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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 11, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

1:00 am and the movement is not a campaign but real legitimate movement. we need everyone to join in and support. >> steve: we hope to see you between now and the first, thank you so much. good luck in the race. thank you for watching we will see you next time on "the next revolution." ♪ ♪ >> no longer interested in the diplomacy of the destruction of my country. i think we paid too much for that. >> todd: a fox news alert, fashing nadel's response to ukraine. as his people continue to die. forrest johnson visits kyiv and walks through the capital city alongside ukrainian president. so will president biden do the same. >> carley: did you hear this? >> he didn't wake up, --
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>> carley: that is the president sister rushing to defend president biden to work to sell her new book. hunter biden's abandoned laptop tells a much different story that some republicans say is all in the family. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, i'm sure i'll do my carley shimkus. >> todd: todd piro and we will have more of those stories but we turn to the house and senate. democrats are headed for a pretty good beating in the midterms thanks to the failures of the biden administration. >> carley: and building confidence towards november, democrat pendants are frustrated with the party not being able to deliver an effective message. alexandria hoff live with more. >> the president ran with bringing people together, working together, progressive messaging has not won over the country as a whole. democrats know it. listen to how this is playing out. >> right now republicans are
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willing to culture wars in this country. that is the way it is. >> democrats are on the heels when it comes to school, mask requirements, they have not figured out how to message around this. >> we see the democrats allow messaging to be defined by the other side in a way that it is so hard then get out of it. >> if they don't kick out of it midterms weep leads to chambers, the president could forcibly lose to the middle. that is how mitch mcconnell explained on fox news sunday. >> this administration has really got its hands full. and i think they are headed towards a pretty good beating in the fall election. the moderate, if i'm majority leader in the senate and we will make sure joe biden is no longer. >> carley: some democrats to rein in the president's progressive policies. five senate democrats backing a bill to stop the title 42, which basically opening the floodgates
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for illegal migrants. check this out, in 2020, half a million encounters at the southern border and 2021 that floated to 1.7 million and already this year 838,000. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick has a striking prediction. >> there is a number that i can give all of you that will be repeated over and over again as a headline. by the end of the first term of joe biden, nearly 20% of all americans will be here illegally. >> we are going to hear more from lieutenant patrick in our hour. >> carley: alexandria hoff live in washington. the white house seems to think our economy is pretty great. watch this. >> the u.s. government economics feels is that the economy has a very strong basis. our recovery has been incredibly strong.
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most measures. we created more jobs last year than any year in american history. >> jen psaki showing no signs of concern during "fox news sunday" interview even though the message seems to contradict economists warning of a possible recession. she did acknowledge rising prices but said the white house is working on tackling it. the consumer price index 7.9% in february, a 40 year high. >> todd: some republicans think they should impeach joe biden that the house minority leader kevin mccarthy said the g.o.p. will focus on getting results for the american people. >> we learned the democrats, if they use impeachment for political reason. reasonably the rule of law. we won't pick and choose because somebody has power. we will uphold the law. any time somebody breaks the law ramification comes impeachment, we would move to that but we will not use it for political purposes. our focus is to secure the border and make it energy
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independent. these prices, bring them down and making our school safe in our streets again. holding this administration accountable. we will take the facts wherever the facts go. because america has been through too much of people playing politics with impeachment. but if it rises to that level, we would have the law determined that. >> todd: right now mccarthy is on bipartisan meeting with troops and ukrainian refugees. 5 minutes exactly after the hour, and poland president zelenskyy dressing kyiv. ukraine leader lays out what his country needs. >> carley: griff jenkins live inlet lviv, good morning. >> carly and todd good morning. russia has intensified missile strikes the last 24 hours and ukrainian officials have struck the southern kharkiv and located city which serves as ukrainian forces.
