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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 11, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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seven weeks. it's going to be a big one. >> celebrity packed and maybe elon musk as well. we'll see. david, thank you very much. we'll be watching that one. this is a story for money, april 11, 2022. thanks for joining us. a great group today. we look forward to seeing you tomorrow. "your world" starts right now. >> neil: a big sell-off at the corner of wall and broad. it's the guy ringing the closing bell that we're focused on today. he's the president of columbia and he is watching very closely not only developments here how markets are careening but what is happening on the title 42 front. he has some very, very big worries about what is happening there. he's not the only one. he will be coming up later in this show. meantime, we are focusing on developments in washington that involve not just republicans
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concerned about getting rid of that measure that allows us to capture those at the border and return them to mexico or points further south. all of that ends in may. growing concerns again, not just among republicans but a growing chorus of democrats that this is a bad idea. in a mid-term election year, a really bad idea. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." what in the world of making the divisions on the left front and center. chad pergram on the growing divide in a party that sees this as a no-win situation. chad? >> good afternoon, neil. democrats have a political problem here. moderate democrats, eight of them oppose ending title 42. one of them is henry cuellar. he's a democrat from texas. he represents a border districts. listen. >> 60% of the men and women agents, instead of being on the
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border and providing border security, they're in processing centers doing that type of work. so you add title 42 on top of that and have a large number. >> cuellar is part of a number of kris ten cinema and joe manchin that oppose ending title 42. texas governor abbott says ending title 42 will spark a surge never seen before at the border. >> this is extraordinary on health services, community services. every single day because of the how volume of people coming to the state of texas. >> abbott has threatened to load immigrants on buses and take them to the capitol. immigration is a wedge that the gop will use against democrats in the fall. >> it's been a longstanding open
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invitation. any republican that wants to work with us on immigration reform, you're invited. it's clear what we're seeing from republicans is an effort to politicize this and not fix and out dated system. >> republicans in the senate are demanding a vote to keep title 42. as you say, it expires may 23. neil. >> neil: chad, thanks very much. hector garza joins us. it's interesting. we looked at the rio grande not long ago where the governor is saying he's going to try to blockade those that might look at that as a way to get into the country. any which way he can. but we do know that roughly 7,000 to get into this country a day could balloon to three times that by the time title 42 is set for being dropped in may. how worried about you? >> we're very worried on the
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border. that means that more people will be coming across the border illegally. that means drug cartels will promote and market their businesses in central america and all over the world. what that will cause is an overflow of human smuggling on the border. it's going to create catch and release on steroids. right now title 42 allows us to send people back to mexico via that authority. it only applies to certain people from different countries. unfortunately now with title for 2 going away, we'll be processing these people in our processing centers and releasing them because we don't have the resources to hold them and set them up for deportation proceedings. >> neil: if it gets to be 21,000 or more a day that gets to the border, how many of those you think will succeed and get through? >> well, the reality is as we speak right now under title 42, the overwhelming majority of
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people coming across illegally are entering successfully illegally. once title 42 goes away, more and more border patrol agents will be dedicated to processing these people that are coming across illegally. that means less agents will be patrolling the border. unfortunately we don't have the capacity to process all of these people for the deportation proceedings. it's going to be a big mess and everybody will be affected in this country because of illegal immigration. >> neil: let me ask you about that. a lot has been debated back and forth with the administration now saying that it's illegal what the governor wants to do, governor abbott, to take bus loads of those apprehended at the border and take them to washington d.c. is it any different than taking them to a processing center or, you know, a high school, what have you, in texas? is there any difference? >> first of all, texas governor
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abbott has been instrumental to securing the border and trying to secure the boarder right now. if it wasn't for him sending the national guard to the border, we would be destroyed. as far as his plan to send people to illegal aliens to washington d.c., send them. maybe that will send a message to the american people, maybe to the biden administration. at this point, desperate times call for desperate measures. >> neil: how is that process handled? those caught and those that have to be processed once taken at the border, you'd have to get their approval to go to washington d.c.? >> under title 42, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to process each illegal alien. that's under title 42. once title 42 goes away, we'll be using title 8 authority. it will take an hour to two hours to process each individual on the border. that means with the overflow of
