all, i feel pretty damn lucky to be here.
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ben has shown just incredible courage and resilience, and he praised those who quietly and safely got him out of ukraine, an effort spearheaded by fox's jen or if griffin. when we come back, only 200 news organizations are talking about the media's botching of the hunter biden laughtop story but not accepting much responsibility. ♪ ♪ behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. welcome to allstate. ♪ ♪
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when it comes to tech, everyone wants the next best thing. now with xfi complete from xfinity, you can get updated wifi technology with the new tech upgrade program. plus, protection from cyber threats at home and now on the go. so staying up to date is easier than ever. you look great by the way. right? unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. only xfinity will upgrade your tech after 3 years for a more reliable connection. get that and more with xfi complete. upgrade today. howard: a couple to news organizations are finally starting to confront the embarrassment of minimizing or just blowing off the hunter biden laptop story at the end of the 2020 candidacy only to recently confirm its content led by "the new york times" and washington post. legal analyst dan abrams called out the mainstream media. >> here's where the problem is
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from the left-leaning media perspective which is why didn't they make any effort to try to verify it? everybody should have been far more aggressive after, after the investigation was made public. so the left-wing media deserves criticism for the hunter biden coverage and lack of coverage. but what many on the right trying to do is they try and use the term the biden crime family. howard: dan abrams, who i think is very fair-minded here, comes out and says it, left-leaning organizations didn't do enough, didn't do much at all when it counted. >> it's fine for him to say that now, but there were people saying that at the time. and that's the thing that always happens, it seems, with these stories where it's only after they get -- howard: but it was dismissed as a right-wing media -- >> well, and it's still being dismissed now. just this past week you had at the university of chicago you had a situation where a chicago thinker, editor, a student editor there stood up and asked a question of ann applebaum at
8:19 am
the atlantic about this very laptop story, and she dismissed it. she was one of the leaders of the idea that it was russian misinformation or that had the hallmarks of disinformation at the time, and now she dismisses it. and that's the thing, whenever you go through these experiences where at the time people are dismissing stories like this as being signs of misinformation or disinformation, and then only later do they admit that, oh, well, we got that wrong. we deserve criticism. but it doesn't change their behavior the next time a story like that comes up. howard: liz, fox news, of course, covered this all along, but msnbc at least ran a segment to examine the question did we and everybody else screw up on hunter biden. >> dan abrams absolutely got this right. it's important that you're showing that, howie. but -- [laughter] ben is right too. a little late, you could say better late than never. but when you have the son of a president potentially involved
8:20 am
with chinese companies, millions of dollars floating around, that is a story. now, important to point out that even cub reporters anywhere from from whether it's mississippi, cleveland, ohio, phoenix, arizona, new york city get something like that right in front of them, a healthy dose of skepticism should be the initial reaction. howard: right. >> but taking that skepticism and then doing some actual digging to find out if there's some legitimacy is super important. dan also pointed out that, again, fox news if didn't go with the story because it couldn't get its hands on the laptop to forensically check it and make sure that these issues were legitimate. it was given mostly to the "wall street journal" who, yes, assured that, yes, there is something there there. however, any kind of relation to president biden and some illegitimacy or ways to benefit from that, that that connection could not be made yet. howard: yeah. that's a fair point. we need more reporting.
