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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 14, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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warriors. the american cold war, into the fascinating mind vladimir putin available at fox plus, through easter, receive 60% off any annual plan at fox thank you for watching jesse waters. have a great night. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." elon musk came famous as a businessman. he makes electric cars and rockets it has become the single richest person on planet earth by doing that. elon musk is not from the united states, he grew up in south africa, and get he has a keen and precise understanding of how our system was designed to work. as he put it on twitter last month, "free speech is essential
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to a functioning democracy." and then musk asked his 80 million followers on twitter this question. "do you believe twitter it regularly and here's to the principal"? and overwhelmingly they answered no, it doesn't. so elon musk understands something about twitter that many people in our country don't understand, it is the single most important form for speech possibly in the world. not because it's the biggest, but because it's where elite opinion is incubated. and so free speech on twitter matters, and last month, elon musk gave the impression that he planned to do something about it, that he planned to open up twitter, he bought 10% of the company. now, today, musk has just put an offer to buy 100% of twitter at $54 a share and take the company private. now, from a business perspective, this is a very tempting offer for the company. in fact, his opera prisons a 54% premium over the company's share price the day before he began
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investing in it. he wrote a letter to twitter's board last night. "twitter has extorted our potential, i will unlock it." so this is more than a business play. in fact, it's not an overstatement to say could be the most important development for free speech in the modern history of the united states. as musk put it, twitter's potential is to be "the platform for free speech around the globe." twitter will "neither thrive nor serve the societal imperative in its current form." twitter needs to be transformed as a private company. musk then made it clear he has no confidence whatsoever the people currently run twitter, including its pro-censorship ceo -- "if this deal doesn't work, given i have no confidence in management or drive the necessary change of the public market, i would need to reconsider my position as a shareholder." that means if twitter's board rejects elon musk's offer, they will need to explain why to their shareholders they turned out a deal that would make the shareholders much richer.
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so by doing this, elon musk is putting everything on the line. he knows how important twitter is to the people who run our system, who run the global system. for them, censorship and propaganda is not a feature of their rule. their rule depends on censorship and propaganda. if you are offering policies that really benefit nobody but yourself, you have to lie about them, and you must prevent anyone from complaining about it. so censorship and propaganda are at the very heart of neoliberalism, and elon musk is challenging all of that directly. he's the richest men in the world, he's not trying to make more money, he's not donating to a foreign charity or crating a tax shelter. in this case he's using his money to allow at least potentially americans to speak freely. is it distressing that our own democratic system isn't working, that you would need some rich guy to swoop in deus ex machina free-speech united states states? of course it is. is it sad that where waiting for
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elon musk to save us? yes, it is, but who else was going to save us? nobody at this point. so of course corporate media, which exists to stifle the views of individual americans, hates the idea, and their first move is to mock it. watch. >> he says he wants to pay $54.20 a share to buy up the rest of twitter that he doesn't have. of course 54.20, a code for marijuana, which he very much enjoys. is this all a troll or is it very real? >> it's bazaar. >> the 420 coding and everything. >> this is my last and final offer, not going to negotiate. >> tucker: it can't really be real. well, think it through for a second. by challenging the monopoly on speech, not just the united states, but globally, on twitter, on this central platform for ideas, elon musk is
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risking everything that he has. he has many businesses that intersect with governments around the world. they are not for this, they could crush them for even suggesting it. so he's all in, he has to be all in. even to say something like this. at twitter, they know he's all in and that's why they are so upset about it. according to a bloomberg report, even before musk's offer of a hostile takeover, "the vibe among workers at twitter is "super stressed" with employees "working together to help each other get through the week"." that's how threatening this is. and you have to ask yourself, what kind of company's twitter? the company's stock just jumped 30%, that happened when elon musk first bought in. so obviously this is not a company that exists to make money, this is a company that exists to censor speech. that's a tall purpose. the biden administration certainly understands this and they've already made a move to intimidate musk into backing off.
