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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 11, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: fox news alert, president zelenskyy making it clear ukraine needs more weapons as russian attacks intensify in the past 24 hours. zelenskyy telling the world nato's dimroemace sefailing and his country is no longer interested in their efforts. over the weekend, british prime minister making a secret trip to the war-torn capital in show of
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unity with the west. new images show eight-mile convoy of russian vehicles headed toward southern ukraine. you are watching "fox and friends first" on monday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. we'll have a live report coming up, we begin with another fox news alert. president biden's plan to crack down on ghost gun, he is set to announce this actual. ashley strohmier joins us with the latest. >> ashley: the announcement is changing the definition of firearms to include gun parts. will require background checks before ghost gun are sold. ghost gun do not have a serial number and are untraceable. the one on the screen was allegedly used to shoot a 16 year old while she was walking home from school in the bronx.
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two other teens were also shot, pushing high-profile dems to close the gun loophole. listen. >> there is no serial number, there is no background check. cuorder them online, no questions asked. i'm calling on the administration to go all after ghost gun by putting out regulations that will stop them. >> ashley: critics say the move is purely political and something else needs to be done to address rising crime rights. what is happening in the streets of new york remind him of violence that happened years ago. >> yogi bera once said deja vu all over again, what is happening reminds me of the late '80s and early '90 necessary this country. >> ashley: there is a new nominee to head the atf, the
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previous nominee, david chipman was criticized for comments made about gun owners. >> carley: republicans say democrats are heading to a good beating thanks to the failure of the biden administration. >> todd: the gop brings confidence, their party is not able to deliver a message. alexandria hoff has more. >> running for office was ability to work with democrats and republicans, his party is ready to put that to the test, we spoke about it on fox news sunday. >> this administration has got its hands full and are heading to a good beat nothing the fall. biden ran as moderate. if i'm senate majority leader,
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we will make sure joe biden is a moderate. >> as far as a platform that appeals to the democrats, they are running out of time, here is how that conversation is playing out. >> republicans are winning the culture war in this country. >> democrats are on their heels when it comes to schools and covid and mask mandate, they have not figured out how to message around that. >> democrats allow messaging to be defined in a way that is hard to get out of. >> democrats are trying to reign in the president's progressive policies, five senate democrats backing a big to stop title 42, opening the flood gates for illegal migrants. in 20twenty, half a million encounters, in 2121 explode the
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to 1.7. >> here is a number i can give all of you that will be repeated over and over and over again as headline. by the end of the first time of joe biden, nearly 20% of all americans will be here illegally. >> he says that includes those already here illegally. coming up later we'll hear from texas attorney general ken paxton. >> carley: mccarthy arrived in poland with bipartisan leader necessary support of ukraine. the lawmakers are visiting u.s. troops, polish prime minister and u.s. ambassador to poland during a stop in warsaw. >>-- there has to be -- >> do you think the biden administration wants to -- >> i hope they do. >> carley: mccarthy's office highlights additional stops
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including to the ukrainian border. allen west escorted out by police after students shut down his speech at university of buffalo. >> no peace. [cheering] >> carley: one of the young organizers was chased down by her classmates and are here to relive the campus chaos. >> todd: and texas telling president biden to bring it on as immigrants are recruited to washington. ag ken paxton is here live, you do not want to miss it.
