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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 13, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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violent rants to youtube. this is just part of one. >> i've been through a lot of [bleep]. what i can say come i wanted to kill people.d i wanted to watch them die in front of my [bleep] face purity but i thought about the fact that i don't want to go to [bleep] [bleep]. >> laura: that is it for us tonight, gutfeld next. ♪ ♪ [screaming] >> todd: a fox news alert massive manhunt for the gunman accused of firing 33 shots and deploying smoke grenades on new york city subway train. at least 29 people suffering injuries from the violent attack including a 12-year-old child. ten of the victims were shot. >> carley: police identifying this man, 62-year-old frank james as a person of interest in the tuesday morning rampage. the nypd finding this abandoned
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you all just 5 miles from the scene. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro and on high alert with no arrest made. >> carley: us live with the scene laura. >> hey, carley, new york city is on high alert. the trains are running this morning and heavy police presence almost 24 hours after chaos erupted on the subway part. the focus on the investigation right now is aggressive search for frank james who is still being called a person of interest. the police say it was 62-year-old frank james who rented the u-haul van and i'll associated with the shooting that left ten people with gunshot wounds and several others injured from the chaos that ensued. dropped from the scene and containing fireworks, a hatchet, and decimated smoke and extended
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families and two designated smoke and the commute around 8:30 a.m. and the supreme court of the station witness to say a man wearing neon orange construction vest, neon hoodie and helmet with a gas mask set off the smoke grenades and then unleashed a hail of bullets. they recovered 33 shows and passengers described a frightening scene. >> four or five faces squished me and the door 19 banging smoke is filling up and there is nothing i can do. that is the worst feeling of my entire life. and i think i closed my eyes at times. >> investigators are asking people within the cell phone videos to come forward, anything to i.d. the shooter. there were no working video cameras and three subway
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stations. former nyt commissioner ray kelly coles that a pulling. >> it is absolutely indefensible in this day and age. we have got a lot of money coming out of the federal government, lot of money to the p.a. and this is something that should have been prepared. >> and at the place a frank james person of interest rented a van in philadelphia. they say he has connections to wisconsin. he posted a video with apocalyptic grant against the world. he complained of social media of homelessness and mayor eric ew york among other things, back to you carley. >> todd: thank you very much let's bring in the director, chris, what is law enforcement doing right now as we speak to find this guy? >> social media postings and is on computer have been to his
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house, his van and the other place may have frequented people in his social network. any mobile phones and anything with memory, texting up in the clouds, his emails here they were so much more you can look at these days you have to have a lead management system. people run out and actually chase down those leads. that takes a two person team usually pure and interviewing witnesses, processing the crime scene and generally running to manhunt. there was a lot of things going on right now. i suspect there are some things they are pretty hot on his trail. we may see an apprehension in the next 24 hours. >> carley: frank james the person of interest in this case was reportedly known to the fbi. he was entered into the guardian lead system in new mexico and then cleared after multiple interviews in 2019.
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what can you tell about us about the system? what does that mean? >> that system came in when i was in the bureau after 9/11. we needed a system that the field leads that did not rise to the level of a case or did not have enough information to rise to the level where a case where preliminary inquiry could be opened. the guard system was presented for the outcome the threat assessment system spirit of fair information comes in. it is sort of triaged within the guardian system and back at headquarters and the leads fielded out to whatever field offices appropriate to handle it. so that means some type of information came in that was ominous enough that they sent it out for actual boots on the ground to chase the lead down. >> todd: to follow-up to carley's question, he was taken off the fbi's radar system in 2019. why does someone come off of the
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radar in the first place? it seems if there was reason enough to be concerned about him, that concern just doesn't go away. >> we see this time and time again and as an attorney at been involved in these types of cases and those leads are washed out too quickly and still a threat. various reasons. you can't find enough information to rise to the level and enough predication to open up a case and how much information you need to open up official fbi investigation and they don't scratch you enough or turn over all the rocks but sort of do it in a rogue fashion because so many leads come in. i hope that is not the case here, but we have seen it with other cases. and other cases, high profile
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involving their shooters >> carley: there is rising crime and the subway system. something eric adams tries to target, obviously what happened yesterday. it will be a massive black mark on his efforts to do just that. it looks like a number with the murder of 33.3%, of 14%, and what can be done to get these numbers down? >> it is so sad because new york city really lead the innovation in the 90s under chief bill bratton to reduce crime and to take very proactive measures. a whole host of different things. to reduce crime and target the small percentage of violent criminals responsible for the large percentage of the violent crime and going after them. that is all a thing of the past. the administration wiped that out two years. in so many different ways across
