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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 13, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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increase the chances of developing serious infections and may causebser existingnd parasitic skin infestations or preexisting chances to worsen. newmyer places where certain clinical studies and potch approval most common side for i'm speechless. thanksapoq to the african well that's what friends are for. ask your veterinarian for athi qunol next to young as well as a dog best friend. goo good evening. welcome to tucker carlson site. during the morning rush hour yesterday in new york city, a man wearing a hoodie threw a smoke bomb. the subway train pulled out a gun and then shot ten people. in the end, dozens were injured. a horrifying crime. police have finally arrested the suspect who did so today. wo we're learning a lot more about him. but first we want to go new y tk new york city for a quickhe update on this story.ic shawn is eric shawn is standing by for us .
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>> tucker , tonight . this is a city relieved mayor eric adams and police simply saying we got him moments ago. >> frank robert james was stopped on the street and arrested by members of the new york city police departmentd officers in response i to a crimestoppers tip stoppedn mr. james at one forty two p.m. at the corner of st. mark's place and first avenue he manhattan. he was taken into custody without incident and has been h transported to an nypd facility . he will be charged with committing yesterday's >>palling crime in brooklyn.. his arrest history in new york is nine prior arrests dating from 1990 to the 1998. those include possession of burglary tools four times criminal act theft of service w two times. he was arrested on a new jersey warrant. a he also has a criminal tampering. has t he has three arrestshr in neww
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jersey. new jersey in 1991, 1992, 1991, 1992 and 2007. they are for trespass, larceny >> hdisorderly conduct. sixty two year old frank james callrrested after a phonee to the tip line crimestoppers to new york city police officer spotted james and put himim in handcuffs as he stood in the street in manhattan's lower east side in the east village, officers respond to the mcdonald's. he's not in the mcdonald's. they start driving around t the neighborhood looking for him. they see him on the corner of st. marksok first and they take him into custody. >> he james, who has lived in the midwest, has a full history on social media ranting about public issues from crimesm and racism to homelessness. mel and his videos, james saidce he received mental health services that madead him more dangerous, claiming k he wanted to kill everything h in sight. and it turns out he is a repeat offender with nine prior arrests from acts to trespassing, authorities say
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james set off to smoke bombs in that subway car then firedts off thirty three shots from a glock nine millimeter handgung that he bought in a columbus, ohio pawnshop in 2011. used james reportedly bought a subway metrocard and used it to ride a subway eight hours after the shooting. but tonight , thanks toooti anna eaglenk new yorker and the work of the nypd, james is behind bars. >> tucker erickson, thank you . so what should we think if the story was we should say at the outset that not every tragedy has obvioust lessons? d we are hesitant to draw quick and dirty political conclusions ,particularly partisan ones or something bad did happen. not everyan oow mudslide in srie or cyclone in ohio l is the result of climate change there. but it's still interesting to know a lot more about the man who apparently committed this crime, frank james. who was he ? it what did he think? well, it turns out that for years frank james posted black supremacist rants on his youtube channel all to see
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some of these videos date back to 2013 and continue very recently he uploaded within the last few days overnight the journalists, andy know,th unearthed a number of these posts. you can go findesand them online. we're not going to show them to you, but we want to review some expert excerpts so youne have some idea of what this mans was thinking in one video he posted on youtube, james declares that quotela, whiteeo people and black people as we call ourselves should not have any contact with each other. blacks and whites so-called should not even be in the same hemisphere. james seemed especially enraged that can tunji brown jackson joe biden supreme court pick had married a white man, quote i had no idea that she would be married to a white man or black sister. supreme court justice power to the people is married to an effing whiteice man. called f in other post, james called for violence against people on the basis of the skin color. in one video, james says for example, that quote the white v mfa's that i want to kill. i really want to kill them because they're white. on
