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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 18, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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complacent you have to go out there and fight and you have to be fired up. steve: exactly what a great way to and the show on the holiday weekend thank you all for watching up next >> a fox news alert, officials thinks six people are dead, eight wounded after russian missiles rained down on an area surrounding the western city. you are watching jesus on monday morning, i am todd piro. >> we are learning one child was among those victims, the city has been considered a safe haven for countless ukrainian refugees displaced by the war. matt is live at the scene of one of those strakes. matt? >> good morning, guys, they say
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there were four strakes in this region, three were military targets, and one of them ended up being a civilian or domestic location which we believe is this right behind us, the entire facility, and if you look, just beneath this facility is the railway, not clear if russians meant to target this railway, they are critical because ukrainians are using them to transport military supplies, but also ukrainian refugees are coming and going on these railways, escaping and returning home. right now, we can smell the smoke and the burnt rubber in the air, beginning read 8:45 this morning, we saw black plumes across the city of lviv, just about eight hours ago, reported life that there were four resin missiles intercepted in this area, the last known strike your love eve that we are aware of was march 24th, the town is made up of about 800,000 people on the far west side of ukraine, not far from poland,
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there are a lot of refugees in s town right now coming from ukrag about them over the last couple of days, this train station in general and lviv is very active. we were just there and saturday. thousands of people that were either escaping ukraine for countries like poland or some who were returning here after being gone for so long, so these railways, very, very important for a lot of reasons. sadly, you are looking at what is likely a loss of life, devastation here at this repair facility, we did hear an air raid siren in the past hour. my understanding is that the second air raid siren has gone off and we now have the clear, so for now this area is believed to be safe. >> match, standing images. what is the mood on the ground like in lviv, as he said? obviously been a safe haven for so many, and western ukraine, how are people dealing with these missiles strakes and also how are you doing?
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>> just two days ago we had four russian missiles that were intercepted in this area, a close call, if you will, that kind of heightens their sense of awareness, then this morning, after was known that there was some type of strike in this area, the air becomes heavy, i think people become quiet, we are seeing a lot of people respond, you can see emergency crews in this area doing cleanup, doing assessments, people are responding. the mayor has been giving us hourly updates, which is perhaps a sense of comfort that at least you're getting information, the people are getting information about what is happening on the ground here in lviv. >> match, as we are looking at these images, you can't help but be taken back by the fact that, again, another instance of targeting civilians, albeit, in all likelihood, a miss, in all likelihood, targeting the railway. that sense of calm that carley was referencing the city of lviv, at this point, do we need to take all of ukraine is one
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big battles and with no safe spaces whatsoever for the people? >> sure. we are in the far, far west side of this country, a lot of the action has been happening on the east side. there have been missile strikes all over this country. here is one now. monday morning, so people are probably getting back to work in his offices, you can see inside of these buildings, inside of the office buildings, not clear if anyone died in this facility but you have to imagine that people were beginning to open it up on a monday morning and now this. absolutely, everybody on both sides of this country are fully aware that, sadly, that could come at any moment. >> carley: without question, i think after ukraine sunk that massive russian worship, russia has ramped up strikes around kyiv, could be a response to that, striking lviv so close to poland, then you have cia director william byrne is saying
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that the u.s. cannot take lately the possibility that putin will use nuclear weapons. discussions on putin's use of nukes, possible use of nukes, comes in waves, we focus on it and then it tends to go away. what is it like in ukraine right now? how concerned are people about that possibility? >> first of all, i want to show you this train is passing by, show your active this really is, as far as the possibility of nuclear weapons, lenski, the president, the possible use nuclear weapons, we all know that is the greatest height of any type of weaponry, whether or not that is going to happen, i could not tell you, bg repeated, absolutely on people's minds, carley. >> todd: matt, it started to put on the spot, tough to shoot see from that chart, is there anybody on the strains?
