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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 12, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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what it feels like and whether there can be therapeutic qualities to injusting the venom of a southwestern american toad. that is it for us tonight. tucker carlson is up next and always remember i'm watters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." had there been a single 24-hour period maxis joe biden became the president when you haven't been horrified by something you saw the news? probably not. the cascade of absurdities been really was. today we are sad to say it was officially depressing. inflation hit another record high and that's according to the government statistics that our leaders have devised to hide inflation. it turns out there's no hiding
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the price of meat and gas. the value of the dollar has dropped off a cliff even as the value of the russian ruble is rising. so part of that for a moment and chuckled literally to herself. and then to new york city this morning, 16 people were shot by a lunatic wearing a hoodie and yet somehow none of the many surveillance cameras in the subway station happened to be working at the time so the guy got away. we do know he was not a white supremacist. we are betting the media are not going to dwell on this. there's nothing to gain from covering this particular atrocity. just another mass shooting in a big city. it's all so sad. mayhem and economic decline or not for once we are opening the show with tonight. no, we have generally good news. here it is. it looks possible that elon musk will seize control of twitter and end its censorship on that platform. why should you care about that? it is a tech story. who cares about social media? if that were to happen we could
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see a return of free speech to the united states and nothing to give you more hope than that possibility. a free twitter would mean an open debate about ideas on the single most important incubator of opinion in the world. it would mean a return to free and fair elections in the united states, assisting with both sides are allowed to make their case to the public and the public can decide. it's called democracy. above all, a free twitter would mean a direct challenge to the people in charge of our country's institutions many of whom are incompetent. for the first time in years we'll be able to talk honestly about our leaders. we'll be able to have the kind of conversations that make democracy possible. we can't have those conversations now, there's a reason for it. the point of censorship is never to shield the week. no matter what barack obama me tell you. the point of censorship always and everywhere is to protect entrenched power. that's why it's the powerful who imposed censorship for their own benefit.
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and that's exactly why illegitimate regimes fight so hard to control information through censorship. that's the main concern. where are they so focused on that? that's why. somehow the right does not seem to understand this. the left definitely understands it. watch this msnbc anchor appear to realizing real-time what it would mean if the democratic party's donor base ever lost control of an inflectional social media platform. >> the bigger question on everyone's mind, will musk's newfound twitter power mean trump will be back on the platform? i'm that possibly nightmare inducing note, i wish you a good night. >> tucker: it would be a nightmare! she tells us that the democratically elected president were allowed to speak in public. in some ways she's right. shattering its monopoly on speech could break the democratic party. even in msnbc anchor understands that. are they so determined to keep
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you from talking because they know you're talking is the threat to their power. allowing the free exchange of ideas in america's public square is far more important than any single election result. if you don't believe it, consider what you have just seen over the fast two years. you can elect donald trump if you want. but the democratic party can silence donald trump at will. so what does that tell you? who is more powerful? voters or the social media companies that control when voters no? it's not even close. republicans in congress pretend not understand this. maybe they really are that stupid. possible. it doesn't matter because either way they will never fix it. ever. they've had a chance. even jack dorsey who created twitter could not end censorship unfettered. i took in the end, jack dorsey fled his own company when he became a frankenstein monster that made america more hierarchical rather than less. a company that served the powerful at the expense of everyone else. that was the opposite of the intended effect. so he just left.
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he had no choice. elon musk virtually alone in the entire technology industry appears to understand what exactly is happening here. here is musk in 2018 appearing on "60 minutes" acknowledging that in a world of corporate media, twitter can act as an equalizer. watch. >> you tweet a lot. >> i use my tweets to express myself. some people use their hair. i use twitter. >> you use you are tweeting to kind of get back at critics. >> rarely. >> you kind of have little wars with the press. >> twitter is a war zone. you're in the arena. let's go. >> okay. who does that sound like? >> i don't know. who does it sound like? >> sounds like the guy who lives at the white house. >> that guy, sure. he's very good at twitter. >> tucker: twitter is a war zone. that tape is from three and a half years ago. twitter is no longer a war zone. there's only one army on the field.
