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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 12, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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leads. right now we don't have a lot of answers for you. i think some of the images are stunning to think you could get so much information based on video and images from the scene that quickly really has helped us tell the story and bring it to you. >> dana: stays with fox news. we'll be on the story all day as developments continue. appreciate you watching with us as we learned all about it. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: we pick up the breaking news here on "the faulkner focus". i'm harris faulkner. brooklyn subway station is a major crime scene this hour. earlier this morning we know multiple people were shot. dozens seen running through some kind of smoke and what we've learned in just the last few minutes is really critical information. we don't exactly know how it will tie in but we do know that now a huge portion of brooklyn has been put on alert. our phones started to go off momentarily just moments ago. you probably saw that with dana and bill.
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and when that happened there was an alert. our reporter on the ground, bryan llenas, was giving it to us and we were reading about it. a large section of brooklyn. more than 20 blocks, a couple of avenues away from where this is happening. some kind of an incident. is it related to what's going on? we'll bring you that news as we get it. that would be technically two adjacent areas in what if they were not a borough of new york city would be in the top 10 largest cities of america, brooklyn. we do have images from what played out on that train platform and as we have been all morning and some of this is fresh to us, when it comes we want to warn our viewers, we will watch this together. some of it, the images are graphic. you can see people who were harmed in some way. no one has described shooting or hearing gunfire but it would appear those people had been shot. there is blood in some of these
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pictures. the fire department we know is reporting finding several undetonated devices at the station as well. however, that has been something that they've backed off of now. so until again we learn more firm information, those were early reports that do not have any confirmation at this point. massive police presence in brooklyn right now. along this train subway station and now we're being told perhaps throughout. they are looking to protect the entire line. what we do know also is a gunman fled wearing a backpack, mta making it looked like he worked for the train, the subway system. mta gear and a mask of some sort and with all the smoke we can see in the images perhaps a gas mask. we don't know. a lot of people are wearing masks now. we're still in a pandemic. what we know about the
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situation is that he got away. it would have been a tight squeeze to get out. you are on a train, you are subterranean. only a few doors to escape. could you possibly pick him up on a camera someplace? we don't know if police were able to do that. what we do know and learning from bryan. i want to bring in bryan llenas. before we get started i have a quick question to further what i'm telling viewers right now. reports are that the camera or cameras in the area of where this happened were not activated the way they should have been. a lot of what we're saying is from cameras farther away and people's cell phones. >> i can't verify any of that information about the cameras. eric shawn was reporting on local reports about the cameras maybe not operating in subway stations. that would not be quite surprising. the nation's largest subway systems and some cameras would
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be inoperable and not shock me. set the scene. we're on 4th avenue and 35th street where emergency personnel have set up here. the train station, the subway station is directly behind us. what we know is a few moments ago we received an emergency alerts on our phones between 20th to 40th street on 5th avenue they shut the area down and stabilized. what's interesting, that's the almost exactly the length of the nearby park and that is here in greenwood heights. there is a greenwood park right near the 5th avenue entrance between 20th and 40th. the exact length of the park. and that's important because we know the suspect that has been described as a 5'5" black man 170 to 180 pounds is still on the loose. is there a search in the area?
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that appears to be the case. they have stabilized the area here in brooklyn. we don't know in what direction he went. police further say this man was wearing a gas mask, had some sort of book bag and wearing a construction vest. it was not an mta uniform but it was a construction vest that was orange. that is all that we've been told about this particular suspect. we know that a press conference is going to happen at any moment but we also know this all started essentially, we were told, at 25th street which is one station below here. and then the train pulled up into 36th street and that's when you saw people coming out of the train with smoke billowing from inside that train car. people with injuries. we know at least 13 people are injured. at least 5 people shot. 8 people are in stable condition. that's the update from what we understand from the victims' perspective.
