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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 13, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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out of time. don't know what happened to the hour. glad you joined us for it. we'll back tomorrow night, the show that is the sworn enemy of line come up pomposity, and groupthink. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we begin with the fox news alert, the 45th president of the united states donald j. trump will join us live in just a moment for an exclusive interview. the president will weigh and obviously on the economy, on inflation, energy, open borders, ukraine, china, so much more. but first, big news from the president's hometown of new york city, or former hometown, where a man named frank james has been apprehended after allegedly firing over 30 rounds into a crowded subway and
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brooklyn, new york, shooting ten commuters. tonight, the perpetrators twisted motives and ideology are coming into focus on what a series of deranged videos filled with violent rhetoric posted on youtube while james was brilliant against white people, asian americans, jewish americans, hispanic americans, and the united states of america. even trash joe biden supreme court nominee, judge jackson, because she "married a white man." he also filmed himself on the streets of new york screaming racial slurs at asians and hispanics as they walked by telling them, they shouldn't exist. and according to social media, he was also a big supporter of louis farrakhan of the nation of islam. naturally this story will be swept under the rug by the media mob. i guess frank james probably won't fit their political narrative. one disappointed former host tweeted "police say the suspect as a male black."
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how about we just get the bad guy and we protect the good guys, all people. anyway, we will give president trump's reaction to this attack, the deteriorating conditions in america's major cities, law and order, safety, security, can't pursue happiness without it. first, more bad news from biden's disastrous economy. he thought it was bad yesterday, we can now report brand-new numbers out today. wholesale prices have surged by a whopping 11.2%. this is the highest increase year-over-year, ever, and history. it was 1.6%. it will be passed on to the consumer. wholesale price increases are paid by the people like us that by retail. look at your screen. wholesale prices have been rising during the entire biden presidency month after month,
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worse and worse, and if not vladimir putin's fault. just like inflation like we showed you last night also has been on a steep incline ever since the day joe biden was sworn in. as you can see right there, that is why they were rising way before vladimir before vladimir putin invaded ukraine. this is an excuse, these are three big lies told by joe biden and of course, his minions in the media mob. keep in mind when donald trump left office, an average gallon of gasoline at the pump was $2.42. inflation was only 1.4%, not 8.5. and clearly biden's green new deal, climate alarmist socialist agenda is an unmitigated disaster. you don't have to graduate from harvard or mit to figure that out. he killed the keystone xl pipeline. by the way, the premier and alberta made the statement that
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had he not stopped production, it would be finished by now. and we would be importing 900,000 barrels of oil, canadian oil, every single day. we can get back to building it and get that oil. even help our friends in western europe. they spent trillions of dollars on handouts. the economy is now suffering in every way imaginable and about to get worse. as we predicted right here, we told you on monday at the numbers are coming out tuesday and wednesday. we told you that jen psaki, joe biden and company would be full of excuses starting with blaming vladimir. let's take a look. >> to the president that acknowledge any responsibility for the inflation we are seeing now based on the decision he made coming into office? >> as the president have talked about quite a bit, there's a range of factors including the pandemic, the impact on the supply chain, and what we tried to do from the beginning is take steps to address that.
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such a significant driver of this data and an increase in energy prices over the last month plus since the invasion of ukraine. that is based on data we have seen out there. our effort and focus has been to try to address it and take medication prices down like numbers when we can. >> sean: it she would be great on msnbc, because they never tell the truth. she's not fooling anybody. look at this poll out today. a plurality of americans think biden is the most responsible for the spike in gas prices and of course the record high inflation. more new numbers today. it found that they are pulling and showing joe biden's approval rating as its lowest point ever. 33%. only 26% of independents approve of joe biden. today, five different polls have biden underwater by double digits. americans are not happy. biden's religious climate
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alarmist policies have been a nightmare. but instead of going to the simple answer, changing course, admitting failure, the biden administration just doubles down on what is not working. today biden's treasury secretary vowed to redouble her efforts to d carbonite is our economy. no, we should be drilling, we should be fracking, and we should be extracting coal. that is the lifeblood of the world's economy. but why go for the obvious? take a look. >> we confirmed that our window of opportunity to leave our planet worthy of our children and our grandchildren is even closer -- we must redouble our efforts to d carbonized our economies. recognizing the countries we use a range of tools including carbon pricing, regulation, and subsidies we achieve reduction.
