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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 11, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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patriot. he finds mines in ukraine to help people stay safe as russians flee. this dog. >> bill: another reminder we take all viewers. >> dana: so tag us on you are instagram pictures and we may feature you. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: news fox alert. president biden is way behind on the leadership curve on the world stage. boris johnson put biden in his shadow. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the british prime minister made a surprise trip to the ukrainian capital. the world and most likely russian war monger putin could see johnson walking defiantly with zell through the streets of kyiv. our president, the white house says no plans for him to go. you will recall when biden was in poland, he said this on
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march 25th. >> president biden: they will not let me understandably, cross the border and take a look at what is going on in ukraine. but you know, i'm eager to hear from you. >> harris: hard to believe it's not his decision. the ukrainian defense minister tweeted this. this is what courage looks like. this is what true friendship between peoples and between nations looks like. critics are now calling out president biden for letting the british take the lead. >> boris johnson, he has been the global leader that has come to the fore in terms of not just weapons we've given to ukraine but training. we've given the troops and yes that symbolic visit mostly what we've seen is biden hiding in his bunker. you can't get away from the fact that america is the leader of the free world or should i
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say was the leader of the free world. it looks like boris is now taking on that role. >> harris: zelenskyy is pushing harder than ever for nations to help him fight putin's war machine of terrorists. he addressed south korean law makesers about the port city of mariupol. >> the worst situation is in mariupol in our southern port city. the occupiers blocked it and didn't allow food and water to be brought there. they tried to capture it in the most brutal way. just destroy everything in the city. mariupol is destroyed. there are tens of thousands dead. but even despite this is russians do not stop the offensive. they want to make mariupol a destroyed city. >> harris: david petraeus former c.i.a. correct tore in "focus." first alex hogan in western ukraine. our journalist on the ground. alex. >> hi, harris. a growing number of refugees are coming here to what was
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once a pilgrimage site a month and a half go and now turned into a refugee center. more and more people will continue to arrive according to the priests, especially because of the renewed attacks we've seen in the eastern side of the country. we have new satellite images showing an eight mile long russian convoy heading to the east in the contested donbas region. now white house expects that these atrocities that we've seen will only continue following russia's appointment of a new war general. referred to as the butcher of syria. after this last time leading russian troops against syrian rebels during the war there. fighting outside of kyiv has leveled much of a town where hundreds of civilians are buried under the rubble. in the last 24 hours, there have been rampant attacks in kharkiv and it is not just villages, it is nearby farms
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and individual buildings that have been completely destroyed by shelling. russia has managed to take on more territory in the southeastern city of mariupol in the last day where ukrainian president zelenskyy warns that tens of thousands of residents have died. humanitarian aid groups are continuing attempts to deliver aid and rescue those trapped for weeks. off in the distance you might have heard a sound. those are actually ukrainian troops conducting military trainings to protect this region that has remained largely peaceful but even the people who are here know that soon could change. harris. >> harris: thank you. retired general david petraeus is with us now. former director of the c.i.a., 37 years veteran of the u.s. army where he held six consecutive commands. five in combat. general, welcome to "the faulkner focus". i want to start with your first reaction to seeing boris
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johnson walking the streets with ukraine's wartime president zelenskyy. >> it's a great image. i think it was wonderful of him to do that. in fact the u.k. has done very impressively throughout this entire effort. the first on the ground with the anti-tank guided shoulder launched missiles. the first to put some of the sanctions on. they have done the most sanctions overall and they are providing anti-ship missiles. they aren't the united states and there are certain responsibilities that go with being the world's super power. i was privileged to command two wars where we had presidential visits and one was republican and the other was democrat. neither was allowed to go to the capital of that particular country for security reasons. so again i think there are restrictions on an american president that are not present in some of the other cases for other leaders around the world. i think again being a bit prudent is not, i don't think, excessive in this particular case.