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donald trump has been banned from twitter despite the fact that he may run in the next presidential election. he's an active politician with millions of people who would support him. he has been banned. charlie kirk had a huge following on twitter. he's been suspended. this show has been suspended. questioning the prevailing story line is the crime. do that and you're gone. doesn't matter if you are factually right. we were factually right. doesn't matter. challenge power and you are censored instantly. now it's hard to believe that the world's richest man is the only person who could fix this. you'd like to think our democratic system could fix it. clearly it can't. so elon musk seems to be our last hope. tonight there are signs that elon musk plans to do something big with twitter. buying 9% of the company is clearly more than investment. he doesn't need the money. last week after musk became twitter single biggest shareholder, management announced they would join the board of directors. first musk would be barred from owning more than 15% of twitter stock. he would not be allowed to
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control the company. as a board member elon musk would have a fiduciary duty to shareholders in real terms that means he could not reveal twitter's algorithms. he couldn't tell the public what they are. those algorithms are used to censor and suppress effective critics of the biden administration very often without their knowledge. it's done in secret. can't fight back. you don't know what's happening. so he could not challenge that if he took a board seat. but this weekend, musk abruptly pulled out of the deal. that means he's free to buy more shares of twitter. in fact control it. on sunday night, twitter's pro-censorship ceo greg terrible told twitter employees to brace for musk's attempt at a hostile takeover and strongly implied that twitter will not submit unless forced. "there'll be distractions i have but our goals and priorities remain unchanged." you have to ask yourself how exactly would twitter which is a public company fight off a hostile takeover from the richest guy in the world? already you can see the strategy
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to keep elon musk at bay. first, twitter is enlisting the help of corporate media. corporate media stands to lose at least as much as the democratic party will lose if twitter is liberated. competition is terrible for the mediocre and the illegitimate. so msnbc understands this intuitively even -- they were the first to answer the call. what did they do? you know exactly what they did. they did what they always do. they called elon musk a racist. watch. >> fear not, right-wingers. another fascist is waiting in the wing to >> sean: bile online and that's coming up next. >> he is building at tesla a document only racist company that perhaps reminds him, give some nostalgic memories of the apartheid south africa where he grew up. he is more than that. an embodiment of what i would say is twitter's biggest strategic problem which is a hostile, cruel, dangerous online environment especially for
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women. especially for people of color, women of color in particular. >> tucker: [laughs] we could bore you with a rebuttal to the ludicrous explanation you just heard but it's not necessary. if you haven't i.q. above room temperature, you laugh at it. the lowest brow propaganda possible. he's a racist. to ignore him. that "the washington post" they served up something slightly different, little more stealthy. they listed the former ceo of reddit, who couldn't manage to actually run reddit, to run an op-ed "elon musk's vision of free speech will be bad for twitter." [laughs] and then the piece contained this line. his client doesn't do much to reveal a lack of self-awareness as it does commit murder against the entire concept of trying to support. "musk's apartment at twitter's board shows that we need regulation of social media platforms to prevent rich people from controlling our channels of communication."
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once again, this ran in "the washington post," a paper that apparently unbeknownst to the editors who work there is owned by billionaire oligarch jeff bezos, china's biggest retailer, and used as his personal platform to lobby the federal government and settle scores. >> so jeff bezos can own the ony newsgathering operation and your nation's capital and use it for business and ideological ends but the idea of letting average people say what they want on twitter is a threat to democracy. [laughs] if you think that's hilarious, you should read the piece in the guardian. it was written by former labor secretary robert reisch, a stalinist. "elon musk's vision for the internet is dangerous nonsense." "musk has long advocated for a libertarian vision uncontrolled internet. that's also the dream of every dictator, strongman and demagogue." [laughs] right.