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in terms of where this particular perp went we have no idea. all we know there is currently a lockdown. there was a witness who spoke to bill hemmer and dana perino in "america's newsroom." this is how he describeit when it happened. >> then i saw the individual from my video laid out in the middle of the platform bleeding out all over the place. people started rushing towards us, running towards us. one guy was saying it is not worth your life to get videos and stuff. >> so people were running for their lives in the chaos underground right now. we expect to get more information from the police. this initially started with a phone call to the fire department at 8:27 for smoke coming out of the train station. they arrived and realized it was much more than just smoke. they saw people and video of people who were shot in the
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leg, it appeared. blood on the platform and people that were injured. we'll give you an update on the injuries as right now all we know the area between 20th and 40th street in brooklyn is now considered a stabilized area and blocked off as the search for this suspect continues and as schools here in the area remain in lockdown. >> harris: great information. i want to go over a couple of things with you. so first of all, we were waiting to see when they might set up a command center and what a news conference timing might be like. what can you tell us on that front? >> yeah. so the reason why you see us kind of in this press mess right now is they moved all the press over here and you can see they've set up a couple of podiums which is a telltale sign they are bow to start a press conference and hopefully at any moment and hopefully within the hour. >> harris: perfect. it has been 2 1/2 hours since this incident and you have had
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people transported and all of that. a lot of questions coming in as you might imagine. fear from people who don't have all the answers. the timing of that would be expeditious we would hope. bryan, you brought up a couple of details and i want to really give a good point to them because i had said mta very early on. the suspect might have looked in construction or maintenance down there. what we know it is much more generic and more details about what the suspect might be wearing and might look like right now. has there been any indication they caught him on camera and how they are chasing that sf we may have to wait for the news conference to get that. you have some fresh and more details. >> we don't know actually at all in terms of the camera situation. that's what we will hopefully hear about right away. in terms of where this
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investigation is standing right now as to where the suspect may be. subway traffic is stopped and stabilized area. the first responders are in a calm posture up here waiting at this moment. but in terms of what we can tell you about this suspect all we know or where it came from. there is even some -- we've been told it started at 25th street and moved toward 36th. one witness said it was a train moving towards manhattan. there is the north and southbound trains. that's the kind of information we hope to get soon. again we have helicopters in the air, one at least probably, you know, press and nypd in the area. a cordoned off area of brooklyn. subway trains are at a stand still and know there is a suspect on the loose. that's currently the situation we have right now. >> harris: one more thing. i have a new list of all the nearby businesses and the
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closest that we're seeing, a new york mini mart and deli. sunset park high school. you have a brooklyn church there. royal auto glass. that area is rich in some residential high rises and a ton of small businesses near there. potential witnesses. what's the activity level for the businesses. have they also been closed? >> yeah, those businesses there is nobody going in and out of the businesses directly at the entrance of the 36th street station where it really did happen and where first responders and people were brought out when that train pulled in to the 36th street station and why you see this setup over here. all the way down the block on 4th avenue all you see are first responder vehicles and entire 4th avenue blocked off. pedestrians are standing by and watching but nobody going in and out of the business.
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a very residential area in brooklyn and schools nearby. i mentioned the park nearby as well. it's interesting just because of what i told you about the emergency alert that was sent out that ran up and down 5th avenue right in front of the entrance to that park. >> harris: one of the other things they have nearby is the fire department engine 228. you see a fire engine pulling out of there. i have been in this area most recently. we know we're standing by. bryan, there is a command center. >> presser at 11:30 just so you know. >> harris: i figured you'd be right there for it. we'll come back to you as it happens. thank you very much for the update. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: let's dig deeper with someone who served in the nypd intelligence division and they are leaning on them mightily this morning. buck sexton is in "focus." are you with me? >> yes, thanks. >> harris: what would the intel
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division be looking at right now based on the details and the facts that we've been reporting? >> the entirety of the nypd's focus right now, the imminent focus will be on public safety, finding where the threat is. you still have somebody on the loose who is clearly a very dangerous gunman, likely deranged and could be seeking further targets. most important thing is to try to deal with that threat by taking this individual into custody as soon as is possible. to do that they will be using various tools at the disposal of nypd intelligence division. it is an all hands on deck situation looking to see whatever they can see on footage. initial reports from inside of the subway are that there was an individual with a gas mask on. that will make it much more difficult to get an initial
