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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 17, 2022 9:30am-11:00am PDT

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or go to god bless you, and happy easter. ♪ alleluia ♪ for the lord god almighty reigns ♪ arthel: day 53 of brutal war in ukraine and vladimir putin's forces keep pounding mariupol. russia set deadline for ukrainian forces hold up steel plant to surrender. the deadline has now passed. mariupol would be the first major city to fall to russian forces since the invasion began in late february. welcome to fox news live. i'm arthel neville, hi, eric. eric: and i'm eric sean. thank you for joining us, everyone. the key mariupol has been prime
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target of russian attacks and horrifying example of human catastrophe that's the war by vladimir putin. war criminal committing war crimes against humanity. has killed more than 10,000 civilians there. left 90% of mariupol damaged or completely destroyed. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenksyy warning that we have not yet seen the worst of the russian slaughter. >> the situation is very difficult in mariupol. it's clear that things won't get better. with each passing day it's more unstable. eric: u.s. officials confirming that the ukrainian missiles did sink flagship the moskva in the black sea and combat lose for any navy in 40 years. russia now warning that the u.s. will face, quote, unpredictable
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consequences if it keeps arming ukraine. republican congresswoman nicole is here and will join us on that in a moment. first let's go to lucas tomlinson in the white house and the biden administration arming of ukraine, lucas. lucas: president zelenskyy is warning russia can turn to nuclear weapons and the house republicans said earlier on fox news sunday if american weapons had arrived sooner russia might not have invaded. >> ukraine is not asking for american men and women to fight, all they're asking for is the weapons to defend themselves. if we would have taken those actions earlier instead of waiting to after russia invaded, they probably never would have invaded. >> tens of thousands russians of soldier retreated in neighboring belarus to rearm badly needed forces after 15,000 soldiers killed in action according to
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nato estimates. russian army will move to southeast ukraine to donbas, area about the size of vermont. this is ukraine's coal country, it is not offer same cover as ukrainian forces used to pick up tanks and armored vehicles. zelenskyy told the atlantic, quote, this is not christian behavior at all as i understand it. on easter they will kill and they will be killed. here is what he told jake tapper. >> do you want president biden to come here? >> yes. >> are there any plans for him to come? >> i think he will. >> you think he will. >> i think he's the leader of the united states and that's why he should come here to see. >> last week the pentagon said two ukrainian neptune missiles destroyed flagship of black sea fleet. ambassador called the loss, quote, severe embarrassment for vladimir putin. first time in 40 years going back to falkins war that ship
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was lost at sea. they did release this video showing the crew mustering a parade ground in russia, crew of 500. it appears that half of the crew was lost when the ship was destroyed. to help ukrainian forces win the next battle in the donbas, the white house is sending $800 million worth of weapons including artillery, drones and helicopters, they want to see the ukrainian forces beat the russians. eric: yeah, they need the artillery for the upcoming battle of donbas, thank you. arthel: we will bring in new york republican congresswoman nicole, member of house foreign affairs committee and house infrastructure and transportation committee. congresswoman, thank you for joining us. first of all, how serious is putin's threat, is he bluffing? congresswoman: it's hard to say, the cia director says they have not seen any concrete evidence that this is an eminent threat but certainly as putin becomes
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more desperate and realizes that he's not going to easily take over ukraine, i think unfortunately this may be one of his alternatives. ic right now he's trying to push the western world back, trying to warn nato to push back and stop giving weapons because he is in a situation where they've lost roughly 20,000 soldiers already. they lost multiple generals, russia has also-two warships and you're seeing them having to retreat from kyiv and so things are not going well for them. initially, many military experts say it'll be 7 days, we are wrapping up two months. i think we are doing what we can do, support ukraine, we need to continue doing that because certainly he's being weakens. arthel: what can you tell us to your point he's being weakened, he's kind of like the cat against the wall, with the back against the wall, what can you tell us about the extent and magnitude of the nuclear weapons, where is the intended
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target? >> congresswoman: we don't have that information. certainly, look, i think right now he is trying to warn the united states, warn nato, obviously it's classified information that our military and security experts are monitoring but what i will say it is time for the president of the united states to draw some red lines here. we have been saying for weeks now that we have to say that he cannot move forward with any type of nuclear weapon or chemical weapons or else there will be read lines in place that nato will respond to. nobody wants to enter world war iii and certainly nobody wants the united states in direct conflict but we need to at least make him concerned and worried that there will be a response should he proceed with nuclear-type weapons and so i think that is something that many members of congress have been asking the president to do for quite some time to deter
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putin because he needs to be stopped here in ukraine and he needs to be stopped now. and poses great threat to the western world if we allow him to continue the offense. arthel: meanwhile ukrainian president zelenskyy was with jake tapper that the world should be prepared to putin to use nukes, let's listen. >> when they begin to speak about one or another battles or involve enemies or nuclear weapons or some chemical, you know, issues, chemical weapons, they should do it, they could do it. we should not be afraid. i mean, not be afraid, be ready. arthel: be afraid, be ready. i mean, putin's threat to use nukes, isn't why he's being treated with kid gloves on a level. it's time to stop to your point you're saying that president biden needs to stand up more forcefully and draw the red line
