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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  April 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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follow us on "one nation." unfiltered with dan bongino starts now. [♪♪♪] dan: is the tide finally starting to turn? elon musk attempting to completely take over twitter and sending shock waves, an earthquake for big tech. plus, after a terrifying shooting on a new york city subway that left dozens hurt, a former fbi agent who worked with explosives and blooms says see
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something say something means something. and does it really work? we expose biden's lies about inflation. ever have a family conversation about the dangers of social media? it got me thinking. how do we protect our kids on social media. we'll bring in a former secret service friend of mine who specializes in child protection. but first -- >> i think it's important that we be inclusive for free speech. this is not a way to sort of make money. my strong intuitive sense is that having a public platform that is maximally trusted and broadly inclusive is extremely important to the future of civilization.
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>> is there a plan b? >> there is. dan: so this happened. elon musk make an enormous offer to take over twitter and make it private. why does this story capture my attention and yours in america's attention, too. the elon musk story is about big tech, it's about censorship, it's about the political divide in mayor what today, it's about class and money, and something we hold dear, free speech and our constitution. now there is a price for being woke, folks. you want to run twitter your way? you can run it into the ground because elon musk put hard cash on the table. he's offering to give you a massive premium for what you pay
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for the share prices. you want to be woke? you have got a couple choices here. the way the left opposed us for years is by boycotting us, putting people out of business, canceling them. you don't take the deal and you bought the shares for $20 and he's offering $54 a share, now the cost of being woke has a real price. you want to be woke? you will be looking at real material losses. how much will it cost you to be woke? how much do you believe in censorship. everyone is for sale. what's your price now. i heard liberals all over twitter, i see them all the time, we clamor we can ban who we want, we can ban you. i was suspended from twitter.
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we can kick off tucker carlson and charlie kirk for tweeting out a biological man is a man. but twitter is a private company that can do wait wants. some of the say liberal nuts on twitter saying. when it's run by a guy with a libertarian streak like elon musk, you lose your mind. it fells me it's about censorship. that's always what it's been about. how much is that censorship going to cost you? we'll see. joining me now is the author of woking, and bio tech
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entrepreneur. ramy. a lot of people stand to make a lot of money here. it puts the board in a real bind if they turn this down without a counter offer. they are costing aton of people money. won't there be lawsuits. >> there is a fiduciary duty. to take the largest shareholders are firms like blackrock and state street and vanguard. so far they have been bringing one monolithic view to the table as a shareholder. sometimes it's ccp, i joke around. but elon musk is bringing a view to the table that expresses the
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views of the majority of citizens. they are just managing money for the everyday citizen. i think it's a landmark moment. i think this an opportunity to potentially drive real change. which is a difficult thing to do. but by changing the behemoth as it exists today using shareholder promise to do it. dan: i have been all over blackrock. their ceo larry financial has been open about his commitment to. how the heck do you go back to investors, some of whom stand to double their money and said we took a hard pass on this, we wanted to go woke.
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how do you do that? >> this is the ultimate betrayal of fiduciary duty. the problem is the separation of ownership from ownership. there are people who claim to be the shareholders of twitter, they are the every day retired americans who shaved their money and invested in the stock market. but elon musk used his own money to bring a voice to the table that's not only his voice, but a voice that represents a majority of the american people and a majority of twitter's own users. mark my words, they will come after him one way or another, the government can capture twitter. if elon musk runs twitter they
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may not be able to do that. so the government will come after him, too. i think that's what's coming. that's what the managerial class does. that's how they operate. dan: not that long ago i'm sitting around having a conversation with la fali lirks a. and my daughter asked if she could be on tiktok. she said all my friends are on tiktok, and i said i'm not all your friends' dad. i reached out to my good friend jeff james, he used to work with the secret service. he specializes in this. how do we protect our kids online? what are your tips for them staying safe, specifically on
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platforms like tiktok and social media? >> the first thing i tell parents is you need to be your child's firewall. you need to know what your children are doing online and who they are talking to. the numbers that came from the national center for mission and exploited children for 2020. said she got 38,000 reports, over 100 a day of online enticement of children. and 98% of them came from someone the child didn't even know. so you need to know who is talking to your child online. dan: are those per day? they are going there looking for these kids. am i reading that right? >> when i was secret service liaison i would work these cases and interview niece presented towards. they said they would put out hundreds of messages hoping to
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get one or two police from a d oneor two replies from a chily could build an online relationship with. dan: i don't think any serious person would leave out the role of social media, tiktok type platforms and others. your thoughts on that? >> i have two reasons. wins they can't escape it. when you and i went to school, whether we had a hard day or a bully, we went home and got away from it. now kids can't escape with the ability for their friends and enemies to reach out for them constantly. kids won't swift off. they will say i'm not friends with that person anymore but they still contact me.
