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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 14, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the mothers and daughters of the bible speak sunday. that's's about it for us tonigh. we are a out of time. the good news is from our perspective and we'll be back every weeknight 8:00 p.m. so that's a sworn enemy of lying. pomposity, smugness and groupthink have the best night to see tomorrow. " and welcome to hannity. now d tonight , democrats, they are in a full panic. their socialist policies are a disaster. they have poll numbers. they are imploding.nd their president is a dishonest, corrupt and cognitive and their war on free speech is now being challengeded in a huge way by elon musk who is attempting to taker t over favorite social media platform that is twitter will have a lot more on that later in the program. but first, we're atis the beginning of what is another long weekend away for the white from the white house for the leader of the freeda world today before jetting off
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to camp david, joe bideny, took some time to blame the war in ukraine and all of his failures on somebody. takek. a look. putin's invasion of ukraine has driven up gas prices and food prices all over the world. ukraine and russia, that one and two largest we producers in the world. we're number three shut down. we saw that yesterday. inflation. that's what people don't know is that 70% of the increase in inflation was the consequence of putin's price because of the impact on oil prices. 70%l we need we need to address these high pricess and urgently for working folks out there all of that is a complete and utter lie whosay sheikhan just to shake. there's nobody there. we're nearlyyhe 15 months into biden's presidency. everything is going
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wrong and i mean everything. i can't name sng a single thing that's going right. by the way, anybody surprised biden cannot even do simple fundamental basic tasks. he turns aroundfu who know noboi to shakeng his hand and he keeps his hand out there. you kidding me? meanwhile, inflation at a forty year high and getting higher h food costs a cost of every items you buy in every store is now going through a roof. energy costs well, you b never paid more in history for a gallon of gasoline and the cost to heat and cool your home is through the roof.f. on top of that , rents have now increased by over seventeen percent interest rates i read today it's about five percent for a 30 year fixed wasn't that long ago you gettingt in the twos. they're rising fast. real wages are down by three percent and biden's green new deal the economy is now a living nightmare for you. the american people for all of us remember, according to the administration, america's historic inflation has nothing to do with biden's trillions of
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dollars's in handouts and the record setting energy costs have nothing to done t with bids restrictions on oil and gas. you could see right from the charts will keep putting him up and down. up is down. down is i and their weird world, by theng way, everything bad that happens is vladimir putin's fault. and as those graphs show a that is a lie. and thankfully americans can see through the total. well, bull schiff as in adam schiff, president biden is trying to label this putin's price hike forin most americans. according to an's nbc news poll, are not buying that only six percent blame putin mostlyci president biden's policies are very much to blame. our p new poll from quinnipiac just came out yesterdayay. biden's approval rating at an all time low. this . 33%. that's it. his approval among hispanic americans is even lower. 26% biden is underwater
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by double digits in five recentd polls. but americans aren't just noto happy about the economy. they also disapprove of biden's handling of ukraine crime covid and of course the disaster at the southern border. never mind border, the disastros pullout in the islamic emirates of afghan e stand where he abandoned americans fellow green card holderser that illegaly eligible to be here left billions in high tech military equipment, some 80 billion dollars worth abandoned for our afghan alliess tonight as biden extends the masked mandates on americans traveling on trains and planesin, guess what preferential treatment he's lifting all covid restrictions on illegal immigrants that are pouring across t the the border isn'tat that great? and on may twenty third title 40 will be lifted preventing f the federal government from expelling migrantsov over covid-19 concerns. and that means more massiveid
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migrant caravans there on the way a majority of americans believe biden is, making a huge mistake and for good reason because right on cue the first of what will be many caravans is only days away. this problem at the border is so bad and about to get so much b worse. in fact, border officialsoral at now bracing for more than a half a million migrant encounters next month alone instead of fixing the problem reinstating president trump's successful border policiesing, building the wall, bringing back remain in mexico policy, ending catch and process and release. well, the biden administration is now considering a plan toke take va v doctor out of vao hospitals so those va doctors for vets can assist with the ongoing crisis. in other words, they'll take away doctors from our va hospitals from americanra veterans to provide their services to illegal immigrants . that's right with you because that does not sit right with me
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. biden t and the farhe left clime obsessed socialists around them, they're literallyly destroying the country right before our eyess. o it is so even late night liberal host bill maher has issueds this warning. they won't heat it, but they should tell his fellow democrats. take a listen. >> there is a hunger for i think in america more than anything is common sense. yes, the away fromop the extremes. i mean, when people say to me, don't you think you've gotten more conservative? no, i haven't. the left has gotten goofier. yes. so i seem more conservative maybe. but like it's not me who changedd. i feel i'm the same guy. i'm only saying to the democrats just don't be the party of no common sense and you will be surprised at how much amazing success yous will have as opposed what's going to have happen, which is they're going to get their kicked in november.
