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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 15, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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none of these people know. that is all we have. thank you so much for joining this week. don't forget to check out lawrence jones cross-country tomorrow 10:00 p.m. eastern time. i will be live in studio in new york city. good night, america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from sunny southern california, the season two premiere of "tucker carlson originals." your host, tucker carlson. >> tucker: welcome to season two of "tucker carlson originals." a year and a half ago a group of producers and i sat down at dinner and talked about how to go a little deeper into some of the topics we cover. wouldn't it be interesting to spend more than three and half minutes on a subject that matters to our viewers? what an it be cool to make a
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documentary? the only problem is, cable news companies don't make documentaries. they make cable news. and they do a pretty good job. but we went to fox news and asked, could we do this? to our amazement and delight they said yes, you can. so for the last year, we have made a series of long form documentaries about issues that we think matter to the country and to you. and they have worked better than we ever expected. we are proud of what we have created. we are doing another season, and for a preview of that we are joined by the diabolical genus, the man behind all of this, the vice president here at fox news. good to see you on camera for the first time in a long time. this has become something not -- i think it's fair to say we did not expected to become at all. we knew he wanted to do it and we knew fox was supporting us. we went to at least 30 states. we went to several countries. and we got a lot of support from the audience because they were
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not able to consume this anywhere else. we rattled a few people in the mainstream media or what not. obviously because, you know, perhaps some of the stories are controversial. but they are topics that people care about deeply. they actually need to spend time dissecting them and understanding them and that is what we do in these documentaries. they are shot beautifully. we've got the best team. but the team that does the nightly show knows what stories matter to people. they are part of this, and that is why i think that works. >> you hate to suck up to your employer. i see people all the time sucking up to their employers. they work for these horrible companies and force them to read the propaganda. but i'd have to say, fox news has gone all in and support of this. some of the stuff that we've produced has not been popular with nbc, cnn. and you would know since you do with it, but foxes stood behind us completely. >> 100%. there hasn't been a single time where they've told us, don't talk about this, don't talk
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about that, going to cover that story, don't cover that story. we've decided to go to hungry and we are going to investigate how they took a different approach to george soros and dive into that and see how maybe we can learn something here in america. we did that on their own and they have given us the resources -- >> tucker: they have! >> "the new york times" didn't love with that we were there for a week investigating how they take a different approach to their country. we somehow ended up in serbia. but you know, i think that is what makes the series different. that is why it is resonated with people. that is why we are able to go out for season to uncover even more topics that are equally going to be as insightful as what we did in the first season, but nobody is talked about some of these. >> tucker: it push the boundaries. it's a little weird to wake up at 52 and realize you work for the last stronghold of free speech and all of mass media. i did not expect that.
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the last place where you can say what you think is true and your bosses will back you up. why is the season better? speak of the season is better -- first of all, it is on fox nation. we were doing this on youtube or some other outlet, they would be banning it. we wouldn't be able to do it. you can go there, you can sign up. you get everything from testosterone levels. last season we covered ufos and that phenomenon. we dived into cattle relations a little bit. but these seasons we are looking into that fine tune approach. >> tucker: it's the perfect story because it is one of those things -- you hear about it and do think, that is too crazy to be real. you asked questions, shut up conspiracy monger! and then you go in deeper and you ask, what is this? and i think we did that. >> be dead. this guy is going to be demonstrating -- it can't be
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humans just just going there --d mutilate them at the scale. >> tucker: we thought you should say hi to them. thank you. >> tucker: we are in los angeles, we are on the fox t where creativity has happened at scale for close to 100 years. we are right in front of the soundstage that was built in 1929. 92 years agoish. los angeles has changed a lot in that time. it is no longer the country's --a truly american city. second biggest city in the country, but may be the most american of all, place where people came to build the new american society is in a lot of trouble. this is one of the stories where
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you can't pinpoint the good guy and the bad guy. in a very short time, he has completely upended life in los angeles. he's put public defenders in positions where they defend criminals, not the population. downgraded charges against murderers and child molesters. he has refused to enforce quality of life. he has demoralized his own deputy district attorney in spirit and persecuted them. some of them have responded by attacking him on the record. the consequences of george kell's get good in that position of power are documented extensively in the document you have made called "suicide of los angeles." the first documentary in our new second series. here is a first look at what we found here in l.a. >> the destruction of los angeles is a deliberate act, act of suicide. under george carrasco and come up criminals are treated like victims and victims are treated like they don't matter at all.
