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tv   Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak  FOX News  April 17, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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complacent you have to go out there and fight and you have to be fired up. steve: exactly what a great way to and the show on the holiday weekend thank you all for watching up next mothers and daughters of the bible. we will see you next sunday. shannon: many mothers pray over their children long ber they have a name. the mothers of the bible were no different, they had great bravery, they suffered losses, through the trials, tremendous courage was instilled in their little ones, first mother and daughter pair we see interacting with each other in a scripture. during their time, reality for people of israel was bleak. it was one of brutal slavery.
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and zero freedom. people of israel went from a to z . from honor guests to enslaved outsiders. >> starts from a place of fear, he is afraid. but the enslaved population will overrun the people of egypt. he wants to exercise brutal population control. and his idea is to eliminate all male off spring. he enlists help of mid wives we hopes will be able to kill the baby boys, his fear if the hebrew population grows they will rise up against the economy gyption. >> egyptians. these two mid wives are dragged before they are told
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when they deliver the baby boys they are to kill him at boy, they are to suffocate or smother the baby before the mother or family is aware. these mid wives, saying no, they said, oh, yes, we'll do that and then they go off and they do the opposite. they -- what is happening, i notice how there are alive babies run around. they say, my lord, we tried. and but these hebrew women are strong and sturdy, they give birth before we are there, the pharoah, said, throw any baby boy you see in the river. >> imagine being a hebrew mother. awaiting day of your child's birth, knowing if you had a
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baby boy he would be killed. she his him away for three months. >> we're told, that jochebed saw, he was a fine child. the verb emphasized a deep spiritual perception, there is something special about him, and probably something special about his mother's spiritual perception as well. just to be a mother was the most beautiful gift from god that i could receive. i'm leeanne, kayleigh mcenany's mom, i have two other kids, i have three kids, i am proud. she kept telling me, i have
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something special, that i'm supposed to do, i would sit up late at night with her when i was pregnant with her, his ice cream and her room ready, she got here, it was beautiful. i knew she was a gift from god. you feel your baby kick, it is hard to believe that there is a child living within you. that god has woven together, that is what bible tells us, you are knitted together in your mother's womb, to feel her grow and kick and see her the first time, most beautiful creature, dpirl girl i had seen, my spiritual foundation was sitting in pews of church, my parents taught me that jesus christ with the center of your life, that is so important, that kept me out of so many distractions.
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that so important today with social media and the media. i knew there was a maker, a person, and creator who designed me for a person, your faith is big in our family, i was given a good foundation from my grandparents, and my mom and dad, my husband and i tried to give that to our kids. >> jochecourageous and crafty, she realized she could no longer conceal moses, she created a raft out of weeds, 1 mosus was moses was tucked into the arc, she sent her daughter miriam, moses' big sister to watch. >> now the daughter of saw
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the basket. she saw the child, the baby was crying, she took pity on him. amazing you see the story of moses, he was at death's door. his mother it the courage and strength to put her child into a river and pray and hope are the best, when your child is born, you worry about everything. you worry about germs and transporting her to the house and creating a perfect egg shell environment for her, the thought a mom would
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have the courage and strength to trust in god, say i'll hut -- put him in the river and trust you. >> everything that kids did to college, and kayleigh mcenany to oxford to study there was a lot of dangerous situations that could happen . i just think through prayer, i got through it high husband and i prayed. a lot of late night phone caughts and prayer. >> miriam does two extraordinary things here. we have to remember, we're talking about maybe a 12-year-old girl. who is in the most powerless position in the world. she is female and enslaved, and a child. she does two brave things, the first thing she steps out from her hiding place and puts herself at risk to directly address a member of
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the royal family who could have easily had her executed to the spot, the second brave thing, she comes up with a proposal, that moses' own mother, become his wet nurse, she has that inspiration and idea and articulates it to princess, she runs the risk of exposing her whole family's secret. it really is an extraordinary moment of strength of spirit that you see in miriam. >> jochobed fought to save her son. and miriam stepped up to and pharaoh's daughter, took pity on the baby. what a paradox. the faith and courage of this mother-daughter team put them in a place to be
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ready for the miracle god delivered, sometimes we're called into action that may seem strange to the world around us, we can always trust his guidance.