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val, i think i'm going to be an ark dikt. trump and his right-wing followers continue to do whatever to discredit the family and therefore bring joe down. >> carley: the president's sister speaking to "u.s.a. today" to promote her new memoir, titled "growing up biden," some criticize her for trying to profit off her family number. there is more damming information about hunter biden, an e-mail allegedly shows hunter spend thousands on upkeep of his father's delaware home and ranted to his daughter about covering the family's expenses, saying, i hope you can do what i did and pay for your entire family for 30 years, it is really hard, but unlike pop, i won't make you give you half the
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salary. this is how involved president biden was involved with the dealings despite what he tells the public. >> the left says there is right wing conspiracy, big tech, big media keeping this story from the american people just days before the most important election we have. >> carley: it was predicted hunter biden could be on their way to being indicted. >> todd: studentss at university of buffalo forcing allen west to be escorted out after giving a speech entitled "america is not racist." >> how can you -- [recording being playing] -- [chanting] >> todd: organizer of the event was chased by a mob of fellow
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students into the men's bathroom and had to call 911. she joins me now. walk us through what happened to you. >> hi, todd, thank you for having me on the show. allen west was on campus to give a speech on why america is not racist and we got through the speech and had hundreds show up for the speech. hundreds were not even able to get in. then during the meeting, it got out of hand with protesters banging on the walls. they were screaming no peace, no peace, i took them at face value, they were trying to disrupt the meeting. it got crazy as we were going to leave. i was following mr. west out as they were screaming at us and i was separated from the police, they were protecting colonel
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west. i decided to turn and walk peacefully back to my car and realized i was the target for the protesters and 200 fellow students started hunting my down, screaming, yelling go capture her, the girl in the red dress. i turned the stairs and was one second ahead of them and one of my friends pulled me into the men's bathroom and we just missed them, they were a few seconds behind i could hear them screaming where is she, we need to find her. i called 911 and the mob continued to chase other members of young americans for freedom, specifically assaulted one of the members, kicked him, punched him. it was a crazy upon event, we were trying to bring a black voice to campus to talk about racism and american
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exceptionalism. we were trying to bring this conversation to campus and had open q&a. instead of asking questions, they decided to resort to violence. >> todd: this is insane. this sounds like a war zone, not a college campus in the united states of america. if they caught you, what did you think they would do to you? >> i was afraid for my life. my physically assaulted my friend. they were screaming no peace, they were an angry mob and they were clearly saying they were trying to chase me and wanted to capture me, i'm afraid of what was going to happen. >> todd: what is going through your mind as this was developing? >> i was thinking, how could i get away from this mob. i was surprised i was their target, i thought they were chasing us, i didn't expect this
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or think it would be controversial to say that american values are good and worth protecting. i don't think they liked west's message, he did experience racism in the 1960s and 1970s. he overcame that and decided not to be a victim and america gave him equality that many other countries don't and his message challenged victimhood. >> todd: victimhood is power. ful. did you rek people do thanksgiving to you? >> they held a protest at school and were chanting similar chants and marched through campus. everyone could hear screaming and yelling, they disrupted classes. i did recognize them from earlier, primarily seem to be students from the school.
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>> todd: understood, scary. clear the far left only wants their voice heard. i hope you maintain your strength and hope this doesn't deter you from bringing other people to campus. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> todd: elon musk made a major announcement about his new role at twitter and laughing off the liberal journalists who say he is a threat to free speech. >> carley: joe concha coming up on that next. you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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>> todd: cnn chief media corresponder brian steltser failed to ask ann applebaum about the disinformation story last week. >> do you think the media reacted -- >> my problem with hunter biden's laptop, it is totally