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by the way, i finally agree with bill maher and i would agree with his assessment.y he's not really changed.ever lid he's never like me. i've never particularly liked him, but he's pretty smart, intelligent and democrats they'd be wise h to. actually listen to him. many of his fellow democrats have gone absoluteem insane. common sense is dead in this new green deal . climate alarmists, religious cult, democratic party, they've goneti nuts. the liberals in the party have been replaced with far left socialists who don't believe in freedom of speechsp they believe in cancel a culture . they believe in woke everything. they don't seem to believethth in capitalism or constitution either. it just worship all things at the altar of climate change and they want to fundamentallynd transform the country into something that would be unrecognizable tha seven months from now during the midterm elections. it isti i imperative to take nothing for granted, get to the polls, send these socialists an important message beforealis our country is at a point of no return.
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it's that bad. w and hereit now is more is the author of the dying citizen victor davis hanson alongsa with former arkansas governor mike huckabee. good to see youee. bothh, gover. i never thought things could turn to this dramatic bad in this short period of time. t. you know the list and all of it preventable in my eyes. your thoughts the thing republicans have to be careful of is that we don't thinkat that just because the democrats have completely imploded that the people of america lover republicans allic the suddene because they don't. and we need c to give the people of the country a reason to votee for republicans than their policies, not just say, hey,ir n democrats, everything s completely fallen apart. yes, joe biden's got a thirty three percent approval rating. it's justal unbelievably bad. the border is a the economys, is a mess. w gas and grocery prices, we get all that . what republicans must do iso
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recognize we have a chance toho get people who have never voted for republicans to vote with use because we're taking stands on issues that make sense to them. we believe that kindergartners ought to learn their colors, mb their letters and ought to learn their numbers before they learn somethingthin about sexuality. those are the messages that we need to go with . and i guarantee you there are a lot of democrats and independents who will vote with us just to say what the democrats are putting out there is nuts. yeah, we spend more money perty capita per student than anynt other country in the industrialized world with the worst resultsdu. kids can't read , write, do math or science or computers. ta butke this is where the wokers gender takes them even as you point out from kindergarten tod third grade. victor davis hanson and michael corrected my my belief that all of these problems from the border to running out of covert test tony fauci c nestane
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to the energy crisis to the economic crisis 40 year high of inflation is aren't all these problems combined? weren't they all preventableroid and aren't they all fixable? if we go back to the policies he inherited right or wrong? t absolutely. and ihi think an increasing number of nonrepublicans are going to see that . and i think joe biden isen systematically destroying the democratic party , but he's creatingoy a new middle class of conservatives that i think classti is becoming far more important than race hereac in this hispanic community. here in this hispanic community that i live in, that i live on . people are worried about the existence of civilization. john, can you move? can you afford fuel? t can youo afford to eat? can youu afford shelter homes, building material? are you safe on the streets? isr the border secure? isry your country secure abroad? the answer is no.'t and he won't talk about those becausee his agenda won't allow him because he's not empirical and then they look at alln
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the things he is talking about o abortion on demand gun controlap transgenderrism and that doesn't appeal to them. and so i think, you know, there's one other thing the culture of this because if they talk down to people, the academic media, governmentri class and a lot of minority groups don't like it it. and i think we're going to see t a historic transition fromra let to right among african-american males, hispanics r, and they can't afford to lose those groups. they need to win at 70 or 80% majorities because they've sohe alienate their traditional lunch bucket blue collar union democrat. they don't exist anymore and i a think they don't have any idea how unpopular they are amongng a lot of so-called a marginalizd communities who don't feel they're marginalized.hear they just think they're upwardly mobile. they're like anybodye else and they can't figure out what this crazy president is doing other thanoi he's destroying everything they've created for their families. governor, i think if