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the city's spirit in you really need to get back to just basic policing on the ground. put these officers back on the street. given them the tools to do the job to come from people to engage in suspicious activity in to get out of their car and talk to people. that is just not happening because officers are just not going to take the risk. they have been branded as racist and people who want to get up in the morning and go out and shoot somebody. that is not the case. so all of these proactive techniques have been taken off of the table and officers really come i can't blame them. are concerned about their own liability. so let's get back to real policing and actually deter crimes and put officers in uniforms with their guns in the subways in places where we are starting see this overwhelming increase in crime. let's put them out there to deter crime. >> todd: the overall feel really is that late '80s, early '90s feel when the city
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was basically running amok with violence and juliann came in and specifically this case. what are they doing right now to prevent a copycat? >> let's go back to the last question the mayor has talked a big game but will know he's done very little to enhance officers on the ground. copycat, that is a fear all the time. when these things happen, they tend to get a little viral. there is another sort of side effect of this lawlessness that has been permitted around the country, people ordinary criminals are people that have a beef and have their own ideology but they have a reason to go out and take action because it is okay wrapped around a cause and certain progressives look at that as a just cause. so you commit violence, burning down buildings, taking over entire city blocks, shooting
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each other. as long as it is a cause, it is justified. that is where i think you see people like this that may not ordinarily take action are actually incentivized were able to go out and do stuff like this. >> todd: it is a chilling point and chris swecker, thank you very much. a fox news alert, tornadoes through central texas and 12 in the hospital with one person in critical condition. first responders picking up the pieces left behind by two twisters and bell county. trees, power lines, buildings reduced to rubble there appeared in the meantime multiple reported tornadoes touching down in iowa as severe storm also brings flooding and large hail across the midwest. >> carley: inflation in america shattering another record with a large consumer price index topping 8.5%. president biden said he's doing everything in his power to bring prices down. >> todd: but biden still focused on blaming vladimir putin criticizing saying the bakehouse needs to
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look at their own policies. >> carley: live in washington. >> good morning, guys. president biden with first trip since the 2020 election to iowa, he blamed the spike in gas prices on vladimir putin. >> i will not wait to take action to help the american family. i will do everything in my power by executive action action to bring down the prices. 8.5% spike in consumer price index. the largest jump in over 40 years. this is how the price of everyday goods, gas is up 50%, electricity 11%. the price of used cars up 5%, hotels 29%, payroll 6.8% and housing 8.5%. not news for the viewers because they shop every day and expect inflation but to address the spike in gas prices, biden said tuesday in iowa, he was issuing temporary emergency waiver to
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allow up to 15% ethanol and gasoline rather than usual 10% land. the white house estimates will reduce the price by 10% gnomic percent a gallon. back in february said ethanol is likely a much bigger at contributor of a mission thin straight gasoline. governor ron desantis had not just be ate alone to blame for the spike in prices but the white house and congress too. >> when you are printing trillions and trillions of dollars, the idea that you can do that without being any consequences is completely foolhardy. >> back to biden waiver only 2% of gas stations nationwide currently carry 50% of mexican ethanol and gas. >> carley: 2% but it will fix everything. luke is thank you so much. former white house chief of staff mark metal said there is a simple solution for americans who are not happy with this administration. watch this. >> we don't have to live with
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this. there is a election in november and there are a lot of people not in love with the green new deal. the best people to make decisions are on main street. not on pennsylvania avenue in terms of success. and ultimately, what we need to do is make sure that we put the power back into the hands of men and women on main street and let them do what they do best because i can tell you, joe biden's economy is one that will not last. >> todd: even some democrats at the white house they'll response to the inflation spike. senator joe manchin putting out a statement saying "when will this all end?" this inflation is a new phenomenon. the federal reserve failed to act fast enough. instead of acting boldly come elected leaders continue to respond with half measures and rhetorical failures searching for where to lay the blame. texas isn't the only state where
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illegal migrants are being secretly dropped off. florida governor ron desantis said his state is being overwhelmed and is doing something about it. >> carley: brooke singman has the details with multiple governors with the biden policies, broke. >> hey, good morning, guys. governor ron desantis with pushing illegal migrants out of florida with $12 million approved for the state's new budget. the office telling fox news, it is not the responsibility of the responsibility of floridians to subsidize aliens to reside in our state. we did not consent to biden's own borders agenda. greg abbott is promising to bus illegal migrants directly from texas to washington, d.c. he has ordered the state department of public safety to increase vehicles and order force of entry. despite calling the step unnecessary, agents in the field disagree. >> this is an example right here where we are at their have to
