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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 15, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: title 42 is set to end next month. you're watching "fox and friends first." i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'll todd piro. republicans are being forced to take matters into their own hand, administration drops the ball and looks the other way, alexandria hoff has more. >> if this largely guatemala caravan times it just right, it will arrive as the mechanism to stop them has ended cht the shot was called by the cdc. >> if you look at the cdc math, 97% of the country is green, not many restrictions and cdc
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scientists determined it was appropriate time from public health point of view to lift the title 42 restriction. >> carley: arizona senator kyrsten sinema joined republicans calling for the lifting of title 42 to be delayed. she stated, the administration extension of authority proves need to delay lifts title 42 to protect arizona communities and migrants. i will keep pushing for accountability to secure the border. 21 states, including arizona are suing the biden administration. this week the texas governor greg abbott made good on plan to bus migrants to washington, d.c. and to continue truck inspection. >> enhanced safety ipspection of every commercial vehicle coming across the border and predictable result, governors of states connected to state of
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texas would be knocking on our door begging for relief. we are demanding they implement security measures coming across the border. >> you saw images of the buses, the white house called governor abbott's efforts a publicity stunt. >> carley: thank you. turning to this, president biden says going to ukraine, white house has a different message. >> todd: ukraine celebrates a stinging blow to russian forces after it sunk a war ship. matt is live in lviv. matt. >> we can confirm there is sdug to send a delegation to kyiv. jen psaki says the president is not going to be sent here, even though this was his answer when asked about coming to ukraine.
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>> will you -- >> president biden: we're making that decision now. thank you. >> who would you send? >> are you ready to go? >> president biden: yeah. >> republican senator steve daines became first u.s. senator to visit ukraine, he toured with victoria sparks of indiana, who was born in ukraine. the warship became infamous symbol when a guard told that ship to go blank themselves, now that massive ship has sank, major setback for the russians. it was you hava the coast of odesa. shall ifs claim they used decoys and hit with neptune ship missile and russia acknowledged just a fire aboard.
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u.s. and other officials have not confirmed what caused the fire. other warships moved further from the ukrainian southern coast line. president zelenskyy says russian ships can go to the bottom of the sea. they say xi is a silent partner, calling the partnership greatest challenge the cia faces. economic strength to military power. >> silent partner in putin's aggression, xi is our greatest challenge, in many ways most profound test cia has ever faced. >> given potential desperation of president putin, none of us can take lightly threat poesed by potential resort to tactical nuclear weapons. >> obviously very alarming stuff
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there. intelligence officials say the kremlin turn to beijing for military aid and economic aid after the bar began in ukraine. carley and todd. >> todd: thank you. adam clark is here. great to see you. >> great to see you, 80 in new york city yesterday and unfortunately, that is not the weather story for people in northern plains, they saw big winter weather, people on the east were enjoying incredible heat wave. 52 in new york city, 15 degrees in fargo, where winter weather was lingering and light snow. we are on the backside of that, dealing with all the snow last couple days, beginning to wind down. some areas, 30 inches since monday, major winter storm moved through the area. going to be cool today and look similar close to what you saw yesterday, just comfortable and warm
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temperatures mid-60s across mid-section of the country dropping to 70s and 80s in the south along the southern plains, that is something we'll be watching. largely a pleasant day for a lot of folks across the country. >> todd: my snow stuff gets put away in the closet at 12:30 today. stop with the snow. >> i think you are safe. >> todd: thank you, adam. it is the real-life grand theft auto, gangs threatening anyone driving a nice car ambushs across los angeles, disturbing warning from the lapd. >> carley: a father is murdered in cold blood in front of his two-year-old daughter. there are questions about how this happened. his widow is demanding answers and joins us next. severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi.