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fox business of asterisk charlie gasparino was reporting that "as elon musk offers to buy the rest of twitter, a legal source tells fox business that the sec and the doj have launched what he described as a joint investigation into a myriad of musk regulatory issues, primarily involving tesla." in other words, threaten to allow people to speak freely and we will crush your businesses. that's third world behavior. at "the washington post," owned by also one of the richest people in the world, very much supports stopping even musk. in fact he tells us he must be silenced in the name of democracy. "i'm frightened of the impact on society and politics at elon musk acquires twitter. he seems to believe that on social media anything goes. for democracy to survive, we need more content moderation, not less." really? so for democracy to survive, citizens and the democracy need to talk less, need to express
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their opinions more guardedly, need to shut up? what kind of democracy are we talking about? it's not democracy as the athenians are the founders of this country understood it. democracy is a euphemism for letting our mafia run your country, for our benefit. journalism professor called jeff jarvis explained today on twitter that tyranny is when the regime can't censor its own citizens. "today on twitter feels like the last evening in a berlin nightclub at the toilet of the weimar germany. in other words, you're a nazi if you are speaking freely on twitter. cnbc host joe kiernan understands exactly what's going on. if twitter is opened up, that means people who are paid to censor the public on twitter will lose their ability, they will lose their guardianship of free speech. watch this. >> who is that adl guy? this is his worst nightmare.
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i think jonathan greenblatt. if he owns the whole place, it's going to be like go for it. i think it's going to be an orange man probably going to be back in this is unbelievable. >> tucker: he's exactly right. again, you can't overstate what a threat this is not simply to the people occupying seats of political power, but to the whole nonprofit universe that exists and thrives and becomes rich supporting them through censorship and propaganda. so a group like the adl or media matters take money in order to censor people. the issue some report calling you a racist and then social media shut you down. elon musk is saying no, people should be able to speak freely. that would mean the end of their control over speech. just like the adl and media matters. so the media and these nonprofit groups have to stop this before it happens. here's msnbc telling you that
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elon musk must be stopped because he's a bigot. >> he's one of the most thin-skinned people on social media. initial heat tried to comfort senator elizabeth warren, who tweeted let's change the tax code so that the person of the year will actually pay taxes and stop freeloading off everyone else. elon wasn't happy. he did what he always did and sent insults to enter to warrant calling her an angry mom and referring to her as senator karen. so for so many reasons, being a freeloader and a selfish and disrespectful one, and for misappropriating black vernacular for misogynistic purposes, elon musk is the absolute worst. >> tucker: so all of a sudden the political party that supported almost exclusively by oligarchs like jeff bezos and google guys is telling you that it's dangerous for rich people to have too much control over speech. really? facebook is controlled by one person, mark zuckerberg, but that's not a threat because
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mark zuckerberg is happy to work on behalf of the democratic party. once again, if anything, we are understating what a big deal this move on twitter but you on musk is. if free speech is restored to even one big social media platform, it all comes tumbling down. charles payne, host of making money with charles payne on fox business, understands this. he's been watching this since the beginning and doing what we cannot do, which is assessing it as a business play we are happy to have them join us now. charles, thanks so much for coming on. what you make of this? >> you know, i wish i could go through every one of those things you talked about. for instance, the folks on cnn, i feel like they've never even been to a garage sale. i mean, yeah, he's negotiating, elon musk, msnbc, freeloader, you got to be kidding me. you got 99,000 employees and he's bringing factories back to america. so from a business perspective, you've got a guy who sold the business for $176 million. what they do? he plowed every single nickel into two pipe dreams. one was called tesla, one was
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called spacex. the very same people that are saying he's unsophisticated today are the same ones who said he couldn't make it down. fast-forward to his wealth network being $276 billion right now, and you know, the notion of free speech in america ever becoming controversial in itself tells you we are in a dangerous place. we talked about the quote-unquote "orange man." let me tell you about the orange man. when president trump was elected twitter stock was $16 a share. when president trump left office it was $77 a share and promptly went into free fall. this is a company that really has shot themselves in the foot. they are losing big time, they need fresh thinking out there at elon musk is the right medicine. if the right medicine from a business perspective and it certainly is the right medicine for the ethos, for the foundation that america was founded on. >> tucker: really quick, do you think musk understands what's about to happen to him? they are going to try and crush him for real.