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the consequent as of this? predictable. a massive crime wave and a dilution of stories from the few remaining reporters still working honestly in los angeles. >> bill melugin. >> bill melugin. >> tucker: all of my best sources and all of lar deputy d.a.'s within the d.a.'s office. dozens of them. >> this prosecutor asked us for anonymity. >> i typically know what happens in that office before because people are so paced off about what's going on. one prosecutor told me, the way it feels working for george carrasco and, what he imagined it feel like at the end of the vietnam war. after all that work, building something up, just watching it all completely fall apart. he said it is a complete dishonor to work for this man. >> tucker: bill melugin is on assignment today at the u.s.-mexico border as he has
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been so often over the past year. he joins us now. bill, how are the many people, many good people, but many criminals crossing into this country right now from other countries illegally, what will they do once they make it to los angeles is law enforcement controlled by george cust going. >> if they make it to allay and they decide to shoot somebody, they will not be charged with a special circumstance. if they are juvenile and they commit as many murderers as they want, they are not going to be charged as an adult meaning they will be out of prison before age 25. anywhere you slice it, george cust owns policies are -- you can't put somebody and a concrete box and expect them to change. i think a lot of people expect accountability. there are some crimes he really
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can't come back from when they are that heinous. >> that is for sure. you have covered los angeles, you are now in the border a lot, but you are based in l.a. you have seen it as a reporter, the decline of this great american city. >> i'm sure you have seen it just walking around anywhere in l.a. you will see people shooting up in their arms, eyes rolled back in their head, and people just don't think anything of it. essentially decriminalizing drug possession because he said it doesn't make any sense to throw somebody in jail for it. i've confronted him about this and i said, how does it make sense for people to rot from the inside out and not interfering in any way? ed raised the threshold for stealing things, $450 up to $950 to now we are seeing all of these mass burglaries which you and your show have covered so many times. >> tucker: bill melugin at the
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border, but really one of the great chroniclers of what's happening in los angeles but they could come i appreciate it. >> think you. >> tucker: we spent a lot of time on the bad guys, and in the story, there are good guys. it is the sheriff of los angeles county. if you live in the east coast, you may not appreciate of what it means. both in its size, population, and its economy. if you are the sheriff of l.a. county, there is some power. alex vila nueva has been the single most powerful person to push back against george gas he has. >> and they refused to take cases, sheriff villanueva has no option but to rely on george
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gascon's offer. >> he is legalizing it. when he says he is not going to prosecute, he is legalizing. when he says he's not going to enforce mandatory registration for sex offender, he can park himself of the grade school where previously he was banned from doing that. >> you could have a sex offender living in a tent smoking meth on the sidewalk next to a school? >> come that's happening right now. in venice, there is one person who has an rv, smokes meth in front of the grade school peered the grade school had to install a hard plastic covering, a tarp all around the schoolyard to
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shield the kids from the homeless rv. and that is just a scary thought right there. >> tucker: life around you did grade year by year end you think i'm i guess that's just the way it is now. and occasionally someone steps forward and says no, it doesn't have to be that way. you could actually fix this. it's not that complicated. that's one of the messages that sheriff alec villanueva has been telling the rest of us here in los angeles. he joins us, we are happy that he is. thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: everything is complicated, but i don't think it's complicated to say the actions of one prosecutor really have changed here. >> definitely. and its first year in office, the first full year, he rejected over 12,200 cases for my agency alone. and multiply that by two, that is all the other local police departments in the l.a.p.d.