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shut down because stepping with action. that is why it these trucks truckers in mexico do not want to wait in line for more inspections that not only benefit texas but the entire country to make sure these vehicles are safe. >> a delegation of house republicans getting a firsthand glimpse of the southern border crisis. in title 42 to be lifted next month, border agents are not shy and say the rule of law is being tarnished. listen. >> there is no threat at all of being sent back or removed then the floodgates, you know, the floodgates are already open. >> and homeland security predicts 18,000 migrant apprehensions of the day the title 42 expulsion which would mean half a million illegal migrants crossing the southern
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border, carley and todd. >> carley: brooke singman thank you. mike pence said the diversity of virginia with president biden's policies with the woke left, listen. the most troubling developments this past year has been the biden administration biden administration all-encompassing assault on culture and values. in the biden administration wokism is running amok in our public schools and universities. patriotic education is replaced by political indoctrination. >> mike pence slimming critical race theory saying washington race and the united states should rejected. >> todd: the new jersey curriculum to allow gender identity lessons and classrooms with a major push back. new jersey congressman and democrat jeff van drew saying this on "the story." >> this is awful. i don't know what we are doing with americans so many different ways. if i told you the number of
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years ago this was actually going to happen in our public schools, you wouldn't believe it. >> intro plans to introduce his own legislation called "my child, my choice," with lessons on gender identity. >> carley: now to this americans mourning the loss of comedy religion gilbert gottfried. >> he is a, he is a and do you know what a is? anyway, you don't belong here. you belong in the six grade. >> carley: he died from a heart abnormality and was involved in comedy since he was 15 years old. he was also well known for his role as in "the aladdin." the most iconic voice in comedy. gilbert godfrey was 67 years old. >> todd: just to shame. he was a good guy.
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>> carley: pennsylvania lawmakers passed a bill to ensure fairness for female athletes, but there is one big problem here of the democrat governor, congressman fred keller joins us next to discuss. >> todd: take a look, carley. can you spot the problem with his famous work of art? you can't, right? you don't see an issue. the woke mob found a reason to be offended by it. i will tell you why trace gallagher slapped a warning on this masterpiece.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert, president biden accusing vladimir putin of committing genocide in ukraine. >> carley: chris jane doe met griff jenkins live. >> good morning, you are right the president has been hesitant to use this term for the first time describing the atrocities in ukraine as before. watch. >> i called this before because it has become clear that putin is trying to wipe out those in ukraine. we learn more and more about the devastation and we will let the
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lawyers decide whether it qualifies but it seems that way to me. >> todd: president zelenskyy plotting the escalation rhetoric tweeting to words of a true leader. the president of the united states calling things by their names is essential to stand up to evil. this as ukraine's interior ministry said the bodies of at least 727 islands have been identified in bucha and kyiv region with hundreds more still missing. new satellite images with russian forces redeploying and moving into eastern ukraine and of the new donbas region in and the south more shelling and fighting. meanwhile ukrainian forces capture alexander a pro-russian ukrainian lawmaker accused of spying for the kremlin and likely candidate for future public regime. and he also claims putin is his daughter's godfather. >> he has been hiding for 48
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days and finally decided to try to escape from her country. i think it is especially cynical to use military camouflage. he tried to disguise himself like that. >> todd: and new information from the pentagon. senior defense minister telling fox news they consider sending m-17 helicopters to ukraine that can be used to fight and part of a new $750 million aid package as to whether or not those chemical weapons were used the pentagon said they are still investigating and not confirming it. todd and carley. >> carley: griff if the administration willing to send helicopters why not the migs and why not the distinction there? >> that is a good question, carley and it came up in the pentagon briefing. they say they are not opposed to ukraine necessarily receiving those mig writers but obviously the way it was originally going
1:26 am
to happen under poland to go to germany to airbase, that is something that has never worked out but one thing that is interesting that we will be watching is that the president escalates that rhetoric to call whatever bucha genocide and perhaps the helicopters, which obviously, fighting aerial vehicles whether or not that may change and you get the news in the coming days on the mig fighters. >> todd: q wonder what consequences will attach to the president using that word genocide and human rights, talking all the stuff. what will the consequences before putin going forward. that is what the world is waiting to see. griff jenkins, thank you very much. president biden and vladimir put in for skyrocketing inflation rather than taking responsibility for his own policies. >> carley: fred keller is a member of the house intelligence committee and joins us live right now.