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>> people on these trains, passenger train, there are people on there. you have to imagine that this facility here, probably on edge or fully aware that they were close to a railway, a large target, i still see active flames, if you guys can see that. we saw a thick black across the city, a lot of the fires put out quickly, but just a few hours ago it felt like a war zone, and sea saw this mass of plumes of smoke smoke blowing across the city. >> carley: the war on full display in western ukraine, a city that many people thought was safer than most, now you see the smoking buildings in the background. matt, thank you for that fine reporting. we'll check back in with you soon. meantime, backyard home, -- back here at home, crime searches from coast-to-coast this easter.
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>> todd: ashley strohmier has all the details. >> heavy violence rocked this easter weekend and multiple incidents that include at a massive airbnb party in pittsburgh where two 17-year-old boys were killed. police say over 200 people were at the party when the shots rang out, hitting at least 11 people. police say as many as 50 rounds were shot of as people ran for their lives. no suspects have been named in that attack. and then in columbia south carolina, police arrested a suspect in connection with saturday's shooting. that suspect was charged with unlawfully carrying a firearm but was released on just a $25,000 bond, permitted to go to work and to and from work with an ankle monitor. police say they are consulting with prosecutors and more charges are possible, they are still seeking at least two other suspects. in portland, local county sheriff with a warning over the surge of violent crime, "we need to act with a sense of urgency,
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excimer is approaching, tim and we experience increased from my crime. without action, we can express more to come. this is new york leadership gets behind bill bratton and blaming years of progressive policies are getting us here. listen. >> major mistakes made throughout the years, destroy the trust. >> we cannot lose sight of the victims of crime. we believe the system has to be fair and balanced, but when we lose the victims of crime, we are not doing what public safety is intended to do. >> carley: the change of heart follows the apprehension of frank james, the accused gunman from tuesday's shooting. >> carley: here to talk about the crime wave and those two mass shootings that happened in her state within two days. you won't want to miss that. speak up meantime, please still
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investigating at this grisly crime scene in new york city after a woman was found dead in a bloody duffel bag this weekend. police following the body what a the body to her home just a few blocks away. police say a surveillance video shows an unknown individual dragging the duffel bag early saturday morning. her husband and oldest son were away at the time, and gaal reportedly seen safe after going up. husband says he received a chilling message, your whole family is next. >> carley: bravely stepping on an elderly tribal driver going the wrong way come up deputy putting himself in harm's way by letting the speeding car smashing his squad car. it's unclear what charges, if any, the driver will face. the sheriff's office said if not for the iraq deputy's actions, things quickly could have turned deadly. no major injuries were reported. my goodness.
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a crisis of the southern border where we are learning nearly two dozen known or suspected terrorists were captured in 2021. >> todd: and even more buses carrying migrants arrive in washington as state leaders plead for relief. live in our nation's capital with more. >> todd, carley, but accept president biden's border policy have long raised the issue of vetting as those who are cross with migrants but originated from countries outside of south and central america has grown. 2021, as he mentioned, terrorists caught at the southern border, spread across several points of entry, and are those due to strained resources that are unable to be processed. march alone -- encounter by customs and border protection. in response to the biden administration's plan to lift title 42 at the end of the month, texas governor greg abbott, he made good on up promised to bless
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migrants to washington, d.c.. over the weekend, a six bus arrived. feeling this may prompt action but not in her home state. >> i guarantee you if we see a mass immigration of illegal aliens, you are going to see those walls go back up around our capital to be able to protect the politicians, it why we are leaving a ball down on our southern border and ignoring the effect it is having on the rest of our country, it is criminal, it needs to stop. >> those who represent border states fieldbus its roof and the effect of an open border will spread. here is a congressman. >> i am in a border state. we have to absorb this, but every state is a border state, not just staying in texas, they are moving on to other states, and every state in the country's going to have to deal with this problem. >> back in june, protesters lined the street outside of the scottsdale, arizona, hotel designated to serve as temporary
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detention housing for migrants, and some community members were concerned, as you can see there, that they were not warned about this and had no say. plus the department of homeland security's internal watchdog group has found no that i.c.e. spent $17 million on hotels just like that one. these were no big contracts, the space went largely unused. carley, todd. >> todd: alexandra, thank you. that spring and amy, a legal immigrant running for congress and the great state of california. amy, great to have you here. this number is shocking, at least 23 known or suspected terrorist creditor border, just read alexandria report at that, if that was there that was caught, and do you shudder to think about how many terrorists or suspected terrorists actually made it in and we have no idea where they are and who they are? >> absolutely, thank you so much todd and carley for having me today, i really appreciate that.