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that's a savings of over $500 a year. switch today. >> todd: turning to america's crime crisis. home robbery soaring in los angeles, residents in wealthy areas could be targets. >> ashley: wealthy areas are
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taking a hard hit by gang members. robbery task force, 17 gangs staging robberies and sometimes using spotters to target people wearing high-end items and driving expensive cars. on monday, a woman was followed after leaving a jewelry store, she stopped at an intersection and the suspect smashed her driver's side window. they chased her issue hit her with a car and stole her watch. it's gotten so bad lately, lapd captain says he's never seen this kind of behavior. this year, there had been 56 hold-ups andeer not halfway through the year yet. lapd sent out an alert notifying residents to be aware of their surroundings and follow-home robberies. some blame george gascon saying he won't seek gang
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enhancement. street gangs are mostly based in south central los angeles and staged 200 robberies and five happened this week. back to you. >> todd: ashley strohmier, thank you. man accused of opening fire on brooklyn subway train appearing in court. frank james arraigned on federal terrorism charge, judge ordering him held without bail. head of m.t.a. blames -- at the time of the attack. cameras were working, the internet connection failed, costing authorities man time during the manhunt. >> todd: driving home with his daughter in florida, he was shot dead after getting out of his car to move a tire in the middle of the road. two months later, his wife is searching for answers as the
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killer remains on the loose. i am so sorry for your loss, i know jared had four children, two nine year old twins and two beautiful babies with you, what happened on the night he was killed? >> so he had gone out for his regularly scheduled date night with his two oldest kids from another marriage and on his way home, after dropping him off at his ex-wife's house, he stopped, which we believe because there was a tire in the road, got out of the vehicle and was shot in front of our daughter. >> carley: the tire in the middle of the road is strange. do you think it was placed there on purpose to get him out of his car to move it? >> that is what it appears, especially in the area, that is a random thing to happen. it appears that way. >> carley: you think he was
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targeted? >> i do. >> carley: wow, i'm sure you talked to police and gone through it over and over in your head. did he have any enemies? does this make sense? any way? >> no, it would take a very evil, cold-hearted person to do this to a man like jared. dedicated spouse, good father, good person all around, whoever did this has to be sick. >> carley: your daughter was in the car at the time and witnessed this, how is she doing? >> she has good and bad days. she refers to the incident as the boom and she talks about it, she calls out the sound of the gunshots and she covers her ears. overall, she's doing as well as we can expect. she talks about daddy being with
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god, we'll see him again. she's strong and pushing through and i'm incredibly proud of her. >> carley: her dad, jared gave her a blanket and she asks if there are blankets in heaven, she wants her daddy to have one, too, that must be gut-wrenching to are had. i can't comprehend what you are going through. >> there are really hard days, i'm trying to stay focused and do everythingis can to bring him justice, which helps speaking to people, trying to spread the word while balancing being a mother and being there for my girls. it is not easy, i am doing what i feel is necessary to bring closure to all of us. >> you were home at the time this happened. how did you find out he had been killed? >> so because this is a regular
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event, he goes to see the twins on the weeks they are not home with us, he is usually home before 8:30 p.m., especially because our daughter is with him and needs to go to bed. i started to feel uneasy and time got further and further, i kept calling him and texting him, with no response. i just knew, physically, spiritually, something is not right or okay. i actually started driving the route that he would normally take out to the beach looking to see maybe there was a car accident, maybe that is what happened and he is not answering his phone. i kept calling from my car as i was driving and a police officer answered the phone and told me to come to the police station and wouldn't tell me if my husband was okay at that point. >> carley: you found out at the
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police station and you picked up your daughter then. i cannot imagine that moment for you. jacksonville police department asking for tips, 904-271-1661 or 866-845-tips, there is i believe $30,000 reward for information. thank you for telling your story and coming on, our hearts break for you. >> ink that you, carley, thank you for having me. we'll keep an eye on this one for sure. >> ink that you. >> todd: the image of that two-year-old girl, wow. elon musk says twitter takeover is not about money, but future of civilization. reacting to the billionaire standing up against big tech and for free speech. empic® can help.