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>> he does, because everything he has done, tucker, they have tried to crush him. they have tried to crush tesla at every turn. the white house hates tesla because it's a nonunion shop. they have tried to beat him down every single way they can. he knows the challenge -- by the way, that's what he made it 54.20 buried he knew they would make fun of it, but that's how elon musk operates. says come at me, baby, because he is a winner and guess what, all they have is opinions. >> tucker: if this works and twitter is opened up to free speech and eli musk is still standing a year from now, it will be a different country. >> it will be. a better country. >> tucker: appreciate your coming on tonight, thank you. obviously twitter doesn't exist so we can share opinions with one another. it exists to silence anyone who challenges the biden administration and the oligarchs in silicon valley who support the biden administration and to that end, they censor the foreign president, charlie kirk,
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the show. last night twitter suspended a very popular account called lives of tick-tock. it's essentially an account that finds video of liberals talking but themselves and their own beliefs and posts it. it was of course targeted because once you see what these people are saying, they discredit themselves and horrify normal people. here are some of the footage. >> i want to talk to the kids. sometimes human beings are more than boy or girl. sometimes we are something else sometimes we are both. sometimes we kind of float in between. >> mostly i feel feminine or nonbinary. today i'm feeling relief them and catlike as well. >> shouldn't have to hide or lie or be embarrassed about a natural function my body does, so all that to say, i am on my period. you heard me. having a period for a first time in six years, and not just any
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period, the period from hell. >> identify as a threat, nightmare, and a goddess, so please bow down to me. i do not believe in god, i don't worship the devil but i am a satanist, which means i am my own god and i worship myself. >> tucker: so for the crime of letting liberals talk about themselves and showing people what they actually think, media matters did a hit piece, described it as hate and twitter dutifully pulled off the platform. that's exactly how that system works. so the creator of it remains anonymous. why? because we live in a country where you can't even say what you think without threats of violence against you if you're not on the left. but we are happy to talk to that person over the phone, which we are doing now. the creator joins us on the line. don't know your name, glad you're on. so you were pulled off twitter after you were attacked by media
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matters for disseminating hate. were you surprised by this? >> exactly. no, i was not surprised at all. deftly felt like a very organized attacked by the left to get me suspended. >> tucker: so how big -- this is not the first platform from which is been suspended for holding up liberals in their own voice to the rest of the country. where else have you been kicked off? >> i have been kicked off of tiktok and multiple violations on instagram. >> tucker: it's just remarkable to me in a country like ours that you feel the need to remain anonymous. tell us why you're not giving us your name tonight. >> well, i've gotten a few death threats. i get a ton of hate mail and the last has been showing recently how they would treat people who disagree with them. it's funny because i reported it
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and the people, they still have their accounts on twitter. you can threaten violence but you can't play video of a leftist is saying. >> tucker: right. so your opinions are violence, they are violence protected speech. you see how that works. anchor so much for your bravery, and again, i just can't overstate, you're not even giving their opinions necessarily, you are just holding up their opinions for the country to see and for revealing them in their natural habitat. you're on the run. creator of libs of tiktok, whatever your name is, things for joining us tonight. >> thank you. speeone's over the short course of the biden administration, millions of foreign nationals have streamed into this country illegally. we criticize the state of texas repeatedly for not stopping this. texas governor greg abbott joins us next to explain how he plans
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so the state of texas announced they are going to start bussing illegal immigrants, more than a million have come through texas and the last year, to washington, d.c., and we criticized that.