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>> harris: president biden is being criticized for being in a bunker. we had just known and others have said it. what you are making is a compelling truth and reason why he might have told, maybe it isn't his decision to go to kyiv. what more can he be doing, though? because he is definitely on the back foot with others taking the lead. i will ask my team to put up -- you mentioned what britain has done. here is what they might be doing next with slovakia. their defense minister said the country could sell howitzers to ukraine. speculated that those long-range weapons are included in the u.k.'s fresh round of aid for ukraine. maybe biden doesn't go to kyiv. what more can we do? >> well, gosh, he just was in brussels and warsaw and just outside in other locations. >> harris: did that make a
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difference? >> it make a huge difference. the nato meeting was called on such short notice for one reason, the u.s. president he would go to brussels. all the rest came as well. there is a difference between the u.s. and all the other countries in nato. let's remember, harris, the u.s. doesn't just spend more of all of its 29 nato allies put together but more than twice as much as them all put together. no one was more critical of this administration than i was over the decision to withdraw from afghanistan, the lack of real consultation with our nato allies and the way it was conducted. in this case you have to give credit to the administration overall for leading in different ways here. i think again it's only fair. i talked to very senior former colleague of mine who was in uniform together in the war years and i'm pretty assured they're working every possible angle to provide additional weapons, supplies, ammunition
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and so forth to ukraine both from the united states, which has already sent thousands of javelin anti-tank guided missiles and stingers and so forth and also in this particular story you are highlighting is very important, we need to be getting our eastern europey an nato allies to provide everything they have that could be provided to the ukrainians that is compatible with what the ukrainians use, mostly eastern block systems. we can't give them tanks but they can giving czech republic is giving them tanks. the eastern block radar system and now considering artillery. that's what needs to be provided and also everything that goes with them. we don't have those systems. we don't have eastern block systems. >> harris: i understand that. but you will have to backfill some of those items i would
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imagine with these countries, too. we have to be right there. >> they are. >> harris: this is where the american people are. >> i'm a military guy. let me just explain to you what i'm seeing and what my understanding is. again, i don't do polls. i'm trying to help you understand what you are seeing. >> harris: i want to show you because there is a disconnect happening and it's important. >> that may be true. i leave it to you to highlight that. >> harris: i want you to see it. a new poll shows that more than half of people disapprove of the way president biden is handling rush yaes investigation. do you approve how joe biden is handling the invasion of ukraine. 53% say no. getting your expertise and understanding what is really possible is important. because there is a disconnect right now. and short of maybe a fireside chat from this president i don't know what changes it. hearing from you that's
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important. so let's get to the nitty-gritty of this. what can we give them to shoot down russian planes. you talk about ar till tree. we must be able to get them something. what they're about to do according to the russians in the east with the new general they hired over the weekend to put him in charge, the butcher is what they call him. what they are about to do of the people of ukraine they'll need more. maybe these other countries are closer. you say we are so special. >> can i answer? >> harris: yes. >> what we have done, in fact, is work with slovakia when they provided their s-300 air defense system which ranges above the 10,000 feet of the stinger missiles we've provided in substantial numbers to ukraine which are knocking down hundreds of different fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, that was back filled by patriots. that's how that happened. it was done somewhat quietly. there was eventually an
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announcement. that's what we're doing finding these systems that they can transfer to the ukrainians and that the ukrainians can use immediately that are compatible. we can't provide them patriots or other systems like that. we're backfilling with u.s. and other nato allies capabilities with us manning those systems under over time we can train them and equipment and give them the end items themselves. we're doing that across the board. i made the effort last night specifically to reach out to a very senior member of the pentagon who i know and trust from years of combat together and i'm quite convinced we're doing that. now you may highlight rightly a communications issue. that's a different issue. what are you asking me is what i think we're doing. it will never be enough. i was never satisfied as a
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commander in the battlefield under a republican or democrat what we needed. i think we've committed 2.something billion in military assistance and much, much more in other terms in terms of humanitarian and economic assistance and so forth and we're also really putting the screws to the russian economy, the financial system, putin's inner circle and even the business community which is leaving in droves as have been some 250 to 300,000 russians who are voting with their feet and leaving the country they now see as an international pariah. there is a lot going on. i appreciate the opportunity to lay that out for you. i am non-partial. i don't support or anything else either party that's how i see that, harris. thanks for the opportunity. >> harris: i'm grateful for it. to fill in one thing about the brits, they have done more sanctions than anybody. we need to catch up on that.