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if you are not friends with them in person, you are not friends online. and you have got to the create an escape. dan: thanks for spending time with us, we appreciate it. coming up. after that terrifying attack on the new york subway. remember when you see something, say something. a former fbi agent is up next. my eyes feel like a combo of stressed, dry and sandpaper. strypaper? why do we all put up with this? when there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops. biotrue uses naturally inspired ingredients like an electrolyte, antioxidant, even your tears' own moisturizer. and no preservatives. these ingredients are true to your eyes' biology. see? bio.true. i recommend nature made vitamins,
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." a terrifying attack on the subway in new york city. when law enforcement puts something out there like see something, say something. what does that mean? here to answer that question is former fbi agent steve berman. we hear that a lot. i understand you have to have something memorable. see something, say something is easy to remember. but what are we supposed to see and say something about if we see something suspicious? >> one of the neat things is i would love to have a crystal ball that i could look in and
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tell everybody, these are the things to look for. but most of these individuals assimilate well into the environment. the boston marathon bombing, those two individuals moved into the crowd. the las vegas shooter was moving packages man out of the casino and nobody asked questions. situational awareness where we want to be cognizant of our surroundings. one of the things we are so caught up in our smart phones we are not take a look at everything all the way around. look at where the exits are in your environment. be vigilant, and that's the key thing. >> you mentioned technology and smart phones. there is a positive side to
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technology, too. when i was in law enforcement i know they were developing camera networks to protect a stationary package that was in the wrong spot. is that happening with police departments around the country with this explosive technology that they can see things that used to take eyeballs in years past. >> of courser in costly. they are very expensive systems. but with the advent and technology advancements of coverage if we can employ those things in stations, sidewalks, and street corners, you can look for anomalies taking place. i think that's the key. we are look for anomalies that aren't necessarily there to begin with. the person who entered the subway.
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there is little key things. when i look at that video i see perhaps he's wearing rubber gloves. rubber gloves, he's got a radio which isn't attached. there is no real insignia. so some things are out of place, he's pulling a large bag. those things seem to be out of place. that's what artificial intelligence can key into and help law enforcement trigger into it. i look at this being assimilated into the crowd. unless we are vigilant and aware of what things look out of place. this will continue unfortunately. dan: coming up on "unfiltered." inflation reaching another 40-year high. who is paying for it? you. that's coming up.
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[♪♪♪] ashley: welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley strohmier. ukrainian police say 900 bodies of civilians have been found surrounding kyiv.
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they were executed by russian forces by gunfire. reports ceylon * may be recruiting partners to join his bid to take over twitter after the boorpsd attempt to thwart his plan to buy out the tech giant. crime in california showing no signs of slowing. los angeles police are also warning residents about gang members who follow people home from stores and rob them. i'm ashley strohmier. dan: we are not buying the pathetic disgraceful lies spewing from the white house about their policies. the policies are a wrecking ball for our middle class.
