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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 12, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, police in new york are searching for the person who opened fire and released smoke in a brooklyn subway station this morning. at least 10 people were shot. several more wounded. preliminary reports authorities do not believe it was an act of terrorism. we expect update within the next
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15 minutes or so and bring that to you live. correspondent bryan llenas starts us off live from brooklyn. good evening, brine. >> the nypd located u-haul van that they are searching for all day in connection with this shooter. the nypd bomb squad has arrived on scene. we know that this location of this u-haul van is about five miles away from where this shooting happened about a 30 minute drive with traffic from the 36th street subway station where the mass shooting took place this morning. nypd commissioner said the attack is not terrorism-related but they are not ruling anything out. police say just before 8:30 this morning, before the rush hour commute, a man put on a gas mask, deployed a gas canister with smoke before shooting passengers on the plane panicked passengers ran for the exit.
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bloodied wounded passengers subway platform. at least 10 people shot. 18 others suffered injuries like smoke inhalation. no one amazingly is expected to die. sources say it could have been worse but the suspect's gun jammed. >> it was scary because i didn't know what was going on. i thought maybe hit or something. it was a scary moment. everyone was packed in that little station getting out. it was very scary. >> mta employees moved wounded passengers quickly on to a nearby r train which pulled into the next subway station where they were treated. the suspect is described at 55 black man heavy set, 180 pounds. wearing a green construction vest and gray sweatshirt this video shows a man, perhaps even the shooter in between two train cars. one is filled with smoke and the other with terrified passengers looking for an exit. new york governor kathy hochul said the man is dangerous and is
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promising to do more to fight the city's ongoing crime surge. >> we are sick and tired of reading headlines about crime, whether they are mass shooting or the loss of a teenage girl or a 13-year-old. it has to stop. i'm committing the full resources of our state to fight this surge of crime. >> the "new york post" obtained this image of a bag left behind by the shooter which included reportedly a hatchet, gas canisters, fireworks, smoke grenades and gasoline. and, bret, mayor eric adams said in a radio interview here in new york that a surveillance camera at the subway station malfunctioned. it's possible that all of the surveillance cameras inside 36th street station behind me malfunctioned which is incredible when you think about it. and the mayor also says that he is doubling police patrols in the city subway systems. crime in the subway system is up 68% compared to the same time
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last year as this manhunt continues. bret? >> bret: brine, a couple things is remarkable none of the cameras worked at that station is that one of the reasons we don't have a picture of this guy as of yet. we are expecting update of authorities. i also want to ask you about the unexploded devices what you have heard about that. >> yeah, it is remarkable that we haven't seen a photo yet. they have been asking for the public's help to bring in any videos from cell phones. a law enforcement source tells fox news that police were able to get an image of this suspect from a phone, from a witness who captured everything that was happening in the station as for those unexploded devices. we know that they just were not active. that they weren't working. that they were not actually explosive devices. but, obviously, when you see the photo of the bag that included gas canisters and smoke bombs and gasoline, you can imagine, perhaps, that this shooter had other plans moving forward and maybe not just at the 36th street station.
