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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 14, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that . i mean, it's i a pretty funny idea, but the real question is how do you keep people who have outut ofto be here the country in the first place and actually to be fair, the governor of texas, greg abbott, may have come up with a plan to do that . so the governor of nuevo leonce province in mexico was just announced. he promises to curb illegal migration north. he's doing this in response to something greg abbott did. abbott imposed strict safety checks on trucks coming from several provinces in mexico. o a huge economic problem for mexico. abbott said he'd lift the new w requirementsou if the mexican government of these provinces agreed to do something about the migrants and one province has now agreed we hope that others soon follow. wewe wanted to hear more about this from the governor of texas, greg abbott, who joins us tonight. governor, thanks for coming on . my pleasure, tucker . so what we have done is weim implemented what we call enhanced safety inspections of every commercialns vehicle comig across the border, every border
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crossing from mexico into the state of texas. and it had a predictable result and that is is snarled traffic for miles in mexico, basically crashing economic conditions in these states as well as inhe the country of mexico o and having severein economic consequences for businesses in mexico and the predictableexc result is that the governors ofn states that are connected tooo the state of texas would be knocking on our door begging for relief. as they beg for t relief. we are demanding that they implement security measures that will reduce illegal immigration coming across our border. there are different standards that we will be applying to different states that are connectedthat to the state of texas. yesterday we announced an agreement with the governorouncn nuevo leone. today we are hammering outam details to more states that are adjacent to texas border crossings in texas that will have some different measures, different as measures that enhancece security that stops the flow of illegal immigrants from
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their states to the state ofe texas. and then there will be one more state governor that we are dealing with tomorrow to try to hammer out details with all together. we expect that we demand that on the mexican side they finally step up and stoppot these low water crossings and other actions that are illegalcrhese immigrants to cross that , we are going to continue with our right to inspect every single vehicle coming across that bridge into the state of texas regardless of the economic consequences it poses to mexico. >> >> so i mean, this suggestss that politicians in mexico have been abetting this mass migration into the united. it's about to get worse. as youth know, next month when liftssh administration any kind ofid covid restrictions on immigration, we're expecting a huge waveig to your state. do you think this is enough to stop it? >> this is a meaningful step too reduce it.t. there are other measures
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that the state of texas is taking to make sure that we arew addressing this as fully as we can . we are the only state in the history of america to build a border wall . we're laying out miles of razor wire. we're putting our boat blockades on the river to prevent people from coming across. we are turningeneo back people who are trying either trying toe cross the border or do crosse border turning that back those w who make it through . we are arresting and putting in jail. so we are using multiple strategies to reduce migration into the state ofte texas. tucker , one consequence of this you may see migration attempts in other states like new mexico and california where they are being less resistance as texasifor is. but our job is to make it as difficult as possible for the cartels to get people toov move people across the border instead of texas. ourta goal is to put the cartels out of business, make them lose money trying to smuggle people into the state of texas. yeah, i mean, texas is all youhe can control. you're only the governor of g
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one statenorne and this seemsmi this seems promising. governor greg abbott, i appreciate coming on tonightse . thank you . thank you , tucker . so sandy cortez's whole shtick is that she's on the side of the working class, the little . y against the man >> right. sandy cortez, daughter of an architect from westchester. and yet when it really came down to it, cortez justz abandoned the amazon labor union right before a historic vote. oh , maybe she's on the man's side after all, with such tales and memorable homophones forre the bush administration gave phones to welfare recipients. at least they were american citizens. the bush administration is giving oisisgi free smartphoneso foreign nationals. that's not about to give you a phone call to give you a phone up for your phone. you know, you get the bill on
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in my visit finding true peace .com live a maskless strohmier in new york. he is twitter's largest individual shareholder. but apparently that's not enough for the world's richest man. elon musk, the ceo of tesla now wants to buy the company outright and he's willing to dish out forty three billion dollars cash for the social platform. musk says he's motivated by what he calls his belief in free speech important to a function of democracy. it's important to the function of the united states as a free country and on many other countries and to help us actually to help freedom in the world. musk bought the largest stake in twitter eleven days ago, but refused to join the board. he prefers to transform twitter into a private company. board members say they will carefully review musk until that offer. i'm actually strohmier back tucker carlson tonight .