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it comes ahead of a new russian eastern donbas region as president zelenskyy last western diplomacy calling on the u.s. and nato for more weapons. listen. >> i'm no longer interested in their diplomacy that leads to the destruction of my country. a lot of countries have changed their mind about ukraine and about our people. but i think we picked too high of a price for that. >> this as new satellite images appear to show eight mile russian convoy towards donbas after new nickname or name of the butcher of syria to lead the next phase, and he is known for brutality of civilians in syria in 2015. jake sullivan says ukrainians can count on the u.s. for support. >> we are going to get ukraine the weapons it needs to beat back the russians and to stop
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them from taking more cities and towns to commit these crimes and also to squeeze the russian economy to increase the pressure and the cost on vladimir putin and the kremlin and the russian government. >> todd: meanwhile a surprise visit to kyiv by u.k. prime minister horace johnson. you can see him walking boldly in the streets with president zelenskyy who promise more military aid. a ukrainian member of parliament, president biden should make. >> that would be really a sign of solidarity. this is what the world is expecting from the leaders. to show the strength to show ukrainians people are supporting courage with courage. >> taught and currently they have no plans to visit ukraine, however he will meet virtually
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later today with the white house with the prime minister to discuss russian energy. todd and carly. >> carley: you mention he appointed a new general and how he is known for his brutal tactics the butcher in syria but what are the major concerns with him in place? >> that is a great question, he was already leading the southern military district part of this war, but it appears that overall russian in the first phase was not centralized so he will now take over. if he is in charge of the district that means he had a hand what is happening in mariupol which we know is dire and graham and there are concerns from commanders in the u.s. is that we could see a lot more of the atrocities that we saw and bucha as the new commander alexander dvornikov takes over, carley.
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>> todd: griff jenkins live, without let's bring in nigel the party leader, great to see you as always. let's focus on boris johnson for a moment. boris johnson showing up joe biden on the world stage. >> well, completely. this has bricks exit britain with the european making our voice felt on the world stayed gnomic stage and actually whatever domestic boris johnson has god, he has been a global leader that has come to the floor of not just weapons that we have given to rick crane but to troops. that visit, that symbolic visit, obviously president trump on thursday talking to him, i don't believe this war would have ever happen without him. had it happened, it would have been over in nato, kyiv in days of this breaking out. most of what we have seen is biden hiding in his bunker. you know, jake sullivan can say
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what he likes, but can't get away from the fact that america is the leader of the free world or should i say was the leader of the free world but it looks like boris is taking on that role. >> carley: it was a monumental moment for the u.k. prime minister to say the least. volodymyr zelenskyy was on "60 minutes" yesterday with current message to the u.s. president. watch what he had to say. >> to tell you the truth, long ago i asked president biden president biden for a very specific items. he has the list. president biden can enter history as the person who stood shoulder to shoulder with the ukrainian people who won and chose the right to have their own country. this also depends on him. >> carley: then you have white house press secretary jen psaki saying they receive the list. they are reviewing the items to get ukraine what they need to appear there is a level of
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hesitancy from the biden administration like you just laid out. to send ukraine's weapons out of fear of escalation. do you think the west is doing everything they can in their power to help the ukraine win this war? >> not really because, okay, how long does it take to review the list? there is a hard hesitancy point by biden. this is an american president who said america is back when he was elected. an catastrophic withdrawal afghanistan. you see america retreating which is pretty extraordinary. the most guilty of all, of course, germany. germany are funding the war. i'm not joking. i'm not exaggerating. gas and oil continue to flow into germany and other e.u. states but jen don't make germany predominantly and $1 billion a day vladimir putin as income from germany. so, if we were serious about stopping this war, we would stop
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the funding, wouldn't we? that doesn't appear to be happening. >> todd: if biden was serious, we would move faster than the current administration is moving. you mention reviewing the list and that cannot take time at all. tick, tick, tick with no results. obviously one of the major resigns from russia to china, china accelerating work on more than 100 missile silos that could house nuclear weapons capable of reaching u.s. soil. some see this as a way to deter america for intervening over taiwan. is this merely to send a message to us to stay out of taiwan where is this something more sinister? >> ten years ago we would have reviewed dimmick viewed china as a -- country. under president xi, they have been expansionist country, one that clearly wants to control the world economically and are succeeding in many ways. and i do think actually the biggest threat we face two civilized is china and badly how
1:13 am
he may have behaved in ukraine. response will be "i don't know" but if you would invade taiwan, now would be the good time to do it. >> carley: there is another issue abroad that we want to touch upon, the election in france taking place right now, french president emmanuel macron receiving votes in the first round and consider the french far right candidate receives second most votes but now they will go to runoff election apri. what do people in the united states need to know about this french election? what are the top issues they think are most important? >> simple commit emmanuel macron is a global list and he is all for the european union, all for big government, all for decisions being taken about the level of the nation-state.