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bret? >> bret: yeah, bryan llenas in brooklyn. we will head back when we hear from officials there and bring you in as well. bryan, thank you. staying in new york for breaking news. new york's lieutenant governor is resigning following his arrest on corruption charges. democrat brian benjamin has been dogged by probes into a previous campaign since taking office seven months ago. the u.s. attorney's office says benjamin was arrested on charges of bribery, services wire fraud and records. kathy hinojosa said a short time ago she was accepted benjamin's resignation. stocks were down today. the dow lost 88. the s&p 500 was off 15. the nasdaq fell 40. and the economy is in what many americans might consider uncharted territory tonight. we learned today inflation jumped by 8.5% last month. over the figure from a year earlier. that is the highest number since december of 1981. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich has the latest on this
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live from the north lawn. good evening, jacqui. >> good evening to you, bret. hours before the labor department dropped another -- popping inflation report, prices in march up 8.5% compared to a year ago. the white house announced that they are lifting a ban on what environmentalists call sales of dirty gasoline. the president went to the country's largest corn ethanol producer in iowa to talk about this effort to bring down prices. >> it gives you a choice at the pump. when you have a choice, you have competition. when you have competition, you have better prices. >> the clean air act bans e-15 gasoline made up of 15% ethanol in most of the u.s. during the summer months because of smog concerns. with gas prices now averaging 4.10 a gallon, the white house is telling the e.p.a. to look away. but less than 2% of the country's fueling stations even have it. >> there is about 2300 stations in the midwest that sell e-15
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and this addition, this waiver to allow that production will increase supply july and september lowering the price of a gallon another 10 cents per gallon. >> not just gas draining americans' bank accounts today's report fifth straight month of inflation at 40-year high. among the biggest increases beef up 15%. pork and poultry up 15 and 1% respectively. the white house knows cornflation was cooler than expected 6.5%. still the largest 12 month increase since august 1982. a big culprit was housing. >> my rent is absolutely ridiculous. i will probably be just another one of these hundreds of thousands of people moving out of california. >> team biden says they have a plan. >> we have a aggressive set of agenda items including helping families with child care, elder care cost, prescription drugs. the cost with health insurance
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this kind of spending caused problems in the first place. democrat senator joe manchin writing here is the truth we cannot spend our way to a balanced healthy economy and continue adding to our $30 trillion national debt. the white house is rejecting warnings that the u.s. is headed for a recession like former obama economic adviser larry summers and wall street firm deutsche bank have projected. the white house points to job creation and unemployment numbers as a sign of recovery, bret. >> bret: jacqui heinrich live on the north lawn, thanks. let's bring in charles payne from fox business. charles, good evening. your thoughts on this number and what it means for us big picture. >> it's horrific big picture because the lower income households, bret are really taking it on the chin. this week penn wharton put together a good piece that shows just how much faster prices are increasing for the poorest households in this country versus any kind of wage increase that they are seeing.
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i heard mention of wages, real wages down 2.7% last month. again, they have been down every single month to joe manchin's point since that $1.9 trillion went through. so, more money certainly not the issue. and i got to tell you, it's not just the cpi number. we learned today online you know, before you could go online and find things cheap well online prices are rising at the fastest pace ever. apparel up 16%. groceries up 9%. there is no place you can go to find relief right now. >> bret: so people feel it and if you look at this new york fed study, a survey of household financial expectations, you can see the colors. their expectations. only 22% of households expect to be financially much better off or somewhat better off a year from now. that is the lowest share in the series history. that doesn't paint a good picture. >> it does not paint a good picture. you know, it's -- a lot of times
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when it comes to economics, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. in other words, if people anticipate inflation, a lot of times inflation they get. when people expect things not to do well. things don't do well. how we feel the mood we are in really matters a whole lot. >> obviously these prices are just getting the best of us. and it's going to be tough, because now it all really in my mind, lies in the hands of the federal reserve. and whether or not they can get this thing right. earlier today the market was up really big because believe it or not, some people on wall street thought the number would be even hotter than this some looking for 9 or 10% inflation. month over month the corn inflation was less than anticipated. we will take anything these days in the stock market. all of that evan proper rated when lael brainard spoke about going aggressive. everything is on pins and needles genie out of the bold. how do you not make it worse big question no one has an answer
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for. >> bret: liskly if you a high jobs number and low inflation number how do we as a country avoid recession? >> >> prices if they can come down organically, now, we have seen 2.5% decline in gasoline use. and by the way, that's what the federal reserve is trying to do. now, what they're try position do is to punish the stock market enough and i think the number for jay powell is to knock it down 20%. so that we lose some of that so-called wealth effect. and when we lose that wealth affect we stop spending enough so that the fed fed themselves don't have to wreck our economy. it's only been done a few times the last time in 1994. they call it a soft landing. it's very rare and really tough particularly in these particular circumstances. so how do we avoid it? it's going to be real, real hard not to have a recession between now and the next year and a half, two years. >> bret: charles, i wish there was better news. thanks for coming on.