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so what dictators, strongman and demo because one is control over the people to say whatever they want and challenge their power. that's the way dictators work, isn't right, robert reisch. he's a lifelong leftist. you can imagine the robert ration of 1970 when he was a college applicant would be a little bit surprised to see the robert ration of nearly 80 calling for a total crackdown on the opinions of ordinary people. people get power and they change. that doesn't make any sense as an argument you can see why they stick to called elon musk a racist on cable news. stick to the same old script and that's what they are doing at cnn of course. watch. >> i think in some ways it's a good thing that elon musk is tweeting, livening up twitter and making it more entertaining. he is a funny guy. but there are serious questions behind what happens next. as he pushed for a full acquisition? we don't know. >> some of the memes he posts on twitter, anti-trans memes,
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anti-covid vaccine means. there's a reason to be spectacle. >> tucker: [laughs] he asks questions about the mandatory covid vaccine. crush him! no one is won over by this. it's absurd. clearly that propaganda strategy will not win open minds to decide its censorship. it's impossible to win open minds to the side of censorship because the ideas repugnant to any free spirit. there is other tools that twitter is going to have to use to stop a hostile takeover on behalf of free speech. for example it's virtually certain twitters on the phone with corporate lawyers in new york finding ways to use what's known as a poison pill strategy to minimize elon musk's ownership stake as much as it possibly can. one option and this would be really interesting is to give twitter shareholders the ability to buy many more shares at discount to dilute musk's control over the company but that strategy is not guaranteed to work. c-14 has a ton of options aside from buying all the shares he w.
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elon musk could enlist the public, the pro-free-speech public in his hostile takeover of twitter so anyone who is against censorship could buy twitter stock and then pledge his or her proxy votes to elon musk and that would give him control of the company and the company would be free and that would also be the single most revolutionary event ever to take place in the history of finance. it would be pretty thrilling to watch and it might work. our guest has thought a lot about what elon musk should do to save this nation's public discourse. he edits a website. thank you for coming on. what you think elon musk will do? what should he do? >> first of all i think he needs to understand exactly what he's getting into. he is stepping into the war zone in a way that he might not even be able to imagine at this point. as you point out, the entire regime depends on holding a
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total monopoly over what elon rightly calls the global public square. anyone who threatens that steps into territory that is not a normal financial realm. twitter is not a normal company. the question of who controls twitter is far more consequential than who controls home depot even though home depot is vastly larger as a company and so elon needs to be prepared for what's coming. it would be one of the few things that is not fake and not performative. it would amount to effectively a declaration of war in our career corrupt and illegitimate regime. >> tucker: he must understand that. i don't know elon musk but he sees a lot of things coming that the rest of us don't so he must know what he's playing with here. >> i would hope so.
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i think it's very easy to underestimate the stakes here. the stakes of who controls the global public square are vastly more than the meager $30 billion that twitter is allegedly worth. the stakes of who controls the global public square is more important even than an electric car company. in fact, i would say winning the political battle in the west is just as relevant to the future of human civilization than even space travel. it is after all, we are bringing our memes to space. >> tucker: i agree with that completely. why wouldn't, to sum up, why not democratize it? why wouldn't musk say to the american public, if you're on board, join me in buying shares in this publicly traded company. pledge me your proxy votes and let's take it over and restore free-speech. >> i think that's a splendid
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idea. i imagine there are a variety of mechanisms but it all cashes out to this. a declaration of war on the regime and i really hope that elon will go ahead with it, that he's not just another rich guy, that he is someone who wants to be a great man. this is one of the few real steps that he can make and he's one of the very few live players on this earth who's in a position to do it. >> tucker: i don't think you are overstatg mistakes at all. thank you for joining us. i told you there was a horrifying subway attack in new york city this morning. a person of interest has been named. we have videos. a reporter live on scene. plus reaction from the former nypd commissioner ray kelly. that's all next.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: this morning amanda nobody open fire at a subway station in brooklyn that shot more than a dozen people. laura ingle is at the scene. >> is still a very active scene. the nypd releasing some new information short while ago giving us a person of interest in the case. they gave us a name. give us a list of menacing items
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that were left behind at the scene. also revealing that the shooter shot his gun 33 times. we have got some pictures to show you. photos of 63-year-old frank r james. person of interest, not being called a suspect. police recovered a 9-millimeter handgun they believed was used today in the attack. ten people were shot, many trapped inside a moving subway car with the gunman who also set off smoke canisters before unloading on the unsuspecting passengers. no cameras were working at the subway station but cell phone video captured the chaos. [bleep]
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a break in the case a short while ago, police finding an unoccupied u-haul van with arizona plates believed to be connected to the suspect or the person of interest i should say. the van was tracked down 5 miles away after a daylong search. police close to off the street in brooklyn and called in the bomb squad. as i mentioned, the cell phone video capturing the attack is so important to this investigation as police work along with to figure out what cameras might've been working. captured anything else. really leaning on the public tonight asking anybody to come forward with information about this person of interest. his name, frank r james. he has an address in philadelphia.