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irrelevant. >> i think it is time for lunch, you are describing a different channel than i watch. >> carley: he had ann applebaum on his show and didn't asks about this forum, why is that? >> joe: if teaching a class on media peace, put this under the section of sin of omission, the media correspondent whose initials are bs continue to embarrass himself on a scale. his question to bs one by one, he said traditional media, cnn, abc, "washington post" other thanning "new york times," they push russia collusion. that is correct. he said they push the jussie smollett hoax, true. cleared brett kavanaugh as
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rapist, correct. they cleared -- as white supremacist and dismissed hunter biden story as misinformation, that is correct. when applebaum said hunter biden and that laptop and story is irrelevant, it shows how much in a bubble many of the folks are as far as only talking to each other and not talking to the american people, where this is absolute's a story when you consider that we have e-mails, we have bank statements, transactions, things happening with the president's son that may involve the president of the united states in regard toness being done in russia or china and they are adversarys and if this was donald trump jr. or kushnir, this would be -- we are pretending like it doesn't exist. >> todd: next year conference they will admit fault on the
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hunter biden story and denying fault on another story this year. you will see it. joe, elon musk laughing off a "washington post" op eshg d that says and i quote, "elon musk version of free speech bad for twitter, we need regulation to prevents rich people from controlling our channels of communication. joe, does the post not know who owns them? [laughter] >> i believe that is jeff bezos. talk about number one and number two as far as guys that have a lot of money, todd, you are not one, i am not one. quite remarkable. "washington post" feels this way, their mantra is democracy die necessary darkness and to advocate the way twitter conducts itself in terms of targeting conservatives is precisely on brand and they know elon musk, who calls himself a
2:25 am
free speech absolutionist is a threat. he decided not to join the board of directors, that would limit his stake in twitter. i think hements to take it over to be a platform for everybody without targeting certain people and censoring trn peep and he will banning certain people other thanning what a concept. >> carley: i was wondering what you were thinking about why he decided to sit on the board. people who want to see changes on twitter, there is still hope there. >> joe: there is hope, particularly that edit button. you don't see you on twitter much, todd and i are on there more. you need that edit button, you can't unring the bell. i need the edit button and like to see donald trump back if
2:26 am
vladamir putin is on there and taliban is on twitter, have you to allow everybody on twitter and let people decide what to read and not read. >> todd: i read joe concha's hot golf takes, great on the masters. >> joe: thank you. >> carley: that is the good part of twitter, fun conversations. i have cut back, it is an ugly place. thanks, joe. >> todd: uk prime minister boris johnson sending -- as walk side by side through kyiv. will president continue to lead from behind 1234 we'll hell you what the white house just said in a live report from ukraine. >> carley: and combating climate change, slashing people's tires, david webb will help us unpack that one.
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2:31 am
is in the tens of thousands and it comes after russia intenseified missile strikes. they struck in the city of kharkiv and in mykolaiv and hit the city of deepra, that is a hub for ukrainian forces heading to the donbas region. eight-mile russian convoy is heading toward the area after putin nicknamed butcher of syria to lead the next phase of this war. he is known for brutality in syria in 2015. national security advisor jake sullivan says the ukrainians can count on the u.s. >> we will get them the weapons they need. also to squeeze the
2:32 am
russian economy to increase pressure and cost on vladamir putin and kremlin and russian government. >> uk prime minister boris johnson making a surprise visit to president zelenskyy and the two walking in the streets of kyiv, a visit ukrainian members say biden should be making. >> this would be really a sign of solidarity. this is what the world is expecting from the leaders to do the bold move and show putin for every strength, there will be strength, to show ukrainians that people are supporting courage with courage. >> president zelenskyy blasted western diplomacy calling on the u.s. and nato for more weapons. >> i am no longer interested.
2:33 am
a lot of country individual changed their mind about ukraine and our people. i think we've paid too high a price for that. >> the state department says president biden has no plans to visit ukraine, but will speak with india's prime minister to discuss imports of russian energy. >> carley: important discussion there. griff jenkins live in lviv, thank you so much. watch this. >> in nato, in kyiv, within days of this breaking out, and mostly what we've seen is biden hiding in his bunker. jake sullivan can say what he likes, but you can't get away from the fact that america is the leader of the free world or should i say america was the leader of the free world.