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i appreciate it? >> i do, too. thanks. >> bret: president biden is for the first time referring to russia's invasion of ukraine as genocide. he made that comment during his appearance today in iowa where jacqui referenced that earlier. president continues to blame russian leader vladimir putin for the u.s. economic woes. >> your family budget, the ability to fill up your tank, none of it should hinge on whether a dictator declares war and commits jeb side half a world away. >> bret: the president's critics point out inflation and price increases were well underway before the ukraine conflict began. >> bret: now let's take a look at the situation in ukraine. as you look at the movement of russian forces we have said that they moved out of the areas here into belarus, into russia over recent days. but there have been some airstrikes around the capital city. there are reports now that the
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russians and the russian leadership is paying essentially incentives for russian forces to left this area to get back in the fight in the donbas and in the south. there are efforts to take donetsk, to take la luhansk. if you look at the area around kev i. kyiv, companies all blue, all the russian forces out of there. again, we still are seeing some airstrikes in that area and we will talk about the atrocities in bucha in just a minute. as you go down further south, the real action by the russians still in mariupol. they have now cut this city in two. the russian advance has gone all the way to the coast and the ukrainian forces are on both sides still trying to hang on to that city. there is also a big pushback here near kherson and ukrainian
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forces are fighting the russians in that area. but this is the main focus for the russian military. basically vladimir putin says reports of russian atrocities in bucha just outside of the capitol of kyiv are fake. tonight you get to see for yourself. correspondent trey yingst is back in the capital city of kyiv. he has been through the devastated city of bucha near the ukrainian capital. he reports tonight and we are warning, again, some of the images in this story may be disturbing. good evening, trey. >> bret, good evening. as the war in ukraine escalates in the east, more russian atrocities have being discovered just outside the capital of kyiv. i want to reiterate to our viewers the following piece contains graphic images. >> right now war crimes prosecutors and police are digging up the grave site of,en civilians killed by russian
3:15 pm
forces when those russian forces controlled this town. the key subbush of bucha one large crime scene. more than 400 civilians were killed there before russian forces retreated two weeks ago. the burned bodies of two ukrainian children were pulled from a shallow grave this afternoon. their grandmother valentina looking on trying to make sense of the horror. they couldn't take the explosions anymore. they wanted to evacuate, she says. valentina's son and daughter-in-law were evacuating bucha with their young boys when their car was hit with russian fire. our cameras captured this grave outside of st. andrew. the russian president spoke today without evidence claims in bucha are fabricated. he said negotiations with ukraine have hit a dead end. >> such an inco-a inherent measured issues create problems to achieve final agreement acceptable for everyone on the negotiating track. >> the remarks come as fighting continues to escalate in the southern and eastern parts of
3:16 pm
ukraine. in the besieged port city of mariupol, russian backed separatists say they are in active combat who have been fighting for more than a month without a resupply of weapons or ammunition. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy says his country is running out of time to get the weapons they need to defeat the russians in this war. there are concerns that what happened in bucha is only a fraction of the atrocities committed. back in the suburb of kyiv, this woman and her husband spent days at a time in the house sitting in a small dark room during the russian occupation of are their town. >> she says there is no heating or electricity. so they have had to take bottles of hot water and put them underneath the bed to keep them warm at night while the russians were shelling this neighborhood, she describes a scene of horror, having to put her daughter and granddaughter underneath a mattress. word that they were going to be killed by these russian shells. >> air raid sirens have sounded
3:17 pm
multiple times today in kyiv as the capital city remains under threat. bret? >> bret: trey yingst, good to see you back on the ground live in kyiv. trey, thank you. let's go live now to brooklyn, new york. you are looking live. new york city actually where we are waiting on a press conference. the latest attack gunman in a gas mask. a construction vest setting off a smoke canister on a rush hour subway train in brooklyn shot at least 10 people. five are said to still be in critical condition tonight. we expect this to start at any moment. when we do, we will bring it to you live here on fox news channel. keep it here on "special report." ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪