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we need to put a choke hold on russia's ability to sell its energy. i know you don't want to get into the politics but you started with i support the current administration and there are some problems now. >> i'm not supporting the current administration. i'm saying what they have bebeen doing is impressive. i don't do political support. i do analysis of what administrations are doing. in this case i think they are doing an impressive job. now, should they communicate it better? yeah. they sure shooud and you ought to invite some of them. it would be great the nato commander could come on and explain what it is they're doing for ukrainians. >> harris: as you said about the patriots backfilling some of it is done very quietly. >> and it should be. >> harris: with the sanctions that can be public. if you choke off the energy money that's pouring into russia to be able to do more
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war, that would make a huge difference. >> yes. well let me encourage you to invite the deputy secretary of the treasury, brilliant guy who is piecing together what russia needs in its various supply chains and then going to sanction them. that would be a great story as well. thanks again. great to be with you, harris. >> harris: you, too. under pressure to do something about violent crime the president today will take aim at so-called ghost guns. shouldn't the focus be on the criminals committing the crimes? and this. >> when i have something broken i don't use it. in that same sense i would like to see them shut down the border and that we stop this nonsense. >> harris: the showdown over our broken border system as texas prepares to send bus loads -- they mean it -- of illegal immigrants to washington, d.c. will cain in "focus" next. no one deserves the american dream of
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>> harris: president biden has tested negative for covid today. why the confirmation from the white house on this day? it comes after many close to him have tested positive for the virus in recent days. including house speaker nancy pelosi, who you remember just last week gave the president a kiss on the cheek during an event at the white house. that was last tuesday. many had attended another event in which a dinner in which a lot of them tested positive. so you see the current count of
8:19 am
people from just last week. we'll move to this. >> ghost guns are the boogeyman for the anti-second amendment creating this idea that everything is tied to the weapon used or the item used in the commission of a crime. biden won't crack down on his left wing d.a.s. he won't crack down on the mayors like lori lightfoot and eric adams. ghost guns as they term them are not the issue. >> harris: fox news contributor and radio host david webb sounding off ahead of president biden's expected announcement today. he plans to unveil a measure aimed at cracking down on what david was talking about, ghost guns. privately made firearms with untraceable parts. critics such as david webb say targeting guns rather than the criminals who use them is the wrong way to go after the nationwide surge in gun violence. new york city is just one major
8:20 am
united states city where crime is rising sharply particularly violent crime. former nyc police commissioner bill braten led the force in the 1990s and it's deja vu. >> it reminds me what was happening in the late 80s, early 90s in this country, a rise in crime and disorder and a lot of despair and fear. i never expected to see numbers like that for new york city. i predicted for most of the last 25 years it would never go up again. boy, was i wrong. >> harris: will cain co-host of "fox & friends" weekend. your take, will. >> you know, it's a shame that our political leadership not only focuses on their political agenda instead of improving the quality of life of the american citizen but that they actively encourage the deterioration of the quality of life of the
8:21 am
american citizen. let's talk about ghost guns. you can look over a 20-year horizon, harris and say starting in the 1990s gun ownership in the united states of america went up dramatically. at the same time crime dropped. that's an odd correlation to blame the tool of the crime instead of the criminal. now we know the last two years crime has gone up. well, what kind of crimes? not all are gun crimes. assault, car theft from city to city with varying gun laws has gone up. it doesn't seem to suggest you should focus on the tool of the crime but rather the criminal. we know it's d.a.s, policies, letting accused and convicted criminals out onto the streets earlier. the biden administration is encouraging the deterioration of our quality of life by focusing on the gun and as david pointed out the scary term of ghost gun instead of the criminals that are actually deteriorating our life.