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it's a pretty funny idea but the real question is how do you keep people who have no right to be here out of the country in the first place? and actually, to be fair, the governor of texas, greg abbott, may have come up with a plan to do that. so the governor of the province in mexico has just announced he promises to curb illegal migration north. he's doing this in response to something greg abbott did. abbott imposed strict safety checks on trucks coming from several provinces in mexico so this is a huge economic problem for mexico. abbott said he would lift the new requirements if the mexican government of these providences though my provinces agreed to do something about them migrants. one province has now agreed, we hope others follow. we want to hear more about this from the governor of texas, greg abbott. he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> my pleasure, tucker. so what we've done is we implement it what we call enhanced safety inspections of every commercial vehicle coming across the border of every
5:23 pm
border crossing from mexico into the state of texas. and it had a protectable result, and that is it snarled traffic for miles in mexico, basically crushing economic conditions in these states as well as in the country of mexico and having severe economic consequent is for businesses in mexico and the predicable result is that these governors of states that are connected to texas would be knocking on our door begging for relief. and if they beg for relief, we are demanding that they implement security measures that will reduce illegal immigration coming across the border. there are different standards that we will be applying two different states that are connected to the state of texas. yesterday we announced an agreement with the governor of nuevo león. today we are hammering out details with two more states that are adjacent to texas, they have border crossings in texas that will have some different measures. different measures that enhance security, illegal immigrants
5:24 pm
from their state in the state of texas and then there will be one more state governor that we are dealing with tomorrow to try to hammer out details with him. altogether, we expect and we demand that on the mexican side they finally step up and stop these low-water crossings and other actions that are allowing these illegal immigrants to cross the board. if they fail to do that, we are to continue with our right to inspect every single vehicle coming across that bridge into the state of texas regardless of the economic consequences it poses to mexico. >> tucker: so i mean, this suggests that politicians in mexico have been abetting this mass migration into the united states. it's about to get worse, as you know, next month, when the biting of ministry should lift any kind of covid restriction on emigration. we are expecting a huge wave into your state. do you think this is enough to stop it? >> listen, this is a meaningful step to reduce it. there are other measures that the state of texas has taken to
5:25 pm
make sure that we are addressing this as fully as we can. we're the only state in the history of america to build a border wall. where laying down miles of razor wire, bloke nomadic boat blockades on the river to present people from coming across. we are turning that people who are either trying to cross the border or do cross the border, turning the back. those who make it through, we are arresting and putting in jail, so we are using multiple strategies to reduce the migration into the state of texas. tucker, one consequence of this, you may see heightened migration attempts in other states like new mexico and california where they are being less resistant. our job is to make it difficult as possible for the cartels to get people to move people across the border in the state of texas. our goal is to put the cartels out of business, make them lose money, trying to smuggle people into the state of texas. >> tucker: yeah. i mean, texas is all you can control. you are only the governor of one
5:26 pm
state and this seems promising. governor greg abbott, i appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: so sandy cortes' whole shtick issues on the side of the working class, the little guy against the man. right, sandy cortez, daughter of an architect from westchester. and yet, when it really came down to it, cortez just abandoned the amazon labor union right before the historic vote. she's on the man's side after all. we've got details. and remember obama phones where the obama administration give phones to welfare recipients? at least they were american citizens. the biting of administration is giving free smartphones to foreign nationals. that's next. >> he gave us a phone! >> howdy to give you a phone? >> if you sign up, social security, you've got low income, disability. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news live, i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. he is twitter's largest individual shareholder, but apparently that is not enough for the worlds which which is man elon musk. the ceo of tesla now wants to buy the company outright and he's willing to dish out $43 billion cash for the social platform. musk says he's motivated by what he calls his belief in free speech. >> it's important to the function of democracy. it's important to the function of the united states as a free country and many other countries to actually help freedom in the world. >> elon musk bought the largest they can twitter ten days ago, but he refused to join the board. he prefers to transform twitter into a private company. board members say they will carefully review musk's unsolicited offer and get back to him. i'm trace gallagher. news breaks out, we will break in. now back to tucker.
5:33 pm
>> tucker: sandy cortez spends a lot of time telling you that she's on the side of the worker, like a modern wobbly. the walter luther of our day. and that's why last year she got to stand alongside striking workers at amazon staten island warehouse, and we are for that because they need the help. but at the last minute, sandy cortez bailed on the whole thing, and that infuriated labor organizers who just wanted to unionize at the staten island facility. amazon is stepping up its pressure to crush the union. amazon has just banned words like "union." it's employee chat app. christian smalls is a union leader at amazon we are happy to have him join us now. thanks so much for coming on. were you surprised that sandy cortez -- alexander because cortez, who has said repeatedly that she's on the side of the worker against the corporation, wasn't standing leg the barricades? >> yeah, i mean, you know, it wasn't just her.