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arrest made base owed upon identifying him. harder to track him down with a lack of identity. initial identity you would have. now they are probably working backwards from whatever surveillance footage they have and getting the word out to people in the neighborhood doing cordon and search and that first and most important thing is to make sure this shooter is taken into custody before he can harm anybody else. >> harris: i want to ask you about the smoke. there has been some concern and confusion about what that does at a crime scene for people trying to get away. we had one witness who was talking with "america's newsroom" a short time ago who said it didn't smell like electrical smoke but something else. it would impair your vision if nothing else as you come off that train. what in the intelligence tell you about this type of criminal and crime that would be
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involved. >> we start to get towards possible motive. i would just say foremost it would be speculation right now as to why this individual did th. we simply don't know to come up with even an early assessment. however, you can get a sense of whether it falls into a more standard criminal shooting situation, gang shoongt, something along those lines or whether it's ideologically motivated and because of the pre-planning, the usage of the gas mask what seems to be the usage of smoke grenade seen in early reporting. i don't know if that's been verified that. now you look at somebody who was ideologically motivated in an act of terror. >> harris: potentially. >> i think we're leaning in terms of the early indicators toward a possible terror incident here. we don't even know that much
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yet. we certainly don't know what the motivation was behind it. so that first phase would be the technique and procedures used by this individual indicate the kind of planning and also the decision to create mass chaos and hysteria in this situation. the usage of the gas. that's what it will bring it together to make it look like it's ideologically motivated. >> harris: less about the psychological makeup of what this individual but what it creates on the ground. you have seen these things deployed and in intel. it causes, you know, people not -- disoriented. you can't tell where you are. that sort of explanation i've never had anything like that happen around me but i imagine it causes a higher level of panic if you can't see where you are going. >> absolutely. it is meant to add to the chaos and make it harder for
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individuals to -- when you sit far away from something watching on the screen the aftermath it is hard to put yourself on the way and all of a signed you hear shooting and a panic response will set in for individuals and that was the intention here of using the smoke in this situation. and also attacking people on the subway in general. you mentioned that i have been assigned to the intelligence division of the nypd. my unit was very much involved, along with the f.b.i. and joint terrorism task force with an individual who was looking to use a backpack bomb to attack the subway. we understand that going after the subway is going after the artery of new york city and many ways the daily heart and soul of the city, which has been under a lot of duress from day-to-day crime for a while. already a perception that the subway is unsafe, violence on
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the subway and now adding this to it, ideologically motivated attack. it seems this individual decided the heighten that sense of fear and to use it to his advantage possibly again in an ideologically motivated fact. >> harris: we have william daley standing by and can i bring you on together? this is the kind of thing i want to go to next. bill, you are with us, too? >> i am. >> harris: bill and buck i want to toggle between the two of you on this. what about the people that we already know about? and the crime has been busting in certain areas of the country. this is one of them in new york city, violent crime. so are they looking now, bill, at like a short list of people they kind of keep an eye on? is there an m.o. they've been looking like? has this person used gas -- excuse me, a gas mask or smoke
8:18 am
device before? what are they looking at in terms of who we already might know about? >> great question, harris. what buck was saying is working jointly with the f.b.i., the other federal agencies and the joint terrorism task force. they have access to a lot of information that may indicate whether or not they've had individuals looking at or come across the radar who present these kinds of -- demonstrate their physical behavior by using gas masks or acquired any type of canisters or those types of things. it raises the level of sophistication. not somebody who i believe woke up this morning and decided to do this. this was planned. the equipment was gathered. it was purchased and gathered through various sources. at the end of the day that may be certainly one of the threads that they need to follow if,
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for example, eyewitnesses or video in and around the area don't produce any particular identification for how those devices were arequired, where, when, how may lead us to the individual behind it. i would also say another important factor in these kinds of cases where perhaps this could be ideologically driven or could be somebody who feels as though they want their name to go down in glory and infamy, if you will. it is people around them. you may have individuals who saw this person either making threats generally or preparing in some way and we are looking for those people to come forward and help investigators understand who might be behind this. >> harris: i will ask my team to put the tip line on the screen. as i talk to buck sexton and