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>> good morning. >> almost good afternoon. >> over 10 years ago, i was white house intern in the bush administration. i remember standing in back of room watching dana perino. i was mesmerized. and i set out on a journey from a young age, i guy that knew that i loved politics. i loved rush limbaugh and a passion in my heart for politics, i knew i wanted to do something in this realm. there are times that anyone in a high powered career in any industry can tell you, you hit a road block, you think why god, i know i can do this. you have to have blind
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faith, now a look back in high my life, i say that is why that door closed. because you wanted me to be here in this moment of time taking this possession at white house treasury secretary. >> we're seeing on america's street is unsean able. unaccept. >> i think turning it over to him, i can see back with more wisdom than when i was 20 something that he had a man and a direction. i think in take the role, any white house press secretary can tell you that is not an easy role. >> she the first born, she was first one to do everything in our family. her you know becoming press secretary. and knowing that every time she went back, i would google her name there were terrible articles and lies, things i knew were not true
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of my daughter, as a mother, i wanted to say, why not just move back home and we'll do a simpler life, i kept encouraging her and her father kept encouraging her, you have to be a part of god's greater plan. >> are all kinds of things you are signing up for that are hard and tough, i leaned on christ, before my briefings, all things through christ, i think as christians there is something so much more greater and more important than this universe and any press corps, it any headlines about you, and your goal on changes lives in jesus christ. >> once jochebed raised her son, her part of moses' journey was complete, now time for the pharoah's
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daughter to take over, this is not story of a young prince raised as a slave, but a slave raised as a young prince, mothers have prayed for their children, asking god to protect and guide them, few would imagine their child would grow up to lead a nation, that happened to family of jochebed. >> god gave moses direction in two ways to go to his own people, and he would have to go to pharoah, moses had tons of objecttions to those, first thing we said to connect with his own people and to go to them, moses said they don't want any part of me. then, to go back and directly address pharoah, moses comes up with all
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reasons why he can't go back and be the spokesmen for his people to pharoah, he said, i am not much of a public speaker. god has met every objecttion so far, he will show you great signs and wonders, they will believe you when moses said, yes, but i'm not much of a speaker, god in frustration said, fine. take your brother with you. aaron is known for being an eloquent speaker, let him speak for you. god gives him reasons to trust. they lead the people of israel out of enslavement, out of egypt, marching at
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head of them, pharoah relents, not just fine you can go, but get out, don't remain in my land, and moses and aaron make it happen tomorrow, their sister is miriam joins them and leads people in song and rejoicing, you can see her connection to her people there. channeling the joy they must have felt. >> i think miriam is a great example to a future generation of believers are having courage. to young women i speak every year at turning point united states, to a group of young women, i recognize a lot of little here miriams in them, they stand up, they are strong and bold. and miriam is an exarchl example you can be bold about your faith and strong
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and forthright about it. >> again and again. we see that god highlights women and their roles, bringing about his bigger plan. many of us will never live the realities that jochebed and miriam had to endure, next up we dive to story of naomi and ruth. blood is thicker than water. we discover exciting new technologies. redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives. basically, choose what we want our future to look like. so what's yours going to be?
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>> welcome to fox news live, russian forces are closing in on port of mariupol, but capturing city may not be so easy, about 2000 ukrainians are refusing to surrender. >> and russia forces continue to attack several cities across ukraine,a includes kyiv. and reminder. deadline to file your 2021 income tax report is tomorrow for most people, three days later than april 15, irs is prepared to receive tens of millions of last minute filings. they advise people who have not finished their taxes, they might be better off filing an extension, you
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need to fill out form 4868. now back to mothers and daughters of the bible speak. with shannon bream. ♪ ♪ >> again and again in. we see examples of families. adoption to us in the bible. of course, jesus' story is one of adoption. >> says god is predestined us to be adopted as his sons through jesus, what is beautiful about adoption, you are that mother's child, that is how we are in god's eyes. i am god's child. my daughter is so young, i want her to see god's love.
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and not necessarily the wrath of god or, i want her to know there are consequences and god can be disappointed there are consequences for our sins and actions but i want her to know right now how much god loves her. >> one of the most beautiful examples of a chosen family bond in old testament in relationship between ruth and her mother-in-law naomi, the book of ruth starts with naomi, one of heartbreaking loss. >> naomi and fled jeuza naomi fled judah because of fa min, they go to moab, once they left, that tragedy strikes. >> naomi's husbanded,
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died, she was left with her two sons, they married moab women, and naomi was left without her two sons and husband. >> think about fragility of a woman in that time and place, dependent on her husband, she is in a foreign land, left alone, devastated now support. nothing. >> overnight, naomi's situation became dire, 3 men were in place of making sure she would be safe and secure, but not one was lift, naomi faced poverty and death in moab, but then there was a glimmer of hope. naomi received word her homeland situation improved, she hold her two daughters in law to go back to their families to have an opportunity to find another
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husband and new life, but orpah and ruth would not leave her side. she made the selfless choice of pushing them away. ruth. look, said naomi, your sister-in-law is going back to her people and her god. go back with her. but ruth replied, down urge me to leave you or turn back from you. where you go, i will go. where you stay, i will stay. your people will be my people and your god my god. when naomi realized that ruth was determined to go with her, she stopped urging her. it was remarkable to me that ruth decided to stay with her, where you go, i will go. your people will be my people, a lot of people use
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that in their wedding, you walk down aisle and you marry into family, and they mary to your family, you want to send message, your people are my people. and your god is my god. many time there are struggles with the marriages like daughter in law and mother-in-law. >> ruth declared that naomi's people would be hers, this meant naomi was now her mother in every sense of the world, they made their way back to bethlehem, ruth asked permission from naomi to glean in field of field of bo as, that is followingpy hind those. this is ruth's, just then
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boas arrived from bethlehem and greeted harvesters, asked whose young w is that, they replied she came back from moab with naomi, she said please let me glean, she went to the field and has worked from morning until now, but for a short rest in shelter, boas said to ruth, my daughter, down go and glean in another field, don't go away from here, she bowed down with her face to the ground. and she explained. why have i found such favor in your eyes that you noticed my a forforeigner, boas replayed, i have been told what did you for your mother-in-law since you lift your husband, may the lord repay you for what you have done.