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and mean it. and i'm not sure, do you think that's going to happen some time soon, what would that look like or sound like? >> well, you know, i think unfortunately everything that members of congress had urged the president to do he eventually does it but drags his feet. as you played clip from later mccarthy, had weapons been given, sanctions when we called them two months before the invasion, perhaps it would have deterred putin from this invasion and perhaps the situation would be much better than zelenskyy has said that and american officials have said that so we just continue to urge the president to show strength and be divisive. we cannot show that we are fearful of putin but instead we must work with nato to show the true strength of our nations and that we are not going to tolerate the threats to the western world. continue to provide zelenskyy with what he needs going forward. arthel: of course, excuse me,
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president biden has gotten, you know, applause, if you will, for working with nato and strengthening nato in that -- in that vein let me ask you this, finland and sweden will apply in june, do you expect consensus from 30 nato members to accept finland and sweden? congresswoman: i do. but this is the other reason why putin continues to make these threats. i think he's made the threats of chemical weapons in response to this request from finland and sweden and we think the invasion was -- began because of ukraine willing to be part of nato and nato has to show strength here. finland and sweden, obviously, they are concerned as nations that are in the part of nato that they could perhaps be invaded next if there's some success here by putin in ukraine
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and certainly we want to make sure we protect all of our allies and we work together to stop this threat at this time and that is why we continue to urge for -- for europe, the eu, to continue to -- we want them to ban oil and gas importations. we have to help them provide alternatives for their energy needs as well which is why we have asked president to ramp up production for our own national security and security of our allies so they can move forward with stopping the importations of oil that continue to fund the russian military and economy. these are the steps that we need to continue to take now not tomorrow, not next month, not next year. we should have been doing this already from the very beginning. arthel: what about saudi arabia? should the u.s. -- should president biden put pressure on them persuade them, however, or not, however is necessary to get them to release more oil into the system? congresswoman: well, that's
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certainly an alternative but the true alternative here is to ramp up united states domestic production. you know, the president put in place anti-energy policies on day one, he stopped the production of the keystone pipeline which could bring oil and gas from our neighbor canada, biggest trading partner. why -- why does he continue to look for individuals around the world including adversaries like venezuela, like iran even when we can produce our own domestic energy production right here in the united states? arthel: excellent point. and what do you think about local oil producers, are they on board to -- to help again add more oil into the system? congresswoman: well, what we do know there are thousands of applications that are sitting on the president's desk. he has stopped these new lease -- put a ban on new leases for oil production here in the united states. i think that that's where this -- this discussion should be with our own domestic producer
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to see what they need, how we can work together and how we can ramp up domestic production. the reality is the companies are not going to invest in production and expansion if they are seeing anti-energy policies coming from this administration. that is the reality and he needs to stop and retract some of the executive orders that he put in place that have hurt energy production in this country and desaided it. eric: we will have more on the war in ukraine in fox news channel. former cia official dan hoffman is here on how we can help take out putin's tanks, can we get the information to ukraine? first grisly discovery in eastern weekend, a mother found stuffed inside of duffle bag
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eric: tense night in grand rapids, michigan last night as protestors continue to have demonstrations over the deadly police-involved shooting there. >> you know his name, you know his name. you know all know his name. eric: as you can see hundreds of people marched last night demanding that police release the name of the officer who shot and killed a black man during a traffic stop earlier this month. some of those protestors showed up with weapons themselves but police say there were no arrests or any physical altercations. 26-year-old patrick originally from the congo was shot and killed almost two weeks ago there. police say he was pulled over because his license plate did not match his car's registration. police body cam shows layola trying to run away from the officer tackling him. the two struggled for several minute over the officer's taser it seems and striked revolver
9:48 am
striking layola in the head. they will not release officer's name unless criminal charges are filed. arthel. arthel: disturbing descriptions a murder mystery in new york city, the body of a 51-year-old mother found stuffed inside a duffled bag early yesterday. the blood-soaked bag was sitting on the popular walking pass and trail of blood leading to victim's home. nate foy. >> the investigation is in second day. nobody has been arrested for this, no one is in custody. this is how it started. a man walking his dog and found duffled bag with 51-year-old mother stuffed inside. police confirmed mother of a married mother of two teenage sons, neighbor says she lived in queens for roughly a decade. here is a neighbor.