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the one they d carbonized and we become more dependent on, let's see, russia, iran, opec, venezuela. not a good plan for national security reasons. in other words, even less domestic production of the lifeblood of our economy, which is oil, gas, et cetera. because that will continue to rise every single week, every single month for every single american. what is the definition of insanity? is that doing the same dumb thing over and over again and expecting a different result? they don't care if you suffer, they don't care if you have trouble paying your bills, they don't care if your life gets worse, they don't care about the high cost of a gallon of gasoline. they just lecture you on driving less and getting electric cars. most people can afford. their religious climate alarmist call -- that is the only thing that matters. your sacrifice is but a small price to pay. here with the action now, author of what is going to be a very important fake book defeating
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big government socialism, saving america's future. by the way, we will put it up on as well. that really is what we are battling against here. when you look at the actual policy, it is socialism, is it not? >> what you have is a combination of big government socialism and a kind of woke and a secular religion. the problem that biden has is that he can't break loose from it. you know, i know, most people in the country know there are ways to solve these problems that make life better for america and they make america a stronger country. all of those solutions just drive the big government socialist and the left crazy. so biden sits there and does more of what doesn't work and
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then tries to blame a putin or somebody, the big corporations. there's always somebody else. i was struck the other day that the biden presidency might be called from the basement to the by central, because if you watch him, he spends every weekend bicycling. he's not engaged. he's not helping the people of ukraine. he certainly not solving our problems. he doesn't seem to be even aware of how bad the border is to ourselves. the crime problem, which propped up again in new york today in a very vivid and powerful way doesn't seem to affect him. you have to wonder, what kind of total cocoon are they living under that they don't realize -- we are drifting towards a disaster. and the american people are going to fire him. >> even on covid, they ran out of tests over christmas. how did that happen?
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that's almost an impossibility as we enter year three. the economy, i read the numbers, a disaster. energy policies -- it was $2.42 a gallon under donald trump. i pay for 79 a gallon this weekend. he left it at 1.4. hold price is highest ever, wholesale prices, 11.2. donald trump left it at 1.6. these are not small changes. every major economist is now suggesting we are going to hit a recession and it is going to be bad. the only way that i see that they can get out of this is go back to trump's policies. we know that is not going to happen. >> and that's the whole problem. everything which works, which is what ronald reagan did, what we did with the contract with america and what president trump did come all of those things are obvious. and we know they work. but if you are in the secular religion of the left and you get
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together with your friends and do you think that figuring out which pronoun to use is more important than solving crime or you figure out that brainwashing third-graders about transgender behavior is more important than controlling the border, just go down the list. by any historic standards, these people are crazy. i don't think they can change because i think they are crazy and i think if biden tried to change, they would've rubbed overnight and you would have an extraordinary civil war. >> sean: they have joe's approval rating at 33%. they have his approval with independence at 26%. recent polls have shown a demographics which of african-americans and hispanic americans towards the republican party. then you've got the bad economy,
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that is impacting everybody. the disastrous afghanistan withdraw and frankly a lack of urgency as it relates to ukraine in providing ammunitions to beat back vladimir putin's forces without one american boot on the ground. >> let me start by pointing out that when hillary clinton offered advice, her husband lost 53 seats and for the first time in 40 years, the republicans controlled the house. that was their first term. when barack obama last week offered his advice, he lost 63 seats and lost control of the house. so having them offer advice on the election i thought was terrific and i hope that they take their advice. it would be a total disaster. the poll is pretty obvious. i filled up my truck the other day and it was about $85, i have
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a hybrid. so mine is slightly cheaper. she paid $91 to fill up her car. appeared to go the grocery store and the prices of all gone up. one of the folks i worked with said they are not even going to try to buy a stake in the near future because it is absurd lead to expensive. we have an avian flu that is leading the killing of nearly millions of chickens. wheat is going to go up dramatically. so when you look around, if you are a normal everyday person and you don't understand you are supposed to believe whatever brainwashing "the new york times" or "the washington post" put out this morning, you go in and you are seeing real problems making ends meet. and you start hearing about a recession. a recession in this economy coming right after covid would be extraordinarily painful. and one person they are going to blame for it.