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>>. cindy spends a lot of time telling you that she's on the side of the worker. likeshe's a modern wobbly she'sh walter ruther of our day. and that's why last year she vowed to stand alongside at amazone,kers staten island warehouse. >> and we're for f that because they need help. e but at the last minute, citicorp has bailed on the whole thing and thatga infuriated labor organizers who just want a big vote tond unionize the staten island facility. now amazon is stepping up its efforts to crush the union. amazon has just banned wordsn. like union" employee chat app kristen smalls is a union leader at amazon and we're happy to have you join us now. kristen, thanks so much for coming on . so were you surprisedpr that sandy caught alexandra cortez who has said repeatedly that she's on the side of the worker's against the corporation, wasn't standing with you at the barricades? yeah,wa i mean, you know, it.
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wasn't just her . it was all of them pretty much. you know, it's not fair. you know, i don't want her to make a decision between us in aoc because, you know, a lot of them didn't show up and oncell again, we have no ill will against them. we know that whether they shoulder to shoulder or not, they didn't make or break our election. >> we just had to continue to organizeze. yeah, i mean, it's just it's a weird moment because i mean, i'm on the right i've never been particularly pro union, but it does seem like amazon needs some counterbalance like it's this huge company. the workers have no power and maybe we could, i don't know, share a little power with people who work there.'s m so that'sy my view anyway. so tell where you are in your e organizing efforts rightff now. you know, we're fighting for a contract. you know, amazon's disputed election results. so we're walking in to and bubble gum at the same time. we're fighting for a contract. pr're preparing for another
10:35 pm
election in two weeks. on april 25th, we're going to be voting at a second location directly across the building that we just unionizeddi. soso we're we're in the thick of a fight right now, you know, a legal battle. and you know, we just have to p stay grounded in pretty much begin our campaign all over again. i mean, you'd think that amazon would be open to a union, wouldn't you? it's a very progressive company . why do t you think they're tryig to thwart you from organizing amazon hasn't been unionized in this country since the beginning of its existence and they're very anti-union. you know,w, they want they created a systemed that hires and fire people. they create a system that they have full control the workingav the working people and you know, having a union obviously brings representation for the workers that benefit w the workers at the bottom like myself, hourly associates entry level workers that don't get the right to negotiate. so forming union gives us the
10:36 pm
rights of collective bargaining with the company for a contractu to protect ourselves. so that's exactly what we're trying to doha to amazon labor union. we're hoping that we'll bel b a catalyst for something that'll take place nationwide. well,, i certainly am rooting for you. i mean, maybe if s they throw some more slogans at you, you'll forget you can'tee feed your family. right. chris , i appreciate your coming on . thank you very much. we thank you for having me so how would you describe a government that uses its intelligence agencies and its law enforcement capacity to settle scores on behalf ofhe the head politician? would that be an american system or third world system? well, the administrationor hasn just been caught spying on journalists in an effort to in them out of reporting on joe biden's d. ter's diary that's true . and they've used apple and google to do it. hr
10:37 pm
apple google is acknowledged for about three months from december of 2020 to march ofber0 2020 one .ued them the doj issued them severall subpoenas. at the doj was seeking sensitive information of journalists employed by project veritas which had dared to report on ashley biden's diary. now the company noted that the a doj quote compelled apple and google not to disclosend that they were providing the individual's private data to the government. ll this seems illegal. it's completely immoral to talk about an abuse of power. harmeet dhillon would know she's this country's premier civil rights attorney and ceo of the center for american liberty. she joins us tonightcapret. ca harmeet, how can this be allowed to happen? well, it shouldn't be, tucker . thanks for asking me about this . not only does it seem illegal,li it actually is illegal and we have learned that not only has the united states department of justice illegaly been spying on our client project veritas, through the two companies that you mentioned, apple and google, but microsoft itself voluntarily a few weeks ago told us after threatening t