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so his efforts are really nullifying the legislative intent in sacramento where misdemeanor crimes are seldom prosecuted. if he believes it's attached to homelessness or drug abuse, they are not going to touch him. so obviously that's fostering a climate where homelessness, drug abuse is just spiraling out of control. you are seeing it with your own eyes. >> tucker: you certainly are. anyone who spent a lot of time in l.a., there's -- it really is a good city. it's gotten widespread there's no arguing that. he's the prosecutor, you are the sheriff, there should be a relationship between the two of you. have you brought this to his attention? >> i've had one conversation with them and that was his first week in office where we had the issue of mutual concern on one particular case, but his predecessor we met every three months. i met her and her office, she met in my office. this gentleman, and less you come from the public defender's office, you worry black lives
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matter actavis. everyone else does doesn't exist in this world. >> one question since you live here and run a big agency, is there huge public support for his policies? >> no, not at all. i'm seeing a lot of support from victims. victims matter. that should be at the forefront of everything, all of the criminal justice system is supposed to do. now it is all offender-centric. everything is about reducing harm of incarceration for those who commit crime. and that is an astonishing leap of logic that not just george gascon, but the board of supervisors, has embraced the very same idea. which is then an absolute figure here in l.a. county. >> i hope you take this play placeover. sheriff, thank you. >> you've got it. >> tucker: suicide of
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los angeles will be available starting april 18th. don't have fox nation yet, we highly recommend it. and not just because of we were care. look at season two of "tucker carlson originals." we will continue right after the break. >> we will be back after the break. ♪ ♪ during world war two, most of
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the world turned a blind eye to the holocaust and hitler's atrocities. christians were slow to act and did not speak up until it was too late
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and 6 million jews were murdered. right now, thousands of ukrainian jewish families are fleeing the russian army for the freedom of israel. imagine fleeing with a baby in one hand and a toddler holding the other with all of your earthly possessions in a sack over your shoulder, leaving your husband behind to defend your country. these courageous families need our help. the time for action is now. we do not know when the borders will be closed. silence in the face of evil is evil. god will not hold us guiltless. take action today. donate at or call 1-855-694-9654. god bless you and
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>> tucker: welcome back. we are on the fox studio lot here at the center of los angeles. we have come here from around the country to announce the second season of our documentary
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series. it is called "tucker carlson originals." we launched at about a year ago, and would be dead, we promised to bring you deeper coverage of the stories that actually matter. that would include virtually nothing you see in the rest of the media which focuses exclusively on stories designed to distract you. the second episode in our new season is about the huge rise in the number of americans, young people mostly, who identify as transgender. you've been told from the beginning that transgender is him -- you are born that way. you were born in the wrong body. if that is true, from 2010-2018 there was a 4000% rise in the number of girls who say they are actually boys prayer that is according to a study out of the u.k. there are a lot of transitions going on, but not everybody -- she decided she was trans as a teenager at the time peered she later regretted her decision. her voice matters too. she has subs transition back. here's a look at her interview
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from the upcoming episode from our series. ♪ ♪ >> i'm helena, i'm 23 years old. when i was about 15 i started using tumbler. i had an eating disorder since i was pretty young. there was a lot of messages that said, if you feel bad about your body, that means you are trans. i was just going through this period of, like, i don't like how i'm treated as a salesperson. i don't want to be says, because this means you are on cool. i didn't want to be that. and i was really incentivized to figure out a way to make my voice heard. in these communities. and obviously i can't change my race, i can't really change my sexuality.