2:34 am
looks like boris johnson is taking on that role. >> carley: cracking down on goffs as soon as today. >> todd: justice department is submitting a final rule for the ghost gun kits. joining us is fox news contributor david webb, great to see you, sir. i read that line, where is the part where biden cracks down on the criminals? >> david: there is no point he does that. >> gov. desantis: are the -- ghost gun are the boogie man, creating this idea that everything is tied to the weapon used or the item used in the commission of a crime. biden won't crack down on
2:35 am
left-wing d.a. in the justice system, he won't crack down on mayors like eric adams or lori lightfoot, who is becoming the wfrt mayor in new york city, if you thought it couldn't get worse after de blasio. let's see it for what it is, giant boogie man. ghost gun as they term them, i don't like the tefrm, but they use it, not the issue. >> carley: when you thought crime couldn't get worse, it has. major crime in new york city up 44%, total crime in chicago up 66%. clear something needs to be done to fix the issue. fu were advising president biden, what would you tell him to do? >> besides the obvious, which is
2:36 am
stop, my first word, it would be to get these d.a.'s to do their job, talk to city mayors and then to really work with people who need the help. people are poor for a reason, they are committing crime for a reason. lack of education and look at what they have done with education, they are busy doing revisionist history for the united states rather than teaching children skills they need to go out and live their lives. when you don't have a skill or see a future, what do you have? narrow view and crime becomes survival method. this is something we as americans need to tackle from the ground up, why do young men and women become criminals and to your point on numbers who are victims, majority of victims in new york city, majority of victims of crimes are black people in the largest
2:37 am
percentage, that is a problem with people and the neighborhood that needs to be dealt with. >> david, environmental groups calling for deflating tires to combat climate change, telling people to target -- >> david: call them what they are, eco-rifts, this is boris johnson -- worse than a temper tantrum. this is not peaceful, you don't have that right. >> carley: right. twitter has yet to move to take down that tweet, which seems it could be something to violate terms of service. >> david: it does violate their term, twitter is in bed with
2:38 am
them. >> todd: slow to react to this kind. >> carley: thank you for joining us. oh, boy, another nightmare this weekend jet blue air wave and spirit canceling flights due to staffing issues and severe storm that hit florida. >> todd: here is the fox weather forecast, janice dean, i was in florida, there were delays. >> janice: right. not just weather delays, staffing issues, big deal with the airlines and getting into a big break. i'm off next week, supposed to be traveling, we'll keep you posted. we'll have travel delays today, tomorrow, wednesday and thursday. we have a big winter storm affecting the rockies, the west and moving to the northwest is going to give us threat for severe storms today, we're seeing the risk for strong to severe storms in parts of missouri, moving intoil and i will that area of low pressure
2:39 am
moves into the plain states behind it, feet of snow. ir will show you that, ahead of it, the front will stall and bring multi days of severe weather, large hail, winds, tornados for this area of the country which we call tornado alley this time of year, that is typically where we see the worst of the weather and lingers through mississippi river valley. that is big deal on the cold side of the storm. hello winter storm watch, if you can believe it, late season winter storm. feet of snow for parts of the cascades and toward the northern plains, six to 12 inches for the northern plains and rockies and ahead of the system, fire weather danger. a lot to talk about, temperatures across south are warm and that is one of the main ingredients we need for the severe storms coming today. there is setup for spring-time
2:40 am