1:14 am
and a nationalist. the national front which is the party she came from did have like you said different aspects and she has cleaned the party up, very, very arguably. can she win? that is the question at all i can tell you come a very unhealthy place, very unhealthy place, confidence in their politicians has collapsed but emmanuel macron i do favor but in 2016, they said brexit couldn't happen. in 2016 they said trump couldn't happen and in 2022, they say be 28 can win but all i can say is the jury is out. >> carley: i know that le pen has close the gap significantly in recent months. so certainly something to watch. nigel farace thank you for joining us. the relatives face accusations of using family name to make
1:15 am
money. >> todd: new text messages revealed by "the new york post" showing hunter biden taking financial responsibility for family expenses. now with more on the latest biden family drama, brooke singman. >> hey, guys, it's not just her nephew hunter but entire family who are victims of conservative attacks. listen to this. >> hunter walked through. he didn't wake up and say, i'm an act act. >> trump and his white ring followers have continue to do whatever they can to discredit the family to bring joe down. speak with the president's sister speaking to usa today to provoke new memoir growing up biden but some criticizing for trying to profit off of the family name. at the same time "the new york post" releasing more damning information about hunter biden's finances.
1:16 am
email on laptop shows hunter spent thousands on the upkeep of lakefront delaware home but also he ran into his daughter naomi about saying "i hope you all can do what i did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. it is really hard but don't worry, it won't make you give me half the salary. congressman jordan said these are details more proof how involved president biden was with his son's feelings despite what he tells the public. >> this ties into the entire left and right wing conspiracies big to come up big media keeping the story from the american people. just days before the most important election we have. >> congressman jordan predicted hunter biden could be on his way to being indicted, karlan tied to. >> todd: we will see brooke singman thank you. more -- parental rights laws
1:17 am
banning sexual orientation and gender in the classroom from kindergarten to third grade. i got a chance to talk to locals in the sunshine state with a really think of governor desantis' bill. >> florida parental rights law? good idea or bad idea? >> it is a good idea, absolutely a good idea. why would anyone want to teach kindergartners and third-graders anything about sex? >> i think everything should stay out of the schools and with the parents. >> i think they should just be taught regular things in school like math, english, science. >> kindergarten to third grade, should we be focused on that at that age? >> in my opinion, no, that is a little bit premature. >> so you think k through three is okay? >> i do. i'm a former teacher and i feel
1:18 am
it is offensive to restrict the teacher's ability to talk about it. >> what do you make about florida is anti-gay? is this an anti-gay stay? >> we need to teach kindergartners about. >> let children be children. let them figure it out when they are older. >> why do you think disney is forming a position on this that is so strong and potentially risking their customers? >> i think that they think they are doing the right thing. i think they are trying to please most people, but i don't think most people want that to happen. >> i don't think they should be wading into politics. they are forced to react and that is a tough position to be in. >> why are certain people in the state fighting so hard to teach kindergartners about the birds and the bees? >> i honestly don't know. i really, really don't
1:19 am
understand that line of thinking at all. >> are parents under attack? >> in some ways, i think yes. i think the school board doesn't think we should have decisions on what they teach, how they teach and when they teach it. >> todd: he asked me if we ran into anybody who was against the law. there were a few. but what i don't understand, yes, she was a teacher. but i still can't comprehend why this is even a topic that you would teach even in a science class because i think back to my science class and you learn about plants and photosynthesis. i was never on the table. >> carley: now you hear about new jersey where lesson plan that teachers would talk to first-graders about gender identity and you may feel like little boy or a little girl even though your body parts may not match that feeling. this is so confusing to 6-year-olds. how was this happening? >> we both went through
1:20 am
first grade in new jersey public schools. we made dioramas, again of the planets. we didn't talk about gender. >> carley: it is good to hear people in florida and what they have to say about this but a great assignment. what a weekend. all right, lieutenant colonel allen escorted out by the police after the university of buffalo. >> we will be talking with one young organizer who also taken out by protesters. >> todd: plus jack brewer, and ken paxton and david webb here jam-packed edition of "fox & friends first." don't go anywhere.