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so the only thing left was to start playing around with the gender stuff. i decided to call myself a demigirl, which is one of the 40 million genders. and that basically means that i am mostly a girl, but i'm a little bit not a girl. which is like what is that even mean? after that i went to demiboy, and after that i want to gender fluid. after that i eventually went to trans boy. but all of this took two or three years of just going through this repetitive cycle of changing this identity and changing it again and it was just never enough. there was a lot of hopelessness for a long time. a lot of regret. the feeling of regret was intense. >> tucker: it is a moving interview prep is a lot more of
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it in the episode. helena joins us on site. thank you so much for coming on. there's something so sad about it. thank you for speaking up, your voice matters. but you felt what every young woman i've ever met felt at a certain age which is uncomfortable with yourself. it felt like you are exploited. >> it's completely normal for young girls and boys to feeling comfortable with themselves and uncomfortable with her body, but we have this ideology that is especially prevalent online that says if you have those feelings, that means you are trans. there are literally people that say, if you don't even like your voice on the recording, that is assigned of gender dysphoria and do need to go see a medical professional because you are trams. >> tucker: talk about taking advantage of people. how do you -- and this is all explained in greater depth in the documentary, but how do you feel now at 23 looking back at what happened?
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>> i feel grateful for the experience because it taught me a lot about the world and about myself, but they really feel afraid for these other young girls like myself. i consider myself lucky that i was able to get out of it unscarred, really medically, but there's so many young people who can't say the same. and psychologically as well. it is just devastating, especially from a young age, be lied to by adults at school and medical professionals and told that your body is wrong. that is devastating for a young person. for younger girls and boys that i once was, being led by this path had been hurt by it. >> tucker: it does feel like some of the steps are medically irreversible. >> absolutely. there is all sorts of -- the white house just put out a chart yesterday that says that some of these steps are reversible or partially reversible.
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when you go on a hormone -- that is going to give you not just physical changes, but psychological experiences that you can't just act like they never happened. you can't just take it back. especially with surgeries. a breast implant after a vasectomy is not the same thing of never taking them off in the first place. a double mastectomy at 16, 17, 18 years old or even younger. there is nothing you should do to put that feeling of oneness and safety in your body back. >> tucker: it is heartbreaking. i hope people are hearing you with open minds, with tolerance, are they? >> there's a lot of people out there, especially parents, who are really thankful for what i'm saying. because they see their young girl or boy going through this and all their doctors and teachers are telling them -- and
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the parents know that their child should not be having these cosmetic procedures. so there's a lot of parents who are really thankful. there are other young people that i really thankful that our same what i'm saying, but obviously you have the trans activists and the trim community that exhibits some very unhealthy dynamics that are really upset. >> tucker: it you are so articulate and thoughtful at 23. it is remarkable. people who have suffered like you sometimes get deeper. >> you learn a lot. like i said. >> tucker: thank you, thank you for talking to us. i appreciate it. you are going to hear her full story and others of people like her who have been through this on fox nation in early may. it is one of a bunch of episodes we've been working on. stay with us for more clips on season two of "tucker carlson originals." >> go to on the break to sign up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news live, i'm kevin corke in washington. more than 900 bodies of civilians were discovered in the kiev region following the withdrawal of russian forces. the dry numbers have merged shortly after russia's ministry decided to wrap up after alleged aggression in russian territory. that warning followed the stunning loss of moscow's flagship in the black sea which confirms was hit by ukrainian missile. the u.s. may be heading into another covid-19 surge. cases rising nationally, but experts say, don't expect a peak nearly as high as the last one. still they were in the coming wave will wash across the nation and push up hospitalizations and growing number of states, especially those with low vax rates. most cases, by the way, are being caused by some variant that is thought to be 30% more contagious. i'm kevin corke in washington. back to more tucker carlson.