8:20 am
bill dayley. if we see something to say something. the tip line is there. buck, before i let you guys go i am curious to know how much in concert the f.b.i. and nypd intel would have worked together. you both have been on each end of the spectrum. buck, i'll come to you first. >> it's essential. the f.b.i. brings a level of specific expertise in the realm of counter terrorism along with a whole range of federal criminal issues that come up in a circumstance like this. nypd is really a massive, massive entity that can bring a tremendous amount of resources to bear as well as localization of those resources. like i said you have intel division. 1 police plaza headquarters where the top brass of the nypd trying to direct the resources all the way to the precinct
8:21 am
level. a very important point just made by my former brother from the f.b.i., it could very well be that some individual reaches out. it could also be that someone at the precinct level patrolman is the one who sees something amiss or something right now that leads to the capture. the most important thing we can talk about ideology or emotionally disturbed person, whatever it may be. most important thing is we find that individual and take him off the street and make sure there are no more casualties today. that means all hands on deck and everybody works together and folks walking the streets keeping their head on a swivel. >> harris: buck sexton, thank you so much. we'll keep you close by in case we learn something from the upcoming news conference and we'll pull you back in. bill daily, before i let you go i want to talk about how you engage. the nypd is leading this
8:22 am
investigation. do they come in as a supporting role? how do you work in concert without basically covering the same ground? we know there is a 20-block or more across avenue section they're calling an area of incident. a growth of the crime scene as they look for the suspect possibly. >> very good question, harris. in these type of situations where it's evolving we need to make sure you have proper command and control. in this case being at this point we don't have a particular federal violation, the f.b.i. would take over control and be supporting the nypd in whatever they need to be able to provide as far as investigative support. whether it's people on the ground to go door-to-door or it may be using some of the technology. somebody like this perhaps may have used social media in some way that either conveyed some type of crime like this or aspirations to do it and so the f.b.i. with their technical
8:23 am
expertise can scan and see if there is any social media postings that may indicate somebody or some person may just fit this profile if you will. they are providing that supportive role. if at some point it is found there is a federal line that's crossed, as buck suggested before if there was something that indicated. at this point there is nothing to indicate it's terrorism. if it was it would fall well into the domain of the joint terrorism task force and federal. >> harris: william, formerly with the f.b.i. working with us along with buck sexton nypd intelligence. great to get both your perspectives. appreciate it. you mentioned social media. that's where we'll also go a little bit later. bill, thank you very much. i want to refresh here. we're standing by for what we're told will be an 11:30 a.m. news conference with authorities. we know the commissioner sewell will step up possibly as part
8:24 am
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>> harris: we're anticipating within a couple of minutes away from our first news conference after this multiple people shot in a subway shooting in brooklyn, new york. it happened close to three hours ago now and we have been waiting to hear the latest from authorities. the fire department is nearby. they have nypd precinct close to where these people got out of the train. i want to bring in dr. marc siegel and fox news contributor. we'll talk as long as we can. eight of the victims of this were taken to nyu langone in brooklyn. >> a level one trauma center. what does that mean? a 25% increased chance of
8:30 am
recovery. what does it mean? it has all specialties around the clock available for this. now, i also hear from inside sources at nyu that it is a combination of smoke inhalation and gunshot wounds. now, what how is smoke inhalation treated? everybody on oxygen right away. you look at the airway. how bad are they breathing? what is their oxygen saturation? those are the key things in managing smoke inhalation. gunshot wounds you try to figure out how far away they were shot from, what the caliber of the weapon is as you and i were just talking about. that determines a lot. how fast is the bullet traveling? 1,000 feet per second or 2,000 feet per second and then you examine naked body to look for entrance and exit wounds and try to figure out are they bleeding? are they cold, clammy? are they pale? because you bleed a lot before you can know you are going into
8:31 am
shock. we triage patients in the emergency room. those most at risk are assessed quickly. use x-rays to see the path of the bullet. nyu is reporting all eight are stable. another level one trauma center has five patients three with smoke inhalation and two with gunshot wound. they aren't reporting whether they're stable or not. they aren't going to the o.r. right now if they're stable. >> harris: one of the things we were talking about off camera and bring into the conversation that really matters is the loss of blood. we know unfortunately from a lot of the video that we've seen today and some people may have been run into. there was almost a trampling to get out of the doors as we might acknowledge as they crammed subway doors. when you hit them it hurts. if you are being shoved into that as you try to get off a