8:21 am
ben, there was also a washington post editorial that didn't grapple with what the paper did, it actually got the hard drive last june but only recently authenticated it. but it did say what happened didn't necessarily exonerate every action of every publication and platform. then there was this last sentence, the lesson learned from 2020 may well be that there's also a danger of suppressing accurate and relevant stories. [laughter] may well be? [laughter] >> may well be. you had twitter came down so hard on "the new york post" reporting about in that you couldn't even privately message it to other people. howard: right. >> may well be? this is lewd are crouse. the fact is that we had an accident regarding hunter biden that i think will ultimately prove, to raise all starts -- sorts of questions about the family's broader business and not just be confined to him. that's something i believe based on the initial research, but it's one of those things where i won't know the answer until we get more sunlight light here. we need to be able to know
8:22 am
what's going on, and we need to be able to have some initial skepticism and reaction when joe biden then as a candidate on the debate stage uses the letter from intel officials and former intel officials to say this is all just pa malarkey, this is all just misinformation and dismiss it. howard: right. well, hunter biden is urn active federal -- under active federal investigation, may not be charged. npr said this is a nonstory. what about all those who dismissed it? they're ott even attempting an ounce of introspection on this. >> this is a jussie smollett situation -- [laughter] where everybody automatically assumed that he was telling the truth, and all the evidence, at least what was originally presented, lined up. we all watch "dateline nbc". sometimes the person who looks the most innocent is guilty. [laughter] and i the -- can tell you right now, these news organizations really need to take an inward
8:23 am
look. but i go back to what ben said about twitter, the fact that you couldn't even take a news article from the new york post which is a news operation, it's not some goofy web site, and you couldn't share or read it, this is exhibit a in looking at things that involve censorship and editorial ability to shut something down. howard: a colossal blunder by twitter. ben domenech, liz claman, thanks very much for joining us. up next, a ukrainian journalist uncovering the war from washington while his family feels the effects back home. ♪ ♪ kitchen? sorted. hot tub, why not? and of course, puppy-friendly. we don't like to say perfect, but it's pretty perfect., booking.yeah. out here, you're a landowner, but it's pretty per a gardener, a landscaper and a hunter. that's why you need versatile,
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8:27 am
>> for ukraine i'm journalist, it's the most important place to be because from the a statements, from the answers or even from the silence -- more for my country, it's more about death and life. it's more about, you know, the main decisions which might change the course of this war. howard: so this is the most important situation by far. now, since president zelenskyy had the government take over all the television networks, and i understand they now all rotate, aren't there severe limits on what you can report? we all know that russian state-controlled media just spews out lies and propaganda around the clock, but aren't you putting out what could be called state propaganda? >> first, let me tell you how it works. you wake up in the morning and you see here on america you go one program is five hours, fox news five hours, by cnn whatever you want. a great option, you know, the
8:28 am
audience is main men benefactor because 24/7 updates, and i don't think there are a lot of -- for journalists working here abroad and for journalists working on the ground. howard: but zelenskyy said there's going to be a unified policy so if there's bad news or setbacks, perhaps you would feel a little bit of pressure from the government not to report that or play that up? >> i'll tell you, for example, speaking about the sets of rules, for me as a foreign correspondent, my government doesn't want to report about precise number of americans arms providing to ukraine or precise logistics because it might be a target -- howard: that's perfectly understandabling. those are military secrets that you don't want to give away to the other side. but do you think it's affected the tone now that you have concern some of these were private networks, but now they're basically operating as
8:29 am
an arm of the government. does any of that trouble you? >> you know, i don't think it's about zelenskyy and/or about government, it's about we're living in completely different country right now. ukraine is completely different during the wartime. so the leaders should work differently. howard: you're saying you would want to take a different approach anyway because your country's survival instinct. now, you've been covering this war here many washington like -- while your family back in ukraine is hiding out in bomb shelters. that that had to be excruciating. >> you know, it was terrible because i tried to do my job, i tried to do my best at the same time you're always texting my brothers in odesa and to leave the city and it was a hard time, and we'll take the guns, give given the guns from military. part of my family were in shelter and a couple of days ago she brought the camera up to the
8:30 am
building and it was completely smashed, and i was mad. i asked what happened. he told me there was -- [inaudible] and told that a building was destroyed. it's not. they escaped but the building is destroyed. so how can i blame him. howard: overcome by motion. yeah. it's an motional time. difficult time especially for you and especially having your family in ukraine. we really appreciate your being here. thank you so much. >> thank you for the invitation. howard: next on "mediabuzz," conservatives think elon musk can wound out twitter's left-wing bias now that he's the biggest shareholder. charlie gasparino weighs in. ♪ muck when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours. >> tech: need to get your windshield fixed? safelite makes it easy. >> tech vo: you can schedule in just a few clicks.