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congressman looking at that date and russia invaded ukraine february 24th and in january inflation up 7.5%. so the biden administration keeps calling this a putin price hike. in your mind, perspective, what is really going on here? >> actually in reality and reality is the poor policies of the biden administration that started on day one. you don't have anything that is produced in america, made in america and the president without american energy. and we need american energy peer that is really the assault since day one by the president shutting down the pipeline, stopping leases, getting us back in the paris claimant accord. aunt energy independence. >> todd: obviously biden has no answer other than putin. and dana perino said yesterday it becomes uncomfortable after a while because if nothing else. every time he says that, doesn't
1:28 am
he just proved to the american people he has no solutions for the problem that quite frankly he in large part caused? >> they have no solutions. i remember something my grandmother taught me people who make excuses or weak purity we want to see some strength. we are not saying that from the administration. he needs to -- you mentioned rhetoric when it came to ukraine. we need to end the rhetoric and have some action whether inflation, whether people want to do bad things around the globe. we need to let them know we are serious and america is back. >> carley: the president took some action yesterday. he was in iowa and announced a solution allowing people to buy ethanol 15, 15% ethanol and the gas over the summer usually but that is banned in the summer months because there is some concern it could lead to smog. what do you make of this? will this move the needle at all and coming from a president who
1:29 am
is concerned about climate change and making this move? >> if he was really doing everything he could do like he said he was doing, he would open keystone xl pipeline. he would let other pipelines be built. he would move restrictions on federal land. he would get us out of paris claimant and of course that would bring down the prices. action to show america's back when it comes to energy. >> todd: the house preventing transgender females to the mat compete in sports. but isn't this all about fairness for women and young girls who were trying to play these sports? >> well, yeah. when we look at what needs to happen, people should be able to compete in a fair environment. if you want to stand up for the rights of women to compete in sports, we should allow women to compete in sports and meant to compete in men sports. >> carley: governor tom wolf,
1:30 am
he reacted to it in a statement. he said absolutely not going to signed this legislation. transphobic legislation and republicans in the general assembly are wasting time to do the same in pennsylvania. it won't get past my desk. what is your response to that? >> well, i wish they would follow the signs when it comes to men and women. it is xxxy. if they want to follow that science, that is what it is. women should compete in a women's sports men and men sports pier that is why we have women and men sports. you know, the governor needs to get back to things that will be good for all pennsylvanians. it is not in thing but simply saying that we will allow people to compete with their environment. >> how big will to say should be become midterms? will this force registered democrats to vote republican like we saw in virginia this past november?