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that is joe biden. they're not going to go out there and sit and scratch their head and think gee, i wonder how this happened? they are not going to believe that putin did it. >> that brings us to your book, defeating big government socialism out in just a couple of weeks. i mean, that really captures the moment that we are in because that is the ideological battle that we are now going through as a country, isn't it? >> sure. i think president trump selection set fireballs among everybody on the hard left because he was a real change agent. he was moving us back towards the america that works. you were pointing out the numbers a while ago, they are outstanding the things he achieved in four years despite the elite media, despite the fbi, despite the whole bureaucracy fighting him. he nonetheless achieved amazing things. and the country was in pretty good shape just before covid head. i think of trump was still in charge, they would be back in
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very good shape right now. we know how to solve these problems. and i think what i try to point out and defeating big government socialism, this is a moment not just to talk about the incompetence of a handful of leaders. this is a moment to recognize that the very core values they believe in do not work. that this is a values and philosophy problem and that those folks have got to be defeated decisively and get america back on the right track creating jobs, stable money, controlling the border, controlling criminals, doing something like favoring the innocent victim over the criminal. that seems like it is common sense unless of course you are on the woke left and you have some really weird idea about how the world works. >> sean: it well said. they could probably use a lesson or maybe take a page out of 1994. i was there that night when you did become speaker. i was the mc. and it may be time for putting
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the signature to paper and promise what you will do if given the opportunity to serve the american people. mr. speaker, we look forward to having the first interview and thank you for being with us. a reminder, president trump will join us in just a moment. but first, we turn to yet another preventable crisis made worse by the blooded administration as we speak to southern border -- it continues to spiral out of control and will only get worse when the biden administration outlives what we've been talking about, title 42. which would make it harder for the federal government to get a true sense of the crisis. take a look at this very powerful exchange from congressman chip roy of texas and jerry nadler of new york. take a look. >> my colleague from texas mocked the focus by some of my colleagues on the need to have title 42. as if it is not causing rampant flow across our border.
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cartels making hundred millions of dollars. the chairman's golf spirit has the chairman bed in the last year to the border of texas and met with border patrol agents, gone down and talk to the people that are sitting there looking at what is actually happening? >> will the gentleman yield? is the chairman saying that there is no little girls getting attacked in texas? >> sean: governor greg abbott making good on his brown eyes earlier that week to send the illegal immigrants to washington, d.c. as you can see right there, arrived in capitol hill earlier today. jen psaki couldn't care less. take a listen to her. >> the migrants arrived. texas governor greg abbott making good on the promise. i think he previously called it
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a publicity stunt. is that still the view of the white house? >> these are all migrants who have been processed and are free to travel. it is nice the state of texas is helping them get to their final destination as they await the outcome of their immigration proceedings. >> sean: government rob desantis is warning them to not go to the state of florida telling them that life will not be easy for them in the assumption state. he promised us on the illegal immigrants to delaware. here with more, florida senator marco rubio. a senator, not only joe biden's policies, but they are also involved in human trafficking because they are literally transporting illegal immigrants into every state around the country. and then just leading them there and then it becomes the responsibility of the state to provide food, water, shelter, medical treatment, health care, and education.
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most states can't afford it. >> that's right. what is happening here -- that is the tip of the iceberg. there is this pelosi puppet, this congresswoman that chuck schumer handpicked to run against me. she is in favor to completely open borders. not aborting people even if they are gang members. as a result of these stances, this is the speaker that he is on just a moment ago and talks about how this is about values, principles, and they are wacky. these are radical ideas. what you are seeing come of the images you are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg of the kind of agenda of these people want to follow. no country in the world would allow the lawlessness that we have. >> we just talked with newt gingrich about the border disaster, the afghanistan withdrawal disaster, the lack of urgency in ukraine, the economy,
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the 40 year high inflation. wholesale prices setting a new record, 40 iraq rate of inflation. energy now double what it was under donald trump when joe biden inherited energy independence. crime is out of control. it joe biden even ran out of covid tests around christmas going into the third year of a pandemic. i don't know how you can do any worse than that. >> if you look at major issues in front of this country, everything is worse than it was when joe biden took over. and frankly that is why new people so. i'm asking them to go to marco because i'm being outraised -- this movement from the left know that they can't win the election. obviously they have a lot of help from the mainstream media. any peoples help to fight back against this because they don't want to hear that story. they don't want people here in the reality on every issue, our national security, we are
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substantially worse off today than we were january of last year when joe biden took over on everything. the one your election is critical. this is a bellwether election year because it is florida for the senate, i'm talking about specifically. it is georgia, north and south carolina, new hampshire, pennsylvania, missouri, ohio. it is wisconsin, it is nevada, it is arizona. it doesn't get any more bellwether and it is alaska hopefully kelly tshibaka can win up there. it doesn't get any more bellwether center. your election is critical. >> florida has a special place in their heart. our state legislature. i think is a special place in their heart, they really, really want to win these races in florida. i'm just asking everyone to go to marco because i need your help. it is a bellwether stage. they've embarrassed the performance of blue states and
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blue cities across the country. they are desperate to win some races here in florida and they are pouring a lot of money into it. >> sean: think he was always for being with us. we will be checking in throughout the campaign. the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump is with us. mr. president, great to have you back. how are you? >> i am very good, thank you, sean. >> sean: yesterday inflation rose to the highest number in 41 years, 8.5%. when you left office, it was 1.4%. today we learned wholesale prices are at the highest they have ever been at 11.2%. when you left office, it was 1.6%. the price of an average gallon of gasoline when you left office was $2.42 and now, while i paid this weekend, $4.79 a gallon to fill up my own tank. what happens, mr. president?