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>> carley: i think that 20 2023 terrorists caught on the southern border is a headline that people won't soon forget. if you are the president, you are the commander in chief, your number one job in this country is to keep people safe. do you think that because of this, could this be one of the defining issues that actually gets the biden administration to act and finally do something to secure our southern border in a way that it isn't now? >> carley, i hope you are correct, but the biden administration is so -- >> carley: it would have loved to hear that. >> todd: i think we are having a little bit of trouble with her signal. again, let's focus on what we know at this point. 23 suspected terrorists caught at the border in 2021. underlying both of our questions, carley, is this general sense of, if these are the ones we know, who do enough
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to know, and will that make the biden administration act? i believe we have amy back. any, can you hear us? >> yes, i can hear you, thank you so much. >> todd: please continue. we can hear you fine. >> absolutely, as we know, biden administration is weak regarding illegal immigration, wreaking havoc at the southern be border and across this nation, we have seen that with high rising crime, what is going on with illegal immigration, it's a slap in my face, as a legal immigrant, i waited my turn, you know, at the refugee camp, and we waited, not only that, we were sleeping on the dirt ground, but right now, at our southern border, alc and -- spewing all right, unfortunately it looks like -- >> carley: we will leave it there with a need now. >> she was making a great point,
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and something that repeatedly gets overlooked when it comes to the illegal immigration crisis e legal immigrants who did it do it's the right way and now feel like, like she said, it's a slap in the face to her and her family because, you know, people come pouring across our southern border in unprecedented numbers who are trying to skip the line. >> todd: and to teams ahead to rachel campos duffy coming up in the 5:00 hour, going to join us here, you talk to latinos that she spoke with, the ones who came here legally are extremely frustrated by that point. they went through the line and they are looking at what is going on in saying, don't lump us in and say we are upset and we support what joe biden is doing. they are very, very fired up, they dated illegal way, now joe biden is allowing everybody and their mother. speaker of the jen psaki to take questions about the 23 known or suspected terrorists that were caught in 2021 under
1:16 am
president biden's watch and what that means for the national security of our country. hopefully more to come on this. >> todd: and the $70 million wasted on empty hotel rooms for these illegal immigrants. my question is, and $17 million, not a lot for the federal government, but you know what that could do? that could home a house list veteran that served our country. >> carley: a big issue here. then we are going to be pressing for it, illinois offering free health care to illegal immigrants between ages 55 and 64, this includes doctors and hospital visits, lab tests, and services for mental health and substance abuse disorders, undocumented immigrants and legal permanent residents have been in the u.s. for the some five years are eligible for the program. the coverage will expand to include illegal immigrants ages 42 to 54 in july. directly to your point, todd. a pennsylvania school board is
1:17 am
being accused of blocking up parents access to the critical race theory material being taught in his -- to his kid in the classroom. he has made his mission to expose this in america schools, taking this case to court. >> todd: a big show ahead. as we mentioned earlier, rachel campos duffy here along with leslie hunt and congresswoman nancy mace, alive, do not miss a minute. ♪ ♪ len pompeo i've never really been offered a beauty campaign when i was in my twenties or my thirties or my forties. it wasn't until i was 48 years old, when i thought that was way behind me, here you come along and ask me to join you on this journey with meaningful beauty. announcer no matter what your age, now is the perfect time for beautiful, younger-looking skin with meaningful beauty. join ellen pompeo and millions of women who use the age-defying super treatments that have kept supermodel cindy crawford's skin looking