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illegals, we'll have almost no agents patrolling the border. how will governor abbott send people to wash damage, that's something to figure out. we have catch and release. that might be something that he's working with the different sectors in texas. >> neil: thanks, hector. you're extremely busy. that is an understate. we'll be speaking with the president of columbia. he has big concerns about what will be happening at the border soon and the impact on all of latin america including his country, columbia. he's coming up later. switching gears in ukraine. a new russian general and he's brutal. all of this the pentagon saying we will get you the arms you need sooner than possible. not a moment to soon for the president of ukraine who says
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it's now or never. alex hogan in lviv, ukraine with more. alex? >> hi, neil. continued attacks in the northeastern side of the country in kharkiv. looking at the capitol region in the north, police are continuing the grim task of identifying the bodies that have been brutally killed as loved ones learn about their families tragic last moments. >> after he was killed, he was lift there for three days. we brought him to the morgue. the morgue was full. we had to put him outside. he stayed outside until he was brought to this massive grave. >> new satellite images show an eight mile long convoy of hundreds of armored vehicles and tanking heading to the donbas as russian forces shift gears. russia has tap add new military commander who previously led russian troops against syrian
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rebels during the war there. ukrainian president zelensky is urging nato to take stronger action and deliver more weapons to bolster the country's military capabilities. as attacks ramp up in the east, more citizens are fleeing west. we visited a small pilgrim site outside lviv. the u.n. warns that 13 million people live in conflict areas and seven million are displaced. that is about half of the entire population of ukraine, this monastery is becoming a growing refugee center for people that continue to flee. >> just imagine walking on the streets, drinking coffee. some hours before they start bombing. >> the reality for residents that have seen their towns bombed, the president here says that russia has sent 2,000
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missiles in the last 1 1/2 months. looking at mariupol, the southeastern city that has been largely surrounding, the mayor says 10,000 people have died and the death toll could rise to 20,000 people. neil? >> neil: incredible. thanks, alex. the former ukraine infrastructure minister is here with us. thanks for taking the time. what do you make of this change in command that the russians now put in charge who apparently is pretty violent, has a record of targeting as he did in syria, civilians, thousands of them. that is the strategy that he might use taking command of russian forces in ukraine. what do you think? >> good afternoon. very happy to be alive on your show. we do not expect something
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extraordinary. he's very well known from chechnya and syria. now he will try to repeat the same story in ukraine. i would say this war in europe -- everybody saw the red army was unbeatable and they can do nothing with ukraine for the second month. we fight successfully. second thing that everybody thought that russia is a great power. russian gdp is 1% of world gdp. you know, i believe you have a lot of socks in your home. if you lose one pair of socks, you will never commit suicide. that's why i do believe that when european union and nato members will put full embargo on russia and will switch off from swift russia and will ban oil
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and gas from russia, there will be no tragedy at all. stop war immediately and will end suffering of our nation and problems for other nations that fear -- that face a great turbulence. coming back to here. i hope it will be a final battle but bloody for sure. for putin, there is no game change. he wants to occupy ukraine. mr. lavrov stated clearly today in media that it's not the case of ukraine occupation or not the case of ukraine invasion. the goal is to fight united states and to fight against sovereignty of united states in the world. they fight with united states. definitely we are proud to fight
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for our independence and all support give to ukraine. without it, it would be impossible to fight russians. i hope that -- two hours ago, we received a statement from our army that putin used chemical weapons in mariupol. if it is so, i hope that putin will join qaddafi and bin laden very soon. it's ridiculous to use chemicals and nuclear weapons next maybe in europe. >> neil: thanks very much, minister. it's a very news days. be safe, sir. we're also following another development having to do with the ongoing conflict in ukraine. that is the role of china that might be finding means to get military aid to the russians in
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a sort of a circumventing way. mark meredith is following that and taking a look at china's perhaps back room role in this war. mark? >> good afternoon to you. it's no secret that china wants to be a dominant player on the world stage. there's a lot happening with their military and things we don't know happening. we'll tell you about their nuclear arsenal with "your world" continues after this break. lose up to 10 pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk.