1:31 am
>> i think there is a lot of issues that are going to make people vote for republicans over democrats simply because democrats want to try to blur the line on every issue and blame someone else. when really the issue is people want to get out and they want our government to do the responsible thing and not telling boys and girls who to compete against. really what it is, let's have energy prices and trust the people to run their lines. let's have parents to have a choice over kids education and get government out of the way. that is what people want. >> carley: certainly an issue in line for today. thank you for joining us today. >> think you come appreciated. >> carley: the postal service santa monica, california, too dangerous to deliver the mail. the next guest lives 10 minutes away venice beach and sirens and gunshots have become the norm across the state. her message to the people in charge is coming up next. >> todd: and responding to criticism over $6 million
1:32 am
mansion, but guess who isn't talking about it? yes, you guessed it, the mainstream media. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: here is a shocker, matron news wicker turning blind eye to black lives matter mansion. abc, cbs, msnbc have not spent a second covering the story. "new york magazine" rebilling bom global network foundation bout 6500 square-foot mansion in southern california with cash back october 2020. patrisse cullors precofounder a racist and sexist attack on the organization, carley. >> carley: crime with the community getting so bad that the u.s. postal service refusing to deliver the mail over fear of
1:38 am
carrier safety and venice resident and member of the public health and safety committee joins me now, good morning to you. this is happening santa monica close to where you live. it is a nice area and there were three attacks on mail carriers. so now the postal service is saying, we will not send any more people to deliver the mail. the residents have to pick it up at the post office. what is your reaction to this? >> that is right here that is just a little bit of insight into our life in los angeles. we have been faced with spiral in crime. it is funny because the mail is something you take for granted. the model is nothing will stop them from delivering, snow or rain, but crime has appeared you figure that crime has affected the daily life. we have been on a permanent luck bound for the past few years, we have been inside due to covid. now we have been forced inside
1:39 am
due to crime and criminals taking over. >> carley: i just heard you told producers right before the segment started that you hear people fighting outside of your house right now? >> that is right. i can hear somebody yelling on the street. i'm a block off abbot kinney and as late as 2016 "forbes" magazine as one of the coolest streets in america. but last week and somebody was shot 100 feet from my home. he was killed. this was about 1:00 a.m. the police did not find the body until 1:00 a.m. and eight crime scene but that's his daily life in los angeles these days. >> carley: it shouldn't be daily life in los angeles. you talked about a murder and said it didn't even make the news because it happens so often that people have become numb to the violence. when did you start noticing a shift may change from an increase in violence? this has been going on for some time now.
1:40 am
>> it started over the past year and a half and really when georgia and the l.a. county district attorney took over a period somebody who announced on day one it would not prosecute criminal spirit so that is really what has happened here. there is no fear of justice for these criminals and serious repeat offenders without fear of jail. and under what we call right now about 50% of the l.a. county voters dis- approve of the job he is doing and really it is because of rampant crime. >> carley: and another poll 56% of california residents are concerned on a daily basis. that crime might happen to them and that might be impacted by violence. what needs to change? >> well, luckily 2022, we have elections coming up in los angeles. we will have the ability to elect a new mayor, city
1:41 am
attorney. i'm somebody who spent most of my life as a democrat. unfortunately, we are now getting voted for it. i hope people wake up and relates we need strong leaders, people that will protect us. >> carley: democrats and republicans crime hits equally and you see people switch sides and want change because of the issue. soledad ursua thank you for joining us, please stay safe come appreciated. >> thank you. >> carley: you are very welcome matata. >> todd: people worry about stuff like this london art gallery and taking a woke label to a famous work of art. this painting -- i did not take art history in college. now a message, due to the unsettling days and look at that man in the background. wow the galleries website "her enigmatic expression is unsettling especially as she appears to be interacting with a male customer who is shown in
1:42 am
the mirror." if we could pop that back up, again i don't study art critically, but i can tell you my don't even know what they were talking about, do you? >> carley: i have no idea. although it is 2022 and there is a lot going on. this one still surprises me. >> todd: is this error number one concern right now in the world? i give up you are the illegal immigrants getting free cell phones and free flights on the american taxpayers dimes but republicans have a plan to change that. running for governor in the keys stone state will join us to explain now. >> carley: aunt elon musk, the action being taken against a building error after snapped up a major stake in the high-tech company. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: welcome back. joe rogan and bill railing against twitter and the media for dismissing the wuhan lab. >> for months you could not even mention it. that is certainly something open to question them here or there was this lab in wuhan studying krona vices. someone could have walked out with you on the show.