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pretty direct about his feelings on that. on facebook he posted the meme that said quote oh , black , please kill all the whites. why was he so angry? will james explain that himself? notself. "the vast majority of quote the vast majority ofpl people white mfa's arason he'd h seen that on cnn and he c believed it. ned long there were signs long before the shooting yesterday that james was dangerousha and e might act out against other people. in one instance, james filmed himself shouting racial epithets at people on the street, quote ifel you and your white to you and mfr and to throw that in for good luck, i don't listen to white racist mfr. they do exist. they do exist. could g we couldo go on and on and on etext asians too disgusting. so this guy was a racist. he was not a white supremacist and that might surprise youus because joe biden and some of , e shills who worked for him including the attorney general and the head of dhs haveto told us again and again and again
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in the new york times has confirmed this again and again and again that white supremacists, right wing trumpmp voters are the number one terror threat in the united states of america. >> here's biden. we must confront and defeat political extremism, white supremacy and domestic terrorism. white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat according to united states intelligence community, domestic terrorists and from white supremacists is the most lethal terrorist threat in the homelands. ucker:t what a liar he is. liar. yeah, there are racists of all colors in this country, but white supremacys. is not the mae threat we face.t racial animus of all kinds is t not the main threathreat we we k and in fact this joe biden took office or has not been a single deadly attack by a white supremacist or killing uncommon at the same time as joe biden took office, a blm q supporter rammed his car into a barricaded at the capitol, murdered a police officer. and then another blm reporter ran over dozens of people, including children at
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christmas parade in wisconsin, waukesha killing six people. r many more remained most recently at blm supporter and by the way, an honoreeecppof the barack obama foundation tried to assassinate a mayoral candidate in kentucky. again, most people who commit acts of violence like this are. mentally ill. so there isn't always an obviouss political lesson. ck but if, you take three steps back , maybe if the entire news media tells youou every day of a your life that america hates you because off your skin color, you might respond to that at a certain point. dn't we why wouldn't you? why wouldn't we see more crimes like this ?? they're being abetted and effectively encouragedde by the biden administration and the american news media. obviously. rybody. and it's bad for everybody of all colors showing racees. hatr, suspicion, anxiety is terriblen, for our country and they'rele doing it every single day for d us .r is cooper is the cochairman project twenty one's national advisory board. he joins us tonight. thanks so muchth for coming on . i always feel guilty about drawing quick conclusions from
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tragedies like this one and i'm sure we'll learn a lot more about it. but when a guy like this is on film himself saying things, it could be essentially scriptsr from an msnbc show.elf, you have to kind of ask yourself like is that rhetoric having an effect on people's mental health will you have to ask that kind of a question. tha the sad tragedy is there were americans on a subway who were the subject of the hate, bileo, and bigotry of this individual y .ou now look, i will tell you this and i've been observing there has been a growing effortt on the part ofhe the jokesters o make a claim and a slur and a slender about america. america as a country was founded on an amazing concept that we noted in the declaration of independence that all men are created equal
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within a hundred years of our founding we had more americans lose their life than had have in any other war fulfilling that and yet then t within another 100 years, less thanrs a hundred years, a man like martin luther king stood he did not use woke tropes. what he said was the declaration of independence had powercl. omething tha it had meaning. it is something that's important to each and every one of us what the slender and the lie is, is that we don't think that every american is equal, that we don't think that one group or two groups can be judge solely by their skin color. today those jokesters say out in the media and sometimes frome
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the white house pulpit that you can look at one group of human beings, white americansum and assume whatever ill, whatever evil, what ever terrible motivations about them possible simply by looking at them . that is called bigotry 101 and oh and by the way, the more you do it, the more you get of it. well, that's exactly right. you're effectively sowing race hatred.r: and my worry is my wor and they, doing it for political reasons so they can get an advantage in the next election. butt what are the long term effects like? that's a wound that doesn't heal quickly. >> well, absolutely not. racism has always been a poison bigger tree has always beento understood. it is notod innatee even though if you go too uc berkeley they might make some kind of here is m claim. here is what's actually being pursued.
