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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  April 17, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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that is it for today. the latest for the war in ukraine keep it to the fox news nation and the fox news channel. from all of us have a happy easter and a great week. we will see you back here next fox news sunday. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> good sunday morning and happy easter. welcome to "sunday morning futures." i am here for maria. it does not stop with president biden as a white house shift blame on numerous problems facing the country. inflation is rising at the fastest pace in 40 years resulting in skyhigh prices on everyday items. cities across the nation with fears that it will grow worse this summer. drug overdoses up dramatically due to the influx
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drug overdoses up dramatically due to the influx of fentanyl at our southern border. the humanitarian crisis goes on where the white house sets to end title 40 next month. russia is intent on remaking eastern europe as china faces on the global stage. democrats will have to answer for the president's policies. coming up, virginia congressman rob whitman on the growing concern on main street of biden's economic agenda leading to a recession. the brutal inflation of ukraine continues on its 53rd day. darrell isa is here on the impact u.s. sanctions are having on moscow and what more can be done. texas governor greg abbott response to president biden handling of the southern border buys sending buses of migrants to the capital.
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the dea urgent warning of fentanyl related mass overdose deaths across the country amid the border crisis. plus, the federal investigation into hunter biden continues as the washington post and new york times finally confirm the authenticityun of hunters laptop 18 months after the new york post first reported on it. congressman andy biggs is here on whether hunter biden's business dealings will ultimately lead to the president. we will also have breaking news on the john durham investigation as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures." ♪♪ hitting a new 40 year high in march at 8.5%. here is maria with the impact
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long-term. >> you are talking about the highest inflation. it is the thing that we need the most. food, energy, shelter.. a result of inflation. people are deciding, they have to make decisions on what to spend their money on because everything is so expensive. you will see this inflation, disposable income and people will have to prioritize food and energy. >> president biden's reflecting any responsibility for the spikr of inflation and said blaming vladimir putin's invasion of ukraine. despite prices rising well before this. democratic senator joe mansion saying "when will they send". instead of acting boldly, our leaders they continue to respond
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with half measure and rhetorical failure searching for where to lay the blame. let's bring in rob whitman. serving with united statesh congress. thank you for joining us on "sunday morning futures". the president, he seems to be putting blame out there, but every day americans when they go to fill up their tank of gas, when they go to the grocery store, it is painful out there. >> it is. we see the impact that it is having. when i talk to folks across the commonwealth of virginia, they are hurting. the average family budget is affected 5% annually. this is not related to the russian invasion of ukraine. looking at the consumer price index increase from february last year, february of this year, it is 10%. a phenomenon brought on by the biden administration.
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>> there are someim real impact. look at everything from the energy sector to food, there is not a place in the economy, and there is no end in sight, i guess one of the concerns is what is the plan to deal with it? joe biden when he first ran with it was supposed to be the man with the plan. h i don't know if americans know what the plan is here other than wanting to raise taxes and spend more money. that does not solve the problem, it exacerbates the problem. >> it does. we have seen this massive amount of spending the biden administration has put in place. walking away from american energy independence. ethat has led to the increase. every policy they are put in place has exacerbated the economic condition. i would argue continue to make economic conditions worse. many say we are on track not just for inflation but to be facing in inflation and the next
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12 months. >> you know, you have a deep concern on the impact of the defense sector. you have a lot of virginians that served in our military. what is the impact on the department of defense? >> a significant impact. general millie told ascetic hearing several weeks ago that e biden administration is factoring in is much much higher. it is eroding the power of the military to do the things we need to do to encounter the likes of china and russia in the things we need to do in the future because the biden administration's budget is based on an extraordinarily low inflation. in every turn it is affecting what is happening with theut military today, but also what will be affecting the military and the future. >> i think the budget was