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>> i think a lot has to do with the fact that the energy, you talk about the barrel price or the price per gallon for cars, it is so much. we actually had it down to about a dollar 87 a gallon and that was -- he made a great deal because it's five, six, even $7 in some places. take a look at your contract. i just think that the energy is such a big factor and it is driving everything else up and we are stopping production and closing up a well that we are going to venezuela and we are asking them -- a dictator that everybody was supposed to despise. we are asking them for oil and we have, i call that we have liquid gold right under our feet, john. and we are going to other countries. we are getting it from -- and
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directly we are getting it from russia. let numbers nobody has ever gone before, by the way. we have to create tremendous amounts of oil, gas, and let it be clean and the environment last year was record-setting clean water and air. you look at the air, it was record-setting. you look at the water, it was record-setting. and yet we were at stopping from functioning. >> sean: mr. president, asked you about this the last time you were on, joe biden inherited in america that was energy independent. and he inherited america that was an exporter of energy. as i said when you -- it was $2.42 a gallon good we are now setting record high after record high in terms of a gallon of
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gasoline. he made a good point. he put all these policies in place, kill the keystone xl pipeline, the alberta premier said it would be 900,000 barrels of canadian oil. which would be a good deal for america at this point. we wouldn't need to import oil as joe did last year from russia and iran. i want to get into what the solution is. they won't even consider going back to and adopting your successful policies. and i want to hone in on this. let's start with iran alone. let's deal with iran that would give them tens of billions of dollars, reportedly take the revolutionary guard off the no-fly list, reportedly allow vladimir putin, who is negotiating the deal, to build a nuclear facility. importing oil from the iranians. would you ever make that deal with the iranian government?
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>> ended a terrible deal, but it was better the one and they are looking to do now. they are looking to do a deal even worse, if that's possible. the one thing you did say is that israel is in tremendous peril, tremendous danger if this happens. it is a very quick road map for them to have a nuclear weapon, a lot of nuclear weapons. i can't imagine that it is going to be allowed to happen, what they are doing in congress, and what biden is doing. i can't imagine that they would allow this to happen, sean. this could very well be the end of israel. a lot of people are saying that too. i must perhaps something happens where israel is going to have to take up the fight. but it is a terrible situation. i told china, you can't buy any oil until we make a deal. had we won the selection, which we did, and we had it put in place are left in place, we would've had absolutely -- first of all, we wouldn't have had the
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ukraine situation with russia. but we also wouldn't have china buying massive, massive numbers, record-setting numbers of barrels of oil from iran, which is making iran very, very rich. i told china come if you are going to buy my from them, we are not doing business with china. 500, $8 billion. the other thing i did in terms of china is between taxes and tariffs, we took in hundreds of billions of dollars from china that has never happened before. they never paid any president since then. but we are on the wrong side of everything. we have inflation. it wouldn't have happened. we have ukraine, wouldn't have happened. you will probably have taiwan, that never would've happened. none of the stuff would've happened. and some of it has to do with energy. even the war, the barrel of oil -- you know, it is money, money, money. you need money, money, and
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money. it is very simple. the numbers are the highest they are at history. so putin, whether he sells it directly or indirectly, is selling for more money that he's ever sold before. they are taking an massive amounts of money in russia despite the disaster that is going on in ukraine, and it does a very, very -- it is a horrible thing to watch, horrible. if you really look at it, even the energy is involved with the ukraine situation because the amount of money being made is so enormous and we could be doing not in our country with, as i said, the liquid gold that we have more of than anybody. >> sean: you told a story about -- well, i showed the video of you basically excoriating the head of nato and saying how stupid nato was being when nato was literally -- we were spending more dollars, more
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per gdp percentage then all of these nato allied countries. we are protecting them from russia, germany, and all these other countries are making russia and putin rich again. which you said would backfire on them. you are very strong in your statements. you handed angela merkel the white flag, a surrender, and she said, what is this work? you can pick it up from there. >> i told them that you can't make a deal with russia where you are going to get, in my opinion, 78-80% of your energy. it wasn't 40, it was close to 80% of their energy from russia and all you have to do is look at history. take a look at world war i and world war ii. now you take a look at what is going on right now and i did, i have the white flag of surrender. i said it means that russia has
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you exactly where they want to do for a century. that is where they have got you. and you are making a terrible mistake. the other thing i did is i and at the pipeline going into germany, going into europe. which was the russian pipeline going into all of europe, but going into specifically and mostly germany. and i ended up. biden came along and almost from the first day he approved it, but he ended the keystone pipeline which is our pipeline. so figure that one out. >> sean: let me put up -- just to put to bed what i call this the big lie, and the big liars every month as we get new numbers on consumer price index, year-over-year inflation. again, when you left inflation was at 1.4%. wholesale prices, 1.6. a gallon of gas, 2.42. you left at 1.4, 1.4% with