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also address in wisconsin, trying to figure out what the motivation would be. the nypd saying that they don't have any type of motivation at this point but clearly with the items were left behind which include a hatchet, fireworks, gas can. a lot of menacing things left behind on that subway train. so as we wait for more information here tonight in brooklyn, we'll send it back to you. >> tucker: laura ingle, think so much for that. appreciate it. none of the cameras worked in the subway. very odd. for thousands of years literally thousands of most fundamental rule in medicine has been a very simple one. do no harm. first do no harm above all else to know her. all medical schools in this country teach that rule repeatedly. doctors who intentionally harm their patience do not belong in the profession. period. like so many other rules that have been for generations, exchanging and quickly.
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weeks ago we told you about student at wake forest medical school. on twitter rosario wrote a patient had mocked her pronoun pin which signaled her allegiance to gender ideology of some kind. in response rosario wrote i missed his veins we had to get stuck twice. so for having different political views she stabbed her patient. another student called the episode karma. in other words the pace and who was to have to be stabbed by his doctor. the medical school and the hospital on the company that owns the hospital, atrium health have gone silent. you've asked many questions and they have refused to answer any of them. questions like will del rosario be allowed to stab more patients in the future as a doctor. we know the inner email -- entel teens criticized unkind people
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on the internet who dared to talk about the story. didn't address the stabbing that took place at their school. that's because most of wake forest medical school communities supports it. the student newspaper blamed the patient. "it's appalling that the vast majority of media coverage surrounding del rosario's tweet is critiquing her lack of professionalism rather than her patient display of bigotry. there's been no known follow-up with the patient concerning the problematic nature of their comments or documentation of the inappropriate behavior. so laughing at someone's pin gets you stamped and the ghouls were trained to be doctors at wake forest medical school think that's fine. that's the prevailing view at wake forest quote medical school. some physicians and medical students are shocked by the loathsome response from their administrators. they have informed us that the student was scheduled to begin seeing patients as soon as next
5:27 pm
week. she's also on the wake forest planning committee for an upcoming conference in dallas on how to treat trans patients. we know why this is happening. if del rosario had stabbed the patient because he identified a strand she would've been expelled immediately. would be in favor of that. doctors can't stab their patients because they disagree with them. but she hasn't been expelled. she is going to be a physician. maybe at the hospital near you. she's a left-wing activist like the deans and physicians at wake forest who are protecting her. del rosario's patient didn't describe that ideology so according to principles in equity, he should be stabbed. okay. just so you know. we are going to keep on that story because that's not acceptable. inflation and crime are skyrocketing all over the united states. the biden administration isn't doing anything about it. some, even in the media have noticed because they buy groceries too. you'll never guess which msnbc
5:28 pm
host slammed democrats for being out of touch with black voters. told the truth actually. and willing to admit it when we see it. that's next. during world war two, most of
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: in this country, "saturday night live" is not allowed to mock joe biden is very obvious dementia. but in saudi arabia, long-standing close ally, sketch comedy shows are not holding back at all which suggests maybe something has changed. trace gallagher has that story. >> before we get to the comedy, the context here is important because just a few years ago, cutting edge humor was condemned in saudi arabia and it's rare to see world leaders being mocked on national television but saudi arabia is also very unhappy with president biden for the disastrous pullout in afghanistan, the u.s. stance on the war in yemen and biden's push to revive the iran nuclear deal. last night on the saudi control
5:34 pm
network, a "saturday night live" type show called studio 22 ran a skit portraying president biden as old, incurable, and unable to stay awake. watch. >> thank you very much. today we're going to talk about the crisis. we're going to talk about the crisis in africa. yeah, russia. yeah, russia. putin. listen to me. i have a very important message. the messages... >> in this kit, biden because vice president harris the first lady which is something the real joe biden actually did last month. the video by the way shared 3.5 million times on twitter. most people enjoy the parity though some did not appreciate the spot on tone.
