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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 15, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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a serious infection at the club may increase the chances of developing serious infections and may cause existing and may cause existing parasitic skin infestations or preexisting chances to worsen new neoplasia were served in clinical studies to prove the most common side effects of vomiting and diarrhea vomiting and diarrhea and better. i'm speechless. thanks forpoqu the abakua. that's a friend. or ask your veterinarian for about qunol next to you as well. a dog's best friend from sunny southern california to season two premiere of foxny nation's flagship product tucker carlson originals and now your host tucker carlson . welcome to season two of tucker carlson originals about t a year and a half ago, a groupt of producers and i sat down at t dinner and talked about how to go a little deeper into some of the topics we cover on the nighttime show. wouldn't be interesting tote spend more than three and a half minutes on a subject that matters to our viewers. wouldn't it be c cool to make
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documentaries? the only problem is cable news companies don't make documentaries. they makee c cable news and thee do a pretty goodtt job, we thin. but we went to fox newss? and asked could we do this ? and to our amazement and delight they said yes you can . and so for the last year we have made a series of long formt documentaries about issues that we think matter to t our h country and to you. and they've worked better than we ever expected . te we'red. proud of what we've created. so we're doing another season. and for a preview ofnothea thate are joined by the diabolical genius behind the curtain maned behind all this ., t our senior executive producer justin wells is a vice president here at fox newshee. justin wells, good to see you on camera for the first time alongside last year. so this has become something that we i think it's fair toe say, did not expect it to become at all. x we knew we wanted to do it and we knew fox was supporting us and going out there telling stories that no one is telling. we went to at to least 30 state we went to several countries and we got a lot of support
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from the audience because they were not able to consumee this anywhere else. and we, you know, rattled a few people in the mainstream media or whatnot, obviously becausee perhaps some of the stories are controversial, but they're topicst that people care about deeply and you actually need to spend time dissecting them i and understanding them. and that's what we do in theses documentaries. they're shotdo beautifully. you know, we've got the best team as far as that. but the team that doess a nightly show knowsma what stories matter to people. they're part of us and that's t why i think it works. and you hate to up to your employer. i see people all the timehe up to their employers to work for these horrible big companies, force them to read the propaganda t and do 5% all of that . but i have to say fox newsave hs gone all in in support of this . some of the stuff that we've produced haspr not been popular with like nbc and cnn and you know, since you deal with it.d but fox hasas stood behind us completely 100% and there t hasn't been a single time where they've told us talk about
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this , don't d talk about that r go and cover that story or don't cover that story. we we say this is what we're doing this season. we've decided go to hungary and we're going to really investigate how they took a different approach to george soros and dove into that and see how maybe we could learn something here in america and we did that on our own and they've given us the resources to go and you know, the new york times didn't love that . we were there for a weekci investigating how they tookdege a different approach to their country. we we somehow ended m upay in serbiaic by accident on that trip.>>york you know, you tim surprisedes" i us along the way. butre fweek investi you know, iu what makes the series different. what resonateda with people. that's why we're able too goth o for season to cover even more topics that are equally going to be as insightful as what we didid in the first season. but nobody's talked aboutobe some of these. nobody's talked a little bit. it's a little weird to wake up at fifty two and realize you y work for the last stronghold of free speech and all masss media . i did not expect that when
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i started working here thirteen years ago. i don't think you did either. an but that's really where we work. the last place where i you can say what you think isil true and your bosses will back you up. sosobett why is this season bet? well, i thinkk the season's better. first of all, it's on fox nation and you know, if we were doing this on youtube or some other outlet or whatever they'd be banning, we wouldn't be ableab view it. yes, i think you should you go there, you can sign up and you're going to get everything from testosterone levels which you're going to hearry later l in the hour. last season we covered ufos and that phenomenon and you know, we dived into cattlee mutilations a little bit. ons but this season we really are investigating that fine tune, you know, approach t to to whats actually happening because it'se the perfect story for this series because it's one off those things that you hear about and you think, well, that can't be that's too crazy to beto real. q you ask questions about a shot up conspiracy monger and then you get a littlepi deeper into t and you ask what the hell is this ? and i think that we did that wes did. g and there are some guys that are going to be on later this hour that are going to