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anticipating a 2.2% rate of inflation. the department of defense and other sectors are having to deal with this. real families and companies these people are employed with have to deal with this. even kristen cinema has said we will not do what joe biden s suggests and trying to raise taxes. raising taxes. this is not necessarily the time to do it. >> i agree. it is an incredibly bad policy at this time. especially increasing taxes on those small businessmen and women. those individuals are the ones that make the investments. when you tax the dollars that they have and you take that away from them, that means that they will noty' invest those dollars. they will not grow those businesses or they will not have those dollars to deal with inflation. the policy that put in place the tax in place of the economic crisis we are facing is just
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unbelievable. >> you mentioned earlier the threat, the worried that this will lead to a recession. what are those key indicators? what are the things that the administration in your opinion should be doing to counter this and makebe sure that the recessn does not actually kick in. it is painful right now, but it can get a whole lot worse. >> the things that i i am seeins and talking to folks across the commonwealth is a slowdown in economic activity. people are having problems getting the materials that they need in their businesses, supply chain issues are affecting that. you are seeing the early signs of that slow down. not only are people able to purchase less because of the erosion of their spending power with inflation, you are also seeing a slowdown in the economy that economists are saying is coming to us that will be incredibly impactful in the months to come. >> with that graphic that was
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just up there, the real wages decreasing at the rate of inflation decreasing. the labor participation rate is still not at the type of number we need it to be. people are taking some gains in real estate. they are not going back into the workforce. health and human resources and others are extending benefits encouraging people, essentially, to not get back into the workforce. >> i agree. the economic policies of the biden administration continue to exacerbate the economic condition. increasing inflation or the potential for recession. these policies are going in the wrong direction. we need to reduce spending. we need to make sure we are not increasing additional burdens by them by more taxes. we need to make sure we are doing the right things for this nation's business and we want to make sure that we have energy
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policy that actually puts united states and in energy dependent, situation not be dependent on other nations for our energy. >> if you cannot feel the future you are not going to be able to tackle this. real quickly, congressman, i want tot get your take on the southern illegal immigration, the records are just being smashed on almost a daily basis, almost daily basis. it does not seem to prioritize safety and security at the border. >> it does not. grossly irresponsible. there is a crisis at the border. tens of thousands of people coming across every day. overwhelming communities. i especially in border states. now in states outside the border states. we see this impact the united states as a whole. in impacts communities. the things they have to provide to folks coming here. we also see the flow of that no coming across the border.
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we see the humanitarian crisis of people coming to the unitednc states across mexico. this is indeed a crisis. why this administration would pursue these policies to put this nation into a homeland security crisis, a humanitarian crisis isru just beyond me. people across the spectrum see that. people do not likepe what is happening at the border. >> it is basically an open border. supposedly kamala harris is in charge of it. barely a mention about what she is doing. for joe biden to have never visited the southern border in 50 years or so in political office is just absolutely stunning. virginia congressman rob whitman, thank you for joining us.. have a wonderful easter. >> thank you. you and your family have a blessed >> thank you. day 53 of russia's brittle
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invasion. thel house foreign committee darrell isa joins us with the kremlin's warning. there could be "unpredictable consequences if they keep sending weapons'l to ukraine. we will be right back ose who trt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. when you really commit to a garden and nurture it, your energy goes into the fruits and the vegetables that you're growing. find more ways to grow at ♪ ♪ introducing the all-electric chevy silverado rst. the only ev truck that combines: 4-wheel steer a multi-flex midgate