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you keep it simple, it would work and that is lower taxes, l the belief in law and order. so i think everybody in everyin town in every city would like safety and security for them and their family. simple things. ua i think they want a quality of education. i think they prefer the basics a over whatever woke agenda these these schools are teaching these kidsng. e these are simple messages. but we nowut have seen threeut consecutive polls, african-americans and hispanic americans are dramatically leaving the democratic party and moving towards party .blican what would you recommend to the republican party in terms of their promises and pledges to them so they become part that coalition will show that it's important that republicans don't beg people to get up on an elephanth or ride down main street and identify as republicans so much as theyhe identify with thp principles that we are puttingti forth on what you just said,
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lower taxes, safety and security, decent education ,common sense when it comes to things like what we'reom going o teach children, i think it'sn. a whole lot less horizontal and i think sometimes politics ends up beingng completely horizontal by the practitioners of politics. the candidates in the office holders, everything's left right liberal conservative democrat, con republican . b what republicans ought to focus on is vertical issues. we ought to focus on thingsin getting better, not worse, things going up, not down. tell people that if they electle us we will get thingsct back on track.e a the average american family is going to loseve thirty five hundred dollars just this year in expenses because of the biden economy. that'sbi something every family feels. so that's a vertical issue that's not horizontalsu. sking we're not asking them to become conservatives. republicans are joined to the right. we're saying let's make america a better place for your family.w that's how we win the election.t
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but it's also how we get a mandate to do some things when we win. >> i agree with that in every way i believe law and order victor davis hansonn, i believe i see citizenship behind you. i know you're doing a class for hillsdale college. i'm glad to hear. but law and order safe schools u for their kids, safe neighborhoods to grow up in . i think lower taxes, secure borders, legal immigration, lower gas prices, eliminating this record high inflation that is you know, according to $ bloomberg, it's costing fifty two hundred dollars per household in an inflation tax. families cannot afford this . professor, you know, i think, what the middle class has concluded already and they can't change that there's nothe enough time for the beforeth the election is that these very elite democratic politicians and media functionalns a and thy are the party. no,, they're very wealthy. they're never subject to the consequences of their own
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ideology. they have the money. they have the zip code,al they have the connections. they have wallslshe aroundy their home. they don't care about walls on the border. they go to chartershe. they don't go to charter schools or prep schools, private charter schools. they don't s care about the public school they are for teachers unions. cl if their kids are never in a class with the teachers union, they they all want high energyau prices because they have the money tosese buy, you know,t a tesla or whatever . so the lot of these communities are saying they took me forut granted. but more importantly therefore,m seen down my throat these policies that are destroyingca my aspirations to be ann. american. and yet when i look atk them, they have they don't sacrifice their immune. they have all this privilegee and then they call everybody privilege, but they are the privileged one . it's almost like a psychological projection that radiates their own guilt. alsoia, victor davis hanson, thank you . governor huckabee, always good to see you as well.e, athanks. we turtttion now once
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again to the biden family syndicatete. now for two years we have been actually longer than that . we have been raisingha concerns about joe biden's family's sketchy business partners,ss including zero experienced hunter biden-e and his association with the nephew of a notorious boston gangster and a story totally ignored by the media mob. remember whitey bulger?w well, his nephew played a keyey role in hunter's chinese ventures. here with more, fox news contributor miranda devine along with former assistant secretary of the treasury monica crowley. . miranda, you wrote the laptopap from . you've seen the laptop from you got a copy of the laptop from . my lawyer would not allow me to a take that's an interesting story in and of itself. but more importantly, i want to go into this connection and more importantly than that , how it all ties back to joe biden and how he's been proven to have lied when he said he'd never talked to his son about his foreign business dealings.