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demonstrate why what we're looking at is it can't be you know, humans just go in there and like people do not take cows and mutilate them randomly on farms. they're no at scale maga hats. yeah. yeah. so just wells i'm saying this but this is the man behind all these different products. so we thought you should say hi to him again. thank you for that .th anthank you . we so we're in los angeles.n as we told you, you were on the fox lot where creativity has happened at scale for close to one hundred years right in front of a soundstage was built in nineteen twenty nine . so ninety two years ago ish losn angeles has changedge a lotat in that time. it's no t longer the country's locus of creativity in the city itself, which is a beautiful and truly american city, second biggest city in the country. but maybe the most american of all a place where people came to build the new america society is in a lot of trouble.. this is one of those stories wen really can't pinpoint the good
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guy in the bad guys or the badca guy is the new prosecutor in los angeles, george gascon. he was electeded with the help f george soros and in a very short time is completely up ended life in los angeles. in he's put public defenders in positions where they defend criminals, not the population, downgraded charges against murders and child molesters. he has refuseders and chi to ene quality of life crimess and he's demoralized his own deputy district attorneys and persecuted themmte. some of them have responded by attacking him on the record. so the consequences ofoo george gascon getting that position of power are documented, extensor evely in a documentary we have made called suicide of los angeles. that's the debut the first documentary in our new second series n. here's a first look at what we found here in l.a. the destruction of los angeles isn't>> a liberation act. itit is an act of suicide under george gasconsc, criminals are treated like victims and victims are treated like tre
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they don't matter at all. the consequences ofe. this predictable a massive crime wave, the deluge of stories for the few remainingin reporters still working honestly in los angeles, one of the best reporters in town evolution, film illusion, for us in the city of los angeles, no one's covered gascoine more closely than bill maruja. ll all of my best sources in all of l.a. are deputy d.a. within t the da's office, dozens of theme this prosecutor in the d.a. office is hard core gang unit asked us for anonymity. i typically know what happens in that office beforeau they drive on something because people are soo about what's going on . one prosecutor told me the way it feels working fore george gascon right now. he likens it toas what do you imagine it felt like at the end of the vietnam war afterer all that work, building something up, just watching it all completely fall apart. and hepl says it's a complete dishonor to work for this man. so the legend is on assignment today at the u.s.-m mexico bordr
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is he has beenn so often over the past year. >> n he joins us now. bill , how are the many people, many good people but also many criminals crossing into this country right now from other countries illegally? how willll they do once they mao it to los angeles? so los angeles as law enforcement is essentially controlled by george gascon? well, tucker , if they make it to l.a. and they decide to shoot somebody, they're not going to be prosecuted for a gun enhancement if they decide to murder somebody, they're not going to be chargedd with a special circumstance allegation meaning they won't face lifeif without parole if they're a juvenile and they commit as many murders as they want, they're not going to be t chargedhe as an adult, meaning they'll be out of prison beforee age twenty five . so any way you slice george gascoigne's policies are criminal friendly and there's s no denying that he likes to say, well, you know, you can't put somebody in a concrete box for the rest of their lives and expect them to change. but i think a lot of people out there expect accountability when it comes to serious crimes
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and there are some crimes youom you really can't come back from when they're out heinous, that's for sure. so you've covered los angeles l nowot on the border a lot, but you're based in l.a. you have seen it as a reporter. the decline of this great american city. i mean, i'm sure you and your crew have seen it just walking around anywherel. in l.a. you'll see people shooting up in their arms, eyes rolled back in their head and people just walki by and don't think anything of it because it's so common out there. forty seven essentially decriminalized drug possession because he says it doesn't au makeow any sense to throw somebody in jail for it. but you know, i've confronted him about this faceoe to face and i said, well, how does it make sense to let people rot from the inside out shooting up all day long and not not interfering in any way? the other thing prop 47 did was it raised the threshold for stealing things a felony. four hundred $50 up to nine hundred $50. so now we're seeing all these mass burglaries which you and i have covered so many times