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>> todd: elon musk talking shop after launching bid to take over twitter. >> carley: brooke singman is live with more on his plan for the platform. hi, brooke. >> brooke: good morning, guys. that is right elon musk is going on full-on corporate raider. makes $43 billion bid for twitter. tesla ceo disclosing the offer of $50.54 per share. he shared how he wants to change the social media company. listen to this. >> my strong intuitive sense is that having a public platform that is maximumly trusted and broadly inclusive is extremely important to the future of civilization. >> you described -- >> i don't care about the economics at all.
2:23 am
>> brooke: musk push to alter twitter gained support from conservatives, many experienced sunny hostinorship on the platform. >> it will improve free speech, it can't be worse than what is happening at twitter right now. it is broken. >> brooke: twitter considers musk's bid, musk has lost status as biggest shareholder, oufted by asset company against changes like the ones musk hopes toic ma. "wall street journal" saying twitter board is considering a poison pill, musk said the bid was his best and final offer. news of musk's takeover is getting a negative reaction from twitter progressive staff with one staffer saying he may rethink employment at the company if it goes through. >> todd: elon musk shaking in
2:24 am
his boots over that. thank you, bring in kara frederick, heritage foundation research fellow for technology and intel analyst. kara, great to see you. the left melting down over this. is there anything they won't do to try to stop this? >> kara: it looks like no. this collective meltdown reminded me of when trump won in 2016, i was at facebook headquarters, everybody had to go to their cry rooms and people had to take days off, pretty much the same thing. somebody comes in and says we will adhere to maybe the american principle of free speech, then you can tell what these companies are about by how they react. i don't think anyone can say now that this has happened tomorrow twitter does strife to be a fair, de facto town public square as elon described them. no, they want sonsorship --
2:25 am
censorship. >> todd: they realize their position don't hold weight and want to stifle others frommic maing the decisions in the first place. >> precisely, best you can do is shut the other side up and this is what they have been doing on twitter and facebook and other platforms even apple, google, amazon, they do the exact same thing. i don't think there is any sort of patina of fairness at this point. it says a lot about the discourse in america today and about three exchange of idea, market place of idea is not a genuine free and fair market place of ideas. >> todd: name of your next book, patina of fairness. musk has plan b if this bid is
2:26 am
thwarted. any guess what that is? >> any other billionaire, i would, elon musk has something up his sleeve. he is mercurial. there are roadblocks being thrown in his way. you have that saudi prince saying we reject the offer because twitter is worth more than this, i don't think that is true and defending rejection would be tough. musk pointed out yesterday, it would be a breach of the board for duty to reject the offer. this is great for twitter shareholders and free speech and only reason for them to reject at this point is because they do not want to open up the market place again. >> todd: if the board turns down a very much above market offer, there are going to be lawsuits
2:27 am
and a lot of them and this could and will get wild. kara frederick, great insight on a friday. thank you. president biden on the road touting his successes, voters don't think he's doing such a good job. marianette miller-meeks will tell us what middle america thinks. >> carley: we sent abby hornacek to birmingham, fans are ready for more football, checking in with abbey coming up. my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...the itching... the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®... ...most people saw 90% clearer skin at 16 weeks. the majority of people saw 90% clearer skin
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>> carley: president biden is talking about success on the economy, over though inflation is soaring. >> president biden: we're seeing our economic vision, american rescue plan, we are bringing everyone along. our economy has gone from being on the mend to being on the move. >> carley: iowa congresswoman marianette miller-meeks is a member of the gop doctor's caucus and joins us now. the president is trying, but the question is, are the american people buying what he's selling,
2:32 am
what do you think? >> i don't think so, approval numbers are quite low and in iowa, everyone is feeling pinch of inflation, feeling the pinch of empty store shelves, not having goods, in manufacturing and/or agriculture and healthcare sector, we're feeling pinch of inflation and supply chain issues and the policies really are self-made crisis from this administration. >> carley: inflation is the real issue that is fktaing the american people, 8.5%, drill into the numbers, regular gas up 50%, electricity 11%, used cars 35%. so expensive to get a vehicle these days, should the president be doing more to get prices down or has it gotten to point where biden administration and fed waited too long and there is not anything he can do?