10:38 pm
to go to court to expose the doj doing the same thing ton them, the doj finally backed down and told us that they sought seven warrants from different judges in the southern district of new york to in spy on project veritas emails. to date it looks likesp project veritas has been spied on to the tune of 200 thousand emails that the doj secretly collected. and by the way, also did not tell a federal judge who is overseeing the seizure of our m client's materials fromid journalists who worked on that ashley biden story which by the way, project veritas never even ran with it. and soso what the doj has done s weaponized the doj to spy on journalists all for the purposes of simply providing some cover for the biden family and persecuting and intimidating allngal journalists in the united states against reporting on these issues and thistues. in protected by the constitution. and so we filed a motion to get these materials back from
10:39 pm
the doj. so as y so as you mentioned, tucker , this is a violation of the fourth amendment. it's a violation tam of common that protects journalists in the united states. it's a violation the federal privacy protection act and it's also a violation of the doj own guidelines tucker . so this is shocking and i hope that the doj is called on account for this and that our client gets their property back . huge, thee department of justice is huge. there are good people who work . therek are t a lot of smart peoe who work there. you'd think that someone be moved s to resign from their jos in principle when they see dog being doj being used to protect the biden family from embarrassment. ny if that's too much, is anyone resigned from doj over this? not only had they not resigned, but we only learnedou about this over a yearr and a half after it occurred tucker . so several federal magistrate w judges were applied to for these different warrants. i believe the doj repeatedly lied to these judges. they did not disclose the circumstances that project
10:40 pm
veritas, our journalists didth not disclose the circumstances that there was indeed no threaty of project veritas destroying evidence. so it isvi both the subpoenas and the gag orders under twenty seven or five be that are outrageous here. and so by the way, if they're doing this to project veritas, you better believe they're probably doing us to other a journalists in america who don't know about it because' of these gag orders that frankly these federal magistrate judges should also been asking questions before they began blithely rubber stamping all of these requestsce from the united states department of justice all at the behest off th democratic connected lawyers for the biden family. this is why i includehy obscenities in every text" i send because i can'tto wait fr the new york times to have to print them once they're leaked . i'm not kidding here. makeke great. thank you , tucker .. thanks>> so much. so covid is effectively done. pu
10:41 pm
it'sbl no longer the greatest public health crisis in american history, but te ostate of california is going ahead mandating vaccines for kids. gardasil, the dangers and despite the fact they don't need them when high school has b of schoolent denied his education as a we tol. joins us next. also,d we've been told you've been working on a documentary on los angeles and the crime wave there. we're about to show you a first look at an episode recalling the suicide of l.a. it's the season two premiereth. tucker carlson originals is available next week on fox nation. here it is nana to see what everybody's been asking myself. what the hell iss going on in 2020 los angeles county voters elected a lunatic to be the county's top prosecutor. if you want to reallyto see what a parasite look like, don't look farther than george deliberately unleash the most violent criminals in our midst. turn los angeles into a third world war zone.
10:42 pm
my neighborhood isoo turning ino gotham city. people are so about what's going on when he says he's not going to prosecute theft, he's legalizing theft. we have gang members committing murders. they'll mr' be released by the e i was twenty five no matter what . i under.os angeles george gascon. you do the crime, you will not do the time people who break the law are celebrating. tucker carlson ritual suicide of los angeles screaming april 18th on fox nation sign up at fox nation .com. >> hello mike lindell ceo of mypillow retailers shopping sales. now even banks have tried to cancel myself in my pillow during these times. your support has meant everything to us . my employees and i want to personally thank each and every one of you by passing the savings directly onto you. for example, you can get my dream bed sheets for as low as thirty nine. ninety nine is set. that's a savings of 60% and the lowest price in history.