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well, sean, i think it's pretty clear that joe biden did have a lot to do with hunter biden's overseas business partners. he met manyrsy of them. he met them from all sorts ofs countries ranging from china to russia to ukraine and kazakhstan and mexico. and he met he met one of his business partners in beijing when he flew hunter into china on air force twoen with him when he was going h to have some high level meetings with president xi jinping and the ccp. so it just does not pass the sniff test. it's kindd of absurd that the white house is still trying tooe run that line that joe biden b knew nothing about his son hunter's overseas business dealings. he knew exactly what wasling mae he didn't know the details, butn he knew what hunterew was up to and he was doing it in his name wheree a picture is monica crowley of joe biden
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with foreign business partners from mexico and foreign business partners from kazakhstan. but and the lecturele that he gave is his mexican business partner, which was the white house all thesese times to meet my father, all these times what you haven't given me anything yet. le so clearly there was a quid pro quo expectation. here's my question now with all the money that this family syndicate got from china and then the deals they got from china and the money o they got from a russian oligarch, former first lady of moscow, millions of dollars,ot the money they got from a kazakhstan oligarch, the millions that hunter got from ukraine with boriss joe leverages a billion taxpayer dollars to fire the prosecutor a are investigating millionseing paid with no experience. if the name was trump and itdo was donald trump jrna or eric trump or ivanka trump or baron trump or tiffany trump, don't
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you think the media m wouldis handle this a lot differently a i think that question answers itself, john. i think the answer is very obvious that of course if this were any member of the trump family, there would be we'dld be on the 15th impeachment of donald trump ex post facto look, the double standard is so clear we've got deep, deep corruption with this family that's gone on for decades. influence peddling is the biden family business. we've goty a long paper trail shorn of the corruption of not just hunter but joe . i mean, this is a joe biden story and weor know the famous 10% for g the big but now we've also got emails and texts indicating that joe biden had hunter, a bagman for the biden family, actually turning over their ills gotten gains. shouldn'there be there be an investigation? is joe biden compromise by china and russia and ukraine and kazakhstan?
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because that's really the question here. it would appear according to theseppem emails, he not only kw what he profited from these deals , that would mean that we potentially have a president that is completely compromise . ha where'st that investigation? i think there is an investigation going on in delaware into hunter biden and various aspects of d his foreign business dealings. and i think f that from the questions that we understand have been asked of some of the witnesses such as who is the big guy, it seems that they are starting to look at joe biden because joe biden is the big guy, tony belinski told us . monicaca crowley, thank you . mirandaa , always great to see you. if you haven't gotten her book laptop from , it isin worth a read a lot offo information in there. when we come back , we're goingg to bring you the latest on today's breaking story that elon musk has offered to buy twitter. i'm having a hard time understanding why the left does not like he the guy that builds electric cars. they're losing their mind
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$1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. five three three nine four seven five a maskless strohmier new york one of russia's most prestigious warshak now lies at the bottom of the baltic sea. how it got there remains uncertain. however, ukrainian officials claim their military thank them nrsc over with a missile. russia, however, says it fireline the vessel demise. the guided missile cruiser sank as it was being towed deport. its loss is yet another major blow to russia which has been struggling in its invasion of ukraine. crimea certainly is issuing a warning to europe he is threatening to send nuclear weapons to the baltic sea, saying there will be undesirable consequences.
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finland and sweden join nato. the brutal assault on ukraine has forced the two countries to reconsider their autonomy for the western alliance. their application bids might be submitted within weeks. i'm actually strohmier not back to "hannity". for all of your headlines, log on to fox news right now the left is a meltdown mode m tonight after billionaireod elon musk made an offer to buy twitter and take a private. now in a statement about the offer, musk said the company was sai in need of severe change. writing in part, quote, i now w realize the company will need to thrive nor serve this societal imperative in its current form. twitter. needs to be transformed as a private companyst and investors they seem to welcome musk recent twitter moves with the stock'sorecve sug nearly 10% since elon musk announced that he had taken eight nine point two percent stake in the company. now earlier today musk said
11:27 pm
this about the offer while speaking in vancouver. take a lookco atuv this . well, i think it's very important for there to be an free speechena for where for so twitter has become kind of a de facto townsquare so it's just really important that people have the both the, the reality and the perception that they are able to speak freely within the bounds of the law. now saudi prince al waleed one or two, it is apparently one of twitter's largest shareholders apparently has rejected must offer. but must responded on twitter today writing quote interesting. two questions, if i may. how muchh of twitter does the kingdomhe own directly and indirectly and what are the kingdom's views
11:28 pm
on journalistic freedom of speech? whoa. and to the far left, musk's desire to see the platform embrace freedom of speech and expression. what that's a growing w threat o their censorship agenda, their efforts to censor conservatives and efforts to make the platform just another extension of the democratic agenda right here was reaction of our founder travis, along with ohio congressman jim jordan. ry now a this story about the hunter's laptop, , congressman, that was two weeksr before the twenty twenty election. all of these big tech companies ,they wouldn't even allow people to talkk about it, putit out the story. it all a is true . we now know. sot here comes elon musk. i look at elon musk as a great innovator. you know, he comes up car .esla, an electric think he beat love. liberals used to claim they love freedom of speech.