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and for us at the border. in but r really one of the great chroniclers of what's happening in los angeles. thank you . appreciate it. ould appthanks. so we spend a lot of time on this our nighttime show pointing out who the bad guys or the villains and we spend maybe not enough time pointing to who the good guys are.e and in this story there is a thank god, a good guy. he iss the sheriff of los angeles county, alex fauci in the way. but now if you y live on the eat coast, you may not fully appreciate what it means to be the sheriff of l.a. county. l.a. county is effectively its own country, both in its size, its population and its economy. so for the sheriff of l.a. county, there's some power and we're thankful for that because alexander weaver has been the single most powerful person to push back against the destruction wrought by george gasconge. here he is in our two part documentary, the suicide of los angeles when the feds refused to take cases, sheriff vin weber has no option butut to rey on george gascoigne's on them. that means no matter what he does, the law will not be
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enforced when he says he's not going to prosecute petratherm legalizing when he says he's not going to prosecute, he's legalizing when he says he's not going to enforce mandatory register for sex offenders. well, nowex o that you're chest, the molester can park himself in front of a grade school, whereas previously he was banned from doing that so you could have a offender living in a tent smokingng meth on the sidewalk next to a school s. oh , that's happening right noww in venice. therein is one person who has an rv liveses there, smokes meth 24/7 right in front of the grade school to the point that the grade school had installed hard plastic covering blue tarp all around the schoold
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yard to shield the kids from the homeless rv and that is just a scary thought right there. >> so you watch these tragedies unfold in slowmotion lifed around you degrade yearyo by yer and think, well,, i guess that's just the way it is now and then occasionally someone steps and says no, it doesn't have to be this way. you could actually fix this and it's not that complicated. and that's one of the messagess that sheriff alex fauci in a waiver has been telling the rest of us here in los angeles. he joins us .. we're happy that he on the fox lot in l.a. sheriff, thanks so much for coming on . oh , thank so i know this is everything is complicated. there's a complicated place, but i don't think it'she complicated to say the actions one prosecutor really have changed life here definitely in his first year in office. 2020 one his first full year, he rejected over 12 thousand two hundred cases for my agency alone and multiplyy it by two and that's all the other local police departments in the lapd
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. so his efforts is really almost nullifying the legislative intentif in sacramento where misdemeanor crimes are seldom prosecutedm if he believes isd attached to homelessness orr drug abuse, they're not going to touch him. so obviously that's fostering a climate where homelessness, drug abuse is just spiraling out of control and you'ree o seeing with your own eyes. we certainly are. t and you know,uc if you love l.a, anyone who's spent a lot of - time in l.a., there's so much to love. it really isy a great cityre and it's gotten worse's and there's kind of no arguing that he's the prosecutor. you're the sheriff. there should behere a relationsp between the two of you. how have you brought this to his attention? can you talk to. t well, i've had one conversation with him. that was his first weekir in officest. oncern we had an issue of mutual concern on a case, one particular case. butular case, b his predecessort every three months. her in her office. she met me in my office. we shared concerns exactly what you're saying. we with this gentleman unless you come from f the public defender's office, you were black lives matter activists. v
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those are aboutes the only peope he's speaking to. everyone else just doesn't existtyone else in his world.u e just one question since you live here and run a big agency here, is there huge publicub support for his policies? do you thinklipo? i'm set at all. i'm seeing a lot of support from victims. victimss matter. yeah. b it should be ate the forefrontve of everything all ofce the criminal justice system is supposed to do now. it's all offender specific or offender centric. everything is about reducing harm not to victims of crime, reducing harm ofut incarceration for those who commit crime. and that is astonishing leap of logic that not just george gascon but the board ofve supervisors has embraced the very same idea. they call it carefirst jail last, which has been an absolute failure here in l.a.l. county. and i hope you take this place over . i really do use the democratic process just to restore moderate sensibility to the way it's run. i really hoper that . thank you . you got it. suicide of los angeles will be available>> for streaming on fox
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we already hit the bank, the museum, the jewelry store. where to next? next, we save hundreds with xfinity mobile. huh? -mmm. you know, unlimited data. oh. nationwide 5g at no extra cost. [ chuckles ] that's a steal. wait, wait, wait. are we stealing the safe? we're saving so much, it's like stealing. well, you're the tech expert webs. is it reliable? you tell me. wah ping. it's reliable and fast. wireless savings so good, even the bad guys love it. switch to xfinity mobile today. and see dreamworks "the bad guys." streaming tucker carlson originals only on fox nation and now your host tucker carlson . fotomat gore on the fox studio lot here in the center of los angeles. we have come here from around the country to announce the second season of our documentary series. it's called tucker carlson originals. we did it foror a year. t weot launched it about a year ao