8:32 am
train you can get hurt. so we don't know if all of this is -- if all the blood we saw on the platform is coming from gunshot wounds and what you say is very important. there will be possibly, more likely, other types of injuries. we look on the bottom right of your screen, a lot of people moving and they have just come through doorways that aren't that wide to escape for their lives. >> you are so right about this. fear and panic drives injuries, falls and fractures. i'm most worried about the gunshot wounds. you have to fluid resuscitate anybody from losing a lot of ball. from a fall or fracture you have more time. and why i use the word triage. i want to ones bleeding to be looked at first. you give them fluid. rapid i.v. fluid and blood if you get it quickly enough. >> harris: reports the suspect had on a gas mask. talk to me about what it does
8:33 am
to the lungs to inhale let's just say it's this smoke that was set off in some sort of concussive manner. we don't know all of the materials or all the ingredients for what they breathed in. we don't know that yet. it's too early in the investigation. there was enough concern this person in order to get out him or herself would wear a gas mask. >> that's concerning. we don't know what it does to the lungs or upper airways until we know what the substance is. all of that gets oxygen right away. if the lungs are swelling or airway is swelling we err on the sides of putting them on a ventilator. the results are plus and minus. it is not your answer give steroids or oxygen you'll be okay. if we think there is a corrosive material we have to interest bait the patient. >> harris: we've talked about the total patient. this is not a situation where
8:34 am
someone fell down in normal circumstances trip and fall. this is panic and unimaginable amount of psychological stress. you have been in e.r. situations. crime scenes, emptying out bring in a different kind of a patient. that affects what you do and can affect their survival. we've spoken about this many times. >> i think fear and panic will be an overriding problem. not just somebody that was shot but everybody around that is trampled and falls and runs into the e.r. interferes with their afwoilt manage the more acute patients. that's the biggest challenge. how do we deal with the panic and someone who hurt their leg versus somebody who has smoke inhalation and was shot? just because there were five or six patients with smoke inhalation so far in the e.r. there are more and they don't
8:35 am
know it and will be in the e.r.s too. >> harris: i know you have been checking your phone while we're on the air and sources inside the hospital at nyu langone in brooklyn and you mentioned the other hospital you have connections there, too. we appreciate you coming in working your sources and telling us what's going on. certainly we'll keep you close in the loop here if we learn anything from this news conference that will tell us something about the patients that you can speak to, the victims in all this. >> clearly they're frightened and in the right places and top medical centers including my own. thank you. >> harris: i want to bring in a retired nypd lieutenant. when we have done police specials on fox news an the "focus" we'll often lean on his expertise. are you with me, joe? >> yes, i am. good morning. >> harris: we're standing by for a news conference now and i would love to know from you about the organization to get
8:36 am
ready for something like this. the types of things that police know they have to tell the public at this point. we understand that commissioner keyshawn sewell will be there. we don't know any of the other dignitaries confirmed yet but this will be a large event. we saw many microphones set up along the lecterns there. can you walk us through talking to new york and to the world at this point? >> well, new yorkers are no stranger to incidents like this and you can expect to hear what they've done so far. i don't think they will give out in the particulars unless they identify who the person is. they'll give the updates on the crime scene. that crime scene will remain active for a long time. the people that were taken out of there will be spoken to and they will secure any cell phones, anything they have to do. rest assured the police commissioner will put people at ease as much as she can without
8:37 am
divulging information that the public doesn't have a need to know. >> harris: we're watching now up full screen for us adjusting the microphones and getting ready to begin this. there was an adjacent area about 20 blocks. so that can be up to two miles long. at least a half mile if not a mile wide that they sent out wide alerts on all of our phones, everybody within, you know, i guess a certain mileage from there would get whether you're in brooklyn or not. our phones were going off at fox telling us about incident scene. and, you know, that could be more search for the suspect as i've said this hour in our reporting. it could also be the crime scene gets bigger as they walk away from it. they want to talk to people and know witnesses are leaving the scene. running side-by-side crime scenes. >> this is a large crime scene
8:38 am
because of the nature being in the subway. we don't know what spot the individual got in and where his exit was. they'll make it as large as they have to and make it smaller as they go along. better to go with a larger crime scene and consolidate later on. they will speak to the victims as well because they have to see if there is a rhyme or reason to why he chose this particular station, those particular people or if it's just a random act. it seems he was well organized with this and knew exactly what he was doing with the gas mask and caused panic where people were trampled and shot and smoke inhalation probably accomplished what that person wanted. >> harris: as we watch this scene unfold i've been telling our viewers about the small businesses around there and you say new yorkers have seen this sort of thing before.