11:29 pm
apparently they're now all about cancel culture and wokeismm. no, they didn't seem to care one whit that about the laptop story now being deemed true . how would they have felt if it was against joe biden? >> no, no, you're exactly right and that's why i don't think they're going to let this go through . i mean, understand the left's position today. the lefttat position is if you don't agree with me, you're not allowed to speak s and if you try, we're going to call you racists and we're going to try . fcancel you so i don't think they'll let this go forward because if they do, then they can'tpresru suppress the biden story. then they can't keep president trump off of twitter. then they can't throttlear back republicans who are trying to fundraisee on these big tech platforms who are trying to get out their message. they can't doey all the thingshi that they want tonk do and they've been doing. so i don't think they'll letar o forward. i hope they do. i hope it's a victory for free g speechot and i got to commend clay. i think he was one of the first people to talk about elonoi musk doing this . so i hope it does happen. but i don't think the left is going to stand i for that's
11:30 pm
how that's how committed they are to their censorship and attack on the constitution, the bill of rights and the first amendment. you know,ea i loven: the idea tt elon musk made by this and by the way, odif you don't like what somebody saying on twitter ,you don't have to read it now do you know a mannt and congressman jordan has done fantastic work, mutual admirationas society here trying to rein in big techau because what sean, make no mistake what's going on here? china is constantly censoring what their people can see, what they can say on social media. the government itself in china is what's happening in the united states is we have allowed big tech companies to default, do the same thing that the chinese government is doing and make nont mistake her, what is happening is twitter h e where the blue checkmark brigade left wingers that whatcl elon just wants to do ison provide a content neutral forumo for the marketplace of ideas to
11:31 pm
flourish for everyone to beve able to argue what they believe. and they're saying that elon musk it's crazily is a threat to democracy since when has the letting as many people as possible say exactly what they think been a threat to democracy that is the veryde foundation of democracy. this is whymo elon musk must wi. it's why he needs to buy twitter taking it private is the right choice. we need a platform on social media that is committed to robust debate. that's how we got screwed up on the joe biden laptop. as you mentioned a ame, sean, it that story and the way that big tech covered it swung the election. i really do. and it's also how we've ended up with so many failures of public policy associated with it. you know,is one of the ways towi know that the truth is outtt there is twitter banzet. t they've been consistently wrong in what they have allowed to bee discussed. we need true content neutral t
11:32 pm
platforms. that'san why the left wing is s, angry right now because they know the game is rigged in their favor. and what elon musk would do is put itack right back down in the center of the country. let's assume based on what twitter's saying, what the shareholder from saudil arabia is saying. jim jordan, let's assume for a second that they don't let us do this . optionour other and what will congress do as it relates to the practices of big tech, especially heading intont the twenty twenty election? yeah, yeah. well, look, we got take away their liability protection at a minimum. we got to pass that . will s i don't think joe bidenign it s it. we've got to lookty at speeding up any type ofn antitrust action in the court systemys. we've got to have more transparency when they do censor you, throttle you back . weo need to know when that's happening and we may need to frankly look at a private cause of actionse if they're going tos take people down and do things like they did to president trump and others. soall t t all that needs to hap. but what clay's exactly the first amendment is not i a threat to democracy. it's what preserves democracy
11:33 pm
and they are directly going at it. imagine this , sean. what if what if it was a conservative company, let's say chick fil a was not it, but they were a public company and the same dynamic was playing p p what the left be sag to that for these peoplee who are going to stop that sale when it was going to make so much for their shareholders, imagine that scenario. so that's exactly what's playing. this is going to be a big game for the shareholders at twitter and they're going to stop it because politics trumps the market. mlitics trumps making money and shareholder response or fiduciary responsibility that the board t has to the shareholders. i think that's a big issue here, as well. so let's see let's how this plas out. i hopess it'sse successful becae we need all the forms we can have that are devoted to the public square being a place where the first amendmentende ig protected. it's a guy likee elon musk. wewe got electric cars, freedome of speech and liberals hate. tell me how that makes any sense. but anyway, jim jordan to see you play travis, thank you . and straight ahead tonight , the left is launching baseless
11:34 pm
attacks against senate candidate from georgia walker as their midterm panic is nowan rising.g. wait until you hear so despicable what one far left columnist, teamherschel will join us next. we'll get his reaction as weea continue. you will see the glory of miracles never. i'm your host kathie lee gifford in this new series you're going meet fascinating people who share their faith journey. joining as you all know and love our friend joel, who knows what god's going to take. the man who had great bravery but they also suffered extraordinary long, good people in this world. i'm just here to try to help you god to please you.