8:22 am
this isn't simply focusing on the wrong thing. it is contributing to the decline of safety in america. >> harris: it's interesting. it would mean they would have to get en tanged with some of the liberal d.a.s who have phased out making much of crime anyway as certain levels miss demeanors and so on. not to mention, too, the subway stabbings have gone up in new york city. i don't see anybody talking about outlawing knives. dr. anthony fauci changing his tune again on covid-19 saying it is now up to americans to make our own risk assessment. let's watch together. >> this is not going to be eradicated and eliminated. what is going to happen is we'll see that each individual is going to have to make their calculation of the amount of risk. we are going to have to live with some degree of virus in the community. >> harris: fauci's remarks as
8:23 am
the cdc labeled most of our nation a green zone. low level of concern about infection but still mandates and people pushing back against them. this video from los angeles over the weekend. thousands rallying against vaccine mandates. will. >> yeah, when you introduced the topic i was smiling because let's be real. dr. anthony fauci has turned into a joke. we can't laugh it off. he is the defacto domestic president of the united states dictating american policy for two years. just simply with a press appearance and by giving an interview on cnn. he has dictated the way we have lived our life. time for him to go away. of course americans should make individual risk assessments as they should have been and for that matter many have over the last two years. just because dr. anthony fauci is saying it now should not
8:24 am
mean it is so. it should have always been so. what else should be so is it should be goodbye to dr. anthony faufper. democratically elected leaders should be the ones guide than how we live our lives. i say that we are the ones that dictate how we live our life to the extent that we hand over control to the government, it shouldn't be by unelected bureaucrat that rules by fiat but by our elected leaders. >> harris: are we still taking his word at this point when all he does at this point it would seem the quote what the cdc is saying. we can listen to the cdc without him being the go between in all of this. your last thought and we'll move on. >> i will say this. i don't know how many americans turn to dr. anthony fauci for their guidance. some elite consider him to be a high priest. i don't think many americans turn to the cdc.
8:25 am
both those institutions have burned all sorts of credibility. you know what would be a sad task and maybe you can do it on "the faulkner focus". which institution in the united states of america media, medical establishment, have lost the most credibility over the last two years? >> harris: it's a sad plight. i've seen the numbers on news media as people have lost faith especially after something like the laptop of hunter biden and how many news outlets called that disinformation. we'll move on. new video showing illegal immigrants being dropped off in westchester new york late saturday night. comes as texas is ramping up its fight with washington, d.c. over the border crisis. governor greg abbott announced the state will now bus illegal immigrants to our nation's capital. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick with this warning for the biden white house. >> you are seeing the first step of a constitutional
8:26 am
showdown between the governor and the legislature and the state of texas and the federal government. because jen psaki, how dare her say in her press conference it's a publicity stunt. don't you like illegal immigrants? jen, doesn't the president want them in his home state? by the end of the first term of joe biden nearly 20% of all americans will be here illegally. >> harris: did you hear that number? 20% of anything is a lot. >> yeah. i heard the number because i was sitting on set and i'm glad i wore a different tie together. on "fox & friends" weekend yesterday. it is an amazing number, right? 20% of all americans in the country illegally by the end of the first term of the biden administration so says lieutenant governor of texas projecting out at the current rate and what the rate will soon be should we rescind title 42. you know, i think it was fascinating on "fox & friends"
8:27 am
this weekend we interviewed lieutenant governor dan patrick and attorney general ken paxton saying the following. the reason that texas and the governor will ship illegal immigrants to washington, d.c. is yes, because it is symbolically the right thing to do. legislators and the administration should see and live with the impact of their own policies to tell you how many diners have told me that traveled this country. send illegal immigrants to washington, d.c. more importantly what both of them said is force a constitutional challenge. if you will not enforce our laws, then we will and if you tell us in this case the state of texas that we cannot, let's take it to the supreme court. that's the purpose of this act. it is not simply symbolic or not a publicity grab it is the force the constitutional challenge. >> harris: i wonder how it will role out. when the lieutenant governor says 20% of all americans will be illegal immigrants i want to put a fine point on.