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♪ ♪ >> carley: welcome back. listen to this. florida's department of education is rejecting 54 of 132 newly reviewed math textbooks arguing they include prohibited targets including critical race theory. the state calling for publishers to submit those texts for review as governor ron desantis pushes to remove local politics from the classroom work he says of the rejections, publishers attempted to slap a coat of paint on an old house built on the foundation of race essentialism, bizarrely for elementary school students. it todd? it's been quite an analogy. the push for transparency in schools is happening all across our great country. america first legal has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the
1:23 am
pennsylvania parent who tried to get access to crt materials in his child's classroom. america first legal says "the school district was so desperate to keep information from the public that it blatantly violated his first amendment right to the document. the instructional materials used to develop a curriculum and his child's school. the senior advisor for america first legal, he joins us now, ian, what are they trying to hide? >> i think what you are seeing here, in 2021, that's when parents really got wise to what was going on in public schools. in 2022, as they are using things like freedom of information act requests, right to know request, you are seeing the schools really strike back by trying to stop as much transparency as possible. in this case, he was there to inspect specific educational group and teacher trainings pursuant to a right to know request in pennsylvania. goes into the school system,
1:24 am
starts looking at it, taking voice notes of what he is seeing, and the school system kicks him out, it says, can't do that, that's a copyright violation. it's not a copyright violation but it is a first amendment violation. >> todd: copyright violation is literally the worst legal theory that they possibly could have come up with. it makes no sense. you don't have to be an attorney to get that. when presented with the argument from your lawsuit, what was the response of the district? >> we haven't seen the response yet, but we did see some words and print from the district. and made it clear they were relying on the copyright exemption here and saying that, you know, not true, the fact of the matter is, he wasn't going in there to use this material to go sell's own critical race theory curriculum, he was doing it so he would understand what was going on so he could communicate that to the rest of the parents. what they are trying to do is put up all these hurdles for
1:25 am
parents to go through. instead of just one parent going in and being able to let everybody else know what they are doing, not everybody has to go in, file their own right to know request, they can make voice notes, they can't do anything because, according to the school district, that is a copyright violation. again, completely ridiculous. >> todd: nationwide, what has emboldened these administrators, with taxpayer dollars, to think they can get away with something like this? >> it's a great question, i think they have gone really unanswered for years, that's one of the reasons why america first legal exists so we can go out there and we can challenge them when they did not parents the right to see the materials, when they collude with these companies like they did here to come up with these excuses as to why they can't take voice recordings are notes. america first legal wants to help. we want to be out there making sure that parents constitutional
1:26 am
rights are respected. i would encourage everybody to go to to help or you can, and if you are being denied their rights as his appearance, make sure to reach out and we will help. >> todd: obviously inflation impacts everybody, and we have seen crime running rampant in our communities, but come the midterms, come november, isn't parental rights going to be the issue that springs this in the favor of republicans? >> outlook, i think parental rights is, you know, one of the biggest issues out there. it is certainly new. i don't think it's really something that has taken up before 2020, before the pandemic, now you are seeing it everywhere, every state. governors like ron desantis, glenn youngkin, pushing back, supporting parents, parents are contending to fight back against their school systems who really just keep doubling and tripling down, and for those people that are supporting that kind of behavior, i think there are going to be electoral consequences.