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>> neil: it's one thing for china not to condemn russia's actions in ukraine helping those actions in ukraine. mark meredith is more on china's role here. mark? >> good afternoon to you. china likes to flex their military muscles quite a bit. what we don't hear them talk about is their nuclear program. the "wall street journal" is hoping to grow their nuclear arsenal. they spoke with people fall already with government plans that say there's efforts to speed up their nuclear program. work has accelerated this year on more than 100 suspected missile so i lots in the west enregion that could house missiles that could reach the
1:19 pm
u.s. top officials have repeatedly warned congress and the america people about china's growing military capability. welered from lloyd austin that was warning about what is going on with china. he was speaking to his counter part from india. >> across the region, the people's republic of china is attempting to undermine the sovereignty of its neighbors. beijing is not along with their efforts to undermine the security of their neighbors and to change the status quo by force. >> china was going to make a move towards taiwan. we are hearing from critics of the pick that would show more support to taiwan. and we don't have specific details about what was send to
1:20 pm
serbia. we'll learn more about the serbian government later on this week. a sign that china continues to play a growing role nato to take stronger action only what is happening behind the scenes and also right there in eastern europe. >> neil: very good point, mark. keith kellogg on that. you heard what mark was reporting and this indication of selling weapons to serbia that might mare their way to ukraine. what do you think? >> yeah, it's foolish. they're a party to the war if they do it. i think president xi is saying, well, i regret the handshake with putin. this is not going so well for the russians right now. they have reset the battlefield. they lost in kyiv. they've had to pull back. the units were mauled. those were some of the front line units. you mentioned it earlier. you put the new general in
1:21 pm
charge who was the first general in syria for the russians. also was part of the chechnya war as well. just shows the pattern is changing. this is the one that the russians could do much better in than the earlier fight that they had. that's why it's so important that we give the equipment to zelensky that he wants. we don't need to provide manpower. the equipment that he wanted is more of a conventional set of equipment. the howitzers, the multiple rocket launch systems. how about the 29 migs from poland. we need to get this stuff there. i could have transited the ocean right now three times as long as the war has gone on. this should have gotten to him earlier than it had.
1:22 pm
the next thing is month vied some type of constant intelligence for zelensky. put up the j-star systems, just a little outside of ukraine to read the russian troop formations and pass that to zelensky. this is a fight to the end. i don't think putin will quit. i don't think zelensky will quit. it's going to come down to the fight in the eastern part of ukraine and right now it's going to be one of those 50/50 shots. ukraine will survive. they have proven that. putin cannot take ukraine. they have proven that in the fight of kyiv. this will be the fight for the eastern part of ukraine. >> neil: and this could be to the advantage of russians if it's on open land. it's a land battle. it begins to a merciless one at that. is that your worry? >> right. yeah. when you look at the way the
1:23 pm
russians fight war, look what happened to mariupol. they destroyed 90% of that city. tens of thousands have been killed. that's how the russians fight. we can counter that. once they get out of that air and built up areas, they're vulnerable as well. the ukraines need the weapon systems that they have been asking for and for the life of me, i don't know why we haven't given it to them. more conventional systems. tanks, artillery that you need to do this counter fight that will happen. the fight in kyiv was totally different than the fight you'll see in the donbas region and the eastern part of ukraine. this will be a much more conventional fight. this is one because of sheer manpower the russians will have the edge and we need to counter that with firepower provided by the west. >> very good catching up with you, general. keep kellogg has had an uncanny read of these key turning points and now one that could be days away as the focus of the war is
1:24 pm
on the eastern part of the country and a land battle the likes of which that could pale in comparison. keeping a close eye on our border right now and concerns not only among increasing number of democrats and republicans about what happens come next month, but countries to the south. i'm not talking mexico. i'm talking columbia. after this, i'll be talking to the president of columbia.