5:34 pm
it was all of them, pretty much. >> tucker: fair. yeah. >> just make it between us and aoc because a lot of them didn't show up and, you know, once again, we have no ill will against them. we know that whether they showed up or not, they didn't make or break our election. we just had to continue to organize. >> tucker: yeah, i mean, it's a weird moment because i'm on the right, i've never been particularly prounion but it does seem like amazon needs some counterbalance. if this huge company, the workers have no power, and maybe we could, i don't know, share a little power with the people who work there. that's my view, anyway. so tell us where you are in your organizing efforts. >> right now we are fighting for a contract. amazon is disputing election results, so we are walking and chewing bubblegum at the same time. we are fighting for a contract, preparing for another election in two weeks on april 25th.
5:35 pm
where going to be voting at a second location directly across the building that we just unionized. we are in the thick of the fight right now. a legal battle, and we just have to stay grounded and pretty much begin our campaign all over again. >> tucker: i mean, you'd think that amazon would be open to a union, wouldn't you? it's a very progressive company. why do you think they are trying to thwart you from organizing? >> amazon hasn't been unionized in this country since the beginning of its existence, and they are very antiunion. they created a system that hires and fires people. they created a system that they have full control of the working people, and you know, having a union obviously brings representation for the workers that will benefit the workers at the bottom like myself, hourly associates, entry-level workers that don't get the right to
5:36 pm
negotiate, so forming a union gives us the right to collective bargaining with the company, form a contract to protect ourselves. so that's exactly what we're trying to do with the amazon labor union. we're hoping that we will be a catalyst for something that will take place nationwide. >> tucker: i certainly am rooting for you. maybe if they throw some more woke slogans that you they will forget you can't feed her family. >> right. >> tucker: appreciate your coming on, thank you very much. >> absolutely, thank you for having me. >> tucker: is so how you describe the government that uses its intelligence agencies and its law enforcement capacity to settle scores on behalf of the head politician? with that be an american system or a third world system? the biden administration has just been caught spying on journalists in an effort to intimidate them out of reporting on joe biden's daughter's diary. that's true. and they've used apple and google to do it. apple and google have acknowledged for about three
5:37 pm
months from december of 2020 to march 2021, the doj issued them several subpoenas. the doj was seeking sensitive information of journalists employed by project veritas, which had dared to report on ashley biden's diary. the company noted that the doj "compelled apple and google not to disclose that they were providing the individuals private data to the government." this seems illegal. it's completely immoral. talk about an abuse of power. harmeet dhillon would note, this country's premier civil rights attorney and ceo for the center of american the pretty and she joins us tonight. how can this be allowed to happen? >> welcome it shouldn't be. thanks for asking me about this. not only does it seem illegal, it actually is illegal that we have learned that not only has the united states department of justice illegal illegal events spying on the project veritas for the two companies that you mentioned, apple, and google, but microsoft itself voluntarily a few weeks ago after threatening to go to court to
5:38 pm
expose the doj doing the same thing to them, the doj finally backed down and told us that they thought seven warrants from judges in the southern districty on project veritas emails. to date, it looks like project air toss has been spied on to the tune of 200,000 emails that the doj secretly corrected -- and by the way also did not tell a federal judge who was overseeing the seizure of our clients materials from journalists who worked on that ashley biden story, which by the way, project veritas never even ran with it, so with the doj has done is weaponized the doj to spy on a journalist all for the purposes of simply providing some cover for the biden family and persecuting and intimidating all journalists in the united states against reporting on these issues. and this is protected by the constitution and so we filed a motion to get these materials back from the doj, so as you
5:39 pm
mentioned, tucker, this is a violation of the fourth amendment. it's a violation of common law that protects journalists in the united states, it's a violation of the federal privacy protection act and it's also a violation of the doj's own guidelines, so this is shocking and i hope that the doj is called on account for this and that our client the property back. >> tucker: department justice is huge, there are good people who work there, a lot of smart people who work there. you would think that some would be moved to resign from their jobs in principle when they see doj being used to protect the biden family from embarrassment. that's too much. has anyone resigned from doj over this? >> not only have they not resigned, but we only learned about this over a year and a half after it occurred, tucker, so several federal magistrate judges were applied to for these different warrants. i believe the doj repeatedly lied to these judges. they did not disclose the circumstances to project veritas
5:40 pm