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seaso and when we did,n of o we promik bring you deeper coverage ofer the stories that actually matter and that would include virtually nothing that you see in the rest of the media which focuses exclusively on stories designed to distract you from what actually is changing your life. and we've really tried to stayso true to that mission. so the second episode in ouron new season is about the huge rise in the number of americans, young people mostly who densify as transgender. so you've beende b told fromeeth the very beginning that transgenderism is innate. you're born that way, you're born in the wrong body. but if that's true , then how do you explain i this from t 2010 to 2018 there was a 4000 percent rise in the number of t girls who say they are actually boys. that's according to a study out of the u.k. so what happens next are a lot of transitions going on but not everybody is happy with the result. not not the parents but the peoe who want to go the so-called transition. she wasten decided trans. she wasaste a teenager at the t. she d later regretted her decision. her voice matters too. she has since transitioned back . here's'she a look at her intervw
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from an upcoming episode from i am helena. i'm twenty three years old . when i was about fifteen i started using tumblr. g i had an eating disorder since i was pretty young. there'ss a lot of messages that said if you feel bad about your body that means you're trans. i was st just going through this period of like i don't like i'm treated as this person. i don'tea want to be cis because this means you're uncool and you're privileged and you're an oppressor and you're bad and i don't want to bei that in that way. i was really incentivize to try to figure out a way to make my voice heard in thesevo communities and obviously i can't change my race. i can't really change
10:22 pm
my sexualityy. so the only thing left was to start playing around with a gender stuff. so i decided to call myself a demi girl, which is one of the 40 million genders and that basically means i'm mostly a girl but i'm a littleam bit ns girl, which is just like what does that even mean? and then after i went to demioy boy and then after that i wentan to gender gender fluid and after that i eventually went to trans boy. butal all this took like two or three years of just going through this repetitive cycle of changing this identity and changing it again. and it was just never enough. there is a lot of hopelessness for a long time, a lot of regret. the feeling of regret was intense.
10:23 pm
oh , it's a moving interview m and there's a lot more ofoi in the episode. helena joinsns us on set and thanks so much for coming. there's something so sad about that . first of all, thank you for speaking up because your voice doesut matter i think in thisic conversation. but you felt what every young woman i've ever met felt at a certain age which isun uncomfortableco with yourself and it feels like you were exploited at that moment of weakness. yeah,lo absolutely. i mean, as you said, it's completely normal for not only young girls but often young boys to to feel uncomfortable with themselves, uncomfortable hems body. but we have this ideology that is especially prevalent online that says that if you have those feelings, that means you're trans y. i mean,ly there are literally people who say if you don't't even likeik your voice recording ,that's o a sign of gender dysphoria and you need to go see a medical a professional because you're trans talk about takingrere advantage of people. so how do you and this is alle explained in greater depth in the documentary. now at do you feel twenty three looking back on what happened, i feel honestly
10:24 pm
grateful for the experience because it's taught me a lotexlf about the world and about myself but i really, feel afraid for these other young girls like myself who they might not be. you know, i consider myself lucky that i was able to get out of it unscarred really medically . but there's so many young people who can't say the same and psychologically as well. i mean, it's just devastating to especially from a young age to be lied to by adults att school and by medical a professionals and told that your body is wrong. you need to change young need to get hormones. you need d to get surgeries. that's devastating for a young person. so i'm just really concerned for younger girls and boys like i once was was being led down this path and being hurt by it. it's a failure of male leadership, of adult leadership and it does seem like some ofr: the steps are medically irreversible. >> absolutely. >> aus they there's all sortsts of you know, the white house actually just put out a chart yesterday that says some ofe these steps are reversible or partially reversible. but that's such anare
10:25 pm
oversimplification of the truth. i mean, when you go on a crossng hormone like that's t going to give you not just physical changes but psychologicalnc experiences that you can't just act like they neveres jus happe you can't just take it back . and especially with surgeries, you know,peci a implant after a mastectomy is not the same thing as never having a taken off in the first place. so there's a lot of young women who are going through that who had a double mastectomy aty 16 , 17 , 18 years old or even younger. that happens who you know, there's nothingnger you can reay put that feeling of oneness and safety in your body back . oh .ar oh ,tb it's just it's heartbreaking. i hope people are hearing p you with open minds, with tolerance . areit they there's a lot of people out there, especially parents who are really thankful for what i'm saying because they see that their young girl or their young boy is going through this and the school is telling them you need to affirm them. they're trans, you need toir transition them all their doctors are telling them