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>> it's the stream and show everyone is talking about. number one on fox news channel, number one on fox nation, tucker carlson is back from the fox studio audience in sunny los angeles. >> tucker: welcome back. as you just heard, we are at the fox studio lots here in los angeles announcing the upcoming episode series to have tucker carlson originals on fox nation. one of the topics we thought we would get into, because we can come is cattle mutilation. it turns out this is been going on for centuries around the world. tens of thousands of animals found dead and to be deleted under circumstances that no one can explain. body parts removed with surgical precision. dead cows have been found with anticoagulants in their blood. what is this? we still don't really know. we do know that witnesses have
5:33 pm
reported on marked aircraft at some of these scenes. law enforcement, including the fbi, has investigated these cases extensively over decades. and at this point, nobody knows conclusively what is going on. what is cattle mutilation? some cold? no, we know that. so for season two, we took a deeper look into cattle mutilation's. and to be clear, this is an ugly topic. these are crimes -- some of the pictures we are about to show you our graphic, so know that as we watch. here it is. ♪ ♪ >> we found a dead bull. ♪ ♪ >> it is missing its reproductive organs. it is missing its tongue. and i said, what? >> a single drop of blood. nothing on the ground and the scavengers won't eat it and it doesn't rot. >> at least 10,000 cases in the
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united states. >> they told people to be on alert after someone removed organs from a bowl. >> we haven't solved any of them. there is no evidence. >> the sheriff's department doesn't have any leads at the time. >> if you asked us to go replicate that process and not lead evidence, i don't think that would be possible. >> it kind of freaked a lot of people out. aliens coming in taking our animals. >> it's the greatest unsolved serial crime spree in history. >> tucker: there are a lot of theories about this. we want to start with the evidence. we know what has happened. how could it have happened? we found people that actually know the answer. you may know them from youtube. they have a huge following for
5:35 pm
their channel called the bearded butcher. a few people know miller about the specifics of what it would take to dismember a say, 2,000-pound bull. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> tucker: we know this is happened. we'll start with you, scott. based on what we know about what is happened to say, cattle that has been mutilated, is that consistent with what a butcher would do? how hard is it? >> no, it's not. the commercial value as well you put your livestock. it is a difficult process. something that takes years to learn. say 12 or 18 months, especially if you are doing the entire process. there is no explanation to the why you would go through the effort to just remove a couple of parts which frankly have no commercial value to them. >> tucker: how difficult would it be to do this?
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there has been cattle found with one of the stomach's removed. how hard is it to do something like that? >> excuse me -- number one coming up to have the right tools. you have to have the right knife with the right edge on it. if you don't have a sharp knife, you are never going to be able to achieve. you might be able to achieve it, but it's going to look like you didn't know what you were doing. if these animals had been found with these pieces surgically removed and, you know, not making a lot of hack marks when you're cutting, somebody knows what they are doing. >> tucker: we've heard, it must be some satanic cult that has been operating for centuries and countries around the world. but whoever is doing this knows a lot about the anatomy of these animals, is that correct? >> they are becoming less and less frequent in the united states. so even finding a butcher that possesses those skills would be difficult. and if you want a butcher, you
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are going to make a mess out of the scene. you love trash, blood, the incisions are going to be inaccurate. they could be in the wrong place. it takes months to find out where to cut to actually get into a carcass whether you were going to eviscerated or search out a certain organ or certain part of that. >> tucker: that is exactly what we talk to you guys. a lot of freelance theories about this. so what is -- given what you know, do you have a theory on this? either one of you? because if this is true, the prevailing theory is extra jazz extraterrestrial activity. if you have a bowl, it could be 2,000, 2500 pounds. and even if you have an animal in the field and do you want to get to the other side to remove
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a part of it, it is very difficult. you need a lot of leverage to move it around or roll it around. i'm not sure i want to find the person or the being that performed this. >> who would want to go to the work? unless the pieces they are taking have value, i don't think a human would want to go through the extra work to perform these tasks. why would you? >> tucker: no hydraulics. you are not doing this, correct? >> not just for fun on the weekend with your buddies. there's no reason to. just based on the evidence, i think you really got it -- thank you, guys. >> thanks for having us. >> tucker: more from the fox studio lot in l.a., another look at episodes we have been working on all year. this one on testosterone levels. why are they falling, what can you do about it?
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plus, kid rock standing by. straight ahead. >> an exclusive sneak peek available now at to sign up during the break.