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♪ howard: elon musk is already the most fascinating and richest guy on the planet. here's why his decision the become twitter's largest shareholder, which got him a seat on the board, is rocking the social media board. this as the tesla and spacex chief who just last week told
8:34 am
his 80 million followers that twitter is failing to add here to free speech principles and undermines democracy. is a new platform needed? here he is seven years ago with cbs' lesley stahl. >> you use your tweeting to kind of get back at critics -- >> rarely. >> -- kind of have little wars with the press. >> twitter's a war. somebody's going to jump in the war zone, it's like, okay, you're in the arena, let's go. howard: musk steps into a huge ideological battle between conservatives who say twitter crushes free speech by discriminating against them including the banning of donald trump and liberals who fear that musk will drop restrictions on misinformation and hate speech. >> i think elon musk is helping to save america from the far left -- >> decided to leapt a fox mind the henhouse since musk has recently questioned twitter's conviction to free speech. ow howe i spoke with charlie
8:35 am
gasparino, southeastern reporter at fox business network. welcome. >> thanks for having me. howard: earn etch's acting as if elon musk is already running the place. sure, he has clowpt, but wouldn't he have to mount a takeover bid for it to be more than that? >> well, as someone who's covered this stuff for a while, and i've covered elon for a long time, his twitter exploits, you know, his business exploits, he's all over the place, he's a larger than life personality. i think one with of the reasons why people think there will be changes there not just because he has a 9% stake -- which is the biggest stake, let's face it. he's on the board. he's not purely a passive shareholder here. he has this presence, and i think that presence plus being on the board plus owing -- owning 9% means that he'll be able to get stuff done. that's what he, that's why he's there. it's interesting that they, you know, let him come on without a fight.
8:36 am
i think that -- howard: they're trying to make nice. >> well, you know, listen, howie, this is more than just a business story. i've covered these things for years. you expect changes. this is a political story, a media story, and this is, you know, a business story -- howard: and on that point, on that point let me get to some of the politics. conservatives want musk to go in there and end the bias that they see against the right. exhibit a, the continuing trump ban. exhibit b, the media's outrageous suppression of the hunter biden laptop story -- twitter suppression, i should say -- back in 020. and he's denounced wokeness. so where does that put him? >> that puts him right now at the center of this debate. and, by the way, this is what's scaring democrats in congress, let's be clear here. these algorithms, whoever's creating them, skew left. [laughter] i don't think i'm way out there on a limb saying that, and it's not just donald trump banned. of it's babb babylon b for some
8:37 am
parody they do. you can look down the line. democrats worry you're going to have a reliable voice for conservative and libertarian voices and to stop the cancel culture which generally cancels conservatives. howard: but that's not how the liberals in the media at least frame if it. they say he may lift restrictions that now allow twitter to exclude or ban or minimize hate speech, bullying and misinformation. bloomberg's tim o'brien writing in the washington post, elon musk's twitter investment could be bad news for free speech. that's the argument on the other side. >> tim's a friend of mine, i've known him for years, he's a colleague of mine, but he's so out there on the spectrum -- howard: ideological spectrum. >> yes, yes, i do. what i'm saying is that if there's any -- if you think about it, 90% of the media's come -- comprised, is center-left at least, more left than center, okay? twitter's whole algorithms are
8:38 am
all about canceling out, for the most part, conservative and libertarian voices even when they're satirical. howard: when i covered this for "special report," i pointed out elon musk has smoked dop sexer with joe -- dope rogan and he announced on snl that he has as pirger's. -- asperger's. the media has a love-hate relationship with this guy. >> right. and tesla stock was shorted. he came out by saying i've got a private deal coming few way, we're going to take the tesla private at 420. by the way, that's some symbol of marijuana, from what i understand. so he got dinged by the securities and exchange commission for that. howard: i mean, he had to give up the chairmanship of tesla, and it was a big embarrassment four years ago which makes it ironic that he now owns the biggest chunk of twitter. >> i know. and the sec's worried about
8:39 am
that. huh how does he use this perch to throw other stuff out there that may not be too accurate. there's a lot of stuff going on here. i think the biggest story is that twitter is going to have to move to the center. howard: but briefly come back to my question, are the media enamored of this guy who obviously is a great innovator and businessman but also makes sense of all kinds of stuff, and some of it's wild? >> well, the media is woke, as you know. he does some good woke things. he produces cars that are electric, that are not gas guzzlers. that gives him some check marks on the woke column. however, he's a libertarian, okay? he's for free speech, he's politically incorrect. that gets him some woke marks, some negative woke markings. so to that's where you see the conflict of the media on elon musk. he's a grab bag of contradictions for the mainstream media. i choose to cover this like baseball, i just take it for whatever it is. we're in the fifth inning with elon, but he's up.
