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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  April 18, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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that is it for today. the latest for the war in ukraine keep it to the fox news nation and the fox news channel. from all of us have a happy easter and a great week. we will see you back here next fox newsry important holiday. god bless you we will see you next time on "life, liberty & levin". steve: good evening everyone. happy easter welcome to "the next revolution". it is a holiday and a secret one for so many people here and around the world we try to be positive that honestly as we look around the world this easter weekend, what do we see? work, chaos threaten menace and anxiety and fear and this is what you get when america fails to lead this is what you get when you replace strength with weakness.
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>> a friend reminded me of an old saying about europe's attitude toward america as far as they are concerned there's only one thing worse than a strong american that is a week america. some people here don't like the idea of america playing a strong leading rule why should we be the police man? i understand it. but how do you like the alternative war in europe and the china russia tact north korea testing missile and coddling an old enemies while alienating allies like india and israel and saudi arabia in shambles on a global scale? the exact opposite of what they tell you the exact opposite of what they promised. do you remember this? america is back ready to lead the world. >> to rebuild the backbone of the nation and to make america be respected around the world. >> is that what you call it
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that's why the saudi's are selling oil to china? trump rebuilt that alliance with the first middle east peace deal in decades and now the seventies will not even take the phone calls here is what they think of him on state tv. >> and i want to talk about listen to me. i have a very important message for you. the message is. steve: [laughter] that is how the world sees our respected president who has brought america back a mumbling and doubling fool. look at india we have gone from this amazing moment and with the prime minister to
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drive india into the arms of china and russia. this week he had to beg to come back into the external affairs minister. >> if you are looking at different russia. >> and i suspect that is optimal see may want to think about it. >> you might want to think about it and what indian made of your surrender to the taliban and we took the enemy back in the driving seat threat running security he may have thought about it before he did it now it's probably too late. just like it's probably too late to save the solomon islands from slipping into control these islands in the western pacific are
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strategically vital that's when he saw the heaviest fighting in world war ii. four years the solomon islands were aligned with the west even supporting taiwan. here is how "the new york times" put it. china and solomon islands drop secret security pacs raising alarm in the pacific. and those that played a vital role of world war ii. think god we put that great foreign-policy genius with all his years of experience in charge. and those that really know what they are doing just professionals good at governance. what a joke and the biggest joke and not a funny one is the resurrection of the deal to give iran nuclear weapons obama and biden the plutocrat john kerry because why not give a terrorist regime more money to spend on more terror
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campaigns? and in exchange for practically nothing except the uncertainty that iran would get a nuclear weapon in a few years time. but then to withdraw the united states from the agreement and to reimpose the suffocating sanctions. but now the team surrender is back in the white house instead of thinking trump saving from the consequences of their own idiocy, per the agreement back together again. even worse than before and including just to throw the rest of the autocrats. there with that revolutionary guard corps removing the foreign terrorist organization next i will be signing them up as a dnc partner with this lot at the 2024 convention. and unbelievably the person they are relied on —- they
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rely on is the butcher of ukraine vladimir putin himself so biden randomly blurts out he wants him out of power but at the same time taking him for the foreign-policy initiative credit get more incompetent and incoherent? it could because parts of the deal is money for iran to contract with russia to expand a domestic power program justice democrats here are shutting down the domestic nuclear program. here is a plan. shut down nuclear power stations in america because who needs reliable carbon free electricity? and to spend billions of dollars to the iranians to pay russia whose threatening us with nuclear war to build power stations in iran. brilliant. i'm not sure it's even possible to imagine a more
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counterproductive foreign-policy. what will they say next it's okay to invade alaska? i guess we should not put ideas into their head. one of the many allies they've managed to alienate is the closest is israel. what do they make of all of this? what that somebody who knows former ambassador to the united states. great to see you. so what does israel make of the biden foreign-policy? >> when it comes to iran we are very concerned we think it is an extremely dangerous steel to put on a path to the arsenal and it also would release over the next few years hundreds of billions of dollars to go to the iranian coffers and they want use that money to establish iga bill for returning members of the revolutionary guard and to
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fuel the campaign of aggression and terrorism throughout the region and if we have learned one thing from ukraine, that you do not give the aggressive power nuclear weapons because then you are much more limited in your response. that's what the deal did. as a dry path to nuclear weapons that's where they are against it that's where the neighbors are against it but what do we know? we just live in the middle east allies are telling you what a terrible deal. don't do it. there not listening in washington unfortunately. steve: this is the broader point. they go on and on about rebuilding alliances. to the certain extent it's good relationships but the world isn't just western europe, we have allies all over the world. they are so casual about these other alliances particularly in the middle east.