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i'm tamra, and i lost my son tyler to covid in 2021. it's such a senseless tragedy. bad things happen, even to young people. and it's such an easy solution to just get a simple vaccine.
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>> from the fox studio lot, an exclusive first look at never-before-seen footage from the hottest premiere in the world of fox, "tucker carlson originals." and now your host, tucker carlson. >> tucker: welcome back to the fox lot in l.a. where you will be shocked to learn at 72 and sadly, this is why people put up with gavin newsom. season two of tucker carlson originals because we can. we are so grateful for that. one of the biggest stories in
5:44 pm
our lifetimes is the total collapse in testosterone levels in american men. declining by roughly 10% for decades, completely changing the way people are at the most fundamental level. we think it is a huge deal appeared we want to know what is causing it and what you can do about it. that is the topic of our upcoming documentary called the end of men. here's a look at the trailer. >> i welcome this opportunity to speak to the people of america about a subject which i believe to be most important and that is the subject of physical fitness. ♪ ♪ >> a country is as strong as its citizens. and i think that mental and physical health go hand-in-hand. there is nothing and i more unfortunate than to have a soft,
5:45 pm
chubby, fat looking children. i hope that all of you will join and everybody in the united states, make sure that our children participate fully in figure is that adventurous life which is possible for them in this very rich country of ours. >> there has been a 50% decline in sperm counts in the last 40 years along with a precipitous decline in testosterone production. we are headed for calamity, and that is not hyperbole, it is not exaggeration, it is just math. >> would you recommend young men -- >> to watch? ♪ ♪
5:46 pm
>> we are in hard times. those hard times inevitably produce men who are tough, men who are resourceful, men who are strong enough to survive. >> the cycle begins again. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: there is nothing more unfortunate to the president of the united states on camera then "soft chubby, fat children." that is where the jfk legacy they don't tell you about. that was a common view up until recently paired now it is completely different and the fall of testosterone levels is a big reason why. andrew mcgovern is thought about this. his obsession is how do you reverse the effects? we think it's a big deal, and so
5:47 pm
does he. andrew, thank you so much for coming on. i don't think anyone has settled on a cause of this, but there are solutions to it. what are some of them? >> the solutions are actually pretty simple. i think it is the challenging part is reestablishing paradigms that we have been exposed to as we grow up and whatnot. to keep it simple, eat whole foods, eat predominantly meat, animal-based products. you can't eliminate your exposure, but you can mitigate them. >> tucker: how? i know there's a million ways, but just give us one. >> fragrances. if you could eliminate fragrances in your household products, cosmetics, deodorants, toothpaste, plastics, micro-plastics have been found in human blood now. it's a try 2 out of glass. you saw in the clip they are, if want to optimize and take it to another level, exposures help to
5:48 pm
red light therapy you and what we were using in the documentary -- there's a mass amount of -- >> tucker: that is testicle tanning? >> yes, there is so much data. >> tucker: obviously have the viewers are like what, testicle tanning, that's crazy? but my view is, okay, testosterone levels have crashed and nobody says anything about it. that is crazy. so why is it crazy to seek solutions? >> it's not crazy to seek solutions. i was recently exposed to a term called -- and i think there's a lot of people out there right now that don't trust the mainstream information and they are taking it upon themselves to seek out that information for themselves, do some experiments on themselves, gain some experiential knowledge, and fight the impacts of negative testosterone. which are crippling. >> tucker: exactly, they make
5:49 pm
you less of who you are into you you are meant to be. we are grateful for your bravery and for your commitment to evidence-based science. >> thank you. >> tucker: thank you very much. andrew, thank you. free speech made hollywood's prerequisite for creativity that you have to be able to think and say what you really think, you have to express what is inside you. but too few in the so-called artistic community can do that anymore. one famous person who refuses to do that is kid rock. so we sought him out. we went to his house, actually. sat down with him for an interview and he pointed out he has been on cancelable through bravery. watch. >> why haven't you been canceled? >> i am on-cancelable. >> tucker: what's that?
