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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 18, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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watters. thanks to everyone who helped us out on tax day. watch me tomorrow from 6 to 9 on fox and friends. radio show from 9 to noon is great too and every saturday night at 8, one nation. tucker is now. listen for the drums. tucker's hair looks great today. >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. knowing what we know about the current leadership class one thing we can be certain of they always go too far. they can't help themselves. in february when russia invaded
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ukraine there was a chance that the biden administration could turn this into a global catastrophe. they promised us that would not happen. there is no desire by the president to send troops to ukraine. that was the word from the white house. she said the same thing the next month. the month after that, she said it again. joe biden doesn't have the intention of sending u.s. troops to ukraine jen psaki pledged to the nation. why keep saying the same thing over and over? because it wasn't true. that's how lying works. it's not believable so you say it again and again. the more often they assert it the more likely it is to not be true. this weekend the truth began to come out. joe biden's top surrogate in
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congress appeared on cbs news and said the opposite of what the white house has been telling us for months and demanded that the pentagon deploy american troops to ukraine to fight russian soldiers. >> you said the country needs to talk about when it might be willing to send troops to ukraine. >> if vladimir putin has shown us how brutal he can be is allowed to just continue to massacre civilians without the west coming to his aid, i worry that what is going to happen next ukraine will turn into syria. the morning people cannot turn -- the american people cannot turn away from this. putin will only stop when we stop him. >> tucker: without the west
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coming to the aid of ukraine. the ukrainian military uses american arms and in some cases led by americans. the ukrainian government is advised by americans and there are many americans in ukraine right now doing that. what he is calling for is a land war with russia. he is a faithful spokesman for the administration's policies. when chris calls for war with russia he doesn't do it accidentally. in this case the white house has not distanced himself from what chris said. war with russia is the administration's actual policy. leaders of the democratic party want to top the government by force and wanted this since
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hillary clinton lost the 2016 race. a hot war with vladimir putin using american troops is the logical end stage of russia-gate want the whole thing that began with hillary clinton is moving to nuclear war. how many americans would die during that conflict? if we remove vladimir putin who will replace him as head of russia in charge of 6,000 nuclear weapons. the news reader on cbs did not ask the one thing you would need to know: how many voters want war with russia? what percentage of the american population believes that ukraine's borders are worth dying for? that's a central question and we know the answer. because cbs ran a poll on that
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topic a week ago and asked should the united states send troops to ukraine? 75% of americans said no the united states should not send troops to ukraine. yet somehow the cbs news reader forgot to mention this to chris. in washington what you think is irrelevant. our foreign policy matters of life-and-death are made by people with no skin in the game. they face no risk of injury like bolden. your opinion doesn't factor into the equation. if you asked american citizens what they think, they would tell you their borders are more important to them than ukraine borders. that makes sense. they are americans and not ukrainians. the top of their concern is not ukraine.
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they feel sympathy but they are not brooding about ukraine because they are worried about their own economy, the cost of food, energy and housing. the united states is looking at a grim economic picture. >> before you pull out that credit cards today. if you don't pay it off in full your interest rate will jump. the federal reserve will raise rates trying to throw cold water on unaway inflation. >> every time you shop the price as gone up. >> every american has seen it it: electricity up 9%. used cars up 41% and gasoline up a buck 50 from a year ago. >> milk, flour and sugar and
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frying oil tripled in price. >> the highest inflation in 40 years. >> tucker: the official numbers bear no resemblance to the day-to-day reality. everything is more expensive and that's true of the big things. why? simple. the declining power of u.s. currency created an unprecedented asset bubble. investors around the world are converting u.s. dollars into objects that become more valuable over time. there is no mystery. that's what happens when you pump too much money into an economy. the money becomes worth less. where is this going? how will it unfold? nobody believes the interest rate rise will get inflation
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under control. consumers will run out of cash to spend. the average person will have less money to buy things. and property taxes are rising with the real estate bubble. state income taxes rose in new york. they are getting it from both end. that means that some people will go broke. as they do go broke, they will be forced to curtail what they buy. in an economy driven by consumer spending this is a scary trend. when people stop buying things the crash comes. you can see clearly where this is going. everyone in washington understands where it is going. instead of taking real steps to fix it like stop writing massive
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spending bills, they are taking everything they can, while there still is money. the secretary of the treasure declared that we must re-double our efforts to decarbonize our economy. what does that mean? by spending trillion dollars on schemes owned by the chinese government. you pass the cash around while it still exists. another name for this is looting. it can't go on forever by definition. if the economy tanks, everything resets. not just the economic questions. there could be social and political volatility. our current conversation can only happen in a country that is rich. once it is not rich everything changes. that's yet leaders are more jumpy and more determined to