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give your family the security they need at a price you can afford text quote to thirty two thirty two thirty two or go to selectquote .com now and get the insurance your family needs at a price you can afford selectquote we shop you say when you can watch get the latest news business news headlines on sirius xm anytime anywhere fox news audio on sirius xm america is listening now tonight more disgusting, baseless smears against african american conservatives as a new column by far left columnist ellie mistal is entitled the herschel walker senate campaign is an insult to black people calling the walker campaign a quote, political minstrel show. now, of course,l this is just another attempt to smear, slander, besmirch and attack a campaignndck a that has builtm massive momentum in the state
11:39 pm
of georgia and running on an america first make america great again agenda. remember, allll the knives are out for herschelle like any other conservative. and recently biden fired walker fromr the president's council on health, fitness and nutrition. why? because democrats you think that's the least political position they'rend in desperation mode as the biden agenda isa failing on every front ahead of the twenty twenty two midterms . so all they got left iswathot s slander, besmirch, attack, lie all the above it was reaction. georgia senate candidate herschel walker. . you know, i find this happens to african-american conservatives so often i would like to say that i'm shocked, but i'm not sure why do youhi think this exists because in this woke world left you can't talk this way about people. but there are exceptions if you're a conservative, especially an african-american
11:40 pm
conservative where you're 100%oi correct, they're going to doan this here. and i knowt i signed up for whe. i decided to run. but what'str strange about it ie he not telling everyone that the democratic party hadck brown and black people behind. they forgot pll all about us ano they not just forgot about us . you look at the policies that'st going on which has nothing towh do with color. what it hasat to do with these o policies not suitablef for, the people of georgia. they're not suitablear for the people of the united stateso of america. and itit doesn't matter what he me. s you know, i was bullied when i was a little kid words i'm not going to hurt me right now. he knows and i'm going to take a my athletic it out of this .ra i'm the most qualified candidate for this race r right now and i'm the most qualified candidate to represent georgia as unitedrese state senator .w so it doesn't matter what you say. . know what i've donee first of all, i did graduate as one of the top members in my class in high school and i do
11:41 pm
have one of the largest minority owned food servicef companies in the united states of america because i worked my my tail off to become and i want everyone to have the same advantages that i've hadad. the wayd, you do that is by working hard, by getting out there, putting press operation and aspiration to whatever you do, make sure you do itou the right way so it doesn't matter what they say. i represent the people of t georgia and i'm not going to do what people tell me to do and i'm not going to have you to y bully me because you can't. but what i would love to do for you to take the time to come down to georgia, we sit down and break bread because i'm about bringing people together, not separating people. what it seemsms like you are is a separate people because of the color that's not herschel oc walker. so you're actually inviting this author to come and sit down and meet the real herscheln walker and then make your mindro that's a pretty generous it's holy week. so i guess that's a prettyrt generous gesture on your part. i doubt i would be as generous,h but what did you make when you and dr. oz both got kicked the
11:42 pm
health, fitness and nutrition p council? it's a volunteer position. you've been appointed to the position you got paid for, but you did it because you want to help the country. why are we politicizing that ? well, that's what's so sad.ic why you you because first of all, i've been working with kids my whole life all the way to the kid out a speech impediment. i didn't feel good aboutbo mysef so i wanted to go out and help other kids come up and show them by working out. but also i want to be proactive rather than reactive. what i meanme by that is, you know, exercise sometimes helps you through a lot of things that can help you in life through your health care. ith can help you with , you know, most people might call ite you know, we have problems. we have a problem with our weightid. so i want to help kids that have a weight problem. i'm going to have kids and let them knowan they can become just like herschel walker. they can become a herschel walker evenbecon better thani herschel walker. so i wanted to encourage kids to kick me off because ofwi some partisan issue that they have with me.