9:49 am
>> yeah, just, the neighbor, yeah, we know each other. we've been over their house and they have been to our father. we were going to go to barmitza and canceled over covid. >> they found a trail of blood to do family's home. you see a map here. naturally that's leading to questions about who was ins the home. the new york post say son was questioned and the husband was in trip with older son. the husband is coming back to new york and concerned for family safety, something other neighbors in the area are also feeling. >> very unsettling, very unsettling. you don't usually have crime like that around here, not that i know of.
9:50 am
there are accidents but not that. >> new york city eric adams saying it is an issue but something that he will get under control. right now crime is up 44% from this time last year in new york city and i can share, arthel, the post reports, cameras along the route where gaals's body was found. arthel: hopefully they can get some answers, nate foy. eric: pope francis calling for peace in ukraine as millions around the world are marking easter, the holiest day in calendar. we will take you to the services up next.
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9:55 am
let us all commit ourselves to imploring peace from our balconies and in the streets. may the leaders of nations hear people's pleas for peace. eric: arthel. arthel: he has risen. happy easter, everyone. you may have noticed peter easter treats are more expensive this year as inflation hits 40-year high. >> sky-high prices have holiday shoppers hope to fill baskets. >> seems like some items have almost doubled and some are like half of a price more. inflation increased 8.5 more than a year ago, 40-year high. the administration acknowledges americans are hurting but passes blame to the pandemic and the war in ukraine. >> we all agree it's a huge
9:56 am
problem. it's the number 1 issue in polls. >> this year the easter egg roll is back but the price of eggs nothing to celebrate due to inflation and bird flu outbreak, they are up 11.2%. other passover and easter favorites are up as well. >> we talk about certain food categories like, for example, regulars, ham, dairy products, fish, salmon, these are up double digits. >> not sweet, candy, up 7.6%, toys up 2%. some analysts agree with the administration, it's only temporary. >> so supply chains are going to start getting fixed. all bodes well for lower inflation as we move into the latter part of the year. >> some republicans say the record inflation is from democratic policies. >> everything they do is counter to solving the problem in front of us. but if we act faster and more boldly, it wouldn't be all that -- >> the national retail
9:57 am
federation estimates americans will spend $170 in easter, food will be the biggest cost. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. eric: president trump zelenskyyy saying not being christian. straight ahead a live report from kentucky as fox news live continues with the coverage of the war on ukraine right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ live every moment. glucerna.
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♪far-xi-ga♪ eric: easter sunday coming 53 days into vladimir putin's horrific invasion of ukraine and the attacks by russian forces not letting up. russian troops turning sights to eastern part of the country, donbas amid desperate calls from the west to keep on pouring heavy artillery, tanks to the country to face vladimir putin's forces in the east. meanwhile in the destroyed city of mariupol, the russians gave about 2,000 ukrainian soldiers who were holding out in a steel mill there a mid-day deadline to surrender, the ukrainians no surprise remaining defiant after weeks of destructive bombardment. hello, everyone, thank you for joining us here on fox news live on this easter sunday. i'm eric sean. hi, arthel. arthel: hi, eric, i'm arthel neville. for those in ukraine this easter
10:02 am
is a terribly somber one, the gathering for mass and what's left of their neighborhoods on a day meant to celebrate rebirth and renewal in bucha the kyiv suburb where we saw war crimes, one resident describes the intense emotion on this day. >> i just prayed today to stop crying, i did not stop crying for a day. it is very difficult. we have survived the horrors and we are constantly crying. arthel: priests are doing what they can to try to comfort ukraine's faithful amid the widespread destruction as vladimir putin appears to now be putting his hopes on the new offensive in the east. griff jenkins live in ukraine's capital city of kyiv. griff: let's talk about mariupol, the situation in southern port city is dire, it
10:03 am
is believed that there are more than 20,000 civilians who have died there and as eric was mentioning it appears that it could be falling possibly soon into the hands of the russians which would give them quite a victory. their first real significant victory and it would also give them that land bridge to crimea. however, the ukrainian parliament member from the odesa area saying that ukrainian fighters will not give in to that russian midday surrender order. they will indeed fight until the last death. this as russia steps up in kyiv. and there were heavy strikes near ukraine's second largest city, arthel, as well in kharkiv in the east reportedly killing 5 and injuring 11.