10:26 pm
you need to transition them p and as parents they know that their child should not be n havingot these cosmetic procedures. so there's a lot of parents e. urre really thankful there are otherer young people who are really thankful that i'm saying what i'm saying. but obviouslyin you haveti the trans activist and the trans community that exhibit some very unhealthy kind of cult like dynamics who are really upset about this . and you are so articulate and thoughtful at twenty three . it's you know, it'sit remarkable people who have suffered like you have sometimes get deeper. yeah, you learn a lot. like i said, i learned a lot know. thank you . thank you for talking,. thank you .u you'reoi going to hear her full storyy and others people like her who've been through this on fox nation early may. o it'sf one of a bunch of episods we've been working on . stay with us for more clips from season two of tucker carlson original here at" if youtu don't have fox nation, go to fox nation. don'tt come in the break to sigy up on a day without light rain
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thank you and god bless. i have a martially strohmeyer ukrainian president zelenskyy talking with top advisors about the besieged port city of mariupol. while he can't make details public, zelenskyy claims russian soldiers are terrorizing civilians and hunting anyone in the ukrainian military and government. this comes as more than nine hundred civilian bodies were discovered in the key suburbs after russian forces retreated . texas gov. greg abbott has repealed his immigration order that's clogging commercial trucks with the us mexico border. the policy requires commercial trucks from mexico to undergo extra inspections to stop the flow of migrants and drugs searches led to severe delays. some truckers even waiting over thirty hours to cross the border. new border security agreements have been reached, allowing inspections to be lifted. i'm ashley strohmeyer and i'm back to you. tucker carlson .
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tonight it's the streaming show everyone is talking about i number one on fox newsew channel's number one on fox nation,er tucker carlson is back from the fox studio lot in sunny los angeles. welcome back. as you just heard with the fox, do you out here in los angeles for announcing the upcoming episode series two if tucker carlson originals on fox nation. so one of the topics we thought e can is into because we cattle mutilation, which you may have heardat of and dismisse . but it turns out this has been going on for centuries around the world. tens of thousands of animals recorded mostly livestock found dead and mutilated under circumstances that no one can explain. carcass iss foundxp with body parts, parts with no commercial value atit all removed with surgical precision. dead cows have been found with anticoagulants in their blood . whwhat is this ? what we still don't really
10:33 pm
know. we do know dno the witnesses hae reported unmarked aircraft at some of these scenes. law enforcement the fbi has investigated these cases extensively over decades and at this point nobody knows p conclusively what's going on . what is cattle mutilation, some cult? noio, it's not. we know that . so for season two, we took a a deeper look into cattle mutilations. and to be clear, this is annd ugly topic. these s are crimes and some of the pictures are about to show you are graphic and awful. >> so know that as you watch here itt is. we found a dead bull. it's missing its reproductive its missing its and its tony fauci. and i said what's a single drop of blood maybe found on nothing on the ground and the scavengers won't eat it and at least ten thousand cases in the
10:34 pm
united nabi county sheriff told people to be on alert afterns someone removed organs from boat had to surgically remove. >> we haven't solved any of the almost others. there's no evidence the sheriff's department doesn't have any leads at the time. if you asked to go replicate that process and not leave evidence, i don't think that would be possible. it kind of freaked a lot of people out, aliens coming and taking our animals. it's the greatest unsolved serial crime spree c in historyt so there are a lot of theories about this . but we want to start with the evidence. we know what's happened. how could it have happened? wouldfound people actually know the answer. and scott perkins had been butchers for decades, a big animal you may know them from
10:35 pm
you to the huge following for their channel called the bearded butcherhe. k few people know more about the specifics about what it would take to dismember a two thousand pound bull. say so that's going to come out join us today and get their assessment of what's going on ..for jo scottining, thanks so much for f joining us tonight. i a sucker so we know that this has happened. happen you've butchered a lot ofed animals. start with you, scott. 'lbased on what we know about what's happened to say cattle that have been mutilated, is w that consistent with what a butcher would do? how hard is it to know it's not? and so the commercial value is why you butcher livestock, right? and it's a difficult process,es something that takes years to y learn say twelve or eighteen months, especially if you're doing the entire process. so there's no explanation to the to the why youd would go through the effort to just remove a couple of parts which f frankly have commercial value to them. so how difficult would it be to do this given what we do?