8:39 am
we're in a tender spot with crime in new york city and other large cities across the nation. we won't bring politics into this. what we will bring into it is this community sense of togetherness but also deep concern that you have things playing out on the streets night after night that are tough to take. how much does that environment matter in something like this? >> you know, the environment for the public always matters and everybody should understand that. new yorkers remain vigilant all the time every since 9/11 and before that. when you are a street-wise person you know what goes on. the fact this person came in as a worker, disguised himself as a worker and everything planned that way you wouldn't suspect anything until it's happening. when it does occur a lot of new yorkers will pick up the phone and start filming. some people are so into what's going on in the city they'll stand there and take the film, do what they have to do and get
8:40 am
out of there. but it is a constant effort between the police department and the public just to keep them aware and the public doing the same for the police department. keeping politics out of this. it's keeping new york safe. everybody has to do their part. a majority of new yorkers do do their part for this. >> harris: what is the course of action now for the rest of the subway line? we were reporting whether or not they would start to maybe not shut things down but man those areas along the line as you transport millions of people along the subway line in and out all over the five boroughs. >> i just left penn station and it is business as usual over there. alerts will be sent out. people will be on edge. the uniform presence whether national guard or whis always a welcome presence. so i think what's going to happen right now is everybody will be on their toes a little
8:41 am
more now being vigilant. the police department will put more presence in the subways, not necessarily just that line. they will watch everything else. you don't want to get tunnel vision to focus on just one line. it's a large city, a huge undertaking but the transit system is protected by the nypd and they will go about doing it. more units will be deployed along the lines they have to. double and triple up and accepted people to make a presence known in the subway system a little more until we unravel what this was all about. >> harris: all right. joe, i'm getting some details about more of the victims here. i will pull away. i certainly appreciate your time and expertise, former lieutenant with the nypd. you join us as times like these and i'm really grateful for all of it. we may come back to you as the news warrants. all right. i still have dr. marc siegel,
8:42 am
nyu langone and also fox news contributor with me now and reading through notes he just handed me. i am going to give you the mantel. the biggest thing i see right now is you are looking at a non-life threatening for many if not all of these injuries and that would be amazing news. fill us in. >> three hospitals in the picture. langone, new york presbyterian and methodist. it's all a combination of injuries from falls, gunshot wounds. it's up to 16. smoke inhalation. those three things. none of these injuries are believed to be life threatening. that's really good news. >> harris: that's a blessing. that tells us so much along the lines of what you were saying before. vicinity and what people may have been exposed to, that sort of thing.
8:43 am
including the gunshots. nothing threatening at this point. >> that speaks to what you were saying before. some people were shot in the leg. some people fell. >> harris: we saw some of the extremities by video. >> some were trying to escape. some fell trying to escape. the issue of the smoke canisters in the subway. none of them to the extent so far where it is believed they have to go to the o.r. or a life threatening condition. >> harris: is it normal in the sense, we were just saying learning from you and even some of our law enforcement guests, that you may get victims that will turn around and go to the hospital. they feel like they are in shock a lot of them, too, have i gotten far enough away from the scene to take care of myself. the number of victims may grow. >> you will see people that
8:44 am
aren't hurt but think they may be hurt or they are traumatized or they have a psychological effect or maybe they fell and don't know whether they are hurt. we always tell people if they get injured just to be on the safe side get checked out. emergency rooms in that area definitely will be swamped with people who were in this accident. on top of that you have the fact that all the subways are closed now. so people, if they panic, there will be more injuries from that. >> harris: so people are above ground. we are blessed today and you may think across the country this is not as big of a deal but we have had a pretty prolonged winter. it has been very cold, icy and even a week ago. people are above ground so they can be together. that's a positive thing. if there is somebody injured we saw it on the platform and we can see it happening above ground people can help each other and see each other and the weather allows them to spot
8:45 am
somebody who might need their help. keep sitting by with me right now. i've been told we're inside of a two-minute warning and check with my team for this news conference. we've been waiting for a few moments. they are trying to gather as many officials as they can for all of this who will be, as far as we know, outside of law enforcement. you will have leadership and so on and so forth. a lot of questions hopefully can be asked by the now growing amount of reporters in front of this collection of microphones. that's a good thing. we are learning from our own guests on this show, from law enforcement and medical experts, that what we saw play out this morning has had some silver linings as far as we know. the darkest at the moment was when it rolled out at 8:38 eastern here on the east coast. to recap. people started pouring out of a train, smoke, and they could
8:46 am
see that away from the scene. call made we see smoke. smoke inside that car that they were in. gunshots, people shot, a bloody scene as people tried their hardest to escape through some punishing doors of the subway system. they do not have gives. they are pushed into the doors and they are trying to get out. we have some of the platform video. and i will ask my team to pull that out just quickly so people can see if they are just tuning into "the faulkner focus" what the morning looked like and how far we've come from that moment as we are about to get some details now. bottom right of your screen. and the earlier pictures that we saw we had not looked at. we have been able to treat some of this video with digitalization and blur and some not. some is still graphic. william dayley is back with me now as we await this news conference. we're watching simultaneously
8:47 am
the movement, the life-grabbing movement off that train as people tried to get away from the shooter. >> it is certainly compelling and certainly disturbing for anybody who was going about their daily everyday activities and heading to work and school and to be confronted with this and adding to what dr. siegel was saying is the trauma of that initially people will do fight or flight. many people fled the scene and later ask was i exposed to something? i have trouble breathing or concerned what they inhaled was toxic and go to the hospital to try to get some support, some analysis and it will also help drive further witnesses to come forward and have the police speak with them. so it is a very tragic thing. you and i know the area. i was there recently in the general area.