8:28 am
what he isn't saying is we'll be filled with legal migrants in this country which, i mean, that's part of our growth, that's part of our ability to compete on the world stage. it is the texture of our diversity that helps us win. what he is talking about are people who have gotaways, neekd into the country and done to cross our border. 20% of us will be them. >> yeah, illegals. by the way, the single most ignored word in our border and immigration debate illegal. does everybody fully understand these are people who break the law. we aren't talking about people who go through the legal immigration process. 1 in 5 of us, 20% of our population here illegally? that's a country headed for national suicide. >> harris: wow. will cain, thank you for being in "focus." see you soon. elon musk apparently changed his mind and saying he will not
8:29 am
join twitter's board of directors. and he is taking, though, that social media giant to task over free speech and other things. his voice is big. plus this. >> that looks as if joe biden is participating financially in this basically influence-peddling scheme that was global when he became vice president. >> harris: the white house having a hard time outrunning the hunter biden scandal. new text messages suggest joe biden, the president of the united states, back then may have benefited from the cash hunter brought in from the sketchy business deals. he was vice president then.
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8:35 am
cameras in the courtroom. depp is suing her for $50 million after she claimed domestic abuse in a 2019 "washington post" column. they are both expected to testify. david spunt live in fairfax county, virginia. the public will get to see this with them there. >> the public will get to see it. it is rare especially in fairfax county to have live cameras in the courtroom but a judge made an exception in this case. it is not going to happen today. today is only jury selection. once they're seated the jury is seated then opening arguments will commence and we'll see what is going on inside the courtroom. john' depp arrived an hour and a half ago here at the courthouse in fairfax county suing heard for $50 million after she wrote that 2018 op-ed in the "washington post" detailing her story of surviving abuse. heard did not mention depp by name in the op-ed. he says days after the article
8:36 am
disney dropped him from the role he created, captain jack sparrow and any possible future films. he says his career was devastated by her allegation. heard said i never named him but the price women pay about speaking out against men in power. i continue to pay that price. hopefully when the case concludes i can move on and so can johnny. i have always maintained a love for johnny and great pain to live out the details of our past life together in front of the world. one of the biggest questions about the trial why is it in fairfax, virginia? the op ed was published in the "washington post" and it is printed in virginia. also virginia is where the online servers are to disseminate that op-ed to the world. the judge, harris, has scheduled six weeks for this trial. after the jury is seated we'll hear opening argument and the entire trial will be available for the public to see.
8:37 am
>> harris: joe concha, we thank david there. he gave us the facts to work with in all of this. so joe, six weeks of this back and forth. it is interesting he didn't try to go after the "washington post". they printed the story. he went after his ex. it speaks volumes where they are. >> it is odd to me. when david said that the trial will go on for six weeks the harris eyebrows went up. >> harris: it seems long. we usually don't see these people for that long and these are actors. >> there is over 100 witnesses that could be called here and why it will take so much time. let's be clear. these two hate each other. you ever see war of the roses? that kind of hate is going on her. amber heard is talking a lot before the trial. turley made a good point. if you are going to trial keep
8:38 am
your mouth shut and let your lawyers do the talking. >> harris: that's my point. they may hate each other but they love the camera. >> that's true. i take issue with amber heard saying i never mentioned johnny depp in the op-ed. clearly when you say you are speaking out to people in power who may be domestic abusers who else could you be talking about considering the police were called to los angeles and p.r. people for heard said the lapd could back up her claims. no disarray, police found no injuries and heard never filed a report. i think johnny depp has a decent case. >> harris: elon musk reversing his decision to join twitters's board of directors. musk has been openly critical if recent weeks and if you follow him on twitter he gets to the nitty-gritty. he said he looked forward to working with the board.