10:36 pm
i mean there have been cattle found with one the stomachsom removed like how hard iset it to do something like that ? no. excuse me, no one you have to have the right tools so and youe have to have the right knife with the righte edge on it because if you don't have, a sharp knife, you're never going to be able to achieve t yu might be able too achieve it. but but it's going to look like you didn't know what you werewhg doing. ma so if these animals have been found with their you know, these piecesnd surgically removd and you know, not making a lot hack marks when you're cutting, somebody knows what they're doing. right. so that'sng the to offsetr: the difficulty here. so we've heard well, it must beb some satanic that has been operating i guess for centuries in countries around the world. s but whoever's doing this knowst a lot about the anatomy of these animals and it's high skill, is that correct? yes. and frankly, butchers t with skill level like ours areec becoming less and less frequent in theom states. so even finding a butcher that possesses those skills would be difficult. b
10:37 pm
and if you weren't a butcher, you're going to you're going to make a mess out of the scene.ra, you're going to have tracks. you're going to have blood . t you're going to have the incisions are going to be inaccurate. they could they they could be in the wrong place. itit takeses it takes months to find out where to cut to to g actually get into a carcass where they're going to eviscerateet it or you're going to search out a certain organ itcertain part of that takes months or years to learn. that's exactly why we talked to you guysat we. you know a lot of freelance theories about this stuff, but nobody knows anything about what it would take to actually do it. you guys do so what's your given what youou know, do you have a theory on this other one of you? e, if t this is true , the prevailing theory seems to be that it's some sort of extraterrestrial activity just be given the fact there's lack of evidence at the scene because one of the things that we employ at our shop is heavy equipment. we've got hoisin things is if you have a bullet it be two00 thousand to twenty five hundred pounds and even if you have an animal f in a field and you want
10:38 pm
to just get to the other side to remove a part of it, it's very difficult. you need a lot of leverage to move it around, roll it aroundt . find th i'm not sure i wante to find the person or the being performed because you agree with that doctor ? yeah, because youou who would want to go to the work, you know, unless unless the piece that they're taking have value. i don't think a human wouldth would want to goe to the extra work to perform these tasks. why t would you? twenty miles of paved road in new mexico, right? >> tuc hydraulics. correct? right. not you're not doing this . j no, not just fun for fun w on the weekend with your buddies. there's no reason to thank you . thank you for the reality check. absolutely. o based on the evidence, i think e you put it really close. thank you guys. absolutely.. guys congrats.. thank you . appreciate it. thanks to you if you're not a butcher. that's right. thanks thank for having us . frm oh my gosh. more from the fox studio lot in l.a. another look at episodes we've been working on all year. this one on testosterone levelsl .s. why are they falling? what can you doo about it? it's a huge story that nobody
10:39 pm
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10:43 pm
sorry sorry. request company from the fox studio lot in exclusive first look at never before seen footage from the hottest premiere in the world fot fox tucker carlson originals and now your hostar tucker carlson . welcome back to the fox loto in l.a. where you'll be shocked to learn at seventy two and sunny. this is whyan people put up with gavin newsom. so we're going a bunch of stories for season two ofor tucker carlson originals because we can we're so grateful forusul f that .