10:04 am
it comes as russian forces are preparing for this new offensive in the east donbas region that many worry may be bloodier than anything that we have seen so far. meanwhile, in bucha the horrors continue to roll in. we traveled there yesterday. here is what we found. the stench of death is unbearable here in the church in bucha, you can see the mass grave being excavated and criminal war investigators are pulling body out of the war. the investigators here looking for evidence of war crimes. we spoke to a local priest who said that this community is devastated, that there are men, women and children, innocent civilians who were killed here. we saw a small bag come out, it meant a child was in it. just a snapshot of the horrors that occurred here. >> these matters are tragic regardless being easter day or
10:05 am
not. it's a tragedy for us and it's important that the whole world find out what the russians are doing here. that's not the only grave with signs of being tortured with tied hands with shots on the back of their heads. griff: and a difficult service that priest had to deliver in that church there today in bucha with a mass grave being processed for war crimes just outside of the windows, finally, arthel, in mariupol president zelenskyy also is saying in the last 24 hours that if, indeed, mariupol should fall, that would really throw wrench in any possible peace negotiations so it looks like we are for much, much more. arthel. arthel: griff, you're there on ukrainian soil. does this seem even more heart-wrenching on today easter sunday? griff: absolutely it does and, you know, all you have to do is talk to any ukrainian here and they will tell you that now
10:06 am
orthodox easter for many of the ukrainians here is next sunday. this is only palm sunday but obviously the easter message coming from the pope is ringing loud here. it's interesting to be here in the capital because we hear air raid sirens arthel and strikes being stepped up in the area and it's creating a false sense of security, i think, because as people are kind of getting back to normal lives they know they are still very much a target and the entire country at war. arthel: i have some friends who are celebrating orthodox easter, orthodox christians celebrating next sunday but this is a holy day for sure. griff jenkins, be safe, thank you. >> this is reality today. my family, my friends, my colleagues, they are fearful for their life. i want to advocate for music and for art and for schools but at
10:07 am
this point i have to advocate for weapons. eric: ukrainian activist maria. she was speaking with me on fox news live yesterday urging the u.s. and the west to keep sending heavy weapons to ukraine answering the pleas for help the biden administration has also now significantly expanded the intelligence it is providing to ukraine's forces along with the heavy artillery, armored personnel carriers and helicopters for what is expected to be the upcoming battle of donbas and some speculating that the u.s. gave information to kyiv to coordinate the attack that sunk russia's flagship warship in the back sea and we can also provide information to pinpoint putin's tanks so that the ukrainians can take them out but it's not clear if they are doing that yet, don hoffman,
10:08 am
former cia contributor joins us now. dan, it's called targeting information in the past we apparently were not giving ukrainians targeting information. that may have changed this week. why can't we tell the ukrainians exactly where every russian tank is, where the russian troops are so ukrainians can take them out? >> i see no reason why we shouldn't be doing that. i think the administration has drawn a distinction between providing that extremely important tactical intelligence so that ukraine -- [inaudible] eric: we are having trouble with dan's live shot as you can see right there. the targeting information apparently has not been given to the ukrainians but that may have changed this past week, john kirby the pentagon spokesman said the guidance was updated. we have dan back now. as i was saying, dan, john kirby said the guidance has been
10:09 am
updated. you think they are or will be giving ukraine the targeting information so we can up the ukrainian's, kill as many russians as possible? >> i think it's moral and ethical, imperative for the united states to provide that tactical intelligence. i can tell you from my own experience serving in war zones in the middle east and south asia it is critical for the war fighter to have that locational information and it's important to know where russians plan to attack so ukrainians can get off the x. the distinction, though, the administration has drawn they won't provide targets inside russian territory. that's the one point that -- that john kirby and the department of defense has emphasized which makes some sense. eric: they don't want to give migs, mig 29 but they will give helicopters. do you think the biden administration has been showing too much reluctance that they could be a bit bolder in trying
10:10 am
to defend ukraine? >> well, i think some of those pictures that we've been showing today and continuously over 50 plus days of the war make it so strikingly important for us to provide as much military equipment as we need. what the ukrainians want and, yes, the hu mpv's are important especially in donbas. they need more t-72 tanks, they need the migs and more s-300 air defense as well. eric: do you think they'll be getting them in time? >> i think that the congress is certainly pressing the biden administration and i think the question to be asking our intelligence community is, well, tell us about escalation and whether providing this sort of equipment would risk the sort of escalation that this administration seems to be arguably overly concerned about at least in my estimation.