8:39 am
last month he tweeted given that twitter serves as the defacto public town square. a fox news op-ed. musk pursues free speech. i don't know. the twitter executives i thought would benefit from this. it gives them a bigger draw. some of them are kicking off. they don't like the platform anymore and they have other options. >> there are other options out there. in musk's case he calls him a free speech absolutionist. he said do you think twitter values free speech in 70% said no. he said i don't want to be on the board of directors. that caps me at 15% ownership. now he can buy as much as he wants. he already bought 2.6 billion of stock with twitter and he won't stop and maybe not for business reasons. this isn't the greatest stock in the world in terms of
8:40 am
performance. he is doing this because he believes it is stifling free speech. >> harris: poking the bear somewhat, too. if you inject the making it personal thing. nobody ever at your headquarters, turn sbiet a homeless shelter. he is really going for it. if he is buying that much he won't have to ask to be on the board or be invited to be. he will be the biggest voice in the room. >> the most powerful voice in the room. what everybody asks does it mean donald trump will be allowed back on twitter? it allows vladimir putin to have an account and ayatollah to have account. if musk has enough influence that will be the first order of business to get the former president back on. >> harris: kremlin is putting out propaganda when they slaughter people in ukraine. that president's office of the kremlin that's the twitter handle is allowed to stay. let's get to hunter biden.
8:41 am
the white house can't outrun this. it is a nagging problem for them. text messages now surfacing from his infamous laptop reveal he kicked back up to 50% of his earnings to his dad. and he complained about it to his daughter in a text message in january of 2019. i have to give dad half. i hope you all can do what i did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. it is really hard. don't worry, unlike pop, i won't make you give me half your salary. congressman jim jordan says there is more to that story. >> remember, it started off as oh, it wasn't his laptop. then it was well, it was his laptop but russian disinformation. now it's no, it wasn't russian disinformation but joe had nothing to do with it. and now finally it is well, joe had something to do with it but he really didn't do anything wrong and these text messages and emails that link to the
8:42 am
entire family look like joe biden was involved and it was a family operation. >> harris: critics of the coverage of the story, right, early on had said that oh, it's fox news, it is whomever, none of this -- this is real and it matters because? >> it matters because it is getting harder to separate hunter and joe biden from a financial, beneficial perspective, right? and the president can't just now say an angry denial we never talked about it. like all those stories we saw during the last administration, source close to the president, somebody familiar with the white house. this is an email, documented. there are wire transfers in writing and no one is denying the laptop and contents aren't real. not "the new york times" or "washington post" that all called it russian disinformation. >> harris: how problematic that their money is tied together. different currencies from different countries. the amounts vary so much.
8:43 am
from millions to tens of millions and if pop as it's talked about in some of the documents and big guy could be joe biden. if he is taking half, that would indicate that perhaps there was a little bit more command and control in that relationship between him and hunter. when he says they don't talk about these things it is hard to believe that. >> china and russia two biggest adversaries. when jim jordan and republicans take back the house in 2023 january i think this will be one of the first orders of business to hold hearings on this and get some real answers. until then it is up to the press to finally start doing their jobs and ask the president about this when they get the opportunity. those opportunities are rare, harris. >> harris: thanks for being in "focus." ramping up the rhetoric. democratic lawmaker is going after the gop calling
8:44 am
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>> this administration has got its hands full. i think they're headed toward a pretty good beating in the fall election. if i'm the majority leader in the senate and kevin mccarthy is the speaker of the house we'll make sure joe biden is a moderate. >> harris: mid-term election muscling is in full swing from both sides of the political aisle. here is pennsylvania democrat congresswoman madeleine dean going after the gop. >> the republicans, all they do is whine about the things they are against. democrats stand for democracy and we stand for doing things. republicans have no agenda, they are simply the mouths of a cult for the most part. >> harris: doing things. power panel now charlie hurt opinion editor for the washington times and marie harf former obama administration state department spokesperson and fox news contributors.