8:40 am
when he's down, he's double. and this is going to be a very cresting -- interesting thing to cover. howard: you never know what elon musk is going to say, kind of like you, charlie. thanks for joining us. [laughter] elon musk tweeted yesterday, is twitter dying? and also suggested they raise the credibility of news reports. after the break, ketanji brown jackson is heading for the supreme court. republicans, not so much. we'll look at the hyperpartisan debate. ♪ ♪ and with rewards points that never expire, you get free nights fast! book now at i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in years. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. (laughs) flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done. (driver 1) it's all you. (driver 2) flexno, i insist.tion.
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howard: it was unpredictable, preordained, and everybody in the media anding to ticks knew if it was history. politics knew it was history. >> verbal abuse, the anger, the constant interruptions, the most vile, baseless assertions and accusations. >> a day of joy, a day of victory. and not just for black women and for black history, but for america. >> biden could have nominated any liberal justice for the high court who would rule the exact same way jackson would. but this is historic because she's a black woman, which is largely symbolic. howard: joining us now, richard fowler, radio talk show host, and gayle trotter, an attorney who hosts a podcast, right in d.c.
8:45 am
a visceral anger at some republicans for depicting her as soft on crime, is the coverage fair? >> well, it's clearly a historic moment, but the media failed to acknowledge that it's completely appropriate to look at a judge's philosophy and record when you're considering her for a lifetime appointment to the supreme court. and the media's breathless coverage about how this was, you know, outrageous and completely unacceptable was just the fact that this is what senators are supposed to do when they offer advice and consent to the president on his nomination. to it was exactly what they were supposed to be doing. howard: to you, richard, was judge jackson treated worse than judge kavanaugh? it's almost as though the pundits objected to the aggressive scrutiny of her record which every nominee gets because she is a racial trailbraiser. >> look, i think -- trailblazer.
8:46 am
look, i think that's something america should celebrate, but if we were having a conversation about justice ketanji brown jackson's philosophy, she answered it at the beginning when she said, i, like and a yed document. but instead, what we saw from a lot of republicans, they went down this sort of road of whether or not she supported terrorism because she was a public defender and upheld the rights of guantanamo detainees or whether or not she believed in child pornography because she was a judge, like all judges, who gave sentencing below the greens. they found these gotcha issues that are setting them up for the midterm elections more so than focusing on what she's done on the bench. howard: you also set me up because republican senator tom cotton made reference to one of the things that you mentioned. let's take a look, and then he appeared on fox. >> the last judge jackson left the supreme court to go to nuremberg and prosecute the case against the nazis.
8:47 am
this judge jackson might have gone there to defend them. >> i'm wondering, why make that link between judge jackson and the nazis and the nuremberg trial? >> one of those cases she continued to represent when she was in private practice and could choose her own client. >>s. i, frankly, have no patience for it. howard: the mag magazine called it a cheap shot. >> you're missing aside there, howie, and this is very important. senator tom cotton can speak for himself, but a judge's judicial philosophy and record are so important, and that's what they were trying to investigate. and senator cotton was trying to make the point that she defend adversaries of the united states even after, long after she left the public defender's office. and that's the key point here. and this is specifically related to her record and her judicial floss if my, and i can't believi can't believe that anyone in
8:48 am
america believes that judge jackson follows the mold of justice scalia. let's face it, she's a liberal judge, and we're going to see that. like the senate republican said, she's going to be making up based on her own liberal policy -- howard: let me get my question in, democratic president -- >> moderate choices. howard: the reason senator cotton was pressed about this on fox because there's a tradition in this country that even accused murderers and terrorists are entitled to a good defense lawyer because that's the basis of our system. >> this is the whole ideal of what makes the american justice system the one the world looks to. no matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter what you've done, you have the right to a fair and adequate and rigorous defense. and that's what judge jackson did when he was a public defender, and let me add, she'll be the first public defender to ever sit on the high court, and that matters. so when we're having this conversation about whether or not she's too liberal, let's also look at the fact that she has an amazing resumé, and she
8:49 am
brings something different to the court that all americans should appreciate. howard: all right. 20 seconds for each of you. after building up all the drama, new york times and washington post, well, you know what? this isn't that big of a deal because she's not going to change anything. i mean, it was reported, why didn't you emphasize that earlier? >> well, yeah. think about that. the senate democrats, only one of them voted for justice caf kavanaugh. none of them voted for amy coney barrett, and where is the media when they're talking about the senate republicans not supporting her? they forget that effect. howard: my point is the media kind of built up this great drama when it really doesn't change the ideological composition. >> we know how the supreme court operates, they operate in vision yous conversations -- vigorous conversations, and thurgood marshall was often known for telling stories about his lived experience and that's how other judges make their decisions. i think ketanji brown jackson are do -- will do just that.