10:44 pm
one of the biggest stories of our lifetimes is the total in testosterone levels in american men. those levels are declining by roughly 10% per decade,s, completely changing the way people are c at the most fundamental level and they just don't seem interested in this at all. it's not a big deal . is a hug we think it is a huge deal . we want to knoww what's causing and what you can do about it. t that's the topic of ouropop calledg documentary the end of men. >> here's a look at the trailer . i welcome this opportunity to me speak to the people of america about a subject which i believea to be most important and thatal is the subject of physical fitness f and the that the that a country is as strong as its citizens. and i think that mentaltal and physical health go hand inad hand . there is nothing i think more unfortunate than to have a soft, chubby, fat looking a
10:45 pm
children. i hope that all of youll will joinin everybody in the united states to make sure that our children participate fullyr in a vigorousro and adventurous life which is possible for themhi this very rich country of ours. there's a 50% in counts in then last 40 years along the precipitous decline in testosterone production. we're headed for. a calamityth and that's not hyperbole. it's not exaggeration. as a matter of fact, would you recommend young men attend their to but once the society collapses, then you're in hard
10:46 pm
times. well, i financial they say those hard times inevitably produce men who are tough a and who are resourceful and whot are strong enoughro to survive on that they go on to reestablish order and so the cycle begins again. there's nothing more unfortunate, said the presidentmo of the unitedam states on camera than quote soft, chubby, fat children. that's of the jfk legacy d they don't tell you about. but that was a common view up until recently. completelyhew it's different and full of testosterone levels is a big reason why andrew mcgovern has er about this . he's in the fitness business and his obsession is how do you reverse the effects of falling testosterone?
10:47 pm
and again, we think? it's a big deal .o so to see we're happy to have you join us nowan and thanks so much for coming on . so i don't thinknk anyone has t settled on a cause of this , but there are solutions to it. what are some ofof them? i think because the solutions are actually pretty simple. i thi the challenging part ofrt reestablishing paradigms that we've been exposed to, you know, as wetn grow up and whatnot. right. yeah. so to keep it simple, eat whole foods. yeah. you predominantly meat animal based products. you can't eliminate your exposure to certain chemicals but you can mitigate them, how what's just give us m another million ways but justilc give one fragrances if you can just eliminate fragrances productshousehold cosmetics, deodorants, toothpaste, fluoride and such plastics micro plastics have been found in human blood now to try to drink out of glass bottles. you saw in the clip there if you want to optimize, take it
10:48 pm
to another level. expose yourself to red light therapy and the juice that we were usinger in the documentary there's a massive amount of tanning. it's tanning but it's also full body red light therapy has massive amount of benefits and there's so much data out there that isn't being picked up on or covered. av obviously half the viewers don't like well, that's catastrophizing. that's crazy. but azy? my view is, okay, testosterone levels like crash and nobody says anythingthin abt it. soat's crazy. c so why is it crazy solutions?t' it's not crazy to seek solutions and i think i was recently exposed to a termca called brembo party and i thinka there's a lot of people out there right now that are don't trust the mainstream information and they're taking it upon themselves to seek out that information for themselves. do some experiments s, some initialain knowledge and fight the impactsc of negative testosterone? yes. are crippling for men which are. crippling.
10:49 pm
that's exactly right. they make you less of who you are and who you were meant toe. be. ra you're a huge part ofra this documentary. we are grateful for your bravery and forve your commitment to evidence based science. thank you . >> tucker:hank you and thank you so free speech made hollywood it's prerequisite for creativity. have to be able to think sayy what you really think you have to express what's inside you. but too few in the so-called artistic community are willing to do that anymore. it's just a lot easier and more lucrative to be silent and go along with everything. one famous person who refuses to do that is kid rock. and so we sought him out.wn we w went to his house, actually sat down with him for an interview and he pointed out to his great credit he hasut become unconsolable h through bravery. >> watch. so why haven't you beenan canceled? like people aren't allowed to say what they think you are. >> i am unconceivable. what's that ? and i'm not in bed with any big
10:50 pm
corporate things. at the end of the day, there's nobody i'm beholden to no record companies or corporatete interests, no nothing. and you can't cancel me. i love it when they i'm like, yeah, why aren't there more artists likere that b because they're in bedco with record companies and you know, corporaterd deals a and structures at every levelt and you know, it's and if someone finds a way to get me a little bit here and there and find another way aroundro it . >> so that was shot on kid rock's farm, the entire world he's built for himself one of the coolest worlds we've ever entered into. we laugh butwe we kept a team of producers of cameras embedded with kid rock. pc we have an upcoming episode on his life on the way he lives ,which is an inspiration we think to everybodydy he's on his ranch in nashville right now.mi tell us what wegh mightt expec t once we see the raw video kid rock, ladies and gentlemen. so are you our cameraman fox is in your house right now.