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inflation, consumer price index. right now it is 8.5. that top line is when joe biden put office. ucl quickly at rose. if you look at the gas price surge under president biden, you see that first out of line is when biden takes office and you see the steady increase. you left it at a 2.52, then they try to blame putin and ukraine. and we will put that gas prices up there as well. today's number on inflation, wholesale prices. you are at 1.26%. mr. president, the bloomberg came out with an estimate that the average american household is going to pay $5,200 a year in
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biden's inflation tax. the poor and the middle class in this country, mr. president, or as you call them, the forgotten men and women, they cannot afford that type of money. they are not going to be able to survive if this continues. if you are president, what would you do? >> what you are saying is all -- it sounds very easy and very simple. not actually that simple, but i will tell you, this is like the biggest tax increase in history. if you look at what inflation is doing, and i saw number today that wages can go up, but they are nowhere near what is being taken out of families by peer inflation across the gas come out across the gasoline, cross of everything. and then the supply chain does she go to stores and they are haft empty. you go to luxury stores or nonluxury stores or
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supermarkets. these shelves are, in some cases, half bear. and nobody has ever seen it. we didn't even have to discuss supply chain during my administration because it was the perfect moving machine. it was beautiful. we created the greatest economy in the history of the world. we created an economy that was better than any economy in history. then we got hit with the china virus and after the china virus we had one of the best jobs in the world of doing everything including operation warp speed and everything that that entails. the therapeutics, the vaccines. and everything we did -- they messed it up with the mandate and they absolutely were killing our country with the mandates which had never happened. >> mr. president -- >> it was so sad to hear. it was a self-inflicted wound. the inflation, loss of energy independence. it is so sad to watch. and add to that what is going on
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in ukraine. that is what is happening in ukraine. people have never seen anything like that before. >> sean: let me go back to the campaign. because this is not happening by accident. i want to play this for you so you are a reminder. by the way, the few moments he was actually out of his basement and out of the media mob protection program and actually had to speak a few words, watch what he's saying. this is all by design in his own words. >> we are all dead. i want you to just take a look. you don't have to agree. but i want you to look in my eyes. i guarantee you, i guarantee you we are going to end fossil fuel and i'm not going to cooperate. >> are there any big place for fossil fuels including: fracking
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in the biden administration? >> we would work it out, we would make sure it is eliminated. >> i will end all fossil fuels. look at my eyes, i promise you. obviously this is by design. and we see the result of these policies. i don't see any help he is going to change these policies. most economists now say this is going to turn into a full-blown recession and maybe worse. what do you see if he doesn't change course? >> he actually said that at the end of the debate and then chris wallace saved him, remember when i said oh, wait a minute, he admitted to all of this? and they try to take it back and chris wallace was a terrible commentator saved him. but he has been saying this indirectly for a long time. the problem with it is that if you don't go to fossil.
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we are talking about, and many cases, they have clean coal. they have natural gas, which is very -- we include nuclear, we include many other things in there. but if you don't go to the kind of things that you've been living with for a period of time, they don't have the power to fuel our great factories and to bloom our great businesses. today i saw a big story that there are millions and millions of dollars that are being charged on windmills because they are killing eagles. they are killing the bald eagle and other eagles and other birds and we have these windmills all over the place and the environmentalists pretend they love them, but they are really hurting our country. driving down values, absolutely killing us. one of the most expensive forms of energy. the turbines are made in china or germany, so they get the advantage of that. it is ridiculous. but the real problem is that if
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you go green, you go green, you don't have the power to fuel our great factories, manufacturing plants, and all of the things that we do and that we are known for. germany is a mess right now. it is not working and it is not working at all and it wouldn't work for us either. we would have to get rid of 25% of our businesses and close factories all over the place. it doesn't have the power, the technology is not there yet, and possibly will really never be there. >> mr. president, when you look at the latest poll numbers, joe biden is underwater and double digits on almost every major issue. it is not a conservative poll by any means as you know, how does approval rating today at 33%. 26% among independents in america. recent polls have shown a dramatic demographic decline for
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african-americans and hispanic americans in terms of their support for joe biden. what do you read into that? >> nobody can be surprised. you look at the border, they used to talk about 2 billion people. i think you could have 10 billion people. if you really knew the real numbers coming in, you could have 40, 50, 60 million people coming over this four year period. that is a major portion of our country coming. it is by three times, four times new york city. it is crazy what they are doing. there is just no justification for it. we don't know who these people that are coming -- we don't know who they are. why would we give up energy independence? all joe would've had to do is leave it alone. we never had a drumming of the border, we had the most secure border we have ever had. the wall was almost complete. it took 2.5 years to get it started.