1:27 am
>> todd: heard warning signs from some democrats, others are saying, we are going to continue down this path, consequences be. ian pryor, we thank you as always, we also reached out to the school district for a comment but did not hear back. keep in mind, their argument is that note-taking is a violation, preventing note-taking ever in the country if they won that suit on copyright. ian pryor, thank you. republicans say the silence from the federal government on hunter biden's shady business deals feels a lot like a government cover up. we have the latest. >> carley: and did you see this? >> i'm going to be honest, elon musk is a danger to twitter and to freedom of speech. >> carley: really? the mainstream media melton continues. ♪ ♪
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russian missile striking the region surrounding the western ukrainian site city of lviv this city, killing at least six innocent civilians. >> hi, guys, a remarkable cleanup and recovery after already all types of fire and hard to make hazards with this emergency crew, right now, the city of lviv, not the actual site of the missile strike at this moment, we are told about 40 cars were damaged. there is still a small active fire here. the smell of smoke and burnt rubber in the area as the tear repair facility was damaged. notable how quickly people got out here to clean up, all types of crus as you can see with the vehicle and equipment here, and feet away from us is a railway, the railways are critical, they are a big target in this area because military supplies being transported, then there are refugees coming and going on
1:34 am
these railways. about 8:45 this morning, going through the city, just 48 hours ago, we were live on air in this area when four russian cruise missiles were intercepted in this region. unfortunately, this morning, it appears the muscles were not able to be intercepted. town of about 800,000 people, there are a lot of refugees in this area. we just went to the train station the other day, thousands of people there, either kind of going to places like poland or kyiv, coming back after being gone for so long. still not allowed in this country, a lot of women and children, heartbreaking stories of mothers with their young children, infants leaving their husbands, leaving their fathers behind. another air raid siren about an hour after the attacks, a second air raid siren to give us the
1:35 am
clear, we will keep you updated on this recovery in the lviv region of ukraine. >> carley: matt, wasn't just that tire replacement facility, three military infrastructure facilities also targeted. this came as vladimir putin recently told the biden administration to stop arming ukraine and said that shipments of switchblade drones and long-range artillery will lead to unprecedented consequences. you have to wonder if any of that heavy weaponry was targeted in these missile strikes. do you have any indication that is the case? >> no, i don't right now, just arriving to the scene. like you said, the mayor of lviv said four extracts in total, three military targets, just one ended up being a civilian or domestic location, just feet from a railway, you have to wonder if the railway was truly the target. as he mentioned, moscow has formally warned the
1:36 am
united states to stop sending supplies here, that there will be dire consequences. we are on the far western side of this country, a lot of the action and the death, sadly, happened in the eastern side. it goes to show that russia is targeting all over this country right now. >> carley: absolutely. >> todd: you can hear the heavy machinery being brought in there. matt, thank you. g.o.p. lawmakers wanting transparency from the justice department as they investigate president biden's son hunter. >> carley: one republican wondering what it means the doj is compromised and suppressing damaging information about the president. we are joined live. >> hey, good morning, guys, present bright and welcoming back the bite has a straight row for the first time since the pandemic started, but being overshadowed by questions about hunter biden, not waiting for the primitive a special prosecutor but say it shows a connection directly between the
1:37 am
president and his son's business deals. republicans asking what role the justice department has played and suppressing the facts. listen. >> congress needs to know, is this president -- ac compromised customer gets his family compromised customer quite frankly, is doj suppressing this, and if they are, are they compromised? >> we have the laptop, and the laptop is a treasure trove of obviousness, direct communication between the president and his son. >> the president at his son taking a few days away from the mounting pressure, spending easter weekend together at camp david. >> all right, brooke. not to this. new allegations coming out of special counsel john durham's probe into getting the cia. what is going on there? >> that's regular, credit court filings claim it concluded in 2017 that the allegations made by the clinton warrior attempting to tie donald trump to a russian bank were untrue and unsupported, special
1:38 am
counsel john durham explains in the filing that while the fbi did not reach an ultimate conclusion, the cia found the data to be "not technically possible, did not withstand technical scrutiny, contained gaps, conflicted with itself, and was user having created and not machine have until generated. generated." coming with the case with sussman, being accused of not revealing he has working for, he has pled not guilty, trial set to begin next month. carley, todd? >> carley: thank you. "saturday night live," began leak and update marketing elon musk at the last panics over his push to expand twitter. >> elon musk offered to buy twitter for over $40 million with his free-speech rules. that's how badly white guys -- he built electric cars, go to