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people. >> that is house minority leader kevin mccarthy on his recent trip to warsaw poland where he witnessed firsthand the continuing refugee crisis in eastern europe. the united nations says more than 4.8 million refugees have fled ukraine with 2.7 million arriving in poland. today marks day 53 of russia's brutal invasion as a ukrainian resistance continues to holdem strong. my next guest is a member of the house foreign affairs committee congressman darrell isa. also the chairman of theis oversight congressman, chairman, thank you so much for joining us. you have always had a keen interest in intellect and foreign policy. what is your read of where we are right now today with ukraine and russia and what is happening. >> i think the situation we have
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right now and leader mccarthy gave it very well, yes, there is one out of every 10 ukrainians that is externally disrupted. four out of 10 are internally disrupted meaning that for all practical purposes, half of ukrainians are not in their homes cannot be in their homes in our somewhere else tried to describe. that is a disruption of an economy and of a people has not been seen since world war ii. fifty some days into this, putin is now actually the person on hthe ropes. he has shown himself to be a war criminal. he has shown himself willing to do very desperate things and yet it still is not working and what i am finding with people who have relations in russia is thes word is getting out that russia is losing this war. that really, really is starting to resignation. heup until now he has been the
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leader that has been returning russia to its glory. that is no longer the case and it is getting out to the russian people. >> the resistance of the ukrainian people and the fortitude and the outright fight that they have is inspirational by everyry measure that we can see. vladimir putin is not used to losing. he iss giving some nuclear threats. what sort of worry do you think there is for the world about using chemical weapons, which there are some reports unconfirmed and also a nuclear threat from russia. >> chemical weapons, i think we have to remember he has supported those in the past that use chemical weapons. he has used phosphorus. this agent that will burn your skin even s underwater. he has at least put his toe into the water of using the kinds of weapons that normally are banned from modern warfare. at the same time, his method of
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fighting, his targeting of train stations with just women and children and the like is just as bad as what we are afraid he may do. jason, i think the important thing is we have fought the cold war for nearly a century. in that time, for most of that time, russia and china have nuclear weapons. did not change a fact that we put a line in the sand that we held to it. the idea that because a nuclear weapon exists, somehow he can have impunity to murder people has to be set aside. it was set aside during the cold war, we need to set it aside. defensive and resistance. that has to change. we have to give the ability of the ukrainian people to flip that around and do some offense within their own country. takeback some areas. push back the russians. you cannot let the russians
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basically fight and then go back and recharge and then come again. you have to at least turn that. they need to do more of that and we need to help them have those tools also. >> well, congressman, stay with us. after this short break we will examine the role china is playing and russians invasion of ukraine. a group of six u.s. lawmakers traveled to taiwan to show support. leading the ccp to stage military exercises. that is next with congressman darrell isa. stay with us. in store or online.
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a silent partner in putin's aggression teaching things china is our greatest challenge. the most profound test that cia has ever faced. the people's republic of china
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is a formidable competitor. lacking in neither ambition or capability. >> welcome back. cia director william burns on the growing relationship between china and russia amid the kremlin's brutal invasion of ukraine. china foreign ministry spokesperson responding friday saying for tooin long the u.s. s been whipping up the china threat theory and throwing dirty water in china. lies remain lies no matter how many times they remain repeated. let's bring back darrell isa. congressman, what is your take their. the words from the cia director, as strong as they could possibly be.. >> exactly. who do you believe? both of whom say things like that that lack any credibility. or do you believe the direct concern? it is not a new one. what an existential threat was
12:25 pm
during the trump administration, jim mattis made it very clear there was only one existential threat and it was china. i think that that is the important point. russia has an economy -- we used to think they are the second best military in the world. they are not, a little bit of a paper tiger in many ways. we have high-tech new items including weapons. they represent the kind of competitor that we will have to stay up with for the rest of your and my life. >> i want to transition here. they are some of us concerned about themi compromise that joe biden may be in and that hunter biden allegedly has taken money from both china and russia along the way. where do you see this hunter