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1:26 am
to decide their covid risk since the virus is not going away anytime soon. dr. fauci said they should consider their age, and if meet with people to serious illness. he recommended eligible people people take the vaccine. thousands voicing frustration with covid vaccine mandates in front of los angeles city hall. the rally included trackers from the people's convoy, firefighters and other first responders. they are calling for medical freedom and an end to restrictions including los angeles county's vaccine mandate for city workers, currently. >> carley: texas governor greg abbott to make good on his promise to send illegal migrants to the nation's capital. the state starting to send buses to pick up migrants from small towns by the border crisis. irene jackson is a congressional candidate and a licensed border agent. good morning. this policy governor abbott announced sending buses to pick
1:27 am
up migrants and send them to our nation's capital certainly made a big splash but how effective do you think it really is going to be? >> i guess we will just have to wait and see. i 100% support governor abbott. i'm excited to see the results of this policy. we have to do something. everything that they have thrown at the administration is not working. and i think this is a pretty good step. but the consequences of not doing anything will be detrimental to our country. >> carley: jen psaki was on fox news sunday and she said that biden administration wants to work with republicans when it comes to fixing issues at the southern border, watch this. >> we agreed the immigration system is broken and we need to do more to fix it. democrats, moderates wherever they fall in the party, republicans of any flavor who want to work on that we would
1:28 am
love to do that. >> carley: interesting comments from her there. you were working to run for congress but what would you say about fixing the border issue? >> i had a conversation with my husband and i asked him directly, what is it from the immigration system that is broken? absolutely nothing. the palm as we have a reckless administration with reckless policies and they are endangering the american people. and we need to enforce laws. even the border wall, it doesn't make any difference how many obstacles but as soon as they get on the other side, we will welcome them in and there is no consequences. i remember when senator booker crossed illegals across the bridge but is there any consequence for him? i would have been in jail for smuggling. we need to enforce laws and i can guarantee you that you make a few examples and it will stop. >> carley: how worried are people in el paso and along the
1:29 am
southern border? how worried are they about impending repeal of title 42? >> i can tell you that border patrol agents, it's almost like they are just waiting for the surge. they know what is coming. they know this administration will do nothing to stop it. we have to remember that border patrol agents are americans. they are mommies, daddies, little league coaches, deacons at the church, husbands, wife. my husband is a grandfather, too, we have to dehumanize them and the demographic in order to attack them. people of el paso by the texas policy foundation and the number one issue that texas is worried about is the border issue. they want border security. >> carley: that is why you see
1:30 am
the support among hispanics going down when pulling president biden and his approval rating. it makes so much sense. you have over 800,000 encounters at the border and that number could triple if repealed. irene armendariz-jackson thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: president biden expected to make a big announcement on ghost guns as democrats to distance themselves from crow criminal policy ahead of them in terms. >> todd: in new york the governor unveiled a plan to keep violent criminals behind bars. but our voters buying the left soft on crime? jack brewer is on deck. ♪ ♪
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1:36 am
guns as early as today. many wonder if restricting the firearm will do anything to stop soaring crime rates. >> todd: ashley strohmier joins us with more. >> higham of the white house announcing to include changing the deposition of firearms to include unfinished on parts. and also require background checks before ghost guns kids are sold and her made firearms that don't have a firearm and untraceable. the one thing you see on your screen, that is the gun used to shoot and kill 16-year-old while she was walking home from school in the bronx. she is remembered as a loving and caring girl and straight-a student. and two other team shot and close what they call the gun loophole. >> there is no serial number. there is no background check. you can order them online, no
1:37 am
questions asked. today i am calling on the administration to go after ghost guns by putting out regulations that will stop them. >> critics say the crackdown the move is political and something else needs to be done to address rising crime rates. nypd says what is happening in the streets of new york reminds him of the way the violence has happened decades ago. >> the famous jakey cantor said deja vu all over again, and what's happening in america today in 2022 reminds me of what was happening in the late '80s, early '90s. >> the new nominee to the head atf biden's previous david shipment derailing congress. as many criticized for controversial comments made about gun owners. back to you guys. >> todd: ashley, thank you.