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the 25% inflation numbers, i was 7 the last time it was this bad. it's fairly obvious how we got here. you can't just print trillions of dollars into the economy and say i don't know why prices are going up. this is a huge middle class tax hike americans are paying for every day. but when putin invaded ukraine, it created the perfect cover story. >> make no mistake. the current spike in gas prices is largely the fault of vladimir putin. it has nothing to do with the american rescue plan. >> the battle for freedom has its cost here at home as well. people already feeling putin's price hikes at the pump. >> he makes biden -- he makes
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bawm look like thomas jefferson. bite * refuses to take a shred of responsibility for the economic suffering americans are dealing with right now. this is before the putin excuse. the excuse back then was inflation was just temporary. >> as our economy comes roaring back we see price increases. but most of the price inhe creases we have seen were expected and expected to be temporary. dan: the biden administration just switched to a new cover story. here is jen psaki claiming inflation is improving month to month. >> we have seen inflation rarely numbers go down month to month. dan: nobody has seen that anywhere. there is no sane being in the
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universe who has seen that. you can actually go online and look that up. the data is in front of you for anyone to see. it's not getting better. it's getting worse. so why is this so important? the biden administration has been lying since day one. why lie? inflation is the most destructive tax hike in modern u.s. history and it's decimating our middle class. rent, food, and transportation. got to eat, kinds of important. look how much the necessities are going up. housing 10%, transportation, 22%. democrats pretend to be your friend. >> we can keep coming together and invest in the backbone of america, the working class and middle class folks. >> the middle class is the
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backbone of our democracy. we have to strengthen the middle class and all who aspire to it. >> it's the democratic leadership that will give working families ladders of opportunity to get to the middle class and thrive there once they are in the middle class. >> they are full of it. this week we were sitting around, a couple family members. a guy came into the house we know. my teacher told me biden had nothing to do with the gas crisis. what do i say? the teacher says gas leases, oil companies are sitting on 9,000 gas leases. i said that's weird. biden told you gas come police super greedy but they are sitting on 9,000 gas leases they could make money off of.
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the teacher told us gas is a global market biden can't control. we live own that globe. the griewts is kind of on the globe. we are on the globe. and we are also the biggest global producer of oil, and biden is the president of the country that's the biggest producer of oil. it's weird what your teacher is teaching and doesn't know that. joining us is fox news contributor. leo terrell. they abandoned the middle class. that's why you left and came over to the right side. >> your monologue was spot-on. the democrats are lying every day. this inflation, dan, is
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self-inflicted. it's self-inflicted because joe biden's and his obsession to become president of the united states sold out the american public to satisfy these green new deal extremists. we are energy independent. if we want to be. but this inflation, you are absolutely right. you can't hide from it. it affects everyone. you can try to hide with a tax hike. but not inflation. look who is hurting. it's hurting retirees and your 401k plan. because of joe biden's commitment to the extreme left. the american public, they know it. his refusal to acknowledge thatdon gave us an economy, he made us energy independent. he secured our border. but these guys are so hell bent
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on destroying this country to satisfy the extremists on the left:you are an actual advocate for the middle class. you are a civil rights attorney. the biggest joke and slap in the face on america is the fact that inflation slams the middle class, food, gas, rent, they are the ones getting crushed. the rich can hedge their bet. >> the middle class can't afford to go to work. i live in california. the gas prices astronomical. people have to make a decision. do i put food on the table? do i pay the utility bill? the democratic party lost the middle class 8 years ago. the liberty that you talk about every day, the democrats sold their soul to the elites, to those who believe they are different, unique, special.
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they lost the middle class. dan: leo terrell, love having you on the show. thanks for bringing the fire. >> i love you, you are a truth teller. dan: a jury failed to convict anyone in the botched kidnapping of gretchen whitmer. so what role did the fbi play? why not everything is stacking up here.
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an emergency gift of $45 helps rush food, blankets and shelter. call the toll-free number on your screen or go online now. and please give as generously as you can to help the refugees while there is still time. who are you going to be now? who are we going to be? we're talking about saving jewish lives and time is running out. time is running out. please call or go online now. dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." there are growing concerns about the suspicious role the fbi played in the failed kidnapping plot of michigan governor gretchen whitmer. the trial failed to have a single conviction. they note at least a dozen fbi
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agents informants and at the direction of the supervising agent concocted and funded the sting operation. the main informant got $60,000 for bringing people together? what the heck is going on? joining me, kevin brock. i wanted to get to your article on the hill. your thoughts on this. when i was a federal agent, if you lost a case at trial, you were getting calls from someone in the doj asking why. >> i only half joked that this will be a case study for agents in quantico for years to come on all the things you shouldn't do. it was trouble from the start. you had case agents involved that were discovered to be charged with domestic violence.