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move the conversation away from economics and towards race. they divert attention away from themselves. they have been doing this since the financial crisis. since 2008 and 2009 the leaders have told us the central divide in america, the original sin is race. at the moment the u.s. government bailed out wall street, not a popular move, use of the terms racism in the "washington post" and "new york times" and "usa today" jumped by 700%. you have problems and white men caused those problems. the white guys took all of the money and the perks for themselves. you hear that including from joe biden. it's a lie. white men are not even closest
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to the richest group in the united states. chinese-americans and others have higher household incomes than white house. this story is not even true. the fault line in america life is not color. it's money. the real problem is not racism, it's wealth distribution. a small number of people become richer than anyone else in history and the rest of the country is stagnant. if you don't believe it drive out 20 miles from the city's center and see how people are doing. if the population it's economic and has nothing to do with racism or transgender, the population would be mad. joe biden doesn't want you to think about economics. they would rather you would worry about ukraine. the economic problems are putin's fault. watch joe biden. >> i am doing everything within
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my power to bring down the brice and address the putin price hike. he made progress since march. the family budget and ability to fill up your tank should hedge on whether a dictator declares war and commits genocide a half a world away. >> tucker: this is the last desperate talking point. putin did it! it's ridiculous. this chart shows the measures ever inflation going back to 2011 -- of. all of those measures began spikeing in 2021 when joe biden took office. he could claim the spike started february but thing got so obvious, economic decline you
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can't hide because people feel it every day. the media are beginning to stop defending him. >> the white house said the prices are happening because of putin's price hike. prices started spiking well before the war in ukraine began. >> every time we talk about gas prices, president biden says it's putin's price hike trying to blame the russian president. but as poland suggests this president will take a lot of the blame. >> most americans are not buying this. >> inflation was a major concern before putin's invasion. >> tucker: no one is buying it. everyone understands the most simple principle in economic: supply and demand. if you create more money, the money loses its value obviously. yet this administration proposes spending even more money on a scale this country has never seen. the founder of fed-ex summed up
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this way. if we passed build back better we will have more inflation. joe biden may be the only person who doesn't understand it. he gets a pass because in joe biden's head he is far ahead. yesterday biden was talking about foreign policy and when a staffer is an easter bunny costume led him away. this is how bad it is. from last week, watch. >> not a single thing america can't do when we do it together as the united states of america.
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god bless you all. >> ♪ ♪ >> [applauding]. >> tucker: shaking imaginary hands. the white house in spring of 2022, joe biden is not running it. they don't care if you can afford dinner out with your kids or in the war with russia causes the destruction of a population. they carry about theoriys and not reality. improving the life of americans doesn'terate on their scale of concerns. -- doesn't rate. they have been in charge for a while and that's sustainable as long as everyone is getting a check and has enough money. the second the economy turns south the calculation changes
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completely. everything is different in a country that believes it is becoming poor. the short term effect is the peaceful removing by voting. this november liberalism will be revealed as the joke it is. the thing to worry about is not public opinion. nobody likes this. the thing to worry about right now is voting. the mechanics of voting. if the public is allowed to express its opinion in the mid-terms we are done. will they be allowed? that's what the people should pay attention to. the biden administration tells us ukraine is worth dying for our country integrity doesn't exist. drug cartels and human traffickers and terrorists are walking into america unimpeded.
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fox's bill broke this story. >> i obtained a record through a freedom of information act that revealed 23 possible terrorists individuals were stopped at the u.s. southern border last year. look at this graphic. these are hits on the terrorists screening database of known and suspected terrorists maintained by the fbi. 4 in san diego. 4 in del rio and 4 in rio grande valley. those are only the ones they caught and know about. that's a major concern. in the last 6 months alone at the border there have been more than 300,000 known got aways.
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>> tucker: amazing. millions of foreign nationals come over and don't say in the rio grande valley. a lot wind up in southern california. when they get there it's very easy to break the law and not get punished. we finished a documentary that starts airing today and you have news report. >> yes, ever since gascon was elected criminals celebrated his soft on crime policies. never have we seen such a blatant example of this. fox news got a video of a murderer boasting 3 will get
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gascon's name tattooed on his face. take a look and lin. >> they will drop by gang enhancement and the gun in the commission of the crime. >> [bleep]. >> [bleep]. >> what you heard is not an isolated indent. your documentary has another murderer in prison toasting a cell mate with prison moon shine saying we are going home
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on this gascon directive and you have a 26-year-old transgender child molester who says he won't face any prison time because gascon refuses to prosecute him as an adult -- prosecutors say when it comes to gascon d.a. stands for defense attorney. >> tucker: thanks so much for your help. season 2 of our series tucker carlson originials. taking l.a. and a radical prosecutor called gascon, the black lives matter people and the defund the police people and george soros. this man takes over and one man
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changes life for everybody in los angeles. it's beyond belief. the documentary is called "suicide of l.a." and here's a portion. >> who supports this? gascon is intent on destroying what generation visit built. >> his supporters were the black lives matter crowd. >> gascon is supported by the crowd that wants to do defund law enforcement. >> defund the police. >> he is supported by a large swaths of the celebrity crowd. >> join me in welcoming the one and only the john legend. >> here in l.a.