5:35 pm
we should also note saudi crown prince mohammed has made it clear he does not care what joe biden thinks of him. tucker. >> tucker: a lot is changing really fast. the trace gallagher, thanks so much. alienated a lot of the united states. his popularity has collapsed in every single demographic group bolsters track except college-educated women where he is more popular. kind of weird. biden is down more than 20% among black voters. no one in the biden administration seems aware this happening. here's pete buttigieg shocked to learn it. >> you do realize, pete, a lot of black fulfilling democrats -- since they have been in office. reverend said that a million times. >> tucker: the scene and animal house with a go to the roadhouse and one frat boy goes, "he loves us." that is the mind of the white
5:36 pm
liberals. black people love us. [laughs] >> get the people of color's life if you're living in a city, in a neighborhood that is inundated with crime and you act like that is not an issue, you've already lost me. it is an issue. yes we must deal with policing. i've been out front of that but you cannot ignore kids killed and you act like it's a nonissue because you are too elitist to live on the ground. many parts of this country we need gas to go to workk. these beltway elitists, limousine liberals don't live in the real world. >> tucker: it turns out black people don't like being shot to
5:37 pm
death. oh, thanks, reverend. telling the truth for once. candace owens joins us tonight. you don't want to over interpret al sharpton on msnbc but he's been pretty faithful water carrier for whatever democratic administration is in power. it seems a little weird he is saying this. >> certainly there's a lot going on. pete buttigieg acting shocked. we took a longer -- he took a longer maternity leave and i did. i don't take them seriously. al sharpton's interesting and you're correct we should misinterpret what he's doing. he wants us to believe he's telling the truth but he's trying to save whatever clout he has left in black america. it should be a marker for us for how bad things have gotten in black america. al sharpton used to go around. he said out of touch, the way black americans are living, you too. you live in a $2.1 million
5:38 pm
penthouse on the upper east side and that's just one of your homes. you have an over $3 million tax lien. you need to be making a ton of money to have that. he has no idea how black americans are living either. but what he's realizing his black americans for long time have followed his lies. they believed his lies, believing democrats could make their lives better. suddenly they are saying things are actually so devastatingly bad in our community we will no longer buy the lie that voting for democrat is going to make things better. we watched and listened to you. we voted for biden and kamala things have gotten embarrassingly worse. i did not predict it would get this bad discreetly for black america. he saving his own skin so he's trying to play the old, i'm going to be the peacemaker, the communicator of how black americans are feeling. we shouldn't misinterpret. yes he's telling the truth but his motives are to save al sharpton's own skin.