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>> neil: you know, we're not the only country concerned what happens when title 42 goes away in may. so is my next guest, the president of columbia, ivan
1:29 pm
duque. he joins us right now. very good to have you, mr. president. we're trying to deal with this surge at our border with mexico and likely to get at least for americans a lot more note worthy and we'll see more trying to move across the border. your thoughts. >> well, first of all, northeast, a great honor to be on your program. i think today we have to prevent massive migration in many places. in columbia, we have received 1.8 million venezuelan brothers and systems and we're giving them opportunities through the temporary protection status. the best way that can be done in the rest of americas to prevent a massive migration movement is to invest more on human capitol, generate the jobs and not to have people the insentive of crossing the borders and send money back. so if i may suggest something, i
1:30 pm
think the idea that has been launched by the u.s. administration call the build back better world can be a wait to create jobs in latin america and prevent massive migration in the southern united states. >> neil: a lot of americans are looking at your presidential election. we are learning that the candidate that is leading right now in the polls could be the first leftist leader for columbia in its history. they have close ties and wants close ties with venezuela. that worries a number of americans. should we be worried? >> i think what is important is that columbia historically has always rejected populist proposals. they have always been very keen in protecting not only the
1:31 pm
economic liberties and preventing that our democracy effective. columbia will reject once again any populous pro poe somewhat that might harm our democracy. columbian people are highly convinced on protecting individual liberties and economic liberties as well. we have seen how populists have destroyed that system. columbia knows very well that that path is only a catastrophe. >> neil: maybe they don't, mr. president. gustav is a former gorilla member turned politician. this follow as movement that we've seen in venezuela and so many other countries in your region that have done that.
1:32 pm
bolivia, brazil, honduras. what is going on? today, neil, what we've seen in latin american, there's a lot of populists. what is important, the columbian economy grew 10.6%, this year it's expected to be one of the highest growth economies in the region. we have recovered more than 85% of the jobs that we lost before the pandemic. so today i think we're stronger as a nation and people know that it's only through economic liberties that we will meet progress. >> martha: this is not meant to be a slap at you. but the mood of voters looking to entertain a former gorilla, that people are so fed up with the status quo, that becoming venezuela is not what frightens
1:33 pm
them the most. what frightening them the most is staying the way we are. what do you make of that? >> neil, when we have seen what has taken place in other countries in latin american and what we have seen that has been happening in columbia, we have been able not only to get the economy growing but also making very important social reforms. we have more access to free public high university education nor the poorest of the moore and the middle class. we have been able to protect the social safety net. we have the highest social investment ever and done in a responsible way. so those flags that have been used in the past by the left trying to derail the system, they can only put the ones that can generate opportunities. that's not happening in columbia. we have been able to generate economies and get the economy growing again. columbia will once again is a no to populism.
1:34 pm
>> neil: as a conservative, you stood out in your terms to address climate change and cut down on greenhouse gasses and the like. you were along the first in your region to do so. you leave office having made significant head way here. whoever succeeds you would likely double down on that effort. you think you can go to far here? you fear this could be a very expensive proposition for post columbia? >> neil, i'm here today at the new york stock exchange. we were launching today or green taxology so we can market that a greener dollar is a greener dollar invested in columbia. we're capable of reducing or co2 emissions and also we're now leading the energy transition in latin america. we have expanded by 100 times of what we had in renewables. we've been able to demonstrate
1:35 pm
that we get 30% of our territory being declared our protected area. the achievements that we made on the environment but hand and hand with the market of great finance, it's something that cannot have a set back. because if somebody would try to derail that, it would harm all that we have achieved. so i'm pretty certain that the things that we have been able to build and now the massive interest from investors, looking at green financing in columbia, connected to the improvement of people way of living is something that is making a very strong case and a reference model in emerging markets. >> neil: are you troubled if this leftist candidate wins and has ties to maduro and we're also talking to venezuela about getting their oil to make up for what's going on with rocketing world prices worldwide, does that concern you? >> well, neil, when i had my
1:36 pm
visit to washington a month ago and i met with president biden, it was clear that as nations that defend democracy, the only path for venezuela to get into a better shape, to really change for good the way of living is through democracy. we have continuing condemning the dictatorship of maduro -- >> neil: would you contempt those trying to get oil from maduro? including your likely successor and even in this country, president joe biden? >> let me say this, neil. i have to be very clear. maduro is a brutal dictatorship. i denounce him before the international criminal court. i have always raised my voice against his regime and i will continue to raise my voice. what i will applaud, in the united states, there's been a condemnation of the effects of that dictatorship. we should keep on the pressure.