1:39 am
mars, why is he even involving himself with twitter. to be like if the prince of england gave it up just mary and actor. >> carley: the author here, reporting that fabrication, and radically alter history. good morning to you. another joke, they refer to twitter as a sad and depressing and called it the giuliani of apps. what is your reaction to "snl"'s take to elon musk and twitter? >> well, journalism and media in general, they absolutely loved twitter until it became a threat to their narrative, that's what this is all about, they feel they are losing control of the narrative, and the last thing they want is someone in charge of twitter who is just going to open it up, meaning, remove the censorship, remove the political activism that goes on on twitter, and that constitutes a really grave threat to the mainstream media's most precious
1:40 am
asset, the control of the narrative. >> carley: we played "saturday night live"'s take on it. this is a more serious opinion of the situation, i don't know how serious you can take it. a democratic strategist on msnbc saying essentially, elon musk says he is a champion of free speech but really he is a danger to us all. watch this. >> i'm going to be honest, elon musk is a danger to twitter and to freedom of speech. he has been known to say some of the most transphobic and homophobic things to his millions of followers, so creating an arena for hate, to me, that's what that sounds like. >> carley: and a lot of needy analysts and republican strategist called this and said that the second elon musk said that he wanted to become a leader in twitter that they would -- mainstream media would say horrible things about him. i'm sure this comes as no surprise to you. >> this is the playbook, whether it is twitter, whether it is on a different social media platform, in the media itself.
1:41 am
if you express an ideologically or politically unfavorable position, the immediate reaction is to be called racist, transphobic, misogynistic, and a number of epithets to shut down the debates, and that is exactly what is going on with twitter. they are going so far as to try to shut down musk's attempt to buy the company at the massive premium. that is how far they are willing to go, to those billions of dollars for their shareholders in order to shut down debate. this is really quite a scary place, especially for a society that is rooted in the freedom of speech. >> carley: ultimately what you think is going to happen here? obviously elon musk offers, what, $43 billion to buy twitter, then twitter blocks it, tries to block it, at least, they have jack dorsey stepping up and criticizing the twitter board for doing that. do you think musk wins at the end of the day and gets to buy
1:42 am
twitter? >> i don't know if he's going to get to buy twitter, but i do think he is going to win one way or the other, that means that twitter it might lose. the twitter board might lose, stock price might plummet. people might get sick and tired of it out and go elsewhere. i think that might be the best outcome for all of us, nobody wants to be censored the way we are centered on social media today. we are all looking for better outlets, whether it is musk owning twitter or somebody creating a parallel platform where people can be more freely expressive of reasonable ideas. of course we are not talking about hate speech and things like that, divisive ideas, but just reasonable, common sense ideas that currently get censored, i think that is the outcome one way or the other. >> carley: reasonable ideas to get censored on twitter and that is a huge problem. thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. all right, the midterms are
1:43 am
right around the corner, and parents are in the driver's seat. we are talking to our parents pal panel about the issues motivating moms and dads at the polls next november. >> todd: carley, did you see this quest to make apple iphones unofficially getting awoke no update, including that pregnant emoji. we have all the images you literally need to see to believe. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: republicans are energized heading into the midterm elections. the party only needs to flip five seats in november to regain control of the lower chamber. >> todd: house minority leader kevin mccarthy says factors like president biden's shockingly low 33% approval rating are a good sign for the g.o.p. >> we are not overconfident, but you have to look at, why is the president's approval numbers so low. it is the wasteful, irresponsible spending that has led to higher prices and inflation. it is the irresponsible actions of this president along the border that has led to an immigration and attentional crisis. it is the irresponsible parties of this administration that has
1:49 am
led to dangerous streets, and effective schools, and that has got to stop, but it's got to be more than just criticizing them. what americans want, need, deserve, clear, common sense alternative, and that is what is happening with house republicans. we will provide to the american public a commitment to america. spoon with that, shaping up to be a dominant voice in shaping this year's outcome, virginia attorney general jason mijares saw the power parents first hand in his state last year. >> i remember one activist coming up to me in alexandria, saying, i traditionally voted democrat, but i'm changing, because these policies, these democratic bar left politicians, they forgot an important principle. never get in between a mother and her child. we are seeing this fight all across the country which is about empowering parents. >> todd: joining me now, cameron brian, a father who won's school board election in