or journalists. they did not disclose the circumstances that there was indeed no threat of project veritas destroying evidence, so it is both these subpoenas and the gag orders under 2705b that are outrageous here, so by the way, if they are doing is to project veritas, you better believe they are doing this to other journalists in america who don't know about it because of these gag orders that frankly these federal magistrate judges should also have been asking questions before they began blithely rubber-stamping all of these requests from the department justice all of the behest of democrat having connected lawyers for the biden family. >> tucker: this is why i include obscenities in every text i sent, because i can't wait for "the new york times" to have to print them once they are leaked. [cackles] not kidding! harmeet dhillon, great to see you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: thank you so much. so covid is effectively done. it's no longer the greatest
5:41 pm
public health crisis in american history but the state of california is going ahead mandating vaccines for kids regardless of the dangers and despite the fact they don't need them. one high schooler has been forced out of school, denied his education as a result. joins us next. we told you we've been working on a documentary on los angeles and the crime wave there. we are about to show you a first look at the episode we are calling the suicide of l.a. the season two premiere of the tucker carlson originals available next week on fox nation. here it is. we go what everybody is doing and asking myself what the hell is going on. >> in 2020 los angeles county voters elected a lunatic to be the prosecutor. >> if you want to see what a parasite looks like, don't look far better than him. >> his deliberately unleashed the most violent criminals in our midst, turned los angeles into a third world war zone. >> our neighborhood is turning
5:42 pm
into gotham city. >> people are so pissed off about what's going on. >> he's realizing theft when he says he's not going to prosecute theft. >> gang member's committing murder, they will be released by the time they're 25 no matter what. >> this is los angeles under george castellon. you do the crime, you will not do the time. people who violet the lower celebrant grade >> tucker carlson originals streaming april 18th on fox nation. sign up at
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so there's absolutely no reason to require young kids to take the covid shots. they are not at risk from the shot itself, poses potentially some risk, but the state of california is doing it anyway and now has announced you can't get an education in the state of california unless you get the covid shot. one student at granada hills turner high school has already been forced out of the classroom because the school has its own mandates in effect for kids over the age of 12. that student's name is sophia, she joins us tonight. sophia, thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you so much for having me.
5:48 pm
>> tucker: so our heart goes out to you and anyone else who just wants an education in america has to submit to medical treatment she doesn't want in order to get it. tell us why you made this decision. >> well, because i'm a healthy 17-year-old. the vaccine frankly, it's ineffective. it's ineffective an end put in my body at more risk by taking it than by getting covid. i'm sorry, but the vaccine has been shown to have side effects that is something that is worth being concerned about and we don't even know long-term effects. >> tucker: yep. we have no idea, because they haven't been studied, and you make a completely fair point. people can scream anti-vax all they want but what you said is true. i'm wondering, you've taken a brave stand, you're suffering for it, not being educated. i'm wondering how your peers have responded and their parents. have you gotten any support in this? >> beasley my close peers are respectful of my decision and my peers that are also unvaccinated who were kicked out were also very supportive with each other and we help each other get
5:49 pm
through this. but there are several classmates, the environment within the school, the classmates are -- they make drastic assumptions. i tell them i'm not vaccinated and immediately assume i'm anti-vax and they just assume the extreme and the school does nothing about it. they would not care if i were to tell the administration oh, i'm getting pressured, and getting intimidated, and i would tell someone not vaccinated, next day more people know it suddenly there's this distance between me and my friends who i thought cared about me for my character, not based off unvaccinated or not vaccinated. >> tucker: yeah. not based on your medical choices, and we spend so much time in this country encouraging young women to be empowered and assertive take control of their own bodies and say what they really think and here you're actually doing that. as any adult in the school held you up as a hero, as a model, an example to other young women? >> no, i'm sorry. no one from the school -- i talked to the administration and you know, they praise my body, my choice, that was talk about
5:50 pm
that, but now when it comes to something they don't agree with, they switch it completely. no one has applauded me for standing up for my rights, no one has applauded me for taking a stand against what i believe in and fighting for that. i've been looked down upon,-stereotype, they have just absolutely belittled me and pushed me off and thrown me into independent study like a rag doll. >> tucker: man, so i guess it's not your body, your choice, is it? >> no. that's different, they want to switch it. >> tucker: yeah. i think you're brave the hell and i think what you've done is an inspiration. however you feel about the vaccine, it doesn't matter, you're taking a stand on principle, suffering for it, you can ask planar motives really clearly and i hope you go on to great things, thanks for joining us today. >> think is so much, thank you for giving us a voice and i speak on behalf of all the students who were kicked out and students who felt they were cornered and had nowhere else to go and they had to take it. thank you for this opportunity. >> tucker: you. it's a horrifying abuse of power, i appreciate you coming on. >> it is, thank you.