2:33 am
>> i certainly think the biden administration and the fed waited too long, fed waited to raise rates and that was i think push from the biden administration to keep rates where they were. also, the biden administration could have done more, economists on the left are saying 1.9 trillion covid relief package we voted in in march, which i voted against, should not have gone through and led to skyrocketing inflation. we're feeling the pinch of that. they can stop pushing to get past the build back better plan, which would lead to more inflation. you can't pump trillions into the economy and notes have inflation rise, this is self-made, we can try to get containers moved out of the pacific ocean through the ports into the supply chain where it is needed, start oil and gas production from the agriculture
2:34 am
sector we need for fertilizer and plastic and diesel, part of the supply chain and he has made an attempt to make e-15 sales in the summertime, it is not an attempt on oil and gas. >> carley: the president was in iowa earlier this week talking about that, obviously corn is a big factor in ethanol, some say it is good idea, others say it will not make a difference, only 2% of gas stations carry that level of gas and the other fact or, if corn is going to gas, could jack up the price of food. what do you make ofhat plan by the president? >> well, we support e-15 year round, we support his move, they send broader signal opening up drilling on federal land, they can open up reinigvat the
2:35 am
keystone pipeline, there are things that can be done, if they choose to help the american people. they are stubborn and don't seem to think this is a problem. we have heard it. you talked about it. it was transitory and seasonal and every excuse and now putin. we know vladamir putin and war in ukrainian doesn't have anything to do with price hikes we're experiencing now and they are creating major headaches for the american people and families. >> carley: congresswoman marianette miller-meeks, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, have a happy easter. >> carley: you, too, happy easter. >> todd: tom brady has a request to delete this photo, this is his combine photo circulated ahead of his debut in the n.f.l. draft in 200 brady was 199th draft by the patriots, many ark tribute that fall in the draft
2:36 am
to that picture there. in the late '90's and early 2000 the gyms were filled with equipment, we did not have access to fancy nutrition, weights and know ms, most people that look like me, look like that. >> carley: i wonder how abby hornacek feels about this picture? >> todd: she knows, countings down the hours until the kickoff of the usfl. >> carley: local businesses are hoping for a big boost. abby hornacek joins us from alabama. you can take it or leave it commenting on tom brady. good morning to you abby. >> abby: tom brady may be being sensitive, that is all right, to each his own, leave it there. all eight teams are playing in
2:37 am
birmingham, alabama, known as the magic city. part of the magic that was supposed to go on earlier, i don't have enough magic to make it happen on time. magic is in local businesses, these folks are heart and soul of this city. we popped around and talked to them ahead of the big weekend and here is what they said. take a look. >> the usfl will be hosting all 40 regular-season games over 10 weeks here in birmingham, alabama. it is great news for local businesses. >> we are super excited. >> it is crazy. >> every building will have i line. >> something big for birminghamming. >> the city is expected to bring in upward of $20 million. we get ready for kickoff, we'll chat with folks and see how they are doing.