5:50 pm
>> [bleep]. there's nothing i'm beholden to. you can't cancel me. i love it when they tried. >> tucker: why aren't there more artists like that? >> because they are in bed with record companies and corporate deals and structures at every level. it finds a way to get me a little bit here and there, i find another way around it. >> tucker: that was shot on kid rock's farm, the entire world he has built for himself. we left, but we kept a team of producers with cameras embedded with kid rock. we have an upcoming episode on his life on the way he lives which is an inspiration, we think, to everybody. he's on his ranch in nashville right now. to tell us what we might expect once we see the raw video. kid rock, ladies and gentlemen. >> dude, testicle tanning, come
5:51 pm
on! i haven't heard anything that. >> tucker: open your mind, bobby! >> i'm starting a punk rock band and it is called testicle tanning. that is the end of it. [laughter] >> tucker: i think you will be massively successful. don't you think at this point when so many of the therapies, the path they told us to take him have turned out to be dead ends that really hurt people. why wouldn't open minded people seek new solutions? >> i don't know what is going on in this world. i'm not even sure if i understood that question. but some days you just want to stop this planet and let me off. this dude is a girl, this dude is swimming with a [bleep]. i don't know what to make of it anymore. i'm glad i have my world here, my fans, my family. i would like to laugh, but man, some days it is almost too
5:52 pm
serious to laugh. you are like, what is this president doing? >> tucker: i know it is. >> it's just bananas. >> tucker: so you are about to head out on the road, i know our guides will be with you was you deal. would you expect to find? >> i expect to see the best of america. enter ten people to the best of my abilities. we always see fun, hardworking, beer drinking people. 40 hour a week people that work so hard that spend their money to come see me and we put everything we got into it. like i'm sure everybody does. i think we got the best of what america has to offer in my shows. >> tucker: we definitely got the best -- i've got to be totally honest, i didn't think my life would change by spending two days with kid rock, but it really did.
5:53 pm
you've taken a different path. we are grateful that you gave us a glimpse of it. we are going to have a lot of kid rock in this documentary. kid rock from nashville come appreciate it. >> keep added! >> tucker: we are. we will be back live from fox studio out here in l.a. after the break. >> who else would discover these topics? tucker carlson will return to the fox studio lot after the break. ♪ ♪
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5:58 pm
overstatement, to take a deeper look at these stories that are changing your life. we took cameras to gang filled prisons in el salvador, we interviewed victims of domestic war on terror, we embedded with kyle rittenhouse during his show trial. here is to look at some of the best moments that we collected from season one. ♪ ♪ >> are you still there? >> yes. >> now it is more dangerous. >> citizens had no option but to defend their own lives. >> they took away thousands of guns. >> the helicopters have left afghanistan and now they've landed here at home. they began to fight a new enemy and a new war on terror. >> i'm absolutely up political prisoner, what else could i be?
5:59 pm
>> i'm moving, i'm leaving the city. >> there's a reason that the creepiest ngos hate hungry. >> what if i wasn't alive? what if i did let him steal my gun. >> nobody is helping us out. >> we are so delighted that you are a gun guy. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: so we actually made a lot of material over a year and we think it is good. you can see all of that, all of those tucker carlson originals, on and as we said. a whole new season starting right now. new episodes every few weeks. our goal and this is to bring you accurate and honest reporting on stories that everybody else ignores because they are too embarrassed, or because there's political imperative to shut up and not talk about it.
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that is it for us tonight. we will be back to you every weeknight, 8:00 p.m. come on the fox news channel. in the meantime, have a wonderful night with the ones you love. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to the special edition of "hannity" and happy passover and good friday. i am tammy bruce in for sean. tonight, we are at the bitter end of yet another terrible week for joe biden. dreadful economic news. the mayhem at the southern border. and pull numbers lower than ever before. not only is biden underwater by double digits in five new polls, but he is also struggling into key demographics that democrats desperately need


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