snow, we have this ridge of high pressure which is protecting the east coast over the next couple days, cold air moves in and snow will continue to pile up today bringing that severe threat. lots to talk about, late winter storm. blizzard conditions possible. next couple days roug >> todd: hope the easter bun kemake it. >> janice: i'm wearing my easter yellow to bring sunshine. >> carley: you always bring sunshine. >> todd: thousands take antimandate fight to city hall. >> carley: cheryl casone on the latest fight for freedom next. liberty mutual cus tomizes your car insurance so you only pay for whatchya... line? need. liberty biberty— cut. liberty... are we married to mutual? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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so you have more money for more stuff. this phone? fewer groceries. this phone? more groceries! this phone? fewer concert tickets. this phone? more concert tickets. and not just for my shows. switch to xfinity mobile for half the price of verizon. that's a savings of over $500 a year. switch today. >> todd: the biden administration ignoring any talk of a possible recession. >> carley: the white house says their pandemic recovery has been incredibly strong. cheryl casone from our sister network, fox business, joins us live. good morning. >> cheryl: good morning. despite dproeing chorus of economists saying this is real. jen psaki has a different take. >> press sect. psaki: our economic team feels and what the
2:45 am
u.s. government economic team feels is the economy has strong basis, recovery has been strong on most measures. we created more jobs last year than any year in american history. >> cheryl: despite inflation 40-year high, 7.9% for february. tomorrow we will get consumer prices for march, that will be big. many say government spending, labor short an contributing as fed is under pressure to raise interest rates next month. >> todd: i think biden is listening to the laureate economists he references that nobody ever heard of. >> cheryl: even deutsche bank says threat of recession is real. >> todd: huge anti-mandate rally going on in city hall. >> cheryl: thousands of protesters protesting vac mandates. >> during covid, they closed our
2:46 am
schools and left strip clubs open. >> my body, my choice. >> we live in a free country to choose what we want to do, mandate is not choice. >> cheryl: truckers from the people's convoy, teachers and firefighters still out on leave due mandates. >> cheryl: criticizing race-based, getting legal victory. harry jackson charged with libel and slander by soros-backed d.a. for exercising right to free speech. his attorney telling fox news, what makes this case unique, criminal charges were brought to suppress free speech. we fought for my client's constitutional rights and rights of every individual who might find themselves being criminally prosecuted for voicing an opinion or concern. separate case relaced to
2:47 am
admission policy, likely heading to the supreme court. >> todd: cheryl, thank you, happy monday to you. dozen statess moving to mimic florida parental rights laws banning discussion of sexual orientation from kindergarten to third grade. i talked to locals about what they think of governor desantis bill. listen. >> florida parental rights law, good idea or bad idea? >> absolutely a good idea. why would anyone want to teach kindergarten to third graders anything about sex? >> i think everything should stay out of the school and with the parents. >> i'm old school, i think they should be taught regular things at school, like math, english, science. >> kindergarten through third grade, should you be focused on that at that age?
2:48 am
>> no, that is a bit premature. >> you think k-3 is okay time frame? >> i do, i'm a former teacher, i feel it is offensive to restrict teacher's ability to talk about it. >> what do you make about everybody saying florida is anti-gay. is this anti-gay state? >> not in my perception. you don't need knowing that wants teach kindergarteners about sex? why do you think disney is forming a position that is so strong and potentially risking their customers? >> i think they think they are doing the right thing. i think they are trying to please most people, i don't think most want that to happen. >> i don't think they should be wading into politics, i think they are forced to react, that is tough position to be in.
2:49 am
>> todd: why are certain people in this state fighting hard to keep kindergartens about the birds and bees? >> i don't know, i don't understand. >> are parents under attack? >> in some ways, yes, we see it across school boards who don't think they should have any decision. >> todd: the law in florida, other states are following florida's suit. then you have the state you and i grew up, new jersey saying, we will talk about the issues, it is sets up situation, if you don't like the law, go to florida. i will not say two separate countries. >> carley: florida civil rights laws, you can't teach gender issues or sexual orientation.