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i call it the racial into nomine heresy. he the theory that there areor people that they can misbehave, they can blow subways, they can run their car down over people and we're going to overlook that as somehow we're making up for past mistreatment. all that we're signaling by that behavior is that more people should do it. so shame on the new york times ,shame cnn and shame on joe biden foram lying to america.o . i came on your program and i asked declassifyy the information showing that white american men are the real threat. it's a lie s a lie and it's a slur against america. it's so funny and everyone knows it's a lie but it's not so okay. okay. such liars. such liars. com horace coope i appreciate coming on .inou thank you so much. declassified it me so
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apparently frank james and we're working on limited information here. but according to news reports, frank james came into contact b and have been interviewed by the fbi apparently had prior arrests. we read today he was on a watch list at one point james galianot was the head of. fbi's crisis management program in new york city, also served as a swat team commander ne operatorterror on the elite hostage rescue team and fbi. he joins us tonight. james, thanks so much for coming on . so thesese the reports that we have read , we can't verify them. >> you think they're true ? and if so, what does it mean? well, first of all, thanks for having me on . this is it's good news today that frank james was apprehended and i have fullth faith in the nypd, the fbi, atf and the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms for coordinator making the arrest. the fact that this individual showed up on a radar going back to 2016 with omar mateen and the pulse nightclub s shooting people as well, these folks have been interviewed.
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why retain custody? unfortunately, you know, we'vewe got this pesky'v fourth amendmea thing in the united states. it makes it really difficult. people say high parabolic i things. i listen as you read through that slew of bigoted l and awful online ranting that this individual had posted a lotot of times it's difficult. you can do knock and talk. you can interview somebody. youur they can be on your radart but you can't keep them under perpetual surveillance. and unfortunately in a country like. l the united states with three hundred and twenty seven million people and only 1200027 fbi agents, it makes it tough to make sure that something like this doesn't happen. t i thinkha that's right. to i mean, that sounds entirely fair explanation to me . wondering about the security cameras in the new york city subway system. there are many thousands of cameras down there. we're learning that it just soth happens that the cameras at this scene were not working. what do you take from that ? yeah,ak so we've come a long way with technology in law enforcement going back to the early 20th century, we figured out blood typing and in
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thirties we had latent fingerprint evidence recovery-- and in nineteen eighty seven nineteen eighty eight dna. now everyoneve and is so accustd to a one hour tv drama wherera the crime occurs. it's investigator and it's adjudicated and the person goes to jail in one neat 60 minute package doesn't always work. that way. the five boroughs in new york about three hundred and twenty square miles. and tucker, i would submitil that the vast majority of that is blanketed with either governmental meaning policeas surveillance cameras or private bodega owner or shop stewards have cameras out there. the problem that thirty sixth street station, the twenty fifth street station here appears to be and again i'm just looking at reports related to wi-fi in a server issue. so the film footage was captured. it just wasn't able to be transferred expeditiously to the peopled it needed, which ws one police headquarters and the fbi office at twenty six federal plaza in lower manhattan. the he cameras were operating.