8:50 am
howard: thank you so much for coming by, in the studio. still to come, angst at msnbc about the hiring of jen psaki. the buzz meeter is back. ♪ ♪ the choices they make. like the shot they take. the memories they create. or the spin they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, you can achieve clearer skin. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla can cause serious allergic reactions. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. at,
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howe time to race the clock oz on be the buzz meter. i've tangled with jon stewart many times, but what he did on his apple t show was abysmal, a three on one slug fest that painted sullivan as a racist. >> you are minimizing actual white supremacists -- >> andrew, you're not living on the same [bleep] planet we are, honestly. [laughter] [applause] if. [inaudible conversations] >> calling me a racist, jon. >> let's -- you've been doing a
8:54 am
pretty good job of it yourself there. [laughter] howard: sullivan writes that he was sandbaggedded, booked for a so low interview, and he didn't think stewart would argue that all white people are morally problematic. stewart called it monosense and said the show put up with his high maintenance shenanigans. i just think he red an unfair ganging up, and he's capable of doing much better. donald trump said that on january 6th he would have liked to have marched to the capitol with the mass of protesters but secret service said i couldn't go. i would have gone there in a minute. the former president deflected blame saying why aren't nancy pelosi doing something about it and the mayor of d.c. also? i hated seeing it. i said it's got to be taken care of, and i assumed it was being taken care of. the prime minister refusing appeal by his aides and ivanka to speak out for 187 minutes assuming someone else was taking care of it? oh, and trump said it was a shame and harassment that ivanka
8:55 am
testified, but in fairness, she and jared kushner agreed to appear voluntarily. msnbc of staffers are complains that jen psaki renaming msnbc, and some question how she can stay at the white house for a few more weeks. >> how is it ethical to have these conversations with media outlets while you continue to have a job -- >> well, there are a range of stringent ethical and legal requirements that are imposed on everybody in the administration. howard: revolving door spun a bit too quickly, and ironically, cnn which reported on the complaint to nbc news' chief, also tried to hire psaki. marjorie taylor between tweeted that ketanji brown jackson and those who support her are in favor of pedophilia, and that became fodder for jimmy kimmel. >> she tweeted: more cow city -- murkowski, collins and romney are pro-pedophile.
8:56 am
wow, where is will smith when you really need him, huh in. [laughter] howard: two thumbs down, but the congresswoman has filed a police report over this threat of violence, seriously. tiger woods decided to play. >> i love competing, and i feel like if i can still compete at the highest level, i'm going to. howard: kudos to tiger who's back in the pack today. remember, he nearly lost a leg in that awful car accident, so just playing through is a victory. victory for me. oh, and the academy has barred will smith from the oscars for 10 years over the slap heard round the world. about time. should have been a life sentence. that's it for this edition of "mediabuzz." i'm howard kurtz. we hope you'll like our facebook page and continue the conversation on twitter. check out my podcast, media buzz meter. the traffic is up, so some of you are listening. you can subscribe at apple itunes, a lot of places.
8:57 am
we are trying every week here to bring you a diversity of views, a wade range -- wide range of voices. that's what we do, that's why we're here. i hope that's why you watch. and thank you for watching. and i would just remind you that next sunday we'll be back here at 11 eastern with the latest buzz. ♪ >> tech: does your windshield have a crack? trust safelite. >> tech vo: this customer had auto glass damage, but he was busy working from home... he scheduled with safelite in just a few clicks. we came to his house... ...then we got to work. we replaced his windshield and installed new wipers to protect his new glass, while he finished his meeting. let safelite come to you. >> man: looks great. thank you. >> tech: my pleasure. that's service on your time.
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eric: a stunning show of solidarity in ukraine for british prime minister boris johnson walking the streets of kyiv with president zelenskyy. could this inspire america officials to make a similar visit? we will have team coverage alive from ukraine and moments. arthel: meanwhile here at home parental rights on the spotlights a hot issue that's been in the headlines for months. the attention is turning toward new jersey were second graders in that state could soon be taught lessons related to gender