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>> bret: looking live at incident in brooklyn 10 shot, five again in critical condition from this gunman in a gas mask and a construction vest. trying to get some more information and maybe even a picture from authorities. we expect it any moment. you will see it live here on fox. meantime, a judge here in washington has ruled two men accused of impersonating federal agents can remain free while awaiting trial. judge michael harvey says the government failed to prove are
3:23 pm
aian and ali are flight risks. given zero evidence the gave gifts to secret service officers for nefarious purposes. palestinian officer shot a man stabbed him in israel today. a man drew knife. attacked the officer during a security check near a construction site. the officer sustained mine wound it is the late nest a series of violent incidents before enduring the muslim holy month of ramadan. israel has established a civilian field hospital in ukraine's war zone. only foreign country to do. so tonight you get a firsthand look at it jeff paul reports from lviv. >> crunch time doctors and nurses. charts to read. diagnosis to make. somewhat ordinary day in the medical world is far from normal. built on school grounds in the far stretches of western ukraine now sits a well-staffed field hospital set up by the israeli
3:24 pm
government. >> unfortunately there are similarities. the israeli people are, you know, people who know how it is to times of war and know how to practice medicine in times of war. >> on an average day they see more than 200 in need. >> some of these people escaped war torn areas of ukraine travels hundreds of miles just to get here. if it wasn't for places like this israeli field hospital, they, too, might become a casualty of this war. >> one of those people is 62-year-old anna velicovich. joined by sonic lie bombardment missile strikes that devastated mykolaiv in southern ukraine. the hospital there one of the many targets of russian shelling. >> bed-ridden and unable to move due to multiple fractures stemming from a car crash his son and hospital are his saving grace ♪ >> when you build your house for
3:25 pm
30 years and have to leave it not knowing what will be there, i have nothing to tell. i am shocked. >> wiping back the tears, he still can't understand why this war is happening. i don't know what to say, i don't know what they want and why they do it. >> only thing healing broken bones and broken heart son and doctors from a foreign land who now feel so familiar. >> we came to do good, just as simple as that. >> since setting up a few weeks ago here in western ukraine, that israeli field hospital has helped heal more than 4,000 patients. that's 4,000 people who otherwise why have likely gone untreated. >> bret: jeff paul in lviv, thank you. you were next southern border where officials are dealing with another surge in illegal immigration there first, beyond our borders tonight. rains and flooding in south africa claim the lives of 45 people. troops have been deployed to the region to assist with rescue
3:26 pm
operations as residents flee flooded areas. some residents of shanghai are allowed out of their homes as the chinese city of 25 million eases a bit a two-week old coronavirus related shut down. many of the 6.6 million allowed to exit their homes have been ordered to stay in their neighborhoods. videos have been posted online of people breaking into a supermarket and shouting for help because of a food shortage there. and this is a live look at london. one of the big stories there tonight. british prime minister boris johnson's office says he and another official will be fined by police for breaching covid-19 following lock down parties at government offices. johnson has denied any wrongdoing. he is alleged to have been at half of the dozen events in his 10 downing street office. other government buildings that are being investigated by the police. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back ♪ ♪ go on, take the money and run
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♪ >> bret: border patrol officials are doing what they can tonight to deal with another surge of illegal immigration on the southern border. record numbers flooding the area and the texas governor is ordering new deterrence. correspondent casey stegall is in eagle pass, texas tonight. >> a marked security boost along parts of the texas-mexico border. razor wire now lines the banks of the rio grande as do shipping containers to create makeshift barriers in high traffic areas for illegal migrant crossings. >> the time to prepare is now. if you wait until -- it's too late. >> the newly implemented measures were ordered by texas governor greg abbott. he says to try to get ahead of the wave that's expected when title 42 ends next month.