2:50 am
disney is on the other side of this. >> todd: and the states of new jersey. >> carley: a stunning prediction on how president biden open board are impacting the demographic of america. >> pat: will discuss. >> todd: and brian kilmeade got here early this morning, 3:45, getting ready for today. >> brian: almost everyday, todd, thanks for finally noticing, i appreciate it. i was ready to go, unlike people come in with jeans and ripped shirts, this is all i will wear today, not sure your commitment. i will build on what you said, on "fox and friends first," talking about the looming migrant surge. illegal immigrants are landing. henry cuellar has a bipartisan
2:51 am
plan and newt gingrich will talk about the republican agenda and the left's newest tactic to combat climate change which will resonate with you, deflate your tires, maybe not all. and mirandadevine uncovers the latest on the laptop from hell. getting cover from his aunt, plus charles payne, vivek ramaswamy and cathie lee gifford. even though it is monday, i urge you to get dressed. outshine any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i,
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being ♪ >> todd: texas lieutenant governor dan patrick making prediction as illegal migrants rush into our country. >> we are facing a situation on the border by the end of the first term of joe biden nearly 20% of all americans will be here illegally. there are 29 million people in texas. joe biden is going to let in about 30 million people in his first term based on who we apprehend, one out of three. >> carley: whoa, texas attorney general ken paxton joins us now. good morning to you. that number, 20%, enough to wake anybody up. is that number accurate and, if so, what does that mean for our country? >> you know, it's really hard to know what the numbers are because the federal government doesn't tell us. they are allowing as many people as can get to the border as possible. they are basically in league with the cartels. they basically said get as many people here as possible we will let them in. i don't think we know that that
2:57 am
accurate is accurate. who knows. they have another 3 years to get people here as fast as they can. >> todd: texas does have a plan to bus migrants up to d.c. as you might jen psaki and the white house not happy with it? >> i think it's pretty clear it's a publicity stunt. a migrant would need to voluntarily be transported and can't compel them to because, again, enforcement of our country trips immigration laws lies with the federal government, not a state. >> todd: ken tax upon's plan to bus illegal migrants to d.c. do you think biden will take any steps that would ultimately allow this case to be heard in front of the supreme court? >> look, this is not a publicity stunt. if they are saying that, they completely misunderstand the devastation that they are not just allowing a to happen, they are promoting. and our stays is? a really difficult spot being on the border and having to deal
2:58 am
with the drug crisis and the human trafficking crisis and just the spread of covid. though the reality is this is not a publicity stunt, we are trying to find every possible means that we can brexit our citizens because we know that the federal government is not only not going to protect them inviting all of these to our state every single day. >> carley: talk about title 42 for a moment. say it's repealed and removed, there are people who want to live in a post pandemic world and this is a pandemic policy. if that happens though it, does need to be replaced with something. so, what should it be replaced with? >> well, there are laws in place right now that say that people are not supposed to be able to walk through the border and be transported to other states or even stay in our state. if the biden administration would actually follow federal law and not just completely ignore it, and actually invite just the opposite, we could make progress. look, the trump administration was making tremendous progress. since then we have gone up 300 percent and it looks like
2:59 am
once title 42 is removed, the numbers are going to skyrocket beyond that. >> todd: on the busing, look immigration is the realm of the federal government the supreme court has said this. if it ultimately does get to the supreme court when will it. >> the hope we could get some type of ruling on the way up that would be favorable to us that we can get control -- some type of control of the border. under current administration policy of ignoring federal law, we literally have no hope. this is a great deal for the cartels. the cartels have been emboldened and they have been given the power to bring as many people here as fast as they can. >> then you have former border patrol chief rodney scott say that the federal government really has no way of know going a migrant has a criminal record outside of the united states. there could be 1,000 people a day coming in to this country. so, if the biden administration is pushing border patrol to process these people even
3:00 am
faster. there is a massive national security issue that we are also dealing with. attorney general ken paxton, have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we very much appreciate it? >> thank you. >> todd: carley, they are giving them cell phones so we can track them. everything is fine. >> carley: cell phone issue. >> todd: that's it. "fox & friends" now. great being with you. ♪ ♪ >> biden's border crisis could get a lot worse. >> texas lt. governor has a striking prediction. >> by the end of the first term, nearly 20% of all americans will be here illegally. >> president zelenskyy blasts western diplomacy. >> i'm no longer interested in their diplomacy that leads to the destruction of my country. >> biden's inflation threatening our economy. >> is the white house preparing for a recession? >> our economic team feels that the economy has a very strong basis. >> the problem is you might hav


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