8:48 am
it is a strong community but yet something like this sends shock waves throughout not just the city but throughout the country. >> harris: i was remarking moments ago what a beautiful day it is. you have that many more witnesses on the streets of new york city. if you've been in a place that will say something when they see something. it will be determined on finding the suspect what they did. were they able to change their clothes or able to make -- do they know where the cameras are? how do you escape that? there are so many of them as there are in major cities all around the world. that person's ability to escape is almost as critical as their ability to find someone. they have so much help on the streets of new york. >> that's true. many people out there seeing which way the person fled but talking about technology we're
8:49 am
fortunate over the years the subway system has added cameras and we've seen it in other criminal investigations where we've seen it. where did this person enter into the subway system perhaps without the gas mask? certainly entering with a gas mask would have probably raised a certain amount of eyebrows early on. can they pick it up by demeanor? hair or cap color whatever they might have had on their head. other things that would give them an indication where the person entered could also be a great investigative lead going into the first few hours of this investigation. >> harris: ahead of this, bill. dr. siegel is still with me. put up the tip line. sometimes people wait until the authorities are gathered on the screen to give their tip line and in all the years i've been
8:50 am
covering scenes like this and what comes to mind most readily are shootings like school shootings because they will be watching, watching for authorities and all of a sudden have something to say. i want to keep the number up. new video inside the subway car during the shooting. we are watching this with you for the very first time. i have not been told of any graphic nature of this one but you can imagine what police will have to work with in terms of all of the different vantage points and people with their phones. this is inside the subway car. you see -- did you see that, doctor? >> yes. >> harris: now that appears to be someone who they are giving some aid to and we don't know if we can see back through the door what it would be for. we don't want to jump and gas. it could be a trample, fall, gunshot but not sure. someone is on the ground there. this is one of the clearer
8:51 am
views that we had from that brand-new video and we can roll it again, team. let's do it again. this is one of the clearer views we had. let's listen to audio. [inaudible] >> you heard the rhythmic knocking. >> harris: i'm not sure if those were gunshots but i counted one, two, three. >> very regular. >> harris: i will ask the team, kyle, rachel, can you reroll it from the top? we didn't have audio the first time. i want to hear what we heard. you heard that.
8:52 am
>> harris: you heard it. six total with the one single and then a more systematic one, two, three, systematic not meaning anything about the weapon but just the rapid nature of them if you will. it was a one, two, three, one, two, yeah. so that is the the first time in the video we've seen and heard that we have been able to hear something that would sound like a gunshot. we have heard reports of different things. people hear things differently. there were reports of at least one woman saying it sounded like a higher pitched tiktok, whatever. depending on your location it will sound different. to a medical professional you hear it differently, too. >> to me it sounds -- if it is
8:53 am
a shot again we don't know, but it would be a lower caliber weapon, a handgun. it doesn't sound like a high-powered weapon to me. that's one thing. i also want to comment something on bill said that really important here. fight or flight will lead people to determine later on, harris, that they have injuries they didn't know about. the smoke inhalation can be two to three days later when you realize that your breathing is off and you have swelling in the lungs. this isn't over yet in terms of the injuries. we'll see more and more injuries. >> harris: part of the things. >> and fear. >> harris: if you hyperventilate when you get scared that heavy breathing may be as soon as i calm down it will go away. if it doesn't go away in 36, 48 hours, yeah, it is not panic, you have been exposed to something is what you are saying. people will know and hear the report.