3:33 pm
>> this is going to lead to extraordinary demand on health services. on community supervisors. >> apprehension numbers are already high up 215% here in the dell rio sector compared to the same time last fiscal year. in the neighboring rio grande valley sector more than 750 migrants were picked up in just the past few days. they were traveling in four different large groups. >> on any given day we could probably have maybe 100 people walk into the brush. >> guilt north in brooks county, texas, the local sheriff says resources are already tight and because the area is so remote, local ranchers consistently find human remains. >> we attribute that to the fact by the smugglers leaving them out there because they do have sort of like a deadline so to speak to filter through the brush. and if you are not on par, you are going to be left behind and the end result is death. >> governor abbott is expected to announce additional border
3:34 pm
enhancement security measures this week. further expanding operation lone star, a mission he says is designed to fill in the gaps left by the federal government. bret? >> bret: casey stegall along the border. casey, thank you. joining us tonight from el paso is new york republican congressman john katko. set ranking member of the house homeland security committee just visited our southern border today. congressman, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> bret: what's your take away today? >> well, today i met with all the border sheriffs from california to texas, and it was stunning what i learned. i started out my career as a federal prosecutor in the mid 90's in el paso, texas and more recently because of my work in homeland security, i border and heard things today i have never heard before. >> bret: like what? >> first of all, there is going to be a complete loss of operational control at the border once title 42 is lifted. i also learned that these agents, these sheriffs and everyone at the border has never
3:35 pm
seen the border as chaotic and as bad as it is right now. i have also learned that the crossing fees that the cartels are charging. mind you every single person that crosses cannot cross without the cartel they have to pay them as much as 10 to 12,000 per person. do the math 200,000 a month coming across how much that sen riching the cartels, lastly i found out special interest in the migrant column from countries outside our hemisphere like iran, iraq, yemen, those are skyrocketing. those crossings. were we were just in a place in el paso where they were telling us there is some cartel folks across the border in el paso specializing it in sending over turkish immigrants for some reason. this is not a regional thing. this isn't about people from central america coming across. this is a complete cluster at the border. it really lays at the feet of this administration. >> bret: i want to read this analysis from "newsweek" and get you to respond. it's about title 42. it says despite what those
3:36 pm
critics say about the coming migrant surge at the border, some experts believe real sending title 42 will have little effect in regards to the number of migrants crossing the border into the united states. the numbers have not gone down with title 42 in place. dr. tony, director of senator for the united states and mexico at the baker institute of writes university told "newsweek" the numbers are high anyway so what's the surge at this point? that's just the new normal. what's your response to that? >> that's just not true and that's just selective rationale. what the fact of the matter is the day that president biden got into office he signaled to cartels and south america that the border is going to be open. he tried to rescind remain in mexico i don't know how many times. >> the policies and practices that he implemented made it much more difficult to turn people back and right now title 42 allows like, for example, the rio grande -- this year, 65% of people that came across the border pursuant to title 42 will
3:37 pm
return to mexico. they were were not allowed to stay deported by the agents title 42. with that gone, that 65% would have be handled by border patrol. they can't handle it now. that's not even factoring in the surge that's coming. it's not true what he is saying. it didn't happen before with the previous administration. and i have my disagreement with the previous administration. one thing is for sure, the border was far more secure than it is now. the biden administration sent out the policies and the practices which are giant pull factor. every single chevy talked to today said that pull factor is because of this administration. >> bret: i only have 10 seconds, congressman, but are they overwhelmed? >> they are overwhelmed. yeah, they are going to lose complete operational control of the border if and when that surge happens. and everyone, including homeland secretary mayorkas understands that a surge is coming after title 42 is gone. >> bret: congressman katko, we appreciate your time from border
3:38 pm
region. thanks. >> sure thing. thank you. >> bret: looking live in new york city we're waiting still that news conference from new york city authorities about that shootings in the brooklyn subway. we will bring it to you live here on fox when it happens. up next, testimony begins in the trial involving high profile actors johnny depp and former wife amber hardy and allegations of domestic abuse. we will bring you that story. as we go to break we remember actor and comedian gilbert got freed he died from a heart disorder today. gottfried was known for raw scorched voice and often crude material. evidence also though did voice work for children's television and movies. gilbert gottfried was 67 years old. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. free your gut, and your mood will follow. [♪♪]