8:50 am
charlie, your reaction to the back and forth going on before the mid-terms. >> well, i think that what we're getting from a lot of democrats right now is a certain desperation because things do not look good for them. the more you get into the issues, the worse it looks for them whether you are talking about border security, energy independence, all of the things that republicans are actually talking about these days. everything gets even worse for joe biden and democrats. the numbers that joe biden is putting up right now on people's confidence in him on the economy are as low as any president we've ever seen in our lifetimes. so i think that what we are getting from them right now is desperate talk and it is interesting. she said she is for democracy but there are no specifics behind that. it is kind of interesting. >> harris: congressman dean
8:51 am
said that democrats are doing things. marie, you know it's interesting. democrats are really taking it right now, a little pain in the messaging department. even general petraeus who doesn't like to talk politics so he told us but he knows we'll talk some, said the messaging is a problem. doing things. that doesn't really help your cause. >> well last week on the messaging front we got confirmed the first black female supreme court justice. we have job report after job report of record unemployment, of record job growth. so i think democrats do have a message. they are rebuilding the economy as we come out of covid. the question for the republicans in the mid-term is who are you putting up as candidates add your leaders, is madison kau attorneys of the world. parties of power lose seats in the mid-term. democrats are prepared for that.
8:52 am
republicans need to put forward a proactive agenda and nominate candidates who can win. in pennsylvania nominating an extreme far right candidate won't win a purple state. the gop has decisions to make. >> harris: calling the other side a cult quickly your thoughts, charlie. >> yeah, it's not helpful. one area that marie and i would agree upon is the fact that i am all in favor at this point, because i think the head winds are in republican's favor of holding mitch mcconnell and all republican's feet to the fire and forcing them to make specific platforms, explain very specific vision for what they will do when they get into power. both parties betray their voters, but this is an opportunity to prevent that from happening with the republicans in november. >> harris: transportation secretary pete buttigieg was stunned after charlamagne tha god called out the
8:53 am
administration for not keeping its promises. >> you do realize, pete, a lot of black folks feel like democrats have kept no promises since they've been in office. >> really? >> yes. >> okay, look, i get it because the work is not done. it's not acceptable where we are right now. in this country a lot of power and decisions are at the state level. what is happening in our schools, even the way elections are run. that plays out at that level. >> harris: it's interesting. marie you started with race, the first black woman on the u.s. supreme court. a beautiful thing for the whole nation. charlamagne tha god starts with race and it doesn't look good for the biden administration and some of the decisions and moves they've made. why the bifurcation. >> the supreme court pick was a promise kept but this is a political question. democrats will make the case
8:54 am
that we can't do any of these big things from defending voting rights to passing build back better with only a 50/50 senate. you will hear that case, harris. we have more work to do but in order to do that work we need to win more senate seats and we cannot lose the house. i think joe biden got into office and realized the president can do a lot but not everything. congress plays a key role in this. elections have consequences and you will hear that from democrats making the case we need that to implement our agenda. >> harris: with all due respect and so much of it for the u.s. supreme court and how they will move forward now with all the people on it. ketanji brown jackson, now judge jackson does not bring forth the gap in the economy now since president trump was president. with where we are for blacks in this country. charlamagne tha god and others are looking at the bottom line. charlie. >> i would argue that democrat policies have been in place in
8:55 am
places like chicago, l.a., new york. baltimore. they have been -- these are cess pools of democrat policies and a lot of frustration by african-american voters about democrats. >> harris: thank you both for being in "focus." "outnumbered" with a twist next. and get up to $60,000 or more. we called and got $96,602. that's more than ever. we called and we got $62,810. home values are soaring. now is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. we called and we got $68,201. we called and we got $58,800. use it to improve your home or save for retirement. i called and got $60,300.
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