1:37 pm
the only way to get more pressure is to get maduro out of power. >> neil: meantime, if we talked about taking his oil, could that concern you on your way out of office? >> i think, neil, today we know for sure that if maduro remains this office, the only damage -- the massive damage that he will create is pretty unprecedented. we have already seen the biggest massive migration ever in latin america. as i have said what maduro is doing to the venezuelian people is what vladimir putin has tone to the ukrainian people. they have triggered massive migration. the only way for venezuela to be a better country is kicking maduro out of office. >> neil: thanks for taking the time to be with us. i hope you have a nice stay in our country.
1:38 pm
we have more on the president's push to address rising crime. republicans are saying not the way that they think will stop rising crime after this.
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some more heroes and your call will make a difference. thank you for being our hero. >> today the united states department of justice is making i'll illegal for a business to manufacture one of these kits without a serial number. illegal. illegal for a licensed gun dealer to sell them without a background the check. >> neil: the president is targeting high crime and committing that with the money and the rest and the republicans not saying enough money and not with the right kind of focus. ted williams was concerned about both of those issues. he joins us right now, the former d.c. homicide detective, fox news contributor. ted, your view is this effort doesn't go far enough.
1:43 pm
>> no, neil. glad to be on with you. i don't think it goes far enough. but and i don't believe it is the panacea. but it is helpful, a helpful tool for law enforcement to try to get these ghost guns off of the street specifically. these ghost guns, your audience should know, are homemade guns. what happens is a kid can go on the internet and purchase various parts. all of a sudden, you have a homemade gun. neil, all we have to do when we think about these homemade guns, just what happens in the bronx, new york on friday. a 16-year-old child, honor student, shot and killed by a 17-year-old who had no criminal record but had gotten ahold of it through one of these homemade
1:44 pm
guns. i would hope the president would move further than just these ghost guns. >> neil: a lot of guns are in the wrong hands in new york city where crime has been spiking as you have reported for us and other cities. but in nine out of ten cases out of law enforcement officials, are the guns are stolen. i'm wondering if this addresses that. it's much bigger than these reconfigured weapons. >> no, neil, let me just be candidate. it will not address it totally. what it does is it takes thinks guns, these ghost guns, homemade guns and makes them more traceable by having serial numbers. again, it's not the panacea. it helps law enforcement, violence, gun violence that you know, neil, is out of control.
1:45 pm
we have to do something. i don't think that this erodes the rights of anybody in the second amendment of the constitution. i believe you'll see lawsuits brought as a result of the actions of the president of the united states today. >> neil: ted williams, thanks very much. fox news contributor. former d.c. homicide detective and an uncanny read of the violence. wouldn't you know, his early read is usually the correct one. we'll take a close look at this and what progress we can make on the crime front. meantime, taking a read of airline ticket prices. the good news is that you can find your flight. the bad news is that you're going to pay a lot for that. maybe a lot more than you have been thinking at this point.
1:46 pm
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>> neil: during the break we were talking about airline ticket prices and how out of whack they're getting. apparently more out of whack. madison is from newark liberty international. so we're not going to imagine it, right, madison? it's pretty real? >> it's very real. these prices are high now and they're going to get higher this summer. but even with these high prices, we're still seeing americans take to the sky. in fact, demand is outpacing supply in some instances. we've seen lines here all day long. certain airlines can't keep up. they can't hire enough employees to meet the demand. jet blue announcing that they're going to reduce routes after cancelling over 300 flights just this past weekend. that is because americans like i said are taking to the skies, driving up the prices. another factor that is adding to that increase is the jet fuel
1:51 pm
prices. overall we're seeing a 40% increase in the cost of flying in the u.s. compared to january of 2021. this increase in price is accelerated father than experts anticipated. they were expecting an increase of 6 to 7% each month leading up to this summer. instead, prices are increasing by around 10% through june according to hopper. you know, they were anticipating that demand coming up. the jump in jet fuel costs was not expected. that is up 40% from the beginning of the year and estimates show it's going to be 76% more expensive this summer compared to last summer. all of this is making people pay big bucks to get away. >> my ticket was outrageously expensive. i came here because i wanted to enjoy the city, get out of the house. covid is over. >> cheapest was 350 one way. from newark to orlando.