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♪ >> bret: testimony is underway in the trial involving domestic abuse allegations between actors johnny depp and his former wife amber hardy. they are suing each other for tens of millions of dollars. correspondent david spunt reports from outside the courthouse in fairfax, virginia. >> actor johnny depp arrived at a fairfax, virginia courthouse before opening arguments commenced in $50 million libel trial against former wife amber
3:44 pm
hardy. >> a false allegation can devastate a career and it can devastate a family. >> depp is sues hardy for december 2018 "the washington post" op-ed she authored at the height of the me too movement describing herself as a victim of domestic violence. even though depp was not explicitly named. >> it's time to make johnny take responsibility to tell him mr. depp, stop blaming other people for your self-created problem. >> depp says hardy's op-ed damaged his reputation and cost him future roles in films. hardy has counter sued. depp was never arrested or charged as a result of the abuse claims. while this is a civil trial involving defamation, the underlying accusations were explosive with hardy accusing depp of physical and sexual assault. >> you are going to see who the real johnny depp is. behind the red carpets, behind the fame, behind the money, behind the pirate costumes. >> for the jurors, the case could come down to judging the
3:45 pm
credibility of two high profile celebrities. depp's sister testified his relationship with hardy was troubled. >> he just seemed so much sadder. he did not seem himself. >> both sides submitted dozens of potential witnesses. hardy's team floated james franco and billionaire elon musk. the two dated hardy and would testify on her behalf if called. >> reason that this trial is in fairfax, virginia that's because the op-ed ran in the "the washington post." "the washington post" is actually published in fairfax county, virginia. both hardy and depp are expected to testify at some point the judge, bret, is leaving six weeks open on the calendar for this defamation trial, bret? >> bret: david spunt in fairfax. david, thank you. california lawmakers are considering legislation to implement 32 hour workweek over four days with overtime pay required. the changes would apply to employers with at least 500 workers and bans any businesses
3:46 pm
from lowering worker salaries. california chamber of commerce called the bill a job killer. again, we're looking live in new york city waiting any minute now for this new york city authorities update on that shooting this morning in brooklyn. we expect it, it's been promised. so we will bring it to you here live when we get it up next, the panel on another big number for inflation and the latest developments in ukraine. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in atlanta as governor brian kemp in georgia sign as bill allowing georgia residents to carry handguns in public without a permit or background check. opponent say the law will result in more shooting deaths. this is a live look from phoenix from fox 10. one of the big stories there tonight a local educator is inducted into the national teacher's hall of fame. kareem neil from marry veil high school is the first arizona teacher to get this honor the special education teacher says is he very passionate about what
3:47 pm
he does each day. congratulations to you, kareem. thanks for all you do. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back. ♪ in the hall of fame ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ and the world's going to know your name. i need a lawn. quick. the fast way to bring it up to speed... is scotts turf builder rapid grass. it grows two times faster than seed alone for full, green grass. everything else just seems... slow. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard.
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♪ >> the headline number comes in as expected hot, hot, hot. that's the highest month over
3:52 pm
month inflation rate since 2005. >> it ain't good. >> it's gas, it's rent. it's food. all the things you need to buy every day. >> 8.5% the inflation rate over the past year it is the hottest inflation since 1982. >> we saw today's inflation, 70% of the increase in prices in march came from putin price hike in gasoline. >> bret: well, not all democrats believe that. as we get the inflation numbers the cpi numbers. >> we have high. back to 1981. democratic senator from west virginia joe manchin who has been talking about inflation for a long, long time says it's a disservice to the american people to act as if inflation is a new phenomenon. the federal reserve and the administration failed to act fast enough and today's data is a snapshot in time of the consequences being felt across the country. let's bring in our panel former white house press secretary ari fleischer. leslie marshall, democratic strategist and former education secretary bill bennett.
3:53 pm
bill, what do you think about what the president said today and what you heard from that statement from senator manchin? >> well, manchin is right on and for god's sake, joe, give it up. nobody believes you. i mean, the american people don't believe you. even the democrats are abandoning you on this issue. you might say something about putin, yeah. bearing some responsibility for inflation in the game here. but day one, what is the first thing you did? got rid of the xl pipeline for pete's sake take responsibility and while i'm talking about the xl pipeline he is in iowa today, bret, and is he talking about ethanol and he is asking the e.p.a. to look the other way as you reported. ethanol creates smog for god's sake. so we're going to have more ethanol and more smog. joe biden is creating smog? the e.p.a. and the police should lock him up. you can't do that i mean, why is ethanol smog better than what fossil fuel does?