1:50 am
texas, and daniela, mother of two, and a candidate for the new york state senate. thank you to all three of you for being here. daniela, i would like to start with you, you heard jason miyares there, where so many of your fellow democrats abandoning your party when it comes to these issues of parental rights? >> i think that many democrats are now, like myself, running as a common sense candidate. i am for school choice. i think families should choose schools that teach their values, and also, we need to focus on what has happened during the pandemic, a crisis of literacy and basic math skills. that is what we are going to focus on with this new wave of democratic candidates. >> todd: texas, very different than where daniela is in new york. periods are still parents. what are parents telling you now that you are on the school
1:51 am
board? >> i tell you -- thank you for having me on. they are fired up. they are really fired up. like you said, or the age he said from virginia, don't mess with the moms child or you are going to get in a fight. education and parental rights, to have a say in a child's education, i believe those are going to be the top two priorities going into midterm elections. i'll tell you, parents in my hometown in texas are fed up with local administrators and elected officials introducing or tempting to introduce race-based education in our district's curriculum and even teaching sex and gender identity as young as kindergarten. there are also -- they are also very upset with the national school board association calling parents who squeak up at school board's domestic terrorists. can you imagine that? how that pairs of parents quest to make are the reasons why i won my election by 40 points. >> todd: it's not a good
1:52 am
business practice to criticize the people, call them terrorists, the ones that pay your. jaclyn, politicians refuse to let parents be parents commit to this politicians have any chance coming up in november? >> good morning, todd. i think there are going to be a lot of surprises in november. absolutely right, the power of the parent is going to speak volumes. there is a lot of really big household, kitchen table issues that we are pushing back on, indoctrinating our kids in critical race theory and teaching them this gender identity, but what i'm hearing a lot of with my foundation, the big passion issue, this inflation that is hurting our hardworking american families. these families cannot provide food for their children, gas to drive them to and from school, working two or three jobs and they are suffering, and this inflation has gotten out of control, the democrats need a wake-up call. it's not going to continue to work this way. we have to have empathy for these hardworking families.
1:53 am
i see such a high rise in cases with my charity, the charm foundation, families desperately needing health care and paying the bills and keeping their electricity on. these are very serious issues that we've got to take more important and have empathy for these families. i think they are going to be a lot of surprises in november. >> todd: that issue of infection to make inflation. danielle, close out with you. are the far left voices in your party, many of whom, i should add, are not parents themselves, are those individuals ruining it for folks like you, democrats like you, who are very vocal about parents rights? >> i don't think so. i think my district wants a common sense district and that's what i'm providing. that's why i'm running, i didn't see any candidates who were speaking to the issues that i hear every day serving here at the school board in manhattan. they want a rigorous education. they want school choice. they want to make sure that
1:54 am
their children are not behind, you know, peers and other countries and even in other states, and i think that is what voters are going to show in the ballots. student daniela, jaclyn, cameron, thank you for being here. have a great week. carley? >> carley: you can now use a pregnant man emoji with your newest iphone update. the woke update means they are 12 choices for gender fluid pregnant avatars. person with a crown also debuted with the update to go along with the popular king and queen emojis. the update also includes ten "nonstandard" and shake emojis with a variety of skin tones. soon after he did that segment, i was confident we were in good hands. after that read? >> carley: imagine that being your job. i have an idea on how to make the world a better place. pregnant man emoji. spewing serenity now. >> carley: oh, boy. a great number of latinos in
1:55 am
texas are switching from blue to red thanks to the way the white house is handling the border crisis. >> it's not fair for folks like my family, folks that i know that are doing things the right way. >> biden's message is, come on over, we'll help you, you'll get -- we are here for you. they are going to need the government to survive. spoon rachel campos duffy sat down with voters in the lone star state. here to tell us what she learned. and texas congressional candidate and south carolina congresswoman nancy mace. ♪ ♪
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