10:11 am
you know, russia has been raining down hell on ukraine's civilian population now and they're in almost the third month of doing it and, you know, this administration -- if you're going to be putting your head to the pillow at night, are you doing enough for ukraine in all facets in this war. yes, we have done a lot and the administration provided billions of dollars worth of assistance but there's more we can be doing. eric: how about the migs in poland? should we provide what the ukrainians are asking for? >> gosh, i would think we would find a way to do that. that's another critical element of providing assistance they need. this is the next battle. ukraine has shown that they have been able to withstand russia's onslaught. first russia fail todayed to decapitate ukraine's government and forces to belarus and russia
10:12 am
to resupply them and refit them and now we are at the fourth phase of the war which could be arguably the most bloody and disastrous in terms of humanitarian catastrophe and only getting worse day by day. it won't be of any use in a week or two, the russians would have inflicted the onslaught in ukraine and won the war. eric: you can give them helicopters that go straight up, you're not going to give them war plane that is go attack the russians. finally, dan, this is easter and let me read what president zelenskyy said, i do not understand, religious representatives are empowering soldiers to kill ukrainians, i cannot understand how our christian country, largest orthodox community in the world will be killing people on these very days. this is not christian behavior at all as i understand it. on easter they will kill and they will be killed.
10:13 am
any thoughts and your thoughts on this powerful statement by president zelenskyy? >> yeah. particularly today on easter sunday, look, i spent years tracking russia and vladimir putin in particular and if there's one thing that i learned it's never underestimate the will and the capacity of russia, of the kremlin to inflict massive casualties on innocent civilians to destroy the environment, all to suit the narrow ends of af a corrupt reg, whether it was the soviet union or vladimir putin's russia and that's what we are seeing and we are seeing vladimir putin use own church, the orthodox church as tool to influence russians, russians assessment and -- and support for the war, contrary to the teachings of
10:14 am
christianity. eric: don hoffman, good to see you, dan, arthel. arthel: north korea says it has test fired a new tactical guided weapon system which it claims will boost its nuclear capabilities. state-run media releasing new pictures of kim jong un overseeing the test yesterday. alexandria hoff in washington with more. alexandria. >> the first since 2017 and now the test reported to have taken place this weekend demonstrate a new type of tactical guided weapon system according to statewide media. south korea's military said that on saturday it detected two launches from north korea's east
10:15 am
coast toward the east. they traveled 70 miles reaching 15 miles the mock speed of 4. they are operating in the sea of japan off the korean coast they are doing so for the first time in 5 years according to the navy. the seventh fleet notes that this is a bilateral commerce in partnership with japan and a sign of reassurance to allies. now while north korea attempts to flex its military muscle, friday celebration was without an expected military parade but kim jong un did appear publicly to honor his grandfather's birthday, the nation's founding leader and, arthel, special events and anniversaries often coincide with weapon testing, north korea has conducted 13 rounds of launches so far this year. send it back to you. >> all right, alexandria, we will take up back, thank you. eric. eric: back here at home the biden's decision to end title 42 at the southern border next month is ending concern that is
10:16 am
the migrant crisis will get worse. officials in border towns like mcallen, texas, they are warning that migrants will overwhelm local resources when the pandemic restrictions are lefted and it comes as new numbers from march that the migrant crossings at the border are the highest since bill clinton was in office. senior correspondent casey steigel. >> you see border patrol vehicles pulling up right here behind me. this is a dusty road that runs up along the rio grande river and we see them going back and forth picking up various groups of people. every now and then we see a charter bus that will go but it's going down on private land. so we can't reach it but this is where they come to be processed. and i have to say as we are doing here covering the story over and over we meet new people from the community who have big concerns about what is going on
10:17 am
right here in their backyards and a little further down the river here in eagle pass, there's a fifth -- 500-acre pecan farm and just so happens to begin where the border wall ends. the owner tells us that the last six months have been insanity on his property. migrants crossing the refer and being apprehended at all hours of day and night and border patrol agents traverse his land and he says it has gotten old very quickly. >> we might see, 3, 4, 500 people maybe. we see plenty of bus loads, border patrol comes in buses and they bus them out in our property and in some cases you'll see a small 20, 30 people and that's about it for today. it just depends. reporter: meantime here at the u.s. border patrol station in eagle pass activity 24/7, 365, buses full of migrants coming in
10:18 am
and out. 3 large white tents have been added to expand that facility's capacity and although we have been reporting those record march apprehension or encounter numbers they now call them with more than 221,000 in the month of march alone. that's cbp has not officially released the numbers to the public. in other words, if there wasn't a lawsuit in place and those records were filed with the courts we still wouldn't even have march numbers. back to you. eric: all right, casey, back to you. arthel: cdc extending the mask mandate on planes and public transit sparking confusion as cities and states ease or end their indoor mask mandate. what's behind the back and forth we will ask dr. marty makary.