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we some ofvi the video yet. yet. that's correct because it'd be a little is it the cameras didn't work outside epstein cell and at the shooting but you made me feel better knowing that it's not that big a dealat this thanks so muche for coming on to explain all that . i appreciate it. m thanks for having me on , tucker . thanks so millions of foreign nationals have streamed into our country over our southern border. the biden administration has welcomed them here completely transforming the united states, texass could shut it down, of course their they could send their national guard there without that provoking a confrontation maybe. would it be worth it? obviously guathere. rovo. but they're not doing that and said they're sending migrants to washington, d.c. on busses. let's solve the problem. could it just be political theater j? you decid well, youe. decide we've got a report from the scene straight aheadot on a day withot
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call right now call 855 one four two five nine six inke the last year and a half to fight administration has welcomed millions of illegal migrants foreign nationals be here toht too sweep over our border whenever they want once they've arrivedhe . the white house has sent many of them to places all over the country states like o l new york and florida. a lot of these foreign nationals are coming too the state of texas and finally
10:21 pm
the state has decided to try and stop it foxes lookma as thompson has a story for us tonight. hey, lucas . hey, tucker . last week texas governor greg abbott said he would send illegall immigrants right here in the nation's capital . the first bus arrived just after 8:00 a.m. earlier today.ed twenty three illegal immigrants stepped off that chartered bus paid for by the texas taxpayer. nineteen men for women disembarked and two small children were among the nearly two dozen who left del rio saturday afternoon at four p.m. one of the private security contractors toldri me they drove the 17 hundred mileses to the nation's capital without stopping to spend the nightn in a hotel. h none of the migrants were from mexico. someone from some nicaragua and hadai family waiting for them with a bus pulled up just a fewew blocs from the u.s. capitol , spoke to another group of venezuela who said they want to gove toex miami next . >> one migrant described his journey. don't miss venezuela. venezuela month. it's because more colombia. but i said, well, are you going
10:22 pm
to do some panama? but when i'm up costa rica, costa rica, nicaragua, nicaragua, honduras and guatemala, guatemala, my governor added blame the white house for dropping off illegal migrants in towns across texas d d. texas. >> texas is providing charter busses to send these illegal t immigrantshe who have been t dropped off by the bush administration to washingtonhete d.c. we are sending them to the united states s capitol whee the bush administration will be able too more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowed to come across our border. >> the governor's office sayser another bus is already making its way up here in the nation'sc capital tucker. look at thomas enforced. thanks so much for that . so moving a bus of twenty three illegal aliens into washington, d.c. it's almost like a meme. one is moving back to the countries they came from. e why not take the texas national guard and keep them from coming
10:23 pm
into our country? oh , that's too hard. but texas is apparently taking some steps to slow the massiveta surge of migration about to hit this country. it's about to get even bigger a todd benjamin just wrote a piece about what texas is doing. he's the author of america's border wars, also senior national security fellow at the center for immigration studiesgh joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on . pardon my skepticism about this theater going on . it's greatly frustrating toer people in other parts of the country that texas hasn't just shut down its own borderwn since. it always talks b about how it's a country but the state is doing something you say to slow this border surge. what is it doingngrder surge.? right. well, i agree. i think that the busing of migrants to washington, d.c. is a bit of a sideshowit to the man event, which is that the abbott administrationad is shutting don trade with mexico. they're saying that they're doing it with enhanced safety inspections at the border and all these the biggest ports of entry in america actually for trucking laredo
10:24 pm
and also far from el paso as well, just shutting those bridges down with inspections essentially. and they won'ty. say exactlyly what i think they want to say, which is we're going to do this to you, mexico, until you clean up your side of the border of the mass migration that's coming now. it's comin to me it seems like e a leverage point. i think that they that theyve a hoping to get the biden administration and the mexican governors to respond to this . it is proving to be a major muscle that the texas that the t state of texas is able to flex and they have a deal now reportedly with the governor of nuevo leone who is going toly announce shortly some kind of, a deal where we in texas liftas this embargo on our side
10:25 pm
in exchange for border security on their side. very interesting play. never seen a state be able to force an issue like this . i mean, the problem is that mexican governors and the bush administration share a common contemptn for america't current population and want to change it. so i mean, it'seit hard to see how this moves them to action. we're sending all these guns to protect ukraine's border. why wouldn't we g do the same in texas to protect the american border? why wouldn't governor abbott dor that ? i honestly i'm confused. liste, well, you know, listen, the state of texas has got operation lone star. they've spent close to four billion dollars on , you know, plugging the holes in the line left by border patrol off doingn processing duty and babysitting and bringing, you know, water to migrants while we'rey processing them in so they're not out there doing drug interdiction and that sort of thing.