12:26 pm
biden investigation going from your perspective? >> followed all the way back to the big guy. we will need a special prosecutor. in the meantime, we are investigating it, we have the laptop in the laptop is a treasure trove of obviousness. direct communication and his son, t a good dive into just how sick and vulnerable hunter biden was. some of the things that he did. i don't want to be unfair to him. anyone that takes pictures of their drugs -- and has it in their laptop is a person that has serious problems. he had this while he was flying on air force to. including both eastern and europe including the mayor's
12:27 pm
moscow's wife and including china. all of this at a time in which he i was so vulnerable because f his drug abuse that he is exactly the kind of person that you recruit if you are one of the agencies in china or russia. >> the laptop is voluminous in terms of data and information in his own writing in real time. the investigators need to be looking at the flow of money very quickly i only have a little bit of time left. may 16 is the trial date for michael sussman which the investigation has gone on for a long time. what do you see as the latest they are? >> the problem is we will now no more. we are starting to get to a point where even the democrats are able to look and say it happened, but it is no big
12:28 pm
thing. five and six years ago. that is probably the biggest challenge we have. we have done a lot of investigations together. you have to do them in real time it becomes an excuse for -- it is a big deal to undermine an election and undermine a president. it is showing that that was done and you and i and the rest of america, we have to work together to make sure it cannot happen again. right now it can happen again. >> that is the concern. the problems within the department of justice, they hav. not been fixed and that is a big concern. darrell isa, thank you for joining us this morning on "sunday morning futures." appreciate it. >> happy sunday, my friend. >> the cdc expending the mask mandate for another few weeks. despite announcing 42 at the
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♪ martha: congressman >> where are we on the cdc expending the mask mandate, but at the same time taking away title 42 at the
12:33 pm
border. i don't understand. >> this is liberal hypocrisy. continuing the mask mandate on the airplanes, but as you point out they are coming across unvaccinated, untested and then we do away with title 42. you can expect a higher influx of immigrants as a result of doing away with title 42. that needs to be extended. >> that was congressman buddy carter with maria on foxbusiness xtlast week on the cdc's decisin ato extend the mask mandate unl at least may 3. this despite the cdc announcing on april 1 that it would and the pandemic restrictions on may 23. in a statement on thursday arizona democratic senator said of the move "administration extension of public health emergency authorities proves they need to delay lifting title
12:34 pm
42 to protect the health. let's bring in beth van dyne of texas. she sits on the transportation and infrastructure committee. thank you for joining us on "sunday morning futures". i cannot make heads or tails of what this administration is doing. they seem to put migrants ahead of u.s. citizens and make it easier for them and less restrictive in the face of what we are doing and for people to go on airplanes, the cleanest air on the planet and you still have to wear a mask. >> well, you just said it exactly right. this makes no sense. let me know if that works for you. we are dhe doing the exact oppoe of what we should be doing. this is all about control. this is not about protecting people.
12:35 pm
control law-abiding americans and yet open our border. do not come to me unless you can sit here and figure out the solutions.ol the solutions are fairly obvious.ic they had the solution. they had to remain in mexico policy. you want to make sure that the country that borders on our south where the majority of people coming over illegally where you are seeing illegal drugs. weapons coming over at our southern border. we have the remainder mexico policies. mike pompeo spent so much time negotiating with mexico to makei sure that not only did we tell them that it was necessary, butw we left very little choice. exploding the first few months in office. we see what they have done with immigration and customs enforcement. able to actually deport criminal
12:36 pm
illegal aliens. now we are seeing one of the fewest left over of tools to be able to control the border. they are explaining that as well at the same time they are exploiting title 42 a which allows us to control who is coming in at the border they are controlling more americans. they have wanted to be able to get the vaccine and people coming over the border who wew know have not had the vaccine, leading in a not even checking. it is hypocrisy at its worst, incompetence at its best. >> the numbers of people coming across the border are absolutely stunning. record after record continuing to get smashed. one of the things as we look at the economy and inflation, literally going to be millions, millions of people coming to this country illegally. where are they living?