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and mostly done by democrats and democrats in congress. i want them all. they started the wall, it was just about -- in three weeks it would've been finished. and they don't want to do it. they are letting people invade our country. this is an invasion of our country. and the other thing, and it can't be said strongly enough, it really started to going, as horrible as the border was, there's never been anything worse for any country. you could take a third world country, fourth world country, nobody has ever allowed people to invade their country like it is happening to us. we have no idea who the people are. they are terrorists, there are many jails being emptied for many countries. last week it was 129 different countries. people entered from those countries. 129 countries and they are emptying out their jails into the united states of america. it is a tragedy what is going on. a big point, big time in this country, the greatest
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embarrassment to the history of our country was the way we surrendered in afghanistan. and i was getting us out with dignity, with strength. the taliban was listening to me very strongly. they weren't doing anything against us. we were going to get out with dignity and strength. when we got out, many shoulders who had just been obliterated. people don't talk about. we left american hostages end. and frankly, you talk about better than any show on television, because you are one of the few people not even mentioned it. we left $85 million worth of the best military equipment anywhere in the world. $2.5 trillion. we have the most powerful nuclear force in the world. in many ways, we had stuff that -- it was 50 years old.
6:41 pm
we did everything. and by the way, when putin talked about nuclear, everybody shies away. they don't want to talk. this is a that is taking place. we have the strongest most capable nuclear anywhere in the world because of what i did, i report that. we literally had no idea whether or not it even worked. and as i said, because of the power, because of the awesome power and strength, i hated to do it. but we had no choice. we have more -- we have as powerful or more powerful then he has. and people shouldn't be pushing us around. it is so sad when you see tens of thousands of people dying. finally giving accurate numbers. it's far greater than the numbers you heard in ukraine. we are being pushed around and we shouldn't be pushed around. the 11 thing president zelensky made very clear, and i see this
6:42 pm
for myself, i really think this is very simple. no american boots on the ground, that is part of the trumpet doctrine. the reagan doctrine is no boots on the ground provide allied nations the ability, the weaponry so they can fight their own war. the ukrainians have shown that they are willing to fight. they need the weaponry to do so. i don't see nato stepping up with the degree of urgency i think they need to or western europe or the united states either. i don't know why joe has this mysterious reluctance and resistance to allow poland to give president zelensky in ukraine -- especially when you look at the devastation. we have mass graves, and essence of humans being slaughtered in the street. we have tired of neighborhoods leveled. we have war crimes and atrocities that have been chronicled.
6:43 pm
mariupol is wiped out. i asked you the last time you were on whether you think this is evil in our time, do you believe this is evil in our time? >> and 100 years people are going to look back and they are going to say, how did we stand back which in many lies -- don't forget, i rebuilt nato. because when i became president, the first thing i noticed when i went there to the first meeting was that most of the countries were not paying -- they were paying far less than they were supposed to. there were only 8 out of 28 countries that were paid in full. the united states was not only one of them. we were making up the deficit in order to protect europe. we were paying possibly 80% of nato to protect them and then they take advantage of us because our trade -- they are every bit as bad as china. they treated us very badly. we changed a lot of that around. i asked, how many chevrolets are
6:44 pm
you selling this month in munich or berlin? and looked at me and said, probably none. and i said, you are exactly right. none. and yet we had the mercedes-benz, the volkswagens come all of them. we had all of the german companies. the same thing with farmers. farmers selling virtually nothing to europe. you take a look at what we sell and yet we take their product. we treated very broadly and we defended them and we really -- if you look at the real numbers, i bet it was close to 80%. if you don't pay, we are not going to defend you. and as soon as i said that, we took in the hundreds of billions of dollars. nato became rich. it was not even -- it would not have been sustainable. you wouldn't be in a position now of giving them a rifle, let alone billions of dollars worth of equipment. so we had a big impact and by
6:45 pm
the way, that was an impact against russia. the pipeline was against russia. the sanctions were against russia. then i listen to the fakeness al, president trump left russia, and he didn't do much about russia. i stopped the pipeline, the biggest thing they've ever done done. i created a powerful -- they weren't paying. and nobody did sanctions like i did. so with all of that being said, when i look at what is happening, it's never would've happened under the trump administration. regardless of strength one way or the other. i knew putin really well. we talked about it. we talked about it a lot. he did want to ukraine, but i said, you are not going into ukraine. he would never have gone into ukraine. and president xi of china would never have even thought about going into taiwan. not during the trump administration. and even the radical left crazy people, the radical left
6:46 pm
actually mostly agrees with that. they actually say that. and i said -- on nbc, fakeness, they said the other day, why didn't any of the stuff happened in the trump administration? and they could not answer that question. but i can tell you why, putin never would've done it, never. >> obviously you said things to vladimir putin and president xi that you've never revealed. would you ever reveal it? >> probably sometime. they might reveal it before i do. but you know, i get along with both of them. with russia -- look, remember this. it's not easy. i have the russia, russia, russia holds which made it difficult to deal with russia. and putin understood that too. a total shift so big for our country. but despite that, i got along with him. we understood each other.