10:26 pm
and i think tohi the extent that the state can do somethinglt they but ultimately the state of s texasta, if they were to round p migrants and bring them to the international bridge and try to drop them off, they would be stoppedy by the biden administration, see the blue uniforms on the bridges. you you couldn't i don't think that they can get past our own people toe the midway point of the bridge and that's reallypr i think ultimately what the problem is will be interesting toob who wins that fight. but it'd be nice to have a fight because the country is disappearingng. so maybe maybe it's worth having. i don't know. todd benjamin, thanks so much for joiningh us. to appreciate it. thank you . so the state of california is t a great place despiteuc what thy tell you. unfortunately, it's gotten dirty and disorganized and dangerous under gavin newsom. so a frequent guest . on this show is just announced that he's running for governor of california against some of the upcoming election.le he's going to explainre why in just a moment. why in just a moment.
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six at 1-800- zero nine six eight zero six 100% or 360 all today live. i'm ashley strohmeyer in new york. a big setback for the nation's major airlines. their passengers will have to wear a mask for a bit longer. mask mandates were set to expire next week, but now federal health officials are extending the flight rule for another 15 days or at least until may 3rd. the cdc says it's concerned about new covid sub variant which now makes up more than 85% of cases here in the u.s. airline chiefs had hoped to in the mask mandate soon citing an escalation in unruly passengers. and new jersey's governor appears to be softening his support of teaching school kids in his state about gender identity. in fact, phil murphy now wants his office to discard some of the proposed lessons plans, saying they may not be age appropriate. many parents agree, arguing gender identity is best left for them to be taught at home.
10:33 pm
i'm ashley strohmeyer. back to tucker carlson tonight . of allr: the rights guaranteed in the constitution, the right to have a gun is maybe the clearest of all. it shall nototl. be infringed your right to have a gun quote shall not be infringed. that's a guarantee as an american citizen. but joe biden doesn't care your right is a hedge on his power. therefore, as he told you many times, your rights don't exist.w he'll decide what rights youha have. he reminded us that just a few a days ago once again while announcing a crackdown on something called ghost guns term, he just made up account. >> you have to assemble is still a for the practice like this one over here that includes the parts you need the direction ofou assembling a functioning firearm. you bought a gun. take a lookun. s take a look at it from this fact. you can see the picture down here. maybe this isis, a gun.
10:34 pm
not hard to put together a drill and drill a hole that take very long. anyone order the anyone? >> that same day, biden also announced is nominating a former u.s. attorney steven dettelbach to tut lead the bureb of alcohol tobaccoac firearms since the senate failed to confirm biden's first nominee, a lunatic called david chipman, know aboeird guy. so the question is we know about steven dettelbach. is it any betteris h than the gy they put forward the first time? t well, t couple of years ago 2018 dettelbach ran to be the attorney general in the state of ohio and at the timeun he called for universal background checks, meaning if yous give a shotgun to your son for christmas , youou need his permission and a ban on most rifles, assaultlt weapons.t so they're totally made up category now gun grabber group called every town for guner safety. michael bloomberg's front group to disarm you just applauded dettelbachs gro nomination, whih
10:35 pm
really tells you everything. and then there's this during the violent blm riots v two summers ago in which many americans died, dettelbach wrote an op ed in usa today calling on congress to pass the george floyd justicece in policing act. one of the craziest things ever to comee before the congress. that bill, among other things, would have ended qualified immunity for cops. that means police officers doing their jobs would have to h personally out of their own pockets defend themselves from lawsuitsm as a result of their actions, even legal actions. in other words, no one would ever be a cop. why would you? you it also? to change the standards for use of force. democrats in the house judiciary committee bragged that the bill would allow cities to quote, reimagine public safety, which in many cities has been reimagined and thousands have diede a dieda result. so here you have a guy who at a time when violent crime is at historic c levels across the country doesn't want you to be able to defend yourself from that crime and doesn't want the police to defend. what does that add up to?
10:36 pm
why would he want something like that ? why would he want you helpless in the face of violence? you've got to ask yourself that and you've got to pray. he never has a chance to influence this country. well, nearly 40% of voters in the state of california wanted to recall their governor gavin newsom last year. they didn't state his continue to deteriorate. unfortunately, electricity prices in californiant. are more than twice the national average because global warming or something, gas prices are also the highest in the country. it cost tech entrepreneurou alhassan one hundred and forty dollars every two days tot fill up his 20 21 cadillac escalade when he cruises the streets of southern>> california. prices vary depending on where you buy at many stations that still way above seven dollars a gallon still the highest in the country though we've had a dip of a few cents in recent days. >> hardly a game changer. so the next california governor's election is coming up in november and michael shellenberger is running imich.