5:51 pm
>> tucker: so you are a member of obama phones. of course you do, back in 2012, a lot of potential democratic voters got them, and of course they were happy about it, why wouldn't they be? this woman in ohio. >> you got obama phones? because yes, everybody got obama phones. he gave us a phone and more. >> how did he give you a phone? >> if you sign up, you on social security, food stems, you got low income, you disability. >> tucker: [awkward left] they hate it when you play that tape, they were so mad. but that's an american citizen, why wouldn't she be happy? that was 2012 and again, at least that was an american citizen, so you can say well, i'm glad she's happy. the biden administration, this is how dark things have gotten, it's just getting cell phones to anyone who breaks our immigration law. foreign nationals who come here illegally without permission get free smartphones.
5:52 pm
times have changed. according to "the new york post" the move would "make the migrants easier to track after their release into the unit states." did you get a free phone? don't think so, you're just an american citizen. vince is a radio host in washington, d.c., happy to have him join us tonight. thank for coming on. did you get -- i mean, you were born in this country, you pay your taxes, did you get a free smartphone from biden? >> nope, nope, still playing way too much, no free phone at all but when you cross the border -- it's important here, here's the role. if you cross it legally, no phone for your but if you cross it illegally, this is how you get a free cell phone. the government is admitting that we are handing out swag bags on the border to foreign nationals who break our laws. when you get and you get all sorts of goodies, including a free phone, you will get shelter, you will get food, you will be transported to the destination of your choice and i know you talked to the governor of texas earlier. even republican governors are somehow sometimes tricked into providing free transportation on
5:53 pm
the taxpayer dime to foreign nationals to the destination of their choice. if so is wild what's going on and again, only for foreign nationals who break our laws. if you are a legal immigrant, you've got to be vaccinated before you come into this country. you've got to get a covid test before you can fly into america. >> tucker: so if i rob a liquor store, don't file my federal income taxes, i don't get a prize you're saying. so i still have to obey the law. but people from other countries get rewarded for breaking our law. >> that's right. normally in a sweepstakes, even if you don't want to pay for an entry, you can send in a postcard, self-addressed postcard and get a free entry. you don't even need to do that here. this is -- you just can't -- you're not even eligible. you're not eligible, an american citizen, no way. free phone if you cross her border illegally, which again is just like add to the stack of indignities against americans. we are ending title 42, meaning we are not going to eject illegal foreign nationals anymore, yet the health crisis
5:54 pm
continues for the rest of us. masks on airplanes to make its flight attendants can keep throwing people often people keep fighting over these political uniforms. it's grotesque and it's just yet another abuse against the american public is being foisted on us by the administration. >> tucker: really quick, how much longer do you think americans will put up with this? >> i'm hoping by these midterms things change. if you seen these polling numbers? it's like this is -- my real take on this is -- all of this is real, by the way, but my take on this is that this is political suicide. what they are doing right now, it's so visible to the public, it doesn't matter what demographic you're a part of, you despise this and you will vote against it. >> tucker: if we have a free and fair election, it's over for them. vince, thanks so much. great to see it in. >> thank you, sir. >> tucker: more news ahead! we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: that's it for us tonight, we are out of time. the good news is, we will be back every weeknight, 8:00 p.m., show us a sworn enemy of line, positive, smugness and groupthink. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." tonight, democrats are in a full panic, their socialist policies are a disaster. their poll numbers are imploding, their president is a dishonest, corrupt, and cognitive wreck in their war on free speech is now being challenged in a huge way by elon musk who is attempting to take over their favorite social media platform, that is twitter. we will have a lot more on that later in the program, but first we are at the beginning of what is another long weekend away from the white house for the leader of the free world. to


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