6:47 pm
and i got along very well with president xi, made one of the greatest deals ever made. until the china virus came in. that was a bridge too far. that was in as far as i was considered. china taking advantage of the united states from the day they started dealing with us from the day, it was horrible. it was a horrible thing that happened. $500 billion a year for many, many years. with the taxes, with the tariffs. we had to fight for it because we had guys like republicans and all of the democrats -- but this is why it's not running anymore. he would've gotten shellac in pennsylvania. but some of these people -- they didn't want to charge china anything. i said, why wouldn't you tax
6:48 pm
them when they are taxing us? china puts massive tariffs on us. but he didn't want -- i'm not just talking about him, others. i call these stupid people. they are allowed to do it to us, but we are not allowed to do it to them. is that what it is? >> yes, that is called free-trade. i said no, that is called stupid trade. we created the greatest economy in history. the greatest economy in history. african american, asian american, everybody, women, every single person, every group, every category was at the highest level we were ever at. and we were taking china to the cleaners. we were brewing much better, much faster. we had to slow it down and then we did it all over again and when i handed it back, the stock market was higher than it was at the time we got hit. but that period of time prior to
6:49 pm
the china virus, there has never been, in the history of this world, and economy that was moving along like that economy. it was the greatest in history for everybody. >> sean: one report out this week, vladimir pruden will make more selling oil and gas this year are estimated to $315 billion. obviously that will fund the war effort against ukraine. and after watching putin invade ukraine, do you believe president xi will try to take taiwan? he's shown a lot of aggression over their airspace, keeps talking about reunification. that would be a takeover. so do you think is the bigger geopolitical threat? russia or china? >> because of the mass of the economy of because of the amount of building that they are doing up there military, you take a look at the number of planes
6:50 pm
they have built, brand-new aircraft carriers, we have much more than them right now. within five years, they will have caught us and russia and us are the two biggest. but they will of god is within five years. what they are doing with their money, with their wealth, the wealth that they are making and spending, like the island they are building, they are building a fortress. they said to everybody no, this was the housing development. i said how come you have the longest runway have ever seen? he doesn't need a runway that is 20,000 feet long. why are you doing that? they never really had a good answer. i always have to say, they are both very difficult because of nuclear -- that sets everything apart. that puts it to a different perspective. if you look overall including the economy, china is a massive economy. russia is a big economy, but much smaller.
6:51 pm
you've got to watch both of them very carefully. what they did as they did the all-time worst thing that could happen. they drove, because of energy and other reasons, and stupidity, they drove russia, china together. that is something that never could have happened. because they did the all-time worst thing. they drove those two big monsters together. >> sean: it is about to happen not only china and russia together, but now i ran. as bad as the obama deal was with iran, they're not talking about a far worse deal and joe wants to import oil from iran and he is begging opec and he is dealing with the murdering thug dictator in venezuela by sending emissaries to venezuela. things i know you would never do. let me ask this question, the media mob got angry for you saying pruden should release information on the bidens.
6:52 pm
now we do know that hunter biden, we know about the laptop that has been validated. we know the grand jury has been convenient. millions and millions of dollars from a russian oligarch, the former first lady of moscow. $100,000 shopping spree with chinese national. also according to peter schweizer, millions more. he got money for a brand-new sports car from a caustic oligarch. then you have joe biden on tape. got impeached over ukraine. and joe biden breaking that he leveraged 1 billion u.s. taxpayer dollars and demanded a ukrainian prosecutor get fired and the prosecutor was investigating his son being paid millions, the son that went on morning america admitting no experience in oil, gas, energy and ukraine. should we be looking into the potential that the biotin -- joe biden's president. doing these deals and had
6:53 pm
involvement with hunter biden. we had evidence that in fact they lied when he said he never talked to his son about these dealings. do you what i'll believe it is a possibility that joe biden could be compromised by these countries because i do. >> of course. when you look at what happened with "the new york post" which really stood out to all and i think they really -- i believe it's the oldest newspaper in this country. they really went out. and you know what, they were essentially shut down. people are still saying that. but had that story come out and now two weeks ago "the new york times" came out and essentially admitted that what they did was wrong and they came out of nowhere without one. it made del mike would've made a 17-point difference. i've got millions of come again know, we did much better in the second election than we did in the first election. this would've been 17 points additionally in the election.