10:37 pm
you know him iff you watch the show, he's a genuinely impressive guy. the more you the m learn about him, the more you realize that we're happy to have him join us tonight. mr. chairman, thanks for joining us . why are you running? let me just say you'reos the videos that you did on homelessness in california which actually tried to answer the question why iss this happening? something no one else has asked were among most illuminating things i've ever seen. basis so on the basis of of that aloh i would vote for you. but tell us why you're running. thank you . t thank you . having me on. thank for having me on ,un tucker . i mean, i'm running becauseni i'm absolutely harbrow by the humanitarian disaster that is homelessness. i'm also extremely angry at the breakdown of social order in our cities. buturur ci even in the suburbs. but i'm also inspired by what california could be. o i thinknc we're the great we hat the potential once again to be the greatest statee in the greatest country in the world.hl we have a governor who all he cares about is becomings president of the united states. he cares more about iowaof primary voters than he does about the people of california. so i'm going tom run against we're going tohi win this one, tucker , and we're going to make california really what it
10:38 pm
ought too be, which is the greatest state in the greatestates country in the wor. >> well, of course, what it was for over 100 years, which washe a promise to the rest of the country that things can be . it,reat let me ask d you because i'm so surprised to hear it, do you think gavin newsom really believes he can be president of the united states that's so delusional b? nal. >> well, yeah. i i mean,f if you look at a his twitter feed, his entirely obsessed with attacking other states, he doesn't talk aboutn the disaster on the street, the fact that homelessness went up by 30 percent in californias even as it declined 18% in the rest of the united states or that our electricity prices went up seven timesec more in california than they did in thee rest of the country or that young women are being in our downtowns in the open drug scenes that we're suffering an epidemic of drug overdose of fentanyl poisonings which he's never addressed.nyl poisoni i'm working with a movement tong really take back california. op the people for ordinary people, for working people we need to
10:39 pm
address the drug crisis. but our schools are failing. our students. . they become more about the adults who run them than the students who need themom. so it's there's so much that needs to be i think we should have abundant energyy and water. california is rich, wat tucker . we're rich in land and water and energy. but the pro scarcity anti human environmentalists control gavin newsom and they've made our energy and watererco scarce. p i'm going to put an end to that . i'm going to bring new agreement between republicans and democrats and independents. . that's why i'm running no party preference. your listeners and your viewers can see shellenberger for governor .com . r i lay out a vision that i really believe is going to bring california together and i hope you can do it.achine i mean, it's a machine state. it's a one party state. anyone who can break that and show a better way can change the country. so are r rooting for you, michal shellenberger, thank you . thank you , tucker . we're walking working on a documentary on the state of california. carlson originals will have t news tomorrow on that on this show. >> well, all of a sudden maybe
10:40 pm
this is the clearest indicator of how we're doing the life expectancy of the average american has dropped by a lot. it's not because of covid. so what do our public health authorities say about this ?ere isn'tsay abou this they're suppo be working on ? why are a t they still holding the jobs they held two years ago? that's our next clean aspirin.n could be hurting your stomach. vasalore three twenty five liquid pills. aspirin capsule is clinically aspirin capsule is clinically shown because if you were ulcers, that immediate release aspirin fasullo, the first liquid filled aspirin capsules. amazingg at america's best you can get two glasses and a free eye exam starting with just ninety five and they don't even have to be identical. one pair can be practical and sturdy while the other pair is super stylish and wildly good luck getting an exam online today.