12:37 pm
we have a crisis with our housing. we have inflation in food and we have millions more consuming those types of products as well. >> that is a great question. where are they going to live?ve coming in over the border. we have our own government putting them on buses and planes which makes every city every state a border state, a border city. in texas we are seeing a huge influx of illegal immigrants. illegal drugs and illegal weapons. quite honestly, they are sick of it. which is why think you see some of the desperate measures that our governor is making to put them on buses and send them to washington, d.c. the biden administration finds himself too busy. maybe they need to see what it's like in d.c., areas all around texas. >> let's listen to governor abbott here as he talks about
12:38 pm
what he is doing. putting a small, small number on buses and dropping them off in washington, d.c. >> the biden administration and a lot of leaders in congress have no idea about the chaos they have caused by their open border policies. they refuse to come down and see firsthand and talk to the people who are really most adversely affected. if they are not going to come to the border, i will take the border to them in washington, d.c. >> these are all migrants that are free to travel. it is nice the state of texas is helping them get to their final destination as they await the outcome of their immigration proceedings. >> that is just absolutely amazing. free to roam the country wherever they want to go. >> it will be interesting to see what they do as a response to o this at the capital. it seems like a lot of folks like to take their little homes in their offices where they are
12:39 pm
protected. i guarantee you if we see a mass immigration of illegal aliens you will see those walls go back up around our capital to protect the politicians, but while we are leaving a wall down on our southern border and ignoring the effects it is having on the rest of our country. it is criminal, it needs to stop. we know the tools in place before this administration came in that were working.e it is far too late to put those back into place. we need to do that as soon as possible. you mentioned how many people were coming over the border illegally. we could have populated at least three of our states with the number of people that come over the last year and three months. think about how many people that is here illegally. we have no way of monitoring and we have no idea who they are. almost 900 people from questionable countries that want to do us harm. we already believe they have come over this year alone. think about that.
12:40 pm
>> it is stunning, it is scary. these are human beings. we need to treat them with compassion. let's also understand this is human trafficking, drug trafficking. these are just the numbers that we looked at, the people that we actually caught up with. there are how many others that flow through these open borders unimpeded and you are border patrol that wants to do something about it but has handcuffs on themselves. talk about the toll that this is taking. >> there is a human toll on people coming over. we have over one third of the women and children coming over that have been right, sexually assaulted, who are facing having to work in this country to pay off the debt of the folks that i brought them here illegally. think of how many people, how many thousands of people thath have died on the path here. i have been down at the border.
12:41 pm
this huge influx. you are absolutely right. they do not have the resources that they need. you have members on the democrat side who are making them out as demons and making them out as the bad guy and continue to cut it out from under them. it is negatively affecting the country. r it is empowering and enriching drug smugglers, sex traffickers, drug traffickers and this is all planned. they knew that this would happen. they were warned that this would happen and they did it anyway. >> the number of children coming across that we do not track that are not verified will be one of the great long-term horror stories that come across. o a lot of the people, the majority of the people coming across are not families. they are single young males.