1:52 pm
that was a six-hour layover in houston. that was the cheapest. otherwise, we were $600 or $700. >> so let's talk about the actual prices, neil. right now the average domestic flight will cost you 330 round trip. hopper was expecting that price in june. with this 10% increase, you'll see $360 round trip for summer travel. if you have a trip planned, get the price alerts on and don't book last minute. neil? >> neil: thanks, madison. good advice. when we come back, a lot has been made of the administration blaming vladimir putin, the oil companies with the run up in prices. maybe they're crazy like a fox. one poll has most americans agreeing. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪)
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>> because of the actions we have taken to address the price hike we are in a better place and we were last month but we expect cpi headline inflation to be extraordinarily elevated due to the putin price hike. three do you say it often enough. i thought to myself there is no way that's going to resonate with voters. shame on me. as a poll out saying the majority of the price hikes we are seeing are in fact the problem and providence and
1:57 pm
responsibility of vladimir putin and the greedy oil companies. francesco chambers joins us. there is a good reason to say there are other factors here. but that line has apparently stuck with some. not all voters but what you make of that? >> the poll that you mention does seem to suggest that the white house's messaging has been more effective than it has been in the past but i want to read to you some other numbers from that same exact poll that shows that the white house still has cause for concern. within that same poll, 60% of americans were disappointed were disapproved of the way that the president was handling gas prices. 59% disapproval of the economy. 69% disapproved of the way biden was handling inflation. while they may blame vladimir putin and the oil companies, they are still disappointed in the job president biden is doing on the economic issues. >> neil: i wonder and of course referring to the consumer price index due out tomorrow, a
1:58 pm
key gauge of retail inflation, it could show year-over-year inflation of about 8.5%. that would be another 40 year high. we're going to get a wholesale inflation report that will show unrelenting price increases. where is this going politically? the longer it drags on, that can't be good news. >> voters and other polling hats of the economy of the inflation is the number one issue heading into the midterm election. certainly something that the white house is taking note of and its allies are taking note of. note that the same briefing i asked jen psaki whether the white house is concerned about a recession after the comments yesterday and she said that the white house believes the economy and its health are strong and that's not something they are projecting right now. >> neil: former treasury secretary larry summers has been critical of the administration for some inflationary policies. he is one of the few who has
1:59 pm
done so at least in this party. there is concern that the president of his decisions including title 42 on the border situation are rattling some democrats enough to the point that you have senator jon tester of montana think it's not a good idea. last time i checked, montana is not at the southern border. what do you think is going on it? speak with the other senators who voiced concerns, some are up for reelection in the midterm election this year. those include senators kelly and has an. even looking at the polling on the issues, also very concerned about it. >> neil: francesca, thank you very much. take a peek at the corner of wall and broad. session lows. dow down better than 13 points. interest rates backing up the 10-year notes the highest it's been in about almost three and a half years. that's a direct correlation to
2:00 pm
mortgage rates. we have rates backing up, concerns about inflation not easing out. really something that could be echoed in inflation reports due out tomorrow. again on wednesday. it seems to confirm the obvious. you're not imagining it. what you are paying at the pump come at the grocery store is eye-popping. here is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino. harold phil for jr.. jesse watters, greg gutfeld. president biden cracking down on guns as america faces the impact of a historic crime wave. the president accused of having misplaced priorities and going after firearms in the second amendment instead of focusing on putting criminals behind bars. the president announcing a ban on so-called ghost gun kits which are privately made firear


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