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nothing. call eight hundred eight five three three nine four seven. so there is absolutely no reason to require young kids to take the coveted shot. they're not at risk from cover. the shotf, itself poseses potentially some risk but the state of california is k, doing itan anyway and now has announced that you can't get an education in the a state of california unless you get the covid shot once in a s granada hills charter high school hasas already been forced out of the classroom because the schoolbe its its own mandats in effect for kids over the age ofof 12 that students named sophia makale. she joins us tonight. sophia, thanks so much for coming on . thank you so much for having me.
10:48 pm
so our heart goes out to you and anyone else who just wants i an education in america and has to submit to medical treatment in order towant get it. tell us why you made this decision. se well, i because i'm a healthy seventeen year old . the vaccine frankly, it's ineffective. it's ineffective and i'm putting my bodyd pu at more risk by taking it than by getting covid c. i'm sorry, but the vaccine has been shown to have side effectst is something that isha worth being concerned about and we don't even know the longt term effects. yeah,>> t no we have no ideael because they haven't been studied and you make a completely fairy point.ll people can scream anti vaccine all they want. but what youu said is true .m so w i'm wondering you've taken a brave stand. you're suffering for it. you're notuf being educated. i'm wondering how your peers have responded and their parents. have you gotten any supportth in thisis war ? well, obviously my close peers are respectful of my decision and my peers that are alsoiv in vaccine who are kicked out. we're also o very supportiveer with each other and we help
10:49 pm
each other get through this . but there are severalte classmatess. the environment within- the school, the classmates are they make drastic assumptions. e i telld them i'm not vaccinated and they immediately assume i'm anti back and-v they just assume the extreme and does nothing about they would not care if i were to tell the administration, oh , i'm getting pressured. i'm getting intimidated, ad, an, would tell someone, oh yeah, i'm not vaccinated next day more people know n and suddenly there's this distance between me and my friends who i thought cared about meht. as for my character not based on vaccinate or not vaccinated . >> yeah, you're not basedme on your medical choicesdi. we spend so much time in this country encouraging young women to be empowered and to sort of take control of their own bodies to see what they really think. and here you're actually doing that hasha any adult in the school held you up as a hero, as a model, an, example to other young women? no, i'm sorry.'m no one from the school i talked to the administration and you know, they praise my body,
10:50 pm
my choice. they always talk about that .n but now when it comes to something that they don't agree with , they switch it c completely. no one has applauded me for a standing for my rights. g no one has applauded me for taking a stand against what i believee in and for fighting for that . i've been looked down upon. i've been stereotyped and they have just absolutely belittled me and pushed me off and thrown me into independent study like a rag doll man. y, so i guess it's not your body, your choice is it? no, no, that's different. they want to so yeah. >> well, i think you're brave as and i think what you've done is an inspiration. t however you feel about the vaccine, it doesn't matter. you're taking a stand on principle. you're suffering f suffering fo. you can explain your motives really clearly and i hope you goea on to great things. soso if you thanks for joining us tonight. thank you so much. foand thank you for giving us a voice. and i speak on behalf ofe all the students who are kicked out that feltudentsst that they were cornered and they had nowhere else to go and they had to take it. thank you for this opportunityhi to talk. it's a horrifying abuse ofr, power. i appreciate iate coming on .