10:19 am
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at xfinity, we live and work in the same neighborhood as you. we're always working to keep you connected to what you love. and now, we're working to bring you the next generation of wifi. it's ultra-fast. faster than a gig. supersonic wifi. only from xfinity. it can power hundreds of devices with three times the bandwidth. so your growing wifi needs will be met. supersonic wifi only from us... xfinity. ♪ ♪ >> causing an increase in cases, we are going to watch that carefully, see if it translates into severe disease. at this point it's much more about paying close attention and seeing what happens and that's what we are doing right now. arthel: new white house covid response coordinator on fox news
10:23 am
sunday just days after the cdc extended the federal mask mandate on public transportation until may third. it was set to expire tomorrow but that decision may not be in line with what the public wants. kaiser foundation poll shows most people want the mask mandate on public transportation to end. it's split, though, really give or take a few percentage points. let's bring in now john hopkins professor and fox news contribute o dr. marty makary, okay, dr. marty makary, did the cdc make the right call, is it a good idea to extend the travel mask mandate? doctor: no, i don't think so. high-quality mask can be effective for those that are concerned. at this point 95% of the u.s. population over age 12 has circulating antibodies. for those who have no immunity and have chosen not to get immunity, they live life at their own individual risk. as public health establishment t
10:24 am
you can only cry wolf so many times and the public is not going to tolerate a law in place simply just in case things get worse and if we use the current criteria we are going to be wearing masks in perpetuity because they circulate every viral season. arthel: tell us how it works this current omicron and the sub variants, how do they operate and who do they attack? doctor: it's ubiquitous and inevitable virus. we are seeing increase in cases but not hospitalizations and because it is so contagious basically everybody is going to get one of the omicron variants. ba1 or ba2, for those who didn't get ba1, they are getting infected with ba2 but as cases have gone up we have not seen increase in hospitalizations for covid. only hospitalizations with incidental. hospitals are virtually empty of
10:25 am
covid-ill patients. arthel: if you're fully vaccinated plus double boosted, you had four shots by now can you still contract omicron and before you answer also tell us the good news the hospitalizations are down but what about the long-haul effects of covid? should we be concerned about that as well? doctor: the long-haul symptoms are going down because long-haul covid is directly correlated with a degree of severity of the illness and the length of the illness. as we are seeing cases become more mild and downgrade in severity given population immunity, we are seeing long covid become less covid. and over influenza and dengue and as you're seeing infection downgrade you are seeing far less of it. arthel: and then what about those people who have had the four shots and what about the unvaccinated, those who have had covid, how are they protected? doctor: vaccinated imhoustonty appears to be transient in its
10:26 am
ability to protect the infection. that's the good news and two doses that is the primary vaccine series and people under age 65 is very effective in preventing very severe illness even long term but you will still get omicron. arthel: even if you had four of those things? >> you're protected a few months after the first dose but the protection against getting the infection goes down the drain after a few months. arthel: let me take a look -- i will keep my thoughts to myself on that one. let me go here dr. makary and say let everybody see the 7-day average of covid cases now compared to a year ago, so april of 16th, you had 70,000 cases, do you think americans need to be patient for a while longer
10:27 am
and if so how long and tolerance for flexibility? you said that you feel that the government and those in charge of being able to make rules and change the rules shouldn't keep changing them but as this thing fluctuate or is the severity of this virus and if it's not this one, it's something else, should we be flexible to know that we would have to put the mask back on at some point, i don't know. >> well, i think we should always be prepared to put high-quality masks back on during an epidemic of any viral pathogen. we just don't have those thresholds being met right now by the current case counts and even though the cases are much higher than those being reported we are still not seeing the ultimate metric that is the hospitalizations for covid go up. so they are going to be respiratory pathogens every season, are we going to live with it or retrack back. if you look at the harshest restrictions they are on kids who have the weakest voice in this entire discussion, cloth
10:28 am
masks on toddlers, for example, has no evidence to support it but now evidence against it and you're seeing the search for covid zero policies even though that's an inevitable virus. arthel: you did say there should be a time where we wear the kn95 masks, the high-quality masks, right? doctor: we should always be prepared. we could have a strain of highly influenza virus. my concern is you can only cry wolf so many times and public health officials asking people to do things right now that are not necessary destroy the credibility of that recommendation. arthel: well, that's all the time we have today dr. marty makary and i noticed your easter outfit, you're looking pretty dapper today. >> happy easter. arthel: nice to see you. we will be right back.