6:37 pm
one was running a side business which you can't do in the fbi. one was suspected of perjuring himself in another case. it was a calamity of errors. now you have got the perception based on what we know from trial transcripts and that type of thing that perhaps the bureau was a little bit zealous in using the undercover techniques to further the case. i think attitudes and perceptions in the fbi have changed the last few years mainly because of our leadership in the fbi involving the fbi in political investigations. people are worried. so these cases are getting higher level scrutiny. there were disturbing facts, that would give people pause and hopefully we'll learn from this. >> you have always been -- i read your work a lot. you have been a truth teller
6:38 pm
about the fbi. you wrote a piece on the hill criticizing the doj for becoming a political arm of the biden administration. you have cite the ashley biden diary and the targeting of alabama for a law about schools and lbgtq. >> the politicization of the department of justice and the fbi would be a death blow information our democracy and we can't let it stand. what happened when the president's press secretary came out and stated natural bama law -- this is almost beyond belief -- alabama lawmakers outlawing the administration of
6:39 pm
puberty blockers, castration on children, that they are going to be put on notice, quote you be quote by the doj, and the doj could haven't that kind of power. to put state legislators on notice because they are afraid they are going to be passing laws that don't agree with administration policy. when i saw that, i thought back on the debacle from the memo merrick garland issues to martian resources against parents protesting different issues in front of cool boards. then you look at what happened last november when the southern district of new york issues early morning search warrants on journalists they suspected being in possession of the president daughter's diary. help me understand what the federal nexus on that is.
6:40 pm
it gives rise to concerns there is a pattern of abuse and misuse of the doj and the president and this administration. the doj should remain arm's lengths at all times. dan: i have got to run unfortunately. once you are seen as a political arm, the constitution is lost. putin's forces are pushing further into southern and eastern parts of ukraine. we are all hearing about how putin is losing. but is he really losing? was this all about the energy industry the entire time? former principle advisor to canada's parliament david knight is here. i read your piece in the wall treat journal about this. there is a perception that putin is losing badly. but when you look at it through
6:41 pm
the energy lens, and his goals web's not exactly losing. >> often energy is a blind spot and that's true in a lot of different sectors. it's definitely true when you look at armed conflicts like this. putin has lost ground on his attack on kyiv. but his army sits on the resource base of ukraine, over the 6th largest coal supply in the planet. over a trillion and a half dollars worth of assets in a strategic location on the black sea and the azov sea. he has an adaptive ability to maneuver to take control of these assets. he has done it before in 2014 with crimea. what he learned in 22014 is the
6:42 pm
west soon forgets and goes back to being a customer. dan: it just becomes a frozen conflict from this point on. he significantly increased his control over the global energy market in that area of the world. >> yes. it's a terrible situation we find ourselves in aided by europe transferring over a trillion dollars of their wealth the last 10 years for access to energy, some of which they could have been producing inside europe but chose for climate reasons not to do that and offshore their wealth and sovereignty and ability to react successfully against putin and his aggression. some of the issues we have seen with europe's inability to act certain ways throughout this conflict have been underscored by the fact that europe, every single day of this conflict is
6:43 pm
sending $100 million a day to vladimir putin. this is how powerful energy is. the narrative has to change on the balance on how we understand our climate goal and how essential gas is. and making sure we can keep the lights on. but also decarbonizing. one of the reasons europe was relights on vladimir putin's state is they were trying to copy the united states which has reduced more carbon by fracking gas and replacing coal. europe wanted those benefits for climate reasons. but instead of permitting the fracking inside their own countries, they wanted to offshore the production emissions.
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>> i was not aware that whips which come from the slavery era were part of the package. >> we saw one border patrol agent using whip. >> even appearing to whip. dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." democrats posting another major l after the border agents accused of whipping migrants have reportedly been cleared. now we added that to our list of conspiracy theories. here to react is fox news contributor, lisa boothe. can you imagine what it must be like waking up every morning as a leftist knowing everything you have been told by the media is
6:49 pm
all a farce and a mess? >> they are stacking up, dan. who would have thought the party who accused brett kavanaugh of gang rape would lie again. but here we are. the photographer who took the photo said no one saw them whipping anyone. but biden went out there and lied and demonized law enforcement saying those people will pay. and they completely embrace lawlessness, so they are trying to justify it by demonizing law enforcement. dan: it's not even the big things. but it's even the little things. like the story about the secret service agent bit by the dog manage. apparently psaki lied about that saying the agent surprised the dog.