11:43 pm
and i'm saying that'sg th okay s not going to stop me. it's not gonna stop me. i'm going to continue to do work for the kids becauseow that's what i'm doing right now. i'm going to fightht for this country. i'm going to fightia forng the state of georgia. i'm going to fight for allta the kids in the state of georgia. i'm going to fight for allun the kids in united states ofit america . i'm going to fight forat the women right now. i want people to know i do not believe me and should bepo in women's sports . i don't a definition ofrt a womk is written in the bible is a man and woman. i know that . and i'm going to fight for the women as well. let me ask you, you know, i before i endorse a candidatebe and i've talked aboutfoo this before, i really want to know where you stand on issuesou and before you announce that you'reng going to make t this run, we hado a number of discussions leading up to it and you gave me a pretty phenomenal answer. i don't know if you remember the specific question, but i but i did ask you tell me how you describe yourself politically and i'll throwom that question at you so people can understand where you're coming from. better where i stand as i standt
11:44 pm
for america, that means that i m stand for the constitution a pro military, p i'm pro education and all those things to say.e, are you a conservative? i'm a conservative. why? because i want the thingssei that this country has fought h for and people have died for the freedom and liberties and freedom that this country has given the freedom and liberty that they've given every legal american at their thatee they have the freedoms and liberties to go out and work to becomedoib ter whatever they want to becomes that americans dream. you know, it's amazing because you're the antithesis. you know, we, we have record hih inflation out of control, record high gas prices. rafael warnock is on along with every single radical policy of joe biden. this is going to be one ofmp the most important races in theh country. we're going tot watch it closely. we always appreciate youpp comig on . herschel walker. us. thank you for being with us. othank you so i want everyone to know to go to teamherschel .com becausemh
11:45 pm
let's remove this thought out of everyone's mind and we allme american that's come together and put herschel walker in ashe the . all right. wal thank you , herschel walker. coming up,ke new york city mayor eric adams calling out blackac lives matter for being hypocrites. we're going to show you exactly what he said and then we'll geto reaction to point out throw themselves in their necks with reaction straight ahead. i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas and 2016 presidential candidate. like many of you, i've struggled to get a good night's sleep for most of my adult life. i wasted at least two hours a day in my life tossing and turning, trying to shut my mind down until about two years ago. that's when i saw an ad on tv for relaxium sleep. i decided to order it and it literally changed my life. developed by renowned neurologist and sleep expert dr. eric celebrity relaxium sleep is clinically proven to
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how much americans really know about the holiday
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xfinity mobile runs on america's most reliable 5g network, but for up to half the price of verizon, so you have more money for more stuff. this phone? fewer groceries. this phone? more groceries! this phone? fewer concert tickets. this phone? more concert tickets. and not just for my shows. switch to xfinity mobile for half the price of verizon. that's a savings of over $500 a year. switch today. eight hundred five one four two five nine six . all right, take a look at your screen right there. remember when new york city mayor eric adams was caughtgh on tape calling white police officers crackers in this o resurfaced video? well, now that same mayor isam calling oute the hypocrisy ofbl the group black lives matter tonight after a spate oft shootings in recent days that left black victims dead b,
11:50 pm
many of them black lives matter . we all those who stated black lives matter then go do an analysis of who was killed or shot last night. i was up all night speaking to my commanders in the bronxoo and brooklyn. the victims were black. he many of the shooters were black and black lives in the thousands of people i saw on the street when floyd was murdered should bee on the street right now stating that the lives of these black children that are dying every night matters because the now those comments come just days after brooklyn subway shooting rampage that left dozens injured with suspect frank taken intohing custody yesterday with reaction. author of the bookea twenty five lies, vincent wilson is back with us along with leo to point out torrot then charles, i'll start with you w.