10:29 am
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10:32 am
arthel: millions of christians here and around the world
10:33 am
celebrating the holiest day on the calendar. many of them attending mass for the first time in 3 years amid the pandemic. at the vatican pope francis held an outdoor easter mass at st. peter's square for special prayer for peace in ukraine. elsewhere worshipers gathered in jerusalem and windsor castle in the uk and here in new york city in st. patrick's cathedral. charles watson on today's celebration, happy easter, charles. charles: happy easter, arthel. the pope is carrying around a heavy heart so to speak on what is most considered joyous day of christianity. pope francis made anguish to tens of thousands of faithful in peter's square and the pontiff called to quote, unquote endless war in ukraine and other parts of the world that are facing raging conflicts and he did not mention russian president vladimir putin but denounced what he called the flexing of
10:34 am
muscles while people were suffering. >> eyes too are in this easter of war. so many of our brothers and sisters have blocked themselves away in order to be safe from bombing. >> christians? gather in jerusalem. he's seen kissing what's believed to be the tomb of jesus christ as dozen of faithful gather to commemorate the father and continue long-standing tradition of easter at windsor castle and the duke and duchess prince george and princess charlotte seen entering cathedral for sunday service and notably absent queen elizabeth,
10:35 am
the 96-year-old monarch would not attend this year. hundreds of parishioners flocked to eastern mass lead by timothy dolan and darkness into the risen life and so, arthel, from the messages from cordal dolan to pope francis. arthel: absolutely. charles watson, thank you very much. tonight fox news has easter special, the mothers and daughters of the bible speak hosted by shannon bream at 10:0n fox news channel. eric: we will be looking forward to that. the fbi is expected to soon start a new dig for jimmy hoffa. you saw claims here at fox news as riddle the search for jimmy
10:36 am
hoffa. up next the son who says his father told him where hoffa is buried and what that means for the ongoing investigation.
10:37 am
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10:40 am
arthel: autistic teen ran away home. they found connor jack shivering in the parking lot of convenient store. christina coleman following the new development in los angeles, kristina. christina: children with autism elope or triggered by something and take off and run away. it's a very big worry for many parents and even when the child or teenager is found it's not always for the easy for them to communicate where they came from or what they need. take a listen and caring and compassionate when they found the teenager shivering in the cold.
10:41 am
>> you want to some sit in this car and warm up for a minute? christina: connor jack went missing when he was 16 year's old from clear lake california. his mother saying she was making quesadillas and he took off and worked with organizations for nearly 3 years to try to find him. they had not heard or seen him for that entire time. take a listen to his parents the moment they realized their son was found. >> is it him? >> a little bit older, yeah. talking law enforcement family members. they will be reunited with this 3 years when he was 16. he's now 19. christina: it's unclear where connor jack has been. a concerned citizen reported seeing a person sleeping in the cold on april 9th outside of gas station, deputies picked him up
10:42 am
though it was difficult to make out who he was. deputies found connor jack oswalt. >> i'm dumb struck by the whole situation. >> we are grateful that he's safe, and alive and we have our son back. that's the most important thing ever for us. christina: so connor jack is safe and sound. heart warming story by the community pulling together to help a teenager with autism this april which is also autism awareness month. arthel: thank you, christina coleman, great story. i'm glad they are back together. eric: hoffa is not the head of international of teamsters, he's retired after 23 years as
10:43 am
teamsters president, mr. hoffa upon retirement said, quote, serving our 1.4 million members in north america has fulfilling beyond what i could have dreamed when my fellow brothers and sisters first elected me in 1998. i am forever grateful for given the opportunity to follow in my father's footsteps in teamsters president's. riddle, the search for james hoffa and we are continuing of what happened to hoff after he vanished in detroit and our probe led us to this spot in new jersey city, new jersey, word is claimed hoffa was buried after he was murdered by the mob. >> frank said he is father boaried jimmy hoffa in a metal barrel in sky way in new jersey
10:44 am
city, new jersey, that confined metal buried under ground. we discovered metal that could corroborate frank's story. the fbi is now investigating. so you're saying your father buried jimmy hoffa. >> my father later, later in years said he couldn't fit in, feet first. head first. eric: in 2019 fox nation conducted the ground penetrating survey and we found large pieces of buried metal and half moon shapes just like barrels. is that metal? >> yeah. >> we found several ground-shaped metal objects buried here some on top of each other which fits frank's story exactly and this is another spot, that's the round of what could be a barrel. this could be -- this would be
10:45 am
the spot. so that was frank's claim, the other owner was mobster phil moscatto and they are outside. phil's son, phil moscatto, jr. you are convinced that jimmy hoffa is buried in new jersey, tell me why. >> after years of looking at the situation and following everything that we looked at and the story line behind the whole thing and coming, my father was definitely involved in one way or the other and jersey hit and they wanted him back here. they made the statement. the beef and they wanted him back here. everybody knew, you know, you kind of get involved with