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>> and george soros who is bankrolling progressive district attorney's across the country. >> soros donated over $2 million to gascon's campaign. he was not alone. >> this is funded by soros and company. and reed hastings and the billionaires up in the bay area. >> the only person who opposes gascon is the county sheriff. >> here in l.a., the city and county government occupy every seat. there is no other point of view other than that woke idealogy. you have to operate in the real world. >> from 2019 to 2021 we saw a 94% increase in homicide. that's a mind boggling increase. i can't get the board of
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supervisors to admit it went up 94%. >> there is no love lost between the sheriffs and gascon. >> i had one phone call with the d.a. since he took office that's all. >> i am being defunded by the elected officials. >> for 6 months he rejected 5,9232 cases. all of those people walked free. >> tucker: available now on fox nation and part 2 out tomorrow.
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you may have noticed unequal justice under the law is now the rule. punishment depends on the political view. january 6th people rotting in jail but people who shot up a mall are released on bail for 25 grand. that's straight ahead. this is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us? ♪♪
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>> ♪ ♪ . >> tucker: the point of america is that laws are applied fairly to american citizens. they are not even trying to do that. the biden administration put protestors in it prison and the person who shot people in south carolina are already out of jail. >> gunfire erupted in a shopping mall. police believe a dispute among three people led to the violence and charged the 22-year-old with unlawful possession of a gun and was released on house arrest allowing him to go to work with
5:30 pm
an ankle monitor. >> tucker: up next is a former cia officer we trust. buck, it seems like the core promise of equal justice has been corroded. >> they are using this as a weapon. on january 6th they are held because they are supposed to be a threat to the public and i don't think any person believes that is based in realtor a flight risk. many already pleaded. one got off because he was waved into the capitol. i would say republicans got used to this. whether it's governor scott walker up in wisconsin with the
5:31 pm
john doe laws and chris christy and bridgegate. they wanted to knock up former governor's wife. these are prosecutions that were over-reach. where is the equivalent on the other side? people who shoot people get let out on bail. >> tucker: 25 grand after shooting 9 people and he is out. how can that be? >> progressive prosecutors have taken the opinion they are more gentle on violent crime. let them out right away with catch and release bail reform laws. this will improve the community police relations we have seen talked about more now in the
5:32 pm
aftermath of the blm protests. that hasn't worked. the crime rate has gone up in every major city not because of covid which was a lie they told. not because we were trying to create hysteria on tv but because they had stupid policies that are reckless. they only care about it because crime is a major issue in city after city. they are going into a mid-term election. gascon and others in philadelphia and in san francisco look like lunatics. they are all democrats. >> tucker: that's right. thank you. the democratic party is bracing for total wipe out in the mid-terms. they are not even trying to convince you to vote. they are trying to take their opponents off the ballot and attacking democracy and not letting you vote for people you want to vote for. the most shocking example.
5:33 pm
to keep taylor green off her own ballot. she represents in georgia and joins us. congresswoman thanks for coming on. they are trying to preven voters from voting for you. how is that democracy. it's not. these people -- hate the people in my district so much. they look down on them because they voted for me and sent me to washington to fight for the things that most americans care about like secure borders and stopping abortion and protecting our second amendment and topping the spending in washington and stop funding foreign wars and the insanity that takes place in washington. i have been fighting it. now the progressives, the people who donate money to dark money groups, they hired up attorneys
5:34 pm
from new york who hate the people in my district and don't believe they should have the right to elect who they want to send to washington which is me. i have overwhelming support in my district. now they filed a lawsuit trying to rip my name off the ballot and steal my district's ability to reelect me and send me back to congress. >> tucker: if you can prevent voters from being allowed to vote, their constitutional right, the system is over. is the republican party jumping in to help you, not yet. -- not yet. i am on my own but wonderful people are donateing to my campaign. i have to go to court on friday and be questioned about something i have never been charged with and something i was against. this is how far it's going. these progressives who would
5:35 pm
rather have the judge or bureaucrats making decisions instead of voters. they don't want to let the people in my district have the right to vote for me. the republican party needs to fight harder, tucker. something i learned: if you can challenge any representative's candidacy, we could roundup some republican voters who didn't like kamala harris funding rioters out of jail or ilhan omar or bush or maxine waters. >> tucker: american citizens have a right to vote for anyone they want to. if you take that away it's tyranny. we appreciate you coming on. shocking medical mystery in the
5:36 pm
state of new jersey. 100 students who went to a high school nearby developed rare and deadly tumors. why? dr. marc siegel after the break.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: fox news alert. the mask mandate on airlines is dead. masks are optional on the biggest u.s. carriers. the tsa won't enforce the mandate anymore. passenger cheered on many flights. this come because a florida judge ruled that the biden administration doesn't get to make up the rules because they are not god. they can't arrest you if you don't comply with your fake news. this is one quote from the judge: you don't get to treat american
5:42 pm
citizens like an invading army as you treat the invaders like your own children. no more mask mandates on planes. amen. >> [sirens wailing]. >> tucker: we focussed on covid for 2 years but there are real public health emergency going. one in new jersey. dozens people connected to a single high school have rare brain tumors. >> a scientist confirmed 65 cases of rare brain tumors. they were all colonial high school graduates or had worked there. this person was diagnosed 20 years ago and still suffers lingering issues. >> my sister received the news he had a brain tumor herself. it was stage-4.