6:50 pm
the agent's email said i didn't surprise the dog. these people have no integrity at all. >> with joe biden they say he doesn't remember what's happening or he has a long history lying to people. this border stuff is serious. even if you look at the rio valley area. it's trending republican. the majority of hispanic areas trending republicans. a republican won a seat in texas last year in 85% hispanic district. the majority of border patrol agents are hispanic. then you have joe biden going out there and vilifying them when they are just trying to do their job. dan: the border towns are starting to flip republican. it's a beautiful thing to see.
6:51 pm
coming up, as millions plan to celebrate christ's resurrection, an atheist turned christian joins me to talk about faith in our lives.
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>> why should we trust what jesus tells us about heaven and about hell? >> that can sending a message to
6:56 pm
one that started here. what would you tell them? >> i would say he's seeking the truth is out there. >> welcome back to unfiltered that was a clip from the film the case for heaven. millions will reflect this their faith when they celebrate christ resurrection tomorrow on easter sunday me included joining me now is man behind film case for heaven an author of a book that change master's degree life the case for christ atheist turn christian, lee, thanks so much for joinings us you know i spoken to you often and told you about the power of your book the case for christ you make an important point in there in your conversion people say they die for their faith all of the time but followers of christ, the disciples who knew christ they died they knew him and surely they didn't die for something named new to be false. >> that's exactly right. of all human beings who have ever lived the disciples were in
6:57 pm
unique position to know whether it was true or a lie and knowing that it was true they were willing to die for. that tells me something about the claim. so i think historically speaking we have a strong, strong case that jesus not only claim to be the son of god but backed up that claim by returning from the dead. >> lee in your book the case for christ i should have told more of the back story first you were an atheist you were not writing to prove a case for christ but saying stop this, this is a fairytale this -- this is a stuff and doing your homework you said not only is it real but evidence is in front of us. >> that's exactly right. my woof had become a christian, and i was an atheist i thought this was terrible news to mess. i was going to divorce her. but then i thought i could disprove resurrection to cause christianity to kind of crumble so i spent two years of my life
6:58 pm
using journalism and i have a degree from yale law school and first of all we have incredible evidence that jesus was truly dead after being crucified even journal of the american medical association says that and accounts so immediately after his death of his resurrection that they can't merely be a legend that developed later we have an account with name eyewitnesses that's dated back to within month was his death and empty tomb that opponents admitted was empty and when you talk about nine ancient sources inside and outside the new testament confirming and corroborating the conviction of the disciples that they encounters res rented jesus that is an avenue avalanche of historical data and came to me conclusion it is not legend or wishful thinking or make bheef but really is based on a solid foundation of a historic truth. >> it is rare that i say this so
6:59 pm
thank you for your time but your book again the case for christ legitimately changed my life that is -- that is not a -- statement thank you for writing it and happy easter my friend thanks for joining us. >> thank you don god bless you and all of your viewers. >> god bless you too. before we go remember catch the dan bongino show every day on fox nation here's a clip from this past week show. check this out. >> basic question, just how competent unimpress eve we are and think of people smartest in the world they are not. they go there because they're very arrogant elitist and you know, they -- [inaudible conversations] dan: that was dan schmitt a brilliant college student who questioned dan apple bomb in viral clip talking the elite and we should call them to stand up, be brave college students out there stream the dan dan show
7:00 pm
you there from 12 to 3 p.m. eastern and follow unfiltered on facebook and instagram it is at unfiltered on fox, that does it for us here tonight unfiltered happy easter y'all. see you back here next saturday night at 9 p.m. don't forget to set your dvr if you can. make it live. ♪ ♪ lawrence: good evening america i'm lawns lawrence tonight on cross country dozens of form or students and staff the a new jersey high school diagnosed with cancer. what is causing this and talk about to man ho is blowing the whistle, live. and as joe biden clamps down on so-called ghost guns, exclusionive interview with a mom of a teenager killed days ago how one of those is out of control. nationwide --


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