3:54 pm
>> bret: larry summers, leslie, has been talking about this for a long time. obviously a democrat. worked in democratic administrations. but talking over the weekend about what this potentially means seeing the writing on the wall. take a listen. >> the painful fact though is is that historically when we have had inflation and we have had unemployment below 4 essentially always since world war ii that's been followed by a recession within the next two years. >> bret: so, leslie, politically, this seems like it's really hitting a lot of folks. no matter your party ideology. >> absolutely. i mean, james carville said it back in the clinton day's it's the economy, stupid. it is. it doesn't matter if a voter is republican, democratic, doesn't know if a party exists out
3:55 pm
there. it's about the economy and what the numbers say on wall street because people look at wall street it was very strong start to the market today. you had up to 8% increase in retail and we have seen 6% drop in gas. it's not what the numbers actually are it's what the voters actually feel. what the voters see and feel especially mostly at the gas pump, you know, numbers that are very high and that are affecting their livelihood, the ability to get to work their ability to take their car to work or may be able to purchase a car, that's definitely a concern for any politicians whether you are a democrat or a republican. but i would say when we point out joe manchin as a democrat, i'm wearing my blue today as you can see, i do question sometimes whether the senator is a democrat first and second we do have to look at his own interest. and i'm not just talking coal in his home state but also he and his family's interest in coal and how that effects them financially. so i don't -- i love you, bill, i don't take what joe manchin
3:56 pm
says as signaling of all democrats. although, to your point, bret, absolutely right, there are many democrats who are trying to hold on to their jobs in the midterms elections coming up that are trying to distance themselves because inhigh inflation is not anyone's friend it doesn't matter what your political party. >> bret: i think the list may be growing, leslie, i mean kyrsten sinema. you have got others who have been outspoken about their concerns, ari on this and i want to turn to russia. genocide. becoming clearer and clearer that putin is trying to wipe out [inaudible] ukraine. and the evidence is mounting. last week more evidence is coming out literally the horrible thing that the russians have done in ukraine. and we're going to only learn more and more about the devastation and we will let the lawyers decide internationally
3:57 pm
whether or not it qualifies but it sure seems that way to me. >> president biden ari, talking in a speech called genocide what he is seeing on the ground and explaining that there to the press pool moments ago. >> you know, bret, when i look at the world this week and the recent months, i come to one simple conclusion and it's really about freedom. look what putin and russia are doing. the brutality, the savagery, things that we never thought we would see again in the 21st century but we are. this is medieval stuff. being practiced by a super power, russia. look at what is happening in shanghai and china where the government of china is making people starve to death, locking them in their own apartments, denying them food. denying medicine. separating children from parents. this is what to tall tarren that talltarren governments do. we should know how to fight freedom and keep freedom. it's our american hallmark. times like this is how do they do it in china and russia and we
3:58 pm
don't do it here? we don't do it here because of freedom. because of our constitution our declaration of independence and what we stand for. it's really as simple as that. this is one of those moments we should look around the world and be grateful we are american. >> we saw the images of u.k. prime minister boris johnson walking alongside the president of ukraine, bill, and the question comes is the u.s. doing enough? are we balancing it well enough? only have 30 seconds here though. >> i don't think we are doing enough. joe biden wants to put full responsibility on putin for inflation. but something less than full responsibility is what joe biden is doing in regard to anteing up for ukraine. why? god only knows. >> bret: all right, panel. thanks so much. we were hoping to bring you that news conference from brooklyn -- from new york city. but it's delayed a little bit. but thanks for the time. ♪ ♪
3:59 pm
>> bret: still waiting on the news conference. you will see it when it happens. first a video questions from thomas. >> hi, bret, i wonder how back end works. are you reading off a teleprompter, is the entire thing scripted? how much preparation do you do or is it mainly done off the cuff? thanks. >> bret: the panel is off the cuff. it's organic discussion the scripts, introing pieces are in the teleprompter and i do read them. and this is the next question warren asks how many revisions do you have to your show as the day evolves? i'm sure the show has a different line-up than 4:00 p.m. than 11:00 a.m. often. i would say that happens almost every day. the show is one thing when we meet in the morning and completely different by the time we get to the actual show. we rip up the run down and move things around. i have a great staff that makes it happen all the time. here is one wait what? what did you and jonathan cape hart talk about on the plane
4:00 pm
this is "the washington post" going up to new york and sitting next to environmental protectiod about the news and covering the news and we went to work on our phones a busy news day we will be back here tomorrow. jesse on "primetime" starts right now. hey, jesse. >> jesse: hey, bret, thanks so much. ♪ >> jesse: a fox news alert. live look inside police headquarters in new york city where we are awaiting a press conference this manhunt underway across the city tonight for the guy who shot up a subway train in brooklyn in the middle of rush hour this morning. he dropped a smoke canister in the middle of a train before opening fire injuring at least 29 people. five of them now are in critical condition. we are learning that it could have been a lot worse. police later recovered a jam