2:38 am
>> hi. >> hello. >> welcome. you must be isha. >> i am. what was your reaction when you found out usfl would be in birmingham? >> i signed during covid, stepped out on faith. football is something people love, that will bring people here from different places. >> are you excited that so many people might be coming to birmingham? >> we are, we were hoping it would bring in more business, we are trying to get fully stocked and staffed. >> right there, you now have usfl here every week. >> so big, i think it is bringing so much publicity to the city and the state. >> how are you preparing for the people coming in? >> this is our work out, get being ready for the drinkers
2:39 am
coming to unto. >> what does it mean to you, that the usfl is coming to birmingham? >> we're excited to welcome a new fan base, we are looking forward to it. >> abby: pizza ander boo, that is what you need for a football game. >> absolutely. >> i would say beer is a staple of the sports world. >> absolutely. a staple in sports world and city of birmingham. >> what are you looking for? >> hopefully good introduction to people experiencing birmingham. 205 will be available at all games for usfl. >> abby: i might need to try this beer, here is to brewing and the usfl. >> absolutely. >> abby: you talked about tom brady and his combine photo, maybe because of technology, i think that, wo work out might be
2:40 am
better for tom brady, he needs two battles. >> carley: i was reading about the usfl yesterday and it coming to birmingham. the article said one business leader was on the phone call with usfl and said he was initially skeptical, but said this is night and day difference from football leagues to get into the city. he says there are significant resources and commitment from one of the world's largest media enterprises, he is convince said the usfl will work. is that the sense this is a big deal and will be successful? >> abby: yeah, carley, i think it will be. there are unconventional rule changes, people are excited about those, it is something different. they have helmet cams, which they do in the n.f.l., it will
2:41 am
be more micced up, more cameras, drones and a ton of cameras, the viewing experience for fans will be incredible and you have this stadium, that is going to be filled with ep 52 -- people, as well. >> todd: that media you mentioned is fox. tomorrow night 7:30 p.m. on fox. abby hornacek, have fun. 21 states suing to stop biden administration from ending title 42. ashley moody issed welling the charge and is here next. plus -- >> black lives matter. where are all those who stated black lives matter? when are we going to start asking serious questions? >> carley: great question. new york city democrat mayor has a message for black lives matter, you will want to hear this know wo.
2:42 am
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2:46 am
>> cheryl: despite the fact there are plenty ways administration could tame 40-year high inflation. a reporter is repeated word for word white house talking points. >> give us reality check to start this? >> no dial that turns inflation up or down, joe biden sitting at the white house doesn't have great options. >> cheryl: same talking point coming from pete buttigieg earlier saying no policy maker has a dial to turn up or down and control things like oil prices and gas prices. we've heard putin price hike used on msnbc. >> carley: and the biden family and the balder family have a connection and it is hunter. >> cheryl: after new reports hunter biden did business is whitey bulger's nephew surfaced,
2:47 am
gas lighting is not working. >> it does not pass the sniff test, it is absurd the white house is trying toun are the line that joe biden knew nothing of his son's overseas business dealing, he knew exactly. maybe not the detailss, but knew what hunter was up to and doing it in his name. >> cheryl: his father was vice president and it continues. >> todd: which bad guy will be next? he's in bed with all the guys, it seems. >> carley: almost literally. >> todd: not a great week for blm and it continues. >> cheryl: just had images in my has that has to get out. eric adams calling out black lives matter among surging gun violence that affects the black and brown communities that they claim they care about. >> black lives matter. we are -- where are all those
2:48 am
who stated black lives matter? when are we going to ask serious questions? if black lives matter, people are on the street. when floyd was murdered, should be on the street now stating the lives of black children that are dying every night matters. can't be hypocrites. >> cheryl: the mayor made shootings and subway attacks focus of first 100 days in office. major crime is up 44% from last year. i did hear one analyst on fox news say this and it is interesting, like trying to turn around a battleship. eight years of failure of de blasio and it will take time. >> todd: battle over the border. governor ron desantis, do not come as 21 states file suit over
2:49 am
biden's rollback of title 42. florida attorney general ashley moody joins me now. great to have you, we know this rollback will be disastrous, what legal arguments are you making to try to stop it? >> well, great, good morning, todd. democrats are even calling this a frightening proposal to rollback title 42 order. as you know, this is what gave the administration the ability to turn back migrants issue not go through the normal immigration process and turn back migrants. there are estimates there are 25,000 sitting and waiting to pour in, this will increase those pouring in by 18,000 a day, that is a small city every single day. we have ush approximated back, along with 20 other states, arguing this has not been thought through, no plan to am cobat this overwhelming surge that will occur as a result,
2:50 am