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10:44 pm
large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
10:45 pm
hundred five one four two five nine six oh and tucker carlson today there are a lot of newsmakers topics that we don't have time to cover in any depth on the show. many people are upset with me and the hollywood group this time and it's very inhumane as now i care about human life. the most important conversations are happening in one place now you don't have to wait for tonight . watch tucker carlson tonight with new episodes streaming monday, wednesday and friday exclusively on fox. and subscribe now at fox nation .com we're being told that what really matters to americans is what's happening in eastern europe, not is it doesn't matte, but that's all we hear that matters.
10:46 pm
so ukrainians lives matter. so get a vaccine for ukrainian flag in front off your house.t t that's all fine. but it d t does raise the questi .e the in fact, it hides the question. but we're going to raise the question what's going on in this country? how american doing?re is the la well, here's the latest measuree of how america is doing life expectancy among americanse citizens has justse declined foy the second straight year. it's nev. ened beforee life expectancy was seventy nine years in twenty nineteen then in twenty twenty dropped to seventy seven and a twenty twenty one it fell to seventy six and a half years a old . now why is this happening. o is that covid it's in partld due to drug and alcohol abuse diabetes, diseases of sadness, desperation, hopelessness. in a new study fromst the national institutes of health shows that alcohol kills more americans under the age of sixty five and covid did in twenty twenty . dr. jay bennett is a professor of medicine at stanford universitye and saw this coming and said so he joins us . doctor , thanks so much for coming on . is t i mean this is the crudest possible measurement of
10:47 pm
a country's health, but it's still a powerful one . . life expectancy in declinelife e seems like a huge red flag. i mean, l i would have thought that it would just be a blip. it would be covered. but we're seeing that death among young people. i think this is the fruits of a policy that has made isolation into into a virtue.n e we basically in public health we said, oh , we only care about one thing. we care about covid control. soso you stay apart from people you don't you don't you you socially dist. don't gatherth together for christmas , for thanksgiving. your schools are, your businesses are closed and the consequence is completely predictable. predictl tucker , what we see is in front of us is this the fruits of a policy that led to adultsfour young in twenty twenty reporting serious consideration of suicide r, alcoholism, the drug abuse it is was completely predictable and i think actually would have been avoidable had we takenak a broader notion of what public
10:48 pm
health really i don't understand how chief me. public health authorities who really were in charge of our nationalss policy to a greater extent than ever before in our history, why not let them apologize the or resigr at least concedes that like, wow, this is terrible.they they don't mention don't men i i think the trust in public health, american people's trust in public health and public leaders have collapsed. htfully i think rightfully so. it's just it is actually it is really a tragedy becausese i think public health properly done is a huge could be a huge the health and well-being of the american people. what we have in front of us is it is it's completely essential. but it's it's consistent with, with with freedom. it's consistent with people w doing sort ofit taking seriously all the meaning in their lives. it helps people stay healthy insteadd has become is is a it is an instrument to to divide people to for as aal political tool in many cases and certainly as a tool of fear. it's the exact opposite of
10:49 pm
a public should be.ith and i agree with you, tucker , i think apologies and humility are going to be at least what's necessary to start lea to restoe trust by the american peoplele in public health. so really quick question to end. l you live in a world full of other physicians in yourm, private conversations with them. do they understand this today? acknowledges that i agree with youdo and there are a lot f doctorss and scientists w who agree with me on the last two years is not right. in fact, it has served the people very, very poorly. they just it's just hard to speak up because in this environment, if you do speakak f ,you know, people come after you and it's really it takesha some it takes some decisions. o you have to say, okay, i don't care what other people are saying. i just want to tell the truth. l and it's so worth itl whenor doctor,do it though. and that's why we're grateful that you have doxxed better chance. thank you so much. >> thank you . so>> the city of seattle voted d defund the police not once but twice in twenty twenty and
10:50 pm