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and put the work that the president put into build that positive momentum with the abraham accords it seems to be completely thrown away. >> that's correct and a key part of how you got that piece is america's confrontational posture. because that gave the arab leaders the political space to move into an open alliance with israel. so under trumps leadership that administration that confronted iran and open the space for peace to bring more to the middle east and did the exact opposite they had for peace agreements which is a very big deal and in 72 years we had to one in 1879 and one majority in 1994. than 25 years later and then in 2020 we can get for agreements. the us strong leadership through iran and the embrace of israel as a key ally is the reason you saw this emergence piece and what the biden administration should do is
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get off the course of appeasement and then to confront the regime that is responsible for the murder of hundreds of americans and to not try to remove them from the ig rc from the terror list and then to put crippling sanctions on iran. and then to work with our allies in the region to advance peace not to appease iran that would create a nuclear iran and lead to war but the path of this administration will lead to war in the middle east not piece. >> very well said. >> to take at face value that lunacy that is causing such damaging and destructive impact around the region
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, doesn't add up because even in their own terms this deal gives iran the possibility of getting a nuclear weapon eventually. be clear about that. >> and it's worse than 2015 because it puts iran on the path to a nuclear arsenal but seven years into it now talking about three or eight years where i went to get nuclear weapons. so what will happen the other countries in the region will not just sit on their hands. the saudi's go to pakistan and turkey and egypt go to develop nuclear weapons programs of their own now the most unstable region in the entire world is a lot of fanatics running around the middle east turning into a nuclear tinderbox. you don't have to do the deal but the pressure campaign is working you need crippling sanctions and a credible military threat and to reach out to the people of iran who
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hate the regime and have suffered they are your partners so israel and the sunni arab states to work with us and we live in the region and we know a bad deal when we see one. work with us and change the policy, confront iran then you will see the emergence of peace throughout the region rather than more. >> thank you for being a clear and strong voice on this we can only hope that we get to that position any and thank you ambassador. that terrible thing is that biden's disastrous regime to see it at the gas pump and at the grocery store inflation hit eight.5 percent diverse and 40 years they keep saying
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the administration can get a low rate if no one wants to work but the proportion of americans actually working the labor participation rate is the lowest since 1977 from the height of the pandemic not exact the building back better but what they are building back is anti- worker union power and into undermine our democracy to implement with that bureaucratic rule change with those massive gifts of campaign cash that the unions give democrats but none of the biden chaos is their fault soon they will find a way to blame the border crisis on putin and the crime spike and then to speak for all of us in iowa on tuesday it is putin
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poop first with the corona madness now with the calamitous failure and then to destroy people's health and government. they canada state control california. so what strikes me about the most painful part of this and the inflation it is created by the policies and much of that was predicted then you have larry summers say if you spend all the money to boost demand like they did and it will cause inflation and increase gas prices it was all predicted it's their fault and now they try to wiggle out of it. >> this is the problem with politics. it's always about trying to
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cast blame someone else but the reality is you are right. what we see in terms of the pressure prices going up in inflation hitting families where hurts the most. it is the most predictable not by conservative economist but liberal economists. and with under the stimulus and then what you will create is higher prices for food and gas and sure enough and reaching eight and half percent those are the price increases for food and gas for californians and americans need the most the economy is crushing workers it's crushing the middle class and because things are costing more and people are getting less. and this is their policy prescriptions with the calamity we are seeing in so
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many places. >> but look at the labor market but it just reflects the number of people who are out there looking for work so the fact we have incredibly low labor participation rate but that's not a healthy labor market right now. >> . >> and then they quit looking for work they quit engaging with our economic system. and then the reality is we are headed as we work ahead for recession i hate to use that word that some of the signals are starting to come forward.
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and those that try to see the horrible fiscal policy over the last couple of years it is recessionary pressure that's worse for american families. >> you have the opportunity to win the state race and we are excited about that how can people support your to find out more about my campaign about the accountability that is crucially an important project and i would like to get the support of viewers and beyond. great to see you. >> one of the biggest medical forces and then to pressure
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proper education instead of indoctrination. and those who run for school board and joining us on the podcast this week. >> in 2012 the seed that i'm running for what is on a $4300 campaign. in 2016 the state that i'm running for was run on a $26000 campaign and now in 2022 i have to raise $100,000 to beat the union. that's how badly they want your kids and want to control the conversation around your children. steve: great insight into the practicalities. stay with us. much more
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at xfinity, we live and work in the same neighborhood as you. we're always working to keep you connected to what you love.
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and now, we're working to bring you the next generation of wifi. it's ultra-fast. faster than a gig. supersonic wifi. only from xfinity. it can power hundreds of devices with three times the bandwidth. so your growing wifi needs will be met. supersonic wifi only from us... xfinity. steve: the biggest crisis is about to get worse as the white house doubles down on the title 42 endemic restrictions to be lifted at the border. ensuring that by border crisis turns into a catastrophe will be join me someone who is fighting back hard against this reckless madness.