this is par for the course with this administration, they make policy decision after policy decision without forethought or long-term strategic plan and it is disastrous for our country. >> todd: what is great about your suit, you use biden administration covid policies against them. if covid has gone away for purposes of title 42, why are you keeping mask mandate in place on planes and other forms of public transportation? it is a great argument. what possible response could they have to that argument? >> this shows hypocrisy of this administration, i've led dozens of states pushing back on public transportation mandate and i said, don't rest on statement they will rescind this suit. they kept saying it would expire, they just announced they are extending this again. we know we are going against the
2:51 am
law, we are doing it anyway. biden says that, states feel the biden administration is, woing against them, making policy decisions putting states and people at risk. governor desantis and i will push back on reckless short-sighted policy decisions. >> todd: ag moody, folks are on their way and will be here the day title 42 goes away, will we get a decision from courts prior to that happening? >> you know, i've been disappointed in the speed which courts have acted. we have been pushing the federal government and biden to tell us who they are shipping into our state by cover of night. they withheld information and will not give it to us, think about that, our own federal government not giving state information they need to protect people and having hard time getting court to act onnure on
2:52 am
action, we will keep pushing and as leaders we have a responsibility to do everything in our power to protect our citizens and we'll continue that fight. >> todd: courts holds water for federal government seems like injunction time. ag moody, thank you. democrats might need a miracle, to overcome tanking numbers, they need the president to stop blaming vladamir putin for everything. >> carley: lara trump will react coming up. at adp, we use data-driven insights to design solutions to help you manage payroll, benefits, and hr today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪
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2:57 am
>> carley: no one is going to have to vote on vladimir putin any time soon referring to biden blaming putin for the price hike. lara, democrats are worried and they should be. the strange thick is that the biden administration doesn't appear to be changing strategy they keep doubling down on the wrong thing apparently at every turn in the biden administration. some democrats, and you guys have just referenced are waking up and referringizing what is coming down the pike. the reality is vladimir putin is not on the ticket and they know that no one is buying this putin lie. i mean, my gosh, the white house went so far as to even try to get tiktok stars teenagers to push this propaganda and nobody bottom it. i think they are realizing now that the american people would be a little more forgiving if at any turn this administration would have admitted that there are major issues in america which they continue to fail to do or have come up with any sort of common sense solution for
2:58 am
things like it inflation, gas prices, our southern border. life after covid, but time and time again they continue to fail the american people on these things and then to add insult to injury, you have joe biden out there traveling across the country sort of wandering around trying to tout an infrastructure package. it's almost like rubbing salt in the wound to the american people. no one cares about infrastructure, joe biden, when they can't afford their rent and their groceries. so, i am going to agree with these democrats here. none of this is hopeful for them as they head towards these midterms. and until the biden administration wakes up and starts it realize that i think the poll numbers are going to tank. and i mean they are just going to have to brace for impact as we head towards november. >> from the midterms to 2024, rnc voting to withdraw from the commission on presidential debates because it is, quote, biased and refuses to enact simple and common sense reforms
2:59 am
hosting debates before voting begins select moderators who have never worked for candidates on the debate stage. that of course coming from ronna mcdaniel the ramsey clark chairwoman. will this ensure fairness in the deprocess or is there going to be a debate process at all. >> i think we need a debate process. these were straightforward basic measures the rnc proposed here. think about 2020. 26 states had already started voting before we saw the two candidates on stage in any debated fomplet. you need to hear the position of these candidates on a have a right of issues so you can make an informed decision. think back to 2016, hillary clinton ended up somehow beforehand at one of the debates with all of the questions. it is very clear if you look at the commission's board, these people were posting and social spaces on social media their displeasure for donald trump. they hated him so much. this is supposed to be an unbiased committee.
3:00 am
so, my goodness, i hope it's a step in the right direction because we all need to have faith in our electoral process that's for sure. >> carley: certainly one to watch, big headline there. thank you for joining us this morning. happy easter to you and your family as well. >> thank you. >> carley: see you next friday. >> todd: happy easter to you as well. and watch the nfl. >> elon musk hostile takeover of twitter. >> extremely important to the future of generation. >> twitter employees weighing something called a poison pill to stop the plan. >> is there a plan b? >> there is. [laughter] >> the first of what will bible caravans is only days away. >> they have absolutely no regard for our law. they know that they are going to get released. they are being rewarded. >> could joe biden be heading into the war zone. >> ready to go? >> yeah. >> although jen psaki says president biden. >> i


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