10:46 am
something and you kind of go behind them, this is what happens. eric: you're talking about capo in the crime family top teamster union official. he and hoffa hated each other and tony wanted him on the ground in new jersey. now your father told you you say where hoffa is buried. have you revealed that or any journalists, have you told authorities exactly where you think hoffa is buried? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. it's been six years now that i've actually started thinking about it. my dad has gone 8 years now and over the past 6 years, tracing back the story line of the whole thing and how my father could have been involved if he was involved and come to the conclusion that definitely what i'm being told kind of makes sense and maybe objective as
10:47 am
everybody knows is to find him for his family. i didn't want to be the main person saying i know where jimmy hoffa is buried and first reaction, is you're out of your mind. how many times have we seen this over the years and what not and that's why i've been so cautious and, you know, not carefree where and what it may be. eric: it's been a process for you and you want credibility. i mean, this has been a long process. i've been investigating it for -- more than 20 years. we started our first show riddle the search for james r hoffa, you saw that and contacted me on facebook and then we did the second show which is about you, episode number 2 and then we've reported on it on fox news on the fox news channel. i was doing a segment with washington author dan who teamed up with us for fox nation exclusive and watching that segment was the fox viewer paul,
10:48 am
jr., frank's brother the son of paul, senior who says his father buried hoffa. paul is watching, he watches fox news and he gets in touch with dan, dan talks to frank, i talked to frank. i do an interview with frank apala and that's our exclusive, fox nation exclusive that we put on fox nation. and then we take a ground penetrating radar and find metal that is could be barrels or old barrels or empty barrels, we don't know. the point is, building block process, jimmy hoffa is over there, absolutely. has that been the case for you? >> yeah, i've been careful from day one. it's crazy as it does sound, imagine coming out and saying that, there would be no merit to
10:49 am
it. when you and i first spoke, we spoke for several hours and what i came up with and that hooked you up real quick with me and you believed my story, it talks for itself, you know, the relationship between my dad and tony and all the other gentlemen involved. it's kind of that simple. now, do i know the location from what i understand i do. again, the main objective here is to get them found for his family and that's what it's been about since day one. there's a way to do things and a way not to do things. again, i don't know if -- if the whole story is true about what dan was being told and what not but it just -- it's all about -- i don't know. i don't even know how to say it. it's more about just being careful with your words and the story leads up to what you're doing and that's all i've been
10:50 am
trying to do. eric: bottom line, you want him found and you think he will finally be found. you want this solved? >> let me tell you real quick, if what they say is true and he is there and it's over and done with, i'm fine. let's move on, god bless the hoffa family and they deserve this more than anybody else and that's what this is all about. i want to get it done for them and if anything that we can get it done to help the situation it's what i've been here for since day one but doing it in a responsible way. eric: it's been a long time coming and we do anticipate a potential fbi dig now that the ground is thousand dollar and hopefully we will get some answers in the coming months. phil moscato, jr. you can watch phil and all of our 5 episodes of riddle streaming on fox nation. we will be right back.
10:51 am
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arthel: 14-year-old girl from massachusetts being praised for her bravery after she cased a burglar, amy was home for spring break when she heard noises and went downstairs and faced face to face with the burglar. her mom described what happened. >> grabbed two kitchen steak knives and started screaming at him and she got him in his truck and license plate. arthel: thanks to avery's quick thinking, police tracked down
10:56 am
joseph ridge, career criminal with rap sheet dating back with 1980, charged with aggravated breaking and entering, trespassing and disorderly conduct. eric: how about that? two pandas getting a sweet treat to celebrate big milestone at the national zoo in washington, d.c. they are marking 50 years of care, can you believe that? they've been studying pandas and these two have been there for half a century here under agreement with the chinese government. but to celebrate giant panda mom and cub got to enjoy a cake made from frozen fruit juice, sweet potatoes, sugar cane and pappeddas first arrived in 1972 after first lady patricia nixon mentioned pondas for the animals and over time a bridge between us and china and, man, are they amazing. arthel: so cute. happy easter.
10:57 am
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about two years ago i realized that jade was overweight. i wish i would have introduced the fresh food a lot sooner. after farmer's dog she's a much healthier weight. she's a lot more active.
11:00 am
and she's able to join us on our adventures. get started at the president struggles to reboot agenda against the backdrop of midterms and war in ukraine. inflation hits a four year high in the president's poll numbers sank as consumers face higher prices for gas, groceries and travel. the white house lightning russia for the surge. >> invasion in ukraine has driven up gas prices, food prices all over the world. mike: lawmakers travel to europe pressing the white house to do more for ukraine as


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