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by wanting to be talk about the issue with the attorney general has been a strong voice that the over centralization of our government how to directly contradict the amendment that the powers not delegated to the united states by the constitution nor prohibited to the states are reserved to the states or to the people healthcare or education or anything in biden's bill universal pre- k or activist whether or not you are in favor of these things they are not powers delegated in the local government neighbors and individuals and families america is founded on the idea of decentralized power. checks and balances. and then to see states going along with edicts from
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washington and then micromanaged instead of standing up for their constitutional rights. on very important long-term issue but in the short term have a terrible situation at the border about to get worse. your thoughts with your position as a border state? we thank you for having me on and quite frankly the dangerous tidal wave is about to crash on american shores. not something that by bogus climate change theory it is a man-made disaster created by the biden administration and americans pay the price not as a loss of life but also through life and treasures of the supreme court arguing in case a couple months ago the biden administration want to have government benefits. so the biden administration is decriminalizing people coming
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here and title 42 is one of the last tools we have in our toolbox to stop it even further invasion of the country and now they want to resend that with devastating consequences to the entire country. steve: that's a bridge to the next topic of how states can stand up for themselves. what can they do for arizona? >> what can you do to resist? >> i've been involved in numerous lawsuits with the failure to build the wall over the permanent guidance policy where he's not deporting people of deportation orders we are suing them over the attempt to resend title 42 we have been using those tools and furthermore i'm the first attorney general in the history of the united states to issue an opinion of what's going on at the southern border with the games and the cartels to cede control that
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constitute an invasion and therefore it's up to the governors like what governor abbott is doing so frankly do something to stop the crisis and with national security and then look at the failed policies biden. >> that's the constitution is so brilliant clearly there are things that make sense to be handled on a federal level or national level. but everything else that doesn't it's very clear it should be handled at the state level but that factual disease and so much domestic policy. that democrats with build back
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better. isn't that part of the constitution? >> absolutely. and i will tell you coming through communism in the one thing that makes this country so great is the rule of law and the constitution the framers understood that as governor gets bigger and is more and more things it becomes oppressive so they want this to be a check on the federal government and the states created the federal government. ninth or tenth or 14th amendment they are designed to limit the size and scope of the federal government and to maximize freedom. when you see what's happening right now with this concentration of power of the neo- marxist attempt to socialize our economy and nationalize the election it is contrary to the constitution and eventually the biden administration's trying to get more and more people dependent on the federal government and that's one of the reason why i filed the first lawsuit against the covid mandate by
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letting the ninth and tenth amendment because issues of education and safety are meant to be left to the states and local government not the federal government. steve: what's the progress of the legal campaigns against this encroachment by the federal government? and with the covid friend and then the ability to boxes they the states to control the finances and with that department of education there is 160 million in the budget for civil rights and that is about controlling our kids. not only the biden administration with any
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federal government to impose i'm a classic federalist and it's important because the process matters. >> think an issue are fighting back it's an american issue. they should not be getting very that they should be reserved. great to see you tonight. we a arevolution" for all headls
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go to steve: one of the most important aspects of ukraine story is in fact the russia story what is going on there? is putin getting stronger or weaker can he stay in power for many more years or for more death and destruction if anything it looks like putin's position inside russia is being strengthened with the specter up to attack on the russian people and with the most sinister development and with that enunciation here to help us understand what's going on, thank you so much for being with us this last story that i highlight about the way citizens are
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encouraged for others has a chilling echo my parents are hungarian. this is exactly how the communist regime treated my family and my grandmother when my mother went to the west it is so awful to see. where do you think this goes? what is your assessment of what's happening inside russia now? >> thank you for inviting me. so basically then to have that space. and so those effects because
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russia a few months ago with society because of the united states but for now millions of people in russia are being suppressed. steve: a lot has been made of the polls that putin support is increasing you think you're just frightened to tell the truth? are they getting good information? the state media gives a false picture of what is happening. here people are getting information through telegram and other channels. >> yes. i believe people are just afraid. and you can imagine and what they think about our
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government. and then and then in the putin russia and then even deeper. >> . >> and you talk about civil word you see that happening for real? and fighting the control of russia quick. >> it is a real civil war because the word ukraine because what do we do to stop this? and then we have more faith and more problems that's why
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we can do that at some point. >> it is horrible to see we all agree with that and you have been with us telling the truth. we will be back after the short break.