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>> what ruth returned home that night, she told naomi about the man's kindness to her. the way she provided food for her, she shared with naomi. and made sure ruth that left over grains to clean, when naomi asked the man's name, she was overjoyed to learn it was boas. >> this is not ruth's culture or her people, she does not know what to do, but naomi knows what to do. and how to help them. and this rests on a complicated idea in jewish law, idea of forward guardian redeemer, older financially stable male relative who would be responsible for looking after members of the extended family who were more vulnerable. this person could step in in and help them out, boas is one of those for their family. >> ruth has been intrunked
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instructorred to go to him at night, every cover his feet and place herself at his feet with his garment over her, that is ancient gesture of asking for protection, normally that is in public, she plans this in secrecy, i think she wants to preserve boas' sense of privaciy and honor. >> ruth, when ruth came to her mother-in-law, naomi asked how do it go, and added he gave me 6 measures of barley and said don't go back to your mother-in-law empty handed. >> beautiful in ruth how naomi directs ruth and gives
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her advice. she not only -- took her daughter-in-law under her wings, she wants her to be happy and get ready again. >> naomi of the right, he took their private agreement into the public space of city gates he proclaimed himself protect or of naomi and ruth. so boas took ruth and she became his wife, conceiving a son. >> this is the bible fairytale ending, everything turns out wonderfully, naomi gets everything back, her family has been restored. and, of course, that can't happen without boas and ruth's consent, they have to be those say, this is your son. as much as he is ours. we know that name of that little boy was obed his son was jesse and jesse's son was king david.
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this is the direct line of jesus that we're talking about it begins with a moment of choice of chosen family, of mutual compassion. as they pull naomi into their family, and give her back as reward for her faithed, more than she could have thought would happen. >> naomi and ruth found courage and strength after heartbreak, always knowing that god had a special plan. >> knock next up, story of elizabeth mother of john the baptist, and mary mother of jesus,. bee will explore their simultaneous miracle stories of the pregnancy and divine devotion, next.
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that oddly satisfying feeling when you don't do it yourself. >> in bible we witness special bond that go beyond
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just earthly motherhood but beautiful connection that are spiritual mothers and daughters. >> that is very beautiful idea. that you don't have to have a child or be pregnant or give birth to be a spiritual mother, to mother someone in a way some give the gifts you have as a woman to another person in need. i had that experience. my mother's sister is single, never married. she is my god mother, in every way, she was a spiritual mother for me. >> i always fell her prayers, and her love for me throughout my life. >> you always taught me that your faith is like a muscle. and if you don't keep up with things or pray at night or in the morning, you stop going to church on sundays,
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you lose your faith. >> spiritual mother someone who guides new your spiritual life, like a god parent or a sponsor for confirmation or anyone in your life, who helps you as you journey if your faith, paloma? >> probably yaya, we moved her, here, i would tell her about my school day, she connected to god, she would tell me bible stories. >> i would say, my spiritual mother, it is not a mother figure, would be paloma. she helps keep me accountable for going to confession and we talk in the car sometimes about your week, how good we've been, if we have been kind or, you
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know. paloma keeps me accountable. >> thank you. >> that is nice. >> of all mothers and daughter in bible we meet cousins, elizabeth and mary, they were not mother and daughter by blood, they have miraculous paths to mother hood and they gave birth to men who would change world. elizabeth is biological mother of john the baptist and mary the mother of gees us. jesus. >> elizabeth and her husband zechariah are a prosperous family, but they have a public shame, everyone knows they have not have children, at that time in place children were regarded as chief blessing that god could give a
7:42 pm
relationship, for them to be without that imf flies they are without a crucial blessing from god, maybe that there something wrong or sin full in their limes to be publicly shamed this way, what happens is that zechariah is the one who receives the announcement from the angel. >> when -- he saw him he was. >> he will be filled with the holy spirit, even from his mother's womb. he will turn many of the children of israel to the lord their god.