1:48 am
we can even look into that? for twitter to take that off that to me was a huge, red flag. crazy? >> it was crazy because it wasn't resolved. it wasn't resolved. >> carley: crazy, indeed, joining joe rogan on the on the joe rogan experience. and also speculated that the left giving credence and came from the very thought of it being racist. several top virologist and cdc director robert redfield have said it likely escaped from a lab in wuhan. elon musk is facing a lawsuit from former twitter shareholders. they claim elon musk failed to quickly disclose his 5% stake in twitter when required to do so by u.s. security laws. the former shareholder said musk profiting off of the rice in twitter stock which shot up after musk made his announcement
1:49 am
pure the billionaire required to report his investment within ten days of acquisition back in march but allegedly reported over a week late. and revolver news journalist darren beatty said the stakes are incredibly high for elon musk because the twitter takeover would take some of the power away from big tech. >> higher regime depends on holding a total monopoly over what elon musk calls the global public square. anyone who threatens that steps into territory that is not a normal, financial realm. twitter is not a normal company. and so elon needs to be prepared for what is coming. it would be one of the few things that is not fake and not perform based. it would amount to effectively a declaration of war on our corrupt and illegitimate regime. speed to musk full no longer
1:50 am
join the board of directors but will work with them to make significant improvement to the platform in the coming months. something to watch, taught over to you. >> todd: 18,000 to cross the border per day once the biden administration ends title 42. republicans in pennsylvania to tech a fee on to money transfers made by illegal immigrants to help ease the burden on taxpayers. gubernatorial candidate and sponsor of legislation in pennsylvania senator doug mansion joins us now. doug interesting concept but how does that work? >> good morning, todd, thank you for having me on. basically we have every state, the biden administration flying in illegals and small airports direct flights dropping off buses and picking them up and they disappear in the state. obviously, this is killing our state and putting a heavy burden on the taxpayers. what we will do is put 2% remittance fee, money transfers and most illegals paid under the
1:51 am
table because illegal. so their money going into the hands and shifting out of the country $17 billion a year. so my goal here is to actually make them pay up since skipping taxes and we will use that money estimated about $80 million a year to help relieve property tax cost to the elderly. >> carley: any sense how much the elderly person could stand to gain from this? >> i'm hoping to reduce property tax bill by at least half. we have 10,000 homes a year in pennsylvania lost mostly by the elderly because ridiculous property taxes that increase every year. >> todd: force a sale and that shouldn't be the case. kamala harris morning climate change is really hurting workers in your great state of pennsylvania as she completely ignores the fact that inflation is destroying everybody right now. take a listen. >> the danger posed by extreme heat has been ignored and
1:52 am
overlooked for four to long. and that danger is only increasing because as we know, climate change has become a climate crisis. >> todd: doug, i don't know what following the news lately because it's my job but is heat really the number one issue facing pennsylvania workers? >> [laughter] absolutely not. the danger posed by her high inflation is killing our people. the danger posed by energy prices through the roof because of their failed policy. why would they send kamala harris to deal with hardworking blue-collar workers to do jobs in philadelphia? anything she puts her hands to fails like the border or ukraine. i'm surprised a little cackle to lighten up the mood. >> todd: we could double in the cackle later. do the voters by this attempt by the vice president and by the white house on the whole to deflect from the real issues? let's face it inflation is the
1:53 am
issue facing all of us right now. and the white house is trying to hunt by saying it is putin's bold. >> we don't buy it. this is ridiculous. i really think people like kamala harris and biden with cognitive ability and out of touch with the border in pennsylvania and around the nation. that is why we see a big red wave this fall and it will be beautiful. >> todd: you are running but not necessarily federal election but a state that all eyes are on because it is a swing state. all eyes are on pennsylvania so we will see what happens. what are you hearing from the borders on day in and day out basis? are they worried about heat or are they worried about putting food on the table? >> and it's not a sound bite. i may retired army colonel. traveling at the state, people are worried about the future of their kids. they are worried about adoption in schools, and worried about how they will heat their houses
1:54 am
this past winter and summer coming up here. how to keep things together. that is the number one issue. >> todd: that is to your point people in pennsylvania and throughout the country especially the northeast and northern part of the country is worried about heating their homes, not climate change. yes arguably an issue, but right now people are facing a real emergency in their wallets, and their pocketbooks, and they wanted solved. doug mastriano keep us posted on your campaign. it is interesting to see how it pans out, thank you for your time, sir. >> god bless you. >> todd: thank you for your service. democrats focus on climate agenda and americans are focused on gas prices, krispy kreme now joining moore to provide relief than the white houses. one of the company's top officials about that. >> carley: plus brian brenberg, joe concha, all here live in the next hour of "fox & friends first." don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [screaming] >> todd: a fox news alert, a massive manhunt underway for the gunman accused of firing at least 33 shots with employing smoke grenades on the new york subway system. and many suffering from the violent attack including a 5-year-old child. ten of those victims shot. >> carley: they identify 62-year-old frank james and the tuesday morning rampage. the nypd finding this have this abandoned u-haul 5 miles from the scene. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i am todd piro and the entire city on alert with no arrest made. lauren green with the very latest, lauren. >> hey, todd, even though the


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