12:42 pm
where this country thanks they will be housed and fed and given jobs and everything else, they cannot even handle it with customs and border control, what do you think will happen within our communities? where do these people go, live and work? >> you will see how much the homeless population increase. people having to take government entitlement programs. you will have states like new mexico that are taking programs like our cares act dollars and putting them into free programs for illegal aliens while ignoring folks like veterans who have really worked for a. the country cannot afford it. what we have seen in the last 15 months under this administration's outrageous spending. really no clue how we will beay able to pay back those dollars. it is enriching drug smugglers, enriching cartel, enriching drug members at american people. >> i think youod make a very, vy
12:43 pm
good point. we h are treating people who coe here illegally better than people that are trying to come here legallyly and lawfully and probably more importantly better than we do our veterans who are homeless, dying on our streets, have serious drug problems that we don't give them the care and attention we give somebody who comes here illegally and that is absolutely unacceptable. i thinkre it will have severe repercussions come november. congresswoman of texas, one of the rising stars in the republican party, thank you so much for joining us on "sunday morning futures." >> happy easter. thank you for having me. >> the federalve investigation into hunter biden continues as house republican called the department of justice to brief them on the case. arizona congressman andy biggs is one of the gop congress makers demanding answers. he is here on that and if the investigation could eventually lead to the president of the
12:44 pm
united states. stay with us. ♪♪
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12:47 pm
is hunter on the verge of being indicted? >> i don't know. that the short answer. it sure seems that way. it's interesting how the story has evolved, how it has changed. it was russian disinformation. joe had nothing to do with it. now finally something to do with it.. he really did not do anything wrong. >> that is congressman jim jordan on this program. on the ever-changing narrative on hunter biden's lap top. now a group of lawmakers calling on the department of justice to brief congress on the federal investigation into the president's son. in a letter to u.s. attorney
12:48 pm
general, it is imperative on the nature of the investigation into hunter biden. a constitutional obligation to conduct oversight. the president of the united states or any senior official is ethically compromised or injured. arizona congressman andy biggs was one of 16. congressman, thank you. i had the honor and privilege of serving with him in the congress. this is a vital investigation. the crossover with the president and thet millions of dollars tht were flowing overseas, there seems to be more than ample evidence at the department of justice should give a briefing through the congress. what would be their excuse not to do that? >> itwa would be that they did t
12:49 pm
want to give us the information. we will not comment on the investigation. you need to remember, of course, 51 former intelligence community folks said no. this is russian disinformation. that was to suppress this or the election of 2020. this goes back to joe biden being vice president. going back to the billion-dollar contract. the other contracts to hunter biden in iraq. it goes all the way to china and the chinese energy company over there that gave them millions of dollars. you see, all of those seem to be perfectly tied with access to joe biden. if they will not give us information it does continue to look like the cover up that suspected to be. >> it was evident on the laptop
12:50 pm
was the communication, the access. air force to fly to mexico trying to close a deal. i think the implication for the united states, any compromise, the department of justice has to go and have some information. there should be a constitutional duty to brief congress. the investigation is ongoing. yet the investigation in delaware. this does not stop with hunter biden or jim bided. what itif does is it all comes n access to joe biden. that is what congress needs to know, is he compromised?
12:51 pm
is his family compromise? quite frankly is doj suppressing this? are they compromise? that is why we go ahead and push forwardti. the judiciary committee. we have to get to the bottom of this. the relationship of the u.s. in these countries are so vital. >> there is y no excuse to not have a briefing. stay with us. we will have more with andy biggs on the federal investigation into hunter biden a just a moment. "sunday morning futures" right here.
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back with arizona congressman andy biggs. i want to ask you about the investigation. may 16. that case is actually going to trial. what is the latest you are hearing? >> there are some e-mails that durham has found that show that sussman lied to the fbi and he also lied and misrepresented regarding the commission. dnc which is the democratic national committee and the clinton campaign and to paid for his bogus, you know, information that he was throwing out there. it is pretty interesting to see.
12:56 pm
i am not sure that the clinton campaign folks or the democrat party wants to see this go to trial and air their dirty laundry even farther. >> getting into a meeting with the general counsel there. representing that he was not representing anybody. that is why this is the case that was important. this relationship to go in and access things thatt other people are on the receiving end of this prosecution don't get to deal. congressman andy biggsou of arizona thank you so much and all the good work you do on the judiciary committee and the united states congress. >> that does it for "sunday morning futures". i cannot thank maria enough for
12:57 pm
allowing me to sit in for her seat. you can watch it again at 3:00 p.m. eastern) fox news. hope you have a chance to check out my podcast. you can go ahead and see that. i want you to be able to check it out. have a great easter sunday. thank you for joining us.
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russia told on capturing the key city of trento. holding out on russia's ongoing assault and demand to get about. and mariupol at this time about 2000 ukrainian troops are bunkering inside a steel plant. they are the last of resistance in that city that has been under siege for seven weeks by vladimir putin's forces. the russian defense ministry gave those troops a midday


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