5:39 pm
the only person i know that has a bigger real estate empire then al sharpton is perhaps black lives matter leaders. >> tucker: a lot of the people who lecture us from a higher moral pedestal don't pay their taxes. how do you wander around free with the $3 million tax debt? the rest of us pay our taxes because we're afraid not to. how does he get away with it? >> he votes democrat. pretty simple. if you vote democrat you're never held responsible for anything? i was hunter biden not in prison? would any other person be doing drugs on a laptop and not be arrested? do the things he's done but you vote democrat and if you're willing to vote for democrats and do their bidding and bring voters to them, they will pretend you haven't done anything. it's sad but that's the truth. they never have to pay for the things that they do. >> tucker: it's discouraging to those of us who pay her taxes honestly. candace owens come appreciate your clarity as always. >> thank you. >> tucker: this winter justin trudeau in one day and a
5:40 pm
democracy in canada. he is in charge so he's outlawing journalism that criticizes him. one of the journalists whose been censored by trudeau's party will join us straight ahead. the time you spent on the docks, the banks, the boats. the lines you cast and hooks you set. these moments you share with the people you love. the fish you never forget, and the tales that get taller with every retelling. make memories that'll last a lifetime with bass pro shops and cabela's. your adventure starts here.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: the manhunt continues for the suspect in the mass shooting in a subway station in brooklyn. immersive interest has been identified. frank james. ray kelly is the former commission of the nypd. he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. so much that we don't know. given what we think we know, -- >> we don't know the motives of this individual. obviously the person who did the shooting had a plan, had a plan to shoot lots of people. fired 33 shots and could've fired more shots if his gun didn't jam. he had smoked devices with him that would've enabled him to escape. so he planned this out. he knew what he was doing.
5:46 pm
and there's a lot of fortunate people. it's a miracle that no one died. talking about a glock, have a piece of equipment. so i'm amazed that no one appears to be -- >> tucker: yes. we have read that none of the security cameras in the station were working. the average person's impression is that there's a lot of those cameras. what do you think explains that? >> it's disgraceful. absolutely no reason for that to happen. i heard someone on television earlier today talking about the subway bombings in london in 2003. picture of all four of the perpetrators walking together. that's why those cameras were there. it is absolutely indefensible that they weren't working in this day and age. we've got a lot of monuments come out of the federal government, a lot of money.
5:47 pm
this is something that should've been repaired last year. it wasn't working. who knows how long it wasn't working? >> tucker: the new mayor is a former subway cop, famously. the subway has gotten dangerous. the perception is that it's dangerous. he said, he campaigned on the idea he would fix it. there were no police officers around. does that seem odd to you? >> well, there's not enough police officers to be on every station. what he did say today, he's going to double the number of officers assigned to the transit system. i think that's a good move. we need much more visibility. plus we need the cops to be on the platforms not in the mezzanine. we need the more people are getting on the train. if you go through the subways now, people are standing against the wall. they are so afraid of having someone push them on the tracks. they are standing against the wall and then running to the train when the train comes in the station.
5:48 pm
we need to lower the level of fear and anxiety. one of the ways you do it is increased police presence. it's going to cost money. it's going to cost over time but it's well worth it. the subway is the lifeblood of new york city. people aren't taking the subway, new york is not going to recover from the pandemic, no question about that. >> tucker: people aren't taking the subway. you can't really have a city of 8 million people without public transit, can you? >> no. roughly half the people taking the train before the pandemic are taking it now. it's about a 50% fall off. that's tremendous. you can see it in midtown manhattan. there's pedestrians that are not there. that's how people get to manhattan. for the most part. 70% of workers in new york city take the subway, take mass transit. if they're not taking it or they are taking uber or something else, that's not really working. not working for most of the
5:49 pm
new yorkers. >> tucker: no it's not really great ray kelly joining us tonight. we appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: canada, what a decent beautiful country filled with nice people. unfortunately it's now an authoritarian country. justin trudeau's government has outlawed independent journalism in canada. the government requires journalists possess the journalism license. to get that license, a journalist has to report favorably on justin trudeau's government. rebel news is one of canada's few honest news outlets, did not get a license. that's called censorship. it's not surprising. last year justin trudeau tried to have rebel news banned from covering a debate in canada and a judge overturned the ban and allowed a reporter inside the debate all. here's justin trudeau responded. >> the reality is organizations, organizations like yours but continue to spread misinformation and