1:38 am
back to judges to keep repeat offenders behind bars. after facing months of criticism, the state needs to focus on making people feel safe again. >> a very basic human need is to feel safe and secure for yourself and your family and that evaporates peer that shatters the foundation every person needs to have. we have to establish that foundation of security once again. >> todd: joining me now jack brewer the group evangelist and former nfl player of pure eject thank you for being here. why didn't this happen earlier and kathy hochul and democrats around the country decide all of a sudden, people don't like to feel unsafe after polls told them people don't like to feel unsafe? it seems like they should have happened way earlier. >> no doubt. you need law and order but whenever you take the law and order out, this is what you get an exactly what the democrats
1:39 am
have done across the nation, unfortunately, pushing their soft narratives upon american people. you can do that once other issues but when it comes to crime, safety you have to be tough on crime, you cannot take a step back and allow criminals to take over the streets. and 60% increase in crime in 2022 amongst the soft on crime policies. remember they are letting people run into stores, grab stuff and run out. so imagine what the crime rates would be if they actually enforce the crime across new york city. this is embarrassing. it is not right for people to not be able to protect themselves and their families because politicians want to appease voters. that is what it comes down to spirit it comes down to liberalism pushed across new york city in many parts of the nation. and it must stop. we have to get back to a nation of law and order.
1:40 am
>> new york to massachusetts, 12 state troopers fired friday for refusing to comply with the governor's vaccine mandate. how is this benefiting the people of massachusetts? >> not at all because those are probably great men and women, fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers who now can't work there and serve their fellow brothers and sisters. you know, if you look across the country of the law enforcement agents. and you see that they are having such a hard time hiring. this has been an industry that has been played with this liberal push dehumanizing them when they look at police officers and don't see them as people anymore. it is absurd when you have the greatest men and women who are heroes in the community doing things that even someone like myself i have no desire to be a police officer because of the way they are treated and people are doing the job the majority
1:41 am
of the population refused to do but hold them in prestige and a high honor it's disrespectful and i think it is a mirror of what is going on across the world and across our society whenever we have our heroes that can actually be acknowledged as such. and this is a bad problem. >> todd: you will join a dozen kids as ron desantis signs a bill that invest $70 million to promote responsible fatherhood in support of foster children throughout florida. amazing bill. tell us more about it. >> governor desantis again in the state of florida and everyone else is leading on this issue. we have epidemic in our nation. people talk about criminal justice. people talk about civil rights in a social justice. this all starts with fatherhood. and we have dehumanized fathers. we try to not focus on the
1:42 am
importance of fatherhood and this bill does that. it addresses the foster system and all of these poor kids aging out of the foster system in florida and across the country. i hope the entire nation jumps on this because there is no other issue in america that is more important and you can talk about reading levels, 71% of kids dropping out of high school are fatherless. you talk about the homeless crisis, the mass majority are fatherless. mental health issues, mass majority or fatherless. i applaud governor desantis for continuing to lead on issues that the woke left doesn't want to talk about. many even faith-based leaders don't want to talk about. we need to establish the fathers back in our society like talks about, like the bible talks about them but the father at the head of the house. >> todd: that is the best job in the world, jack brewer we appreciate as always, thank you, sir, carley.