11:51 pm
i'm glad he said it. i didn't like the comment, but put that aside for tonight . i'm glad he said it. the group black lives matter where are they in chicago after every weekend. where are they ? in los angeles. in new york after what ? we had six people shot in a s six hour period in new yorkhoou city. a number of them died. why only certain cases do they take up and then of course spend their money on nearly on six million dollar mansion where i'm glad that adams is finally caught upna with everybodyll and found m and discovered that black lives matter a bunch of hypocrite black lives matter is concerned about money, mansions and chaos . their job was to start a marxist revolution hereis in america marxism is 80%m, is hatred. it's destroying the constitution and they've been exposed. ot look, look, these liberals are
11:52 pm
not going to come back from this on. this is this is nuremberg. this is pearl harbor.r when the mask comes off and you reveal who you are, they've been revealed to the american people. the american people now know who theyeoeo there's a comeuppae that they're going to reprisals for it. and in two thousand twenty two the end of this year, we're not going to find these people.e. i hope they're the complete out of all of them. think i think the american people are tired of them and they're readyt up and send them back to where they belong. you know, i do make a distinction, leo, and we discussed this before between the groupefor black lives matter on tape chanting what do we want dead cops when we want them now? and people that chanted black lives matter after the george floyd incident and the group itself gets all of this money enough to buy a six million or just a little shy of six million dollar mansion out in california where you are, which is pretty unbelievable to me.
11:53 pm
but they have been am i a in every major city and every weekend we could all be pretty accurate in guessing how many lives are lost and there's not a word not a peep. i haveve since 2009 on this program s scrolled the names ofp people shot shotle and killed in chicago alone. nobody else seems to care. i cared about every name i scrolled nobody's lifted a finger to change it because it's still happening every week at and it's going to continue to happen every weekend because the narrator is only black lives matter if it's a white and a black suspect, that's the only thing that they care about because they want to play the race card and let me be i agree with you. there is a total disconnect w between the organization, which is totally corrupt and is out for themselves and people who really want criminal justice and criminal justice reform do away the curve ofll
11:54 pm
george floyd. you alwaysed scroll down the names of victimswh who have been killed or murdered in democratic city. but sure i'm not c giving mayor adams any credit for justus because he threw black lives matter. let's be very clear. crime in new york is still there and all lives matter all lives until crime comes down. it's a crime come down new york . he gets no credit and thankss goodness the feds tookdi that case over regarding frank james because could you imagine shot in new york with alvin bragg and the district attorney and the saffa one other point. if adam is listening just five black lives matter, that'so not enough. remember those two policeff officersic who were basically assassinated and the widow calls for help. soft on crime does not workat in a democratic city. it has to stop. and if you really want to know what i think of mayor adams, give me call so, i don't want t get terminated. give you the last word, vincean
11:55 pm
look, these people are going they started this whole political revolution based on the lie that they cared about black people and that, was whitethere supremacy in order to believe in white supremacycy, you must believe in black inferiority. black lives matteriv and the whole left is being exposed for the liars for the malcontents, for the hate america people that they are and america ism. going to rebel against they're going to kick them out in 2020 to and this country is going to rise and we're going to be the great nation we're supposed to be. . i hope you're right. these kids are national treasure. they deserve law and order soe they can be safe and secure so that they can pursue their happiness. vince, thank you for beinglw with us. congratulations on the book and always good to have you for hannity right after this .
11:56 pm
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the time we have left for this evening. as always, thank you for beingel with you. op makee this show possible. we hope you'll say a dvr so you never miss an episode. i'll be out tomorrow. tammyut bruce will be and i hope you have a great passover and a great easter and never let your heart be troubled. thanks for being with us. >>er good evening, i'm laura ingraham and this is the ingraham angle. h tonight we bring you part two of our exclusive with mel gibson and mark wahlberg. you'll hear why they've turned to making family themedily mov. plus their thoughts on a new trend among some men in hollywood. you don't want to miss it. but first, dems don't't care. >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> it almost seems vindictive at this point. now a a i'm talking about what the party in power isn t inflicting on the united states