10:51 pm
he is due stop. dude danny, come on . >> tuckeah. i haven't heard anyr: of that . but when you're on your mind body i'm starting a punk rock band and it's called and that's the end of it. i think you'll be massivelyn' successful. but i mean, don't you think at this point when so many of the therapies, the paths they've told us to take have turned out to be dead ube d sene ,really p hurt people? why wouldn't openn minded people seek new solutions? i don't know what the hell's going on in this world. i'm not even sure if q i understood that question. but some days i just want to s stop this . let me off like this dude. that girl this dude doesn't know is this dude swimmin with it like it's just i don't know what to make of it anymore. i'm glad i got my little world here and my fat friends and family and great fans and canan just kind of go through this and you know, i'd like to say i laugh at it a lot of man some days, you know,
10:52 pm
it's it's almost too serious to laugh. you're like what the hell isdo this president? no, i know itin is.t is. it's just just bananas. so when you're about to head out on the road, i know w that our guys willil be with yoe as you do.yo what dou you expect to find as you emerge from your world into broader america? oh , i expect to see the best of america. we always do it in places that show up to do what i do entertain people to the best of my ability. wehe we always see just fun, fui hard work and beernk drinking people, you know, 40 hour week people to work so w hard spend their money to come see me. we put everything we got intoy it like i'm sure everybody does ,but i think we get the best of what america has to offer. my shows. well, we definitely gotot the best. i got to just be totally i didn't think that my life would change by spending two days with kid rock, but it reallyys it i've been thinking
10:53 pm
about it ever since. you've really built something different. you've taken a different path t and we're grateful that you gave us a glimpse of it and we will we're going have a lot of kid rock in this documentary. thank you . kid rock fromry nashville. appreciate it. more kid rock, the more you people off. keep at well, we are well, we back live from fox studio lot here in l.a. after h the break. >>eak. oh , well, we'll cover declining testosterone, cattle mutilations w and saurus prosecutors destroying our country. tucker carlson will return to the fox studio lot after the break. everybody seems asking myself what the hell is going on in 2020 los county voters elected me be the county prosecutor if you want to really see what they look like, they'll look farther than george . go deliver these violent
10:54 pm
criminals and get los angeles into a third world war zone. my neighborhood is turning into the war so about what's going on when he says he's not going to prosecute this to legalizing gang members committing murders . they'll be released by december. twenty five no matter what this is los angeles under gets you do the crime not to use the time to break the law are celebrating outside of los angeles bringing people of the fox station. larry, check this with on deck. we could get a small business low fat and start hiring more help right away or loan kether or small. there's a better way to get a fast small business loan
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10:58 pm
world. that is not an t overstatement o take a deeper look at the stories that are changing your life. am we took cameras to a gangg filled prisons in el salvador. we v interviewed victims ofn the domestic war on terror. we embedded with cowritten house during his show trial. a look at some of the best moments that we collected from season one and how are you still in ms 13 ? yes, i do. now it is more dangerous to live in chicago then to live in citizens had no option but to defend their own lives. it took away thousands of guns. the helicopters have lefte afghanistan and now they landed here at home a. they've begun to fight a new enemy in a new war on terror. absolutely a political prisoner. what else could i be doing
10:59 pm
the consequences with these moving i'm leaving the city. im there's a reason the world'sn creepiest hatemongering and has the borders controlled. not a humanitarian disaster, but what if i wasn't alive or what if i did collapse or feel like that if of happened duringb our federal government? nobodyt. is helping us out. we're just w so delighted you'ru a gun guy. >> so we actually made a lot ofi material over a yeart and we think it's good. you can see all of that , alle this . tucker carlson originals on fox nation .comsori and as we said, a whole new season starting right now. you can sign upngno for free tr. tucker carlson , .com new episodes out every few weeks are going. this is to bring you accurate and honest reporting on stories that everybody else ignores because they're too embarrasseda or because there'sti a political imperative to shut up and not
11:00 pm
talk about itp an. that's it for us tonight. wee will be back to you every weeknight, 8:00 p.m. on fox t news channel. in the meantime, have a wonderful one .er youfu welcome to this special edition of "hannity" and happy passover and good friday, or everyone. i'm tammy bruce in for sean.he and tonight we are at the bitter end of yet another terrible week for joe biden dreadful economic news mayhem at the southern border and poll numbers lower than ever before.d not only is biden underwater by double digits in five new polls, but he is alsoal strugglingso in two keyoc demographics that democrats desp


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