5:50 pm
disinformation on the science around vaccines, are on how we're going to actually get through this pandemic and be there for each other and keep our kids safe is part of why we are seeing such unfortunate anger and lack of understanding of basic science. quite frankly you are -- i won't call it a media organization. >> tucker: so you criticize me therefore you shouldn't be able to talk. the guy is a fascist just to be totally clear. the founder of rebel news joins us. thanks for coming on. it's one of those stories that's hard to believe. reading it as a longtime fan of your country this could be allowed to happen and we overstated it? >> it's not yet illegal to do journalism without the license, it's a government license called the qualified canadian journalism organization license. a government panel reviews you. they spent one year reviewing rebel news looking through more
5:51 pm
than 100 of our stories. a panel of five people in secret -- we don't even know what they said or did or what they looked at and they claim that only 1% of our stories are news so we don't get the license. we are not outlawed but there's all sorts of sticks and carrots that come with it. for example just last week, trudeau announced he is going to compel facebook and google to downright nonlicensed journalist like us and boost his trusted friendly journalists. so we are going to be hidden and he's going to compel the internet giants to punish us. he's also changing the income tax act to punish us. if you have a government license, you are -- your subscribers can write off their subscription at tax time. if you're an undefended journalist like us, no dice. of course there are hundreds of millions of dollars that he is posing with a fire hose at his trusted license journalists and he's compelling google and facebook to fund journalists
5:52 pm
too. now you have literally 99% of canadian media companies that are dependent on justin trudeau and soon google and facebook for a huge chunk of their revenues, there's no way those journalists can be free and independent. we are not banned yet although we are banned from government events, as you said. i'm worried that he has done all this in two years. the worst is yet to come. he may well ban us yet. >> tucker: if he is forcing the tech monopolies to downgrade your content, it's a distinction without a difference. you are banned from reaching readers. my question is one about the rest of canadian media? they are going along with this? is anyone at the cdc defending you? any of your newspapers? >> 1500 canadian news media companies are on the tape. they don't have the journalism licenses but they are taking money from trudeau.
5:53 pm
special $61 million payment to them right before the election. none of them reported that. 1500 news media companies cut up a 61 million-dollar gift. none of them reported that. so since they are innovative, they can't very well reported and they certainly can't very well object to it. it used to be that the liberals of canada were for civil rights and free speech and separation of government and the media. those days are done. you can count on one hand the independent media left in the country and trudeau hates them. we were the ones who cover the trucker rebellion, as you know and trudeau hated the truckers because they were the one group that opposed him. he hates us for the same reason. he sees the bank account of truckers without legal process. if he is gone this far into years, by the time he finishes his term three years from now, i am worried he is going to start to treat us like the truckers. will he sees our bank accounts? will he ask google and facebook to delist us altogether? i know that sounds paranoid but
5:54 pm
so far he's done everything he threatened he would do. >> tucker: it's china. they are so fragile. you are one little news organization and they can't stand it. tells you a lot. ezra, thank you so much for coming on. godspeed. we are rooting for you for sure. if you are superstitious, joe biden may have just gotten some very good news in iowa today. [laughs] every night, it's unbelievable. tonight really is. we'll be right back.
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>> tucker: joe biden appeared in public again and mother nature weighed in. here's joe biden and menlo, iowa today. watch. >> at the center of our efforts to build a future that's made in america and that's not hyperbole. it's about being made in america. >> this industry. >> tucker: [laughs]
6:00 pm
so the avian community weighed in and just defecated on joe biden. they say it was corn. we are not experts in this field. we will let you judge. we will be back. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying pomposity's smugness and groupthink. >> sean: welcome to hannity and we begin with the fox news alert, a manhunt is underway for the gunman who opened fire on the new york city subway this morning shooting ten people injuring many others and breaking tonight person of trust has finally been identified. apparently they had broken cameras in the subway system here will bring you a live update. a person of interest. more bad news for you. i would rather report good news but we don't have any. inflation is completely and totally out of control. the consumer price index rose a


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