8:54 am
joe, retired nypd lieutenant. we have new video. i am not a ballistics expert but i would like for you to hear this and for you to see the scene. >> harris: so, bill, my team is also telling me -- and we're very careful about not what saying something is are is not. i don't want to say it's this. we know people were pounding on the door as well. so as you listen to that we'll have to wait for forensics to tell us what exactly it all was. but there were some concussive sounds. it could have been gunshot or pounding on the door. one of the things dr. siegel and i noticed it was rhythmic
8:55 am
was a better word. it was rhythmic. what is your thought on it, joe? >> you know, i can't see it. harris, i can only hear it. it does sound like there is a rhythm to it. with shots fired it could be when the shots were fired. they'll determine that later on. they will link all these videos together and put the timeline through all the cameras. they will put a face to something with a mask on and at what point he gets rid of it. the ball its particulars you don't know it's a semi automatic weapon or a resolver that keeps it in there so they'll have to rely on ballistics they find embedded someplace whether it be in a person or lodged some place in the train station. that's what the crime scene will determine at that point. what we're looking at now. are they finding shells or this? they will have to start working on all those angles.
8:56 am
they'll start putting everything together the way everything goes in the subway with the cameras as has been stated that they have that and they'll combine it with the videos. you brought up a very, have good point. people should not wait until later on to say i don't know if this is important. let the police department know what they have and say listen, this is what i have. how do i get it to you? the police department is set up now. they have hotlines available right this minute. it happened moments afterwards. not one of the things they blow off and say everybody saw something. they always take the steps necessary to secure these videos. >> harris: that's an excellent point. i want the remind my team to put up the hotline. we are a national broadcast and an international broadcast. when something happens in new york city there are people traveling here from all over the world and we certainly have seen that both in a very wonderful way with people visiting our city but also when
8:57 am
bad things happen and we find out that some of the witnesses may have come from near and far. so we want to give everybody an opportunity to see the tip line. they may know someone visiting who may have been in the vicinity of this. we want every opportunity to figure out how we all can help. just listening to joe talk about come forth as soon as you can. dr. siegel you were nodding immediately. you are on the same page for different reasons. even if you feel shortness of breath you need to get in for medical help as soon as you get that and what i hear from you, joe, is if you've got a cell phone and you recorded something or you think or saw or heard something get in there now. the less technical, the less technology you have i with imagine you want the talk to those people faster because the memory does something to it as well under the pressure of fear and all the rest. >> yes, people will remember --
8:58 am
some people are in shock as the doctor stated. things will come back to them later on. regardless when you realize something if you were on the scene and you actually see what's going on over there, then that's when you report it as it comes along. as the doctor said it might be days from now. we all know with the smoke he is absolutely right. i experienced it myself. you experience this days later. you have a burning sensation in your lungs and everything. some people may say it's nothing. some people may go to the hospital two days from now and the hospitals will be ready to tell the police we have a victim that you might want to come and speak to them about what they have. it might be something or nothing. it is something for you to go on. another piece of the puzzle. >> harris: we are rounding up to the top of the hour right now and we have been waiting for a few minutes for this news conference to begin in brooklyn where earlier multiple people shot and a situation where a
8:59 am
lot of them were also harmed by smoke inhalation. we know that smoke devices were set off, devices either singular or plural. it was enough to affect quite a few people. the suspect who carried out this crime was wearing a gas mask among other things that make him or her identifiable. dr. siegel has strong sources at nyu langone because that's where you are. a special division of that in brooklyn dealing with it. >> number one trauma center ready to handle it around the smoke and skilled in smoke inhalation. people on the scene that think they have smoke inhalation not to wait until the sweelg occurs. to get seen early years. oxygen is the key treatment and observation and monitoring for airway prob legals. >> harris: joe, i want to thank you for being with us as we await this news conference. dr. siegel always for
9:00 am
acknowledging the fact there is more than the eye can see. people will have psychological effects for days to come as well and they must respect those injuries as well. >> i love when you said everyone come together now. everyone come together. >> harris: absolutely. you see that a lot in new york. any minute police set up for that news conference. kayleigh mcenany. police at thee brooklyn shooting as the manhunt is underway as the setup process after chaos erupted at about 8:30 a.m. on the scene with the detail still coming in. here's what we know so far. no motive yet, but sources say the suspect was wearing a construction vest on the gas mask. five people have been shot, another 13 are endured. we are getting video from the scene that we must warn you, what you are about to watch is


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