twenty one . so how does that work?at work? well, of course it destroyed the police department. it wreckedit wrecked t the city. now authorities in the city have decided to stop investigating sex crimes entirely. it's like you can't makees this . h jason rantz ise our man in seattle where he hosts a radio showw u. t he joins us tonight. jason , thanks for coming on . they're not investigating sex crimes. se >> no, unfortunately not. and the problem is incrediblyt. significant. the fact of the matter issthe fc seattle just doesn't have enough police officers to investigate crimes. not a single adult a sexual assault case was given to a detective last month and that's why arrests on sold are at such low levels. detectives generally speaking, k aren't looking at cases wherere there aren't arrests and the unit that investigates only has four detectives right now c and all of this can be tied directly to the defund movement. when it started the speedy has lost at least four hundred and twenty five officers as of this morning, lots of cops leftt the department because they are
10:51 pm
basically being called racist murderers and because of the new reimagining police lawse that democrats passed at the state level, it effectively saidhe you can't actually police anymore. now what made matters worsesewhe and you and i have had this conversation before is the covid vaccine mandate that sidelined aboutva hundred cops last october. so the staffing crisis that existed beforehand ended up getting made to be even worse. and as of this morning there were a hundred and forty eight cops who are unavailable to work because they've been put on the unavailable list. that's people who maybe areis injured or some of the unvaccinated. so in a city the size of seattle, we only have eight hundred and eighty five deployable cops when that number should be almost double that .bl and so as a result, the city has pulled nonpatrol officers from their specialtyulle units t so we can meet minimum safety staffing standards in the city.m so what that means is that detective who was working on a case or could have beenff ends up getting pulled off ofon that case to respond to nine
10:52 pm
one one calls that are coming in at record high numbers because r we're having a surge in crime and it's not just this particular unit that'smp getting impacted. we're seeing these specialty units all across a the cityll get pulled from their actual jobs to basically fill those staffing needs in the immediate. so we're in puttingthe some ofe the cases on the back burner and unfortunately that includes the assault cases. that's just a really quick members of the city council, your neighbors, the people who maybe supported this two years agopo, do they still support it? well, so they're trying to pretend the council or at least certain council members pretending that oh no, we're not doing anything here. we've given all the funding necessary to the spd in order to fill these positions. one , it's not true because they've only they only put in a budget for aboutut one hundred and t twenty five officers and we need way more than that . no twoha no one wants to be a cp because of the problems that this council created p. so they're just trying to pretend that they had nothing to do with this. but they're the ones
10:53 pm
responsibletnes. and i canan tell you it's not the police officers. they want to be out t there solving these crimes. jus they're just not staffed appropriately to do itt. yeah, we're just going to legalize in seattle becau that's equity. tha beyond jason rantz mind going. thank you . thanks. >> we've got more in just a moment please. you will see the glory of god every day. i'm your host kathie lee gifford. in this new series you're going to meet fascinating people who share their faith journey. joining me now is a pastor that we all know and love our friend who knows what god's going to take on the man who had great bravery. but they also suffered extraordinary an angel. good people in this world.
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10:59 pm
hurting 10 people, five of them critically. another 18 subway passengers were hurt in the ensuing chaos. a motive for the shooting is still a mystery. but frank does have a long criminal record in new york and new jersey. he's also posted videos online ranting about racism and violence. one video critical of new york mayor eric adams prompting police to assign extra protection to him.ig i'm ashley strohmeyer. now hannity is back up next in all new episode of n tucker carlson originals george soros, the billionaire currency trader who has spent decades waging a kind of war one unlikely country is fighting back . that country is hungry. watch as tucker goes one on one with prime minister viktor orban and exposes the truth behind the left's globalist ideals. so your success is a challenge to tucker carlson originals hungary versus soros streaming now exclusively on fox nation lineup today.
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well, we are completely out of time. don't know what happened there. we're glad you joined us for it. will be back tomorrow night and every weekday, 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying of pomposity, smugness and groupthink. have a great night with thehi ones you love. we'll see you tomorrow and welcome to hannity. and tonight we begin with a fox news alert. the 44th president of the united states, donald trump. he'll join us live in just a moment for an exclusive interview. the president will weighgh in obviously on the economy, on inflation, energy, open borders, ukraine, china, so much more . but first, big news from the president's hometown of new york city while his former hometown where a man namedne frank james has been apprehended after now allegedly rounds into30 a crowded s


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