10:51 pm
>> thank you and thank you so p you remember obama phones? of course you do. back in 2012 a lot of potentialg democratic voters got them and of course they were happy about it. >> why wouldn't they be watch this woman in ohio. ne you got obama for everybody in cleveland nonbinary got obama for obama and presidentho you know. yeahor i was about to give you a whole lot to give you signed up for your vote stamps. you also you know, your disability. they hate it when you play. they were so mad . but that's that's an american , you know, why wouldn't she be happy? that was 2012 and again, at least that was an american citizen. so, you know, part of you could say, well, i'm glad she's happys now the biden administration is so dark things have gottentr d o giving cell phones to anyoneak who breaks our immigration law forw. nationals who've come here illegally without a permission,
10:52 pm
get free smartphones. times have changed. new york post, the move would make the migrants easier to trackan after their release, the unitede states, pdo you get a free phone? don't think so. you're just an americanan citizn . shut up and obey. vince colonizes, radio show host in washington, d.c. we're happy to have you joinn tonight . >> vince, thanks for coming on . did you get i mean, in, you were born in this country. >> youou pay your taxes. didhone you get a free smartphoe from budden? no, no.op still paying way too much for my phone plan, but no, no free phone at all. but when you cross the border now, it's important here. here's's the real distinction. if you cross it legally, noeg phone for you, but if you cross illegally, this is how you get a free cell phone. the government's admitting that we're handing out swag bags on the border to foreigns. nationals who break our laws. when you get in, you get all sorts of goodies, including a free phone. you'llll get shelter, you'll get food, you'll be transportedr to the destination of your choice. and i know youou talked to the governor of texas earlier, even republican governors or somehow sometimes tricked into n providing free transportation
10:53 pm
on the taxpayer dime to foreign nationals t to the destination f their choice. so it is wild what's going on and again, only for foreign nationals who break our laws. if you are a legal immigrant, you've got to be vaccinated before you come into this country. you've got to get afo covid test before you fly in to america. so if i rob a liquor store, don't file my federal income taxes, i don't get a a prize.ay you'rein saying so i still have to obey the law. but people from other countries get rewarded for breaking ourht law stands right normally like a sweepstakes. you know how like even if you c don't want to pay for an entry,n you can send in a postcard, a self-addressed postcard and then you get free entry. yeah, no, you don't even need to do that here. this it's you just can't you're not even eligiblee.. you're not eligible. an american citizen. no way. free no. ifif youll cross our border illegaly which again it's just like you know, added tock the stack of indignities a against american citizens you've got we're ending title forty two meaning we're not going to reject illegal foreign nationals anymore yet the health crisis continues for
10:54 pm
the rest of us .r the cdc just extending the massive mandate on airplanes to make it so that flight attendants can keep throwing people off. people keep fighting over these political uniforms. it's grotesque and it's justhe yet another abuse againstst the american public that's being tc witnessed by thehe administration. nk really quick, how much longer do you think americans will put up with this? i'm hoping by these midterms things changee. i mean, have you seen these polling numbers? it's like this is here's what ia heard my my my real take on this is all all of this is w real. by the way,ayut but my take on s is is that this is political suicide. what they're doing right now, it's so visible tole the publico >> doesn't matteris what demographic you're a part of, you despise this and you will vote against it avo. yeah. if we have a free and fairre electione, it's over for them. youngkin. yep.s vince, thanks so much. great to see you tonight . thank you , sir. more news ahead. we'll be right back . ahk.everybody.
10:55 pm
everybody's been asking myself what the hell is going on in 2020 we'll say this county voters elected me the county prosecutor. if you want to really see what i look like denuke rather than george is the most violent criminals and this los angeles into a third world war zone. my neighborhood is turning this into are so about what's going on when he says i'm not going to prosecute them to legalizing gang members committing murders, they'll be released by december. twenty five no matter what this is los angeles under george desco. you do the crime to the people to break the law are celebrating with 90%.
10:56 pm
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inspires us . today shannon bream hosts the mothers and daughters of the bible speak sunday. that's's about it for us tonigh. we are a out of time. the good news is from our perspective and we'll be back every weeknight 8:00 p.m. so that's a sworn enemy of lying. pomposity, smugness and groupthink have the best night to see tomorrow. " and welcome to hannity. now d tonight , democrats, they are in a full panic. their socialist policies are a disaster. they have poll numbers. they are imploding.nd their president is a dishonest, corrupt and cognitive and their war on free speech is now being challengeded in a huge way by elon musk who is attempting to taker t over favorite social media platform that is twitter will have a lot more on that later in the program. but first, we're atis the beginning of what is another long weekend away for the white from the white house for the leader of the freeda


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