5:43 pm
we received information that my wife also had a primary brain tumor. >> after his sister passed away, he posted on facebook calling on all colonial high school alumni. asking if others have brain tumors. the response was shocking. >> [sirens wailing]. >> tucker: and scary. what is this. dr. marc siegel joins us tonight to assess. >> tucker, a little history. the sampling plant 10 miles away from the high school made the first atomic bomb. they didn't close it until 1967, the same year that colonial high school opened. not only that, reports were that they didn't fully decontaminate that plant until 20 years later, the 1990s. the question:
5:44 pm
was there an association between the uranium in the soil and this high school. this high school has seen over 100 brain tumors from 1975 to 2000. al has a very rare tumor. his sister died of a terrible brain tumor. i spoke to an exports and both say a little bit of radiation can provoke these tumors. we don't know this is what has gone on. the environmental protection agencies involved. this is what we call a cluster. 1300 students in this school today wanting to know:
5:45 pm
do i have risks? is there radiation here? i want to add not just the part about the manhattan project and radiation but we need to look beyond this school and look at the entire area around this plant and test for radiation in the air and in the soil. people can be hurt. we need to know. >> tucker: that's right. environmental poisoning is real. it's not just about covid. thank you. you have probably eaten a jimmy john's sandwich. jimmy john made millions making sandwiches and never took on debt. amazing man. you will meet him next. a e, you'd think retirement would be the last thing on my mind. hey mom, can i go play video games? sure! ...after homework.
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>> tucker: jimmy john sold host of his company and made billions.
5:51 pm
he is an amazing person and politically aware. he came out against barack obama and paid the price. we sat him down for tucker carlson today and learned a ton and we were inspired and engaged. amazing guy. here's part of it. >> ♪ ♪ >> after obama won his second term, i was completely annihilated. i am overweight and successful and rich. i get the [bleep] beat out of me for those three things. canceled because cancel was cool. i had 2800 restaurants opened. these are moms and pops across america. they changed the labor law. all of a sudden i had 3,000
5:52 pm
restaurants employing 50 people where they just stopped. they were being sued by law firms that lobbied the government. it became this complicated -- the mom and pop had 3.5 stores. what happened was a travesty. they were baing cookies for people and we taught them to run these businesses. when the labor laws changed we were sitting there holding the bag. the moms and pops are in court. then the laws changed even further and we became a co-employer meaning i am responsible for all of these sandwich shops so the big law firms could sue to get their
5:53 pm
money. i was helping mitt romney for everyone to have the dream. i had no idea that i was going to be attacked. i spent all of my time in court. i ditched all of the business. i am happy i did. but this is interesting. i hired a company to do the forensics on where the money came for the attacks on me. it all came from politics. all from the democratic party. supported by them or their packs or soros. >> tucker: the guy owned a sandwich shop and dared to contribute to the wrong candidate. what a guy. jimmy john. we are getting up earlier so you can watch our interviews on fox nation starting at 7 a.m.
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we spent a lot of time on the documentary series and have news to share about that next.
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>> dad, if you know america is
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racist? you are shocked.
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documentaries we make. and shannon bream is here. >> shannon: a lot of excitement for season 2 of tucker carlson originals. i am interested. it's must watch tv like suicide of los angeles, the cult of confusion and the life of a rock star kid rock. everybody wants to know how to watch. the good news it's easy. you don't need to pay for it. go to and you will see something that says free fox nation. click there. enter your email address and use your new free account on a phone or tablet. many say i want to watch it on
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