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steve: something so positive and optimistic the time we can we discover the faith-based stories in here to discuss her new book mothers and daughters of the bible speak joining us like a real easter sunshine
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how do we think about the holiday quick. >> you think christ came to the mistakes in the sins that then there was this joyous resurrection when he came back for those who were faithfully following him and they were distraught said it's true everything i told you is true i have overcome sin and talk about the struggles over time women have faced mothers and fathers and daughters somewhere faithful and courageous and others i love that the bible includes all of them. steve: and that is lovely connection between easter and spraying and rebirth with a sense of positive growth for
12:47 am
all families regardless of the circumstances. still we all need a fresh start people have weathered so much personally a lot of fear and anxiety a lot of his are coming through that with a fresh start. they want to cling to hold. that's why people have connected possibly because even to the struggle good can come through it to the waiting other period not understanding what they are going through but looking at problems that are universally denounced physical issues widowhood and to flee famine and evil rulers. all of this continues over time that this is how god was very aware of their circumstances and a positive oh four message but who doesn't need encouragement right about now?
12:48 am
>> . steve: the book is coming up very quickly what do we see? >> you will see faces and names and what mothers and daughters relationship what that means to them as well i will enjoy. steve: we love to see you tonight we appreciate it. you can see the special
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steve: just when you thought it was safe to go back out to the world again the cruel and counterproductive lunacy of the lockdown and the mandate behind it, it is back. corona madness like the sound the five cheap. and now bringing back in response to the truly terrifying figure of 140 cases. the media gears up for a whole new cycle of the request fear monitor one —- fear mongering. the cdc tells everyone have to keep wearing masks on planes and how the most highly filtered air on the planet. and a much smaller one but so revealing of the ruling elite
12:54 am
and the "washington post" and the democracy cancels the party for the white house correspondents dinner in a couple of weeks. here's an e-mail sent out as much as we love to see everyone within increasing covid-19 transition to but then a further rest. for the risk of what? they are all vaccinated they have to be. what is this? the party is canceled that we will donate what we would have spent to reporters without borders. that is very nice. those that provide the food and drink in the service. and those that have been totally screwed with those plutocrats. and all those out of touch who
12:55 am
did that in their lululemon logan on —- of opinions and with that destructive corona misinformation but now they just cannot let go any have to keep it going. more pain for the workers while we were in self-righteousness. here with reaction when will this end, lisa quick. >> it will end when people go to the polls to see democrats in historic fashion from that gubernatorial and senate races on down to local school boards. they have to send a message this nightmare is over. we are tired of you in taking our power back that's when it ends. i cannot help but think this is a shiny object to diversion. homicides are through the roof nationally the approval rating is in the toilet inflation had
12:56 am
a 40 year high. so i cannot help but feel they are trying to day verdict america is attention from those that are impacting their lives by trying to refocus on covid which is not a threat to our lives anymore. steve: of course it isn't. that's why i picked on "washington post". but these are the people who control our national conversation the power elite and they are the ruling class. and that is so stupid when it comes to this that they put out an e-mail saying we don't want to put you at further risk for those who are fully vaccinated. it is so dumb.
12:57 am
>> and it's not even the vaccination aspect for natural immunity the cdc is not even being honest about what percentage of the population has natural immunity. after omicron in december they loosened restrictions and they said as high as 80 percent of the population had immunity from prior infections. so what percentage is a in america? we know natural immunity is strong and are not even being honest they are not even being honest about something like that. we don't even know what the truth is with that which is insane at this point. steve: that's a great summary. they are so corrupt and liars. >> it's the evergreen statement. >> see you talk about the elections, there is a couple of things i saw and then to see this really interesting
12:58 am
poll that 75 percent of swing voters i wonder where they get this opinion as condescending and out of touch. what about that? >> and that is the downfall of this administration because independents were told the lie that biden would bring confidence to the white house and then we saw this withdrawal that left servicemembers be killed leaving weapons behind in the hands of terrorism and he said we were lied to and then everything else has devolved so now democrats are at this .17.with republicans and democrats they are fired up for the midterm and now resorting to these tactics to fight parental rights and then
12:59 am
doubling down on the french policies to try to win over the voters and energize the base in the meantime they are losing the independence when they went for the governor and they are using them in the process so it's a tough spot headed into the midterms. >> and mitch mcconnell quick final point this is the worst republican for republicans and 30 years since 1994 and that complacency at a taking it for granted quick. >> i agree that you know politics you never take anything for granted. yes the environment is hot those that have retired every
1:00 am
time points to democrats getting crushed never be complacent you have to go out there and fight and you have to be fired up. steve: exactly what a great way to and the show on the holiday weekend thank you all for watching up next >> a fox news alert, officials thinks six people are dead, eight wounded after russian missiles rained down on an area surrounding the western city. you are watching jesus on monday morning, i am todd piro. >> we are learning one child was among those victims, the city has been considered a safe haven for countless ukrainian refugees displaced by the war. matt is live at the scene of one of those strakes. matt? >> good morning, guys, they


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