1:43 am
>> amen. >> carley: amen. listen to angry mob of students at the university of buffalo and speaker allen west escorted out of a lecture by the police. watch. >> how do you validate your experiences? [chanting] >> carley: 200 screaming protesters chanting as well as confronting cornel west. they reportedly tried to break down the doors to the session after having him escorted out. the student at the school was chased by the mob in the women's bathroom. she will join us live to react coming up. an environmental group is encouraging people to deflate the tires of other people's suv goal is to combat climate change. tweeting out step-by-step guide deflating tires calling the move
1:44 am
to a gentle escalation in tactics. and also advocated targeting wealthy areas to not disrupt workers. olympic and ncaa champion say there is no place for political correctness in the swimming pool. they were demanding action in the wake of the thomas controversy. we will hear from two of them coming up. >> todd: and college frat. >> do you think the media acted inappropriately when they instantly dismissed hunter biden's laptop as russia disinformation? speed when a chance to redeem himself this week and but did he? you have to stick around to find out. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: a virginia parent and former naval intel officer has four criminal charges for libel and slander dropped after criticized race-based mission at a public high school. jackson considered race ahead of merit. the attorney telling fox news "criminal charges were brought to suppress free speech. criminal charges as opposed to civil law. i think this is the only case."
1:50 am
>> carley: from the university of arizona sharing deep concerns for the sport and a letter after a lia thomas the first transgender champion in march. they wrote the decision of the ncaa this year hope to appease everyone by allowing lia thomas to directly compete with women. and said ncaa failed everyone. two of the women demanding action, smith, lear accomplished lawyers themselves and they join me now. good morning, marsha, i will start with you. what are your concerns when it comes to transgender athletes competing in women's sports? >> well, thank you for having us. we are celebrating the 60th year anniversary of title ix this year. and it is something that has warranted me and my teammates so many opportunities to succeed
1:51 am
and what we witnessed this year was kind of a startling display of unfairness to the other women in the field. we started communicating with old teammates and discussing our thoughts and realize that we had a lot of solutions to offer the ncaa. >> carley: annie, what are some of the solutions? that is the one million-dollar question question. it seems like a problem to make hard and clear for everybody but what have you discovered? >> i think one solution that marshi proposed recently. i know she's not the first, but was to ask that the men opened their category to welcome this new class of athletes. several people have proposed having transgender category, but that is not the feasible option right now, 1% of ncaa athletes
1:52 am
are currently transgender. >> carley: those are certainly some options there, you along with 40 other swimmers olympian coaches, ncaa, the president of the organization responded to you personally and said the board of governors unequivocally support the opportunity for transgender student athletes to compete in college sports. the ncaa current policy is anchored in the evolving science on this issue. what do you make of that response? >> well, when something is anchored in the evolving science, to me it is like it is anchored in quicksand almost. it is a moving target. and when it comes to the opportunities of women athletes today and in the future, that is not a good enough scientific standard for us to allow for
1:53 am
biologic males to compete directly with females in the sport. >> carley: annie, you are an accomplished swimmer and ncaa and two time pan-american gold medalist and former member of the u.s. national swim team. have you given any thought about how different your life would be if you were competing with biological male at the time you were competing in swimming? >> absolutely. and i have thought a lot about this lately. it has kept me up at night. marshi and i both have daughters. i have two young daughters, and this has been the forefront of my mind to think what it would look like for them if policies remain the same. i see just a really diminished school of opportunities for biological women.
1:54 am
and if i -- so my husband is 6'8" and if i imagine somebody transitioning from a male body from that 6'8" frame and then coming into the women's competition, i think we would see an outcry. and there has been an outcry, but not quite enough of one. in the ncaa. >> carley: marshi smith, annie chandler grevers, thank you for joining us this morning. we both appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> carley: you are welcome. tied up. >> todd: 2022 national champs. >> the world's top wrinkle for with his first major with more to win iconic. and what a moment, back and signature red, tiger woods,
1:55 am
still amazing to be able to play. his first major since devastating car crash last year. he will play in the open later this year but again major. a major announcement elon musk with his role at twitter as the media meltdown continues. >> carley: texas attorney general ken paxton live on this very busy monday morning. ♪ ♪ ... ... brand i trust is qunol.
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>> carley: fox news alert, president zelenskyy making it clear ukraine needs more weapons as russian attacks intensify in the past 24 hours. zelenskyy telling the world nato's dimroemace sefailing and his country is no longer interested in their efforts. over the weekend, british prime minister making a secret trip to the war-torn capital in show of


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