6:54 pm
so what they did is probably the largest campaign contribution never made if you think about it. they suppressed and artificially suppress the vote and probably illegally suppress the vote and nobody wants to talk about it. but it does a very dangerous thing. what they do is they used prosecutors -- look, i've gone through five years more investigations than al capone, jesse james, and billy the kid put together. if i fly over a democrat state in my airplane, and up before a grand jury. it's a disgrace bear the people of this country aren't going to take it. they have weaponized law enforcement essentially. they have weaponized the ag's in the states and the attorney general's and the district attorneys. i mean, it is such a horrible thing that they are doing.
6:55 pm
and i just don't think the people of the country are going to take it. based on the past, i think probably nothing will happen. look, we also had a chance, but bill barr, the attorney general, didn't want to be impeached. they were vicious with him. they are sad, we are going to impeach you. they didn't even know why. he didn't want to be impeached. how do you not to get impeached? you sit back and relax and wait for your term to end. it was a sad thing on a sad day for our country. but you know what? had bill barr at the courage, a lot of this would've been taken care of. >> wrote a letter to that effect and had a bill barr have the courage to do what he should have done instead of being
6:56 pm
worried about. get impeached. i went up a lot in the polls when i got impeached, you have to get up each day may be. but he was so afraid of being impeached that he refused to do his job and that includes some the things that you're talking about. >> i would say that we have criminalized political differences i don't believe that we have equal justice and equal application of our laws, our mutual friends say it's a post-constitutional america i would hope that that's not the case we save this great republic -- are you think of running into thousand 24? i don't know if you give me the answer but you say you'd probably be happy with the answer, some people will be happy with the answer. but here's a question that i do have for you. if you were president now that you've had some time to reflect on your presidency and i'm sure
6:57 pm
that you are think about whether it's the right thing for you and your family. i know many people in this audience want you to run again. one thing that you would do differently a second time around? >> there's many things that we do differently we had a incredible administration with rebuilding the military and warp speed think of this. i think one of the things i would do differently i found the media is so corrupt that would really not focus on them almost at all, i just focus on getting the job done for the american people. you cater to the media, you deal with the media. you're very dishonest, they write the opposite things, they have sources that aren't sources. there an unbelievably dishonest hence the name fake news.
6:58 pm
i think really i focused on getting the job done, getting our country back, our country has never been in a position than it is right now with different respected all over the world. we know longer have respect. i would really be focused on that just bring in our country back and getting it back to what we had it. the fact that we've never seen, we've never been more respected them and were two years ago as a country. >> am i hearing you right? he would ignore the media for the most part i'm focused on cleaning up the mess that joe biden has created. by the way it's only a year and a couple of months and all of those been done. this can be an awful lot of work to do i would argue on the one hand that it's simple. bring back the border policy, the economic policies, your energy policies, piece of strange policies. if you brought all of those things back, law and order for example. when you be a fairly quick
6:59 pm
change in dramatic change year into a second term when they be dramatically different america? we have about one minute. >> the energy has to come back and it can come back very strongly on if you ever heard the term dig we must. we have to get our energy back, we have to get the price is way down, that will make a lot less money especially if you look at what's happening with russia. almost by itself would stop the war and we have a lot of things that we can do and we do them fairly quickly and if we don't do a morgan of a country left with the close the borders, with the people, and only legally. we have so many things. there's never been so much destruction done to this country so quickly. >> mr. president we always thank you for being with us i can't say this one last thing you've been on the phone with us
7:00 pm
for about 40 minutes, someone around there i can tell this country that joe biden would be totally, completely incapable of discussion like this. that speaks volumes they get so much for being with us. okay that's all the time we have left for us this evening set your dvr never missed an episode let not your heart be troubled. the ingraham angle's next we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> laura: this is the ingraham angle from washington. we begin tonight with a question. why are government officials and the media hiding the truth about the new york subway shooter? late last night the disturbing video posted online by the now arrested suspect frank james appeared online and they speak for themselves. his ramblings are those of a man who seems to be gearing up for a race war. youtube posting just a month ago, he said white people and black people