7:43 pm
he will go before him in the spirit and power of elijah to turn hearts of fathers. to prepare a people fit for the world. >> zechariah asked the angel, how can i be sure of this, i am an old man, my wife is well along in years, the angel answers, i'm gabriel, i stand in present of god, i have been sent to speak to and you tell you this good news, now you will be silence and not able to speak until this day happens, because you did not believe my words. >> zechariah is rendered mute as a sign to everyone else that something truly miraculous has
7:44 pm
happened. his tongue is loosened when his wife gives birth. all of a sudden, zechariah can speak again.
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♪ ♪ >> after decade of being, elizabeth had given up hope,
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she didn't know at this time god was scripting the perfect story to bring john the baptist who the world to set the stage for christ himself, she. the lord has done this for me, she said, several months to elizabeth pregnancy with john, the ain't gabriel paid a visit to mary. >> >> to a virgin betrothed to a man named joseph and said the lord is with you and pondered who sort of greeting this might be, the angel said, do not be afraid, you have found favor with god, behold you will conceive in your womb, you
7:50 pm
shall name him jesus and lord god will give him the david his father and rule over the house of jacob forever. of his kingdom there will be no end. mary said, how can this be. >> in zechariah and mary's stories, gabe -- gabriel told them something truly increased credible. more, good news. >> luke, angel said to her. the holy spirit will come upon you and power of most high will overshadow you, will child to be born will be called holy the son of god, and elizabeth your
7:51 pm
relative has conceived a son in her old age. this is her 6 month for her, nothing will be impossible for god. >> mary committed to god even when she could not understand. still moved forward, i'm the lord's servant mary ann -- answered, i think that mary felt overwhelmed and her response is humbling she would not question god's will. and carry jesus in her womb. >> the two people who received message of angel in the story are zechariah and mary, you have to wonder, why? the angel came to mary and told her it was happening why would angel come to zechariah and not to elizabeth. we see when the baby is born, elizabeth says, the
7:52 pm
lord has done a great thing for me, look at what the lord has done that positions her as a woman of incredible faith who is help mary make sense of what is happening to her, and who can then in tern recognize -- in turn recognize and furtherrure mary's great faith. >> well i think that miraculousness of their conceptions, no one could have understood what happened to mary other than elizabeth in that moment. it seems like, gabriel wanted mary to have that support elizabeth, maybe mary's parents were suspicious. a crazy story to say, angel came to me, and i am a
7:53 pm
virgin, but don't worry it is god's son. i could see if that happened with my child, i would be yeah, not likely, i think that god wanted mary to be with elizabeth. >> mary hurried to be with elizabeth, they were bound in miraculous motherhood and mary new that elizabeth would welcome her news too. the baby leaped in her wound, and elizabeth was filled with the holy spirit, in loud voice she said, blessed are you among women and blessed is the child you shall bear. the baby in my wound leaped for joy, blessed is
7:54 pm
she. >> elizabeth is first person in the new testament who was described to us as filled withhold spirit. -- with the holy spirit, there something extraordinary about the person. and what she says to mary, is, blessed is she who believes. elizabeth's prophecy she knows that mary is pregnant without being told, she proclaimed mary blessed and mary is awe-struck and bursts forth in mary's song of praise. >> mary's song of praise called one of the most gorgeous poems in the bible. you would think that mary would say, look what god did for me, i'm going to have
7:55 pm
the masaia, she does not say any of that. what is important to her is that people know that god who is acting and who me is. remarkable things about him. >> the love of spiritual mother and daughter framed but also provided actual human embodiment for all of humanitarian, our spirit ual mother share in our joys and sorrows and help us know the unexpected twists and turns in light of our faith, as elizabeth and mary did all those centuries ago. and we'll come to you with a replacement you can trust. >> man: looks great. >> tech: that's service on your time. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ and it's easier than ever to get your projects done right. with angi, you can connect with and see ratings and reviews.
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>> jochebed, miriam, naomi, ruth, elizabeth and mary, found strength in their relationships, may we be inspired by their
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commitment. loyalty and belief that god was working all things through their lives. thank you for joining me. god bless. ♪ ♪ >> hello america i'm mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin," we have two great guests, general jack keane. about what is going on in ukraine, russia. china, all over the world and the impact on united states. 4 family and children. also dave


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